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German Language - Beginner/intermediate - Part 1, Unit 1 - Mein Familienleben (My family life)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      About the course


    • 2.

      What you'll learn in Unit 1


    • 3.

      1.01 Mein Familienleben (My family life)


    • 4.

      1.02 Der Besuch (the visit)


    • 5.

      1.03 Perfekt ohne ge- (Perfekt without ge-)


    • 6.

      1.04 Perfekt ohne ge-, Teil 2 (Perfekt without ge-, Part 2)


    • 7.

      1.05 Pech gehabt! (Bad luck!)


    • 8.

      1.06 Weil (Because)


    • 9.

      1.07 Hast du schon einmal...? (Have you ever...?)


    • 10.

      1.08 Der Familienstammbaum (Family tree)


    • 11.

      1.09 Paulas Mutter (Paula's mother)


    • 12.

      1.10 Verschiedene Familien (Different families)


    • 13.

      1.11 Wohnen bei + Dativ (Living with + dative)


    • 14.

      What you learned in Unit 1


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About This Class

Welcome to Unit 1 of the German A2 course, aimed at learners advancing from beginner to intermediate learner! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 14 Units in the first two courses that can be found on my Skillshare profile. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.


In Unit 1 of A2.1, we will talk about families and family life! :)

What you will learn:

  • The names of different family members and how to talk about a family tree
  • How to say that you live with someone
  • How to talk about different families
  • You will learn (or repeat) some verbs that build the perfekt without -ge
  • How to use possessive forms when talking about family, for example to say that it’s someone's mother or the mother of someone
  • and the conjunction ‘weil’

Are you ready? Then let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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The common urban legend says, that people only use around 10% of their brains. The ten percent myth most likely arose from a misund... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. About the course: Hello Ally, on headspace, fairly common. This course will be great for you if you are not a complete beginner, but there is still a lot to learn. Or if you watched my 2 first courses in the series and want to learn more, or if you're getting ready to get your good to add psi certificate or a similar exam. My name is Sandra and I'm a professional German teacher with experience and teaching thousands of satisfied students all across the globe since 2011. So what do you get with this course? You get to bite-size lessons that can fit into a reschedule. Interesting visuals and explanations with a lot of little tips and tricks how to learn faster and remember things easier. Clear and colorful grammar explanations would allow. For examples. Real life dialogues and authentic situations. This course will really level up your Germans skills and help you become more confident and fluent. So what are you waiting for? See you in the course? 2. What you'll learn in Unit 1: In our first unit of the course, we're going to be talking about nice and relaxing topic, family life. At least I hope it's relaxing. We will talk about different family members, their relations and relationships. And we hope to repeat some of the things from a one while doing so. So here are some of the things you will learn in unit one. The name, so different family members and how to talk about a family tree. How to say that you live with someone, and how to talk about different families. You will learn some verbs that built the perfect without gate. How to use possessive forms when talking about family, for example, to say that it's someone's mother or the mother of someone. And the conjunction, while I hope that you are ready and we'll jump right in into our first lesson. 3. 1.01 Mein Familienleben (My family life): Hello, owned cats is really common. So as Lindsey on, I mostly start new courses with a lesson about introducing yourself or others. And we will try to do that here as well. I know that you probably already know how to introduce yourself, or at least I hope you do. But we will expand on that knowledge a little bit to end repeat a thing or two, and of course, learn a few new tricks along the way. Thus is MR. A2, a2 us ein bisschen, uber, familiar want, ELE. Hello, Emma Baumann, and thus just minor for Emilia via moon. And let's examine in there, helped fund Deutschland. Berlin. Does, isn't a ton. Paula, when TR cop on does my niche where Stana telly. Thus far ty Jacobi wound area is einfach dare cools to a States Symphony. Yeah, from, from fats as their favorite fun, unfair to Eden moderns, I am far, but it is clear from both sides. So I 1000 El Nino controller here in building middle-income and UEBA Alice question, Alice. Minor morta, highest power now owned is client fields is yeah. Emilia cantos Pacinian, wound site, Iraq in tight in Deutschland. Ea hobbyist. See MOG are women who've had a z by I naught cosine phi omega abided by yets. See freelancing. Does this minor close Vesta, Natalie, It's been quite senior when z is Sean islands fancy, SSH XIV. Today at cache stow, owned by debt IS fair coin fur einen gemacht on Vulcan and Z factor of two daughter meisten publishers OB stoned can museum. Let's this yeah, had CINV in escaped cash part when say saga I noise Autauga County, Z1, Z2 glucose above Shauna I Nevada's auto kaput had seen kind out to me via moon and islets examine in Chicago, in Berlin. When the longest insider stock Z is there noise claws on 10 via have Isaiah courses on CEMA owned IN she loved cinema 4D airtime. Owned minor Shrestha, haven't I? I agonist similar. Mind cinema is thus clients that have a materialist. This shrinks the ON delete, mine tag house. And I don't know Marlon tax theme via allo OMC been one of x2 is this phone Montauk, this via Triton of the idea AS the embodied surmised on Vietnam for actors into your phone. Allah of convicts or shoulder order Arbeit ON do knock their Schuller, export scribe, a minor host of cotton order clef image MIT mine and finding an empire quota of entropy or plate's owned vast Martha. Figuring, minor labeling service side is not too early step zone. You didn't Zama phone midtone bus meta August Mohan via wallop. I'm a mere via have I incline is sureness house under Nazi Krista. Does sweater is taught SSD, canceled side Sonesh and vom on jeden Tag women. It can nourish women owned, I'll say a good clinging show. My name is Dr. Matt, a solid us next, Martin. Let's this. Yeah. Hobbyist, cop, Fallot, stoned, mustard, some ads game. This was just the quick repetition and introduction. And also a great way to get to know familiar Bauman, which will follow us through our learning journey. Now that you got warmed up, Let's jump into the next lesson right away. 4. 1.02 Der Besuch (the visit): Emma's ON do Natalie's family is having a very special visitor today. Either cuisine, eh, Francesca come to sue zoo. Francesca owned mid E and Elton in Cronkite on to continue the CIA, nach Berlin. So wazoo, Natalie owned Francesca niche, newer cosines. Zhan done our motive coined in an Natalie Hoyt CSIA of Timbuktu. Does my neck was Xena, Francesca, I was cranky. Z is two bazooka common and lived I'm pataka via husband See Gaston fu, unbound hoof up cohort by the submit them post-crisis speed haven't via an inch but T-account spelling come on. Yeah, I love minor leaping saw target site, as well as x2 and x2 Kotok, when we hadn't finished pass Benson Francesca on the H7N9 cafe gang and on top implying a token can feel annoyed or Canada Land. Dann haben wir noch einen Bill Clinton Valley in Outlook for x2, Mozi quad toil and VS and the scan speed complete. So now I have a little assignment for you. We are going to take a second look at the text. And your job is to note all the verbs in the past form that you can find. Are you ready? Let's go pause the video and write down all the verbs in the past tense that you can find. That cyst my neck was enough, Francesca OS crank face. Z is two bazooka common owned. I am pataka via husband See Gaston fu, unbound hoof up cohort belts emitting post-crisis just haven't via an inch but TEA gunk to spelling and Asia Minor leaping saw target site as well as x2 and x2 Kotok. When we hadn't finished pass. I'm Ben, send Francesca on H7N9 coffee gang and buying a drunken won't feel annoyed or Canon gland. Dann haben wir noch einen Bill Clinton belly in Eclipse pursue the Mozi quad owned VS and Bill scans speed can believe and I hope you found a lot of them. Let's go through it one more time together. So first we have z is two bazooka common, and I'm patagium. She came for a visit and will stay for a few days. Here we have escape common, which is the past form of the verb common to come. We use the auxiliary verb xi1 to be because it's a verb that shows us something relocating from point a to point B. We attached gay and N for irregular verbs in the Perfect. Via hub and z gets them, are Moglen, unbound, move up cohort by a semitone Bosque arise this. We have two verbs in the past form here. Haben at cohort, from the verb up Holon to pick up. Since it's a separable verb, be squeezed the game between the two parts. Up. Good, Hold. And the other one is Gus ice from the verb, rise to travel. Another one that is used with the auxiliary verb Xi1. And why is, is at the end of the sentence here. Great question. We will explain what happened here later in the course. Via island spots here gang Jewish Berlin, gemacht und ich habe. Yeah, I love mine and leave links or to get psyched haben Gemeinschaft from the verb Mohsen and have a good site from Saigon to show a swap x2 and x2 attack on via Hutton Zia finished pass. Here we have vow as x2, x2 Potomac. It was such a great day. Var is the criteria written form of the verb xi1 to be. And it means was. And we also have hotter, meaning head. So high-tech and var, or the forums we will use for the auxiliary verbs, have an enzyme in the past. And then we have robins and Francesca, Daesh in, IN coffee Agung and on TBN buying a token on feel annoyed. And here we have Xin decagon from the verb given. Again with design. Don't get the wrong impression. More verbs will use the auxiliary verb haben and the smaller part, the verb Zine. It's just that in this text I tried to squeeze in a lot of them, so you remember it. And we also have Haben gets eaten from the verb thinking. It's irregular and changes its them, as you can see. And Canon gland, also a separable one from Canon Latin to meet gain squeezed between the two separable parts. And if you're wondering why there is not another auxiliary verb here, the hub and here will be used for both Clinton and Canon Latin. So if you have two verbs end up perfect in the same sentence, which will use the same auxiliary verb. You can use it only once. And then after, have Minos island but belly in Eclipse resort haven't preserved from the verb be Xun Quan to visit. But this one doesn't have the gay in front of the verb. Is this then even perfect? Yes, cs, cities. But where is the gain at the beginning? Well, that is something we will discuss in the next lesson. 5. 1.03 Perfekt ohne ge- (Perfekt without ge-): Let's take a look at a few verbs and what they look like in the perfect. Telephony. A hat to California and back Common Z hat, the common fear cau often via haven't faculty. Like I mentioned in the last lesson. And as you can see in these examples, some verbs will form the past without the prefix game. In this lesson, we will find out which ones they are and how to use them correctly. So although we learned that to build, the perfect verbs will put the prefix gay in front of them. Or in the case of separable verbs between the two parts that separate. There are some verbs that will not follow this rule. Luckily, you can recognize these verbs by the specific prefixes or suffixes they use. So here they are verbs that will not form the perfect, but the prefix gate will have one of these following prefixes in the infinitive form. Be like bizarre, to visit, had busy, 2-pt. See no prefix gave, not at the beginning, not anyway. We will still put the link at the end, T for regular verbs and irregular verbs. But no gave at the beginning. Asia Minor cause. Or another verb, bed common to get each hub iPhone 11 and sureness guess shrank by common. Mmm, like MPhil and to recommend, hat m fallen. This one is also irregular. I'm failing him fall. And you will learn more about the irregularities of verbs in the past later on. But for now and just try to remember the forms of the verbs we learned so far. Eia has me, I notice Bu and fallen. Then we have and like in and shy it and to decide had entry then via hub on snuff nourished and Sweden or entro Ligon had to ensure this. Apologize, apologize. Is have a mesh by 11 and shoulder. For example. Cannon to recognize. Hut can recognize each hub, a dish, uberhaupt niche, the air cond or a, a clear on to explain and show ligand z is Jabba is 11 File Share clay at. The next one is very interesting. Game. Here I'm of course talking about verbs which will have the game, so to say naturally in the infinitive form. Like for example, give fallen to like, Mia had us as soon Ziga fallen. Or to belong to has got hurt. Watch out not to mix this one up to here. And strangely, both verbs will look the same in the perfect. Thus, house had EIM at the house belonged to him. So here we have the verb and the past form. And since it starts with gay, it will be one of the verbs that will form the perfect without an additional prefix. Game. Makes sense. Gay gave would be a little bit Sally, right? Except in the case of Giga lesson. But who knows what happened there? And then we have the other group is habitus lead, get hurt. I heard this song. Here we have the past form of the perfectly normal, regular verb, who've been following the perfect building rules and getting the prefix game. And when you do what you have to do, then you end up looking the same. So don't mix them up who haven't had to give her hut, give it. Okay. Okay. Up to the next one. Fair? Like for example, in fish Dan, to understand how fish standard understood. And surely Gong Zhi niche verstanden. Excuse me, I didn't understand you. Or fair cow fun to sell. Hot. Fair coughed. Z. Yeah, house fair coughed. And the last prefix we will mention is say, like in search to run, to destroy, had searched sunblock, had ACE ARB been owns a house midst search debt. Luckily, the earthquake did not destroy our house. And you can learn the interesting verbs for earthquake here. I had to pay, even. As you could see, there are many prefixes that will have the verb not getting the gay in perfect, B, m. And give. Fair. To make it a little easier to remember, I tried to make a mnemonic sentence with all the prefixes and it could maybe help you remember it a little easier. So like always, the sentence is a little silly. 0 German errors became very entertaining. 0 German errors became very entertaining. So you can imagine that no German error is ever very entertaining. I told you it will be selling. Of course, this is just a little help and you don't have to use it or you can if it helps. And if you come up with another funny MIMO sentence, please share it with us. I'm always interested in your vase to remember something. 6. 1.04 Perfekt ohne ge-, Teil 2 (Perfekt without ge-, Part 2): Besides these prefixes showing us that the verb will not taken gay in the perfect. There is also something else that can show it to us and ending, Let's see. The ending is E, one, and verbs having it in the infinite and we'll also get no gave prefix and the perfect. Like for example, telephone me if I'm to phone or telephone, had to California. So we don't say good telephone yet, please don't say that. But telephony it had guessed and Medina cause mortality. California studio to study had stood get z hat. I should take tours to the it could be run to tribe. Had to pull me it via husband didn't copy it as Laika. And we'll mention one more. Rep Parthian to fix, had telepathy yet. Mine Fatah had just five add clip-path yet. So here are all the verbs you mentioned one more time with their perfect form. Bazooka and to visit had busy walked him failing to recommend, had M4 and try it and to decide hat and she didn't go who are going to belong to? Had to go who at 50 and to understand had finished undone. Fair cow often to sell, had faculty say of steel to destroy her. Mustard. Telephone, Nian to phone, had to California to study, had to be at Colombian to try hut Coby it to fix, had to flip. It. 7. 1.05 Pech gehabt! (Bad luck!): Francesca had iron patch less than alpha, again. E, riser, nach Berlin, z, and via vagus, Alice perceive it as soon as the initial speed of Kashdan Is Vice nest of our home, our Balmain Vaca hat einfach nicht good Klinger to phyllite habit is in him. I was fuzzy in our childhood. You are two-speed owned habit and bus fare past zone patch. Is Siobhan of the Nixon was Excavata. They are asked in Tonga communist owned, done, done, Beneish North and in fashion bus anguish DNG. It's habit is about sunblock Schnell gemacht on bin gleich, outskirt thin. As just an endless hymn, holistic and boastful Gabby's tau of their Autobahn. And it's been psych, students who spit in Berlin, anger com, a Shabbat field pesky hub. Does SVA done enough nist, Alice, mine get PEC, our skip October habe ich nicht dass ich I Natasha emboss Ferguson harbor. Owned in these attach our mind. Pass on advice. Or nine. A sharper Schnell, dim Bonhoeffer, uncle or aunt. Alice gets it. Ich habe mit denen ins gun searched on the telephony and Alice cochlea, Taba, sunblock body Tasha and nist Fellow one. They are both father had deter Russia own traditions. It's good fun. Iso had to look unblock. Let's quickly listen to Francesca's story one more time. And this time, pay a little bit more attention to the verbs then to the story. So as the niche two-speed of Kashdan is vice nest of our home, our Balmain Vaca hat einfach finished good, cleaner, finalized habit is in love. I was fuzzy in our childhood. It's about two-speed owned habit and bus fare past zone patch of the Nixon was Excavata at Deir Yassin swash don't get communist owned, done, done, finished North and in fashion bus anguished thing. It's habit is about sunblock Schnell gemacht on bin gleich outskirt thin. As just an endless hymn holistic and both SVA, Gabby's their cause and tau of their Autobahn. And it's been cited in Berlin, anger com, a Shabbat field pesky Hub about ds1 north nist. Alice peck, our skip October habe ich mochte dass ich I Natasha emboss Ferguson harbor. Owned in these attach our mind. Pass on advice. All nine. Schnell, dim Bonhoeffer, uncle or aunt. Alice gets it. Ich habe mit denen ins cancer, Shonda telephony and Alice cochlea Taba, sunblock, body touching nist Fellow one. They are both had her own traditions. It's good fun. I also had to look unblock. Francesca used a lot of interesting verbs in the past form here. If you still remember what we learned, verbs starting with B, m, and fair, air will form the positive side without good. Like we saw in Francesca story here. Habit, fair, past. Hi, Max. Habit, fair, gesehen, haben, haben, Sie it. The same happened with verbs that end in Iran. There will be no prefix game, like we had here. Have telephone yet. We also had a few separable verbs mentioned, which will push the gain between the two separable parts, like here. Been Afghanistan, harbor, Oscar sheltered, been Iyengar Stieg and been auscultating. Been UNGA common. I'll skip OK. And harbor UNGA whole fun. Poor. Francesca had a really awful time, but it was great for us to repeat some of our tricky verbs. So thanks for the story contents come also to interesting phrases she used our Pascal helped. And glug. Glug means luck and perish means the opposite of luck, bad luck or misfortune. So glucagon means to be lucky and PECC have to have no luck. And she also said glug, glug hub. So look is luck and unblock is well, similar to unlock or misfortune. So when she says she had to go look in on glucose, it means that she got lucky while being unlucky or like a blessing in disguise. 8. 1.06 Weil (Because): Home is clenches, Karnak, Belinda, common, vile Z, Natalie epistle, can Walter, back home, happens in niche, get coughed via the kind guilt hadn't been home Zeit year niche, common vial as scurrying that hot. Why? Because in this lesson we will learn how to explain why something did or did not happen. Vial is a very useful word, meaning because it's an conjunction, which means that it connects two sentences into one. The violet sentence explains to us why. I know that you are dying to see how it works. Let's take two sentences that are somehow connected by meaning, or better to say by causation and connect them with the conjunction while learner feel. I learned a lot. Ich habe einen Test. I have a test. I guess that you can guess what causes what. And these two sentences. The fact that I have a test causes me to learn. And now let's connect them with the conjunction vial and see how the sentences behave. A slanted feel violet iodine test harbor. So the reason for learning is that I have a test, right? We put the conjunction vial in the part of the sentence that tells us the reason for the action and the other one. And did you notice what happened with the word order in the sentence? Let's look at it one more time in slow motion. See it. The first sentence has a normal word order, right? Subject, verb, rest. The first thing that we can see changing is that comma. It may not seem as much, but there will always be a comma in front of the conjunction bile. And the second very, very, very, very, very important thing that happens is look where the verb goes. The conjugated verb goes at the very back of the sentence. So we have conjunction vile after a comma, very important. Don't forget that. After that is the subject, then everything else, and then the verb at the end. So the conjunction will push the verb to the last place in the sentence. This is a subordinating conjunction, but if this sounds like a very complicated word, the concept is not. It means that we have helped sets main sentence. And nib ansatz, the subordinates or the dependent sentence, which depends on the main sentence. And with these types of sentences and these types of conjunctions, the conjugated verb will always be in the last place. Okay, but let's drop the explaining and look at some examples. Z gate niche. So byte by z is she's not going to work because she's sick. So the vital part of the sentence explains to us why she isn't going to work, because she's sick. And the conjunction vial pushes the verb all the way to the back. Vlan and well-being not Deutschland gain. We learn German because we are going to Germany. Again, the conjunction vile tells us because we are learning, because we are going to Germany. And the conjugated verb ends up at the last place in the sentence. Ich habe kinda in Hunt Valley, she kind of side hub. I don't have a dog because I don't have time. Vial tells us the reason for not having a dog and pushes the verb to the end of the sentence. Via hadn't. I encloses house while wifi look in the hub. We have a big house because we have a lot of kids. Vile explains why and the verb is in the back. Does kinda had combined vile as Cloud-based. The kid cried because it was said EIA had say, fish created by lead source spit out Kashdan is he was late because he got up too late. Let's stop here for a second. If you look closely, you can see that we actually have two verbs here, right? Of London and is, because it's the perfect. And we know that perfect has two verbs, right? So they both go at the end, but one has to be the last one. So how will we decide which one goes first and which one at the very back of the sentence, alphabetically, the longer run, though one you like better. Now, if you listened closely, I said that the conjugated verb goes at the very back. The conjugated verb is the one that gets changed according to the subject, changes its form and the ending. And if you look here, the verb is changed, right? Various of verstanden will always be of verstanden no matter the person. We could also say via Harbin on speciated when we had to speak of crushed tendons. And of course tendon is the same, but we no longer have is, but we have zinc, of course, because the subject is via. So both verbs come to the end, but this conjugated verb, the one that changes, comes at the very, very end. The same will be true for sentences that have a modal verb in them. Because we know that modal verbs will ask for another verb in the sentence, right? So we will have sentences, for example, like this, Ischium niche, some sram, but by listening to swim and can, I'm not going to the pool because I can't swim. Both women and can go at the end. But since Sherman is in the unchanged infinitive form and would look the same, even if we change the subject, the modal verb gets the position of the last place because he's the one that gets conjugated to a party gain violation of nourished minor. How soft gaba gamma October gamma to the end. To the end. And because it's the conjugated verb, EIA had finished cuisine, vile as I know, Cleveland niche, getClass and hut, get Cloudman and hut. The two parts of the perfect hat changes. So it goes at the very, very end via ensure ligand valves finished common Cronin, common end Cronin modal verb in the infinitive. 9. 1.07 Hast du schon einmal...? (Have you ever...?): Natalie is taking Francesca around Berlin. She wants to show her all the best places. She's still hasn't seen. Hey, Francesca has to show nine my line bear leaner. Toyota is oct nine and knock me each mesh the z again IN data here basale can IN theaters took of dioxane. On has to schon einmal. Mit dem shift gemacht. Ja schon climate, a fantasy told above your diets, national high-margin business, schon einmal mit dem reason that cofilin. Yeah, it does. This is me, I'm bisschen language. Or it has to shown IN concert, music festival in Berlin. Bizarre. Nine knock knee does really is Ghana muffin. So here is the way how to ask someone if they ever did something. Has to Sean, I in mind, literally meaning have you already once, but we will translate it as simply, have you ever or even just have you. In informal conversations, you will also often here has two shown mile, mile, meaning sometimes here has to Sean mile IN OUT two gamete. It has shown mile diesel, Xin, Swedish guide cosine has to schon mal, DCIS Theatre Bizarre, bestow schon mal to these and festival going on. Of course, all of these sentences are in the past. So if the verb builds the perfect with design, the question, we'll have to start with this verb. And the answers that Francesca gave Vern different nine and knock me? No, Never. Yeah. Sean Simon? Yes. Two times already or ja schon PyMOL. Three times already. Emr four times 15 mile 15 times or 100? A 100 times. She also said, ya if yes, frequently or many times. Let's check out a few quick conversations. Has to show nine Mile Island panda be frank, asean. Nine and knock knee is skipped Island. Saw in Berlin. Best to schon einmal knocks funny and the heisst ja schon mal meshes to read again. Had the spacesuit? Yeah. Does the stock net phoneme 10. 1.08 Der Familienstammbaum (Family tree): They are Baum, means of course, tree, and they are unbound or they are familiar inch time-bomb means family tree or family line. In this lesson we will check out the family and stam bomb. They are familiar, Baumann, dst m. And here is the rash where Santa, tally, Zs and Vesta on to E, L turn power law on the Jacobi bellman. Seasoned AARP would've Yukon and oxycodone, Zs and fair high about it. Does Susan de course Elton via hmm cause Elton Fatah sites on the father's side and mortar resides on the mother's side. Our last Elton haben einen zone. Want touchdown. Does isn't MS. Uncle? On standard? On Dann haben wir noch 10 swagger. Thus is that EMR, fun, powerless. Shrestha owned the shriek oven, DEF phone powerless, coda. Z haven't slides. One slide too. Does isn't MS. Cuisine? Want Cruzan z less than the anchor kinda funding close Elton the course Elton John Kuhnen island, anchor zone. Grandson who would incur Tosefta granddaughter have fewer power law. Does is Easter Island das ist ja, ja clubs 10 percent powerless. Aiga Fatah. Own to show IGA morta 0 and z is a0, a3, got Okta. All of this family stuff can easily become very complicated. Of course, there are a lot of other members of every family and a lot of other names for them. But I think this is enough for now. Depending on where you're from and how big your family tree is, you will use more or less of these terms. So if there is any family member, you would love to know how it is set in German. Feel free to ask. Here are all the family members and some terms we learned so far. The morta, they're fatter. The delta1 data zone, the takt time and the plural versions. The Zona, the data D, L tan, d ankle kinda, their ankles zone. D, ankle tuck into the cuisine there cuz on their own Ctrl D. All of these you probably already knew by now, and then we had a few new ones. Dnase. Then if they are Wagga D Vg up and they are AIGA Fatah, the VGG and what? They should be gas. On the data. You can see that family members that are not blood-related will often have this V0 or schwa at the beginning. So it makes it a little easier to remember. I know that for some this might be a little too much and too complicated and you maybe don't even know how to call all these people in your mother tongue. And you definitely are not looking forward to learn it in German. And if that's the case, it's completely fine and don't stress too much about all these terms. I know that also for some people it's really important to learn all these terms. So it's completely up to you how much you want to branch out your knowledge about the family tree. 11. 1.09 Paulas Mutter (Paula's mother): Powerless mortar, the morta fun Paula. In today's lesson, we will learn how to say that someone is someone, someone you'll say. Well, let's look at a few versions. Powerless motor or the motif on Paola. Jacobi zone or dead zone, fun Jacobi. A must cause Elton, Cause Elton, fun Emma. The first one is the name in the genitive. The genitive is the Ford case and the German language, remember the cases we learned so far, nominative, accusative point. Well, here is the last one. The genitive will be used when saying whom something belongs to. So MS. Jacobi, Paula's and similar, The problem with it is that it's probably the trickiest. One of all the cases in german has a lot of changes and it's a little bit difficult to figure out. It's actually so weird that even a lot of Germans kept using it. And it's actually happening at such a fast rate that some German linguists think that it could die out soon from the language. This doesn't mean that you will never need it or use it, but we will so far learned just some forums that you might need and leave the complicated stuff for later. So what we have here is the genitive of personal names. And good news is that this is really simple. As you can see, just the letter S will be added to show possession. This is very similar to English, but with one very big difference. And that is that we won't have an EPA strove and German, just the S attached to the name. So we will have Natalie's, Nina's, or Jacobi familiar. The only exception is if the name is already ending with an S, Then we will not add a second one, but instead we will add apostrophe at the end. So we will have Thomas hands. This will also be true for names that end in some other letter that sounds similar to us just because otherwise it would be very difficult to pronounce it. But there is also another way to express possession, which is especially popular in spoken German. And it's by substituting it with the preposition fun and the dative case. So instead of having powerless motor using the identity, you can say the morta fun, Paola, fun plus dative. Ya, clubs, zone. The zone, fun. Yeah, club a must close Elton, the close Elton, fun. Emma, Thomas. And they are fun Tomas. Although it may not be very visible that it's the day do because it's a name. When we switch it with another noun, it's visible. And good news is that you already know how to do it. Paula's house. Here is the Ghani diem. Does house fun. Paola. Here, It's substituted for fun. And let's change it into another noun. Does house fun, DevCloud. They have, how is obviously the FAO in the data case? Jacobi, Bureau. Does Bureau funny Jacobi. Or if we take a different noun, thus be whole, fund, dem, man. Ms. Wound. They are fun. Emma. Deer hunt, fun. Damon, meeting. Emma's on to Natalie's close Elton the course Elton John, Emma onto Natalie D close Elton, funding kingdom. And here are a few example sentences. First with the name in the genitive. Thus here is Nina's familiar. Emile swung is inside in-stock. Tumors house, is there cause? And with the preposition fun plus dative, dust semaphore on Alex is deadline. D talked upon lava, kitchen indeed protect lesser. Montauk, come down to pursue. Does build Fonda ankle doctor hank, to on-demand. The term font em can't send our shear. The GE board stagger from the English. Weston isn't a mats. 12. 1.10 Verschiedene Familien (Different families): Nowadays we have all different shapes and sizes of families. And in this lesson we will take a look at the few very different ones and see how they load. Outhouse minimization. Sin state Iyengar boys feel officiate and unfamiliar and familiar. Lavon to him AS new stock. Z haven't shown, I incline is skinned and I inside of the week, cloud law is shrunken. Desktop as the bone gets. So Klein when z1, zn, Klein won't MIT E.coli chromosome inside and stock Z on the moon. And Sean Lang, a good friend, Nina and traumas phone and Orban in delta z hub kinda, kinda owned volume kinda, kinda hm, is going to look, he or she is dying, align Etsy end up Fatah. Xi1 of cow is for item. Yeah, house gets older. Machine. Leon aren't, Marianne isn't fellow. Myelitis add-in does enough to Young's and Antoine high Latin. Cut clean wound sites Haiyan by morta slide new stock. Ef point Nino is let's see, are out by even admit I ingots on him at gashes is Diana von Gemeinschaft on dot moon and fear mentioned Jedha had signed agonists CEMA, buzzy Thailand decreased Xia onto Dust, bought him duck Borden as close of a Warnock, dot point, Katrina cries Bachman, e, e, Kingdon, Elton John, Rush, mega motor, minus-minus Triton Z ABA Meissner's Confederacy none, some and so on and so many different families and so many different living situations. Let's take out some of the vocabulary we had in this lesson. So maybe you can also try to describe your specific living situation. Ms. Slide, Clinton stock warning to live on the first, second, or third floor. I'm Qin town to have a kid. I inside the scanned a second child. I in Kinte often week. Our kid on the way CAN to move. Good friend, warning to live separate in there. In the attic, apartment. Kinda, kinda happen to have no kids. Kinda kinda volun to von to know kids. Line at sea and single parent. I was CN to move out. Guess she didn't divorce. Fair lobed, engaged, high fatten to get married. By their cause motivation to live with the grandmother. I'm going to move in. Does add Coursera's ground floor, the wound Gemeinschaft, often called vague a means flat sharing community or shared accommodation. And it's a very popular thing in Germany. Every tenant usually has a room, but they share some things in the apartment. On to do vote, wants to, who wants to? Aligner? Wants to in einem house. Order. In Ayana, Warnock, in stock. Pistol Fairfax or fellow OPT has to kinda. 13. 1.11 Wohnen bei + Dativ (Living with + dative): In the last lesson, we learned a few different living combinations and who are some of the possible people you could load it. Dinah Elton or DAG course Elton, dying Patna. Patna. Dinah, kinda order ankle kinda. Let's see how to say who you live with. That skin to want BI demo data, meaning the kid lives with the mother or by the mother. But we will say with I've owned by signing Fatah, he lives with his father or his father's place via Warner by own Zaha cause motor will live with her grandmother or at our grandmother's place. Ish born and buy mine and Elton. I still live with my parents. And maybe you noticed by now, which case? This is the data case. So the formula is easy. We use the preposition by which means with or add, and after that, the dative case. So the morta turns into by their motor because it has to turn into the database. Xi1 Fatah, his father turns into by Zionism fatter because it's state of the course mater by Anzaldua cause motor minus 10 by Elton. As you can see, we will often use possessive pronouns here. So if you're still a little bit unsure about them, quickly download the PDF at the end of the lesson and repeat it. The same thing will happen with the preposition met. Meaning with. It always goes with the data case, MIT plus data. So you can also say ation Bonner by meinem Fatah or ish Warner mit meinem Fatah. And both sentences we have the date of case here. H Moana by minor morta. Each morning mit meiner motor. Again dative case this time for the feminine noun. You have owned by designer, cause Elton want MIT xi1 and cause Elton. Dative again for plural. So we use the prepositions by or mid plus the dative case to say who you live it. Here are a few quick example sentences. Z12. Yet by E, him Fatah had seemingly EEPROM or toggle won't sides by 2 and wants to know mit meinem Partner by vain, want year via owned by uncertainty. 14. What you learned in Unit 1: So congratulations for finishing unit one. If you want to quick repetition. And here are all the things we learned in Unit 1. I hope you'll learn them all and still remember them.