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German Language for Beginners - Unit 2 - Family, Friends & Relationships

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Intro - Unit 2


    • 2.

      2.1 Meine Familie


    • 3.

      2.1 Meine Familie - Übung


    • 4.

      2.2 German nouns


    • 5.

      2.3 Der, die oder das


    • 6.

      2.3 Der, die, das - Übung


    • 7.

      2.4 Mein, meine


    • 8.

      2.4 Mein, meine - Übung


    • 9.

      2.5 Das Verb 'sein'


    • 10.

      2.5 Das Verb 'sein' - Übung


    • 11.

      2.6 Welche Sprachen sprichst du?


    • 12.

      2.6 Welche Sprachen sprichst du? - Übung


    • 13.

      2.7 Das verb 'sprechen'


    • 14.

      2.7 Das verb 'sprechen' - Übung


    • 15.

      2.8 Buchstabieren


    • 16.

      2.8 Buchstabieren - Übung


    • 17.

      2.9 Wie ist deine Telefonnummer


    • 18.

      2.9 Wie ist deine Telefonnummer - Übung


    • 19.

      2.10 Zahlen von 13-20


    • 20.

      2.10 Zahlen von 13-20 - Übung


    • 21.

      2.11 Wo wohnst du?


    • 22.

      2.11 Wo wohnst du? - Übung


    • 23.

      2.12 Verheiratet? Kinder?


    • 24.

      2.12 Verheiratet? Kinder? - Übung


    • 25.

      2.13 Filling out a form


    • 26.

      2.13 Filling out a form - Übung


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About This Class

Join us on the adventure of learning a new language in this German course for complete beginners! I know that it can be hard sometimes and that you can't wait to finally start speaking.That's why I created this course - the lessons are short, straight to the point, useful and fun.

In Unit 2, we will learn all the stuff about family, friends and relationships. Besides that, you will learn how to talk about your heritage, where you come from, the languages you speak, how to spell out a name, count to 20 and much much more!

You will learn:

  • Name all  your family members
  • Name the languages you speak (German included after this course!)
  • Say where you live (in which city and which street)
  • Spell out  your name
  • Tell whether you are married and have kids (and if yes, how many)
  • Possessive pronouns (mein/meine)
  • Numbers from 0-20
  • German pronunciation
  • Conjugation of the verb ‘sein’
  • Definite articles (der, die, das)

At the end of the course you will be able to talk about your family and marital status, where you come from and which languages you speak - and ask someone about the same thing!

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. 1. Intro - Unit 2: Welcome to this second unit off our course. It's amazing to see that you're still here. Sometimes the most important part off learning a language is to not give up. This time, everything will be about friends and family. Find her on familia. Let's check out what you will know. By the end of this unit, you will know how to name all your different family members. You will also know the names off the languages you speak and German included. After this course, you will know how to say where you live, in which city and which street and tell us whether you're married. And if you have kids or enough, You will also learn the complete German alphabet and how to spell out your name. You will also learn how to count in German. From 0 to 20 you will know the possessor pronounce like mine dying Zain and similar. You will get to know some of the trickier German verbs like Harbin and Zain and the definite articles dare d does and why they could cause you some troubles. I hope that you're already excited about the new unit, so let's start right away 2. 2.1 Meine Familie: We will, of course, starts this unit by learning the names off some of the family members. And we will do it with the help of a TV show. Do you know this show? It's called Modern Family, and it's about, well, a modern family. We will use this show to explain some of the names off the family members. So let's get to know this family. Alex will tell us a little bit about them. Don't worry if it's going too fast, just try to listen and see if you can understand some off the birds. Hallows mine in Armagh is Alex. Phone did assist. Minor familiar. It's habits like gosh wrister! Thus ist minus rester Haley force us Isman Gouda. Look, thus isn't minor l ton mind Father heist Phil owned Minamata Heis Claire. Thus this mine course Viper Zain aama is J. That's a sign of how Gloria About s d minor course. Mota. Yeah, zone heist. Manny, this is my Uncle Mitchell. Air is the Buddha fun Minamata Ishiba Kinda tanta zone done despite an Uncle Kim Z have been aina Tosca Lily s Minako Xena No. Yeah, the assist Minor familia. Let's see which family members we have mentioned here De Mota The Mother de Mota They're fatter Father Dear Fatah D E l Ton Parents de Elton Dammann husband Dia Month Defoe Wife de So Dick Inda Kids de Kingda Their zone son They're Zune de doctor Daughter de Taka They're poodle brother They're Oda dish Rester Sister de Shrestha Biggest Trista Siblings de Vista They're open Grandfather Dear Opa You can also use the word their course Fatah which would literally mean big that when you think about it Grandfather has a similar meaning, right? De UMA, the Grandmother de Roma here you can also use the word the course Mota Together they're called DeCourcy Helton. The grand parents the course Helton de Tanter, Aunt de Santa, their uncle Uncle Dear Uncle de cuisine. A female cousin de cuisine A. They are Kazan male cousin, their clothes on. Well, this was a big family and a lot of different family members to remember. But don't worry. We will practice a lot and you will remember them off Hallows mine in Armagh is Alex phoned ? Assist minor familiar. It's habits like gosh wrister! Thus ist minus rester Haley, force us Isman Gouda. Look. Thus isn't minor l ton mind. Father Heist Phil owned Minamata. Heis Claire. Thus this mine course Viper Zain aama is J. That's a sign of how Gloria About s d minor course. Mota. Yeah, zone heist. Manny, this is my Uncle Mitchell. Air is the Buddha fun Minamata Ishiba Kinda tanta zone done despite an Uncle Kim Z have been aina Tosca Lily s Minako Xena No. Yeah, the assist Minor familia t 3. 2.1 Meine Familie - Übung: Now let's talk a little bit about your family. I will ask you some questions and you try to answer. For example, the first question is the highest. Dina motor. What's your mother's name? And the answer should be something like Minamoto Heist V High. Stein Fattah has to get Mr Has doing an uncle order in a tanta be high Cincy hostel in a cuisine, a order and in Kazan has to course Helton v. High Stein, of course, Motor has to wine and Zuno Dina Doctor. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 4. 2.2 German nouns: the German ounce are really interesting creatures and quite unique, actually. So in this lesson, we will talk about them a little bit. The first thing about the German Allen's as the way that they're written, you may have noticed in the previous lessons German Allen's will always be written with a capital letter. And no, I did not let auto capitalization get out of hand. This is really the way the German ounce of written. Please remember that, because it's an essential part of the German language. Correct me if I'm wrong. But according to some sources, German is the only language that does that on the brighter side, it helps you notice downs in a text much easier, which makes it easier to read and more comprehensible. And here is the second interesting things about the German owns. You also may have noticed in the previous lessons, or maybe you heard about them before dia the and thus the German articles. Although they look like short and cute birds, they're the ones that will cause you some troubles. Why learning German? I'm sorry. In German, every known has a gender and the corresponding article to show it they're the end us. It's like the in English accepted in German. We have three of them. They're as for masculine, announce D is for feminine ounce, and thus for neutral mounds with plural ounce, it will be easy because all of them will always have the article de but how to know when to use their D and dust. There are some general rules about using the articles, and we will learn about them in the next lesson. But the best and easiest way for you is to learn the article together when learning the known So, for example, instead off learning the words sister as Shrestha learn it as d Shrestha together with the article, it will make your life much easier later. Trust me. And the next lesson we will talk a little bit more about when to use. Which article do you 5. 2.3 Der, die oder das: They D order does when to use which article and why. In the last lesson, I already mentioned that the best way is to learn the article together with a noun. But here are some general rules that can help you sometimes. Dea, the masculine article. It will be used for mail people and professions like their fica there, Pooja, their ads for week days and months and seasons. They are Montauk, Darya NWA, they're Zama. For most of the verbs that end with ER. Well, again, there Fatah, you can use this one to remember it for births and is most like their capitalism MAS, four words ending in link, their labeling. For most of the different car types like dammit status. And foremost, alcoholic drinks like for example, Divine. Except does B di, di, di, the article for feminine nouns. You will use it, of course, for female people and professions like the morta di colleague in order the Aston. As you can see, these words will often end in. One exception here is thus mission, the girl, which is surprisingly neutral. You will use D for words ending in height, d phi height, and Kite demolish cut. Four words ending in shaft, defined shaft for words ending an OK, D rational. And for words ending in war. De Couture. Also a lot of words ending in e, like for example, d lambda, and verbs ending in I and II, like philosophy, will also have the female article. Something we already mentioned is that all the plural nouns we'll have the article D. This doesn't mean that they're female, it just means they have the same article. Thus, thus will be used for mutual nouns. The minority of nouns are neutral, meaning only less than 20%. So if you're in doubt which article to use better not picked us. But there are some words that are neutral. Of course, two of them we already mentioned median and thus be a. And here are some more. All the words that end in Shen will be neutral. Like for example, does mention that we already mentioned. Also words that end in line, like does Foie line and most Latin based birds like this public home or does ultimatum. For D, we will use the red color. For data. We will use the blue colour, and thus we'll use green for plural. We will use yellow. If this wasn't confusing enough for you already. Here's a fun fact. There are some version the German language that can have two or even more articles. For example, the word bond. It can be there band, deepened, and thus bond. And each of these words will have a totally different meaning. Sometimes there is also difference between Which country and region of vertices. Houston. For example, email will be used with d in Germany, but does in Switzerland. There are a lot more rules and even more exceptions to this. But I hope that these rules will help you at least a little bit to remember the German articles easier. Found this all a little bit overwhelming. Don't worry if you mix them up. Sometimes you will learn the articles as we go. For now, just try to remember the articles of the nouns we already learned. To do that. 6. 2.3 Der, die, das - Übung: try to put the announce and the correct group. Is it DEA, The or dust? For more bite sized German lessons, visit 11% that X Y Z. 7. 2.4 Mein, meine: thus is minor familia. Thus ist mind Buddha owned uswest minus rester mine minor. What does it mean? And when to use which one mine means my and minor means my as well. So when to use which one? Let me show you an example. And I'm sure that you will understand it. They're Buddha mine Porta Abba. But de Mota Minamata. I hope you noticed it. Words that are male, meaning they have an article. Deya will use the possessive pronoun mine to say my and verts that are female meaning have the article d will use the possessive pronoun minor to say mine. That's why it's mine. Fatah, but minor motor. And what about birds that are neutral like that skint neutral mounds will use the same possessive pronoun as may allowance, so it will also be mine. And what about plural allowance? Plural mounds will also use minor exactly like female loans. So to sum it up, mine will mean my and as used in front, off male and you neutral mountains. Minor also means mine, but it's just used in front of female and plural knowns. Doesn't seem so complicated anymore, right? Also notice that when using the possessive pronoun the article day I d or does will no longer be used. We don't need both because mine or minor already shows is the gender of the now with. 8. 2.4 Mein, meine - Übung: I will tell you a known and you will say this is mine Something okay for example I say dare Fatah and you say the US is mine Fatah, this is my father. Ready? Let's go. Their Uncle de Tanta de Doctor de Kendra Their border de gosh Mr Thus is mine Uncle de Santa. Thus is mine It Kanta de Doctor Thus is my neck Octa de Kingda Thus isn't minor Kingda Dear Porta Thus this mine Buddha Diggers Wisdom doesn't mine English, Mr. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 9. 2.5 Das Verb 'sein': Now that you know how to name all the different family members and how to say that it's your grandmother and not your neighbors, it's time to learn one small but very important detail. The verb Zain to be that's is my Nikos Muta. Thus isn't minor course Elkton. Thus is my Buddha. Thus isn't my Negash, Mr. If you didn't pay attention, you probably noticed that the verb Zain to be is changing here in the first examples. It's in singular talking about only one person, and in the second examples, it's implore. Oh, but if you look closely, you will notice that it's not changing like you learned it's supposed to by removing the infinitive, ending e n and adding the present tense endings. E S T t and T n. Why, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world off the German irregular verbs and we will start right away with one of the trickiest ones Zain to be in English and probably also in a lot of other languages, the verb to be as one of the most irregular ones. So it shouldn't surprise you that it's like that in German as well. Let's take a look at the full congregation off this little bit strange verb. It's been I am do best. You are a SZ s He she it is via, isn't we are Yeah Xai, you are Z isn't they are and also the formal way to say it Z's And there is not much explaining needed here. The verb is highly regular and you will just have to learn it by heart. But don't worry. You will see it so often that you will learn it quickly. Let's take a look at the few more example sentences It's been Sandra v a pistol. There is thus remember these he is in those Deutschland e a zeit. Oh, storage land Z isn't ouster Richland and surely going Whoa! Is that van hoof? And surely Ganzi wasn't a teller? I don't owe 10. 2.5 Das Verb 'sein' - Übung: take a look at the pictures and tell me if the people in the pictures are young, young or out. Look, I will help you with the necessary vocabulary. - And now let's see if something as Klein small or course big. 11. 2.6 Welche Sprachen sprichst du?: Means language and question means to talk or just speak. So vaisyas province plays to the two languages that you must know, our Deutsch, German, and English. English. What would the pronunciation here? English. But chances are that you also speak some other languages as well. Check out this link and write down all the German names of the languages you speak. Then come back here and answer the question measures Cochran's place to I'll try to answer for myself first. Ballots you scavenge place do is pressure Deutsch, English, cottage on ambition, Spanish. And BUS CAN means a little bit un poco. So vaisyas platforms please do. Let's take a look at a few more examples. Does this Michel AS preached Deutsch and Portuguese ish. Does this honor. Otherwise just carbons plus two. H crusher Deutsch English owned and best CLR, punish him. 12. 2.6 Welche Sprachen sprichst du? - Übung: in this exercise, a few people will tell you their names and all the languages that they speak. Try to write down all the languages that they're mentioned. Feel free to pause the video if needed. Hello, It's been Christiane ish Pressure Dodge English own France's ish wouldn't talk mine. Ah, Miss Sophia Hammond is come out, Stash writes ish Pressure Deutschland. Italian ish Allah is Jesus. Cornelio is commerce, Banyan ish pressure, Deutsche Spanish on I'm busy and she needs ish. So Basis Province Pressing the loiter Dodge English Friends of is ish. It'll inish Spanish. He needs ish Mayor You Bowman finished off 11% punk X absolute set. 13. 2.7 Das verb 'sprechen': in the last lesson. We talked about languages, veggies, croutons place to each pressure Dodge English quite ish, owned and best in Spanish. Question is a very useful verb. Whether we want to say that you speak a language or you want to say that you're talking to someone in general, let's examine the verb expression. It's not your ordinary reverb, and you will find out why. In a second, we already mentioned that the regular German verbs build the present tense by removing the infinitive, ending e N and adding the present tense endings E STT anti. And we also mentions the irregular verbs Ayn to Be Aunt, How it's conjugated, and now it's time for another irregular verb discretion. While the verbs Ayn was a very regular verb and didn't follow any patterns at all, it will be a little bit easier with the rest of the irregular verse. Let's take a closer look at the verb discretion and find out what these patterns are ish pressure do expressed. Do you notice what happened to dis verb that it's not so regular look again, a pressure do Crist exactly here, instead of just adding the ending esti something else Also changing the verb we don't say does crest, but dukes Crist the verb changed its them. This will only happen in the second and third person Singular meaning with do and a Zs Deuce Crist a Z as squished in plural we go back to normal Obvious question years crest the discretion. So when using the verb Crecion, watch out to change the e in the stem into an eye in the second and third person Singular. So let's take a look at the full conjugation one more time. Kreisher Deuce crest As E s scratched the expression ears crest The question Some other verbs that will follow the same pattern for the irregular conjugation will be Essen to eat ish Esser Do is a Z, as is via Esser here est Z s and watch out here because this form will look a lot similar to the form to be is, except that here it has two letters s gibbon to give issue Gaber new gifts as he escaped via Gaber e a gift z gibbon do you and t 14. 2.7 Das verb 'sprechen' - Übung: pause the video and try to complete the sentence with the correct form off the verb question. Watch out to change the E into I in the second and third person Singular meaning do and a Z s also keep in mind that in the sentence it doesn't have to say Yeah, Z or s. It can also be a person like minus festa or a name like Michelle. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 15. 2.8 Buchstabieren: in the last lesson. You already learned some off the German letters, and I think that you're ready to learn the whole alphabet. So let's go. Uh, be See day. Yeah, f gear, huh? Be yet. Car I m. And hey, cool s to foul V. Ex Absalon set Arm it on loud. Woman on loud Woman from loud s set. And one more time. Try to repeat after me. Uh, be see dear as gear, huh? E yacht car as M and or pay Who? And, um, as to, you know, foul v ex epsilon se r McHone loud. Omit on loud woman on loud s set Let's try to spell out a few names. Let me give you an example. The high Cincy ish hizo Sandra v bitter Senza this. Ah, And they Al uh, Sandra the high Cincy ish Isis Sabina Father the bitter Sabina Farber This ah bay Mm. And e this Ah be e m Sabina Father the high school. Felix, get MMA v bitter Felix Gardner. F Yeah. L e x gay. Um, it home loud. Yeah, T and yeah. Owned V istea, Anoma Johannes Vice v Bitter Johannes vice yacht or ha. Uh, double N E S V e show office s you harness vice. And now you try to spell out your first and last night. Do you and T. 16. 2.8 Buchstabieren - Übung: by now. You should be ready for a little challenge. I will present you with some German verts and your job is to try and pronounce him as German as possible. Don't worry. We'll start easy. Pause the video After you see the birth on. Try to pronounce it out loud on. Then resumed the video to hear the correct pronunciation. Ready Dare Fatah de course More power. The bitter light Honest Z been Lido the mouse in house here it so decides both. They're both starve a yacht Gang machine. Guten Wadden. We get a seaman minus west. That is not Klein. My Broda won't end Deutschland For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 17. 2.9 Wie ist deine Telefonnummer: Now that we know the German numbers, we can ask for a phone number or say our own V is Donatella for Norma. What's your phone number? And the answer would be mine. Italy for Enema is off course. We will also have the plight version v. Estephe Telephone. UMA had summer. You can also ask the allowed to to dine Italy for Norma. Let's ask Peter. Peter V s tentatively for Norma. My name Telephone oma is known or fear nine. No. Nine Spice X sci fi try non sex Zaballa. No, nor funeral Honesty for Baltzell. The dialing number for Germany V is Donatella for Norma Mine. Italy for enema is known or Feehan oil after nine from first Einstein final Final. What I just gave you is the phone number off the Good Institute in Berlin in case you ever needed. Remember that if you don't get a number correctly the first time, you can always politely ask v bitter. Excuse me or currency Despotovic. Holan, can you please repeat that 18. 2.9 Wie ist deine Telefonnummer - Übung: in this exercise. Try to say the phone numbers that I will show you. Pause the video, say the number of cloud and then resumed the video to hear the answer. Blue Sky High. So I feel like I know nor felt no no plus sci fi notes by fearful sex science, Science, Science, Science plus fear nine. No final sites I Z balloon in the second part off our exercise. Try to listen to the phone numbers and ride them down. My normalized nohl from Chi Zach's X Prize even fears by nines. Why did you write down the number? Listen to it one more time. My name. Demise North of Guy Zach's X Prize even fear it's why Nine. Spy My name Demise Norfolk. Nine. It's II ins. Six. Six z even food and one more time. Listen closely. Norfolk Nines. FYI ins ZX are ZX after z been five on Venus Dine Italy for Nhema. For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z 19. 2.10 Zahlen von 13-20: way already learned the numbers from 0 to 12. No wines fly by fear, so ZX zieba uh nine. Seen l've it's worth. Now let's count on in this lesson. You will learn the numbers from 13 to 20 after the number 12. It gets really easy because all you have to do is combine the number with the number 10 saying, for example, the number 13 will be a combination off the number three cry and 10 saying Bright scene. The number 14 will be FIA once seen fee, etc. The number 15 will be food once seen. 15 The numbers 16 will be ZX once seen zest in the numbers. 17 will be the number z Ben without the e n and seen Z Pittsy, the number 18 will be once seen. Art scene. The number 19 will be nine plus seen 19 and the number 20 will be semantics. So one more time rights in feared sin. 15 zest in zips in ah, soon 19. Vance's Let's count together one more time from 0 to 20. Noah Science So I guy fia six z been off. Nine. Seen else it's worth Zeid Scene. Fiat scene Firm 15 Zest in zipped in are seen. 19 fancy Do you do 20. 2.10 Zahlen von 13-20 - Übung: tell me the names off the numbers that they're going to be shown on the screen. When the numbers shows. Pause the video, say the name out loud and then resumed the video to hear the correct answer. First scene z Pitzen cried Scene Sieve else 19 Spy No Civil Z Been Francis ZX nine. Fiat Scene Sin Zach Testing Eines Seen for Mary Boone Show off 11% Punk X Absolute set. 21. 2.11 Wo wohnst du?: Since we are already asking a lot of personal questions, why not ask this one as well? Volvo in store Where do You Live? Way Already learned how to say the country varia from Remember? Well, here comes to ish comments Deutschland. Now we will get a little bit more specific. Volvo wants to. Where do you live? For example? Ish Warner Indulgent. And look at this next example. This is Julia Julia. Calm down, Sopon Z left Yet Stan Wien. In this case, the two verbs Woman and legal can be interchangeable, and they will all mean to live another verb. That real mention here is the verb Gib organ, which means to be born. Sometimes you're born in one place but live in another one. Let's take a look at an example. It's been an Australian born above Luna, yet Sten Deutschland. So the correct sentence structure is it's been in good Born. I was born in 22. 2.11 Wo wohnst du? - Übung: on to do. Oh, here comes to Wolverines, too Vobis to get born. I tried to write down the answers to these questions. E. I hope that the answers to these questions looks something like H comma house. He's been in good one. It's Warner and Mayor you Bowman finished off 11% punk X absolute set. 23. 2.12 Verheiratet? Kinder?: In this lesson, we will find out whether you are married and if you have kids, and how to ask someone about the same things. This to FOR highlighted. Yeah, each bin for higher hearted mine of how heist Lisa. The polite version of this question would be Xin Zhe Xie For highlighted. Yeah. Each bin for highlighted. Mind man, heist Ben bestow for hyphenated nine, ich bin gushy Eden. And look at this example. Bestow for hieratic nine, it's been leaders of Asia and 0.9 is bin Laden would mean, no, I'm single or an vetted, as I found in the dictionary about each have I find, but I have a friend. Yes, Germans, we'll really use the same word for friend and boyfriend or girlfriend. Find would appoint them. So how should you know if the neighbor next door has a boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend? Well, you just have to look them in the eyes when you ask them the question and look for the littles particles. Just joking. But basically there is no way to know for sure. I guess it's just another way for the Germans to keep their private lives for themselves. The other question that we are going to learn in this lesson is about kids. Has to kinda, do you have kids? And here are some possible answers. Yeah. Estaba and end zone or yeah, it's habit survive. Zona. Yeah. Each Havana Takata. Yeah. Each habits I touch data. Yeah, each habits phi kinda item zone on the ionic Takata, nine, each have a kinda, kinda. So let's repeat the important words from this lesson one more time. For higher rated lead. This gushy Eden. There man. The FAO. Thus Qin De kinda their Xun, De Xun. The dr d theta there find deep grinding. And here are a few examples. Hello, my name is Nina, a spin for HIV at it. Thus is mine mn or love VIA hub and Sly. Zona. Guten tag ich bin Lucas Becker is Bingo. She didn't own habit. I Natasha Z haste, lena. Hi, my name is Lina, is punished for higher vetted. It's Chabad item Floyd, air heist, Sven is habit kinda, kinda rehabbing an inherent bellow. Two 24. 2.12 Verheiratet? Kinder? - Übung: in this exercise, I will show you some pictures off different families. Look at the people and try to think of what you could say about their family situation. Pause the video and write down or say out loud your answer. After that, resumed the video to see some of the possible answers. - For more exercises, visit 11% that X Y Z. 25. 2.13 Filling out a form: I think that by now you learned enough to be able to fill out a simple form. And that's exactly what we're going to do in this lesson. Dab. It will help us to fill out this form with his own information. Let's see what he wrote down Nama or for Nama means name and nama Nama means last name. If you know that knock means after it makes a lot more sense, we can also have Ah, Middle Nama Middle name and spits Nama nickname. Remember this one? Strasser means street and it's written with the funny Big s the chef s order arrested house number means you guessed it house number and shut means city. In this case, it's mentioned the post light cell is the postcode off the city Telephone oma is something that you already know and it means phone number. You can also use the word Hendy noma, which means cell phone number. The Statham means the date and the entre shrift is your auto graham or signature. Do you with 26. 2.13 Filling out a form - Übung: In this exercise, I will show you a simple form with some information about a person. Your job will be to try and think of all the different questions that we learned that you could ask this person. Write down the questions in the do and the formal Z form. Let me give you an example here it says that the person's name is Baggett, so you should ask. The high stoop or V is dine AAMA. And for the formal Z form, you should ask V High, Cincy or V ISTEA Anoma Pause the video to write down all the possible questions you can think off and then resumed a video to Ciel. The possible answers Here are some of the possible questions that you could ask we high school. The high Sens. E. V is Dina Nama v istea Anoma v esta noche nama. We ist Ian are Anoma Move on stool von NZ via standard telephone Noma v. STL, a telephone oma. And now let's try to write down the answers to these questions first, right on the answer. In the third person singular as es, for example, Z heist bigot and then right on the answers in the first person. Singular like the person is saying it for themselves. It's high, sir Bigot again pause the video right on the answers and come back to see the solution. Good job. I will now show you all the possible answers. Pause the video and compare your answers with the ones shown on the screen. For more tips and tricks, visit 11% that X Y Z.