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Experience OBE: Explore the Universe through Astral Projection

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome! Meet the teacher and why Astral Travel is great!


    • 2.

      Lesson 1: Start an amazing Journey to the Astral Plane.


    • 3.

      Lesson 2: Benefits and possibilities with Astral Projection.


    • 4.

      Meditation 1: Astral Projection Aid


    • 5.

      Exercise 1 - Time to Ponder: First Experience


    • 6.

      Lesson 3: Time to get started, focusing on the foundations.


    • 7.

      Exercise 2 - Time to Ponder: Goals


    • 8.

      Meditation 2: Let's Relax the Body.


    • 9.

      Meditation 3: Let's Relax the Mind


    • 10.

      Lesson 4: Exit Techniques: It's time to leave the body!


    • 11.

      Exercise 6: Time to leave the body.


    • 12.

      Lesson 5: Roadblocks & things to keep in mind.


    • 13.

      Exercise 7: Know your limits.


    • 14.

      Lesson 6: Now you have all the tools, it's time to practice and journey!


    • 15.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 26 - Empower your potential for success today


    • 16.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 27 - Easy visit to the Akashic Records


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About This Class

Do you want to go to the Astral Project?

Do you want to visit your own Akashic Records?

Do you want to visit other worlds and meet unique beings?

Do you want to leave your body and reach absolute bliss?

This course is for you if you have answered "yes" to any of these questions. 

I am Fernando Albert, a natural Astral Projectionist and Lucid Dreamer. I have been Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling consciously my entire life. Thanks to Astral Projection, I am who I am today! You will find out that I created this course from my personal experience. I am going to explain everything in a way you can relate to. I will be basing this entire course on my own experiences and learnings. Also, a lot of literature through books, discussion forums, and blogs gives it my personal touch.

During this course, you will learn all about Astral Projection:

  • The works of the Astral Body and the Astral Realm.

  • To debunk all unnecessary and mistaken myths about astral projection.

  • How to reach the right relaxation state is required for Astral Projection.

  • How to exit your body will simple visualization techniques without any additional aids.

  • I will share the wonders about astral projection if you are still not convinced about traveling astrally.

This course is complete and direct. You will love this course. I can assure you. If you follow all the tips and advice from this course, I can assure you; you will be astral traveling in no time. During the course Project, you will manage to journey complete sessions.

The Astral Plane awaits! Get out of your body NOW!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. Welcome! Meet the teacher and why Astral Travel is great!: Welcome, my name is Fernando, and I will teach you how to experience a profound and life changing state of consciousness. You will find moments during your sleep at night where your experience and magnificent and profound freedom and jury called astral projection. And then going to teach you how. I will teach you in a few easy steps in a short time. And you are going to notice that you will be able to get out of your body and missing the astral plane. With these exercises, you will learn that there are very few easy steps that you would need to experience in order to go through an out-of-body experience. And when you invest a little bit of time everyday to put into practice, you're going to realize that you are going to soon be able to leave your physical body behind. When you do, you are going to be able to explore higher planes of existence and have a lot of joy. I have international protection since I've watched a small kit. And I love for other people to be able to experience these amazing moments. Because even as an adult, I am able to find peace and relaxation per point that they were able to leave my physical body behind. And when he do, I really enjoy a profound sense of freedom and liberation. Hey, don't worry if you have no prior experience, my cursor is easy enough that anybody can do it. For this class project, you are going to work your way to reach out both a complete physical and mental relaxation. And you will reach a state of body asleep, mine awake. You will enter trends and new will prepare yourself from an astro experience. You will learn any required exit techniques in order to journey began the body, experiencing the profoundness state of partial prediction and sharing your notes with the rest of his theologians in order to get better and stronger at it. So, well, I'm very excited for you. So joining, understanding how you can get the most out of Azure prediction and start exploring the universe away from your body. So see you in class. 2. Lesson 1: Start an amazing Journey to the Astral Plane.: Welcome to my new asterisk prediction course. I am sure some of you are aware that this is my second Astro friction curves. And while the first one has dozens of platters and they would continue to bring new classes to it. I feel it's important to have a new and fresh approach to our slip reaction for this course. Ideally, this course is for beginners. But even if you are well-suited in Astrup reaction, you might learn something new. Even if you joined myeloid Astro friction course. I invite you to check out these 12. You will find that they explain things here in a very simple way with plenty of practical exercises and very, very fun. You will also learn to keep a few aspects of life into account. At his course is going to be focusing more in shaping lifestyle more suitable for a certain reaction. This is precisely the new and forest approach for this course that it has for us flip reaction. So for this reason, you cannot miss this course either. I wanted you to get started by sharing how amazing asleep friction is in case you don't know it yes. Yet. I am sure that you have heard a lot about Astrup reaction and that you are very curious to experience it. And I have to say that you are not wrong in thinking how amazing Astro friction is. When you get to experience, you will know because I wanted to share with you that if you want to hold tight to the fact that someone can experience a life-changing situation. You're going to love it even more. And people are not exaggerating. And when you managed to our celebrate checked at least ones, you will completely understand it. I can share that after teaching nursery operation for over five years to hundreds of students, everybody came with a huge amount of passion and loved to the astral plane. In my end, possibly the most profound experiences in this current life happened in the Azure plane. Don't get me wrong. I had an a half plenty of lovely experiences in the physical plane. But the usher plane gives you an experience that is completely out of his world. Literally speaking. The very first time you are super checked, you will experience a massive feeling of joy and a level of freedom that you have never felt before. It is true at your first predictions will be brief since your excitement will bring you back to the body. But with practice, the experiences that you can have, really life changing, your awareness will grow and your potential to expand spiritually will be pretty much an assurance. I also want to say right off the bat that you should not feel any worries out our stroke reaction. And this is something I want to share from class one. You should not be afraid. I would ask her prediction for two reasons. The first one is that if you're afraid out something rated last operation, you are going to block yourself completely. And the second reason is that you shouldn't have any fear because there is no reason to at all. All of the stories that you have heard about potential problems with your physical body are not true. In fact, Alice stories aren't happening is during trends, more than mere hallucinations and neural process from the brain when you enter the phase of sleep paralysis. When you receive a mix of three minutes, as well as hallucinations, is totally hardness and important to completely ignore in order to continue with the actual prediction separation. So keep in mind that all of his stories that you have haired are resulting from a few scary moments that are house nations of everything. The astral body is connected to the physical way through a sealer court. The secret court will snap you right back into your physical body. If there is an energetic change, even a brief touch to your physical body will likely snap you back to it. Therefore, it is impossible to get lost, to not re-enter your body. To get possessor wherever stories you have haired online, remember, this will keep you away. You will not have any problems. Don't listen to this. I went to remind you that our reaction is fantastic and we are super checked every night. Us. And remember, this is true for every single person, as well as animals will actually protect every single night. And a very easy way for you to know that you have Asheville project. It is the fact of experiencing foreign dreams. Sometimes you might have found yourself awakening abruptly. And you only recall as if you splattered on the wet Basili from a very full, that it's from a very high height. This happens because of whatever reason you're slowly return to your physical or the railway. Use also possible that you experience some special dreams or maybe super dreams. You could feel that you maybe had a special dream where everything filled complete superior. To your regulatory seems as if you were elevated to a very high dimension. Dream where you feel that through my theorization and with good intentions you get everywhere. You might recall here a former astronaut experience shared also animals are still protect every night and with practice, you could see your furry friend exploring the world out of the physical body. Actually, it's quite cool to see our souls and wind and heals very much from the dense reality that we call physical claim. Some things we happen to wake up computed renewed, and maybe we only had the smallest sleep for an hour because he was a terrible night. Better than familiar. You might have happened that extreme tiredness. You were more in-between planes and you noticed consciously about an asteroid separation and new experiences and through your body finally fell asleep. Please don't think that you will not be able to achieve this is super important as everybody can achieve a separation and leave a very profound experience. It doesn't matter your religion, your beliefs, of course, unless you have fear or your speed well potential at the moment. This is rather a pointless things for you to worry about or for you to accomplish Astrup reaction. If you have a profound the CEO Tesla project, you will already have a great deal of a push to accomplish this. However, this is not enough, not alone. In addition of your essay, you'll need to learn how to interpret, check, and practice it. Of course, what matters the most for us to have patients and the measured time when something is great, it always takes time. I celebration was great. You need a little bit of patient-centered dedication to a topic. Don't try to rush through this course because yes, listen to it will not be enough. It is true. It will help you as it adds to your subconsciousness. But you want to make sure that you know well audit techniques and how to get the most out of this experience. So, uh, he said you can find a very large as direction course you may profile. But in this approach you're going to learn how to adjust your life little by little, and what things to keep in mind for your day to day in order to make yourself more suitable for us reproduction. And if this is your first coefficient course with me, you will also learn how to get out from your body since they will share all the requirements and exit techniques for either succeeded. There's practical exercises as well as some guided meditations that will help you out. In the next class, I'm going to explain all the benefits you can add to your life besides joy and fun when you practice as recreation. So I'm going to be very sure that you we'll be looking forward to attempt to your life. So let's not wait more. Come on. Let's go see you next class. 3. Lesson 2: Benefits and possibilities with Astral Projection.: In the pair class I shared with you why our separation is planar awesome, as well as the fact that actual prediction is available to you and available to everybody. Don't forget that as the prediction is not near to your soul. And even if it's new for you, as soon as you start experiencing it, your soul will find a familiarity with it and this alone will help you to succeed. In this class. I wanted to share more about the benefits from us or prediction series most likely that you want to explore space and experience and have profound moment to then be able to really be through these, maybe share about it and talk about it. And, you know, all of this is fantastic. You should I encourage you? However, it is possible that URL, so pursuing more Bian this in a way that you will be able to seek goals like spiritual development, finding resolution to somebody who challenges meeting with some beings. Your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit. For this reason, you are going to realize that the astral patients are very practical tool in addition of a very fun and in general toy. Even if you are looking to have an only the very experiences that you will have in the astral plane will wake your spirit app. And you will just say her to grow and you're going to pursue that growth. And I'm going to share some positives here. So the first and most obvious benefit, it's to be able to go beyond the physical pain and explorer. As human beings, we are explorers. We shouldn't forget that. It's a part of our very nonexistence and our instinct. We are pretty much programmed to research and Explorer. And this goes by your nature and instinct because after all, we are Souls having a human experience and exploring the cervix cornerstone of our experiences in this planet. So therefore, the solid itself is going to enjoy perceiving the astral plane consciously. Doing a human lifetime. As it will not be only a liberating experience for you at a soul level. What an opportunity to expand the awareness through exploration and experience his playing with a human consciousness might completely disembodied. Although at a side note, I have to say that it will quickly elevate yourself above the human consciousness. You are going to also experience a lot of things when you BCD the astral plane. And you are going to relate very much with your physical life. You're going to give yourself a massive mental satisfaction when you're able to go to places like for example, Jupyter, to name a cool but close pace. One recently satisfaction is you are lucid and aware doing one of these experiences. You're going to feel as if you physically went to Jupiter. And it is going to feel as real as physical life. Since one significant aspect of appropriation is that everything feels as real as it can get. It doesn't matter wherever you want to space or elsewhere. The second and very obvious benefit is also the afterglow sensation that you will have after experiencing Astrup reaction, you will feel right away that everything is much more special and significant than you thought it was. Ironically, you are going to experience the opposite with yourself at an ego level, since you are going to feel more connected to everything, you will feel that your ego will get less in the way. You are not going to be as important. You are going to be significant and essential, but not important from an artistic point of view. And for all split of things, this is a very good thing. You are going to also feel very happy because upon waking from an assert protection experience and writing it down, you will feel that US had an awesome experience. It is as similar after grow for when you had an awesome dream. Mac multiply it by ten, at least is a very powerful filter will completely fill up your heart. So films of inner peace will also materialize within your heart. You will get to learn an easy lesson and also an earlier lesson. This one is at everything is simpler than it looks. When you allow flow, you will yes. Move forward without practically any for it. Almost as if you were backed up constantly. Because something that you need to experience and feel in your very hard, once you do, you will realize it's amazing. The third foundational benefit is a spiritual expansion. And it will briefly explain this to you because the human consciousness is used to limitations of the physical plane, and therefore, this is what we know and we're used to the physical development. It's there, but it's fetal development and experiences that a person can experience very sellout, especially if there is any religion involved. Once we are able to witness and actual separation with full consciousness will become very clear out something, death continuous afterlife. And you experienced the plane where spiritual side. If you consider death as a loss of existence, you will realize is far from the truth. As you proceed through version of you, the soul. If you hold any fears to death, maybe do the negative experiences of teaching that you might have received. You will also lose these from your consciousness as well. You will realize that the earth of teachings are the afterlife are not true. And you will find what truly resonates with your soul. If you are yet experienced in astro friction for joy, you will also come to the conclusion that you are desperate well-being. Besides, a human being, could wake into the sire for you to explore more, such as who you are at an extension level, what lessons are you yet to learn and what purpose you have for incarnating near current human body. So thanks to us operation, you will start to research a lot more about your spirituality and this will enable a significant growth that we'll save your life. Pretty much you will be slowly turning into a better version of yourself. He observed hundreds of people turning more empathic and kinda 12 things. So definitely ask operation teaches you that there is a lot more to life than what our eyes can meet and we can reach and tap into these a lot more. People who experience has to prediction are more open-minded and definitely heard more connected to their feelings. What you get to experience as a Mason and you will mind it. That is mind-blowing. This one will enable you to affect the possibility about other potential moments to blow your mind. As well as knowing that the physical plane is only a fraction of existence, you will be willing to receive new wisdom. Ultimately, you will also feel a lot more connected with yourself as this will bring benefit from all of your living areas. So in a way, you're still bringing benefits to their physical, the day-to-day life, you will navigate life with a greater consciousness. We say greater peace of mind and a greater inner glow that many people will pick up on by not only want to connect with you, but to enjoy your company, not able to explain the reasons. And remember legs are drugs like. So. In the next class we are really going to dive deep into actual prediction. We're going to go straightforward to the foundations for you to already have an essential tip for you to get idle closer to astral plane. So come on, let's go right now. See you next class. 4. Meditation 1: Astral Projection Aid: This may patient. We're going to leave behind our body and take small exploration through space. We're going to sitting tensions for your soul. To experience a journey outside the body. You may choose to listen to these main patient before falling asleep. Early in the morning. If you have extra time to lay down and to completely let go for a while. Sure. To get in a comfortable position. Slowly. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Go. Completely. Take another deep breath. I'm asking you exhale. All that no longer belongs to you. Realizing these East a sacred time for you. Your time to experience, a profound experience. As you go deeper into relaxation. Notice how your feet start to feel warm and very relaxed. Notice how these worm reaches your knees. Travels all the way to your hips. You don't know where Bobby? He's profoundly relaxed. Relaxed. If you can't move. Even if you wanted. You absurd. You notice these wonderful energy. Feeling up your arms, your hands and fingers. Nowhere back. Your tummy area, your total zone. Notice how these wonderful energy continues to travel. To relax all the muscles of your neck. Doze off your face. So relax. Your Joe. He's handy. Yes. Allowing completely realized. Your physical body is pure energy. Feel this energy. A completely relaxed, with a clear mind. You will have a wonderful journey. So first, you realize that there is a small chest right next to you. Take a brief moments to observe and analyze this chest way the chest appears to you, I might have great significance. Right now. You realize you can place all of your memories and thoughts inside these tests. Rousseau, for every thought that appears in your mind. You want to take a breath. When you exhale. Swan, I just thought entering the chest. Continue to win this. Clear further your mind. Until we continue. You notice very vibrant, profound energy within your physical Barney. Realizing more and more your physical Bobby's pure energy. You notice beautiful staircase. Maybe he's a staircase of light. Maybe is shimmering gold. Staircase of plants and nature. Even they may look as regular staircase, and that's fine to yourself. A few moments. To mentally observe this staircase. You feeling made it go up. As you go. You notice that for every stamp you take, a physical body becomes more and more relaxed. Whereas protected. You continue to go farther and farther away from the body. Leaving on attachments behind. You notice you're surrounded by a bubble of white light. You start to glide. Going high up in the clouds. Clouds. And beyond there. Notice our beautiful blue planet. Lead left behind. We will come back home when we're finished. And you'll bring wonderful energy with you. Allow yourself to enjoy your thing space. Makes sure to absurd on around. You can look around in all directions. You are freely. Nobody in space. Allow yourself something. While exploring the universe. You notice, I've been able to precedence. You notice eating of light appearing right in front of you? Maybe. This is a low funny to spirit spirit guide. Maybe yes, have been able to meet Greek and you allow protection and healing. Absurd. For a few moments. These beautiful being noticed, imagine this being a flight. Handing you something. It seems these nice holy, something, something of beautiful energy. Something very significant to you. Maybe something you need. You can now take it with you. Include grabbing. Take a few moments to upsert meaning of this gift and remember, it might be a message or maybe a blessing. White light prediction. And IBM, something completely different. But it wouldn't be relevant and significant. The two you take a few moments to absurd. Whereas you notice beautiful staircase once more. These as before. Inviting you to meet, choose to continue to stay here. You're welcome to do so. You need to come back home. These what I see yourself going down the staircase. Few pamper. We feelings of gratitude. It will feel lean man liberation. It's time to bring all of these wonderful gifts. Going to allow you to slowly Ground back to consciousness. Or if you've chosen to continue with his experience or because you have fallen asleep, me continue to bring more of this wonderful energy and fulfillment. Your dreams. Your soul. 5. Exercise 1 - Time to Ponder: First Experience: It is time to ponder. So please make sure that you're not disturbed for 30 minutes. After experiencing the above meditation, please take some time to reflect on everything that you have experienced. This will help you to get started, to get your subconsciousness connected to Astrup reaction, whether you succeed yet or not. This will help you very much to move forward and to improve. So take notes to everything you have experienced and what feelings you have now, and also make sure to date it. Also, if you completed these sexual sex a few times, please compare with prayer notes and reflect upon them because this also will help with your progress. So go for it. 6. Lesson 3: Time to get started, focusing on the foundations.: In the prior lesson, I share it about the benefits of Astrup reaction. That besides having fun and being liberated, you also will expand massively your speed while and come with more and many accreditations. In this lesson, I'm going to share about the foundations that you need to initially take care of in order to start seeing progress. Please remember that Astrup reaction requires practice and you need to eliminate certain skills to succeed it. However, I said in a previous lesson area where they can succeed, you only need desire medication and patients. This is a first step I want you to take after gotten hundreds of people that can tell you that this is a first step that helps them most and helps a lot. And it is often missing, yet is quite simple to do. And it is a first step for you to really understand why you went to a slipper, checked, truly understand it. And while this might sound silly, it plays a significant role to really tell your consciousness and subconsciousness where you went to us through project. I am sure that you now have swine yet in mind, such as wanting to play around multiple places or have them send them, they'll experiences. However you want it to really feel why you should be able to BCD astral plane. You want to even take notes for all the goals you have regarding asleep reaction, make it something significant. And how in a clear sense for your goals will help your entire being to focus and to be more centered in your goal. It is good for you too, yes, have one goal of having fun or meeting someone. Might you want to truly know at a complete level all the reasons why you want this goal and to go to the astro for this. In fact, if you are really interested, you want to go ahead and take some time in thinking all of the reasons why you went to our project. And you will see that sometimes you might be able to discover, even knew this desires and goals to help you to get out of your body. Unique to find good reasons for every goal you have. For example, let's say you want to have fun, fine. Try to define fun. Whether it's finding for you. You can find out that your desires here are to explore the universe. Feel flowing sensations, or maybe a weakness your city lights as you glide. Both of these you will cement a lot more. You're the seniors because for every year, you will have a lot of reasons. And it's of these reasons will be one more chance for your consciousness to push forward, to succeed. More awareness and detail you here for your goals, the greater potential you will have to succeed. Principle of embolism is your best friend here. Because like attracts like to a more thoughts you have about your Ashlar prediction goals. The easier it will also be for you to attract a successful out-of-body experience. Make sure to set clear intentions and make sure that you have a hammer desire to be the Astro blame. With pretty much any spiritual practice. If you sit clearing tensions, the university is going to be in your favor. You are going to materialize a lot more energy and you also prepare yourself consciously, subconsciously and split or into it. So it's important that you also have positive an honest desires. Keep in mind that if you went to spy someone, for example, you will not succeed. You will likely not be able to ask them to check because you're a bridges will be low due to this negative intentions. And if somehow you managed to our slipper checked, you are not going to be a spine on anyone else. You will not reach your goal. Maybe you wouldn't reach your target at all or you will receive misleading information. Don't forget to engage her feelings at all times, things will help you succeed a lot faster. And it sort of works as a fuel because you can materialize out of energy from your heart chakra. This energy helps you to experience better and longer predictions. Goals and intentions. In Maine, we've plenty of detail. It's time to focus on relaxing the physical well-being. So it's imperative that you understand that you need to reach a state of body asleep might awake. These requires some practice. You'll be able to find some exercises and guided meditations here that will help you out a lot. So keep in mind that you need to relax completely your physical way to a point that you stopped feeling it. In fact, is when you stop feeling your physical body, when you are ready. As the physical body needs to be in this degree of relaxation for it to enter in trends. Also, it is important that you keep in mind that your body cannot be exhausted as if you're always tired, you will never manage to our super checked. This is not dreaming. And the key here is to not be super tight it in fact, I recommend that you attempt to actually check if you wake up in the middle of the night after some hours of sleeping, as well as when you wake up early in the morning. And it differs between people at a time to relax completely. You should compare yourself with other people in how they relaxed, how much, when, or how long it is unique to each person. With practice, you will be able to see what ways you're able to relax the best. So take your time and finding what helps you vest. For this reason, attempting this after a few hours of sleep is AVL because here all these rested, already relaxed. So you're going to have a much easier path to also keep your mind completely silent to succeed. And Ashley prediction is one of those skills that are query to have your mind completely silent for a few minutes. If you have even a small thought here and there, you will not be able to enter trans completely. You will instead get frustrated from waiting during an attempt or yes, realizing that years ago distracted. It is not difficult to clear the mind, but it takes a bit of time and a lot of practice. The fact that we are all bombarded with stimuli, it can make it harder for the mind to relax. Mean exposed to so many screens, so long wires our mind to be constantly we see and it is something we have to the program. You will find an exercise that comes from a farmer course that will help you. Alot is an exercise that will teach you step-by-step to control your mind chatter is imperative that you eliminate this exercise. You must. Once you are able to achieve a complete physical body and mental relaxation, you would need to wait a little. Here. He's also where a huge amount of people messes things up. Once your body is relaxed it and your mind silent, you need to remain in this state for awhile. It is not a long while birth, you will feel eternal, especially the beginning. Also there is a sleep priorities to deal with. And we're going to talk about everything related to this in the next class. So you can definitely miss it if you want to learn their process and you went to get out of your body. So come on, let's go right now to the next class. 7. Exercise 2 - Time to Ponder: Goals: It's time to ponder for a golden. So please make sure that you're not disturbed for about 15 minutes. And then you want to make sure that you take some time. And really question, why do you want to ask her project? Nadia asked to have fun or to fly around, that's fantastic, but truly, why? Truly, what are your most while this is hires from this, what do you need from these experiences? What are you seeking? He's important you do this because your subconsciousness will gain a lot of power and we'll have these flowing maths easier if you do. So don't rush here because this is going to be very positive for your subconsciousness. It's going to help a lot more than you think. So make sure to take notes of everything, everything you are thinking, everything you are feeling. Note it down. Okay. Once you are done with that, ask to yourself. Ask Do your intuition if there is something else that you need to learn about astral reaction, not only you're going to get a significant push, but also you're going to have more reasons to want to get out of your body. So go for it. 8. Meditation 2: Let's Relax the Body.: We're going to go 40 simple bots it forward. Physical body relaxation. First, get comfortable and slowly close your eyes. Focus on your reading and observe how the air comes out. Now take another deep breath. And as you exhale, vSwitch nice and golden light entering the nose, going all the way down to the lungs. These ecetera steroid is energy and it's filling up your entire physical body. Notice how your feet go deeper in relaxation. They start to feel warm and heavy. You notice this is true for your lower legs and for your knee. Completely, completely relaxed. Notice the upper legs. These become very relaxed. And you notice that your legs are now pure energy. Peered light. They feel warm and heavy. You can't move them even if you try it. You also notice that these are healing and restoring to their perfect burstiness. As you observe this beautiful light flowing up what your torso, your lower back, your upper back, the best. You can feel, how much love and how much healing energy is flowing through you right now. Fearless state of police and complete relaxation. You notice also your arms are very heavy, very warm and relaxed. Use noticed that he's white light. Also feel your arms, hands, and fingers. You notice that this energy is filling up your head, relaxing all of the muscles of your neck, all of the muscles of your face. In fact, you can notice your job European. Allow it to be now appear light. Your physical body is made of pure light. You are luminous, your experience, and you are in a complete state of relaxation, physical relaxation. You can come back here. Any penny went. Anything you need to be relaxed. You can always return to his state of mind. You only need to allow yourself. I'm going to allow you to enjoy, except for a few more moments until we come back. Now, it is time to bring these wonderful relaxation to the physical plane. Some way to count from one to three. And you're going to be fully grounded and fully awake. Number one, starting to move your toes, your fingers, slowly moving your hands, your feet. Number Two, more in your arms, your legs, gently moving your neck, starting to feel their room around you started to feel fully precedent. Number three, wide, wide awake. Wide, wide awake. And when you're ready, open your eyes and welcome home. 9. Meditation 3: Let's Relax the Mind: These may patient, we're going to go for a story it forward. Mental relaxation for you to find mental peace. Bonds. First, beaker, the breweries. I'm assuming here, visualized white light entering your body. White light releases you from everything that no longer finance team. Deletion of starting to bring yourself in a state of relaxation and a state of letting go completely. Take another deep breath. And as you exhale, VCE finance that a briefing that no longer belongs to you, each spin completely cleared away. You have said appear intention to relax your mind completely. The process has already started. And as you realize this, you notice a small chest right next to. Pick a few moments to observe how these chest looks like. Because the way it looks, it might be significant for you. Hint an open niches. On Wednesday. You can feel a wonderful energy coming from within. Energy that wants to cooperate that once to help. You realize that authored in this energy, the chest, this empty, you realize least chest is for you to set aside a briefing Yunan longer metric. Now, go ahead. And for the first thought that comes in, in your mind, visualize it as if you surrounded in a bubble of widely. Find gratitude for this thought but don't waste in it. Yes, surrounded with wide legs. When she make sure to add these white light bubble inside the chest. Once it's thought comes, repeat the process. This will I said the greater for it. Don't question it, but would it be inside the test? For some reason? The same thought comes back. Repeat the process. Interest over and gratitude. Into a chest. Ct movies. You can notice how your consciousness and how your hand starts to feel more liberated and free from anything that no longer belongs. I am going to give you a few moments for you to continue filling up this chest until I call you back. Finding a great degree of gratitude because we're finding yourself more lever rated at a mental never. Remember. Anytime you need through the clutter your mind, you can always come back here. You can always find these chest. You can always put your thoughts in here and don't worry, your thoughts will be here for you to claim. Once you are finished with the relaxation. Now it's time to come back and continue in the physical plane. I'm from one to three. Weeks three, you're going to be fully free or week number one, starting to slowly move your hands. Anaerobes. Slowly when you're starting to be well aware of your surroundings. When we're above the room during number three. Why wide-awake? Why why don't we welcome home? 10. Lesson 4: Exit Techniques: It's time to leave the body!: In their prayer class we took about sleep paralysis. Please keep in mind that it will require a little bit of practice to be able to stay relaxed from sleep paralysis. You believe you have a hard time, you can help yourself with hypnosis. Meditation. Also, I recommended to choose one technique to stick for it for a few weeks before changing. Otherwise, you will confuse your consciousness and you will have a harder time to progress. In this class, I'm going to go straight to the techniques to exit. I want to point out something out of people asked me when is the right time to start doing an exit technique. You will know when it's the right time because he would feel a strong vibrations and also as a viewer later, or you start to become weightless. There is no specific amount of trice as it changes depending on their personal situation, EDS will arrive. So my favorite method consists of starting to focus on the vibrations, paying attention to them and seeing how they become stronger. At the same time, I visualize all my energy, concentrating my heart chakra to the point of failure, strong pulsating feelings in the middle of the chest. From here, I visualize if I am pushing out from the very center of the chest and how I started to see everything from a different perspective and a hiker perspective emulating Astro bisschen morning daily, I am out in SDMI sales right outside home. I noticed simple technique that they like to visualize is fluorine sensations. This one is very gentle and very easy. I visualize my whole body getting later, floating, start to vSwitch space as if I am surrounded by a space while I visualize floating sensations growing more and more. Great, Sorry, I'm far away from a body when he came out making it hard for a premature return. I usually find myself in the middle of a space here, and it is awesome. So another technique is starting to staring into space behind your eyes and pay attention to the parents of light that will begin to form in front of you. You need to wait until later transformed into recognizable figures and objects. Either rarely seem absurd shapes increasing, you will be able to either separate from your body or enter a dream that will be up to you. Then it follows with a rope technique as this one is very popular. And well, we felt open your eyes are moving your physical body. You want to visualize yourself reaching Towards the rope and start to claim it. You need to pretend there is a hanging rope coming from the ceiling. Thread to feel all the sensations that usually a campaign claiming a rope, feel a tension in your arms. But make sure not real tension. Keep your body relaxed. And also visualize the weight of your body as you keep claiming. Claim the rope will cause vibrations and their intensity to increase as you keep going up and up. So continue to claim faster and faster to speed up the process until you're fully separate and achieve an out-of-body experience. Actually, sometimes you can choose to pull the robust swill it like a strong pool and then you can pull yourself out and find yourself floating above your body, which is also quite nice. Eruption is to concentrate on the sounds you may hear in your head. You might hear some sort of noise. Bazin hamular voices. Keep listening and you shouldn't notice the increasing volume and the density of the sounds. When it sounds get really loud. Tried to separate from your body with a rapid movement. Actually, something's enough itself is enough to separate from the body, which is also nice. Well, I am planning and Neil and maybe a little bit more advanced Ashley prediction course. And they will be sharing there over 20 techniques. You need to make sure to stay tuned for this one. I wanted you to have a few easterly winds that will get you out of your body and will get you to practice and get your stronger. For now, we'll be heading out to the next class. We are going to see what roadblocks and issues you need to keep into account. It is super important to know this. You know how to go around them. So let's see them right now. Let's go. 11. Exercise 6: Time to leave the body.: In this exercise, you're going to try and exit technique and you're going to stick to it. For the first time. You are going to give it a try. You want to make sure and calm down and write it down. After you chose one technique, how did it go for the first time? You want to write down all the experiences, even if you had none, you should note everything down and they them for every single attempt. Even if things are not excited at first, stick please to two weeks with the same technique, don't change it and try to take daily or every other daily notes. That way you are going to understand the process for you much better. And then after 15 days, you went to compare notes from all 15 days. See how it went, see where you went from 0.1, where you are on the 15th day. And then here is when you can consider to change techniques or not. This should be the right way for you to find your ideal technique. So let's get going. 12. Lesson 5: Roadblocks & things to keep in mind.: How did you like the techniques from the previous class? The trainee? Please remember to stick with one technique for several nights before train anyone. This way, you will get the best results. So in this class I want to point out a few roadblocks questions that they're having receiving across the years from hundreds of students from all other Aster prediction courses. The first and most common question is am relaxed but nothing happens. Like I said, this is the most common primary seen people and most of the times it is the same problem. You should attempt the swing. Your body is rested, such as in the middle of the night or in the morning. Please note them during evening, sir, before bed. Even if you don't feel pain that your body is and you will not be able to actually project. In fact, you will get very frustrated because it won't work. I am not able to relax. This is another problem that I see very commonly. Maybe not so often at the physical level, but maybe more at the mental level. You know, we're leaving them very demanding MBTI society. These makes it very hard to relax our minds completely. You know, after this class I am going to share an extra class that will teach you how to tame your main with a post-it and also a blank wall. It's an exercise that will help you very much. I am terrain but he's not working. You know, this is extremely common as well. And our I went to the width now mentally massively gets in the way. Because, you know, keeping in mind that decades ago it could take years and years to experience an out-of-body experience, even to get a sensation of the vibrations would take a long time. Nowadays, it is a lot easier and a lot faster, but steel, you will need a few weeks or even months of practice. But the good thing is that with a steady practice, you will get instances of significant moments that will encourage you to keep going. I cannot find time for this. This can be the most frustrating one, and in some cases, it can really get challenging. However, most of the times smaller adjustments will be enough for you to succeed. They're not that given trick here or there than you to attempt to our separate checked if you wake up in the middle of innate. However, if you study a little bit your day today, you are going to be able to organize yourselves barrier to things and you're going to find out the real moments to actual project or even set aside some time for that during the weekends or in other free time. Now, it is still very important to remember that the inpatient is super important. If you really want to ask to project, make sure to focus on improving a little bit every day. Do this instead of when will he asked her project? Terrain to rat is usually the biggest problem, the biggest roadblock you will encounter. It can be devastating because you are rushing yourself subconsciously and then you will never get to relax completely. Sway, say yes, that you focus on one aspect that I think, for example, to be able to silence your main completely. Once you're able to, then you can attempt for a VIP physical relaxation. And then only that from here you can put both together and start focusing on esteemed, relaxed during your sleep paralysis. Don't even focus national prediction yet. Trust me, once you are able to stay relaxed during your sleep paralysis, it will be likely that you would naturally already Ashley project, which is awesome. And once you do it for the first time, it will become a lot easier. So if these are tray, there are still some significant roadblocks, various chronic pain mental conditions, as well as the phenomena Alpha Fantasia. While this can get in the way very much, these were not mean that you cannot experience and out of body experience. Even if you don't suffer any of these, you should listen to the next class because I'm going to give you another Thebes for regular pain, for worry and some other aspects that can get underway. So let us see these right now. Come on, let's go. 13. Exercise 7: Know your limits.: This is a more long-term assignment for when things get to be difficult. This only applies if you have any physical or mental limitations that are passively halting your progress. So first of all, make sure to add a section in your journey where you're able to keep track of everything that your physical body or your mind needs. Take notes of your best times, your worst times, as well as how your body reacts when you attempt to relax during a struggle, as well as during a moment of feeling well, as these can be different and unique to every single person. Also, please take notes are very single attempts that you do and passively how you were interrupted by these attempts from physical or mental discomfort. It's very important for you to try to catch a pattern here because you're going to find it, because this will help you to understand your physical body match better. And also please be aware that this takes time. You cannot rush this and depending on your physical and mental challenge, it can take more or less time. Yes, We patient, be working one day and a time and you'll see how things flow for you. So lots of support in this segment and you'll see that you will also are super checked. 14. Lesson 6: Now you have all the tools, it's time to practice and journey!: In the previous class, we talked about some significant roadblocks that you might have to deal with. However, as you know, now, even if you have difficulty, you're going to be able to experience a beautiful time in the astral plane. Don't forget that. I went to remind you all that this is a good hobby. You need to put time and dedication. This is same as if you played trading parts. You need to know the different cards, their combinations, and the gaming strategy. After many games, as well as investing maybe somebody in your careers, you're going to have some fine decks for us reproduction except for the money part. It's going to be the same. You won't have money, but you would need practice and unique to know will all your steps to us, the project, the game girls. And you need to know where your carrots, what should you do in every face? Once again, just going, you need to know the steps to get worse results, which is your separation techniques and your journey. So we've had been said the CCT for the class and they went to recommend you to stay tuned. I say always liked to create new classes and exercises. It is always a huge pleasure for me to share everything in class and a hope that this course helps you all out to get out of your body. You're going to be aware once I continue launching new classes or exercises, please remember not to rush. If you find or feel nice improvement. You need to understand that then you need to slow down. Maybe you need to go to an earlier lesson in this course to find out if you're missing anything in wet. Yes, makes sure to enjoy it. Absolute rejection is a wonderful skill and your best friend and advisor, the more time you put into it, the better. And ultimately, everything they explained in this course will become greenery and automatic for you. And as I said, you will enjoy very much your actual journey experience and get a lot of wisdom. And he said like, ooh, trend and advisory, It's fantastic experiences that you can have. Trust me, I've been having them for years and they are awesome. Let go. Keep a good attitude. And Cuba could discipline, please have patient, be open to receive and practice, practice, practice. You'll see how find things go. So we've had been said, I wish you a wonderful time exploring the astral plane. Please don't forget to reach out to me if you need anything else or if you have any questions or suggestions. Please remember this is a hobby, lots of enjoyments, lots of fun is the key. Don't feel rushed, don't feel frustrated. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's been a huge pleasure. See you in the next course. 15. Guided Meditation Collection: 26 - Empower your potential for success today: In this meditation, we are going to empower your potential for success and abundance today and for you to enjoy a fantastic day today. So get comfortable. And slowly close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. And notice how the year column C. And now he, and he realized that today it is a way for you to reach success. And the best way for this to happen is to start to breed that very own success. So slowly, take a deep breath. As you inhale. Visualize a moment that you've found yourself to accomplish something. As you exhale. Cs1 eyes, as if you are falling deeper and deeper within these wonderful feeling. Take another deep breath. Notice a vibrant energy of the color of orange. Restorative and in powering manage. That makes your turn into a magnet for success. As you exhale. You visualize that no longer belongs to you. Each obliterated from your existence. And with this great sense of peace, inhale one more time. And when you do realize that too, they each going to be a fantastically, you're going to attract everything you need. And you're going to clear everything that no longer belongs to you. And for these, you feel great. You feel at peace. You feel assured that success is materializing for you. So don't forget this sensation today. And for every time you find yourself reading, remember this wonderful energy and visualize it within you as it is now. So now it is time for these magnificent date, the start. So take one more deep breath in as you exhale. Slowly, open your eyes and realize that this access from the day has started. 16. Guided Meditation Collection: 27 - Easy visit to the Akashic Records: This meditation is a very quick B6 to the Akashic Records. Get comfortable. Slowly. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And as you inhale. Setting tension. For the answer you want to receive today from your Akashic Records. As you exhale, visualize all of your thoughts and memories going away. You are getting into a greater state of relaxation where your mind is clear in completely on your physical body. He's going deeper in relaxation. Take another deep breath and notice powerful stream of light that starts to feel your feet. Feeling happier. Your torso, your back, and your chest area. You are going deeper and deeper into relaxation. Take another deep breath. And as you exhale Hewlett co completely all of the tension in the muscles of your face to a point that you're Joe, starch to him. You also notice that these wonderful light is racing your vibrations to mix with those of the Akashic Records. You start to feel love with your heart and you start to feel a wonderful energy that fills you up with light. Allow these beautiful emotion to continue growing. And as it does, you start to notice the energy of the Akashic Records. You start to feel the very pure essence of you. A great degree of happiness. Not losing your relaxation, but a great feeling of gratitude because you're about to receive the wisdom. So take one more deep breath. As you inhale white light comes near Bobby. Phonetic chakras, the Aurora. And as you exhale, you can visualize even a brighter light coming from within. Meaning that you are vibrating. The frequency of the Akashic Records. Am going to allow you here to relax and observe. I am not going to call you back. When you're ready to return. Feel gratitude, sitting tension. To go back to normal consciousness. On remember, you will be able to come here back at anytime.