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Food Plating and photography

teacher avatar Saurabh Nandwani, Chef

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to food styling and Photography


    • 2.

      Elements in Food styling


    • 3.

      Importance of Height in Food styling


    • 4.

      Right Texture in Food styling


    • 5.

      Colour Balance in food Styling


    • 6.

      Rice Plating and Styling Idea


    • 7.

      Vegetable Nuggets Styling


    • 8.

      Vegetables Nuggets Styling Part 2


    • 9.

      Spring Rolls Styling


    • 10.

      croissant Styling


    • 11.

      Pastry Styling


    • 12.

      Cupcake or Muffin Styling


    • 13.

      Dessert Styling


    • 14.

      Dessert styling 2


    • 15.

      Dessert Styling 3


    • 16.

      Dessert/Muffin/Cupcake Styling 4


    • 17.

      Dessert Styling 5


    • 18.

      Brownie with Ice cream Styling


    • 19.

      Food Photography and styling by mobile phone


    • 20.

      Thank you note


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About This Class

No matter what kind of food or drink you’re preparing, it helps to know how to make your plate look like an art! Plating is the key to pulling all five senses into the fine dining experience. How you select to present food to your guests is a form of art. A story for your families, guests or the customers to read first with their eyes, and then savor with their mouths later.

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Saurabh Nandwani


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1. Introduction to food styling and Photography: Hi, this is funky Topsy. Today we shall be learning tips and tricks of food bleeding and food styling. I have been in the foreign investment for the 1011 years. I worked as a food stylist, a recipe curator. What is food styling and what is food stylist? The pictures of food that you see, which are the newspapers and television on social media, instagram, Facebook, which took very, very appealing to the eyes. Whenever you see these pictures, you wants to eat them. The basic idea of what plating is to make your food look attractive, palatable. Playing with color combination, textures, elements, etc. So today we'll be taking a two different styling material that we use for calculating to do it easy for you epsilon. This course is designed for anybody who is interested in food. You could be a housewife, it could be a student, it could be office going personnel. It could be a woman, you could be a man. It doesn't matter if you're interested in food and you'd like to spruce up your food. This course is for you. We shall be taken you through a simple techniques and materials and ways of doing food styling at home. Not at all difficult, and it definitely looks so they're strong style and Michelin maybe. Now, let's get started. 2. Elements in Food styling: The first step is to understand what tools and what material you require to do food, clothing and food styling. These are things which are easily availability of house. And if not, they are very economically priced and can be sourced easily from any store nearby. I will show you and take your step-by-step the purposes and the material used. You'll be needing a pillar which you might have to peel any vegetables so that we can make roles and different things to peel vegetables. And to make those worlds, we will need a C-F to do the dusting that we do. And I'll show you for deserts and for safety you can do with both. Need a brush. This is an oiling brush. You can have any kinds. You can even have those one with fibers as well. You can take a plate and to brush off the truck knee oils or any other sources. We'll be needing a squeezy bottles to make sure that the droplets are in the refined form, we can fill our chutney. Our sources appear is everything in this will be needing a piping bag which works with a substitute of your squeezy bottles in case you do not have. This is handy if you have any material, you can fill it in this and cut it from the edge, building eating spoons. This is the most effective and the most easily available tool in your kitchen. Different kinds of plates too late up your food. The most important element in your food plating journey is a tissue paper. Keep cleaning your plate wherever that you've style. For instance, if you've style half your plate, make sure that you clean up the other side. You don't leave any blemishes or dots on your plate. 3. Importance of Height in Food styling: Now the last element that we talked about is the height. Why create height on a footplate? When you take photos or when you create a dish which looks very flat. It doesn't look very appealing. It even looks, I would want to use this word, but it might look a little sad. So when we create a little height, the food looks fresher. The food looks more palatable. Also, it looks more reddish. So if for instance, I have put, took above on the plate and place another heap of salad is a quotient. That is, the food looks Morris. You feel that there is this food is enough for you. Height always matters whenever you plating some kind of food. Always keep in mind three basic tips while styling and painting a food. One is color, making sure that your food looks vibrant and beautiful and doesn't look very chaotic. Use the correct plate and use the correct color ingredients on top. Second is texture. Make sure your elements speak of whatever it has, the crisp, the crunch, the creamy, and the fresh and also height, make your plate look full. Make your plate loop Morris. 4. Right Texture in Food styling: Second tip is textures. When I say texture, what do you mean by texture, texture of a sauce. Now for instance, a sauce is usually very smooth. It's silky. Texture of oil is very different. It drips to the plate. So understanding the textures, what you're going to play it if you use any fresh greens, micro hubs or something like that, that would look Pop. That will bring a lot of colonial played as it will bring a lot of textural elements also, it will look, it will bring in the freshness. When we talk about texture, we even talk about fresh vegetables because they look crunchy, crispy. We need to create different kinds of textures on one plate, something which is smooth, something which brings in the crunch. The visual appeal of your food plate, it should make the person who sees the plate understand that there are variety of textures used on your plate. There should be something smooth. This would be something crunchy. There should be something which brings everything together. 5. Colour Balance in food Styling: The first step that we learned was the basic tools of food styling and populating. Moving onto the second most important tip is to understand the basics of color, texture, and height in food plating. And these are very important and very basic rules and tips of how you can make your dish look spectacular. When we talk about color, we talked about the colors of the plates, the color of the food that we are going to play it. Okay. If I'm talking about this white plate, what I'm going to make sure that I put colors which go very well, the darker colors, the colors would have more vibrancy on this plate. If I talk about yellow plate. The plate itself is very colorful, so I would not have too many colors on this. I would put two to three colors on this. I would use maybe like a dark brown or any food which is off more vibrancy or maybe is contrasting to the plate. Never use similar colors, want to play it. I would never put anything which is yellow colored on the split because the food might just get completely lost on it using a black plate. Now, dark photography is extremely trendy at the moment. Using a black plate mixed everything that he was placed, pop up beautifully on it. You need to style considering what you going to put on your plate. Always the color of your plate matters. Understanding what you're willing to style, what kinds of play do you need for that? I would suggest that you use any ceramic plate which is matt and not shiny analytical, heavy engaged because that looks very rich. 6. Rice Plating and Styling Idea: Let us start with creating some simple Indian rice. It could be spiced Indian dries which somebody didn't rise, pull out anything. When you're talking about Indian dice, we're talking about the basic colors, the basic ****** that we use. It's a combination of the white rice green with some spice colors like red, orange of paprika, of Halle. So we know what color palettes we are working with, what kind of condiments and ingredients we're working with. What pairings will use with that. Right now currently I am paring my rice with a writer and a few slices of fungi and some switches of mint leaves. And I'm using a black ceramic plate with this. Let's get started. If I was eating by myself, I will just make a heap of food, plays a little onions, take a little bit of writing a bool and sit in front of the television in it. But if I was to solve the same but any to a guest, what would I do? I will just change the split. Take a smaller, nicer black pit. Always remember the first step of food plating is never put excessive quantity of food on your plate, leave adequate negative space. This is the modern style of footprinting. Place the food on one side. You can use rings are different things. When we are bleeding different kinds of rice. It could be oriental Chinese, rise of Mexico, Andres, whatever pair of curry that goes with it. You can see, you can do beautiful colors, a little bit of red, a little bit of green. Just put a few chunks of need and that's about it. This is the only quantity of rice that I'm putting on my plate. And let's style it with its bearings. I'm going to put a few slices of onions year, I have removed the rings like this. I've separated them and I'm going to place it using different sizes of onions just to create a bit, a little bit of dimension here, I'm placing a few shredded elements, sliver at elements on topples my flavored Indian tries. Now I'm going to put a dollar of writer Xcode or any other query that goes with it. You're not more than two spoons. We don't want to make it messy. We just want a plate to be styled. Well, I'm going to now use some freshmen TFs to finish my plate. Use only fresh Krispy greens. Do not use the ones which are wilted or not crisp enough. Then that's it. Imagine this. Imagine this now. Which one do you think is most valuable for you? 7. Vegetable Nuggets Styling: Moving on to bleeding some vegetable nugget. How would you place an hundredths? Would you solve it like this? Let me teach you how to do it. I've taken a small plate, a small quarter plate, which is gray in color, so that I can use contrast colors with this. And we'll do a plating which is in the center of your plate, but in a strap format. Let me show you how. We'll start off by creating different patterns. With this queasy bought it. It could be a good base to it. You can take a cheesy dip. You can take Melanie's whatever is available and whatever goes with your food. Squeezy bottles, you can control the size of the dollar which come out. Now I'm creating these mini, let's place these first and then do more. I'm going to put them in a zigzag pattern. Just keep account that they go in a number. Listing the last one here. Create a few more dots. On this side. That's what dipping sauce. And those are your vegetables. Nuggets. Let's put some line veggies along with the same. Let's add two slices of lemon Which squeeze this on top of your full. Let's add some greens just to complete a plate, tweezers to play some microgreens. Just adding very little. Not too much. That's it. This way. Are we going to solve a vegetable nuggets? This way? Two minutes and the ablating is done. It is not at all difficult to create this. 8. Vegetables Nuggets Styling Part 2: Moving on to the fourth plate, I'm showing a vase, simple splash technique. Use a black plate. I'm taking a little bit of green chutney right in the center. About 1.5 spoon. Putting a little bit of something white in the sentence. Take US born. Blacks. Food in the center. Having a lemon Which adding a little bit of Michael green on top. 9. Spring Rolls Styling: Let's say I have some guests at my house and I'm making some spring rolls. How would I played it up? Maybe like this or maybe not? Let me show you how you can create a modern plating with some spring rolls. What do you need for this are dipping sauce, maybe your shares, one or something like that. Some thresholds that as green there anything crispy, we could be spring onion, some coriander leaves are some microgreens. We need a character with that and they'll Madeline pillar. Now let me take you to this. I've taken a carrot of pillar, of cut it into half. I'm gonna peel it further and make thin slices out of it. Did few shifts. We can make a rule out of them. Few shall be enough, maybe 45. This is how you're splitting a little, Was this is how we're going to place them. One more rule when it comes to creating. Always try to take odd numbers. Numbers protect motor tension. Let's take maybe size pieces. That's why I'm pleased and very, very far with this, with our carrots, let's make some rules. The Cruises is rule them in. See how beautiful it looks. Visit between two spring roots. One was done making my roses of place in-between. These spring rolls to give them a support for the roses Do not open up the gift like an extra added dimension. I've taken a white plate because we have a lot of colors going on in ours being ruses, brown, There's a little bit of red, a little bit of green. Why we've taken carrots? Because carrots are a part of oriental cuisine, you can't take any other vegetable which is not a part of the cuisine. Now want to take a little bit of chess one source, as it is a dipping sauce, I can place it on top of the spring rule as well, and I can place it on the sides also. I want to place a dollar of shoes, one source on the site, please, let alone the other side as well. Adequate source never put too much, never put two less. This is the, so far. Now I'm going to add a little bit of micro green for some crunch and some freshness. When we spoke about the tips of food dating, we spoke about height. Now this dish is kind of a definition of adding a little bit of height here. I'm going to place this on the categories is a little on both the sides. We're not going to add too much of microgreens. Just that I proportion. My Coubertin's not only add an extra dimension of freshness and crash, they are healthy and super delicious to just make sure that everything looks clean and tidy and not messy. Always remember that tissue paper. Clean up your dish. When you are done plating. Wherever you see some extra sauce or something like that. This is your final sprint goal. If you want to add a little more color, you can add a little bit of brown soil also. And I'm just gonna clean up the dish with a tissue. If you can see, I can see a little bit of sauce here. Just use the tip of your finger up. Clean it up. Tissue paper. Paper towels are important in the kitchen. Now, which Spring rules would you prefer? A plate of this? Plate of this, just a simple few tricks and under five minutes, your dish looks all restaurants style and dressed up to go to a party. 10. croissant Styling: In a simple technique of sieved dusting, it just needs a plate. Always remember the color that is spoken about. It needs a piece of paper. I've taken two papers. You place it in the center so that we can the Dustin won't only be done on the half. I've taken a C with some chocolate powder. Cease even though amazing technical plating. You just gonna play it across on this dusting of chocolate powder. Lift up your stencils very gently. Clean up a little if you wish. These are cleaned divide of the bleed. You can place maybe a scoop of ice cream if you want to go with it, or maybe a SWOT, a lot of green. 11. Pastry Styling: Moving on to creating one more fun pattern of bleeding desert. I'm using caramel sauce to play the chocolate pasty. Let me show you how abused light, green lit and I need a flat surface for this because I want to create a dual pattern here. I'm going to show you how I'm gonna do it. Creating a line here and putting a little more sauce. But I wanted to create the dual. Tilted a little. That's it. You can place a pastry. 12. Cupcake or Muffin Styling: In your fund, simple technical fleeting cupcakes for children. I've used a piping bag and I feel some chocolate sauce in it. I'm going to cut a very base molecule, creating a swirled pattern. Use a tissue to clean up the axis. Cupcake. Leading a basic style of your tic-tac-toe. Using a cupcake. Maybe. 13. Dessert Styling: I'm showing you another simple way by using a toothpick and some sauce for creating a cupcake. You can do similar for kebab, kebab and use the technique. It's very, very simple. I'm making some chocolate dot going from big to small. The handbook that too big, I'm just going to pull it and place my cupcake. You can place a few knots if you wish, or maybe a flower missing a few leaves to spruce up the plating. I'm done. 14. Dessert styling 2: I'm showing you yet another way of letting your kebabs, either your desert, by some simple technique, make dots of different sizes. Will them via to pick, create a leaf-like pattern. So cupcake, you. 15. Dessert Styling 3: Yet another interesting style of editing we can do simply by using a silicon brush. Let me show you how to get adequate dollar of any of the sources that you have. A silicon brush and move it across your plate. You can do the process once or twice. Until you achieve this, you can piece a cupcake. 16. Dessert/Muffin/Cupcake Styling 4: In your fund, simple technical fleeting cupcakes for children. I've used a piping bag and I feel some chocolate sauce in it. I'm going to cut a very base molecule, creating a swirled pattern. Use a tissue to clean up the axis. Cupcake. Leading a basic style of your tic-tac-toe. Using a cupcake. Maybe. 17. Dessert Styling 5: Creating a simple swirl pattern to create a desert or a kebab or anything we just singular. Let me show you how to use a squeezy bottom. Going as Silko. You can use a free hand or you can even use a kickstand. That says, well, they soak up, take your legs a little bit of nuts. If you think. You can clean the edges a little, you can even add a flower and place it rather corner. And placing a few fresh leaves for some color onto the batter. Create a dollar. Drag it down with this product. You can use some flash up. Place it onto simpler patterns by creating different sized dots. You can do the same for deserts, save. And always remember that this is the modern way of styling. We do not styling the center. We always use the corners. Let's put a little bit of chocolate sauce, very, very small dots. Just to add a little bit of color dimension. Cupcake. 18. Brownie with Ice cream Styling: Don't we all love drowning ice cream? Let me just show you how a way we can design the split to make it absolutely restaurant style. It's very simple, takes the basic ingredients we are using chocolates as caramel sauce, but only pieces a little bit of ice cream to set elements and some edible says, let us get started. Views a light blue plates so that all the colors that we use will pop out on the split. Let's start by Dustin some cocoa powder on this, we've used the basic seal, whom seem to dust the cocoa powder. You're not going to dust access. And let's just do it in half. The plate. Not on the entire plate. Has to be done randomly and not too precise. I'm going to put a little bit of chocolate sauce before I start putting in my brownie pieces. The piping bag helps you control the portion of chocolate sauce that comes out to create small beautiful dots. Doing the same thing with caramel sauce, making slightly bigger dots. Let it move with the doctor to us. Don't worry about it. Just creates a different pattern and create some few separate dots. We shall be doing the dotting process again once after we have placed a brownie, Listening the brownie pieces now, using abalone pieces, not doing it very precisely placing it randomly. Have used five, let's do a seven. Putting a little bit of caramel sauce on the sides, little extra so that you're grounding pieces, gets enough of it. And adding a little bit of chocolate sauce. Going out and facing some posted elements. Now, facing a few edible flowers to bring a classy finish. Goes off last. I'm just going to put the ice cream. I've left it for the last, otherwise it will melt. Sea abused flowers which work very well with the plate and the colors, pupils and rounded or family which looks very nice together. So there goes our flags and brown is on the plate. Now. We need to add a little bit of ice cream and we're done pleasing our vanilla ice cream Cornell I have not placing too much ice cream. Weanling is a simple technique that you can do at home if you cannot, Cornell just put some schools and that should also work. Let me just clean up the plate a little and we're done. 19. Food Photography and styling by mobile phone: We create these beautiful dishes and redo food plating what our purpose is always to upload these pictures somewhere to show our work or maybe to even attract more clients. How do we take photos with your phone? Now there are certain few steps that you can clear and you can do fantastic photography with the help of your mobile phone. There are certain things that you need to remember always and always primary. Remember that it has to be adequate light. Either you can use artificial light or you can use natural daylight. And all these stick to the source of light while you're taking the photo of your food. What are the angles that will fit food photography? Let me show you a few. I'm just increasing a little bit of light, the brightness here. This is called the Top Shot. Now I am leaving adequate negative space around the photo. If you need to put any graphic. This is called a 45 short. I'm taking a photo from this angle which shows a lot of texture, the details of your food, etc. This photo can work as a multiple arousal post for you. This is another which you take all from a little far away, which can show a parent. I can put my food picture here on the 1 third. And I can place maybe a cup of coffee or maybe something similar here in the surrounding, which looks like a pairing. So this is how you usually take photos for your Instagram. I can even take a picture like this, a tight close-up shot, something like this. There are multiple ways you can click photos. Connect, show you another dish. While you're doing the savory dish, what you can do is you can put a little off the ingredients which you've used on the plate around it also can make it look a little scattered. Top short 45 photos to show the texture of the food. Photos from far, far away which you can use as your editorials. Photos which control the textures of your plate. Also, multiple ways you can use these photos when you're photographing a plate where you have style in a certain way that the productive, very small, you can take a picture of half a plate as well. You can have it decide like a full photo. These are the few tips and tricks that you can use to click photos on your mobile phone. Social media is a very powerful tool. It helps you showcase your work. It helps you sell your food. It helps you reach more people. Use this tool correctly, upload more photos mixture. The photos have more color, more vibrancy they taken correctly incorrect dimensions which show the details of a product very well. Always remember to plan a particular color for your social media if you're using maybe blues, use the family of colors that go well with it. Use a little bit of graphic. Don't use too much of graphic. Use more photos of your product if it is food, especially if you are a person who's cooking the food, it is very important for you to be the face of the band every once in a while, it helps you connect with more people. You can always make real showing tips for how you can maybe cook your food better or have you can style food or we can play it food. This helps people understand that you are a person who has adequate knowledge of different things. As far as splitting is concerned, we've shown you a few hacks of how you can do your things. And if you're a home cook or a restaurant, or a person who's just interested in food. Taking pictures come hand in hand with plating your food, with cooking your food, it is important for people to see what you've created. Have you created via photos? Get to earphones. Understand the basics of phone photography. Take your photos in better daylight, laid them beautifully and your job is done. 20. Thank you note: Updating is the need of the hour. All modern cosines, all restaurants, Michelin star chefs, everybody's getting the food in a particular way. Plating definitely looks beautiful, but it is not as complex as it looks. I hope the tips and tricks that I showed you in this video helped you to better at home or maybe in your restaurant. That's not very difficult. It's very simple. It's only understanding the base of color at the base of styling and a few things that are in there. Start your food getting journey today and improve the way you see food or show your work, it is important for people to understand that you can create wonders by doing simple things in there.