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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Lecture 1 intro


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      Lecture 2 user interface


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      Lecture 3 data insert


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      Lecture 4 tables


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      Lecture 5 sort find


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      Lecture 6 formatting


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      Lecture 7 formulas


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      Lecture 8 hyperlinks


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      Lecture 9 dropdowns


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      Lecture 10 input msgs


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      Lecture 11 objects


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      Lecture 12 image


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      Lecture 13 charts


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      Lecture 14 page breaks


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      Lecture 15 page layout


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      Lecture 16 freeze panes


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      Lecture 17 shortcut keys


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About This Class

This course is for the Excel starter or Excel users before 2016 version of Microsoft Products. Whether you are just starting with Excel, or even a retiree looking to advanced some computer skills, this course will get you up to speed on the basics of Microsoft Office Excel 2017. 

This is part one of a three-part course, as your progress from beginner to master.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ruann Van der Westhuizen

Microsoft Advanced User & TEFL Teacher

Level: Beginner

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1. Lecture 1 intro: hi and welcome to eggs, A 101 part when the beginner. This course is aimed at everyone who has no pry xar experience and want or need to learn how to use excel from the basics and more. This is part one off a three part course. Before you begin with the scores, please make sure you have a version off Microsoft Excel No order than 2016 installed on your operating system. You can get a 30 day trial from the Microsoft Online store. If you do not have excel yet, you can find a link in the external ing section for the Microsoft Online store page in this course Exile 101 The beginner will be looking at the following topics. First, we will look at the user interface and customizable settings. Then we head over to creating and manipulating data, using basic formulas in Excel, in sitting objects, images and how to create charts views within Excel. And lastly, we will look at shortcut keys and how to utilize the shortcut keys within excel. So when you have your ex already open it up and move on to the next election will jump right into it 2. Lecture 2 user interface: when you have eggs are open. Excel will open on default on this page with your recent open documents on the left and templates on the right and the 1st 1 selected is a blank workbook. Let's go ahead and open the blank workbook. Now, as you might have noticed, my excel might look a little bit different than yours. Yours might be more colorful and bright. I will show you a way to change that quickly. Go to file options under general, personalize your copy off Microsoft Office on the office theme on the drop down list. You have different colors. Yours probably looks like this. Okay, I and I like mine more dark. It works better for me on the eyes. So I'm just gonna make mine black again. All right, let's quickly run through what we have in front of us. Here in front of us. We have all the file options or the different menu options. We have home insert page layout formulas, data preview Do Eddins help team and this little blood pour beer you can use to ask anything. So let's say we don't know where is charts. You can just say start and it will give you everything to do of chart right there. So if you don't know where something is, just come there. And it also helps with some quick reference Sick. This a one is the active viewing cell. Which will be this if we go to, for example, see three. It was a sure see three. This is also known as the Formula Bar, but it will show any data within the active select itself. So let's put in the word data and it will show data. If there was a formula, it will view it will show the formula anything within that sour it will show in this bar here at the top, ABC, etcetera. We call them the column. Rose. These on the left I o Rose. We used these. So if I say we're working on e four, you know e column e row four at the bottom Young, you have your sheet name on a sheet One you can rename this by right clicking. Rename can create a new sheet, but just clicking this plus Biden so familiar myself. My familiarize yourself were fake with everything within excel and we will continue in the next exercise the next lecture about how to insert and manipulate data 3. Lecture 3 data insert: OK, now it's time to add some data into our excel. Not to add data is very easy in Excel, or you need to do is just wherever your active, self selected you can just start typing and it will add the data. So let's start yet a one. And let's think about some data we want to do. What do we want to collect? Let's say we want Teoh. Put one to collect some data on what we have spent. When we buy things, let's say, for example, when we buy things online specifically, so what will we look at? They will look at the date. So let's make some date. Uh, what did we buy? So let's say item, how much did the item cost? Cost? Andi, where did we buy this item on? When was it delivered? So let's say delivered because remember, we said we're buying online, so Oh, Manami, want to put in a header on top of this? No worries. You don't have to delete us just right. Click on one and you can say incident or another place. You can do this. You can go to to insert inside a cell. Then it would insert cell above your select itself. So here we say online purchases. Perch says, And we want to have this across all of these headings. So we select all these cells and we can go to merge and center, and it will merge. Center all those rows and columns together. It is in the middle case, so we can just leave it like that. Now we can add some data. What date did we buy? Something. Let's say we started on 1 January 2018. What did we buy? We bought a jacket online. It cost us for example 200. Wait. Did we buy it? Huh? Whatever online store you want? Ah, I can't think of an online store right now where you can add So you can't remember which one it waas do you say? Not available. Delivered. It was delivered on 10. January 2018. The second item we board was in February 4 February 18. What did we buy? We bought some shoes that Constance 50 and we bought that on Amazon and it was delivered on Let's say 25. Okay. Then report another item on much 15 March. What did we buy? We bought a laptop because those 2000 and we bought that on. Let's also say Amazon and it was delivered five days later. 20 much. Okay, now we get to today's date. Let's put today's date on. What did we buy we bought? We bought Cem. So we bought a place PS four. I'm not exactly sure the price of a peace force of the moments. I'm just gonna put in the random price. Let's say 3000 and we also bought that from Amazon. But it's not J delivered, so we would just leave that blank. Uh, let's also make this blank if we don't know this site name, All right, so now we have our data. And let's look at how we can manipulate this data. So now we already see day item cost where delivered, but let's make just center. We want our dates to be bold and oh cost. We want to format into currency, so let's hear is under number on the home tab you can hear is the currency tab. You can just other go day and choose currency, or you can click on the dollar sign. It has some prefigured prefigured currencies already so you can just click on it and it will make it some currency. This can you stay with is And this date we will leave instead as well. We said we'll look at some more for mating later on. How you can format your dates to a more precise way you want it. And also new miracle formatting. Four numbers. So after you've created a table, you can create any table you want. Uh oh. Actually not get it. It which is any data you want to inside. You can create any data you want, or you can follow my example. And in the next exercise, I'll show you how to create a table on how to use the table. 4. Lecture 4 tables: Now we have all this data here, but we can't really do anything with it. You can, but you have to do everything manually. So in order to make this into a table that you can actually automatically work of data and exile will keep all the roads together. As you work of the data is to create a table so you can select oil or yourselves of data Goto incident and click table. Now important to remember to activate my table has hitters because we know our table has hitters date at him cost where delivered or our hitters. Otherwise, it will make it part of the table. That means you show you what will happen if we do not. We untech this so it will put it in as part off the actual data. But it is not bottom there. These are power hitters, so that's just controls it. And let's do this again. Create table. My head has tables checked. Yes, and click. OK, now you can see date item cost way. Deliver it Now the fun thing about tables or I can select us. I can go date and I can choose orders to newest. It's already olders by newest or newest two orders, and it will swap the data around, organized the data as it is correctly. Now we can go. And just if you just hit Tab, it will create a new a new data field. So let's say this was done on 1 February we bought a hat because that's five. Uh, we it said Biddle by Onda It's not get delivered, so we don't know. Okay, so now you see a but now one favorites not in order or you do is just go click Sort newest to oldest, and it will automatically at February where it should be Now you can also go here by name. If you want to go, I sort a to Z. They will put it alphabetically. Cost smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Let's see, what was the most expensive item that was appears for Where did we buy you? Consort by name and delivered which ones were delivered first. You can see all these states. So these are all the Hendy things you can do. If a table you can also change the style off your table here. I can just go click on it, and it will change your style off the table. You can say total row as well. Then it will automatically add at everything for you. LOST COLUMN First column, Banded columns. I usually just keep it on the way the D forties, unless you really need to customize it, which will get later on in course. Three. We'll look at really customizing tables on how to internalize different tables with one another to communicate and actually draw. Create a new table from multiple tables with data, but for now, just create your table. Play around with some of the data sittings you can also, so let's just I just quickly want assure you. So let's add another fueled 1 February hat. $5 little by no, you realize Oh, no, we added two duplicates, or if you have a lot of data, you don't always see where the duplicate data are. So what you can do is you can just click your under design, even your in your table. You have to click on your table, then you have here at the top design. Then you can click here under tools. Click remove duplicates, and it will ask you which data you want to look at. Tell it all and it will look for and it will tell you one duplicate values found and removed. Five UNIX values remain. Just click OK, and it is gone. Now You have a valid table. Get off. No duplicates and all the correct data unique. So let's continue to the next lecture. 5. Lecture 5 sort find: Now that we have all data table here, how are you sure you have to sort oldest to newest. Largest to smallest off a basically on all that. Now we're gonna look at how to find data. Sometimes you have a big table or a lot of data in your exhaust spreadsheet. It can be difficult to find some data. Even if you start sorting your data, it can still be difficult. So let's go look at if you go to your home home option, you will see on the right editing, find and select. Click on finding, Select and click Find. Now you want to find anything that has the value off five in it. So just say five and say find next and it will show you where that value is so next. That's also got a five minute that also has a five minute and that anything that has a five minute will be found. You can also say find or and it will show you it will give you a list year off all the different values. And if you go click on them, it won't go to it will highlight in the worksheet the different cells. Let's say we want everything with a 20. It will not find anything because there's no 20. It's good to find all. Now we see a lot more. A lot more data. We see twos find next days of to There's a 2018 18 18 4020 everything that has anything with a two in it, it will find so you can. Also a shortcut key is control F, and it will also give you the find. So let's look at replace so we want to find we want to find, for example, find jacket and we want to replace jacket with coat. So maybe you have a big table with a lot off the same values, and you want to change that. But instead of going through every sour and changing it manually, go to finding replace on and we'll sure and it would change, or everything with that exact match to coat. So let's say find all it shows you there's one replace and they changed jacket to coat. Let's change hat to what will we do this? Ah, to cap replace way made one Replacements head has changed to cap, so you can do that when you have a lot of tables. Youth, you have small tables like this is not necessary. It's gonna be easier just to go and change this to something else. Shoes Laptop can be changed to desktop instead of going to find. It's just gonna take longer like that. But if you have a big table in a lot of data, which we get later on, you will see how handy that will be. So when you really play around for finding, select, replace a little few things and when you're ready to move on who go to the next lecture? 6. Lecture 6 formatting: So I mentioned earlier about South formatting. So you we looking a bit mawr self formatting options in You're her menu, for example, Let's look at date. We want to change the date to look differently. As you can see, we already have two different date for months yet, but you wanted to have it a specific form it. So right now it's on custom. We can all make it short date, which will be 11 2018. So you click on that. It would change all the dates to short date. A long date will include the day, the month and here in full. As you can see, there will tell you exactly which dated Waas. But let's say we don't want everything like that. We want to have a custom. You can click on on the drop down and save more number formats, and it will open up, perform at cells being here under on the left category, go on custom. They are a lot off prefigured custom options. You can go choose from, for example, day month. Here, Wade will display the day is a sample 1 January 2018 as what was the default when you put in the date here. Also we have. You can put the hour of minutes as well. If you know the minutes. If you need the minutes, you can also do that. Ah, the most popular one I like to use is just a short date or short date or the long date, depending on those. I usually like to use them both. This one is, for me a little bit better than I can actually pinpoint. Say okay Monday. They don't ship over weekends, so I know if it's a seven days, it will only be next the next Tuesday. If it was done on the Monday go Saturday and Sunday, do not count instead of looking at the calendar and having to go to the calendar, then there's other for mating as well. Like your currency, you can keep your currency as default as it is, or you can change to any currency. You want to do that you can also go on. You can click on that, and they hear you have a whole job done off all the different currencies they are, and you can also change the decimal places. Let's say we don't want day. So more places. So we just make it zero and it will show like that. So let's change this to which other currency you ever want. Let's go change this to so every can rent and it will keep everything the same but just changed the symbol off the currency. It's paper. Put it back to dollar. So this data's well. We see also two different dates. You can select this whole cell whole column and you can go just select long date. Oh, but now it's doing that because the information does not fit in this column with or you can do is just good. If it makes to Arabs on there, just double click, and it will automatically size the columns for you. There are a lot of a lot of different, uh four meaning you can do here. We will look at them later on in the next course is how do we look at more advanced formatting cells you can also form. It sells, for example. You can say I want to make this $5 quite cheap. I want to mark everything that's below $100 for for example, Good. That's a good price. That one was expensive, so I want to make it bad so you can also change the under styles. They are presets styles that you can choose from whichever star you want. If you want to have some different colors, you can go play a round of those. But for the most part, the default will usually work. The default options were usually work, so when you're ready to go on to the next, we will move on to the next lectures. 7. Lecture 7 formulas: in this lecture, we will look at how to insert some basic formulas. Now they are, ah, whole list off formulas in excel you can use. But for this lecture, we will only look at two. Formula is the most common formulas used in Excel, and they are the total sum off any value and the average off those values. Now they are a few different ways. You can see the total sum and average our values. You select in a few different ways. You can insert the formula into that cell, so let's start with first by selecting Let's go to our table. As you can see, I added some more data on myself just to make it a little bit, just to give it some more body. And let's see what happens if I select everything in the cost column. So I selected everything in the cost column here at the bottom, you can see it gives me the average off selected, sells the count off the selected cells that contains data, and this some off selected south. Now there I can see, but I want to put this some way so I don't always have to select the data just somewhere where I can view it. All right, so let's look at the one way we can do this. Let's add the total son. So the first way we can do it is click on Oh, to some. Then it will automatically add the formula for you. Hugest nearly. Go select your data range, which will be Yeah, and all you need to do is enter. Okay, let's look now let's at the average. Another way we can add formula is next to the formula bar you days a little FX inside function. Click on that and it will give you here. You will see off a different formulas you can choose from, but let's go to most recently used and let's select average click OK, and it adds the formula for you. Now it's asking you the range right now. The range we went is not J to NJ full. We went so delete that we want this to be the range the table cost column and just click OK and we'll give you the cost. So let's look it. The other way we can add is all you do is in your active cell just praise equal. And if you know what the formula the formula is, you can just say some tab. Select your terra range and press enter. Yeah, average equals Ridge tab. Select your data range. Go now. The nice thing about this is that we also have a table, is also why it's quite handed to have a table. If you going to add a new row off data, it will automatically add to this. So let's see what happens. If I'm not gonna insert anything there. Let's just say we add another $20. Yet it will automatically add the $20 to your total some, and it will work out a new average, which includes your $20 gives you the new average. And so you can do that. Every every new data you insert into the specific table, which we know is Table two will be calculated into the new formulas or into the formulas that you have active in yourself. All right, in the next. In the next lecture will look at how to add ah hyperlink so you can go from different places within excel without having to leave excel. So when you're ready for that, go ahead to the next late general would do some happenings 8. Lecture 8 hyperlinks: Now we're looking at how to insert hyperlinks in your excel. High peelings can be very handy if you want to open up new way pages within your excel, open up even new Excel spreadsheets and go to different places within the same excel workbook As you can see, I deleted average and total some here I copied and pasted into a new sheet sheet one and she to the new sheet. I copied it in there because one of the happenings are will be creating to show you how to do is go from one place in exile to another place. For example, go from sheet 12 sheet, too, without having to click down there. You just click on the hyperlink, and it would take you to wherever the spreadsheet is. All right. The 1st 1 would do is to add a webpage to the word Amazon. So every time you click on Amazon and will open up the webpage for you, so kick on your table. They know your cell with the data in it, go to insert links. You can either click on link itself and open. They had already seized I. It has the new link, but we will create a new one, So just click on the Link icon. Now you have to put in the website address swifter https. Otherwise, it's gonna try and look it up as a file on your hard drive. So let's just put that in there. Https. Start forward slash forward slash and the website as it as you see it in your browser. Just copy that and paste it in the So now all you do is click. OK, now you will see it highlighted as blue and underlined it. So now if you cross over it, it will give you a hand icon. Click wants to follow, click and hold to select the South. So let's see what happens when I click it. And there we go. There is Amazon Open case. Let's just close that now. The other one I want to do is I want to see all my total spins, but I don't want it on the same sheet. So let's say here, let's create new debt out. Sees total Spain. Okay, now I want to when I click on this so it goes to shoot two for me. So let's a link you can say place in this document and there you will see all the different . What different data with in your Excel spreadsheet. So we wanted to go to sheet to And you can even type the cell reference so we can even say we wanted to go to Let's first go look way exactly. We wanted to go she to a one. Let's just move this to So it is G four. I want to make it go to G four Link, Placing the stock human sheet to I wanted to go to G four Click. OK, now, look what happens if you click on it takes you to G four on a sheet to someone's. You have 50 sheets and you don't want to go each one and then clicks. You just create a hyperlink, and it would take you to that specific data that you want and you have your data selected. So let's say we actually wanted to see h four because I want to see Turtle spend. Let's go there. Let's make it age four. Now if I click on it, it will immediately show me they're right. So I want the right information. I want to see. I want to see the average spend average spend. Let's they What? So is that that is hh seven. Create a hyperlink for she too. H seven. Let's see what happens. X seven day we go. It shows me the average being immediately so I don't have to go look around in this feud where the data is it is that it is the highlight itself. 9. Lecture 9 dropdowns: Now let's look at how to create a drop down list with in exhaust so that you can just like that, instead of having to type or the data out every time. This usually only works if you have previously pre defined data and only pre selected options available. For example, if you know you are only going to buy at Amazon and Alibaba or H A. H and M, you go created drop down list so you can choose from. So first of all, what we want to do is create a new sheet worth their data in. So let's create new sheet, she three. Let's just move that they and how to move is you just click on it and drag. Let's rename this to where? Okay, sir, you can either create a table or you can just put in the data as you want. So let's say Amazon Hey, Barbara and H and M all right. All you needed to is just leave it like that. Now you go to sheet one and we want to have a drop down list here. So in your table in this column, you can use the 1st 1 go to data and hereby, data tools. You will see a chick and know it almost looks like a no entry sign says data validation. Or you can search your data validation and it will give you data validation. Click on that and this box will open. So here you will say validation criteria allow list. So keep ignore blank and inside. Drop down available. So you're sorts. Now you need to go select your source. Click in source, then click on your shoot Where? So now it shows it References to the sheet. Where now you need to select the data range within their sheet. We just going to select a one? A two a three. I'm click. Okay. And there you have it. So, do you have Amazon, Ellie Baber edging him? So now I bought the jacket at H and M. Ah. But now I also wanted to have here. So you can do is you can just click and drag that and you will have all the data there. I bought this at Amazon. Kurt was H and M cap shoes. Headphones. I bought Alibaba giving mouse. Let's Amazon desktop. Also Amazon. This when I bought bye bye B is for and no, there's your data. So even when we inserted a new data this to me just quickly assure you, let's say we bought something for $500 we bought it at Agent M. Now, if we go looking a total spent, it would have added this 500 with Do you remember about 6000 and 30. Now we have 6530 it calculated the new average for us. So now we want to go back. Let's quickly just create a hyperlink to go back to the first sheet. Lett's go come insert link in this page. I want to go back to sheet one and text to display. Let's just say sheet one and click on it. Now we're back where we were. 10. Lecture 10 input msgs: Now let's look hard to add some warning labels and also how to stop entries so you don't have invalid entries. For example, let's use cost. For example. We do not want to have any zeros within our cost. That just doesn't make sense. Right? All right. So if we want to make sure that we do inside the right value or not miss that value, we can tell exalt the moment it picks up any value less than $1 it will give me a message saying it cannot accept that value. I need you re check my data. So first thing we want to do is click on with the arrow down. So it's late cost. Then we go to data and data validation again. So first thing we need to do is we need to set the para meters or the rule for exile to follow validation criteria, we will allow Ah, whole number. Data needs to be greater than minimum one. Okay, well, I'll actually, it's minimum. Is one all right? You can put in a warning message, for example. Let's say yeah, price check. Be sure. Do Jake the item. Price item prices. I cannot be less than one, all right, and we want to put in an era alert so you can choose your show in load often. Validators insert So you can say style, Stop warning or information. It just shows you a different way. So let's make it stop. Title again will make it a price check or let's make it invalid price. Valid press price cannot be zero. All right, so that's Jake. Yes, Horn number Greater than zero. Ignore Blank. You can take this off, so let's see what happens. Okay, let's leave that on first. Now click. Ok, so now you can see moment. You hold, you go over cost. It will see project. Be sure you checked out the price. Adam. Prices cannot be less than zero. So let's say I accidentally added zero. Let's see what's gonna happen. It's gonna tell me Invalid price press cannot be zero Retry. One price cannot be zero one. All right, let's go see what is wrong. They go data minimum greater than it must be greater than zero. Okay, let's say if we ignore blank, see what happens then. Then we show you price. It would just give you that green triangle. It will display that you also have this warning sign that says there's some invalid data in that cell, but it won't give you a pop up menu. So even if I say zero, if I leave it blank, all right, so that is what will happen when you do that. And you can go do that with any sort off. Like if you have a specific cell or specific data you need to India. You can tell Excel, too, which data it will allow in that cell and also give a message to say only this type of data will be allowed and an error lit if someone put in the wrong type of data. 11. Lecture 11 objects: Okay. Now we will look at how to insert some objects and icons. So in Excel, open up. Insert. Now here you have under illustrations next to tables. You will see there bunch of options, pictures, online pictures, shapes, icons and you will have freely modeling as well. But for this course, we will only look at shapes, icons and pictures. For now, in this lecture will look at shapes and icons, so let's see what all the pre programmed shapes and default shapes we have. We have quite a bunch, so you can choose any object from here. Incident. Let's inside the smiley. Just click on it and click on your Excel, and you can click and drag, and it will make it this size. Once you have it in there, you will see at the top. Is your drawing tours in your format. You can change the size here on the far right to see size. Let's just make it equal. There we go and you can change how it looks as well. Let's make it a yellow face. It's given, uh, shadowy. There we go. That has a shudder, and you can basically do anything with this object within exalt another objects we can add . Let's go back to insert icons or you can use click on I Constant will connect to the Internet to the Microsoft store, where you have some free icons you can choose from. It is Wait for tonight. There we go. And here you have your different topics. So let's say we want commis. We want Ah, let's take there basket. We want the basket. And how about the money? I can't see. They are selected. We just say, Insert a weaker. Now we can click and drag and we can move it. Let's put this under for a pair and you're shopping. Put it under. Okay, just click and drag on the icons, and it will resize them. When you have the icon, click on one of these circles and you could war resize them for you. You again. You can also change the color off them can make it blue. Make this one red you go and it's very customizable what you can do. An excellent So it's basically actually limitless or play around with that. See what I could as you want to add. Like I say, we're not gonna touch onto three D modeling smart objects will look at in in course number to which the bed more advanced. So that's just that for shapes or your different cremate shapes, you can insert and icons, and in the next lecture we will look at how to insert some pictures and how to use online pictures. 12. Lecture 12 image: Now let's look at how to add pictures from your local hard drive or pictures from the Microsoft Online. So let's started looking at pictures from your computer. Go to incident, click on pictures. This icon here and it will open up your local computer hard drive so you can direct to. Anyway. Your pictures are saved that you want to add. In my case, I have my picture right here, and I'll just click on it and say, Insert And it will put it into my ex RC. Let's just resize that to make it a bit smaller, and I would just put that on the right there. I'll just leave that they will make the smiley face a little bit smaller. Put that under there, and we'll just leave it like that. All right, so as well as picture you can also do for Mets. You can have you conform at different ways. You want to see the picture and picture styles for this? I will make it like that. Let's put some nice, soft aging. You can also add other artistic features to it. If you really want, I'm just going to keep it like that. They're quite a lot of features you can do. And so let's look at what the online pictures also go back to innocents online pictures. And it will automatically open up like a Web browser type effect within Excel. And it uses Bing as its local search engine, so you can use any of these images it gives you here. Also, if you have a one drive account, you can link your one drive account and choose images from within your one drive account. If you don't want to use online pictures or your pictures are not saved on your computer. So let's see if we type in exile. What pictures we get. I think so. I see it is busy thinking of There we go. Let's at icon Ah, let's add this one inside that on D Day we go. They is the icon. This photo by unknown artist Okay, so we just add that Let's just leave it there. I'm just gonna leave that day on. We can delete this. We don't need that again. Also, you can for matters, there are a lot of features you can do within excel, and pictures like this is like a PNG top thing. Ah, let's see if we actually add a photo. Let's add one of these photos. Let's just add the plane. It gives us more options. Let's at their one inside, see what happens. Where is my plane? Gate was just a bit slow. Night's gonna download the picture, and they we have our picture or surges. Resize it. And there you have it. You can add basically any picture you confined. I'm just gonna delete this. So right when you really go onto the next lecture, play around of some pictures at some pictures, See if you want to add some pictures to your spreadsheet. If not, just delete them and move on. All right, I'll see you in the next lecture. 13. Lecture 13 charts: Now let's add some charts to our eggs. Are she? As you can see, eye to lead that the images and also the icons just for my own reference as I'm gonna be. Put it in the charts A right here I will be copying and pasting the charts from the new sheets. All right. First thing you need to do is select the data you need. So we want to work from this table. So I'm just gonna select anywhere on the table and go to insert recommended charts. And it will give you already it will analyze your data for you and give you recommended. Charged so two of them will look at is some off cost by way and count off item by way. So let's just click on some of cost. It will show you Alabama Amazon ancient M, and it was sure the some off costumes spend this year. We can clearly see Amazon. We spend the most money at instead of having to check the whole table. So let's select it and click. OK, and we'll it will create a new worksheet with that chart for you and all you can do to move it is just you can just control X, go back to shed one and pasted in there so we can just leave it there. Now let's add the other table as well. Go back to insert recommended charts. Let's go add the count off item by way. Here we can see Amazon and H and M or pretty equal with the amount off items were bought. Alabama we have not. I bought so much and you can also see in reference to your some of cost. You have not been spending much of Alibaba, so let's just also inside their one again control X and let's copy it back into sheet one. And now you have your table and you can see you're your charts there for quick referencing and to see your data. 14. Lecture 14 page breaks: Now let's have a look at page breaks. It is exactly what I say is it's gonna show you Weigh the page breaks from Page one to page to Page three and so on. So, Dave, you away your pages break, Let's go to view And here on the top left work. Big views Click on page Break Preview. Now there. We can already see this Page one and there's Page two. So that's how it's gonna print. So let me just show you. If we say control P, it's going to print like that. This Page one, there's Page two. No matter. Even if you go on landscape, its door gonna print like that. But we want everything on one page. So let's go back or you need to do is just on this dotted line you can move it any way you want. Let's just move it to all the way to the end. And there you go. Everything's on page one. So let's see what happens when we go to Oh, there we go. Everything is on one page now as easy as that. So every time you want to print something, just come check your page break preview first before you print. Otherwise, you might print a bunch of pages with just one line of data. 15. Lecture 15 page layout: no. How about page layout? So let's look at the different page lights. Now you can set up your page loud. Firstly, what you can do is go to page layout at the top menu, and yet at the bottom you will see three different icons. Click the middle one, which will show you the current page layout instead off the normal view. So let's click on that now. Here we can see our page layout. We know it is landscape, so let's change that. See what happens if we change this to portrait now out. Our Excel spreadsheet is important, but we don't want. Unfortunately, take it back to landscape. You can change the size of your borders from your margins. Now it is a normal. If you make it wide, will be even smaller. Narrow. It will be quite small on the sides. You can change your page size here. Let's make it a four, and you can also put in customs custom pages. If you would like, you can change everything and you have paper size margins. You can if you need to specify specifically what margins you can go on. May you have your sheep print area grid lines, black and white. Does all these different settings will look at more advanced in, lecture to and lecture three. So I mean, course three and course to All right. You can also add background images to your page loud. We're not going to look into that so you can also view your grid lights, or you can take away your headings. You can make it printable or non printable. So if I have to say print, it is going to print you say control P, it will print the more grid lines within the active sheet. Let's just take that offers. Go back to print now. There are no active sheets. All right, so when you're ready, move on to the next lecture. 16. Lecture 16 freeze panes: Here's a little quick nifty to for you to use in extra, especially if you have big sheets of a lot of data and you have to scroll down on off a lot of columns, and you might not always remember which data is in which column, especially for a work of a bunch of numbers. So to be able to see the top of your spreadsheet without having to scroll over way to the top again, even when scrolling down is called the Freeze Panes option. Now, this is a really, really quick and easy to do, or you need to do is you just need to go and stay. Put yourself under what data you want to be frozen. So as you can see myself is currently just under date, they under the headings off the table and I will go under view in the window tab. Our press freeze panes that you have free options that you can see. It has a freeze Top row off freeze! First column. Now we don't want to freeze the top row cause the top row is just online purchases. So we want to frieze just under vet, So we gonna put way out. Costa is right now, which is gonna say freeze panes and you will see this. A little line it will create right through your spreadsheets so you can actually see which where it is frozen. No. See what happens when I scroll down? See, it keeps your heading writers. So you can always know in this column is the item. There's column cost and so forth. Now, if you want to unfreeze it, you just go back there and just unfreeze panes. Now let me show you what happens if I put it, for example, on jacket. It will freeze the first column and the 1st 2 rows. Let's say freeze panes again. You can see the two lines. It's got a line, they indicating freezing and align the indicating freezing. Now if I scroll down and we'll keep that any if I scroll this way to the right, it will keep that column open. 17. Lecture 17 shortcut keys: all right, here we are at our last lecture. Off course one. You've made it through course one. So hopefully by now you can use Excel for the basic tools it has. And if you continue, of course, through you will learn some more advanced options. All right, But now let's look how to how to use the short car keys. Now they are a lot of short khakis, and you don't always going to remember them. Or if you can, you can download them and you can study them off heart and learn all of them so you can say them closed eyes. But there's a very easy way in exile way you can see shortcut keys within Excel. So far, projects press out, and it would change. I just need to be in Excel out, and it will show you the different keys, as you can see in the menu to have everything. Exchange has been giving numbers and letters so this you can use your keyboard to navigate through the menus. So let's go to I want to go home. I just press em and it will keep everything open for you. So or you have to do is if I want to make that bold Right now, I just praise one, and the jacket is bold. Another way to unbolt this or make it boat is with control. Be control, be control. Be all right. So let's praise out again. Now let's go to We want to go to view pres W Now I want to take grid lines off. As you can see, it says V G or you do is V. G and grid lines off. Let's go back to vote W V G. Grid lines are back. So just press boat. Look what it says on the screen where you want to go. I want to go home and I want to copy. So I just say, See, I want a copy and I can go Let's move over here. I don't h I want to paste. So I want to praise be and now it's going to show you all the different options. I just want normal pace. I'm just gonna press Pete. There we go. And so you can use that to navigate through Excel without a mouse? No. Like I said, they all learned a bunch of other shortcut keys which you can find online. I'm not going to make a whole list. There are too many off them, so but within exile, this is very handy. Just to press ought later on. If used them a lot, you will quickly. No, you know your way around. And which keys to press to get your shortcuts you want and quick access to items.