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Facebook Marketing Without Buying Ads

teacher avatar Douglas Butner, Teacher of Nomadism, Art, Music, Code

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Overall Stragegy


    • 3.

      Deciding What To Post


    • 4.

      Finding Free Content


    • 5.

      Make It Engaging


    • 6.

      Having A Voice


    • 7.

      Joining Groups


    • 8.

      Joining Groups Walkthrough


    • 9.

      Sharing Content


    • 10.

      Finding Content and Posting Walkthrough


    • 11.

      Scheduling Posts


    • 12.

      Readjusting The Strategy


    • 13.

      Best Wishes


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About This Class

Want more like for your page? More engagement from your posts?

In this world of awesomeness everywhere, quality content brings quality people. This course is about creating quality content in the quickest and easiest way possible. In this course, I will walk you through a simple yet effective strategy to get free Facebook likes, followers, and lifelong fans through content marketing

Yes, free. 

This isn't a course on how to post an ad on Facebook. 

Ads don't make relationships.

This isn't a course on some app that you pay to get likes. 

Gimmicks don't make a success story. 

This is a course on creating quality content without actually writing it. 

Yes, we will be creating our free content by sharing free content from around the web. 

I will show you where to find the content, how to write the copy to drive engagement, and how we in utilize Facebook groups to get new eyes to your page and posts. 

Now let's get in there and make some Awesome.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Douglas Butner

Teacher of Nomadism, Art, Music, Code


I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator, and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for over three years. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without paid advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently slow traveling the world thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: the best things in life are free. Getting fans for your Facebook page shouldn't be something you have to pay for. Ads don't make good relationships. You can create better relationships with people who are actually interested in what your pages about through connecting with them in genuine, engaging ways. In this course, we will be building a relationship with gaining many, many views, and many many likes increasing the reach of our Facebook page. I'll show you a simple method to get thousands of Facebook fans. We'll find quality free content on the Internet that people who like your page are interested in and share this using free tools around Facebook. We're not going to use any ads, third party APS, gimmicks, paid lights or any other shape, the ways to get views and likes just quality contact. We're also not going to spend any time to create this card. You're more than welcome to create content, but that's not what I'm going to be teaching. I'm going to show you how to find and share effectively free content that you find around the Web, bringing in genuine fans to your page. This whole process should take you about 10 minutes a day, and if you do this every day, it should take you less than a month to get 1000 lights, much less if you share more than one piece of content today. Now this is a very realistic goal and it really works. Taking any of my other courses on promoting and selling artwork. You know, I am huge on getting traffic for free. You're one of my previous students. This course will help you to promote your art brand, but is not limited to this or any other subject. We're getting the free views for our page and for our content, regardless of the nature of the Page four of the content. Whatever you choose to do is up to you with this strategy. All that I ask as a good citizen of the Internet is that you use this power for good to enrich people's life, and they connect with them as much as possible. Without further ado, let's get started 2. Overall Stragegy: before we get started. Let's talk super quickly about the overall strategy. Here's how it works. Will be connecting with new people by sharing quality, contact, free media and informational content that we find all over the Internet on our Facebook page. These posts will involve content we did not create, including videos, pictures, infographics, photographs, articles, links, pdf's and more basically anything of value that will benefit our potential readers by focusing our attention on our desired users, the people who we want to like our Facebook page. We can start to figure out what type of content we should post would take these ideas and search for free content on places like Pinterest, YouTube and other content aggregators. Once we have created these content based post, we will share them toe a select list of Facebook groups where they can achieve maximum exposure, gain shares likes and attention for our page. It's a little bit more complicated than that, and we're going to talk about how to maximize each step in this process, including strategies to drive engagement and benefit the reader as much as possible. 3. Deciding What To Post: deciding what to post the first step to decide what to post is to know our audience. We want to compile a list of subjects that you believe our interest to the people who you with one liking your Facebook page and seeing all of your future post review this list of subjects and figure out what is the most engaging for a combination of emotional reaction in the actual value that you will be providing the audience. So basically, the most interesting topics are what you wanna research. Further, the value that you're providing to the audience is oven informational sense. This information should benefit the audience in a way that improves their quality of life, their mind, body and spirit. Fighting subjects that your audience will be interested in is very easy if you are a page that is in a specific industry or related to a specific theme like wellness, beauty products, sports where specific sport, etcetera, etcetera. But if you're trying to promote a personal page and might be a little bit more difficult to figure out what your audience is interested, it as your audience will be more diverse. In this case, you would want to align your contact with the nature of your page, try a different style, post every day and see what type of feedback you get. Let's look at the example of an artist page. Now this artist sells copies of their artwork online, and they're hoping to get exposure for that artwork. By gaining a following on Facebook, this artist would first consider what type of people are strongly drawn to their works. I mean strongly drawn not just the people who might like it. What's the common theme of the people that really like their stuff? They want to consider what the subject matter of the work is and what type of person is most likely to purchase. If the artist is designing psychedelic artworks, they may vote a profile of an individual who is into expanding their consciousness, who might be open to things like tapping into universal energies, crystal healing and even things like raves and experimenting with medicinal plants and fungi. He could start by sharing posts about these topics. He would also want his Facebook page name to be something that the people would like. He would also want his Facebook page name to be something that people would like to like. So Fred Hammock isn't as good as the name Fred Hammocks. Psychedelic artworks. Try a different style post every day and see what type of feedback you get. Don't worry. We're going to talk a lot more about this in the coming lessons. 4. Finding Free Content: finding free contact there. Tons of ways to find free content to post one of the best places to find images that have great potential to go viral is Pinterest. Pinterest makes the job of finding engaging image is very, very easy, as the images have already proven their ability to engage by being repent on boards. If they have been repent a lot, they're good to use. Don't worry about using something that you think might have been seen by a lot of people already. So don't get afraid if it has 1000 million trillion pins, as there are plenty more people who haven't seen it and will benefit from sharing it. Also, the audience on Pinterest and Facebook is a little bit different. Not everybody who has a Pinterest account has a Facebook, not everybody that has a Facebook Pinterest, and people may use one account and completely ignore the other one. YouTube is another great place to find content for your video content. Make sure you do have a small amount of text at the top of the post, which engages the users interest and gives them toe one to watch the video. Don't just trust the video will sell itself. Sell the video. We're going to talk about more tips on how to do this in the making engaging list. You can't find articles all across the Web through Google. So it's like Digg and stumble upon our content aggregators and people put their energy to collect. These resource is so that you know that their high quality. You may also want to check out medium dot com medium dot com is a place where writers all over the world can share their articles so it lowers the barrier of entry, meaning that you have access to a lot more people's ideas, which makes it more likely you're going to find something very perfect to share on your page. Articles are great to share and what you find one website with good articles. You may have just hit a gold mine of great shareable content. It's a good idea to vary the type of media that you used in your post Pictures and videos would do a lot better than just text. Infographics can do totally great to experiment with polls, podcasts, live videos, guides, CI cheats. If you're a programmer, you know what I'm talking about pdf's and all kinds of digital content based on what type of audience you have. Remember, you can share files with Dropbox Link. If that's relevant for your audience, see what works for you. Your goal for finding this free content should always be to benefit the reader as much as possible as quickly as possible. Users on Facebook are consuming multiple posts the minute they won't have time to figure out what the benefit is for them or why they want to read. Make it visual, Make it fun. Make it bright, make it catch the eye and the mind. I have found that quick and easy is often the best, and the simple image that I find on Pinterest will create MAWR engagement in shares and something I spend a lot of time. 5. Make It Engaging: make it engaging when you're posting your content, you want to engage the reader as much as possible while keeping in mind the primary goal to benefit the reader and the readers life. How we're gonna do this One of the best ways is through action. Putting an action point in the post will make it more likely the user will engage. This action point could be anything that makes the user do something, whether it involves clicking a button on the Internet, just thinking something or doing any other in real life activity. If a person is willing to take any action, they will also be much more likely to take an action of sharing a post liking the post and liking your page Here. Some ways, you can include an action point in your post. You can tell them toe like the page to see more post like this. You can ask them to tag a friend. You can have them share an experience or share their thoughts. You can ask them for a vote the like. For one thing, common for another thing is con, but with reactions. You have like five different options, so you can have. Who do you like? Justin Bieber. Do you like postmen? Do you like Kodak Black? You like Eminem? Still, And so you can also ask people to post something You can ask them to post a picture post a link to their YouTube there, soundcloud their own page, their website, whatever is relevant to your audience because we're doing this groups doing something like comment below and everyone that likes to comment add them as a friend. Something like this is good because it builds cohesiveness in the group, especially if it's like a tighter Nick group like a spiritual community. And I really like these because everyone benefits and it makes you a good guy, and it makes everybody have war, and you might just make a lifelong friend in the process. You're gonna also try asking somebody to share. They meet some conditions such as share. If you agree, share. If you want more people to know X y Z. This is more effective than just asking people to share on that note, just asking people to like your page or share your contact work sometimes, too, and some audiences more than others to do this just ask at the bottom of the post. Very bottom, like, Hey, share this, please. Or hey, like my page, please. Again, you could do the conditional thing. Like if you like this, if you want more blah, blah, blah. 6. Having A Voice: having a voice. Your pain should have a unique voice. Your content should speak in this voice that speaks for the page. What I mean by this is your page itself has a specific personality, a specific set of mannerisms that he uses to personify itself. You want to carry this tone in your description and everywhere else on your page. Avoid monotone like the plague. Make it colorful. Use your voice and making engaging Uses few words as possible to convey as much meaning to the audience and put as much color into their imaginations as you can in the shortest period of time. When you're sharing media content, write a short sentence or paragraph that quickly conveys the benefit to the reader. This isn't always relevant, and when it is it always black and white as the benefit isn't always clear. The benefit is often entertainment, education, seeing something beautiful, inspiration, happiness, providing a resource or something else entirely. In this case, it might be better to just focus on getting the user's attention. When you were writing the post, consider the very first part of the text that you present to the user you want to create a digestible piece of text that is not a lot to read and contains a lot of colorful words or actions worth worth that evoke emotion. Creating visual image in the reader's head or otherwise hook the reader's attention are best. Also, it's where the reminder that you must have your privacy settings set to public or similar so that the content you post can be shared. This is important when you share the content to groups and don't notice if you go into groups, you'll see that not all of the post can be shared. Double check by going to somebody else's Facebook page and seeing if you're opposed appear with share, but 7. Joining Groups: joining groups. The best place to share content to reach a lot of people is in groups with similar interests. You can find these groups to searching on Facebook and selecting the group's filter. Once you find one group, you could easily find more by looking at the suggested group section. Many of these groups will have thousands, tens of thousands or even more people. But just because the group has 50,000 people doesn't mean it's going to perform better than a group that has 2000 people. Try to find the groups that best the line with the content you'll be shared aim to share with about a dozen groups for each post and for each group, have about 1000 people. Hopefully mawr. Maybe a little bit less. But again, you're going for the alignment. Not necessarily who has the most? I found in my own experience that groups with 60,000 people don't always perform as well as a group with 2000 people. This is because the groups with 2000 people are bombarded with less post, making it more likely that they'll see and engage with the content you post 8. Joining Groups Walkthrough: Okay, I'm gonna show you how simple and easy it is to find awesome Facebook groups. So first of all, whenever you're finding your group, keep in mind you're looking for a group that you think somebody that would enjoy your page enjoy your content would also be a part of. So I'm getting to look for a route for Aquarius Academy, which is the Facebook page that I'm running. And to do that, I'm going to search for crystal healing because that's a common interest. Sometimes the group will be the second or third block down, but whenever you find it, you can get CEO or just go appear to groups will do the same thing. And then whatever groups catcher, I go ahead and join that sometimes when you join a group, you'll get something like this, and it's a question that you have to answer. So what is unconditional love to you? You've been a connection to sources were all portable, and whatever you're joining these groups don't take the questions too seriously. I've never not gotten into group, no matter what I write, and sometimes it's a bunch of questions. Now where are we going to go from here, you might not always think of all the things to search to finally, right groups. So one good way to keep going in your search is to go to one of the groups that you've joined and then look at the suggested groups. And a lot of times they'll be similar, but not necessarily the same subject like healing network. That's a little bit different than the crystal keeling. And if we go to this one, we could go even further and see even more. And also you can hit the sea all for the suggested groups and then find so, like, peace loving synchronicity, this one's got a good amount of members. It looks pretty similar to what we're sharing, so we're gonna go ahead and join it and the kingdom within and shamanism. Alright, guys, it's that easy to find your groups to go ahead and join a bunch of groups at least 20 because you're gonna want to promote to about a dozen group's proposed and you're gonna need some leeway to learn and figure out which groups are good, and you can always remove yourself from the groups which are underperforming, or you find that they are alive 9. Sharing Content: sharing content. Once you post the original article, video media or whatever elsewhere posting, go ahead and share it with groups. You can wait till a better time of day to post, but probably not more than a day. And this is because it's better for the user to see the content is fresh, making them more likely to share. There's absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your old post two groups as well. According to Hub Spot, the best times to post on Facebook are 9 a.m. One p. M and three PM These air also your best bet to share your content with groups. 10. Finding Content and Posting Walkthrough: We're gonna be person today on Aquarius Aquarius Academy is a page and an organization to share ideas of love light to bring the hearts of the people together in tow. What so that we can grow through the densities of light and become a connected, loving, beautiful consciousness on this planet. So we're going to be looking for content that is similar to that goal. We're going to be sharing the types of things that ancient teachers have shared to their student, so that people can see from whatever perspective resonates with them that everything is love, that we're all one. As I said in the course, it's super easy to find great content on pictures because things that are pinned a lot will also perform well on Facebook. So I'm noticing this right here. This is just a very simple introduction to shock press, and let's take a look at it now. One thing about this is there's very small text. Sometimes when I post things like that, people say, Hey, I can't read it because they're on their cell phone and not everybody wants to pinch in and zoom over and try to read everything. So we're gonna skip this image for now. You gonna search for crystal healing because we just join some groups about crystal healing . So I think that we can experiment and share some contact to these new groups and see how they react. All right, So, Thomas image right here, crystal cleansing methods. And this is something that's really helpful for the people in the crystal groups because I'm sure they know a few of these, but they might not know all of these. And it's also a very visual image. There's not a lot to read. It's something that draws you in through the symbols and that it's a very visual image. It's easy to read, and it's good to go. So we're gonna go ahead and save this image, and it's a good idea to keep all the images in a folder. That way, if you need to reuse them or you find you wanna post them on a different site or show them or share them some other way, you haven't You don't to go look, and when you do this, you will have to put a title tune because Pinterest just makes like crazy, crazy cool. So now we have our image and we're going to go over and click photo and video and choose the image we just had. So now it's time to post our post. Remember to speak in their voice when you're posting to your page, and when we go ahead to share this, the copy that we're going to use in the post that we're sharing to the group so we get another chance to put text. That copy is where we're going to be really keen to get people's attention, to put our action point everything like that, so you don't necessarily have to cram everything in right here with the caption to the image. You can also go to the original article from interest and then find some things there to include. Okay, so for the post on the page, I put two blocks of short content again. We don't want to give the reader too much to read, especially right off that, and just explained a little bit about the importance of clearing your crystals. I also included a quote from the original page, and the image does provide the link back to the site, but we still want to link to the actual article. Make sure you always provide your source. All right, Now, just go ahead and publish post and what you published now, time to share it. So we're going to hit, share, share and share to a group. Now we're gonna type up a piece of copy that's going to hook the user's attention, get them engaged as well as make them want to check out our page. Okay, guys, I've got my post. Let's take a look at what we came up with. So first of all, I start with the question, How do you clear crystals? And this is something that's a very short piece of text. So the eyes going to gravitate right towards it and read it very quickly, which is going to trigger the brain to engage to this piece of content. Then I give them a little bit of a story about what I like to do to clear my crystals stories air. Great, because that's how the human brain works. Next. I haven't Action point. Try a new method today as well as another action point for more previewing content like the page, Aquarius cattle. And make sure you copy this text, or you're gonna have to go chase it down and find it. And now we're just gonna go ahead and share this with all the groups we just join. And you can also turn us into a breathing exercise. It's something I like to do. I'll start and inhale whenever I cook the share button and then keep inhaling and tell us old. So it's about a 5 to 10 seconds in Hill, and slower inhales and exhales will help to bring your brain to a higher state of consciousness. Okay, I look at some other awesome sites to find free content. YouTube is great defined videos you confined like documentaries on any type of video on YouTube to share. Just to show you how quickly you can do this, I'm just gonna copy and paste the link into here. And then I'm just going to copy and paste this description. And sharing a piece of content can be as easy that that, of course, whenever we go to share this with groups were going toe. What, to put a little bit more? Ask people some questions, get them involved, get them thinking as well as sure the benefit of why they should watch this video. I know we've made a post, and it's got the benefit right here. They could learn about crystals and gemstones. It's got a question to get them engaged, and it's got a little personality or favorite. Five. Ha ha. I never picked one. Whenever you're picking your content, spend some time to think what's really going to engage people. I actually filmed this video twice. The first time I filmed this video, I posted this piece of content and this piece of content is really interesting and really engaging because it shows things that people may not know it had a lot of shares is I only shared it four times, so the rest are all other people that were sharing it and end up getting about 30 likes just from this one post all right medium dot com. Moving on medium dot com is a great place to find all different types of articles. Now medium dot com allows anybody to post, so the barrier to entry is really low. So you get all types of great articles here, though you might have to sort through and see what is good. So here's a funny post about the healing power crystals, just all kinds of things, all kinds of good things by everyday people about these healing crystal. So if you see article that you like, just copy and paste it, you can do the same thing that we did on YouTube and just find an excerpt and here that you really like. And I'm not gonna share that because I didn't actually read the article. Moving on Stumble upon is a great place to find really fascinating art. You can choose digital. You can choose the type the interest here and then just hit Stumbled to find new art. Dig is another site like this. Just search for something, and then you're going to find super high quality articles that have flourished on the Web. These are untested articles like you'll find on medium teaser articles that are being read , thereby good publications, and they're really high quality stuff that could benefit your audience tremendously. And finally, there's nothing wrong with good old fashioned Googling. You can just search for the topic and then hit articles. Do you find articles about the top to find all types of articles about whatever you're searching for. But you can also do this technique of hitting, file type or typing. You can also try this technique of can. Also try the search tool of writing file type Got me. You can also try the word. You can also try search tools like file time to find a particular type of file share. Like a pdf, you can find all types of good PDS that are worth sharing here and these PDS they share just like regular links, although they do not have a preview. Alright, guys, I hope that this has gotten you excited about all the free content available on the Internet. There's really so much available right at your fingertips. So don't be afraid to reach out there gathering all the good content and poured over your audience so that we all can benefit. We all can come together. We all can educate each other because that's what it's all about. Sharing this love, sharing this expression, sharing this life 11. Scheduling Posts: one more tip that can help you in your content. Creating process is you can schedule post to be post in the future. The benefit of this is you can schedule like a week or even Mawr, whose bands that way after their posted all you have to do is share. Posting is often the hardest part. Even though it is so easy to find content, it's still something you have to do. It's still something that I couldn't take longer, depending on if you're looking for something specific, if you already had the post up, that's just a mindless, repetitive task of re posting it to different groups. Granted, you still you have to write a little bit of engaging content whenever you posted in the group. So if you want to schedule post, you're opposed, ready to go and then go down here and right beside the publish button. You see the flow in a row and you just click schedule. Then you can choose the date and the time that she wanted to be posted so you can post that three PM, which is, according to a hub spot, a good time to post on Facebook and here. You'll see your schedule. Purse is right here, and then you can see the post. And if you decide that you want to publish it right now, you can do that here, select the post and then publish, and you could also reschedule it. 12. Readjusting The Strategy: readjusting the strategy. What? You have posted several pieces of content and shared it. Too many groups on Facebook readjust your strategy so that your time is used most efficiently. Look at what type of content is getting the most shares. Is it pictures, videos, text? What also take note of what subject matter is the most successful and invested time to find more content like this. Look at what action points are getting the most responses and finally pick out which groups are getting you the most. Engagement and views. Use this information to improve your future post. 13. Best Wishes : readjusting the strategy. What? You have posted several pieces of content and shared it. Too many groups on Facebook readjust your strategy so that your time is used most efficiently. Look at what type of content is getting the most shares. Is it pictures, videos, text? What also take note of what subject matter is the most successful and invested time to find more content like this. Look at what action points are getting the most responses and finally pick out which groups are getting you the most. Engagement and views. Use this information to improve your future post. I wish you guys the best of luck and all of your posting. This strategy is really cool, and I really think that nowadays we have a certain power that the Internet gives us to reach other people. You know, so many people get lost in the being a consumer of information being bombarded by all these things in your attention goes everywhere. So they automatically think that this thing right here and Facebook itself is a negative thing. But it doesn't have to be like that. These are platforms that we can connect with each other that we can allow our love light, shine and attract are trying. So I hope that I hope that that's what you're doing. I hope that you're letting yourself shine through and that with your page, you're bringing people together so that we can grow together as a people and grow together as a community. And I know that with a little bit of effort, you're going to bring in the right people to build your community, build your following and to accomplish whatever it is you're on this planet to accomplish. Thank you for being also I love you and have a great day. Have a great time, have a great life peace.