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Create Landing Page in 10 easy steps

teacher avatar Anna Krupa, graphic designer, photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. The difference between a homepage and a landing page


    • 3.

      3. 10 easy steps


    • 4.

      4. Example 1 - Brand24


    • 5.

      5. Example 2 -


    • 6.

      6 class project


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About This Class

An effective landing page can help to build your subscribers list and also sell your products. In my short class I'll show you the most important 10 point, while designing it, to make it more effective and confertable.

Meet Your Teacher

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Anna Krupa

graphic designer, photographer

Level: Beginner

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1. 1. Introduction: Hello and welcome Mexican Curse Great Landing Page that culverts in 10 easy steps. My name is and I'm a graphic designer and photograph for founder of Drink Attar's website. Today I'll be talking about landing pages in digital marketing. A landing page is a standalone weapon created specifically for the purposes of America. Think our advertising campaigns. It's where our visitor lands when they have clicked on a Google. Outwards are similar. Landing pages are designed with a single focus objective known as a call to action are, in other words, city A. It might be a the road on a book Bottom are sign up now. But for example, simply city is what makes landing page is the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your Google AdWords campaign or Facebook campaigns. You can use them toe showcase products, advertise cells and discounts, run a giveaway unless a pre so our offer a freedom in next few shirt videos. I will show you the 10 key points to design it perfectly, so stay tuned 2. 2. The difference between a homepage and a landing page: the difference between the home page and the landing page. Consider the following diagram, which shows a home page on the landing page. The orange areas on each diagram represents links on the page. As you can see, the home page on the Left has further tree links and the landing page on the right, his only one having fewer things on your landing pitch has been proven to increase conversion rates when it comes to paid advertising, as there are fewer available destructions, which is why expert marketers doing paid advertising always use a dedicated standalone landing page as the destination of their as traffic. 3. 3. 10 easy steps: What are the 10 key points to design the perfect landing page that cause high convert rates ? So the first point our meta titles descriptions and you're off, so make your pitch C a O. Friendly with high relevant keywords with relevant meta titles and meta descriptions, you can drive more quality traffic. They're landing page the second point. Our contact methods phone numbers are most commonly found in the top right hand corner. Place your contact number here so your customer can get in touch with you as quickly as possible. The first point are comparing headings, Headings Ah, headline will set the expectations of your visitor almost instantly and will help them decide if Europe it is suitable for them or not, just like a newspaper article, make your headlines powerful and compelling. Fourth point is scarcity. The harder to get a product or service is the more and think it becomes. Use words like limited time on Lee are this moment on Lee or they re sale the fifth point. Our hero shots. This image needs to be unique to your business and communicate what you do. I mean it almost immediately. The sixth point, our bullet points. Long slabs off text, tired eyes quickly. Bullet points are not only easier to read, but they make it easier to absurd information. Seven. Call to action but bottom. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Reduce their frustration and confusion, but by making your instructions large, clear and easy to read. Eight. Build trust you want. Buy something if you did not trust the company used testimonials, case studies or even the Lagos off Cos you're worked with to establish credibility. Known benefits Trump features include the futures of your product or service, but described them in a way that emphasize their benefits. Have your offering will improve the lives off your customers, then useful foot footers proving a physical. Others in Your Footer shows that you are on established business. Place links for other pages with which may interested readers here in case they want more information. And and it's old 4. 4. Example 1 - Brand24: Now it's time for some examples. Brought 24 As you can see, use realistic moke up off their e book. It's only visualization how it can look like as a physical product, but it's very suggestive with its cover image. Call to action Bottom those who exactly what you should do that I don't know It's free. Next, The second headline. All you need to know About Social listening Those who in benefits language, What will you get and what will you achieve by the wanting this e book Bill O. We can see Benefit listed in the bullets again showing you why you should download this a book far, Generate says. Elites discover and reach out influencers. Monitor brunt reputation. Engage your community, get social insights and watch your competition. I once again with sickle to action Putin Bottom Don't know. Now it's a free at the very bottom. We'll find other people opinions about this product. It is so called social proof, and once again, for the first time we see the call to action bottom because it is very important that people who landed in your page know exactly what what you want them to do. 5. 5. Example 2 - another great example. Off Landing Bridge is right message dot com. It doesn't complain all the time futures listed before, but it's still perform its does. Quote. What we have here is good quality that aim in our problem. Let's look at a few ways to freeze your prospects. Next, we have a call to Action Button. Let's get started. You know that our Mr Benefits like customer value subscriber you visit in clean graphical way, a theory also very appealing. Once again, there is placed a call to action bathroom so that we know exactly what are we hear from, so let's get started. 6. 6 class project: welcome. In the last movie of Discuss as a project of this class, I want you to create landing page to your lead magnet and show it as a screenshot in project section. To make the task easier for you. I've created Landeck. Shame, along with the landing page creation checklists which all your kin dollars in the project section so happy creating.