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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Tools and Supplies


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      Stem - part 1


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      Stem - part 2


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      Flower head


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      Finishing touches


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

A good book deserves a lovely bookmark and this cute, floral bookmark is the perfect accessory!

In this class you will learn how to make a crochet flower bookmark from start to finish. We will be using the following stitches:

  • chain stitch
  • double crochet (US single crochet)
  • treble crochet (US double crochet)
  • double treble crochet (US treble crochet)

and working in the round. This class would suit a skill level of advanced beginner onwards.

These flower bookmarks are simple to make, are a great project to use up your yarn scraps and once you have mastered the technique they only take 20-30 minutes to complete. 

They make thoughtful, handmade gifts for book-lovers everywhere.  I usually make them for end-of-year teacher gifts are they are always well received.

To make the bookmark as I demonstrate it in the video lessons you will need:

  • DK (double knit) yarn
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Buttons or beads
  • Scissors

However have fun customising your own bookmark by changing the colour scheme, adding or removing stitches to change the size of the flower and experimenting with different yarn types, yarn weights, hook sizes and bead/button embellishments. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lilian Barker

Papercrafter & Surface Pattern Designer


Hi! I'm Lilian a.k.a. Merry Makewell. I'm a serial crafter - having tried a number of crafts and techniques including dressmaking, hand embroidery and crochet - but my absolute favourite is papercrafting in all its forms.

I've always loved paper - the feel, the smell, the pretty patterns and the promise of a blank sheet - so when I discovered cardmaking several years ago I was instantly hooked. It's an easy and accessible way to make art without being able to draw or paint. Since then I've branched out into digital papercutting, mixed media art and creating paper and 3D projects for home decor.

My love of pretty, patterned paper and fabric led me to creating my own designs as Merry Makewell Designs where I design surface patterns for fabric,... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: I love to read as much as I like my electronic devices. There's nothing like a physical book. The feel of it, the smell of the paper and feeling the breeze when flicking through the pages. I think that a good book deserves a lovely bookmark. I'm Lillian, also known as Mary make well, and I love making things. In this class, you will learn how to crochet and lovely floral bookmark. To take this class, some previous question experience would be beneficial. It would suit and advanced beginner arguments. After taking this class, you'll be able to whip up to qt floral bookmarks and no time at all, you can keep for yourself or gift to the book lovers in your life. I hope that you'll join me for this cute fun project. Stay tuned to find out what you'll need to get started. See you in class. 2. Tools and Supplies: To make the bookmark, we're going to need some young. So I'm going to be using dk young that's double knit. And I've chosen to use a pink and pink and green. But you can use whatever color combination you want. You can also use different size, different weight yarn if you want to just remember to adjust your hook accordingly. So we'll need some scissors and a crochet hook. I'm gonna be using a four millimeter hook and some adorning needle. So that's a blunt needle with a very thick I. And finally, you'll need some buttons or beats. Okay, so that's everything you need. So let's get started. 3. Stem - part 1: To make the stem of the bookmark, I'm gonna, you're gonna pick your first color. So I'm using green, going to cost him to the crochet hook as normal with a slip stitch. But I wanted to leave a fairly long tail. At least 3 " three to 4 ", that's about seven to 10 cm. So we make our cost onto the hook. And then we're going to chain. I want to make the first chain a little bit large. So I'm just going to loosen up this loop here. So rather than have it, rather than having it close to the hook, I'm going to just loosen up a bit because I want my first chain to be a little bit loose. And then I'm going to chain 47. Okay, so we've got 40 there. Now. Most books are going to be a five inch in size. So you can check to see if it will fit. And it obviously has a little bit of given it. So that's about right. Now. Clearly, you can add or subtract stitches depending on the size of books that you're making a bookmark for. But as a general guide, 40 stitches is fine. Okay, Then the next thing to do is to create a loop at the end of this stem. Now I'm going to chain an extra 41234. And then I'm going to go back into that first of those extra four stitches. I'm going to go through the loop at the back and then slip stitch. And then we're going to crochet into this little loop that we've made. So now we can cast off, cut your yarn, you some better scissors. And then make a little note, okay, so that's our stem. Part, one of our standard done. 4. Stem - part 2: For the second part of the stem, we need to cut so we're going to make a tassel for the bottom. So we need to cut some pieces about 10 cm, maybe 12 cm or four or 5 " long. So we're going to cut several pieces. Let's say 53. Okay, so he's just kind of the way that I have. Then we'll cut that. And then cut these ends off here. Where if they're not perfectly even because we are going to trim them afterwards. Take the strands that you've cut and just arrange them tightly together. Give me a little twist because that will help them to stay together more easily. Then make a little loop. Like so. Then pick up your, your stem and then locate that first loose chain that you did. Now I'd like to go through the loop in the back. You see now why we made it loose so that we could pass all this bulk through it. Then just get your hook and guide your tassels. Quite this big loop through. Now, we want to encourage, wants to pass these ends through the loop to make us not. You can do that with the hook or you can do that with your hands. Makes sure that this tail from the starting stitches also pass through as well. And then just gently pull everything together. Might take a little bit of encouraging that we just want to make it tight and neat. Button. You can pull the strands through individually just to make sure that each one is nice and tight. And then when you've got yourself a tassel, just go to the NCF, locate the shortest one, and then trim everything to that, to the same link. You, That's why we left the long tail so that we wouldn't end up with we wouldn't have to end up with a really short tassel. Now we've got this lovely young tussle. We can just trim everything together. Don't worry if it's not perfect. And there we go. We've got a lovely tassel. You might say you see when you spread it out like this, if you see any irregularities or if it looks untidy, you can always just go back in and adjust what needs to be adjusted. Now if you wanted to right? Now if you wanted to, you could get like a comb and comb this out to make it nice and fluffy. But I think I'm just going to leave my life that I like this. I like mine like this. Okay, So that's part two of the tail done. Next, we're going to move on to make the flower. 5. Flower head: Now it's time to bring in your second color. I'm going to use this nice pink slip stitch that's normal to custom to your hook. And then we're going to take the opposite end. So we put our tassel end where we made this loop. You can maybe just see there's a little hole here. And that is what we're going to be working into. So pus your yarn and go hook through that hole. Then I'm going to slip stitch into the middle. Just going to gather the green and the pink Eon together and then I'm going to try to trap them behind my stitches. So the first thing back through the center. But through the center, I'm going to do a double crochet chain to I'm going to do a travel on to say we're going to change too. Then I'm going to do a double crochet. Alright, that's the foundation of our first petal. And then I'm going to do that for more times all the way around. Double crochet chain to triple crochet, chain two, double crochet. So once again, just to ease the stitches around, if you can. Double crochet, chain to treble crochet chain two, double crochet. That's number three. Number four, double crochet chain too. Triple crochet, chain two, double crochet. Then the fifth one. If you find yourself coming up against this stem here, just make sure you just tuck everything to the back and then work around it. Go over the top of it. So a double crochet, Given that alter the back chain to triple crochet. Chain to the double crochet to finish. Okay, so at this point now we have our first round of petals. You could leave it like this if you'd like. I personally would like some more volume. So I'm gonna go around one more time. This time. Going to that first double crochet that we did in round one, I'm going to go do a double crochet in the double crochet, double in the double. And then. If you see the structure here, there's a chain to space, the triple crochet, and then a chain to space. In the chain to space. I'm going to do to triple crochets. And then I'm going to do a double trouble crochet. We're going to wrap the yarn around the hook twice through the chain, through the gap, pull it through, pull it through the first two loops. Put it through the next two loops, and then put it through the final two lives. I'm gonna do another double trouble, but this time I'm going to do it in the treble crochet stitch from round one twice around through through to you to do two. And then the final treble crochet in the next chain tooth space after the treble crochet from round one. Okay, then I'm going to do two more trouble crochets in that chain to space, 1.2. And then I'm going to do a double crochet in the double crochet stitch from round one to finish. And that is our petal. So I'm going to do that all the way around. So a double crochet, the double crochet, a treble, two triples in the chain to space. A doubled trebled in the chain to space. A double travel in the treble stitch. A double treble crochet in the next gene, two space. Two travels in the chain to space. Then a double crochet in a double crochet from round one. That's two. And let's do that again. Doubling the double To travels in the chain to space. Doubled trebled in the chain to space. Travel in the treble stitch from round one. A double or triple in the chain. In the next chain, two space. Two triples in the chain to space. And a double and a double. That's three. So again, doubled in a double. T travels chain to space, doubled tripled, and the chain to space travel and the treble doubled triple in the next chain to space travel in the chain two space two travels. That's 12. Then a double in the tupple. One more time. Doubling the devil to troubles in the chain to space. Travel and the chain to space will travel in the treble type of travel. And the next chain, two space. Two travels in the chain to space. And a double in the double. Okay? Then we can cut off, pass it through the loop. And you can take these tails that you trapped behind your stitches. If you pull, it will close up the center of the flower. That's not critical. But if you're going to be sewing buttons on or I'm beats a smaller gap depending on the size of B, the smaller gap, right me bought desirable. It's also good practice because it reduces the amount of weaving in that you have to do at the end. Okay, so there you go. That is stage three of our flower done. 6. Finishing touches: So the next step now is to so on a bead or a button into the central flower. So if you turn the flower over and take the colored, the flower colored yarn from the center. You just finished using. And then you need your dining needle. Then just thread your yarn through the eye of the needle and then pass it through to the front of the flower. Now I probably should have said at the beginning, but when you're casting on, make sure to leave a good amount of yarn so that you can, so your button on. If for whatever reason you haven't, you can just use the same color and do it separately, but it's just easier if you use the one that's already there. Okay, So threats your button or bead onto your yarn. And then on the opposite side of that, back down to the other side. Just make sure that it's nice and central. Turn it over. They do a couple of back stitches just to secure the yarn. So go behind where the yarn came out, pass it through to the front. Then it same again, go back behind where the young came out, pass it through to the front. And then I'm just going to change direction. For good measure. I'm going to go here behind 21 more time. Then I can trim off this tail. So the final step then to finish our bookmark is to weave in the other, the remaining ends. Once again, get your donning needle, thread, yarn through. And then we're here. I'm just going to pass the urine down through the stitches towards the center. Then I'm going to do a couple of back stitches like I did when I was sitting on the button. So behind and then to the front, then behind the front, then behind where the young came out, and then back in front. And the same again. Okay, So that will keep your secure. Now you can trim off the tail. Then with the actual bookmark, the stem portion. We view you're onto your donning needle. Again, try and leave a good long enough tail that to make this donning bit easy. And then just locate the first chain. And you just We your yarn through the chain. So over, under and over the top, under like that. Then pass it through to the top. We'll pass it through from the top. And then you've gone from the top to the bottom, then just pass it under another stitch from the bottom to the top. Put tight. Managed to get my coat. Then you can trim that off. If you want to be doubly sure that you're not going to have any unraveling. You can just dab a little bit of fabric glue onto there if you want. Alright. There we go. We have our bookmark done. You can just place it in your book. A little flower thing goes at the top. And that's really cute. 7. Final Thoughts: You can make all sorts of variations. You don't have to stick to the colors that I use. You can use whatever colors you want to use. Another one that I made in a darker pink. Now, just to show you this one, these are all made with the same pattern, but this one's slightly bigger. You can pop, you can see that just about this one. I put in an extra trouble in the chain to space. So with these I did two troubles and then a double trouble with this one. I did three triples and double triple. And you can see that it's made a slight difference to the size of the flower, finished flower. Another one that I also made larger. This one that I made it in green with a gray stem just because I've now just to show that you could use whatever colors you want. I didn't put a bead or a button on this one. It looks quite nice if you're careful with how you weave in the ends, you can. You don't necessarily have to put anything in the middle. But if you for whatever reason you don't have anything at the time or you forget, you can always come back in with some fabric glue or some hot glue and Sticker button in the middle, or you can weave it in or soviet on afterwards. Just have a couple of more examples to show you. So this one I made using metallic yarn and a three millimeter hook. I really liked the idea of theming the bookmark to match the subject of the book. E.g. you could use your metallic yarns for your futuristic and sci-fi novels. And you could make deep breath, deep burgundies and blacks for your Gothic novels. And you could have bright reds for your steamy romance novels. I think that's, that would be really cute to have a set per subject matter. Anyway. So this one I made using metallic yarn. I've made six petals as opposed to five. And you can see the difference just in changing the hook size. So this is the standard pattern that I've, that I've done. You can see that this is so much smaller. So if you're going to use a different size and different weight yarn, be sure to adjust your number of chains accordingly. Then on that note, I use this is pearl cotton, which is, I think it's used as an embroidery thread, but I used it. You can also crucially it with it. I use this with a two millimeter hook. And this was the result. So again, you can see them side-by-side. This one actually has 54 chains, so this one has 44 chains. This one has 54 chains and it's still in progress. I just wanted to get you to see what it looked like. So you can see that the flower is quite small, quite a bit smaller than with the DK on and the four millimeter hook, but it's very delicate and it has a much more refined look. So if that's something that you like, then that might be a possibility for you to use the pearl cotton. This is pearl cotton comes in different thicknesses. This is a size eight. So because this flower is quite small, I went around again. So this was, this was following the example as I demonstrated in the earlier video lessons. And then in order to make the flower a little bit more prominent, a little bit bigger. What I did was I went around around the flower again. But this time I used double the number of stitches. So apart from in the double crochet, where I continued with a double crochet. I put two stitches where in the previous round by w1 one. So if you remember we did a double and a double, then two travels and then a double trouble. So in order to do the second round, I do a doubling the double for travels and then two double troubles. Basically you double the number of stitches all the way around. And it gives you this kind of effect. Okay, So now it's your turn. The class project is to crochet your own floral bookmark, things to consider to personalize it. Like I said, think about color schemes. Think about yarn, size, weight. Think about Hooke's size. Think about young types. So there's, this has metallic yarn, but you get different sorts of specialist yarns. You can use threads, you can use chunky. There's all sorts of opportunities for you to make the bookmark urine. So, um, when you've done that, please do post your projects in the, in the class project section. It really does help to inspire other students and it helps to give me a dose of serotonin. And also consider leaving a review because it helps the class to be discovered. And it also helps me to know what I did well and what I could do better next time. Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to seeing your question a creations.