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Expand your chakras and get the most out of your life!

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class 1: Why should you have your Chakras in great shape, and how.


    • 2.

      Class 2: Root Chakra


    • 3.

      Class 3: Sacral Chakra


    • 4.

      Class 4: Solar Plexus Chakra


    • 5.

      Class 5: Heart Chakra


    • 6.

      Class 6: Throat Chakra


    • 7.

      Class 7: Third Eye


    • 8.

      Class 8: Crown Chakra


    • 9.

      Class 9: Second set of Chakras


    • 10.

      Class 10: Chakras Working in Tandem


    • 11.

      Class 11: Upkeeping the Chakras


    • 12.

      Meditation Heal the Chakras


    • 13.

      Class Project: Enhance your Chakras


    • 14.

      Class 12: Thank you


    • 15.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 28 - Projecting a fantastic day


    • 16.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 36 - Visit the Moon


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About This Class

Do you know the chakras? Discover everything you can learn.

These are our primary energy organs, and it is vital always to have them ready. Life asks us more and more, and it is increasingly necessary always to be "ready." In this course, you will learn to understand each of your chakras, how to enhance them, and even exercises to keep them always in balance. You will realize that you will have great results in life when you take all the potential out of your chakras.

You will realize that this course is very simple and direct, focused on your chakras and their expansion. You will discover how to extract all the potential from your chakras straightforwardly and naturally:

  • You will experience how you feel the chakras in balance.

  • You will learn about each of the chakras. For what they are and how to keep them in balance.

  • Every day you will have a small exercise to do; some of them will ask you to do visualization; for others, we will do a little practice.

  • You will experience an intense meditation that will work all your chakras.

I will explain why it is essential to have the chakras in balance. You will discover many benefits that you can bring to your life, such as, for example, more tremendous success at work, better self-esteem, greater spirituality, and much more. You will find that this course has:

  • Information about each chakra, such as:

    • What are they suitable for?

    • Why is it important to be healthy?

  • A mantra for each of the chakras.

  • Practice exercises.

  • A powerful guided meditation.

What are you waiting for? Get your chakras in balance now. See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. Class 1: Why should you have your Chakras in great shape, and how.: Welcome. My name is Fernando and I will teach you how to start to understand your energy centers called chakras. These are primary organs and it is vital that always there ready. Because as our energetic organs, they are as important as our physical organs. Labor starts and asked us more and more everyday. And it's increasingly necessary for us to always be ready and always be available. In this course, you will learn to understand each of your chakras and how to enhance them, even exercises to keep them always violence and to be able to address any life challenges and requests that you are going to get. You will realize that they will have great results in life when you take all the potential outcome is chakras. By getting to know them, you will understand that there is much more to live where they can perceive starting from within you, there is much more to you than you think there is. In this course. You will get a good foundation or the chakras and how to work with them on a daily basis. I would explain why it's essential to have the chakras in violence. You will discover many benefits and you can bring to your life such as, for example, more tremendous success at work, best, self-esteem, getting greater connection at the speed to a level and much, much more enjoying life to the fullest, loving yourself being loved. It's fantastic. When you are going through chakra, I will share any additional tips and lessons I can find. This will become much more enjoyable. And it is the best way to learn, especially when talking about the chakras on their energy because everything, yes, it has to flow. When you start working on the chakras, you can find that balance will start to elevate in your life. Don't worry if you don't have any prayer experience. My cohort is easy enough that anyone can do it. Yes, need to have an open mind and try to be open to the energy of your chakras. You will realize that the more work you do in your chakras, the more you will get to know yourself also, you will find a powerful chakra meditation for the class project. As your class project is going to be about two assignments. First, you will meet with one assignment where you will have to maintain enough serve as tattoos of your chakras. In another segment, you will choose to work one of your chakras to empower it. You will make sure that you start tapping into more energy to get the most out of his chakra and you amplify it. You know, am very excited to work with you. So come on, join me in this expand your chakras scores and let's start for you to access your energy. Seeing glass. 2. Class 2: Root Chakra: Hey folks, how are you guys through it? Well, once again, thank you very much. Continuously. It's a huge split sharing all of this information. So let's get started on the root. Chakra. The fairest of the seven main chakras. We always count them bottom to top. I went to mention that the young seven chakras, there are more. And we're going to briefly talk about them later on in this course. I went to mention to you guys some of the chakras are asking park. The kicker here is not going ahead and jump in, right? And maybe that heart chakra, the crown chakra. You've got to work on autofill chakras, even the ones that appear to be less important or more var1 or not. So interesting. I'm like, Let me tell you something. Each one of the checkers are as important because there is a great thing. And the great thing is that once all of your chakras are in a state of balance, you create a certain degree of energetic SR, where the energy flow throughout your entire physical volume and astral body match better. It's much more empowered and much more positive. You get additional benefits. Yes, From this out, from the fact that all the shocks are going into the inner state of balance. This is why I wanted precisely to bring this course to you because it will be much easier for you to become and turned into a winner. Even if you are the biggest loser in count, doesn't matter. You know, the sooner you start working with checkers. The root chakra is no less. In fact, checkers quite important because this chakra that keeps us connected with the physical plane. The root chakra is the one that keeps us connected and grounded to the heirs. After all, our physical volume nurtures from Earth and requires the energy to sustain itself proper. I went to mention that the good color to visualize. If you want to commit some criminal therapy, you want to play with a color of red. That's a very great approach. With a color of red. There are many ways for you to do it. For you to know where the root chakra is. I went to mention to you it is located in your tailbone area. Area at the end of your spinal cord, you will be able to find the root shock. Also something very important. The root chakra nurtures the physical volume, very much feels to me it is important to empower the most, the root chakra. If you're going through a very difficult moment, you have so much in your life. If you barely handle it, you need, if you feel you need more energy and you don't even realize that when you are going through a very difficult period in your life, whether it's positive or negative, you might exhaust your doing root chakra exercises. You should going to be ideal because then it will sort of recharge values. I also like sometimes at some points to use the root chakra who cleans for self-care. Davis choices. You saw your solar plexus, but different checker for clicks and you bring sell up to you because it's sort of allows all of your energy to fall into the earth, for the gravity to pull out from within that negative energy, and for you to feel more completed and more energized. Another benefit from your root chakra is the fact that it helps the other Chakras. It helps to empower the energy of the other Chakras. This is something that many people gets to meet. They went to focus on working on the crown. You know, within the, they don't focus on the root chakra and the progress at first. Because when all the chakras of balance, they are more energized by a cup of that, the root chakra. Each one of the other one is a crown that brings energy, fluorine energy into our foreign energy. Therefore, checker I refer to as energy. And the crown chakra from It is very important frequent know is that when you get plenty of these, of these energy, all of your physical body will benefit all of your chakras also, we'll have sort of sort of moral strength, sort of a grounding point. Because something a common issue that having some people who are focusing on developing speak to a level that they tend to forget about the lower chakras and then they become energetically this balanced. They did come, the energized, lose their power, their strengths. Somethings can say, Hey, what's going on here in all this work? Well the program easily root chakra is not being paid enough attention because, you know, imagine it's sort of a grounding point and you tell me going hard to explain. But when you get to use your or your crown, you know, they challenge huge amount of energy. You want to stay focused and it's grounded during that phase because then you'll pick up payable of channel more energy, sensing, more perceiving more. As the upper chakras develop, we are going to use a lot of the astral energy. So having your checker open and expanded and connected with the chakras, it makes certified grounding point. That way, it will be easier for you to continue to develop possibly faster because you're going to be blocked all kinds and energetically balanced. And definitely you're going to get more closely growth as well. Be a squiggle happening, tumours stable and a more set state. And it's something that you are going to be able to perceive and COO realized CCU go through. Because you're going to notice that this is giving you more and more energy. And even we can work out like a coffee. You know, usually depends on the person, but yes, you know, when you get to be a little too tight, if you feel you are out of energy working on your checklist going to bring a huge amount of benefits to share it in a certain moment. An exercise that will bring great help for you. But you know, another thing that they will checkers important for you to interact with the physical. The physical pennies, obviously, most of our life are taken, they live in. Very, very important for you to realize that when you start to do more graphing exercises, when you start to work more and you're going to notice much better your surroundings. Maybe there's a plant near your home that's beautiful and you haven't even noticed. And you will notice at some point, you also are going to be much more attention to detail. You're going to be much more, much more focused, much more progressive. In fact, sense of people that's going to notice, you're going to notice you have a greater strength. You're going to notice you do have a lot. We think they're going to notice that you are going to be able to bring a lot interior life yes, out from your precedence. Obviously, more chakras and will play a key paper this precedence. But at least with an open group chakra, going to notice you have your feet on the ground. And that alone will push away people from trying, take advantage of or trying to steal from you. Or intentions in general is going to have some sort of more, maybe not so much, some more respect because it's more sort of plexus but more like somatic saying yes, we notice you are here and I know, I know I do notice it, you know, so someone with an intention to really feel withdrawn to work with you or work with you, but steal something from you, or take advantage of you or something negative in that sense. First of all, I want to share with you an exercise, but also I like to mention the mantra for each of the chakras. One mantra I personally like to use. And obviously these mantras are well known. I guess have added LLC, the root chakra, the mantra for checker lamp. And you change something like something like that, but holding a longer vibration on your throat, we felt starting to Fricker in the vibration. If you do extinct for you to stop. Chimp Lamb, Lamb, Lamb, my hoop chakra E16, it lamp, lamp. However, for each of those lamps, you want to make a long code. That's very important. Lamb, Lamb, my rupees expanding the lamb, lamb, making the lamps. Now and see grounding exercise. You can do this exercise anywhere. You can look in your office. You can do it. If you are having lunch with someone in class, you can do it wherever. Precisely this exercise is quite easy. The only thing you need to estimate it to be stationary for a few minutes, for five minutes, excuse me, station. To visualize that our golden rule comes down from the air. Comes down from the air. Can attach this to your tailbone area. The root DNS. You could pick one area. You want to visualize a huge surge of energy. You can visualize it in a way Eucharist makes the most earth energy, that's completely fine. You want to visualize Earth's energy. And you went to visualize that your physical abilities second, map all these errors. Energy, venous spread throughout your entire physical volume and also throughout your shack. And then from there, you want to visualize that this golden root is also draining out from within you. Black energy, negative energy, you know, black grape, wherever colors, you know, could represent more negativity for you. And you want to visualize at least go down, they goes into the outside from your body, goes through to the air. Recycling into footwear, pass these energy track of thanks and gratitude to the air for this. Also another exercise you can use hist to place your foot on the ground is important that you do this on a base floor or outdoors. That way it's a little more politically speaking because you don't send it. But NH2 people ended in case you're ignorant apartment or you went to put your feet flat on the ground, they reach the grass and visualize at, yes, every energy is following from you can elect it like a cascade throughout your entire body, through your legs, all the way to the sole of your feet, the air once more. It's taking that way that these ones variational need to visualize recharging Nutritionally. It's more to it through the roof. But for extracting thing you can do this through sole of your feet. You're going to notice he's going to expand a lot. And as you're working in you who checker, you are going to start to notice that really changes in notarized more awareness. Several things here linked to feel more connected with the word was linked to value more. That's pretty much each Florida chakras. Hope you guys enjoyed it. And let's go for anybody. 3. Class 3: Sacral Chakra: Hey everyone, How are you guys doing? How is that root chakra going? I hope you guys have started already noticing the Greek changes and noticing the progress that you're going to experience as you work on each of his shack? Please remember. If you have any questions, you have any doubts. Please let me know. I'll be very happy to reply. Today we are going to talk about this second chapter, the navel or the sacral chakra. This is our second chakra, and it's located in our naval area. This chakra, It's also quite important. Okay, yes, I told you guys, all of them are extremely, extremely important. They each half a function. They each bring a purpose, they bring a goal to you, your main organs, they function the same way you are. The first and most obvious function of his checker. Each the empowerment, they enhancement of our professional lives, our financial life, as well as our intimate lives. These are three foundations that they are quite important in. Finances and your professional life. Be able to connect with all three of these nodes. Enable checker will make a huge connection. Maybe not so much for love, but we know it best for intimate cocaine. True, intimate times. Obviously, love may be expressed. Getting empowered and more enhanced, naval checker, et cetera, growing to empower several important foundations in your life, your professional life, your financial life, and your sexual life. You really are going to be able to notice very big transformation when you start to focus more on the naval chakra, who get to start to work more on it, to expand it, to enhance, for example, one great benefit from having an open navel chakra. Each step you are going to get more magnetism in your aura and your entire beam. Two, extract more whales. One step. You do you know when you feel that someone seems like a magnet for finances, for money, they always have some snack or morning comes to them or they make money easily. You know, it could be because of many reasons, but one significant reason, it's equal to these people and they have a trunk, navel chakra or the attorney will chakra. And they can manifest more financing. People who has been for a prolonged period of time. We search term navel chakra. It's likely for it to go back because they're going to get so much trust in their financial, their professional life that they only would need some extra help from their sexual life to have a flourish chakra. But steal this checker can really bring a lot. It can really open many doors for you in those aspects because quint wealth grows when you're professionally. If growth, you can really move forward at a very fast pace. You can move forward really, really well in the professional level because you know, you're going to have also a very strong magnetism or a first impressions for all. If you work in corporate, something's a personal presence or the professional persons in this aspect, essential. If you can bring that, you already have half the way. You have half the battle one, if you have a strong professional precedence between cookie few greater benefits because your Hagar uppers, if any, they are going to respect you more. Your coworkers, if any, we are going to respect you more. You're going to know how to execute better your professional duties. If you work for yourself, for your business, you're going to be able to be more comprehensive with our employees are associated. In and that includes your very own sale. Cannot overload yourself called Stephanie with work. And to be kind and gentle and listen to your own through your own needs as well. Mainly, this talks about the fact that you are going to be able to offer complete professional balance, you know, and when multiple people with similar professional balance gets together, they become really successful with B2C working, they become really successful. But steel, wherever you are professionally, you know, you still are going to have an advantage because for an instance, if you don't have a job and you wanted to get higher, we say strong naval chakra, you are going to be more likely. Do we hired, because you will catch the eye of others and maybe many people. While they won't be noticing exactly what's going on, they are perceiving your vigor, your larger, stronger navel chakra. And that's going to be great because it will help to trigger the right job you would have with attract more whales were able to get the most out of your intimate life. So it will definitely open many doors. You know, another good thing of this is that with an open naval checker, you're going through the site. You're going to desire to aim higher, to be more aggressive in a good way, more goal oriented. And this does not only mean It's making a sale, but it would mean at a professional level as a whole, as an entire thing. The entire word rated staff, as well as to be more focused on, more keen to have ideas or to have solutions to be able to make it Hagar remaining fast, improving even further your finances. Also going to be more adventures. You know, at the more intimate level, you are going to be more adventurous. You are going to desire to discover more. You're going to desire to give more to your partner. And you are going to get much more enjoyment. Because one thing that this Is he said chakra of enjoyment, the Center for joining. And these are very important trade also they haven't mentioned yet, when you get to enjoy something like maybe movie, Crazy riding a roller coaster, actually doesn't matter. But if you have a healthy and open navel chakra, you are going to be able to enjoy much more outcome life and to get more out of every single situation. We're talking now with that on the hook checker about the naval chakra actually expands the actual enjoyment, which is where the sexual label it can be very powerful because you're going to find more, more confidence in yourself. It made me more confidence and training things with your partner. You are going to feel stronger, you know, the energy of your pattern there, you know, as well as your very own energy or you're going to get more out of this intimate types. They really are going to pay off for you, but also for your partner. Because you're going to find that it's also going to be very easy to promote self-expression during those times. To be able to be truly yourself and for you and your athletic, truly be able to allow yourselves to be taken away. As you are, to make together. As you can see, it improves a significant foundations, very, very strategic and foundations and very important in hours, Saturday, on our day-to-day, how we can work on the shadows. First of all, we'll share with you demand. Remember you are meant to chance the mantra for as long as you can without using your voice. Something like which of course I could extended more. But I find that the example that's great, It is my navel is expanded. Again. That's your mantra for enable shack. And now this one, we have a few options. First option, especially if you can visualize, it's the best for you to visualize yourself accomplishing your work goes, and try to connect that visualization with number one, sitting power in your navel area. By then number two, connecting their visualization with the feeling of accomplishment that you have already went. Because that way you are bringing more of that energy into your lines. We say visualization and you're bringing that energy into your navel chakra, Of course, will help it progress and will help it to expand and move forward in a faster way. You can do the same. Also in terms of visualizing financial goals. Financial, you know, this, maybe at treat, you buy a new house. You can make a visualization. If you can't visualize, what do you want to do is to check your past accomplishments. You anything or small, something you can feel proud of. And it's connected to your financial life. You want to visualize it in order to attracted stronger. Then for the most intimate site, you want to make sure you make more z civilizations in terms of the sensuality or you know, more than the physical fields of the intimate times. More to focus on the more sexual part rather than the left. Because for the love we have another shack. Then also you can visualize and be grateful for any enjoyment and fun and joy you get in life. Because that way if you visualize that, if you are grateful for them, you're going to attract more into this alone. It's also going to expand your navel checker, which you are attracting energy that enhances learning what checker and that also will help all of your other areas. Enabled checkout, finances, and your professional life. So definitely a very, very strong chakra. Now you know, it's important. Now you know what can you do to work on it? Remember, they said guided meditation identified course. That could also help you out compare your chakras if you want to view the truck. Okay. Now it's time to go on into the solar plexus class. So see you then. 4. Class 4: Solar Plexus Chakra: Hey folks, how are you guys doing? How are those chakras code? We have already worked on the root chakra and naval. Very important chakras. And as you know, all of them are essential. But these tools that we have been talking about, they are most important for the physical plane. And for our nice. We go up, we're going to connect with more speech or chakras and chakras more physical pain. However, we still are linked to work on one method is very much connected with his physical pain, but already has had equaled more congested. Regular. Interesting fact for me. This center of this chakras. For me, this is a chakra that distributes the energy throughout the entire chakra system. I'm going to be sharing with you guys and get started. First of all, these chakra is located in the lower stomach area. This is where these checkout an autosome of the color of yellow. So for criminal therapy visualizations and make sure you use the color of yellow parameter. It is even if it's LEO border into the eyes. No. Asked to correct any damage your eyes. You want to make sure he's a very bright yellow, lemon yellow. These are very specialized. Shekhar, They have found that many people in each work. Shekhar, it's connected with your, with your personal power, your personal progress. For the society has never taught us how to focus or how to bring forward the greatness of our very own special excellent power. Unfortunately, this society has some specific standards that gives you the feeling that if you cannot feed those standards, you are trash, you are worthless. Well, maybe lesson here. It's to learn that that's not true. It may or may not leave the goal of certain people. But you know, it's coming to happen because, you know, the solar plexus and have been worked on all the way they need. And you know, actually this is one of the easiest chakras to work in. One of the ECS chakras to work in. And actually it has the most powerful exercise for the chakras. And they can tell you that for my own personal experience, sick when he had used. We'll get into that in a little bit. They went to mention to you that it's stronger your navel, your solar plexus case, the greater your personal power is going. It might be no personal power in a very good way. Not in a way of having a huge load of writing your high horse and you're playing your chest and feel the point of person. No, definitely not. It's actually quite a big contract because people have with a client and a healthy and open solar plexus are kinder, gentler and they are far away from their ego. Because the ego in the end, yes, I'm mechanism of self-defense. Maybe somebody needs school behind they're equal in order to protect themselves. And they were sold, is lack of self-confidence Slack. Both cells empowerment, lack of personal power, which obviously to blame not healthy, solar plexus chakra. It's very important to work as much as we can on this little picture. Because this is one that the society has been really, really traumatizing to every single person. There is a global consciousness. Meaning thinks in terms of self-esteem, self love was something very important. That the solar plexus we'll be, having a healthy, sober purchase will give you back your good self-esteem. It's only that since you are going to reach to a moment of having good self-esteem, you are going to feel that you can move forward. You can feel that you can accomplish and you can progress. Mark, because you're going to be able to make leap of faith in. You are going to be able to say, Yes, I'm going to aim for HEPA Portland people are saying no, I'm going to accomplish what you wanted to connect with somebody else. Maybe you would think before, yeah, we'll animate that person won't even look at, you know, but maybe you say, well, why not push yourself and you coordinate with the person and maybe. You can develop a year for French. Many self doubt. Self believes, lack of wanting to show yourself for the world are connected to solar plexus prevalence. In podcasting or the solar plexus. Instead, having a health center protections, we'll allow making good connections with others. But especially to make a very good connection with yourself. Because in order for others to love you, you ask to get to love yourself as much as you can. When you get to love yourself, then others will love you in an ECO. And you know, while logos we say heart chakra and it will benefit the shoulder flexors. Finding balance, finding that you are who you are and you are perfect your own way. You have your strengths, your own weaknesses, and it's fine. But you can be yourself, you can feel safe about. It's very important to focus a lot on being yourself and immediate self-study. You cannot really swell eyes at all. Then what you want to do is to try to be as much as you can yourself. Be kinder to yourself, try cookies, mark yourself, and do not allow others. 11 cookie. You can go ahead and analyze. If it's something you can change them. Why not? You can go for it. But if it's something that he wasn't constructive alone, you wouldn't notice it and you wouldn't be scarred. Which is very, very important. You are going to be much more of a gold seeker very passionately lives because you're going to feel your work. You're going to feel prepared to feel a strong, you're going to feel that strength we've seen within your physical volume that desire to really work. That's going to give you more passionate life week to help you to seek for new goals, new accomplishments comes up. This is circle because the more you do that, you get to one more time to seek for more and that's going to be really good and really optimistic. People also will get to see you better. You will have more magnetism in general. Waste proficient and with friendship where they're correct clients connection, it doesn't matter. More magnetism, you're going to feel a stronger person with a storm. There were similar presence. In fact, since you are broke and you don't have to utilize very stable, but you have a healthy solar plexus and you show it to the world, people are going to see or believe that you own a much higher state of relaxed. We'll allow a university that energy. And for you to be able to accomplish that and free to be able to get that. To be quite, quite significant, quite important for you to notice that this indeed will open all of those and matching your life. It's meant to help us progress in life to bring more happiness as well. Okay, That's very important for you to know. You're going to feel more complete in general, you're going to feel like when you have a good meal, let me feel full. You are going to be feeling full of joy, full of energy, potential to be able to move forward with that. When you have it self confidence in yourself, you really are going to find a huge amount of growth. You know, at least I see mentioned before he's a chakra at these treaty which they energies up and down. Like the lowest chakras, we, the upper chakras. And i o select could call it the garbage disposal. Because he treated one checker, we create the Alto from that by itself already releases, negative energies, becomes blocked. Then you won't be able to release that much. Then you can even get blocked up point that you are not releasing any negative energy. I don't. Do you set very easy exercise here that you can do in the shower. But first let me share with you the mantra. Here. You would say RAM, RAM, RAM. My solar plexus is expanded. Gram, gram per gram axis is expanded. Now, the exercise is very simple exercise for you to do in the shower. What you want to do once you are showing. We want to imagine that you have a faucet in your lower back area and you wouldn't think matching that you open the faucet and Maddie wider. The wider you can see sways, the better it is coming out from your lower back. Tried to look at the regular path. Another drink, visualize and see how the water and you're so but everything else, it's cool down the drain. These black water that you are releasing, it also goes down the drain, cleaner and disappearing from within. Makes sure to spend five minutes allowing the water shower falling on your head, relaxes, knew, you know that you are releasing releasing and release point that you currently selected anymore or you visualize yes gig or wire or white energy or something positive. If you go through yourself or anything, you invest it, you can finish your shower. Because this will create a huge release. And then if you had a horrible day, very difficult situation are very complicated. And you get to your house and your visualizations and your shower exercising, you're going to feel completely leave the rated for more linear, which is going to pay us very good way. For flexors. You truly have an exercise to you after your life, everything is showered, went, you know, as much as possible. We are positive energy and negative if you keep it clear as possible. If you tell me they've been even better. We have finished with the solar plexus. Now it's time to head towards the heart. We start to go through afterwards. I hope you guys enjoyed the class and the next. 5. Class 5: Heart Chakra: Folks, welcome to the heart chakra class. And as I shared with you guys, VCs, the first chakra from the upper set. For me, the solar plexus there Nicole, I'm the root are the lower chakras. And the heart you window is scheduling the measle because of its level of migration and its position. I find this one could be also went over the upper chakras. In addition of throw the crown. We have photo chakras forest. However, the heart chakra is quite special. For me. Possibly, you know, one of the most important shatters like a safe. All of them are very, very important. Each one has a different functionality. However, it's precisely the reason of having all the sugars and the grids to take off balance, that is essential for you to get the most out of your life. Why is that? Because for an instance, the heart chakra, once you have your heart chakra open, you will be able to get a lot more out from your lab. And others will simultaneously get a lot out from the scene. You would have a greater perception, a greater feeling, a greater connection with everything you are doing in life. And that's quite symbolic in the times we are going because being proposition of a heart failed position is what really will make it to move forward in life. Especially if you're seeking is PDQ LPS. Having unexpanded heart chakra is essential. You're going to be the huge boost for doing readings, a huge boost for many, many things. But let me share with you guys. So first of all, the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, each of the color of green do not get confused with red or pink with a color that represents love or passion. Because the heart chakra for chemotherapy, you need the green color, actually very dark green, best. Forest green. The green that nature gave us. You want to visualize that obviously your heart chakra is located in your heart center. However, it's located in the mirror of a chance because then, you know, more about when we come out of reach. But I'll tell you more round than that. However, you know, in science, it can be larger than your aura. Even it can be really, really powerful. You know, especially if you allow for love to be one of your life guys, you are going to expand for this first step you can make to start growing that hard checker in. Self-love. To expand your own cells. Love sending, love yourself, sending love in everything you are doing. Appreciating your looks, appreciating what you have, zoning laws, learning from what you are proud, instead of ashamed, changing it to find the best fit where you have been able to move forward. You're going to find folder in a folder connection to that. People who has their heart chakras below. They cannot even feel a positive feeling out of positive recode because they have their heart chakras below. But when you start to find self-acceptance, to find social loves, realize that I have done this. I am happy with it. I love it. You need to find that. That's going to make your life much later, review attract much more into your life. And also is going to greatly help in expanding your heart chakra. In fact, also, you know, it's important to get to love life and track love others. There are many ways, there are many aspects. Social loves. Only Romans love me anymore. You can love the connection you have with someone because he was very proactive. If you can love your shop, you can live your life because you will find that you have already healthy and that helps our free. You can be anything, any excuse to be able to get to love more your life, you're likely they do it. In fact, these are great reflection point because if you are unable to find true love, we've seen what you are doing, then it might mean that you need to change. This might mean that unit following the path that your heart's desire. 11, maybe following the path of your heart's desire requires you to embrace, requires you to aim higher. Remembered, this is something we were talking about in this solar plexus area. As you can see, each really, really important, good work on all of them. Now, when you get to love yourself, also, easier could be lost. When you are loved, you are loved. You know, like attracts, like when you are able to look at the mirror, find self-love to look at your job we have and we try to define love for it. Love your connection with your friends. You love the hover you are going to do at night of doing some scaling. It can be anything, any good excuse to find new and Europe, there are things that you don't like yourself, that you cannot change. Tried to focus on those bossy things. That you can't change. These goals, especially at the health level. It's very important to try to find elsewhere yourself connection if you're having some struggles with that. So when you get to love yourself or others gets to love you even more. Fat is also an open heart chakra are much more approachable. And why is that? Because people with a more open heart chakra going to be more humble, more gentle. We're considering, you know, someone who kind approach with someone. It gets to talk. Someone that you will know, that we will listen to you and we'll talk about listening the throat chakra, sonnet, you know, at least we'll be willing policing to women to invest his or her time doing more for you. You will also find that you are a person that will have a greater the Sanger to make a difference or greater the Sanger to help. You are going to find remarkable if you bring to your heart, the more you you're going to find using this loss to help others. It's going to bring more love. You're going to make a difference in other people's lives. You're going to be able to find that people will say, Hey, Thank You, have been of great health, has changed my life. You know, you're going to have more desire for that. You're not going to tolerate suffering. You're going to look like a tolerate unfairness. You're always going to have a desire to help make a difference. In fact, you are also increased desire to be able to do more in life itself to make a big difference. Do not have maybe yesterday my main job, hey, maybe you love job, you're super happy with it, with your customers and awesome. But maybe you find in your heart that that's not for you and maybe you want to do something more, then we can put heart chakra. It's going to be easier for you to perceive. These are cited for perceives, these generally fertilize because you're going to get to enjoy much more everything about life. Because the more you love yourself and what are your most, everything that runs through a multitude of everything you do. Only going to bring more positive, more willingness to growing and expanding, which reciprocally we'll bring more love and more satisfaction in your life. As you see you create a business. Velocities in this aspect like a vicious circle with a circle in this aspect. Because you're going to get this movie. In fact, you are going through reenactments link will be easier for you to love, to perceive love. You're going to have the greater good. And that's going to be like, Wow, fantastic. In this sentence is that you are going to feel like a heartbeat person and then you're going to be much more approachable. We're going to really wanted to connect more with you because they are going to feel safe and sound around your energy. You're going to feel listening. You're going to feel nurture because they're going to be more nurturing, know for others as well. And it's going to be like you're going to be a loving person for those to be able to approach and to connect with your energy. Now the mantra, mantra you want to use for your heart chakra. As you'll remember, it has to be longer as soon as we can we felt having your voice shake. And the whole mantra is yum, yum, yum. My heart is a standard. Yum, yum. Yum, yum. Yeah. My heart is expanded. These will bring you maybe sweating. Station B will bring you the energy as you hear it. Hopefully the goodness of your heart chakra, and remember your primal therapy cover for this one. Green. Then simple exercise that I sign great tradition for the heart chakra. This is an exercise if you want to do throughout the day, as many things as you want, I'm going to focus on your breath, breathing for a few moments. And then focus on how you're breathing in and breathing out. Visualize how the air comes in and comes out. Then from there you want to visualize that as you inhale air stream of green energy enters your notes, okay, and goes down to your lungs. And then when you release the air, you went to visualize golden image. This is to represent the green energy empowering the strength of your heart chakra. That's going to help you overall to be able to make the changes, to stack assign the changes you need to open more your heart chakra and to be able to perceive and received from water loss. And also for those of you who are sensitive that maybe you're fitting to match, do burly already will know that this wall is quite a difficult way. Sometimes you've seen balance of protection will be good for your heart chakra and we'll get overwhelmed. Us want to visualize kind of like a bubble that comes out from your heart chakra and starts to inflate and each surrounds you entirely. You can be surprised at the edge surface bubble are very distractible. Energy, you know, that only allows positive energy could penetrate the bevel. I'm promoting the listening wherever negative energy you are holding. This, we'll absolutely green screen and we'll allow you to protect it from negative images in. So I hope you guys have enjoyed the heart chakra has loved. As you can see, all these chakras have lot. U now no, I can't go to get your checkout working. This is a very ongoing steam, but you'll see quickly that he first game. Let's go far to communication for this chakra. 6. Class 6: Throat Chakra: Hey, how are you guys loving market scars now that you have to work on your heart? Chakras. Howard was hard checker scope. You know, those are really important to work on. Even though on the chakras, very importantly, heart check, right, that leaf is quite special because she said it off center. And after that obviously about where the university will sort of empowered and enhance their single leaving racial mixture to be plenty of work on those hardship. However, we are not talking out with a hard checker. We are going to talk, I will give throat chakra, which is me the center of communication. It can be quite easy to realize out there who has a strong unexpanded chakra. And this field chakra is quite easy to work on. But each something that you also get gets to do on a daily basis, okay. Changing some of you are approach to changing some of your behaviors. You know, there's obviously a monk track that with you guys and a small exercise, but the hard checker app, checker, a siloed about LOINC, so forth in the aspect of communication. First of all, if you weren't didn't do any cryotherapy, spell checker. You want to look for the color of the color of blue represents this row. And obviously it's filled checkers located at our throat. Center of communication. Our ability to express ourselves, our ability to know what is the rectangle, to listen. And when. I would go more into detail that, you know, that's the overall value of this filled check. We're going through the times that communication, these essential gauche who are unable to communicate, they end up falling behind this crazy society. Having really perfectly communicate. It's important to note this can get enhanced from having great self-esteem from your solar plexus. You have great self-love and you want to share your, you know, what? See all the chakras they helped each other. The first thing, the first bless you get from your throat chakra. Once it's expanded, you'd say vibration of your voice? I do not believe that actually your voice will change or anything like, however, the vibration that your voice makes these going through the height, are you going to be more dispute gloves, somehow, more tender, more friends. It can also be depending on the setting that you are. It can be also more of like, you know, command, but not in the negative way of eagle. Kinetic. Kinda like a very aware person. And they get charismatic leaders. Charismatic leaders, most likely to have their chakras really, really expand. Main theme. If we go back hundreds of years, we can see it that many times, you know, hundreds of years ago. It was more about, you know, have the adequate who had the strength in their voice to be able to throw the attention from someone who's from a group, or to be able to form a small bacterium, whatever. But Q note, getting your voice empowered by an open throat chakra is something that we agreed to have significance in. Louis able to move forward slash we listened to we need to be hair getting, we listened proposal that we need to inherit. Those with expanded throw chakras are going to be more like the voice itself. Even if she doesn't change, he's going to become more noticing. They will notice more defaults. And if necessary, this mean that the person is talking out loud. It is because of the energy that the words will come out from your mouth once your throat chakra. Now, another benefit from the throat chakra about expanding your eloquence. Every single person has adequate, suddenly have more. So we have less, but every single person with a ring and come up with some elements. However, you know, the throat chakra, once it's expanded, bringing more for that eloquence to come out. You are going to get better by yourself with words, self-expression, something that's also the throat chakra really expands to not only state, what do you need. What you are going to get also to find the strength to bring that up. Only that maybe someone with a shield checker close within. You're going to have more desire to bring the sales for expressing forward, to bring this social excretion into other people's lives. And that's something that you are really going to find this you expand your thoughts. And also having more, having more than acquaintances going to be very significant because it means that your words will come with more arguments, they would come with more values, more meaning. In fact, I know there are great thing that brings to the overall in chakra. Knowing how to list, you know, anyway, right? Time to talk. Maybe, you know, right time for you to talk and you don't do it. If you go through that, maybe your short checkers most extended, or maybe it's not your time to poke and you are talking on stuff. Actually. Someone who is talking them stop. You're not definitely listen. It's a sign of unhealthy. Because with a healthy cell chakra, you will know it was smooth thing when it strikes to listen, when it's right to stay there. I wanted to write to speak up. And that's something that you do. It has to study you, that has to learn something that they wouldn't come to you naturally, will continue naturally. Now. Going to talk so make a greater impact on people. And this is why I sit down with a charismatic leaders. They do have a much more potential because their scope chakras had expanded. This is what we want to focus. Or if you're a public speaker, you have to record this course for an instance, if you have to talk representing the company, if you have to make an interview, she has to make up our personalization. You can be many things where you are going to use your voice to be able to get the attention of others, to be able to bring what you want to share other people's lives. These revolves around the throat chakra because those who might have a unique voice or lower volume, but not with neither, but being able to distinguish confidence and speak clear, straightforward without doubting your words, without getting stuck in that, knowing where to say. You know, it's very important to be naturally your speech. More, your suture expands, the more it's going to call that easier for one great way to start working in your field, chakra, start to speak up more if you are defining the group that never speaks up, even if you have a great idea. Next thing that this great idea comes to you, you want to bringing with you and to explain. And you want to experience that with confidence as we empower your show chapter, as you can see, having a healthy plexus also helps, but you know, the throat chakra also needs to have sparked. In fact, your arguments, your statements will have a much greater impact. Because really the one that provides more could a conversation, rather than being the creditor than me, they wanted these more shy or maybe they weren't talking nonstop, meeting, even the one that can only green gibberish in conversation. You are going to be in that equation. You should know that when you have to speak, if you are going to make a very significant impact, other people's steps. As you do that, you are going to perceive that your Flow Checker keeps on growing. You can always help yourself, of course, we said mantra and with a small exercise. In fact, the mantra is funny because he seems, he says, but he's not hand, even though it's rated him. Sort of by the course, as long as you can, without having your voice shake. The mantra will be hm, hm, hm. My throat. Expand. Again. Show chakra is expanded. Mantra written up and this one will be the most important one to keep the vibration as long as you can. Because only vibrate at the frequency of the throat chakra. But you're actually using your show checker to make these vibrations, to make these mantras. You can gain a lot extra outs from that alone, which is fantastic. Now, you also want to make visualizations. Maybe you went to visualize, you cross through a bluer. Ok, and you can do these blue room. And there is this blue cable and there are two or three Fault talking about whatever. You need to focus on what has been talked about or anything. But you want to visualize that you are in that room with great self-expression and listening when you have to listen and bringing into the conversation, being very happy and very communicative and able to express yourself and bringing these we sway sections also will make your throat chakra. To expand. We get to one of the most weighted classes. The most favorite chakra of pretty much everything. Girlfriend. 7. Class 7: Third Eye: He said, Well, I am pretty sure that most of you were looking forward the most for these class. Feels to me that it has always been the most, most open-air chakra. And I am betting mainly for each Awesome, awesome things that brings to us, you know, because hapten right now, we have been talking mainly about everything connected with the word, everything connected with the mundane we surveyed. But it's steel we have in Crete went beyond that. Let me share with you that cool remaining checkers or your gateways for these afterwards. For the higher planes of existence. You know, you can get locked out from your body. And it doesn't only search for B12 and purposes because many of its benefits, you can also plankton in your day-to-day life doing. That's why it's great and you can't imagine how many headaches and how much time intuition can save. This is why it's important to also work in this chakra. I wanted to share with you. If you have a gym right away. Ferranti chakra, It's fine, you know, but I leave for you to get more out of each of your chakras. You want to work on all of them. For some reason you wanted to start work. Make sure to work on the others as well. Even though I still recommend for you to get started with torque of the root chakra and start from there. First of all, the theorem for your chemotherapy for the corner of indigo, color of Indio and it's located in the forehead. Between the eyebrows are legal adults, which is right here. Right around this area. We have our therapies. The first and great gifts that brings us is intuition. Intuition, each step great tool when we are properly connected with our intuition. When we do not work for point of ego, our intuition can be an extremely, extremely helpful guide. Because intuitively it's never wrong. This is why it's important to have your solar plexus, for example, Trump and empowered even for your Sarah. Why? Because you will increase your ego. Ego blocks the fair and equal, so it will block your connection with the Spirit. And you wouldn't be able to compare C for smacks. You might be able to perceive something, but you might be wrong. Because it may be something that your ego don't tell you something that you want to. That's why you worked in the other Chakras is essential. You know, also if you have an open heart, you're going to be able to perceive is what we're getting from our blankets intuition, or it's something that you came up with. And maybe without even noticing, you have put some thought into it. Intuition will work perfectly with you when you are a site from ego and when we do Triassic unconditionally, going into many times come out of the room. Maybe you can control it at some point and say, in terms of saying, well, I could get the feeling of this, but if you get to do that already, it can be more than guessing. Deletion can be more awareness about syncing energies. Let me share with you. These are also aspects from this chakra that will benefit the FADD to look into other people's eyes, get a perception of their energy. Maybe you are next to, next to sitting with someone and you can sense or feel his hair aura, okay. Or maybe, you know, you may receive a sporadic message. It may come out of the blue candy in a farmer pheromone is shown in a form of your study guide me essentially, you know, there are many ways. But definitely when you get to work on your ferrite, It's very important for you to notice that you weren't to have a clear mind. And ask these quizzes, team tuition. With a clear mind, you are going to be able to get an answer much easier because you are going to have your mind clear. And then you're going to notice, suddenly, you already know the answer. You say, Well, how I haven't even used to it. That's precisely because you are focusing on getting more information from your fear. You are using more of your second awareness seems a energies around, since the intentions of other people, you know, intuition alone is great. But when you use a ceramic who absolutely you wouldn't be able to truly see the face of everyone who realizes they are wearing a mask or not. Realized. If wherever you are trying to check if it's convenient for you. And as you can see, you know, intuition, psychic awareness and same thing, energies are essential parts of this row. And this is going to bring a lot more growth and a lot more awareness of life and begin lines. So, you know, this is a chakra also brings more benefits because no benefit is expansion of three imagination and more creativity. So when we have very open Sarah, we'll have always crazy imagination, like really, really strong imagination to a point that you can make a whole movie in your head. We seem seconds hash, so let's imagination. You know, they can say that many people, they, they seem they are in their own world because they are there, but they lose focus and they seem to have lost their sight. You know, obviously that's not good because it could mean blocked root chakra is also good in the sense of saying this person has connected with something or has to sense so subtle energies, of course, something that we are perceiving. And it's just visualizing according to meet the efficiency matching. And it's making visualizations. It's making Tumaini finish. You can use precise, you can combine these things. And when you have an open, You can bring more clarity and more into a manifestation. And the more clear it is, the better because the faster you are going to attracted. Great because they're going to be able to perceive more than the physical plane. But in our normal way, you know, you're going to be able to perceive for us. You are going to be able to perceive the energy holders. You're going to be able to or ceasing tweeted messages, knowing the outcome of things getting premonitions, you are going to feel that It's more the urine, what the physical has to give to you. They can impeach someone goes smiling, raise their hand on their back, your back and they say, hey, you know, we have to categoric time one day or whatever, you know, or work together to get a promotion in a very friendly way. And maybe you are picking out that this person doesn't. He has good intentions and you will see that intuition has safety from a negative symbol. And it's like, wow, you truly are going forward, Usually are going, you truly are heading into more completion, two more movements in the SPD to share being more connected with how your realms of existence. You are tapping actively into them. Looking to see beyond the physical green and asking that constant reality for here. Obviously, this is going to bring a faster speed of development because you're going to get to love very much what you can do with your Sarah can be really fantastic. And it can be really empowering for you. So, you know, you're going to decide your grows into other leading areas. Also seems to be more clinically itself Enter to set alone. They practice the fluidity yesterday. He's also going to accelerate your development. Feels to me that keeps on going. Discovered in any case, near the center is going to be much more safe. Next, you're going to feel much more secure lives thanks to intuition. Because you're going to feel let him pushing this button you up. And if you're going to make something rather than a mistake or something, you can pursue and you can get your intuition. Something really empowering. Because you are going to be able to thrash more your equation which we will make a developed faster will expand your the're aisle. And then you will get to feel more security in lengths making and jogging more. Who love it more, it could be happier and we fed, you're going to have a stronger personal presence, has stronger authority. You know, as you can see, all of them are connected. So you know, at this hair I zoom into your life because you are going to help a lot. The first one with a mantras, you note this is the most classic mantra. I am sure all of you are familiar with it. And the mantra is, usually we've been longer without shaking. Has to be fair. I is expanded. Again. Is expand. This will bring Greg into expanding Your Sarah. Then you have a few options to expand. You know, working on a new idea in general, working with meditation, especially silent mutation, if you cannot make it at all random, try silent meditation. Practice with again the addition including this course. Becky's, you can do sanitization, That's the next ideal for you. You can visualize your design and meditation and visualizing developing it and expand. Then asking yes or no questions to spirit, to your guides. It could be fantastic. Question seemingly theatre C and link questions. But to get that validation, following your intuition, everything comes to me. Also will get to enhance your theorem and then also conclude the answer there so you know what kind of procedure or US or their energy in general. These also we will try and help your theorem to expand. And as you, you are going could be that you want to visualize the bubble of white light on your heart chakra. When you try to read all that, it's going to be better for you because you won't get all their negatives energy in Casey. Otherwise you are going to do awesomely well following these tips, advices for your theorem. And you're going to see it in no time you are going to rush through intuition. Once you start with a stem inclusion, you're going to keep going up and up. So we've had been sense. Thank you very much. We are going to see next class, your crown chapter. See you then. 8. Class 8: Crown Chakra: Hey, how are you guys doing? Going? Well, once again, thank you very much for thought. Oh, we meet all the way. We are. Finally in the crown chakra. The crown chakra is, I know they're one of the most February chakras, obviously for amazement, it's quite, quite an amazing checker. I've some degree use this chakra that also keeps us connected with Hagar planes with higher dimensions, higher consciousness at some degree is our gateway. Copper chaperones. These are Gateway. 20 are gateways connecting with hiker beings with higher dimensions. It is definitely something amazing when you get to work on, you get to experience huge amount of things. You can even have profound life experiences as you get to meditate and get group, do some work on your crown chakra. In fact, you are going to notice who is class that after you start. The fact of having the crown chakra, the consideration in terms to enhance them heal. You are going to start the weakness. Many great things you are going to notice that what you are able to perceive physically, it easier has sliver of everything that is surrounding us. And it's quite a Mason, quite, quite amazing. You know, it's, it's incredible, really honest, but it is very nice, you know, to visualize. It just went mainstream and chakra authentic also will bring you some benefits. It's for the physical thing, some benefits for your physical volume, and obviously some benefits through the rest of your shadows. These chaparral for chemotherapy, you know, visualizations, you want to use the color of purple. It's the color of purple there when you went to visualize weights located this one, It's located above the head. Something gets out of the screen but you know, like until I both you can see my hand where my finger here ends, where the chakras starts more or less. It to this P11 work. It is at some degree our gateway to connect with the speaker world. You know, as savings sharing with you is very important to have all of your chakras in a very good state. Because this is an essential key for you to be able to connect Hagar beams of light. But this is not the only key there tomorrow. As you know, the heart chakra is one of them and obviously the thorax. But when you combine all three of these chakras, you are going to realize that U2 are bringing more. And Greg. And it's like amazing way because you are going to feel much more connected. And the same way you sort of go to soccer mats and you are watching with your anchor mat, hearing the state Hume feeling the heat of the day, you know, the energy of the actual game. Well, it's kind of like that, okay, when you have these two chakras in violence, you really get to connect at a deeper level, but definitely the gateway. They access the breach to hire. They mentioned through the spirit world each your crown chakra, okay, and this connects with a higher sake of shepherds. You're going to be talking a little bit about those. So I'm going to mention that the next greater benefit, you get a greater ability to astral project and do some exercises such as remote viewing and remote visualization. You are going to notice that the more open your crown chakra is, the more at peace you are going to be in silence. You can find that many people have the frequent people get to enjoy silence. We're used to the society of constant notes. At some degree, it brings us disconnected from higher rail. Looking deeper into our consciousness, settings and service screen because he didn't get his rapid and you know, it tighter and more empowered Crown Chakras. You're going to feel comfortable in a sake of science. You are going to create more science into the second morning your length, you can share, going to find out that silence is really bringing a lot to your life. It's really bringing, I look good. I look great. No, you know, when you get to be able to astral project, you know, it's amazing. I actually teach Aster for connection and it's like amazing working with all the people, the results they have, the experiences they have, like date, really amazing. Really surprising to be honest. That's the friction is actually one of my most favorite things. I will talk about asteroid reaction. I even have a small radio show about if we take really, really amazing. I wanted to share that friction is going to be more at ease for you. If you already know how to ask a question, you can do it even if you've come check or each close down. Obviously it's still possible, but it will not be such an empowering prediction. But if you get to Ashley project with an empowered crown chakra, you're going to experience much longer predictions and match deeper experiences. Another important aspect of the crown, instagram, and they already mentioned in prior lessons, is that PSR become access energies from the higher realms. I like to focus. These slides is energy as the energy of source. The same way or chat rights, getting energy from the air and adding that energy into our chakras system. We'd get the crown chakra to bring us source energy in vain, white light energy that gets added into our physical room. And it'll spread throughout all of the chakras. You know, there's another great thing that you would feel agreed, oneness you will feel, or you would have a greater perception to realize that everything is connected through energy. Everything is connected, you know, it's like right now the microphone technically, it is touching my mouth. It listen because he said legal far away. But energetically, you know, there is this energy to the microphone, port filter and my sales. And we're connected in that sense, like you would see it in a frame, in a paint Beecher. There's paint connecting everything that picture and easily same symbology in the slides. And you're going to perceive this much issue. You're going to see that in your heart that truly we are all connected and truly we're all one including physical or even animate objects. You're going to feel that you are part of this great everything. You're going to feel also very connected to your spirit guides because you're going to be more sensitive to the astral energies they're going to perceive at a greater level the vibrations of Hagar beans. Okay? So whether it means, it means that you enabled we move forward really fast. We move forward really fast and move forward in a way that you are going to be surprised and you're going to be a mixed. It's very important that when you take two, it started to feel your guides, you work in connecting with them. This is something I teach. When you get your color checker GUI open, you're going to be able to perceive your gains are perceiving many different ways. It depends on the person. You can turn the guides, but you're going to know that they are there around. That alone will bring you forward. But if that's enough, you are also going to experience naturally and even much greater awareness and growth. We were saying that there will be more discreet put a weekend will bring you more to see by the crown chakra. We also expand that a lot more in terms of spreading into the other dimensions. It's a really, really powerful, you know, chakra also comes with its mantra. Of course. The mantra will say something like But of course as usual, prolonging the noise. Something like my crown chakra is expanded. Again. My crown chakra, these expanded. But always remember to prolonged them. You know, especially for the OEM on the theory and for the AUM on your crown chakra, you want to put extra effort into bringing your voice even more. If you can help with any values or something you know, you can replay it somehow will be beneficial for you. Because you will get you to feel stronger, will be the energies of these chakras. No, meditation obviously it's going to greatly help you out with the crowd. Going to definitely help you out because you are going to be maximum or chronic with the spirit. You know, when you get to meditate, you lose a connection with a physical painting. They're more open to the Ash open. And this is something that empowers the current chakra. Learning how to channel it is something else that you might really enjoy teaching and sharing. These VDC subgrade really improves our lives. So channeling is also something that will help with Stand Your Ground checker because when you pick a channel, you are strengthening your theory, your heart, chakra and the crown chocolate. And it's great because empower your energy even more. So it's a good exercise to start channeling and stack them to connect with your guides. Once your code checkers expanded, also, working on the chakras, you are going to get benefits from the crown because having all seven chakras in order is going to bring you a lot. Okay? Definitely That should be an important awareness or working on the other six chakras is going to greatly benefit the status of your crown chapter. And you know, self and you have family sales, good ingredients. The chakras and sense is that spewed guys usually tends to work a lot on the crown chakra, especially when the person has intention to grow as being clearly hasn't thinks she could get their lives to a higher state. You know, if you're listening to this, most likely your guides are already working on your chakras because you'd have to send it and didn't go to university and you're going to get to that ongoing. Okay? So as you can see it with multiple things, you can really get ongoing and you can really get your crown chakra super expanded. Really, really expanded. So something great. Now it feels to me It's gonna be fantastic. Google try something. So we're gonna have to cover that on next lesson. See you then. 9. Class 9: Second set of Chakras: Hey, hey, How are you? Well, I went to to bring an additional class. Okay. And additional topic that we are still yet to touch up. Okay? Because I find that while we have to focus as much as we can on our main seven chakras. We shouldn't yes, lock ourselves out from a match, more fantastic world, from a match, more incredible opportunity to discover a greater existence that it's surrounding all of us. And you know, we all are multi-dimensional beings. We have multiple bodies. We have the physical body, we have the astral body, we have the mental body, the emotional value. And then we have bodies for everyday mentioned, you know, and the same goes for the chakras. Multidimensional beings, we are not only bound to the seven main chakras. In fact, after the settlement chakras, we have a second set of four chakras. And then after therapy or faith belief, faith chakras and then you can keep on going. In fact, I am going to keep on discovering this. I have been already moving forward for you and the seven main chakras. And this is precisely why I am bringing this lesson to you because they went to mention to you a little more about the main chakras. And I will get the second set and also about the eighth chakra. I feel it's great to quality eighth chakra. These are starting to release covered and they do have their Sanskrit names, but it's easier to get to know it in a more simple way. As I said, they went to maintain this course simple and easy. Call it the eighth chakra. Okay? But let me split into your first, this second set of chakras. It's more connected to our astral bodies. Okay? And while I have really explored only the eighth chakra, I can tell you that while the eighth chakra empowers our connection from a much higher astral they mentioned the Photoshop grasp most likely are already working at a very intense level. Let me we cannot even perceive or understand how your body's mother, you know, the eighth chakra, It's a chakra that we have some degree of access because we can continue on growing. There is no limit in how long or how much we can grow. There is really no limit at all. Okay. It feels to me that if you wanted to go ahead and continue on growing and an expanding, you are only going to find avenues to the soul. You are going to find that your second sacra ship will allow you to connect with Hagar beings of light in a much easier way. And also with multi-dimensional beings being said, normally, young gated channel beings have normally, you don't, or you don't usually see them in the ashtray plane. But when you get to project through Hagar chakras, then you'll get to explore and to discover more about these higher worlds. Discovered more about this greater, you know, a bay mentioned that we have in front of us. And the great thing of all is that when you get to start working on the second set of chakras, you are going to notice that little by little you are going to be more connected to the ninth to attend to the 11th. You know, you're going to feel yourself though these chakras are going to be more and more connected with you because it's very interesting to work on these. These are chakra. I feel at least for the eighth chakra, it is very significant for you to already know A-sharp reaction because Azure prediction will allow you to get to experience this chakra in a much more intense level, you know? And in fact, I am going to share with you guys Very simple as Recreation, exercise for you to be able to work on connecting with his eighth chakra. Because in this eighth checker, you can find a huge amount of light. It vibrates at a huge, huge frequency. Okay, you pay was saying amazement about the theory and the crown chakra. Okay, how about this one? I can say a 100th times or a 100 thousand famous more amazement, because they jump in energy is quite significant than when you have a complete balance on your seven chakras, one and when you start to research and to explore your eighth chakra, you are going to start to really discover that there is a lot more waiting for you ahead. It's like really, really impressive, okay? And you are going to find joy on it. You're going to find that it's Shekhar offer very, very high vibration. You're going to find that you are going to be vibrating at that very high frequency. And if you manage to do and asked her prediction, and then you get to connect with your eighth chakra and try to get a sense of its energy. When you return to your belly, you're going to feel extremely energized, extremist throwing. You're going to feel like if through your arms there is made of energy rather than a hug or describe it. Or if you'd say pretty amazing because it can really bring a lot. You can really bring a lot. So let me share with you an easy way to get to astral project. If you have your seven chakras in this tape off balance, you wouldn't be able to easily as per chip, but I explained more different chorus, but it's still, I went to give you something in this one for you to try it if you can. First of all, you want to get used to relax your body completely to a point that you cannot feel your volley at all because you don't want to be feeling your physical body in order to be able to as super check, you need to separate your consciousness from your physical body. Setting the intention for that, when your theory and especially your crown are open, it's going to help a lot when you get your eighth chakra to tap into it and to focus on it, it's going to be a Mason, okay, because then it's going to be much easier for you to actually project once you are able to manage to feel the energy from the eighth checker once and for all at once you need to fill it in the astral plane, you're going to have debtors have very strong memory and you are going to be able to move forward and to protect with more ease. My first, you need to make sure you relax as much as you can. Your physical envoy to a point that you don't touch it and you don't feel it. Okay? Then the second you also want to relax your mind. This May 1 come a little trickier. However, if you have been working on all of your chakras, if you're having adding the introspection in your life. If you have been following all the advice that I've been sharing in this course, you really are going to be able to find yourself to set aside some time and you are going to be able to relax your mind and keep it in silence for a few minutes. If you have a hard time in relaxing your mind, you know, in having no thought for a period of time, a few minutes is your goal. In the end, you can start practicing that through a few exercises that you can find at my blog, okay? But it's quite easy to get to tame your mind. You know, through visualization, through focusing on one single time, you have many ways to be able to cookie calm down your mind. And when you get to work on all of your chakras, you are going to find more easiness. You are going to find that these knew that hard to set in your mind for a while. Once you have your main silent and your body relaxed, you are going to enter in trends. This is also called a sleep paralysis and it can be quite scary sometimes. Okay. I spoke about B-cell out in MySQL friction course and he may lucid dreaming course. But, you know, I wanted to mention to you for now you want to make sure that these are not getting in the way that you ignore them as much as you can when you get to feel their sleep paralysis. If you hear or see weird things. Remember if the ARDS healthy nations and they are harmless, you went to visualize your vibration, going further, expanding and growing, feeling your body light like a failure. And you went to visualize that lightness, to grow, that lightness to expand and to keep on making you feel later and later. If you've started to float away, you wouldn't find yourself at some point at the astral plane, okay? And you will know it when you were there because he's a very peculiar feeling. If it's your first-time, obviously it might not be that easy to go into the, into the eighth chakra. But if you have done this a few times and you can hold yourself for awhile in the international plane. You want to go ahead and you want to visualize or sitting tension to connect with the energy of your eighth chakra. And then you will get that. This alone will help you to expand it and to open it a lot more and for you to be able to connect with it. Okay. Well, guys, I hope you have enjoyed it. This is the end. You know, we have spoken about all of this chakra, so they wanted to share with you. So, you know, now you have a complete amount of exercises and where does that you can use? You can bring forward. You're going to enjoy it. So I hope you have enjoyed lots. It's Rena, very big pleasure. And I am sure we'll be seeing each other in other courses and other classes. See you then. 10. Class 10: Chakras Working in Tandem: Hey folks, how are you? Well, I'm bringing you, you know, an additional lesson. Something I wanted to share, something I wanted to talk about. This is how we call it the chakras working in Hamlet spanked to you, you know how important used to have all of you, the chakras in the same state of balance. But obviously, when we are in certain situations, we get to use more some chakras than others. And it's very good to be aware about which ones to use. Because maybe at some point, we want to focus on empowering a certain group of chakras for a certain goal. And we couldn't get further and better results. When we get to shambles, you know, you can combine the heart chakra. Here I am the crown. These three chakras work together at the same time for readings for you to hear it. I even explaining this to you, the heart, chakra, a battery or your vibrations. Swept allows you to see. And the crown east-west allows you to coordinate. For an instance, you can find another combination of the naval chakra, the heart chakra. And when these three chakras are connected and activate it, we could tell people that they might feel something more dramatic together precisely means that there is a positive capitals connection enabled checker, representativeness, sexual connection. The higher chakra representing that conditional love, and the stroke checkout representing communication. Instance, naval and unskilled checker. When both of them work together, you can find and realize that you are going to be awesome in terms of self-expression and your communication at a professional level, you would approach a public speaking or maybe it has to be for speech or a salesperson patient. Most likely you're going to empower the naval chakra. Is the chakra. It's going to be very important because Angular able to speak up your things much easier. You can also combine this throat and the syrup excess. We'll actually make you a much stronger public speaker or picture or whatever extent incidence in your chakra. You're in your solar plexus and that alone will empower your solar, your Flow checker. So they're plexuses will empower your spell checker and when both of them what is handling all. So you're going to be able to teach and who explained and bring up whatever you need to bring with much more cocaine. It can be quite a Mason, unique and have the heart chakra. And then able to check that, you know, which script combine and very meaningful job or even a very meaningful romantic connection. Definitely, you can see that when we work with different checkers, you can get multiple benefits. I mentioned the most important ones, but I feel that there are some more that you are going to be discovering as you use them. So it's very important that we have in those. You work on expanding your chakras and on getting the most out of each one of them. I hope this helped. And joint loads combinations and you will see that they will really pay off in a very good way. See you next class. 11. Class 11: Upkeeping the Chakras: Hey everyone, How are you guys doing? Even though it's recently released K-map with one new bonus class. One of you have asked me and maybe we could scrape to share through a case. And this is a vout. The upkeep of your shadows, what you have in order to keep a constant upkeep, how often and how to know that your Chakras are inaccurate the state before searchable. The first thing I personally like to do with this is to include all of these imprecise increments daily basis. For me, it is very significant that for a very basis, I get to work into the chakras. In this checkers. You get to work on them even without noticing. Because something that I haven't mentioned that it's very true. He said when you get to work on something specific in life, Let's say that you are working towards making investments or aim for a new job. You at bossy for about it and you are good about it. You are working your navel chakra. Mechanization of if any works you and your chakras. You want to go ahead. I'm always do they taking care of the exercises? For an instance? Isn't Shakira? I personally like cuckoo it every single time we take a shower. You know, it's not, you're washing yourself, playing with wash yourself in a genetically also it's yes, sir. Short visualization. That's it. You know, if you have a person with a very busy man and for some reason you have a hard time remembering for your chakras are for a period of standard you're traveling and you are not thinking about them. The advice I personally gift to all of you, it's for you to do at least a weekly check. And if you say you know them half the time, even for sleeping, then you can go ahead and do the ten minutes of guided meditation in this course before you go to sleep. And even if you fall asleep, what's most likely you will. We think I'd made patient. Then you are going to still get the benefits at a subconscious level. And then the patient is engineered, clear and empower your chakras and you can find it. I'll say classes here. You know, that's the minimum. We can go on a weekly basis for all of your chakras and glue them, additional ones. But as I have shared with you. Okay folks, you went to go ahead and do this sooner plexus Clemson. In that basis, the whole chakra cleansing would be also ideal, could be on a daily basis. No, I understand that the only thing that apartment, it may be difficult for me to find time to do this. But you can try any excuse when you're outdoors to sit yourself five minutes or site to view your visualization exercise. A chakra I think personally find important to focus on. You say heart chakra is one that they focusing on every single day. From the point that I find myself angry for something and I make a check on my heart chakra or I feel the energy is very heavy. I make a check on my heart chakra in terms of energetic protection. If there is how people, if they asked to do a class, you're not trying to make sure that hard checker is always at its best. This is your unconditional love center. And even though your solar plexus is your center, your heart, chakra, It's also like a center for me are equally important. It's significant for you to go ahead and make sure that your heart checker is moot scanning all time. I additionally recommend you go ahead and let some maintaining, you know, even if it's five or ten minutes and that's completely fine. You know, more than anything. Okay. Same goes for moments of silence. If you can see, you can go ahead and maybe I even know you're going to share your PV for five minutes if you go to bed on yes. Seeking the segments and listen to the silence, we are going to start hearing your head making thoughts and ideas. And then you are going to be more connected with the speed, quality, and more open in a chain. You get to work or moments of introspection do I'm going to expand your theory and your crown chakra and Sasha are going to be working on them. You know, you get through who thanked for community for you go to bed, some seconds to chakras, the permanent. Then usually chakra exercising the shower. You've got the solar plexus down. Every woman you are outdoors. You can do your root chakra, you know, and then you have your heart check. These remains in the throat checker and then English chaperone. And this one's on daily basis doing I pretty much. If you try your job and your most honest way or to pursue growth. Or who pursue expansion, meaning, when you're healthy, you're empowering your navel chakra. And if you are honest, you have clear communication when you are expressing yourself properly. You are going to enhance your title checker at least so you keep a complete app keeping those seven. And then if you wrap it up with a guided meditation, you are going through fantastically well. When you see, wait to know how your chakras are doing, I personally like to, first of all, lay down in bed, place my hands on my chest, then send my intention, my awareness to the enabled through the throat to any of the chakras. The same way it can tell you. Okay, go ahead and focus on the tip of the toe. Pinkie toe. Focus on there and then you can have your awareness right there. And the only thing with the pinky toe all the time, well, you have to do the same for the chakra. For your heart. Focused on the chest center and see how you're feeling. Tried to look into your, into your root chakra and see how clinically you are feeling, how grounded observation once they're getting their moment of silence, relaxation, you go ahead and check yourself. You're going to see that you get to see each other in the state that they are evacuating will greatly helped me to get to know the state of your chakras much better. Cse can see it's quite AC grew up, Give your chakras and promote how they're doing. Okay. Guys, if you have more questions, feel free to send them to me and he goes smaller officer wellness classes may come up. So see you next class. 12. Meditation Heal the Chakras: We're going to heal the chakras and your aura in these guided meditation. First, get comfortable and take a deep breath. As you exhale. Let go of everything that no longer belongs to you. It is your time, your moment to regain balance, to empower and to be ready. So first, notice your thoughts. Observe each thought. We thought putting too much focus on it. Yes. Lead these thoughts, go. Either said miter, they contain. Right now you went to clear your mind. Notice also how we feel in your heart. You can feel a massive amount of in gravity because she ever been blessed. You are when he'll make sure to feel grateful for all of his thoughts going away and for all the wonderful energy that is starting to relax in your Bobby for heal your chakras. As you notice. Warm sensation filling up your feet. Empowering the chakra or the soles. You getting balance. You connect with grounding earth energies. Your feet are healing. This energy is healing, empowering and relaxing further your lower legs. Notice there's health of energy empowering your knee chakras, promoting progress in your life. Observe how your upper legs also go in a VIP. Relaxation. Feeling very warm and very, very relaxed. You notice this energy starting red. Shifting the energy of the root chakra. Visualize red rose opening and spinning evenly. This energy is starting to spread throughout your entire body. Notice he's entered, she turning orange. Shifting the energy of the sacrum. These swellings have beautiful orange arrows. Opening and spinning evenly. Notice that these wonderful energy, it is spreading through your entire body. Feel a warm and relaxing energy flowing through your hips. Lower back area. Now, notice that his energy stood in yellow. Shift in to the energy of his solar plexus. We've had beautiful euros opening up and spinning evenly. Notice that these energies are spreading throughout your entire body. It's a wonderful and your self-esteem, your self-love. These are expanding as you feel this energy. And it is so nurturing to your physical body as well. Notice he's Sanergy turning green, shifting to the energy of the heart. These are beautiful green rows opening and spinning evenly. Notice the energy materializing unconditional love. Noted that his energy flowing through arms, hands and fingers. It's empowering your chakras. Ashwin has shattered from the palm of your hands. Notice this pure healing and love coming from them. Notice that this energy stored in blue. And here shifting the vanity of a through checker, visualize beautiful blue energy. Forming a blue rose, opening and spinning evenly. You will be able to maximize your communication. Beautiful energy keeps moving. Notice all of the muscles of your face. To go even deeper relaxation. You notice that this energy shifting to the energy of a variety visualize a beautiful Indigo Rose opening and spinning evenly. Notice energy expansion. It will enhance your intuition. You are noticing your vibrations racing. You notice these energy turning purple and shifting to vanish. If your crown chakra visualize a beautiful grouping rows, opening and speeding even. Notice that this is the energy that connects you to spirit. Allow yourself to feel doing a few moments. How it is to be in a state of balance. Delay, call you back. Now. He is thanks to come home. Start to experience a fantastic day. Start to slowly move your toes, your feet, your lower legs. Go then with your upper legs, torso. Noticing the room around you, noticing your heartbeat, your breathing, noticing any possible noises outside. Realize you are when heel and your chakras are fully energies. Spinning an open evenly yourself to have a few moments here. You'll continue to heal until we continue Stine to go back to full consciousness. To start to get the most out of here nearly balanced chakras. Make sure WHO something next that it's connected to ground him. This will enable you to get the most out of your nearly balanced chakras. Going to find great significance by following this path. I'm going to count from one to three. When he reached offeree, you are going to be fully present. Fully block. Number one, starting, move your legs a little, your arms, your neck. Number to bringing consciousness into fully aware. Number three, wide, wide awake. Wide, wide awake. And when you're open and when you're ready, open your eyes and welcome home. 13. Class Project: Enhance your Chakras: For the class project, you're going to be doing the following two assignments. Firstly, please download the chakra guided meditation and find 30 minutes where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you take every single node that you find them, how you are feeling great now, before you take this meditation, take them to observe how you feel overall and higher chakras field. Then follow up by enjoined imitation. Upon completing the meditation, go back to check how you see yourself and your chakras right after and take clear notes from that partner on your new is take off balance. Secondly, you can focus on one specific chaperone. And you may do the second exercise at another time. You are going to focus on working and expanding his chakra. As you know, this one will be a matter of 20 minutes, but are they today thing? So with everything that you have for learning class is start developing your chosen chakra and make sure to journal your progress and to feel free to share with other students if you're feeling claimed. So that way you can give reciprocal support back and forth to each other. Heavy work. 14. Class 12: Thank you: Hey, hey folks. So we have reached to the end. I always like to show my gratitude. I really value the fact that you have been here with me. I am very grateful that you have been following me. It's been a pleasure teaching for you, bringing this to you. And I hope you can learn loads from your chakras and you can massively improve your life. I went to remind you, you can go ahead and send me any questions you may need, okay. If something came to your mind that you are not clear because Ultram these questions, future bonus glasses are going to come. I loved to keep the classes on growing and becoming more complete. New classes are going to be added. So make sure to stay tuned. Okay. I also have or their classes and you can check out if you want. And I was have a special coupons for my students. So I hope you have enjoyed this class loads and you get your chakras to the next level as well as your life. See you in next course. 15. Guided Meditation Collection: 28 - Projecting a fantastic day: For this notation, we're going to set the intention for the start of a magnificent today. So make sure to get in a comfortable position. Slowly. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. For every time you inhale. You realize that that great sense of peace starts to completely fill up your beam. As you exhale. You notice that you are letting go of everything no longer belongs to you. Now. Take a deep breath and visualize powerful light entering through your nose and going all the way to your lungs. Filling up your entire physical body. As you exhale. You can visualize that your awareness starts to connect with a very profound energy. This energy starts to fill up your feet, your legs, your knee, and your upper legs. Bringing them into a deeper state of relaxation. You feel this energy field SAP, stomach, empowering your confidence. Yourself dressed and your potential for success at his energy flows through your lower back. You notice that all concerns and challenges are yes, clear it away from your consciousness. Because you realize one thing. And you realize that you have already accomplished. As you find yourself in a state of relaxation, you realize that the time is not linear. And you're perceiving wonderful emotion and emotion that might come from the past, from the future. And this emotion each relate with professional success. With one of those moments that you have failed, value successful. And as you project this thought in your head, you notice that these fearful energy has reached your head, bringing it in a complete state of relaxation. But also empowering your vision. Did vary emotion. They're very successful moment that you are projecting. He says starting to become connected with the here. And now. You notice that you are predicting this wonderful energy on bringing out everything that no longer belongs to you. You feel contempt. As you are aware, that this is the right energy for you to hear. The right energy to materialize success. Like a fantastic start of the day today. You have started out wonderful motion, a motion for professional success and accomplishment. And this energy is within you, within your core. For others to perceive. You are now a magnet. To attract. Perfect. You only need to realize that these successful emotions are connected with a here, a coin with you throughout your day to day, helping you to get the most out from today. You'll notice a smile on your face. Big feelings of gratitude. I see you realized you're going to have a wonderful day. And now it's time for that day to get started. So you are going to take one last deep breath, inhaling this wonderful energy one more time. And if she wakes, you notice these very same. Successfully energy comes out from wishing. You realize you are a success. You attract abundance. You're going to have a fantastic day today. So gently, start moving your feet, your hands, your legs. Slowly moving to your right and wrong. When you're ready, open your eyes and enjoy a fantastic day. 16. Guided Meditation Collection: 36 - Visit the Moon: This meditation, we're going to completely let go and visit them on. So first, get comfortable. Let go. Of all your thoughts. Focusing on your breathing. Noticing how the year column C, E, and now. Now take a deep breath. And as you exhale, visualize that everything that does no longer belong to you, each been cleared away. And also notice that for every time you breathe, you go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Noticing your legs, very heavy and very relaxed. Noticing this relaxation, claiming two years tummy area through your torso, your arms and your back. Feeling the muscles of your face completely relaxed. To a point that you're Joe? Yes. Hanks. And make sure that your eyes are completely closed. If you haven't close them already. Continue observing your breathing. Noticing how you these connect more and more from reality. As it is for your own enjoyment is time for you. And as you let go, you notice as he started to float, a floating sensation. Remember, your physical body is resting safely. So you're only going to have profound enjoyment. Not loosing your relaxation. Deeply, deeply relaxed to enjoy. As you continue floating. You can observe your home, your neighborhood, and even your city. Slowly. You're going up and up, getting farther away from the noise of the city. And the VC newness of life. Find yourself now are both the clouds. And take a few moments to observe this beautiful world. Notice the piece. Notice the happiness. And notice how you continue to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. And you keep slowly lighting and levitating more and more, floating farther and farther away. And you notice how the sky is starts to reveal the beauty of space and stars. It's almost as it's getting to be night. We hire you, go to a point. You find yourself surrounded by a sea of stars. And you take a moment to look back and to observe the curvature of the earth. You're grateful because these blue planet is your home. You got a son and other blessing to be grateful for. As well as stars and the moon. You feel drawn to go to them. So you start to collide towards there. And your excitement grows. Not losing your relaxation. Deeply, deeply relaxed with approaching The Magnificent moon. And as you do, you land there. Take a moment to look around to observe the vast lands of the join. It's silence where you can let go of absolutely everything. Witnessed the air, and observe how beautiful it is. This is your home. And he may be calling you back. See this side is time to come back. So you start flying back to Earth. Gently entering the planet. Flying through a sea of clouds. Starting to observe your city or your neighborhood, your home, your body. You are now going to re-enter your body. Completely unwind it and completely renewed. Take a few moments to slowly stretch. Your hands and fingers. Your feet and toes. Gently moving your arms and your legs, your neck, lift and drag. Slowly filling your surroundings and feeling completely your physical body. And when you're ready. Welcome.