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Create Highly Converting Sales Emails for eCommerce Email Marketing | Start to Finish Ultimate Guide

teacher avatar Alex Huston, Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Intro & Overview


    • 2.

      Designing the Header


    • 3.

      Designing the Product Blocks


    • 4.

      Designing the Buyer Callout


    • 5.

      Exporting and Configuring the Designed Email


    • 6.

      Configuring Sale Email within Klaviyo (full campaign setup)


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About This Class

Do you have an email list for your eCommerce store and brand? If you're not engaging this email list 3-5 times per week with potential offers and sales you may be leaving sales on the table!

In this class, we will design from start to finish a high converting sales email template to run an email marketing campaign to our email list for our eCommerce store. We will create branded content that will allow us to quickly configure email marketing campaigns will little to no additional work after the initial setup.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to design out the header of your branded sales email using custom content
  • How to design out high-quality product blocks for your branded sales emails 
  • How to design out a buyer callout to include in your branded sales emails
  • How to configure your email template and campaign to send a sales campaign to your email list

And so much more!

I am really excited to share this skill with you. Anyone can build beautiful branded sales emails to engage your email list and this is how!


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Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses on digital marketing, eCommerce, music production, and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and the application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Class Intro & Overview: That's up, guys, welcome back to another lesson today. We're going to discuss and go through the process of creating high converting sales campaigns that you can run to your email list for your commerce store. We're going to go from start to finish with an example. Email. We're going to design out this entire sales campaign, and I'm going to show you an entire structure that if you do this with all of your emails, you'll eventually be able to copy and paste this, saving a lot of time and being able to build these really beautiful branded sales emails that convert very hot. Creating sales emails that look on brand and have custom content is really important to continue to engage your customers and potential customers who maybe have been to your site , gave you their email but didn't actually end up purchasing. You want to continue to engage those people about your brand about everything your company is up to and what you have to offer and kind of what sets you apart and doing that through custom branded sales emails is a really, really easy way to do it, because the costs, except to send these emails is very low. Once we have somebody's email address, we can pretty much get in contact with them very our email service provider, and put them into some type of list or campaign and begin Teoh, interact with them with more sales materials and begin to show them or products that are available and hopefully convert them into a customer and a lifetime customer. So this class is going to start in the design phase. I'm gonna use some content that I pulled from the Internet from Ali Express from products that you can source from China s Oh, this is just some example content. But we're gonna build out these beautiful, beautiful e mails and the way that we're gonna do it. You'll see how if you do this over time, you'll be able to set up these emails within 15 20 minutes, and that can convert to sales very quickly. So we're gonna start there in the design phase. I'm gonna go through my entire process to make very simplistic, even if you're not super designed heavy, or know the INS announce of photo shop or if you need a photo very well, you could still make this happen pretty easily. So we're going to start there, and then we're gonna move into taking that design and importing it into our email service provider. Today, we're gonna be using Claudio. Whether you use clavier, use something else. This will be pretty much synergistic around all that all different email service providers . So stick with us all the way through through the end to see how we set up the campaign as well. And by the end of this video, you'll know how to set up awesome branded beautiful sales sales emails that will engage your consumers and convert them into customers. So this class is gonna be for anybody who does any type of human marketing, anybody who does any type of digital design or e commerce branding anybody that owns an e commerce store. Whether on Shopify or WordPress. This is gonna help you a lot. A lot, a lot. So stick all the way through this video to get all the tips and tricks to see how to make these beautiful emails and let's get started, guys, 2. Designing the Header: All right. Also, let's get started here. This is gonna be a very simple way to design these beautiful emails. I'm gonna show you how we do it step by step on how to make this a repeatable process. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna create our header section of this email. So the way that I like to structure our emails is gonna be some type of header creative with the general. Call the action and then feature in certain products under that andan using some type of buyer call out along with ah ah, Bigfoot Or that will allow us to direct people to social channels. All those different things. So here we are, inside affinity photo. I have nothing loaded up yet. Um, again, Affinity photo, if you've taken one of my design classes before, is very, very similar to photo shop. It's just cheaper. It's like 40 bucks on the APP store on Macintosh computers. So I like to use It's very powerful. In fact, I think it does some things better than Photoshopped and Photoshopped does some things better than affinity, but we're gonna use affinity today. All the tools are gonna be the same. Pretty much all the emotions are gonna be the same. And if you're using a Photoshopped, you should be able to follow along. So we're gonna go up. Teoh, Affinity. We're gonna file new We're going to create a new document. So for all my emails that I do, I make the page with 1600 pixels because that's gonna be the typical page with four. Anything that's on the Internet, really. So whether that's your website or a blogger, whatever the pixel with a general website is gonna be 1600 pixels. So that's what we're gonna do for emails as well. And we're gonna we're gonna leave the page height at 10. 80. We might move that. So we're just gonna hit OK and get going here. So this is good. So I've actually got a folder here. Let's see if I've been You put that down here, I've got better access to it. Cool. So I've got some. Like I said, I've got some content that I pulled from Ali Express. We're gonna continue this theme of a jewelry company s Oh, these These are some pictures that I found on Ali Express and anybody can test these out. Um, so we're gonna start with a header section, right? The first thing that we're gonna do is I'm gonna create a rectangle that covers the top of the header. Okay, this part's really, really simple guys gonna create a rectangle that covers the top of the header. And we're gonna put our logo here, your logo. So maybe we'll give this a name right now. Let's give it, uh, give it a name of the jewels. So epic jewels. Pretty basic, pretty standard. And we'll do a quick fun. Just so we got something there, Right? Maybe new for that's nice and regular have the medium cool not to spend too much time on that, but just a nice header. Every single one of her emails is gonna have a header. And this is gonna be linked directly to our site. So we'll go through that in the next section. Is this header piece of creative. So I'm gonna drag in our our creative that we have, and I'm gonna size it up because you can see if we need to make this Ah, lot bigger. So over here, crop, I'm gonna pull this down on That should be pretty good for now. It's actually crop that back to cool. So this is our header section off the email where it's just a big announcement of hay. We're back. Our brand back. We're here. We want to show you something. Great. So the next thing I'm gonna do with this photo is I'm gonna go over here. There's two ways to do this. Um, I'm gonna go over here. I'm gonna go into my effects panel, bring my effects panel up here. I'm gonna do, uh, a color overlay already black. I'm just gonna pull this back around 50 45%. So another way to do this is you can draw a black rectangle over it and just pull the opacity down. Whichever way you want to do is, uh it's up to you. So the next step we're gonna dio is we're gonna add some text. So I got my text tool, and we're gonna say hottest spring styles out of spring styles. How about that? We're gonna highlight this. I'm gonna take a fund that I like. I like using Avenir. Next. We're gonna go, Denny, bold italics. I'm gonna center that, and we're gonna pull this out to be white. So hottest spring styles. We're highlight this again Gonna go into window. Let's see, How am I gonna go? Text show character? Will this, uh cool. And I'm gonna do this little V a with a line under here, that's gonna be the spacing of this. I'm gonna make this, like, 2 50 looks and see how that was. How does spring styles cool? And then let's make the spacing around 1 50 There we go. That brings that styles down a little bit. And we can already see that this is gonna need to come down our rectangle with our logo for things to be the right size. So I'm gonna highlight those two layers. I'm gonna make a group. I'm gonna call this logo hair cool. So I made a group. I just hitting command G after I highlighted those two layers and also do it down here. So how to spring styles? I'm gonna take this text layer. I'm gonna command C Command V and we have another tax layer here, and I'm gonna say, like, 20% off. 20% off use code. Spring 20 right. And so we're gonna resize this a little bit, actually, we're gonna break this into two. So we're gonna do 20% off. Take that a little bit bigger, center it, brand duplicate this, pull it down. So I command C command V that again, and we're gonna do use code Spring 20. We're gonna make that real small does that doesn't need to be that big. Cool. So I like how this is looking already. So I'm gonna take all these text layers, and I'm gonna select them, and I'm gonna hit command G, and I'm gonna do Header text that group. Now, the next thing is, we're gonna put a call to action on this, and then we're gonna be done with this part. So we're gonna take the rectangle tool, and we're gonna draw a rectangle. You guessed it. So what I like to do with the rectangles, I think this looks really, really sharp is I like to go over to here and go over to our layering mode and I'll go to multiply and then I'll come down to my FX on that layer. I'll put an outline. We'll make that outline white. What's I'll go to outline, make that outline white and pull up the radius. 10 textiles looks pretty good. So that looks really great, right? We've got a nice called the action button here. Cool. And so we'll take our text tool. And we're right in here shop now. And I'll highlight this again. I'm gonna go over to my character and make the spacing to 50 again. I like that spacing sighs this down, put it in. Our but in size are button up. Waas size are but not Here we go. So I'm gonna take this shop now. And this rectangle highlight those layers. Command G. I'm gonna call this c t a for call to action. Don't put it below the header text. So that is our head. This is gonna be the first thing people see when they open our email. The next thing that we're gonna dio is the product blocks. So let's head over to the next lesson and we'll get the product blocks done. And this is where it gets really, really repeatable. Once we start to build a lot of these out 3. Designing the Product Blocks: Alright, guys. So we're gonna talk about the product blocks and access is gonna be the section of the email that is right below our header that we just designed. And it's gonna feature individual products with a call to action that's were able to link people to direct product pages within our email. So there is a really important piece. This is where it gets to be the part of the email where we are able to, um, rinse and repeat this method. And once we have several of these product blocks set up and made, we can begin to just reuse them in new emails on day look, really sleep. They look really great. And it'll it'll bring this entire meal together. So the first thing we need to do to design out these product blocks is gonna be created new Ah, a new documents. So we're gonna we're gonna sizes document at 1600 pixels by 6 50 pixels and we're going to start. The first thing we need to do is we need to put a pixel layer, and we're gonna make that white cool. So the next thing we're gonna do, let me grab my creative here. The next thing that we're gonna do is drag in one of our pieces of creative. So we've got these nice alley express photos. Get rid of this real quick. Cool. So we've got this bracelet set, this this gold bracelet set that sleek, popping, and we're gonna place that on the left hand side of our product block will sizes down a little bit. And on the right hand side, what we're gonna do is we're gonna come back to our header section. We're gonna take her call to action, will come and see that it will command the it over just to save us ourselves some work. So let's take this. Call the action. Let's go over to our rectangle, hit the effects panel and let's make this outline black. And let's also break this radius down to about five, cause we're gonna make that button smaller. We'll go over here to our text and will change that. Too black too. So now we can select are called the Action Group and weaken sizes down to a more reasonable size. That's gonna work for what we're doing here. Cool. We've got called the action. Let's head over back to our header section. Let's pick our hottest spring styles tax. Copy that over and paste it in and we're gonna make this black as well. We're gonna sizes down a little bit. Here we go. This is gonna be the label of our product. We're gonna create the label of our product here that we can very clearly state what the offering is. So let's call this Royal Gold Ground set. We can resize this a little bit, a little bit bigger. Center it. Here we go. Kilos more. Okay, there we go. And so in this email were gonna feature three different product blocks. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take these three layers that we just created. Select them, command G, and we're gonna call this the Royal Gold said, and we'll come back over here to our group command C Command V will turn one of our groups off. We'll call this the oil silver set, and the first thing we need to do is we need to switch the sides of everything. So we want to have an alternating theme within our email so that when you have ur email, we've got a product on the left hand side with a call to action on the right hand side. And the next product block has the cold action on the left hand side and the product On the right hand side, this is very visually stimulating. It's a nice way to organize all of the products, um, and the product blocks within our email to create a very nice, clean cut Brandon email. So first thing we're gonna do is select this text, and this called the action. We're gonna move it over here and we'll take our product and move it over here super easy. And what we need to do is bring in the new piece of Creative what's and size it up over the old one. There we go, so you can delete that. Now we've got our silver royal set. I'm going to copy the gold set again, and we're just gonna replace the photo with the black royal set, and we'll put that into the group over here, and we'll rename this Royal Black set. What? So now what we need to do is go in and rename our titles. We'll call this world black set and we'll go back to our silver. I will do Royal Silvers. Ground set. Cool. So now if we look at this, we've got these nice alternating product blocks. Now we're gonna use the populate er email and linked directly to the product pages of our website. So this is very powerful. You could do this for all the products on your marketplace so that you just haven't built out. You could drop him in. We could reuse these. We can add a little bit more content if we wanted to put the price or sales price on there as well. So very simple. Set up very easy to get going. And they're very, very effective for making these very nice emails. So the next thing that we're gonna need to do is we're gonna create a buyer bar to go below this section, and I'll see the next video on designing that out 4. Designing the Buyer Callout: Okay, guys. So we need to make a buyer bar. So let's start by making a new file a new document. So we're gonna keep it the same as our product block. We might even make the with a little smaller are Sorry, the height. A little smaller. But let's start with 16 100 by 6 50 pixels, and we'll go from there. So same procedure. We're going to start by doing a pixel layer. Um, we're gonna take our paint bucket, and we're gonna make that way. First thing I'd like to do is take my rectangle tool and draw a rectangle right in the middle. I'm gonna make this black, and it's way too thick, so give me sex. We're going to zoom in on it. We're gonna make it about C B five pixels. Why, maybe three pixels wide, three pixels wide. Looks pretty good to me. All right, let's center that cool. So what we're gonna do here, guys, is we're just gonna call out a few things our company offers. This is where we say, like, free shipping. Uh, we say, um, let's see secure payments. Things like those donates to charity. Whatever it is, that we do as a company that we can put in that email to continue to engage our customers, gonna be beneficial for us. So before we do that, I'm gonna lower the opacity on this rectangle a little bit down to 75% maybe 50%. Jesus. Just so it's not straight up black. Here we go. All right. So I'm gonna go back into my header section. I'm gonna take my hottest spring styles text again copy and pasted over here and resize it . I'm gonna They text black, and I'm gonna highlight this command t for character. And I'm actually gonna bring us all the way down. Maybe not down to zero. Let's bring it to 50%. Looks good. All right. So I'm gonna do I'm gonna do not all caps here because I think it's gonna be too much. So we're gonna do free shipping for all U. S orders. Right? That looks pretty good. And I'm gonna center this right there in my line in command C command V. Bring it over here. Okay. And we're gonna do 100% secure payments are actually what I'm gonna do here. We're gonna do 30 day money back aren t cool and see if we can center this. No. So it's pretty good. So it's gonna go at the bottom are email guys. Um, it's gonna look amazing. So it's great. So Okay, I So we've got our header section. We've got our product blocks and now we've got our buyer call out. The next thing to do is to put this all together on start to export these. So let's head to the next lesson. 5. Exporting and Configuring the Designed Email: Alright, guys. So let's export all of this and then we're gonna put it together so that you can see what it looks like. Um, let's go over here to our header section first. All right, so we're gonna export this first, right? We're going over to file export. We're gonna do a J peg because the size of ah J pic file is gonna be smaller in a PNG And when people load the email in on their phone or on their computer of loaded little quicker . So we're gonna export this, put it into our folder. We've got our header section right now. We're gonna do our product blocks, and we're gonna do this the same way we're gonna file export R J Peg, we're gonna go into work creative. I'm gonna label this royal silver, and then I'm just gonna turn off that group, turn on the next group Royal Black. Okay. And then our royal gold saying that right. And then we'll go over to our buyer call outs and we're gonna do the same thing export as a J peg. And there we go. So let's put all this together real quick and you'll get to understand why we did it this way. So let's back up a second real quick. I want to show you something that I missed on the header section. You can choose to do this, or you can choose not to do it. I would choose. Make it. I would suggest making your own file that has your header in it. Um, So what you can do is crop all the way up to just your head or in your logo and just export this, Um, that way you've got that as well, so headed logo separate. This will make sense once we start to put all the pieces of this design into our email service providers. So let's just backtrack here and we'll own crop. So let's put this all together. Now I'm gonna take our header section and I'm gonna file save as full email just so it's saved in a different document. We're gonna go over to crop, and I'm gonna pull this way, way down for the time being. So we've got tons of space to work with and let's create a pixel layer under this and let's make it white cool. So let's start pulling in some of these product blocks that we have, We've got our royal black right There we go, Bone. We've got a royal silver. There we go. It's getting lined up. Um, we've got our royal gold. Okay? And we got our buyer call outs. Here we go. And so we can actually bring this pixel layer up, and we can crop up to that. So this is what the full email is gonna look like, Guys. Super, super duper sleek. It looks amazing. This is a great way to increase your sales. Guys, this is This is awesome. So I love the way this looks. Um, I think it looks amazing both. So now that we've got it all put together, we see it. Now, we just have to reconstruct this in our email service provider. 6. Configuring Sale Email within Klaviyo (full campaign setup): Alright, guys. So we're inside our club. You account. This is what we're gonna use to structure this entire branded email that we just designed out. That looks beautiful. We're gonna use it to send to people that are in our email list that have engaged with our store already. So if you don't use Claudio, I highly recommend it. You can use different tool. But I've loved this tool since I've started this'll e commerce, my e commerce journey. And it's just been so lucrative. Especially toe work with very customized emails. So the first thing we're gonna do is head over to campaigns. We're gonna create a campaign we're gonna call it Spring sale is That's what we're doing here. And less so. First we gotta send who were gonna send it to. This is a dummy account. So I don't have anybody in there, but you're gonna want to send us to your newsletters, people. You can go into the list and segmentation sections here, and you can make out different lists and segments of people. Whether they've opened an email in the past 30 days, open email the past 60 days, whether they've engaged in email ever. So if you want a specific lesson on how to do that and what lists and segments to send these emails to, I'm happy to do that. I usually try to send it to people have engaged in the last 30 60 90 days because I know those people that are engaged with my brand. They'd be interested in buying and sending them in emails. A good idea. So if you want an in depth, let's lesson about that should be a comment and all Consider making one. But let's start here and let's go to continue. So the subject of this is gonna be, let's say, save spring sale. There were spring sales savings on our hottest styles and we're gonna say 20% off for a limited time. That's gonna be our subject line, our email subject line and our preview text. So these are really important things to fill out. Make sure that they are eye catching. They offer something on, give somebody a reason to click on the email and check out what we are presented to them. So we're gonna hit, save changes. We're gonna go over here and we're gonna dio use a template. So eventually what we'll do is create our own template. Because I don't like to use any of these, but we're gonna use this shine off as a starting point cause it's got a nice footer that I would like to add in here. So I'm actually gonna go through and delete all of these blocks. Sorry, whoever's at what this is, but we designed out an email in a very specific way That is pretty standard for selling e commerce, physical products. And, um, we're going to stick with what we got because I think what we opened it is pretty good. So it's a delete all this over the phone. Cool. And the thing I'm not gonna delete is the footer down here, because it's got your emails Have to have this. If you no longer want to receive the emails, you can opt out here. So it's gotta have this depending on what type of Claudio account you have. Once you upgraded the free version are paid version, you can get rid of this, but that's going to stay there for now. And then it's got these nice social links. So first thing we're gonna do is configured this footer in a more, um, presentable way. So we're gonna click on the block, we're going over the block styles and we're gonna go to tax colors. We're gonna make that white, We're gonna go toe background. We're gonna make that black, They would go black. Let's see Icahn's I'm gonna make Boy, That was really, really good. I'm gonna save that. Gonna go over to this block and a little bit of block styles, and I'm gonna take the font and make it white And the background is going to be black. Here we go. That looks great. That'll be our footer for a female. And the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna start putting in all these design exports that we have. So what we're really gonna be working with here is gonna be the image blocks. So we're gonna drag this image block in, and the first thing we're gonna do is configure this image block so that it is set up in a way where we can duplicate it. So we're gonna go to block styles, we're gonna go to the padding and we're gonna do zero on the left. It'll automatically say nine. So zero on the right. So this will cover the entire space. The email. Right. Um, we're gonna show on mobile and desktop. That is good, but see Okay, that is good. So the next thing we can do here is if we hover over this block and you see this little star, you can click this star and you can create a saved block so that you don't have to redo that every time, and we'll call this image block image blocked. And so whenever we want to redo that, we just drag this saved one over, and we can We'll have a list of all our saved ones that we can just pop that in there. So that's awesome. A little trick to make it a little bit quicker. And then this becomes really easy. So we've got our content over here. Right. Um, now we just start to drag and drop this in. So the first thing we're gonna do is gonna be our header logo for epic jewels. Right? And so what you want to do is you want a line, this center, and you want to fill the image, see how that changes. So there's a reason why, um, we set the pixels the way that we did when we designed this. So you can see how that changes. And we're gonna want it to be Phil image area, and we've already got a block style set up. So then you can go in here and you can put in your text so the alternate text is gonna be the text that shows if the image doesn't load. For some reason in whatever email service provided the person is opening email in, I typically honestly leave this blank. But if you really, really want to cover all your basis with these emails, you can add that in there. So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna put in our website www Die epic jewels. Now, this isn't actually nothing website. This is just an example, um dot com. Right. So if somebody clicks on this, it will take them there. If somebody like taps the the space that this header logo takes up, it'll take him directly to the site. So we want to make sure that we link every single image in this email. Every single image should take them somewhere. So if they click the email at all, they're on our website. Um, so the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take our saved, We'll add another image block, and we're gonna put our header photo are header section. So I actually didn't export this without the, um, the logo in there, and I can edit this real quick, so check this out. You can actually edit the image within here if there's any tiny things that you need to remove. Um, so we'll just crop cropped that out for the sake of the lesson here, but super super, super great. It's apply and will hit. Say, um, so I wouldn't recommend doing this for, you know, to actually edit your emails. But you make a mistake, Teoh. Easy way that make quick at it without having to go back into your design software. So now we've got our header, and we are gonna line in the center, and we're gonna fill that image so you can see if we don't feel the image we're gonna take up, we're gonna have white space on the left and right, and that's not gonna look that great. Um, if we go over to the mobile view here like we want that I want that to be flush. Right, so on. And then the same thing with this world will do. W w dot epic jewels dot com. Right. Cool. Now come down. We'll do our next Do our royal black image block. There we go. It's up. So we'll do. W w dot epic jewels dot com slash products slash royal black crown set. So if I actually had a website with all this set up, that might be the product page. Of course. You're gonna want to go into your website, copy that you are out and put that in the links so that when somebody clicks that it brings them to that page on your website, so make sure you get your links right. Otherwise, you're gonna look silly if you don't have the right links set up. So we put the last one in there. Sorry, not the last one. We're glitch doubt. All right, here we go. Royal silver. There we go. Um, so same thing, Senator Phil image. We're gonna set our link, um, to whatever it iss, and we're gonna hit, save And we're gonna do this once more so that you get every piece. Where will gold in there? Senator Phil, Image put our link in there. Here we go, guys, and we've got one more image block to insert, and that's gonna be our buyer. Call outs will drag that in. Cool. And that looks pretty good, Senator Phil, that and this. We just I probably just link this back to our website. So just the home page, so we'll save that. And now we've got our email bill out in here. Right? So this is awesome. So if we go to the mobile view here, we can see this looks great. Yeah, that looks amazing. So you received that email, like outlook How? Look how breaded this is. Look how clean it is. Look how? Um uh, the layout is easy to understand and conceive. So this is a great way again just to continue Teoh, um, offer your products and your services to people in it in a nice, easy, simplistic way. Um, that is great for sales. So, um, the next thing we can do is we can send a preview this to our email. If we wanted to, so we can send a preview of it to our email. And from there we can double check all the links, which is really, really important. Every email that you make. You're definitely gonna want a preview it. Make sure you click on every single link that you've put in there and make sure it puts you to the right place, because again, you've got email list of 30,000 people and you put a dead Lincoln there. Oh, there's no worse feeling that. So make sure you check your links, guys, and then we're gonna go to save content, and we're gonna go to review and send campaign. Right? So here we are, so make sure everything is up to snuff here. See, you can remove the power by Claudio. If you upgrade the account, then we can schedule or send it. Usually I'm gonna be scheduling these things a couple days out a week out, whatever it is. So here you can score you consent it right now if you really wanted to. But we can schedule this for next week. Uh, 10 a.m. Here we go. And then we had scheduled all right on our campaigns, ready to go. So, guys, this is a really, really powerful way to create these great branded e mails to continue to show yourself to your customers over and over again. If you watch the my other sales emails, you do already understand that it's gonna take several times getting in front of people for them to convert into a customer. So it's really, really important that we continue to put our best foot forward. We get these branded emails Dylan designed out and scheduled into our campaigns and just start to see how your consumers interact with it. I'll give you some general statistics in terms of campaigns. You're gonna want your click through rate to be at a bare minimum of 10%. That's how you know that you're hitting the right list. You're getting the right engaged people. Your click through rate should be earlier. Your click on your click through rate of the email should be a 10% on your click. On rate is gonna be around two or 3% and you should start to see some sales come in through this guy. So I really am excited for you guys toe start to imply all this into your e commerce business, please leave a comment. Give my, uh, my teacher profile. Follow here. I released a ton of new information around. He converse around digital, marking all that stuff. So when you follow me, I can let you know when I release another course. So the in comment leave a review on this. I hope you guys are safe and stay healthy. Much love seeing the next one.