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Design your first videogame characters with Inkscape!

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Design your game characters with Inkscape!


    • 2.

      Before you start- a few words about this class


    • 3.

      Warming up: Let's draw a sword and a shield


    • 4.

      What makes a character?


    • 5.

      My proven design process is...


    • 6.

      Why is sketching sooo important?


    • 7.

      Get inspired!


    • 8.

      Color theory in Character Design


    • 9.

      The basics of characters proportions


    • 10.

      Cute robot character blueprint


    • 11.

      Animation in Inkscape - Part 1.


    • 12.

      Animation in Inkscape - Part 2.


    • 13.

      Ninja character blueprint


    • 14.

      Skeleton warrior blueprint


    • 15.

      RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 1.


    • 16.

      RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 2.


    • 17.

      RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 3.


    • 18.

      How to think with modular characters!


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About This Class

What makes a good game?

A good game needs a great story. It needs nice overall graphics. Engaging gameplay. 

And it also needs well designed characters!

This course is exactly about that! When you are developing your own game, and you are not a designer, you will find creating a hero for your game challenging! 

During the course we learn

  • the theory of character design

  • what makes a good character

  • my 6 step character design method

  • to create a character sheet

  • to prepare our characters for animation

  • to animate our characters 

And we will do all this in Inkscape, this epic free software! It is a very versatile vector tool, which makes designing characters much more easier and faster! Get in on!

Apart of the above, I will share character blueprints with you! These are showing how I design a character with Inkscape from scratch. We practice different skills with each character. We create character sheet from one, and basic animation from the other.

I will also share tips and tricks in the course. In these short lessons I usually want to help you to work faster and create better designed figures.

I am here to teach. When you ask me, I will help and will find a solution to your problem the best I can! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Design your game characters with Inkscape!: what makes a good game. Great story, amazing graphics and engaging gameplay and to have an amazing character. If you're developing your own game and you're not a designer, you might need some help in death. But that's why I am here. My name is just one sip on illustrator and graphic designer and the main program I uses escape. It's an amazing free software we will use during the course to create our characters. I will talk a lot about the theory of character design. Show you How am I doing it and how I decided. Size of characters. How am I doing animations and we will learn all these things together. A part of these. I will draw several characters, and we will develop our skills and escape together to create the characters we need for our games. With these character blueprints, you will be able to create a void. Your ninja robot skeleton warrior, etcetera, etcetera, Ivlow. So share a lot of tips n tricks and constantly I will add new character blueprints, and I will update the course. So come and join me in the character design course and learn what you need to know about character design, reading, escape, create the character your game deserves. See you in the course 2. Before you start- a few words about this class: Welcome to my game design course. You can take this course two different ways. You can follow my work step by step and copy exactly what I do and in this way learning what I do in escape and how I designed characters and or in the meantime, you can create your own character in the very beginning and use all the methods and tips n tricks. You learn from me on that very character, so on the end of the course, you will have one developed character. Both methods off Working with discourse are fine. It depends how you would like to learn how you would like to experience the course and what is your main goal. I will give you several exercises during the course. First, I will ask you to create characters. I would throw ninja Agudo skeleton, robot, etcetera, etcetera. I would like you to draw your own character or copy these characters and learned the basics , using off colors, using off proportions, everything. I talk about the theory part off the course in the warrior lessons. I am showing you how toe develop a warrior and how to create a character sheet. I would like you to draw a character sheet for your very own character or for any other character you are also creating during the course. So, for example, for the warrior, we create the character she together. But for the ninja, we don't. I hope you will understand how to do it and create a character sheet for the ninja character as well, turning it front and back and left and right, or do it for the robot or the skeleton. The main point is to learn how to create a perfect character sheet for your game character . And lastly, I would show a bit about how I create simple animations in escape and how I exported the spreadsheet. I do that in the robot part off the lessons, and you should do it for any other character. Do it would voyeur for the ninja, for the skeleton or your very own character. It doesn't matter. Just try to learn and try to imitate what I do there to using escaped the maximum. That's it. Let's have a bit of warmer. Let's throw a bit and then we go into creating characters 3. Warming up: Let's draw a sword and a shield: in this lesson I will go to simple game elements which are characters were need a sworn and the shield day This lesson has a warm up You will see how I teach you See also how you can draw They gave us a test as well. If your skills and escape are not enough to follow how I drove then I suppose you work a bit more on escape This is not the beginner scores so you should work a bit and practice a bit more inning escape so you can create the best characters for your game You can So let's start See how you cope first they're gonna make this year is just a simple circle shield Gonna be gray on the edge They controlled the I duplicate I make the inner part and this will be replicated again and turned into brown And this is the food in part of the shield. Now I duplicated again and Tony darker, duplicated again Turn it orange. So I see the difference. I pulled this on a part and no, it's shift. Click and control minus. I create this shape. So I give this part on the outside. I give it thickness with the Grady into I make it from Long Gray going into the other very slightly. And also I duplicated again the inner circle and read again the Grady Int, I said, like the radio Grady Int to create a circle or Grady in it. It can be even darker. She have control f to pull out the feeling stroke window and make it a tiny bit darker now . Great. And I just need to show that this is rude planks and not one piece of wood. So I'm gonna make some stripes in. It can be the same dark color replicated can be even a bit thicker just for the fun, just to make it different. Okay, not that much. No, I imagine is together with control plus or path Union move that controlled the on the bright brown the shift click. Select both of them and go to bar intersection. Done. Now we just page down. I put it behind. This can be a bit smaller. Verify? No, I have my shield. It was very simple, wasn't it? During the course, I will explain every time what I do. If I make mistakes, I will correct them on the fly and you will learn the whole process off, how to draw and also learn the keystrokes I'm using. I will announce them every time. And if you have a question, just ask. I really help in the course the shift control see transformed this into Ah, Bob, I other note, pull this node up. Will this separate bit wider and then would ease up can be a bit thinner. This is the blade. No, for the handle with the shift control a eye opening the airline and distribute window and the handle I pulled down. I duplicated Flip it horizontally it holding control You can sleep everything with control So I just turned it, rotated it with given degrees The fact handle can come down and I give it a puma. Great. Now use the color picker eyedropper toe to make it great. And I make a one part I duplicated and I do the path intersection thing And trump are gonna be darker. The Ark Er yes. So this side is a lighter and decide is darker gate And I doesn't have to be destined Debt dark. Fine. Okay. And I asked some shines one square, other square. I matched them together. It controlled. Plus make it a bit more doll. It's too pointy. I can select objects together and pull them down. But in fact now coming back to the shine going through a d again and control Asterix, which is intersection. And no, I have the sword and I have the shield bit smaller. That's it. I hope it was not heavy. And I hope you can continue. And you like how I teach. If you have any questions, please ask if you need more elements than drove. If you need to learn more about escape than catch up, redoing escape knowledge and then come back and continue discourse. If you did what I was doing here, perfect, then let's go on and draw characters we want. 4. What makes a character?: I was thinking very hard on how to define a good game character, and I came up with a simple four point list, which you can use whenever you are designing a character. When you have an idea and you create your first sketches off that idea, you can use this to measure. How good is your game character? This is a great measurement tool I'm giving you now. So the first and I think the most important for to the character has to be that it's simple . It can have details, but its simplicity is not boring. Simplicity means that you remove everything, which is unnecessary, and what you keep there is highly functional. But still, it's very, very simple. Simplicity helps you in mobile game design for sure. If I have my tiny robot here and size him down for mobile using, it's still visible. He's a robot cute game. He can jump around in a platform game. You can swing his arm and go on his big quest. I can see everything still, simplicity also have to. The other thing is animation. You can only make the symbol character. Yeah, simply you just pick the parts and move them aside. We'll talk about in the animation lesson. So simplicity is one of the key elements of a good game character. I think the next one, He's functionality, functionality. It means two things for me, a game character has to express clearly. What is his function? Why is he there? I look at this guy and I know he's a warrior with a sword, and I don't expect him to shoot lasers out of his eyes. OK, that would be a cool game still. But I look at him and I know that he is. Function is cutting down enemies with this sword. He is a short range warrior, and he's big. He's buffed. I know he's a tank. He will go through his enemies, and it's good for a heck and slash game. So the form is following the function. It's an old rule, and this is my second rule. Also for character design, the function has to be there, also again, animation. For me, a game character has to be animated. If I create his arm in a way that it cannot be animated, you cannot be moved because it's part of his body. Then I didn't do it correctly. What I do here is I create a character which can move, which can attack, which can do what I want him to do and makes my work much easier. So this is functionality for me, a good character built for animation and beard to express what is he doing? And with expression. I came for the third rule, which is expressive. What does it mean? You look at the character and you see only not the function, but you see that he's, Ah, role in the whole game. You see if he's a good guy or bad guy, you see if it is a button you have to push or not. It's a background element or not. Same with the characters. I look at this Kallat on. He could be the good guy in a beard game, but I look at his evil eye. I look at histamines, I look how he could move around, and I know he is an evil character. It has to be expressive. That's why it has an oversized head, also an oversized head. As I talk about it in the proportion video. Soon it is expressed in a bit of acuteness and cartoonists, but it helps to read emotions. So I think being expressive is the one of the most important aspect as well in a video game character. One of my favorite writers, Douglas Adams Road. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And he's talking about the weapons off troops. And he says, these type of weapons are very expressive because clearly it has a good and in the bed and and you always know which way you are standing on. So this is what you have to create with your character. You always look at him and say, OK, it's a good character. It's a bad character. I always know what will happen with this guy, and you can express things with color, with shape, with objects. I will talk about all these in the lessons. The 4th 1 is uniqueness. Well, it's hard, Toby, unique. Nobody's because we so every character possible, I think, or or almost everything that are so many cliches out there. And it's so easy to lose yourself in stereotypes. For example, I have a ninja here. How many times you so mean just in video games and with the big head rep and everything. And the belt and the sword, of course, and the evil looking. I off course you see a ninja's everywhere, but if you think we're you can do like I don't know, let's say an orange ginger of eyes, he orange. Everyone going to say OK, any just blending in a vise is standing out wise. He orange. You create a story you create a unique, real character people can think about, and people can relate to give a trees to him, to something to him. Like when I'm designing logos and do the same, I have the first idea. Okay, let's have a ninja and I twisted. I try to make something different, at least if not orange. Okay, it's too much. At least I can add a little detail to my ninja and make him unique. I can make this had been really, really, really big and and then play with that. So many things you can do toe make your character not even unique, but at least last cliche. So try toe, give novelty to the players, so make them remember the character and have some fun. So I zoom out to show what what I was talking about. The character for me, a good character, a simple, functional, expressive and unique. Whenever you are drawing up a new character thinking about a new character, please think along these lines and judge your character accordingly. Let's move one for the next lessons about colors, shapes, and I help you to create a character which is working in these lines. Oh, and also all the small characters I'm showing here. We we drove in the course. 5. My proven design process is...: in this lesson, I will share with you my six step character design process. It is very simple to follow and it will help you to develop great character for your to the video game. So what is my processes? It's something magical. No, it's very simple, really. First, I start with finding the function off the character. Okay. What does it mean? It means I decide what I want this character for. Do I want a warrior? Do I want, like, strong guy or Ah, Archer. Okay. If it's a strong warrior for my game, does he have a sword or does he have a shield? Does he have ah, arm or or a horse? What is the main function of my character? Is it defending? Is it attacking? Is it ranged character? I'm just talking here in role playing games. But is it for a platform game? Is it jumping or is it the magician character? So we're gonna be different. Is it for a modern game, A science fiction game? Really? Be robot, etcetera, etcetera. You know what are your game mechanics or I hope you do. I'm not talking about building a whole video game now. I'm just focusing on the characters. So no, what is the function off your character in your game? You haven't idea more or less, but take some time and sit down and think like, OK, I want to draw or create this and this type of character. So for me, let's talk about the warrior now. I will show you later Hydro warrior in escape. So first I find the function. I want a strong warrior. Second, I get some inspiration. I go places there. There is great art in line and I look around. I just posted my arty and I hope you think it is good, but I real show you in one of the next lessons There. You can get inspiration. Easy online to create video game characters. I will talk about it in a separate lesson. So my second step is collecting is vibration and get my head full off images off game characters off the type I really want. The 3rd 1 is sketching. Sketching is very important to create the best you can because it takes all the ideas out of your head in front of you in the paper, and I will talk about sketching as well in a longer lesson. So I look around. I know what I want to draw. I know the function of my character. I get inspired. I look at the work of other artists and games and game developers and designers and a sensor step. I sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, and I sketch my character, I dro. Then I see down to the computer, and then I designed my character. I throwing escape step by step. You will get several blueprints in this course, several lessons focusing on only how to draw a different type of characters. Oh, I actually do that. You can make your own. This is the biggest part. But the previous three steps are us important as drawing a lot of people jump to this one. They sit down, they opened up their computer and they stare the widescreen and start to draw something. And then it's It's not working. So follow me and let's go through the process. This is step for designing, drawing the actual character. If I have the character I go to animation, I moved the parts. I will talk about this also in a separate lesson. How I move Anonymous inning skate animation is very important for your game. It's helping people to engage mediocre. Your character has to leave, have to move, have to jump. Yeah, animation is crucial, and a six step is reviewing going back. Review what you did and check what you did. Is the function correct? Is my character doing what I wanted him to do? Is he looking scary enough? If I want him scary, If he looking strong enough, go back and review the function. And that's a circle. Because if you want to change the function, you look around again. You sketch again, you change your design, you come up with a new character and you animate. These are Mike steps finding the function What your character is made for. Get inspired by other artists but not steal. I will talk about it certainly is sketch. Sit down with a piece of paper and sketch andro. The Force one is designed actual character and escape animated and review what you have and change your character if it's needed. This is a very simple blueprint, and if you follow it, I guarantee you're gonna make much better characters that you made before 6. Why is sketching sooo important?: If you really want to make a unique game and unique characters, which people can rely toe and really put all your ideas into game looking great, the best thing you can do. Simply grab a pencil and a piece of paper and start sketching. Why is that? Sketching is a very simple thing, yet a lot of designers are skipping it. I don't know because they are lazy. They think that everything can be done in the computer. And yes, the computer is great is there? But the basic things are the best. So here is my five step sketching blueprint for you to achieve maximum creativity in your game character design process. Sketching is needed to put everything every idea from your head in front of your paper and then put it into the computer and implemented in the game. So the first step is to draw everything everything. You can come up for it for that certain project. If you want to draw a ninja, then start brainstorming on it. I think all the elements you cannot throw everything on the paper and don't judge yourself . It means throw every idea, even the stupid ones, even if you drove my Mickey mouse or ah, don't know, Doc or whatever is coming up in your mind. Drove it. Don't stop. Don't judge yourself. Don't stop until you are out off ideas. And this is the second step only Stop where you have no more ideas to draw on the paper. Then take a break. Just a few minutes them five minutes, 10 minutes. Stand up from the chair. Have a bit of fresh air. I drink a cup of water. Whatever. Just get out off the ideas on for him for a while and then sit back and evaluate your drawings. This is step for evaluate and find the top 10 person askew. See, I'm using little marks. This is good. This is maybe good. This is certainly good. I circled them, so I have a read later. I drove everything. Stop when I cannot do more, take a break and evaluate. And this is very important. I'm not stopping myself in the process of getting everything out of my head. I only stopped and I think I okay, I'm done and know it's time to evaluate what I drew and then choose the one character from all the ideas you will draw on the computer. It's not finished. It's off course. You're gonna work more on the computer again, a shape and develop. It's an evolution often idea, but still it's much faster and much more creative in the intuitive to work on a piece of paper than straight on the computer. Believe me, this method is 100 years old and it works very, very good. 7. Get inspired!: in this very short but very important lesson. I would like to talk about one of the starting part off my character design process, and this is actually a part of all my design processes. And this is getting inspired getting this parking you and start the creation. To do that, you need some fuel. You already have the idea you're they have the story you want to know, more or less what is your character. But it's good to see what other people came up with. Now. A lot of people say getting inspired is stealing, and I wouldn't confuse that. It's very important that your character, as I told before, your character is unique and it's not a copy. You don't want to be a copycat. You don't want to copy any other games or any other characters. That's not good for you. It's not good for your marketing is not good for your games PR. You don't want to do that, so you want to be unique. Most of Britain sentence in this lesson is being inspired is not equal to steal ideas from other people. Okay, just other started. How do I do? Then how do I get inspired, I could just go go. My idea. That's one thing. But if you want to see great art and I want to create great art and want to be inspired and suck up all the great ideas off other people, he's You have to go where the great artists are. And that's why I don't just go, go. You can look cartoons. You can watch videos you can watch Artist drove bought for me that the first up I go is pay interest because we can collect so many ideas and images and we can build mood boards. Reach are setting the mood for a character. Do we want dark character? Dark story? Call it dark images do on the bright and funny one. Look for those and paying that to your board as a starter, you can follow, for example, my little game character design board. It's very simple. I just made it up Fuel days here and there rose in picking images. You can do that too. It has only a few Peens us, you see, At least now I am Rose ing mostly boards off other people and see what they are having so what I do. I just go to paint The rest and I search ninja character design. Are I search warrior character design robots design. I just want to see what other people cannot be. So Pinterest is a great start because it is getting images from all over the Internet. So I'm having images from yeah, Artists Website and I collect those images and I learned from the best and get inspired, not copy, get inspired. And then I sit down and sketch and drove my characters with all these great ideas and go and great influentials in my mind. So the first stuff for me is painters. The next one is begins. B has his a portfolio site for professional artists. If you tie appear also, there is a search, usually up in the right. I typed it already. Game character designed. These are some awesome stuff. What came up? Amazing amazing stuff. If you come to be hands, you can see an artist portfolio and find the design the way you want to design your game. The three more pages I want to show are almost the same. There is dribble, which is a site where designer scare show their work to the word very, very simple. Working process images usually also just come here and type game character designers I did here in the top right corner and look around and learn from what you see getting his by. It is also a good thing. I always ask what is what you like, What is what you don't like. So also take care of this. What is a style you would like to use? What is a style you don't want to use in your game? That's also a good point. So dribble is a great part hands, I told the boat, and the next one is deviant art. It's an old page full of artists, also a lot of all mature work. But you can still come here and look around because you don't know. Here's, for example, character design from the Pony, a amazing from a really, really successful point and click in the game. You can learn so much from these guys about animation, character designing story design. Anyway, the last page I go is our station. It's also like ba hands. Every artist has his own profile, but you can search everywhere and Yes, I did just tied game corrected art game character designed to the game design. You know, like what we would do in Google and find amazing stuff. Our station is also like ba hands, so you just go around and see what other people do. Why it is good is you get inspired and you don't accidentally copy someone. So imagine you figure out the character, you do everything and it turns out it's totally the same as this and this character in this in this game. You don't want that. At least you know what are the cliches in the in your niche, what most of the people are doing and you are learning from that and make your game character different. So start now, go look around these pages. If you know more pages like this, you can send over to me. I want to develop this course, and our new resource is I will put these links into the resources. Five. Just go around, look around and get inspired and start doing your stuff 8. Color theory in Character Design: I want to talk a bit about colors and color using video games in simple to the video games . I think color is a very, very important aspect. I'm not talking about dynamic lights or anything. I'm just talking about how color can help the user and how expressive it can be. Let's start with some basics. I made a color circle here, meaning escape, and it is almost like what you saw in school. If you remember your drawing class, if I divide this circle, you can see it's one color generated from the other. It's like a circle, a rainbow. But if I divided here on the top, we have warm colors, reds and oranges, and on the bottom we have blues and greens, which are the so called cold colors. Use the stair advantages. Simplest color theory. Ever warm colors are yeah, as the name suggests warm and coming forward. Us cold colors here on the bottom agrees, and blues are more. Yeah, they're called, so you can use it for unfriendly characters. Enemies, creature of the darkness, and they create distance so you can use it to your advantage. It's very hard to come up with colors. I made a pilot here with, like, 14 elements here on the left, with a lot off a lot of colors, and it's still just still, if you look at it is still a very simple and full read happy colors, even the cold ones. So I suppose the first thing is that if you want to create a character, don't use 20 colors. Use only a few and they use those colors. And if you want to create a color palette, you can. You do it on your own, and you can do it here and escape using the color wheel. I really like it. So when I click on an object and give it the color and these feelings, stroke window is appearing and you can play around here. Read the colors and it's awesome. All this accused are around, so the greens and reds and blues around and there was a saturation is inside the triangle. It's very, very good. You can reach all the 70 million colors on a computer, pretty, but if you are not as good and you want to see simply what other people think as I talk about this in the inspiration. Part of the lesson. You can go to pages like color lovers. Color lover dot com He's very good page. I use it in local designed a game design everywhere, and you can come to Bro's pallets and then you can hit search and you can see you can search for any keepers like That's a summer my search for summer and I see what other people created for that keyword or I search for not say yeah, let's go dark. I searched for death and it's not gonna be only black. It gonna be a lot off variations off Quite depressing. Pollitz. You can just click and a polity like like let's say Okay, my evil character gonna be this colors and then you see the color codes and you can copy this color codes into escape and use these. Let's get back to escape. I want to show you what you can do with color. This is the same character I drove in the It's a refugee character I'm drawing in the course and off course. This is just him kind of flipped, but I created an evil twin. What did I do? I did what I said. In the beginning of this lesson, he has an orange or ginger hair and eyebrows, and he has warm colors. I just flip the color palette. I was just matching different colors. Okay, I gave a red eye, but I also matched different color, different blues and greys to pull down. He's summery colors. So let's take these two characters and put them in an environment I just made fast. And this is a cave. Very simple. One okay, is just for showing what I mean. My character here is in an arm friendly environment. You can see he is the good guy in a bed environment, and he's fighting. His full he's for was very much in harmony with the background still visible, but not as much as him. And these takes us to another very important aspect of color, which is interest. Contrast is very, very important. It means that your character is standing out of the background when the character is moving , jumping around screen is flashing, things are happening, enemies are moving, bullets are flying, you have toe make the player to be able to see the character, and the best thing to do that is contrast. What is the first thing you notice on the screen when you look at it? You noticed the orange hair and the big upper arm, and then, you know it is this character. This one is very much standing out. This one is still come. In contrast, the upper body. Why not the lower body? Because it doesn't matter that much. All the action is happening in the arm and in the sword, and the leg is moving okay with the animation. But it's not as important as the upper body said. Here it's a bit more visible, but still upper body and head is very, very visible. So I see where my character is all the time, and that's why contrast is very, very important. One more thing is that the color is expressive. What I said in the warm in the cold always have in mind what I said in the first lessons always had in mind. What is the function off your character? Do I want an evil character? Do I want a happy character? Do I want a gloomy character? One of the best example is the Blackwell Siri's. It's a point and click game where the two main characters one of them is a ghost who is bluish and even the point of the most pointer is changing to blue. And the other main character is a ginger girl, and they have different color. Seems awesome. This is very expressive, so use the colors to your advantage and also with the colors, as I said, create a unique character and don't go towards general also with the character colors. You can create a unique feel. So my character here it's very generous, of course, but with an orange hair. Okay, it's a different stuff. It's different. It's not looking that much like Conan. Okay, so color is happened. You it's your friend. So he was. 9. The basics of characters proportions: I would like to talk about character proportions because I think that's an Overlook topic in character design. Of course, it's everywhere in cartoon and gave design. But when we talk about how to draw a character, we simply don't tell. And I think it's a great way to work with function and expression off the character. What am I talking about? Here is an every joke. It has a small head, shoulders, body, legs. This is how I started to draw characters. Sometimes I just throw some very simple shapes and they play with it. I duplicated control D and I changed a proportion. I made the guy wider. I make his arm stronger. I make his head smaller, so he looks even more muscle. I don't care about the legs he's keeping like day. But the point is that if I would make a fight between these two characters, even this one is the same height. Who do you think would win if I would make a running race between these two characters who would win? You get my point. Look around in the street, look at people, look up sports people and look at the different proportions we have. This is more of a triangular shape, a big upper body and the small over body. It has a small head is a good proportion if you want to create a tank. A strong, muscled, tough character. I would create something like this in the warrior lesson, and I'm creating a blueprint for a warrior character. Okay, let's pay something more. A lot of games. I using characters which are different. The proportion is basically the shape of the body and the size of the head compared to the size of the body. I can measure the head on the body several times. 23456 times on every human. It's nine. No, it's 8789 Depends. Unlike grown few people in real life and on Children, it's my smaller. This is good for little cute games. I can go even further. I can make it oneto one. I can make the body smaller, the legs shorter arms as well. And this is the way to create a very cute character. It is head heavy, Yes, but why is it good in which games? If you want to create a cute character, he would jump around and shoot and the body is really like a vessel. Create carrying the head around with the big head. Expressions are very, very visible so he can go around and just change expressions where I can flip it. So it's very easy. Do we create an expressive character? They use it a lot of times in mobile game design because it's a smoke, a small character, and you can still see the important part, the head and you know where to shoot but also its expressive and the body is just running around the shooting and you see a big head. It's good for a lot of games, plus former games, definitely games which are cute and for Children. These are very basic for proportion times, but I say you get the point. I just created four type characters in minutes. You can experiment. You can play around and create your own characters. Berry Mind the function. What is a target group as well? Who is your audience? Do I create a game for Children? Definitely go for this. Do I create a cartoon game with tough characters? Go with something like this. Do I create realistic game with moralistic characters than just stick with the normal one. Even smaller head even less wide, different shape and you get a more normal shaped character. So what? I'm talking about this. Be creative about it and use the body and head proportion in your advantage because a lot of times what I see mistakes. I seen video games. They just create at hook characters, and there is nothing behind. They want to create a serious game, but the character is looking cute over. They want to create a cute game and the characters look beer than grumpy. And just a proportion is out off everything get inspired and think about proportions, how you would use them. Your game. I give you a task. Now I'm sure you have a game in your head, and this is why I take this course. Think about it. What is the best proportion for your character? 10. Cute robot character blueprint: many performer games use robots as characters because they are good for science fiction. Set things. They are easy to animate and put apart. And they can look however they want because you can say, Hey, it's not a man, it's a robot So it has different proportions. I again made a lot of sketches and looking them up, I decided to have something little and cute. So it's a square head more no reason. Told them where to come. It will have a body which is against queer but smaller two tiny legs and replicate just for sure and gonna make him friendly. Us being the interface design. If you make something rounded, you kind of make it friendly. I don't want the whole body rounded. I can try all you want if I cut the top. So just control minus. I cut the top, they make it up. So you see the head is resting here or I can flip it vertically. Maybe it's even better because it has shoulders now and it has little legs. I really see him go walking like this very easily. Very easy Walk with the robot. And if the head is like this and the bodies like this, making it smaller. Perfect. I would have around the day anyway. But the eyes will be something like this. The placate because it has two eyes. Unless you remember talking about cute characters. This is cute because it has a big head. Has a tiny face can go like Oh, you can go like smiling because I make half a circle from the circle by plus difference. So I have a simple but face look left right up, down. When he's jumping, it can go up and it's rolling. It can go down. It's really up to you. If I move it slightly to decide, it seems that it's turning. Let's get the robotic color. I duplicated this. They make a darker or I can make it brighter that it has His head has a bit of death. So the faces here and when my characters turning the other direction with, I just slip. It is he and these head has aside Can you make it smaller? Okay, now I want to make it metallic looking so I can make some shine or I can make a radiant. I replicate what I have now save all the time. Good control s and the replicated control D And no, I said the colors. We died ripper. So this body and the head and everything is the same color. I can give a little light on the body like it can be an indicator. I will talk about the indicators why they are cool in another lesson. Let's just give him a light. Yeah. So I made a circle my duplicate and I can't control d. I made another circle, This one. I will make a different color and we'd controlled the again. I made a circle and colored toe white So it has an effect that it's a button which is on light. This could show I'm alive. It could be green What it could be. I speak another green and I was still unknown. It can be read if the character is there, the loan energy or something like that. So this could be a nice indicator. If the head has aside, the body can have a side too. So it has the couple Character is not really a front. It's a bit turned this one So these parties the front this parties decide control of the and I cut it with bath and intersection. So it has now aside here leg other like perfect the leg. Also I want to make us simple as possible. So shift control. See, I made it a path. I excluded this note. So it has a little feet and I bend it So somebody circular I really dislike. I will copy here this, like later I can end a little knee bend showing that the can then but it's not really needed. Let's make it lighter gray by selecting the eyedropper tool okay? And group it up. Oh, I can even give him little bumpers on the shoes. Like an astronaut, I push space If you actually hold space and moving object A moving object and push space is replicating it. Let's control these. Push to the end and see the mistake. Is there so bit more down there? Perfect. Now I group up the leg control de, I have another leg. One more thing. Okay, Go back. I double click into the group. I will show you what This will be controlled de select And this will be a shadow intersection. The body is over the leg. That's why it has a shadow now, Quantrill D Very, very simple. I don't know if the eyes has to be this big or it can be some older. I'm constantly playing a shift control A. I opened this up the airline and distribute window and they put this so the mouth is just between the eyes in the middle. So I have now a little simple robots. We know arms yet. Oh, and one more thing. I want to it little untended what they're gonna do, What I would do is that this antenna is always bouncing whenever he is moving. I know it looks a bit like bomb Berman. That was my pre pre image. So when he is moving the something I would like Reagle or something like this or when he gets a track, I don't know, it's your game. So it could be anything. Of course, if it's in your game, it has some downturn. Has somethingto do? Then do it. I mean, give it task. It could be also just cause medical because it looks cool. But if you give you the task is better. So what I do know I made a circle We controlled the I made another circle control minus. I made the circle a ring So it's now a ring and now I gonna make it in their section I gonna make it a sexual Why it is good for me is that this is how I gonna make hand I delete this note and this is a It's a nice and circular I again this note if I want to cut it So what happened there and what we hear So if I want to cut it diagram No, I delete this node and move this one to the direction of the bend. Okay, Now we know we're talking and now this is the arm because this is in the back. It can be darker color also with the shoes. If this is in the back, it can be darker. Can be this or greater whole stuff like this is the back and this is the front. Of course. This robot is cute and it can move around and group it up. It's good for little mobile games. It's cute. It's good for a little positive game. A platform game. It looks good. Also in small. Say I'm also checking some details are not really visible already. So on a mobile scream, it wouldn't be perfect. But with more publishing, it could be better. I can give more light so the robot looks more polished, but or meth Alec. But it depends on the volume and what you want to draw. What you want to do. If my robot is this time, did light on this body is not really very visible. So what I can do is make this light be the bigger, like his whole chest. If it's if this light is indicating something that's especially better, that's trick it. If it's more how it looks much better. If that's light is important now, it's perfect. And now he can move around, jumping on. Do whatever you want. Throw your robot, draw any version if you if you want. If you want to copy these copied, if you want different proportions, throw different proportions. Just try to have a head, arms and legs, because in the next lesson I will show you how to make animation escape, and we've only made this tiny robot 11. Animation in Inkscape - Part 1.: So let's talk about the big how the animating escape escape is not an animation program. A lot of people are asking. You have unveiled this be done and Van Building Escape have proper animation features. It is not us. It's like photo shop or illustrator. It's not for animation, but you can create your sprite treats, which means a segmental image used for creating animation. And you can create several images, toe string together and create an animation. This is what I'm gonna do now. Why Escape is good for animation, I still think, because you can export images what you create in the program, and you can make them very easily. You can try out your character how it moves, read the simple selection and movement. I will show you in a second. You can break apart your character very easily if you want to use it in an animation program like Sprite or Pro, which I really, really like. So in this lesson and the followings, I will talk about how to do this inning escape and not in an outside program. Okay, I will mention also outside programs, so let's start. But we have this robot character. I hope you finish yours. It gave me any other character is just for the fun. Let's do the robot because it's easy. So I grooved it up to move. But now we shift control G. I broke up the group. I have very to row, but I want it is intended to move. I want his head to move together and be able to animate the face. So what I will do as you see, this is not grouped. And I saw, like the head I group it now What I really, really like and why you escape is just one step from animation is that if you click on the object or a group you select there is this little people in the middle of this with a plus is the center of rotation. If it's in the middle, how it was it turns around there. It looks a bit weird if it is okay once again, I had anything. Okay, so if it is outside, it can be outside then The head is rotating around that point. And this is much better because these ways I can turn the head off my robot. However I want I can move it up and down and inside. I can still go and change the face. Change the elements and that's it. The arm is one. The other arm is one I already was playing with that. It's attached to the shoulder. This is also attached to the shoulder. Let's see Vin. It's rotating with the home. I send it to the top. This one I sent to the back with the end bottom. Okay, The body I'm not gonna animate. Nothing is happening with the body in a way off course it gonna move in turn. But it's the middle off the whole robot and the legs are not going to give him knees just to make this animation easier. Obviously, if you are making arms with joints, which is a bit heavier, like having knees and wrists and ankles and stuff, you know, joints, then Ah, it's a bit heavier and you have to work on those. But now just let's make it very, very simple. So it's already ready for animation. What we did is grouped up the element I could take it apart and exported. Now, if I want to use them to Sprite er I would export each element differently and import the images in there. I would have helped head object body, leg, left leg, right leg and the two arms. But because I got an animated here, I will use them just like this. It's moving. This is working as well. And the legs are working as well. This when I send back and this one as well because I wanted to go under. Okay, so this is the base position. Even go back a bit. Okay. I have it. I dub located and the heavy decide And now this is my tiny row But I know the size off it. I d sized it. That is 200 pixel wide. It's up to me Depends. Hope you get gonna be in my game just now Let it be like this to make it able to animate. I group it up and I drove abounding books abounding books. He's what I were using my animation. It can be any color. I know it. Do it like this. So it's enough. Enough contrast between the body and the the robot and the Bagram. The bounding box is the maximum The robot gonna move what I mean by that This is the the state. And I could make this bounding books as small as possible. You know, like touching the robot. But in my animation seconds the robot gonna move and its head gonna, for example. And he's jumping His head is moving a bit up and down like shaking If it's moving up, this is the maximum I wanted to move up If his arm gonna move, this is the maximum it can go If he's gonna go move. This is the maximum It can move so my real can be a bit smaller, but not much. Because if I turned ahead, you see, I'm already out of my books. So But I take care off Is that my books Is holding the maximum is giving space to my character. I'm not gonna be Don't know Dundee's, that's for sure And vibe you need these. I will explain it in the next lesson. So for now what we did is was the 1st 3 step. We grouped up the characters and break up toe different parts. We put it together, the different parts again. So we're playing with the joints and the center of rotations and we created the bounding box to use in our animation. This will be in the next lesson. 12. Animation in Inkscape - Part 2.: as I said earlier in Escape, is not an animation program, but you can animate your characters in it and export the spreadsheet. There are several ways you can do this. As I said in the previous lesson, you can take your character apart and export the different parts separately and put it together in an animation program like Sprite, ER or spine. But what they're gonna do know is we're gonna animate here. No, no, this you'll always find. So there is a bit of contrast between the background and the foreground. I can export with the very hard color or I can export to the transparent color. Doesn't matter, or it depends on how I want to animate. I just wanted to see the limbs. Okay, so how do we animate? Let's do a walk cycle. A very simple long for my very simple character. A group up. I duplicated control the I grouped outfit Control G. I put it here and my character when he is walking there are end positions. Hands are wide open or hands are crossed. Legs are wide open, Orwell exact rust. What I will do is if he's running his leg can be here with the page down. I put it behind the body and it can be here. This is one end off the animation. The other end of the animation is when the legs and arms from there coming down to here and to hear which is not really visible. But it's fine and this leg is coming forward and the other leg, which I made dark earlier, is coming backward. Looks weird on this scene, but in the animation Discover, credit, NYSE, and what I do now, these are two key frames in my animation. No, I duplicate this and I create the frame in between in flash animation. Before, this was called meaning and this was made by the program. Here we do everything by hand. So I pull it down just in between just a bit. I make these coming down just to be same again. ID obligated. I pulled is down a bit more. I make this closer and beat more and this one as well a bit lower and I can put in one more frame. This is coming up. This is coming up as well. The leg is coming up and the other leg is coming backwards as well. Okay, No. You see how the legs are moving? Arms are moving together. I don't have to redrow everything again, but I just duplicate the frames I have. If this is the middle of the animation, then I just duplicate. These isn't in the reverse order. So arms and legs crossed and no arms and legs opening again again. And one more And I could duplicate this one. But I won't because is the same. And I only needed twice because this is a circle. So it's like opening, closing, closing totally closed. Opening up again. Totally opened. So I don't need the last frame. Here is a very, very simple walk cycle with only eight steps. The more steps you use, the smoother your animation will be. You can export these into a spreadsheet, the chief control Eyak pool of the line and distributing, though, and distribute the element invokes cycle. The head is also going up and down, and the head is the lowest when the legs are more apart and it's coming up. Just read the course or keys. I pushed up to pick cells. No, it's four. No. When it's closed and gonna be 10. And when totally crossed, that's a 15. Seemingly, it's not of a change. Okay, so seemingly it's not a big change, but how much higher is the head it gonna make that my character is going and his head is bouncing nicely. It going to give a better reason to divorce cycle. So this is one way to animate, create the key elements like this one and this one and animate in between and then animate again in the reverse order and you get back to this. This is for four cycles. It's up to you is the same if you want to make a character, shoot or turn his head, defined the key points and animate in between. This course is not about animation. This is a little and basic. I can tell about animation to you. The other thing is how I do. Sometimes little GIF animations in escape is that I do onion skinning and a lot of people say, but yeah, but there is no onion skin and getting escape because that's not an animation program off course, but you can still do it. How using capacity. He was my little guy and I want to do the same. Let's say Walk, Cycle or I can make him Let's just looking up, OK, so he's standing arms down, legs down and he via look up. I want to make the face going up turned ahead a bit and move the untenable. This is my basic. I duplicate the whole group and I make the capacity off the group about 60 50%. And now I start to animate what I want. I moved this one higher and you see a ghost image appearing because this one is transparent . I move it higher and I turned ahead and turning the head. I also turned the hunting a bit more, and I click out of the group and applicator and they do the same. I could again moved ahead and move the face upper. I am clicking in this group, so it's fine, all right, and the internal a bit more. If I want to play with the leg, the arm, anything, it's anything goes. Why it is called onion skinning because the different layers off animations are on each other and you can see the previous frames. That's it. Very easy. You can do it in escape as well. Did you just have to use your head and we creativity? And again, if I want to add one more frame? I duplicate creaking, turned ahead a bit more, make him look up even more and play even more with the antenna Okay, Likely called. I removed the separate groups and I set them close to each other and I said the opacity. So I see what I did. I and I can use them in my spreadsheet. You see nice smooth animation with onion skinning getting escape. Okay, this is as much as I can teach you now about the animation in, except as a task, I would like to ask you to finish the fighter character in the coming lessons or any off your characters you would like. I would be very glad to see what you did so far and animated accordingly. Make a jumping animation, a shooting, fighting animation, a dying one disappearing. Anything used these two techniques off the setting of the key points and the made up on your skin in ginning escape used these techniques and create your own awesome character animation escape and share with me 13. Ninja character blueprint: in this lesson, I will show you how I will drove a ninja character for my video game. We know that ninjas didn't exist as much as they say. What? It was very different. But let's just stick to this image. So an injury is someone who is a dark creature lurking in the shadows. So what we're gonna do, I'm gonna make a good character. I start with the proportions and I'm checking my sketches us again. I didn't scan Mike sketches. I don't care much. I care about how the body we look. And I care about how my ninja we look all together. But I don't care about tracing my sketches. I'm just throwing some squares and that's it. So this is a bit weird pose because it's just too long legs. Okay, I just pushed control. De duplicated it, and that's it. Same for you. This can be a bit bigger. I deleted other arm because I just got a duplicate this when it's finished, I want to make Funny ninja character. I was thinking to make it like, you know, with a very big head, but still I want to make it looking like it's sporty or how to say. You know, ninja is a very, very fitted. They have warriors. So with shift control, see on turning these books in tow, but so I can modify the shape. Same goes here, chief. Controversy is the same thing. Path, toe turning, shaped apart. Okay, double click. You give some more knowns, I would give the head like this again. I used to controversy. I would keep the head like this Now in control clicking to make the head. If you can't talk like you know, you're gonna make the head different. I want to make the head allying these. No, that's a good shape. This is a not and these gonna be? Yeah. And these armed, like the rings off the headband he's wearing or the straps to fix the mosque on. Is it a simple Not I can group this on. All right. This girl's here. I like the head shape. And how I gonna make that my ninja is turning his head is that I give him a white line and they're gonna be right here. This is the eyes gonna be out. I could make it different. I could make it more appropriate looking and the nose is bending. But this is not my goal. My goal is I'm not gonna give him. I like this. My goal is to make a ninja who is looking like a cartoon was still tough. I just make this one and control de age, and that's flipped horizontally. Still not tough enough. Turn it one. Throw the age. Awesome Toughness. Okay, the point is coming, but I usually say duplicate and save Contra de. Let's see. So the first step was to get the basic character proportion. The legs are a bit big Lexar out of the picture. So let's just pull them in. I will work on them or I just like to work on the head because it was too high. No, it's much better. This one can be bigger. It can be even line like this. I just like to keep it like this because then the head is turning. You know what I mean? Because Linus finishing kids means they're headed looking this way because this is covering the ears and replicate these. So, like both of them. And they push path on and intersection No, I have the head color okay. And this one can be even lower here. Perfect, but is not good yet is the shape of the legs and the body. I said I want the muscular Ninja. So I had some more. Let's smaller for CrossFit body, not a weightlifter body, because an injury is to be able to crouch into small places. He has to be able do stunts. Okay, so I pushed. I'm not gonna draw ah neck. It's like the neck is pulled in tucked in If you ever see warriors, if you do martial arts, you know what I'm talking about. The head is tucked in. So what I do instead is I put I talk in the head instead of drawing neck and now I duplicate the hand, make it white, and we'd page down Ascended back, back, back, back. So what just happened? I created the line around the head, read the body. If the background would be dark, there would be just showing this. Now, don't throw this rectangles just for showing. You see if the background would be a dark, you would see an outline around the head. You can keep it for your game. It's not a bad idea. Or you can duplicate the body and cut it here so it's only the outline is visible, but us you will animate. You can group this the head, and if you move the head on the body or turned their head on the body, it's better if the white line is going with it so you can keep this white line. Why I used the white line divide shape behind is to separate the head from the body. What we create now is a back and black and white character. If you played the game limbo, for example, I think that was the first of bad land with the little holes. It was a game where the background was colorful and the front ground with the character with the main character was black, and it was a lot of playing in the I am okay, I'm remaking the arm, have an idea that's giving big shoulders thrice ups in the biceps much better than squaring . It's a simple same goes here, and that's have a lower arm, which is also thicker here. Can not elastic. But if you fax your lower arm, you see that at the elbow It's a bit wider, then at the greased. Okay, so I have the shoulder and the arm now and I can make the hand. I just going to make it very simple. Fist. In the end, I push it back and I group the arm can play the same game with the body. Make it very rough until it little polygonal and simple. But maybe you never Yea, What I see now is the legs are extremely long to this tiny head. Okay, does it replicate the arm? Cool. If I flip it read age I can make like Powerball's Contras even back. Let's do with the legs. Same thing. I want them about this long and I know that they enjoy injuries wearing a trouser, which is baggy at the top Chef Contra C and under the me it's seen because it's closely wrapped around his body. So we are making a muscle here and over the, uh, making the foot and Joe the toes. I drove them separate because this is a ninja shoe on this Japanese workers who actually I just select these and they measure them the control plus or you can go plot bath and Union . This one I can delete age, so I flipped it. It's a little black guy. If it's your game character, it's nice. You can move it. You can. Let's just show what I want with this type of character duplicated, I can play with the proportions as before so I can make bigger head on the smaller head. Whatever it's really up to you, it looks tougher. We divide their shoulders and smaller hands and you can play with the food. But I would like to add He is to create Abed like a utility. Bad because Bettman has a usually but utility belt with all the tools he has. And basically, Bettman is an injustice. Okay, let's give him some color because of that. All right, so this is my ninja. I can give some shading. It depends if in your game this ninja gonna be very, very small. As I was talking about this earlier, if this will be very, very small, like on your screen, it's like this big. Then these detail is fine. He gonna jump around. I would even make this stuff. It is bigger and only made this separately. So when he's jumping these are flying around. That's nice. And if it's more detailed, like on a big screen, what I would do, he's ADM or details, namely some more shadow around the body CME ending some details which are making my ninja more stinky, muscular and actually more three dimensional. It is a very, very simple stuff. Yes, around the knees and on the outside, too. So you see all this little detail, I could add more, and I can draw it on the mosque, too. Just here. Looks fine. Okay, send it to the back in a second. I actually have to be here. We see what I mean. It has some darker parts, so it has some shudder when some dimension additional I could give more details and you could also toe just figure out what we want to show in your game. Because if this ninja is so small, maybe this amount of detail is still good, you see? But if ah, it's a fast moving platform game with your ninja, then you don't need more details. If it's even smaller just for the fun, just if it's even smaller on a really small screen and then there is no, be really big difference between the two. So play video, create your own version off the ninja and figure out the detail you want to go. This is still a very, very simple character, but you can use it. 14. Skeleton warrior blueprint: in this lesson, I will show you how I drove the old time favourite character, the Skeleton Warrior. Let's start. I started a circle and I had a square. Do you have the face? Yep. I merged these two with Bath Union and I had the job. One separately. No, I had the other part of the job own. Okay, I re colored these. So I see them. You can work in any color and they re colored later. That's great. I matched them with path Union or control. Plus, I know I can shave them. Perfect. Create the eyes she of control, see or object to path. No, I can added the I have the basic shape and now we control clicks. I make them curves. So it's not an edge. It occurred. And I have the basic shape of the I No, I gonna die applicator with control. D flip it with age horizontally and the shape It's all the other eyes a bit further on the face. Leave the face a bit now at some additional bones. Yeah, Okay. Moved to Joel. Lower perfect. Here would be the nose, But I'm not gonna draw it because I decided not to. I changed the shape of the eyes again a bit. So I have the skull and I got some teeth just for the fun of it. Zoom in control, de I did another and no, I group them together with control G. I colored it, Grace. So I see how it will look on the end. I don't need the red job bone. Not anymore. I don't want to edit it. And now I can start to draw the body. I drove a basic shape to have the chest. I'm drawing a rib cage, so I'm drawing a shape. And now I'm drawing squares around it squares just to create the ribs. I aligned them more or less. Doesn't have to be perfect. I even changed it to my original plan. Now I use the airline window. I lined them perfectly. You see, That's why I said, you don't have to do with the computer is doing it for you and I play a bit more of in the ribs. The basic shape. In the meantime, I deleted. I don't need it. I group these together and no, I am drawing a little skirt or loincloth because these skeleton warriors always shaking around wearing basically rags. So what I do now in the same simple geometric style, I'm drawing some regs. I gonna just measure them together and color them brown. Perfect. I don't have to draw the spine. I don't have to draw every bone. So know I have this little close and no, I want to add and nice Beth read a buckle. I make it a darker blonde brown. A different color. I wanted to stand out. Here is my buckle. Just another simple square around the square and inside another square to show where the belt is going through the buckle. I had a shaved them. So the buckle seems the bell because seems it's in the front. Perfect. I made the stop a bit bigger, so it's like the top of the close is coming out of the belt like the bad is really holding it together. And then my group it with control. G. Move it around. I turned it a bit, so my skeleton is more hunched. That's why also the head is forward now. I duplicated the skeleton, I always say, but it's so important. Application is key because you can go back to your previous stuff all the time. So we just select everything. Controlled the doublet. Kate, work on the new version. I want to throw now. A bone. Okay. This is a bone, not a boner. It's a bone. Very, very basic. Two circles square. Group it together. That's the leg bone. Perfect and obligated. Put it aside. So I have it for later. A vertical version and this version I can turn around or anything. I keep a vertical version on the top, right, So I can easily refine it later. Make it longer. Make it shorter. This will be my upper arm bone, but for my lower arm bone, I'm gonna draw something different because in the lower under two bones us, you know. So just read the baser tool. I drove a simple shape control click on the nodes again to make them curve. Okay, now I duplicated it re color. So I see the difference. And with control minus, I take the red shape out off the grave on Modified again. Perfect. So, no, I have a lower arm bones set. Don't ask me. What are the perfect name of these bones I don't know. I am coloring them black. So I see you again like I did with the jawbone. I see again what I'm doing now. I make the feast as disease unease e cartoon character. I don't have to make perfect hand Perfect fist. It's basically a square with a few other around the squares. Us fingers. That's it. He has to make a feast like he's holding a weapon all the time. No, I said, like these nose and pull them together. So it's more than on one end and it looks like a perfect glove. I'm not even gonna color it back is gonna be like a leather glove remains off of once living warrior. Here is the lower arm again. Have you position the whole arm? Group it up, Control G. I reset the node off rotation and no, you see the center of rotation is set. It's already ready to animation. Is ready to fight. I can move the body. I can move the arm separate. Lee. It's perfect. And now I go back to the bone I had before and I to shape it again. Scale it a bit and obligate. And in the leg. I'm not gonna care there to lower leg bones because I also going out the boot. Not much gonna show and it colored them to the bone gray and on the Buddha say said notice that I am picking the brown again from the bed because I don't I don't wanna use much color . I want to keep the color palette very, very easy. Also, I don't care much now that the bones are showing behind from the boots are gonna fix that later. And very, very simple one. I want to make the bone a bit longer. Just a bit perfect. Now I duplicated again and I really don't care if it's not out off the boards. Recovered the arm back. So I see how it is. You see, I can move separately. The lower I'm This is perfect for you for later on for animation. And if you made this character, I say you make an animation out of drive yourself now. I duplicated the arms control D and I put it in position. I don't have to flip it because it's almost a side view off a character and there's the right time. Now that's behind I duplicate the leg again. Legolas Soup, we end. I put it behind and I scale it. Now I have the leg. I can move it around as well. You see, it's very easy. And now basically my skeleton warriors Almost ready. Let's out some tiny more details. I was talking about the proportions. I want acute character. Okay, Cute in a cartoon game. The enemy is also cute and cartoonish. So I make the head bigger. Also made, uh, lowing close of it bigger. And now I had a little detail. A shadowy circle on the sign, the gravy, the Grady int, which is showing that the side of the skull is flat. It's not a sphere you can that you do yourself. Your head is the same. Maybe not as big, but it's the same flat on the side. Now I group everything up. Select control, G Perfect. I want to give a background the dark one. I just drew a square, and with the end, I push it behind. No, these bones are very visible in my game. They're gonna be a background. So we're going to see the character just here on this white background. All this light colors are not visible. I delete old, but bone parts off the legs are not needed. And he, Ryan, almost ready. Throw this character, make it from different views and prepare for animation. Have fun. 15. RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 1.: in this lesson, I will show you step by step. How I drove him or your I am doing a general fighter which you can use in your RPG game. Yeah, just Ah, random easy front of the warrior character. I'm checking my sketches there next to me. So I started the head. That will be the head. OK, And this will be the body with a different color. So we see what I do. Basically, my goal is that it has a wide and small upper body a push, and to put it back, it will have big arms made out off circles. Why circles? Because it's gonna have bumpy shoulders. I'm holding control and creating a perfect circle. Yeah, upper arm and the lower arm, which is even thicker and a fist. So I put this aside so we can see upper arm, lower shoulder. It has tides. I mean, not leggings, but, you know, upper leg win muscles and the lower leg will be much thinner. Like the dude is a bit skipping leg day. Okay, More or less. This is what I want. I am growing now. The character from a front view. I duplicated control D. I put it here. So he's rather wild. And this is my basic shape. You can already see how it's shaping up. I selected and control De duplicated the whole thing. No, I want the upper body a bit longer. Good. Maybe disarm a tiny bit smaller. Okay, so it's not actually touching the ground. But still, it's big. Of course it's Ah, character, which is over drone. But I do now ease gave him back muscle like a big shoulder muscle. But there's gonna be circle or or it can be even done by bending this. We shift control. See, I made this square in the bath. I pulled this up. I selling books on both nodes. Okay, then it can be even smaller again. Goes even higher. Nice has a bit different proportions. I put the legs up the head. Not gonna be sitting a body on the neck. The head is in front like a big guy. Seems like the shoulder muscle is so much of the back muscle is so much behind it that it has no neck. So if this is the head, this is the body that I do is pulled the body separated. Let's do the arm shift control. See again, biceps. I double click to add the node Bandit of it. I have a triceps, Chief Control. See? Again? It's basically the same. I would go here. Path, object path, shift control, see, even within their and escape. I love it that all the keys, our return everywhere with control, I made the nodes into curves. So I just control Freak a note and it became clear on shift control. See you again. I'm making his faced following He's lower arm. So I make This is like 1 20 years line. Now this one here is already I can group up the feast and the lower arm and group up the shoulder on the upper arm and I can already prepare for the animation. This is the center of rotation or around here for this part. And this is the rotation around here for this part. So if I move it, it's already like flexing g. A. I see he was a mistake. I had another dot another note and I fix it so it's better. Perfect. I can make it a tiny bit slower, smaller I can turn this one out a bit this on, remember? So he has this special look like bodybuilders. Okay. No, the hand these shapeless. Finished. Now I do the upper body. But I do know if I move the nodes because if I move, scale the whole square than this gonna lose shape this nice back muscle I made, so we'll even make advance here higher. Okay, this is the chest. And then these are This will be the abs and the core. Okay, Chief Control. See again, This has to be in the middle in the back and just to make it visible, I make it already like skin tone color. Double click. I add the node completed this to give some more just and get the color from here, but make it a tiny bit darker. Time limit, I say. OK, so let's I use the color picker and make some colors for myself. Good arms can be the same color as the body. I'm just checking if I'm making the I push home. So this is in the top player, not there, but you know, it's arranged it. It's in the top. I turned here the alignment off. So my nodes are nice and at the table, The head to steal purple. Ok, OK, OK. I give him a skin color too. But make it different. I make it slightly again lighter on that much. What can be even a big doctor, Not even light can be even this color. Perfect. Just for now. We will figure it out later on. So I duplicated the high and the arm. I pushed age, which is horizontal flipping Just age, letter age and I flipped it. So I have the two arms. But I still have to do is the lack part. I duplicate this. Give him the trouser. This will come in a bit. This to now is the time that I can check my privilege in a proportion. Changed a lot. I wanted it much. Why don't so I can figure out what the change. Like shorter legs. It has too high off a body. This is a stomach. This goes higher and the legs are also bit shorter. All right, this smaller These Okay, so I just cover it now? So we see how it looks. Having the basic shape they're gonna do now with the leg shift control. See again. I know it's three keys in one, but so what? I gonna It's still you. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm using pushing control on all the notes. You see, it shaped up like a weird egg. But what I can do now is I can play with the notes and make a leg which was looking weird and muscular, but it is working for me. Shift control. See again on the tides. Must call. Sorry, I just had some muscle here. Great. Now is the time to delete this and do the same. Like I did with the arms. This is the leg group. It are not yet from front Here is the he gonna have a boot and he gonna have She's controversy again. Apple is together and the feet, like the tough war your body were there type. All right, this is the boot. I still like the leg and I do the same What I did with the arms. I grew up it up and replicated, and I flip between age. You can make the middle part. Okay, this is for now. I know. I will give him big hair behind his head. on this looks too much disco. But for now this will work if you are until here you have the basic proportion. You can still change it. What I will do in the next video, I will continue and at some detail to the warrior. Let's see. 16. RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 2.: So I hope you have your worry or till here. So what I see already is that the arm is not in the same position on the both sides. So it's not the same distance. What I do. I select the upper body. I select the arms. I'm just group it up, group it up with control G, which shift. I select the two arms and the body and I go to the airline and distribute. I just pushed Chief Control A and align them so they're perfectly in the middle and no other line the body to this. But fact you, everything else is in order at some more detail to the leg, which is the boot from the front. She's going to go see again from the front. The board gonna be like this and it can be a bit bit dark. Kind of it. I push if control f toe, open them the feeling stroking those. Okay, so now again, going through the age and let's put it to this place. Great. That can do we still pull this thing together. I select two objects. I select all of these nodes in the two objects. That's what I love you can edit notes in two objects simultaneously. I'm pushing shift, and I pulled these lines in. And this means that the legs can come inside as well. A tiny bit. All right. I give him a giant belt because that's just very Conan it shift control a again. Okay. The bed is the same color as the boots. Keep your character are simple color of eyes. Are we talk about this in the color lesson or you were divided it and you know it. So keep it a simple color of eyes, a soup can. Which means two things basically keep your character simple. Helps to animate helps toe. Yeah, I was just Simplicity is good. I'm gonna make a special but like this. The other thing is that I don't have to figure out the colors because I already know. I use the brown on the boot. And if it's leather, it can be the same Brown also here. So it doesn't make sense to figure out the New Brown just yet. Later on, I can run demise and give some more a group of the bad luck. Oh, and now I'm just having some fun of it depends here. I figure that this quarter is not really good for the legs. So I select all of those. Yea, much better a degree. And I was thinking to give him a hair which will be very simple. I drove square got I make it rounded by the little dots scattered off the bottom Can be page down and send it behind. This will be a shield on the back. Very, very dark brown. And I just throw a very simple sport which will be just for now just for him to hold on. Duplicate this So no, just is just like a dummy sword. Okay, I want this one to the very front. Fine. I want to leave the had this query so I just make it around it. Very, very big. Perfect. I make a string holding The shield is going on around here. She's gone to a C here is disappearing and going behind the head. All right, so this is the chest from the front and let's give some eyes. I draw a circle. I got it off with the square over it. Turn it to be and I have a pair off very cool evil eyes. And now I need the rough being knows to be around here. Why don't like a boxer's got it on the top and I give so the basic shape What I wanted is that he's Joe is a bit outside and I'm having some fun video these and I just gonna bend it all right, I can make the But it may be even darker and I'm gonna be this brown this in the middle, Newell. Tiny bit lighter. So what I'm doing now? I'm holding the most scores or end working with the colors and I tried to figure out how to do the hair. What is the easiest? If I have this big square off a hair, we're and his head, he's put it lower and I give him a fringe I duplicate and they go toe path and intersection . So, like these two Great. So now I have a very basic warrior you can play around with. You can move the arms you can animate. It means let's put the arms on the top. So it means that I can only mate. Obviously it goes like this. Then you have to figure out how this part is following. I have the sheer than everything you see from the ruler. I grabbed two guidelines. I just pick, click on the ruler and poor and they are at the top and the bottom of my character. The beck is easy. I duplicate the whole thing from the back. I don't see the head. I don't see this tribe and the fringe. I see the hair. I just push home. I see the shield, which for now is just brown. But I will show you different shield in a different video. It pays down. I put it under the hair so they hair is over the shield. I think that's cool. Well, under it has to be. Yeah, can be under you Everything. The arm and everything goes in the front. So a push and on it the legs gonna be the same from the back. I just can make these time to be darker, so they seem like my character is facing away. So what? It is happening. It's a small detail, but from the back it's visible. That is the heel of the shoe, and there is the toe off the show. So the legs can be the same. The bad backer has to go because it's not the same. And I can figure I can do something else. So this is made more rundown. This is a bit more different. I just move around. This is how the trouser is above the bed. I just move it around. If the sword is here in front of the hand, then I have to take care that this part is coming up. But I'm not talking about that now. So I have a back which is looking OK from the back as well. I can't believe it. The hair color a bit. Let's give something unique on this corrector and let's make his hair. Yeah, also with control click, I can give the blade a nicer color. All right, so the brute character is working. If you click on the ruler, the guidelines disappear. I feel a bit more detail to these. I will basically copied the weapons I made in the other video. And you will check in that video how to make those also we make the side views 17. RPG warrior character blueprint - Part 3.: So in this video ever talk about side music and front and back. So I have already two views. I want to change some details. This is what is always happening to me. I like that this character is very wide. So what I'm gonna do? He's a group of the head on the fringe and the mouth it control G. I changed the color off the nose. A pinkish I don't like it that it's so dark. Being work can be. Yeah, that's his better. And I work a bit on the eyes. It's not so evil Now it looks like play mobile, but I can give him some my bro's and darker eyes. No, this color is fine. Contra de and age to flip. Okay? And what I gotta do is I pulled down the sheared and the hair. Why do that? Because I like it that this figure is lower. Okay, What I didn't do is this one. I didn't group into the head, So shift control, G, This is a trick I always do. If I believe miss something out of a group. Shift control G toe on group it. While these things are also selected and then contra G to group it back. And now the eyes and the eyebrows are also part of the team. Now we chief Quick, I said, like the hairs and the head, and I pulled it down. Cool. A bit more. No back. Fine. So I adjust my ruler. Not much of a change, but the steel that makes a character looking wider. Here I used this word and the shield I grabbed from the warmer video we made. I hope you made these because I got I use it. And I show you Will Martic, if he's holding the sword, I can put the formal here like the hand these big. Now I delete the fake sword I made earlier. I put the formula here. I break up the sword again. Shift control G and I pushed this one to the back. The whole handle is hiding in his fist because this is what has happening. Actually, no. What is needed to be done is on the back. It's quite the opposite. So I duplicate the sword. All parts of the sort. Okay, so I select duplicate And how it looks from the back is that the formal is sticking out here on the hand, relating the dumbest would So the formally sticking out and the rest I can group together and I sent here. So this is the difference? No, I see the character from the back and here I see him from the front. Also, I have this little shield I made earlier. I just like better the colors I used on this route. So I get this color and I don't see my correx. So I pushed control five or view display mode and outline. And I see my little cracks. Control five again. Contra five on the numeric keyboard. You can do this. Only this if you have a numeric keyboard, Chief Control F and make it darker. Nice. Okay, Now, I swear I will go to the point when I do decide you, I make it big. I removed the dummy shield I used earlier. And if this is the shield here, then it means it has to be gray as well. And now you can play a bit. Put this on higher. Perfect. We are already getting there. Know what I gonna do? We're gonna make this idea because this is a cartoon character. I can play a lot, which means I have the legs. I make them slightly. Bend on the side. Put it here. I moved this. That a shape it like it's a normal food. And pull these two notes out can be even fluffy like a big shoe. All right. I can really, totally the other leg. No, I still have any issue. Doesn't matter. So night matters like give it time to give it a great color. So no, I have the leg slightly bend. So now this part has to come here. And this one has to have the same color. Perfect. Now I can duplicate this whole leg again and maybe other leg. Now the other leg is in the back and there is little trick I can do to show that that it's in the back with them aside, just the legs. So you see what I do. So now I have two legs and the real one. I'm using the color of you here and the real one I gonna color a darker one. Which is why this and the same goes for the boots. I can use even this dark color so Now I have the feeling that that that, like, is a bit behind. Also, I pulled them in front of each other and they can be on the same line like it side view. Okay, let's remove the field for a bit. And then I've ever conduct from the head and the hair. I need the head from the first growing I push control D you to re read ahead. I need at least one armed with the sword. That's he was the same. We know trick. Let's use the same sword and former and arm I used here because although it's a side view, the arm can be turned. It doesn't really matter. The hair is very good here because from the side, this is how it gonna look. I can even pull back a bit or the lead half off it on the back. Yep. Great. Now the chest from the side is smaller. So what I do, I just select all these objects and they push them together and I push this one together to now he has a big leg from the side and he needs a but just a circle. I can put it into the group with the leg. Nice. So he has a but also the other leg. But in fact this can cover it up. So he is not looking like modo now his body is quite straight. But I want to hunt him. I want him toe lean forward. I put this one and this one I want to make shorter from the side And here as well That's group this up And this one I just sleep because from the safe from the side we don't have any inside and outside of the arm. So it can be just here what I can do for the eyes in the face. I delete these. I make the nose and the I to the front like he's looking to the front more And I make this my shorter because it's shorter from the side like it is from the front. See? Same character? No, I have a side view. I have the other arm. I have this arm I can put in a shoulder Full glory. Okay, so the other arm has to be on the very back and No, it just means the shield reach my gonna shape like this. I moved the middle of it and they're gonna put it on his back. Oh, not even So if the shield would be on this side, that's perfect. But on the because it's slightly on one side if he's standing. Oh, I made a mistake, and this is a mistake. You're gonna make us well. So if the sword is here in this hand, if he's in the back than the sword here is on this arm. So I just push age and they believe I change arms. Right arm, Right hand writes for right arm. Right. This one. And the shield is slightly to the right side here. So I s o made a mistake that it happens. Just take correctly, because in some games, even in Finnish games, I see this mistake. Jesus, I wanted to talk about this and I make the same mistake. Learn from it. So what they do, I put it Ah, achieve quarterly. I opened alignment. Fine. Turn it a bit. And I put it behind his own. So it's more or less on his shoulder. Yeah, it's like this. So the sheared it can be even tina, because it's very much on the side and what I can do is I duplicate this one and sheaf controversy and give you the thickness. Just bend the nose, This one. I imagine that this is much coming out to be good. So no, I have a shoot like this. This is on his back. Just take care. That is the same line. Birthday. Still that I don't like is the chest is too much out. So I push it in. I take a vadis arm because it's blocking the view. So the justice too much out it still has the same shoulder. But now you will see it's too much out or the head is not forward enough. But it's not like them. So here it is, and that's it. Arm can go back, same level as the other 1 may be a bit further. So if this is here than this, this leg is from perfect. And now what I do to make the other side I duplicate pull it aside. Flip it. Yeah, hair wise. And the other thing wise, it's a lot of change because the shield is gonna be visible from the inside now. So I just opened the group. I would control. Plus, I'm urged the whole thing together and I made it this dog gray and I align it. Now I see the inside of the shoot here I saw the outside. So when arm is moving, I see the whole shield are too low, all right. And what has also happened. And this is what I wanted to say earlier than using flipped sprites is a mistake is that I flipped the arms. But it's not good, because now this ward is in the right hand here. But here it's a mirror. So it's in the left hand. So what I do, I switch the arms, the end button. I send this the back and the other one the right arm I sent to the front. And also I changed their position a bit. This one comes here, and this form in the arms comes a bit forward. That's one thing. So the sword is behind and sword is front. It's so simple. And I was also working a bit on the sheer And if the hair is this side than the hair can be disappeared here, that's up to you. And if his hair was going from one side to the other. Here it can be switched. So these are the two side views. It's the same. Corrector is just. If I move, the Army will see he's standing, not mirrored. But he's standing perfectly. Read another guy. Your task is to do these to every other character I drove in this. Why? I have the guidelines very in evening escape. I just duplicate because they still help Because I can steal align elements. I know steal the chain is this high? I know that the but is this hard And I know that the arm is ending here. So every time I move it or lose something, I always know. Okay. It was here. This was coming from traditional animations. I know the proportions and I align everything to line Why I do this? So my side view the character doesn't gonna have suddenly a bigger head or lower than in the front. So when my character is turning its consistent, this is why I have different size and the the scale is the same. And my character is consistent when he's turning. All right, You have to do this for all the other characters and drawing. And please, if you do, please. Please, please. I'm so curious about what you do. And I want to help you personally, to develop, to send me defines what you did. I want to see them very, very much. 18. How to think with modular characters!: modularity is one of the most important in the coolest thing you can do in escape in vector design for video games. So this is why I always create my characters in escape. Also because I love the program, but also because of modularity. What does it mean? It means when you create a character, you can use it like a Lego piece. You can build and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild and make new and new characters from the same stuff. So here's the skeleton warrior I made earlier. I made some of those swords and accessories. Let's give him the sword. Yeah, okay. He's this little guy holding a sword marching towards your hero angrily. Okay, that's fine. That's one skeleton. This could be enemy number one. More like not number one number zero. Really? The most basic and generate enemy you can have. But what if you also have a kind of a berserker? Then you can use him and create another warrior. It's Stoller. It has different proportions. It has a bigger hand. Bigger arm, bigger upper body. So in this case, just but smaller head. So proportion Vice. He will be told her. He will be bigger. He will be tougher. Proportion wise, he will be more off Superman Proportion. Big. Just You see, I'm just really, really modifying it easily. More hunching forward. Okay. I scaled the scored with it. The head is shorter, a smaller. I want to make the legs longer. So what I will do is I pulled them also out more off the boots. I just hold shift control and I select everything pulled them upper perfect. So the feet itself doesn't have to be bigger. It doesn't matter. But the character, if I put it on the same level as the other one, the character is bigger, different, different size and even this one. I can make bigger and I can make it wider so the arms are even back. Like see what I mean? He's a big guy with the big chest and if I move the arm it's bigger. I can make him hunt a bit more. So turn He's body a bit. Two words and that's it and made the head smaller even and made the whole stuff. Actually, I could make a whole stuff a bit bigger. So this is a different version off the same volume and how much I was working on it. A few minutes. I want to make it more brutal. I want to make it a face like a bear, circa. Then I give it bigger job bones like the job bones is Maura front and angrier. You see, it's a different size, a different character. I can even play with the eyes or just moved in their side. So it's even more. I just said, like these nodes, yea, bigger, tougher, meaner, just generally more evil and bigger and harder to kill. This is one part you can do, and from the elements I use, I can give him also a shield. It's Ah showing to the player that this is a tough enemy to kill because he has a shield animation wise. You could give it the animation when he's blocking with the shield, and he was moving slowly but heating heating bigger than the small enemy. That's it. It's so easy just to be creative in what you have and modify it in a few simple steps. Have your goal in mind what you want to be it. I wanted to be the bigger character and modify your simple character accordingly and have fun and create more and more enemies. Teoh characters to your game. Play with the colors as well. I didn't do it here, but I could recover it. That's the easiest modification. I think the more you are focusing on the body parts and accessories, the more random your character gonna look. And being random is good for you. This way you can create amazing game with unique looking characters. Have some fun with it. Try it on your characters You did already.