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Create Café Quality Coffee In Your Own Home

teacher avatar Zachary Phillips, Poet | Author | Mindset Coach & Mentor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Quality Matters


    • 3.

      Choosing The Right Machine


    • 4.

      The Small Things Add Up


    • 5.

      Grind Size And Tamping


    • 6.

      Don't Burn Your Beans


    • 7.

      Frothing The Milk


    • 8.

      Consistency Of The Milk Matters


    • 9.

      The Secret Ingredient


    • 10.

      Black Coffee


    • 11.

      Class Project


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      Quick Recap


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About This Class

Create barista quality coffee at home!

Coffee is amazing, but it can quickly become expensive. A $5 coffee a day equals $1825 a year … and that’s assuming you’re only having one!

This is why many people choose to purchase their own machine. Unfortunately, they don’t have the skills necessary to make the same quality that they enjoy from their favourite local café.

In this course you will learn how to make café quality coffee. From choosing the right machine and beans, to creating the perfect tamp and froth. You will learn what to do and not to in order to ensure that each cup is better than what you can buy out.

Save time, money, and hassle by getting your coffee fix from your own hand and in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get brewing!

Equipment Used:

Breville Barista Coffee Machine
Bonsoy - Soy Milk 
Tamping Mat
Ailelan Coffee Bin

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zachary Phillips

Poet | Author | Mindset Coach & Mentor


Zachary Phillips is a poet, author, mental health advocate, and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of 15 books including How To Get Your Sh!t Together, Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, How To Write Evocative Poetry and Blast Through Writer's Block And Create Your Next Masterpiece. He hosts the Reality Check podcast and is the creator of the Ask A Poet YouTube channel.

He is a qualified teacher, personal trainer, life long martial artist & coach, disability support worker, Reiki master, and is currently studying a Master of Counselling.

Zachary's approach to teaching is to focus on what works for the individual. He recognizes the importance of self-aw... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, and welcome to the course how to make cafe style quality coffee in your own home. My name is Zachary Phillips. As you can see, I've got myself a barista style hipster beard, and I've got myself a cup of coffee. So we're ready to go. In this course, I'm going to be using a bevel style barista at a coffee machine. But if you don't have this model or this machine, Don't stress because the tips and tricks and ideas that I'm going to cover in this course will work for anything from this model to any of the other models, evens like tea bag coffees, you'll get something from this course. What I want to hope to give you is the ability to make coffee that actually tastes good, that tastes like you've gone to a café shop. But in your own home. What I've found is from working at and making copies and practicing. And what I'm going to show you in this course is that I can get a coffee in my own home that's better than 9998%, 99% of the copies that I go back, I'm actually a bit afraid to go out for coffee now because I'm, I'm loath to spend money $5 on a coffee that I could have done better at home. Quicker, easier, cheaper, no waiting in lines. There are still cafes that I can't quite get, but it's a rare thing. So what I hope to do is to give you that same ability. So I'm a massive fan of coffee. But the problem is, is that if you're buying one out every day, it becomes quickly expensive. For $5 a coffee quickly adds up to thousands of dollars a year. If you're not, if you're not careful, right? So we took to buying a home coffee machine and then finding things that we like and we got through this whole process. The problem is that I see a lot of people getting these sort of machines, but then they don't really know how to use them. And why would they not trained baristas? They haven't worked in a coffee shop for years. So waterfall with this course was to go through some of the best practices of the dog found using a coffee machine like this. Now if you don't have a coffee machine at home, that's okay. I still think you'll get something from the course because it'll be a lot of tips and tricks of making do with the equipment you've got. If you don't have a machine that does everything great, if you sort of piecing it together, that's fine too. But the idea is that you'll be able to make the best quality coffee that you can for yourself at home. So let's get into it. 2. Quality Matters: So the very first thing you want to consider is the quality of your coffee banes. Honestly, the single most important thing is finding a baby that actually tastes good. Now, I can't tell you which beans to get because my taste to defer to your taste. It's like a wine. It's like any sort of food from under one that works best for you and choose that as an ingredient. What I've found the best solution to this is, is dodo bunch of cafes, drink their house blend and whichever you like by those brains, take them home and use them in your Shane. Same thing for the milk and the drinking chocolate if you having that. I like organic milk. My partner likes bond soil as a soy milk and it just to taste, There's no like no, there's nothing to be gained by sort of being pompous about as I got this, Payne's the best painter. This milks the best milk or any of that sort of stuff. Find what works for you because that will give you the best tasting coffee. It might not be the best for other people, but you're making it at home for yourself. So shop around, try a bunch, and then work out what works best in your machine at home. And that's the same thing goes true for if you're using a pod based machine, try a bunch of different brands and just experiment is bad, fine, best quality for you. So I found this. So I was on holidays. We went to a local borough and we've got the veins back home. It's pretty good. It's not as good as the one that I find locally to me, but that's okay. We try and experiment and you just work out what the best is for me or for you in this case. 3. Choosing The Right Machine: So in addition to the quality that means in the milk and the other ingredients, a good-quality machine is vital and one that's well-maintained. So when we first got into coffee, we tried a bunch of really crappy secondhand, terribly made ones. And as you'd expect, the quality they copy was terrible. It took ages to make was just it was just a mess. So then we went the other route and bought a good quality machine and one that sort of looks pretty too because you want to, you know, you want it to look nice and fancy in your house. And you want to maintain, I just want to sort of hop down on the price. This machine cost us around $600, but you can very quickly do the math and work out that that's about a $120.120 coffees at $5 a copy, right? So it very quickly pays off for itself. So although it seems like a big investment, if you among the coffee every day, you'll probably start making a profit, quote unquote, within, I don't know, three months. And if you have two copies or three copies today that you're buying at, you'll certainly be making that money back very quickly, even including good quality beans and good-quality milks. But so a strongly suggests, find yourself a good quality coffee machine. This is one way I've got it. It's a rebel barista style, but this heaps on the market. Beyond that, you want to make sure it's well-maintained. So there's different cleaning processes that the manual go through and go through that cleaning process. As you can see here, it labels and let you know when it needs to be cleaned. So right now it needs to go through a cleaning and do scaling thing. It's not vital. But the longer you let the maintenance go when your coffee, the more little things impact. So if you leave like burnt coffee in there or if you don't just scale it or if it's a bit dirty, in some capacity, it's our k. But the more of that stuff that you sort of pile on top of each other, the worse it's going to be in the long-term overall. Yeah. 4. The Small Things Add Up: Okay, So a couple more things before we move on to the actual making of the coffee. You want to work out the sort of cut that you've got. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, but once again, all of these little things add up. So we're looking at a ceramic cup and walnuts want, if you coffee machine warms that, that's great. If not, once again, it's not the biggest deal, but what sort of wanting to just try and get as much as possible. So this coffee machine, if you leave it on top, It's a bit of a wind pattern here, where great for that. The next thing I want to look at is once again with the banes, write, this machine grinds beans for you and you can choose the ground sizing. We'll talk about that a little bit later. But basically you've got two sorts of coffee beans. So I've got non ground and I've got ground. Now, if you choose the ground coffee beans, that's okay. But bursters and coffee shops will grind beans for you. But the problem is, is that it goes off quick, not, not off, but it sort of loses its flavor. It doesn't have quite the same potency and aromas and all that sort of stuff. It'll still do the copy thing for you, but it won't taste is good. And since we're talking about taste, if you can get your own grinder or the machine grunts at FOR YOU far better if not by a very small amount of the ground coffee regularly. So that way you buy it, they grind the beans in front of you. You take that home, put it in a sealed container in the fridge. Alternatively, if you've got the facilities, if your machine grinds, you've got your in Greiner, get them underground. And the bags we've got these veins come like this. And that means that what happens is, is when we put them through the machine, the ground then and they, and they super fresh and just, it's far more delicious. And in terms of just keeping the veins, once you open the packet, if you're not sure if you're going to get through them all, leave them in the fridge because once again, it stays fresh. 5. Grind Size And Tamping: Okay, so we've only actually down to making the coffee and it was taken awhile. But all those little things, like I said, are those 1% of that will just add that little bit of extra juice, tea or coffee, so to speak. Or what you consider a couple of things. Now, you've gotten your beans, you put them in the other beam pre ground, but ideally you're grinding them yourself. But then it comes to, well, how have finer ground. So this machine you can choose what level and the way that you choose what level is basically once again, ask the experts, because depends on what sort of coffee you live or the sort of bean and what you're going for, they will say, Okay, you want to find grind or you want to coarse grind, trust them. Okay. I can't tell you what you'd like because once again, it's a flavor profile. So you're going to choose the grind size according to the Barista. That's something that the beads. The second thing I want you to consider is the grind amount. So if I press this might change my mind on it. And then you pull it out and you notice if it's too much or not enough, they might be spilling out or might not be too deep. So you'll want to roughly about this much. Okay, my, my little tamping device and you can put it in and dually sort of stuff. Tap it, make it a bit flood the depression and you're ready to go. Okay, So you wanna make sure that you tap the coffee down just so that the water can flow through the beans evenly. So as you can see, if host put this into machine now, it would go through and would make coffee. But once again, it wouldn't be as good. So when it nice and even I'm going to tap it down and just put it in there. I think it's like just just sort of a decent push. Not like not just like a little while. You don't have to be nice and neutral in the middle, they're not. So it's overflowing and were roughly good in that sort of level there, as you can see. 6. Don't Burn Your Beans: So now we're gonna make the coffee. There's a couple of things I want you to consider as a book, a grip handle in. I don't want to leave it in there because this is quite hot. So if I leave it there, just sitting there, it's going to actually start cooking and sort of getting the top veins all hot. That's okay. That's what we want. But if I leave it there, it'll burn them and then I'll add some acidic. And so yucky tastes been an S to our coffee. So I get my pre-heated cub, get it ready, put it in, and then straightaway, oppress the serving size that I'm after. Now. You will notice with your machine it will take a certain amount of time that comes out from super-quick or spotless for quantum ball has a troubleshooting issue. You've got to go through there. It might be that you don't have enough water. It might be that you grant size is a bit off or it might mean that machines malfunctioning some capacity. I encourage you to go through you through to the troubleshooting manual. When you've got machine, ask the supplier, are asked the barista to sort of sort that out. But it should take, you still get a feel for the machine of Helen, which would take it's coming out to quick. It's not going to be great. We let it flow through and do a little coffee making dance. And what we're going to do is once it's finished, I want to make sure the coffee machines ready for the next time. So as you can see with our coffees, a nice little cram. It looks, it looks very sexy. I take it out. And I'm going to do a little press through just to get some, just enough just to flush it out so there's no more beans or little particles left there that would be sort of sitting there overcooking to make the next cup not so great. Get rid of it. Once again, you can rinse the sound of the coffee machine or urinated on the tab. Make sure everything's kept nice and clean. And you can put it aside for later use. 7. Frothing The Milk: All right, so now it comes to frothing the milk. So I'm going to make a bond. So a coffee now because I'm not going to drink this coffee making this course has caused me to have a lot of copies. And I'm kind of done, as you can see by the tempo of my voice. So I'm gonna go a soy milk coffee for my wife who is gladly filming. So when you fill it up, you get yourself a jug. One should come with the machine. If not, you can find them online. You'll notice on the inside there's like a little sort of line in there. And typically that's a good guide to filter your filter that line. So as you can see, this sort of like a little lip line in there as I fill up the milk. You get an idea of where I'm going for now. Obviously, you'll choose the amount of milk that you want for your coffee. So as I fill it up, I'm roughly coming to that line and we're pretty good there. That over the side, I get my milk one. I'm going to turn it on. You'll want to put it straight in because a lot of water will come in and see all of that water goes. But I chose the wrong option. So okay. You make mistakes when you're doing coffee, you just keep going through. So what this machine can do is if you doing black coffee and gives you a shot of hot coffee. So great machine. If when you're doing a frothy milk, you turn it on and you notice sort of water shooting out. Suppose to put that water straight into the coffee, into the, into the milk. It would make them look quite watery and it wouldn't heat it up. I'm going to let it calm until it starts burning out like that. Now it's your turn a switch, head it off, or to get there. Slot angles. So well, what could be some swelling around a little bit. As you can see, there's a little bit of what a swelling going on. And the milk will start to rise. And as it starts to rise, I've sought to move the jug down along with it. Now in terms of how much to heat it up, you want, your coffee is hot and you can do a little temperature one in there and do it to sort of that 65 degrees temperature. So regular milk and about 60 ish degrees for soy milk. Obviously it's to preference. But if you don't have a temperature 12 or you wanna do it yourself, you feel under the bottom. So that's what I'm doing here. So my hands on the knee and I'm feeling it and there's regular milk, it's going to get to a place where it's too hot to touch, where you're like, Oh, this is too much, I don't like it and you want to take it away. That's pretty much the good temperature, any hotter than that. And you don't you're not going so well. So we'll just keep heating it up until it's at that level. So it's about that sort of temperature. Now let's get the big hall. I'm going to turn it off. And I'm gonna put my my milk junkie. I'm going to put this over the side. I'm going to do just for the maintenance purposes. So if you're making motor one called me or if we're just wanting to make sure we clean for the next time a little bit of a split because the milk out, wet cough, just any cutoff rag will do and get that off. Nice and clean. Back to the MOOC machine shop. Get rid of some of these, these bubbles here. If I tip it straight in, the coffee will require bubbly. And it's not sorry. Right. So we were like let it sit, tamper down, just tap it down a little bit. Get just a teaspoon. You can get special fancy ones and staff don't worry about that. Just gonna put it on the side here and just let it come on up. I'm not one for fancy out. Once again, if if that's your, if that's you go, you can sort of look into getting old fancy in particular with how it looks, just not an easy tip it in. And I'll sort of hold back some of this froth. You want that sort of like very sort of grainy looking milk to come out. Now, as you can see, I put a little bit too much milk in the jargon. That's okay if I'm making more than one coffee but spread it between or your work out what your luck. But roughly there you can fill it out, cool, it less. It's your call. And if you were doing a cappuccino, you'd get your milk coupling prescriptions and just, you know, once again, tap it on according to test. So would you like chocolate or none shopper? We've said No chocolate, but I'm gonna give it a little bit anyway just because just saying make it look real pretty still little dusting reading Gerhard, if you like it. 8. Consistency Of The Milk Matters: Okay, So I've got another cup of coffee here, and this one's with normal milk. I'm going to pour it out and I just want you to just have a look at the consistency as it flows out. This is sort of flexible nucleus or sort of Helenus are running us, as you can see compared to the previous one. This one doesn't have the sort of the same consistency that the soy milk had before. So that's just that this time I didn't quite get the right level of consistency in the milk as I was pouring. So that might've meant that I did it too quickly, that I didn't let it spin around in the jug as I was hitting it up enough. But you can sort of see the difference between the poles. This one's a little bit and running up just looks like a bit more like normal milk. Does that sort of makes sense. Whereas what you want is to have that sort of nice flow of the previous coffee that I showed you. There's a couple of things that you can do with this happens. Hold, hold, hold you spearing to hold it back there. And then you can sort of just put a little bit of this stuff on the top. But you'll find that it won't ever quite be as good as if you just frothy milk correctly the first time. So some of the ways that you can help to get the milk a little bit better, like I did in the previous videos. A little bang. You can let it sit there and you can stir the pot, stirred, stir it through. And obviously just make sure that you're heating it to the right consistency slowly and making sure it's spinning as you're heating up the milk. 9. The Secret Ingredient: So the final ingredient that I didn't quite mention in the ingredients list, these guys had a little bit cheesy, but it's love. And I know that sounds pretty short this out laughing as I say it. But I don't mean love as in like the coffee. I mean, give it focused attention. I may be mindful. I mean, be present. If you're off doing five different things in your mind, are you thinking about stuff in here? One of the things you're going to forget, some of these little things that I showed you, you, they're going to be a little bit more sloppy here, gonna take a little bit less time to go through all of the motions and do it appropriately. Now, don't get me wrong. Once again, you'll have the coffee. It will be fine. It will give you the buzz, but it won't have that same taste that you find from a good barista. The reason why, you know where I'm from Melbourne and organs, which is world-renowned for coffee and as competitive as hell if you go to Melbourne City or any of the suburbs, the quality of the coffee is amazing and we're all coffee shops. I'll try a place. And I watched them in this sort of distracted. They're not doing things appropriately and I taste the coffee, it's terrible. I'm not going back the other care how good the food is, the price. If they're not doing it with love for, you can taste it. Now. I'm, I'm sort of love to sort of say, Love is a testable quantity. But what does it actually mean? It means that you've got to just choose the right materials, make sure the machine to maintain. Make sure you're going through all the emotions appropriately and you're focused. And that's the same thing for any endeavor. If you're writing a book, if you're meditating, if you're parenting, if you're doing a hobby, pay attention to what you're doing. Same thing with making a coffee, something small, but if you want it to taste great, you've got to do it. 10. Black Coffee: Okay, so now we're going to look at making a black coffee. So same thing, choose a grain size, choose how much you want to be tamped and carry either the being like normal, arbitrary before. For the coffee dance. Pull it out once again. When we tap, push it in, a little bit of pressure, going to be preheated cup. Now, the only difference is little tactic with black coffee doesn't make too much difference. Once again, we're going There's 1% is you put your, put more weight into the cup first. Okay, so the amount of water that you won't name is up to you. You can just do a straight shot. I locked myself along the blacks are a trusted machines amount of this. It puts a certain amount of water and I'll show you how much that is missiles for. I've gotten used to it. But obviously you could choose to put more or less independent from text. So once it's done of dance, okay, so that's the amount of water that I've put in to my cup of coffee, that's what I'm used to. But once again, you can choose more or less. Put it in, don't leave it there for too long. Something like before. Make sure you're watching to see that the, the amount of time it takes to come out isn't too long. Short. Black coffee, particularly, you can really taste the quality you can taste if it's burned more milk and particularly soy milk covers up a flavor. But black coffee, you get a really good idea of what you're drinking. And if you've chosen a crappy vein or you've done something wrong of black coffee will taste quite. Salah quadrant beta will notice that I didn't put any sugars or anything into my coffee. I drink it strike even what coffees. So all of these things that I've been saying is quite important to make sure that what I'm getting is actually good quality because if it's socks, you can add sugar to make it taste better. But then you just drinking coffee. Not sorry, not so enjoyable for me. Coffee comes out, coffee dads. And then you've got your black coffee. Now if you're going to add, some people like to add a little bit of milk for Thyestes. Once again, I'll take my, the, the coffee one, little one through just to get that they're much more sort of highlight something here you need to be aware of and wanna make sure that I'm not bringing my materials across my coffee. As you can see, he this could be caught bad, little particles fell out. I'll be working my coffee. So this coffee unfortunately isn't going to be drunk, so on, okay, So potentially ruin it. But if little bits of coffee beans get in there wouldn't be so great to have. Clean it off world. 11. Class Project: Okay, So your class project for this course is unsurprisingly make a cup of coffee, but not just any cup of coffee. Make a damn good cup of coffee. Make the best coffee you've made. Follow all instructions. Use your ingredients. Usual Machine, add some love and all much to do is fall. But for the project, take a picture of the coffee and tell me if you noticed the difference after following this course is the taste and the flavor and how it feels, all of those things. Is it better or worse? Now, I'm expecting before you do this, this class project that you've bought yourself some good quality coffee beans because that's like I said, one of the most important thing. So make the coffee. Let me know how it goes. Take a picture of the coffee you've made and just just do that small ride up this work. Well, if you've got any questions, this is a good place to ask for. 12. Quick Recap: Okay, so in this course we've covered the overview of how to make cafe quality coffee in urine Han, we used a machine here, but hopefully you've gotten an idea for how you can sort of make the tweaks for your own coffee machine at home. Once again, the main key points get good-quality coffee because trust anything else by the best quality that you can find now by best quality, that doesn't once again, the most expensive. It means what tastes best for you. So go to different baristas, go to different coffee shops and try and drink The, bring it home. Ask them, give us their advice. How thick do I want to ground and just follow their instructions. So if you take nothing else away from the course, get a good quality coffee. Being. Beyond all of that, I want you to think of all the little things that we talked about. It's all of those 1% is if you forget to do the job properly or if you don't maintain your machine appropriately or there all those little things here, you don't have the cup Wong. Miss World.