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Free Resources: How To Get After Effects Scripts For Free

teacher avatar Daniel Brodesky, Motion Graphics Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Sources Part 1


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      Sources Part 2


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About This Class

This class is part of series in which we explorer different sources of free assets for After Effects. In this class we will learn where and how to get After Effects Scripts for free.

After Effects Scripts are among the most useful tools you could have as a motion graphics artist. They are great time savers and will help you work more efficiently inside the program. Using a script might not only save you valuable time but also open up new possibilities.
Start building your own library of assets, all without ever spending a dime.

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniel Brodesky

Motion Graphics Artist


I’m a motion graphics artist since 2009. Over the years I have specialized in After Effects and created dozens of tutorials helping others learn the program.
Being self-taught I learned a lot from video tutorials available online, thus my will to share knowledge grew. I’m determined to make learning easier, more accessible and more fun for everyone out there!

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1. Introduction: Hey there, everybody. Then in a protest here, Thanks for checking out these clubs, which is part of a series about three. Resource is today. We continue our journey for creating a library of assets for after effects. What's great about it is it is completely free. Today I will focus on aftereffect scripts, understanding script, and the power that comes with them is key to work in quickly and efficiently inside about perfect basically Scripture little tools build to eliminate the deviousness of repetitive tasks. They can help your name, a bunch of layers once duplicate a layer while keeping all of its properties lend to the previous one and much more that could take you. Hours can now be done in minutes with the right script in hand. Although scripts can get quite pricey, there are many of them out there given away for free. Together, we will see how to find them. Stop wasting time on a no Intacs learn where to get free tools to help you do them the smart way 2. Sources Part 1: Hey there, everybody. I'm then in protest. E, thank you for joining me on this class. As we've already seen in the preview in today's class, we're going to learn how to get after the scripts for free. Scripts can be very handed to automate many processes inside of after effects, and they can be really great time savers. And today I'm going to show you where to get such great tools for free. In case you're new to after fits and they're not sure how to install scripts, I'm going to include the link to tutorial, which explains just this. Just be sure to download the PdF that comes with this class. So a script is the first website on our list, and within scripts on a Scripps are such a good pay for others are for free. So let's see how toe find them. I'm in the home page off the a script website, and if we scroll down just a little, I can see that I'm in the featured tub. Now. I can also go to the latest, and in the latest I can again jump to previous pages. I'm going to select to be able to see more script for Bake. And now we have many scripts on the big basically to know if the script is for free or not , you have to enter its page. So let's, for example, enter labels, your friend, their labels. I can see over here that the price is set at $10 So to get the script, you gotta pay $10. But other scripts, like isn't ways which are also on this page are for free. You can know this because the price is and name your own price. So basically it means you can set a price of zero added to your cart and check out with price zero and simply you have downloaded this script for free. Of course, you can pay for the script, and it will be very nice of you. You will support the authors of the script, but you have the option to download it for free, so there is no way to know whether the script is for free outside of the script itself. But with all of these scripts laid out before you, you can simply scroll down and find the scripts that are free but simply entering them I remember that activate and disabled expressions is also for free, and this one is really handy. If you've ever encountered a situation where you have a comp with many expressions linking Lincoln stuff together and accidentally changed the name off some layer and suddenly everything just breaks. All of the expressions stopped working and you gotta go and three enable them one by one. And when you're in a composition with tons of layers, it can be a pain in the butt. With such a great script, you can do all of these with a click of a button. Simply click enable ended with enable all of the disabled expressions I can see over here that the author of the script is low Alvarez, and if I click on his name, I can enter his profile. For example, Bench Search and Replace Best is a free script. As you can see, it is a name your own price. A short description can be found over here a longer description over here, and usually the authors of the scripts provided tutorial or them a video explaining what their script is doing. So that's another great option off getting to know the script you are looking for and basically scrolling down. There are related products, and some of these related products will be free streets as well. Like the layer library, if I'm not mistaken, is a free script. Yes, it is. And you can simply go head type zero on all of these. Name your own price script. Add them to your card and check out with a price of zero and get all of these great scripts for free. I'm going to include recommendations for script in a Pdf file that comes with this class. So that's a scripts that come Go ahead, find the script that our name, your own price at them to your card feel the information that is required to be filled and basically get the scripts for free. So a script is a pretty popular site, and many of you might have already known this one. But a bitch frame That comb is not very well known one, and hopefully you're going to find something useful over here. So bitch frame that come is another great side to find some free assets, and I'm going to enter the a extras tub over here as you can see right away you can see that scripts are showing up, and if I scroll down a little, I can see that this script, which is called Move Anchor 0.3, is a paid one. But other scripts they distribute by scale and total, busier or work two keys are free scripts. I can simply click download, and the script will be downloaded. I can also click read more, so see some more information and description about the script. 14 scripts are given away for free, just like this and some other neat stuff at the bottom. So best friend that come this is another great place to go ahead. Look for some three streets, we cloak is a very handy one, I can tell you, and under composed is a great one as well. Auto Crop is a script I've used in my recent project, and I'm sure you will find where the other scripts provided in Decide will save you some time. The next site is dude off dot net. This side is ran by French developer, and he's creating some really powerful tools for after fit. Now he's given away all of his tools for free, and he promises to keep giving them away for free because, well, that's just what he believes in. You can go to tools, and in here you can see the different categories that are available. Now. If I open products, it will take me to the different products he has developed. And I'm going to enter after effects. And over here I can see him in the perfect stools. And these are the tools he has developed. Do. It is the most popular one, and basically this capable off many things among which are in creating inverse cinematics and very easy character. Regan do. It also includes other great tools I had suggested. Jump right ahead into the section on his website, download all of his scripts and see where you can implement them in your workflow. I can guarantee you that you will find some of them as great time savers as they said you. It is responsible for not only inverse cinematics and character rigging, it can do many other things. A great user manual comes with the script so you can know exactly what each scream does. I can tell you that personally, I used sugar a lot. It is part of my daily workflow. What it does. It creates layer groups that it says, and it is very similar to put a ship in this manner, you can select a few layers and the same Toby in one group, and the you can isolate groups and solo them basically control a group as a single unit, an option that, after fits is not giving you natively. It saves you a lot of time, and it is very handy, especially for those of you who are used to polish up workflow. It will make you feel right at home. Come parameters is also a very handy one, because it will help you change the parameters off multiple compositions at once. Ever had a situation when your client wanted you to change the resolution off the product so you had to go in and change the resolution off? Each compete worked on well with calm parameters. It is done very easily and quickly. You can also change other parameters, like the frame rate and the duration of the composition and basically all of the parameters that are available when creating a composition. So that's do the net Duke is considered to be one of the best. Maybe the best creeped for inverse cinematics and rigging. Well, hello. Suggest to go check his other stuff as well. So that's it for this part. We're going to have many, many more sites where we can get free scripts for after fits, So be sure to watch all of the other parts. No, you can go ahead, download some of the scripts that interested you and install them Toby used in your next after fits project. 3. Sources Part 2: Hey there, everybody. Daniel Bodansky here. Thanks for tuning in for the second part of my class. In today's part, we're going to explore more sources for free after fit scripts. Today we're starting off with the website I introduced in the less class I thought Free after fits templates, and this one is called. Bach said that come this guy provides after for templates and aftereffects tutorials as well as an aftereffect script. Well, he only provides one after if it's script, but because this is a very handy one, I decided to share it with you over here in the main page, I'm going to click downloads and jump right away to the script section. And here is the script he provides, which is called Utility Box and let's enter the scripts page. And right here in the middle, you can see that I have a download bottom books. It provides some description about his script and a very in depth tutorial in which he shows how to use it. So over here, if you scroll down just a bit, you can see some examples he created using the script, and he claims, and they can approve that with the script. Such results can be achieved much quicker. So go ahead, boxy dot com, enter his download section and download the script he provides. The next site on our list is creative. Giorgio .net Creative Dodger is run by a guy named Vincent, and he creates really great scripts for aftereffect and awesome tutorials. He has a great you tube channel like hell. We suggest you go visit it now in his website. I'm going to scroll down to the category section and over here in the categories I'm going to click products In his product section, he provides the downloads for the script he has developed. Let's enter one of his scripts the 1st 1 for example. And right here you can see that he provides the download over here. And if I entered the download, you can see that this is a name your own price script. Basically, like we were introduced in a script. Most of his scripts, maybe all of them are. Name your own price, and he has great utility scripts that they're going to save you lots of time while working on your own project. Let's see an example for one of his script. The Dodgers toe the Dodger task list script is a great to do list for after Vets, which enables you to create a to do list right within after of its toe. Keep track of your progress in a certain project. Other scripts like Dodger Gleacher going to enable the creation off great glitches with chromatic aberration effect. And these are going to have great control and going to be very easy to create. So that's creative. Dodger dot net, I held suggest to check out this website. He's free scripts and he's paid product, and here we are in the next website on our list. This one is called a Sweets that come right away. The name gives away that this is something really great over here at the home page, I'm going to click products. So in their product section, I'm introduced with the four scripts there, providing sweet easy lines, creator and Snap. Unfortunately, only snap is the free one, but Snip is a really great script. It enables you taking well snapped photos off the frame you're currently hovering over, and that's a really great feature in case you don't wanna added your composition to the render queue and define a certain render area off one frame just to send a picture toe your client, or maybe help you create a storyboard. Whatever you need to create a snap picture out of your frame of and this is a great script , it has a really small window. Just docket into your after respondent and start creating snaps very easily there. Other scripts are also really great, but they are not for free, so if you want, you can go check them out. But remember, snap is the free one, and it's a really great product, and the less website for this part of the class is mount Margraff dot com. We've already visited Mount Margraff that come in the previous class off the Siri's Mount. McGruff is a site which is run by a guy named Met. He provides lots off very high quality content, among which are after fit script and tutorials and project, and he does really lots of stuff, and his work is really high quality. So right here in the top have a few tabs, and I'm going to create the free scripts and tools, and I'm taking toe the Triscuits he has created, and he has created quite a few. Actually, His accent script is a very nice one, and it helps you create such Shapey explosions, which are very popular. His capture script is a very new one. It is very similar to snap the script with previously visited, but it gives you more options. I guess his strength script is similar to the lines creator, but with a little bit less options. And the explosion script is a very nice one, and it enables you creating shockwaves. The flip script is a very simple method off creating such a flipping objects. Just select a few you want to sleep, and it creates a simple rig for you. So jump ahead to mount mammography and go to his free tool section, where you will be introduced with the free script he has created. His other products are also really great, and the tutorials he creates are really awesome. So go ahead, check Mount member of that, come and enjoy the free content he shares with us. Thanks for joining me for this part of the class, and I hope to see you in the next one where we will explore more sources for free scripts 4. Sources Part 3: Hey there, everybody. Thanks for tuning in for dessert. Part off this class. In the last two parts, we discovered many after effects scripts that can be downloaded for free from various sources. And in this part, we're going to keep in large in our library of sources. We start off with Site, which is called are the Script, and decide has a mind blowing amount off 51 scripts and what's great about it. You can download all of them at once by simply clicking this button over here. And if you want, you can actually see the whole least off the scripts that are contained. And if I click on one of the on one of the scripts, it will take me through the description off what the script does. And here is the whole list on the right side. So if you don't want to download all of the 51 scripts he provides, you can simply download only one of them or those you need. I can tell you from personal experience that many of his scripts are going to save you lots of time. How are they going to save lots of time? Because they're going to take processes off many items if usually take up lots of time. And they said, and it will make them automatically So, for example, we have composition center in after effects. It is called Com Center, and what it does is allow your changing parameters for various camps at once. It is a very handy script for changing parameters of compositions. You will save you time and efforts on doing this very tedious task. So let's take a look at another one he provides. So here is another example of a script that is provided for free, and it is rendered layers what it's group that is a renders each selected layer separately , as the author says, it would allow you to create different renders for layers in case a layer represents a version often effect, for example, instead of solo in a layer and edit it to the render queue and doing it with several layers . With this script, you can do this with one press of a button. So I guess you understand that this scripts are very powerful, and as you can see, there are a lot of them, so be sure you're going to find something that's going to save your time. And well, since it's for free, it will be a seem not to check out. So that read Refinery that Come. And, of course, I will leave this website in the pdf that comes with the class. Let's keep going to the next site on our list, and here we are in the next website. This one is motion boutique that come. Some of you may know it for creating the physics generator for after Fits, which is called Newton. This site is run by French guys who are developing really great tools for aftereffect, among which the most popular one, as they said, is Newton toe. They have more products, and some of them are paid like pastiche and the plug ins that come with it, plugging scripts that come with this great little tool. But they also have free script for you to use and let's see where they are. Let's go to the bloke top click scripts, and here we are presented with the script that they have. Not all of these scripts are free. Just enter a script and see whether you can download it for free or not, for example, prevent can be downloaded for free if I can recall correctly. And yes, it can be downloaded for free, and it creates this very nicely folded paper look. Creating this look by yourself will take some time, and sometimes you might need to create such a look. For example, you might want to reveal a map in a folding style, and this will save you lots of pain in the butt, trying to recreate this look so that prevent from motion. But take other great scripts like Connect Players are very useful for motion graphics effects as well. We have seen a script similar to connect layers in the previous part, and it was on a switch. But this connect layer script is for free, actually, and it is used a lot. As you can see, it can be used to create some really cool looks. You can connect the year as well as they said, the fine points and connecting with a straight line or use It is a rope, and there are many modes to this script. As you can see, you can create some field triangles and this is very cool, something that without a script will definitely take you lots of time. Their scripts are really great. Will save you some time. For sure. This timer script is a very small one, but well, we'll save you, creating a little expression. And just with the click of a button you will have ever Annan timer in your composition. So motion boutique that comb. Go ahead, check them out and enjoy their free content. The next site is they've Jacobson the Comb. Hopefully, I pronounce it correctly, and this guy gives away script, which is called the Commander. Well, that's a powerful name, and what this script does is basically utilized in many different features instead of after effects in one panel. So what it can do is apply effect expressions, animation, presets, and it can also around commands like scripts, and it will also locate files in the project panel. I'm simply reading it from here in Canada as well. Basically, it will save you time navigating through different panels, and it will allow you to save space inside of after effect. Instead of docking different scripts, you will be able to use the commander to utilize them all in one place, so That's the Commander by Dave Jacobson. It won't take you long visit in the side and chicken all the script. The download is right here in the bottom, and as you can see, he provides the instruction for the installation, and he explains what the script does exactly in this very in depth tutorials. So hopefully you will enjoy the commander, and off we go to the next tight. The next site is, but elects dot Co and this guy has developed a very nice script, which is called Rubber Hose. Unfortunately, rubber hoses not for free. But he has another script, which works perfectly with Shea players, and that's what it is intended to do. The work with Shea players and it is called the but copper. As you can see, it says it is free. So let's click it toe enter its page, and the what the script with allowing to do is quickly change the modes of a stroke from a around it cap toe. A flat cap ever had toe. Open up your contents of a shape layer and scroll down to find your stroke and then open the stroke and find the menu where it says, whether it is a bad cop or a rounded one, So with the script, it is all a click of a button away. You will just have to select the shape layer and click on the mold you want toe ed, if you can see over here. He has a very nice patterned background where he shows how quickly all of these shapes changed their stroke mode. So that's what the script will allow you to do. It will save you just a few minutes at a time, but ended up. It will make up a lot of time in the end, and since it is for free, it is definitely worth downloading. So that's butter like that. Go and the script is bad copper. So this is the less part for this class, and I hope you enjoyed all of the different sources to find free scripts for after effects , and you will find the different uses for the scripts you are downloading, and I really hope you're going to share your experiences and thoughts with the other students of the class. Be sure to check my final thoughts video, where I will explain a little bit about the pdf included in this class and maybe show a few more sources. So thanks for checking out this part, and I will see you in the next one. 5. Final Thoughts: Hey there, everybody. Then enable desk. I'm glad you made it to the less part of this class. Hopefully by now you've got to know many sources for downloading scripts for free for after . But you're going to save time and efforts on your daily creative job with different websites. We have visited like a script motion boutique entry, the finery. You're going to end well over 100 scripts for your library. Besides being great time savers for me personally, scripts are also a great fun because they're sort off adding new features to the program which were previously absent oil. It's always fun to discover something new in the pdf which is included in this class. I'm going to provide more sources for prescription, which I didn't discuss in the class. So be sure to check out the video. I'm also going to place all of the websites we've visited in this period file from time to time in case I find some useful script they didn't including the PDS. I'm going to update this video file so you can revisit this class and download this video to see whether I added something new, as I mentioned in the first part, I'm going to include a link Wichita Auriol, which explains how to install scripts in after effects in case you're new to this whole sphere. In case you missed my previous class free after fits templates, be sure to go check it out and start downloading free templates. You can find free openers, light shows, motion graphics elements and much, much more after effects. Templates are also great sources of knowledge because you can reverse engineer them. And as they did in this class, I'm going over different websites and sources, which are given away three after effects templates for you to use in your own project. You can be sure that some time in your career you're going to need in after effects templates on having one for free. Well, that's like receiving a small gift. So that's about my previous class. There are going to be two more classes in the Siri's ous faras they comptel free after if it's process and three after its plug ins, so be sure to tune in and check out on the new classes that will be coming out soon. And now let's talk briefly about the project for this class. The project for this class will be sharing with your fellow students a script you find in the various websites we discussed and use it in your personal projects. Describe to your fellow students how the script help you, and you are more than welcome to make suggestions on more than one script. As a result, as the projects number growth, you will make it easier for other students to enjoy rescript that are useful to you. Script that were useful to you might also be useful to them and vice versa. Please don't forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. I am Daniel Bodansky for Skill Shirt. Thanks for checking out this class, and they sure hope to see you in my next one.