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Create Animated Stories for FB & IG with Canva

teacher avatar Ronny Hermosa, Your Go-To Canva Guru

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction: Stories that Rock!


    • 2.

      4 Reasons why you should start using stories


    • 3.

      Create an animated FB story with Ronny


    • 4.

      Uploading your Story on FB


    • 5.

      Uploading your Story on IG


    • 6.

      Class Project


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About This Class

Stories benefit from prime real estate on top of the newsfeed!

Are you already taking advantage of them? 

In this course we are going to show you how to create animated stories that get the attention of your audience. 

We will be designing a 4 page story to promote a specific offer we have for our business. The story will be animated meaning: we will be using moving elements from Canva to add some movement to your design. 

This will result in a more dynamic story that people want open!

This class is for everybody and you can follow along with the Free version of Canva!

Ronny & Diana, will be your hosts for this course.

A bit about us:

Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities and have been creating courses about Canva for over 2 years now. He runs 4 Facebook groups for Canva + his own community together with Diana. All of these are, of course, about Canva and how to become a better designer with Canva.

Diana is a Canva Brand Ambassador (a Canva Certified Creative) and creates online courses about different topics like Instagram marketing, photography, personal branding and Canva.

The objective of this class is to help you create better stories and understand exactly how to use Canva to do that. 

We will also guide you through all the steps to download your story, and post it on Facebook and Instagram, both from a computer and a phone. 

And because we wanted this class to really be suited for everybody, we will show you from 2 different phones: an iOs and an Android phone.

This is gonna be fun!!


Class Outline:

  1. Diana will start by WHY you should start using Stories
    We will see that they are great for building a personal brand and for staying top of mind of your audience

  2. Ronny will guide us to Create our Animated Story with Canva
    He will promote a specific offer but you can follow along and build your own Story

  3. Ronny will show you how to Export your Story and Upload it to Facebook
    You will see that there are different ways of doing that, from a desktop/laptop and a phone

  4. Diana will show you how to upload that Story to Instagram
    To make sure everybody can follow, we will be using both iOS and Android phones.

  5. Diana will present the class project

So that's what we have for you in this course! Put on some comfortable pants and make sure your phone is charged and nearby, this is about to get funky!

Oh! and if you'd like to take some classes in Spanish, I suggest you check out Diana's Skillshare profile:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronny Hermosa

Your Go-To Canva Guru


Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my profile!

I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. Indeed, I believe that people still judge the book by its cover and in our age of content overload, if you want to get noticed, you'd better be on point with your visuals!

Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. The heart of Canva is its template library that will help even the most inexperienced designers come up with great visuals in no time!

Originally I'm a video producer, I'm the founder and CEO of a Nonprofit which helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations communicate better, especially about the impact they are making. So I create a lot of videos, social med... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Stories that Rock!: Hello. My name is Johanna Enema Campus. Certify creative. In this course, we are going to show you step by step. How to create any? Make the stories with Camber. If you are new to our courses, I want to welcome you to our house. This is where Ronnie and I leave. And where we come up with I. D s decree new and fun courses for you. Runny is right now behind the cover. And if you don't know him, he worst at Camba. He's the head of communities and he will also be teaching in this course. Who is this cars for? Mostly for anyone who uses or wants to start using stories on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This course is for freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone who wants to learn how to create stories that get their followers attention, build brand awareness and gain the trust off there. Audiences in this course, I will share four reasons why you should start using stories to build your brand. And then Ronnie is going to show us step by step, how to create beautiful and branded animated stories in camber. We're going to show you how to upload them on Facebook and Instagram. And finally, we have a project in which you will put your new skills into practice and create your own animated story. So if you are ready to get started with this curse, I suggest we jump into lecture number one. Look, it's 2. 4 Reasons why you should start using stories: in this lesson, I'm going to share four reasons why you should start using stories to build your brand. First they get more attention. When one off your followers opened their profile, either on Facebook or Instagram, stories will be the first thing they see. Unlike regular posts, which appear on people's feed when they scroll down, stories are display at the top off the newsfeed. And even if you are not the first story that shows up, people can quickly swipe true to find your account and start living into your stories. The top off the news feed is a highly visible area, and it is the perfect place for businesses trying to catch their audiences attention. Second, they're great to build brand awareness. Have you noticed that there are some people that are using stories every day? I'm sure that you noticed that because they are always there on top of the news feed in the litigated story area. Well, these repetitive exposure to their content, even if we don't open older stories, unconsciously build brand awareness, they managed to stay on top of mind, and this is what we want to achieve for our Brents. If we posed regularly and by regular I mean daily managed to make our stories interesting enough so that people don't skip us, but watch till the end and make people interact with our stories. This will send a signal to the algorithm and will start pushing our stories to the first position off. All the stars you see on top off the noose feel people don't respect your stories to be perfect. So you have no excuse for not creating stories regularly. Just make sure to make them engaging. 30. They help you build trust with your audience. Before stories existed, most browns were only sharing curated content that was taking a lot of time to create. Or they were sharing important moments which weren't usually shared on a daily basis with stories and especially because they only last 24 hours. We now have a better reason to share daily moments. This pushes us to create content faster, in which most of the cases translates into more authentic and casual content, allowing us to engage more frequently with our audiences and develop deeper connections. This help us gain trust and loyalty from our followers, and finally, for their easy to cross posed only from platforms. If you are already creating and sharing stories on Instagram, it will be super easy for you to also share them on Facebook because there is a button that allows you to do it with just one click. If you don't have your Facebook account linked to your instagram, you can always use the same content on both platforms as stories have the same standard size. And I know that some people are opposed to sharing the same content on different platforms . But we have to bear in mind that every time you post something only a percentage off, your audience will actually see these content. So, for example, running follows me on Instagram and Facebook. Let's say that I post a story on Instagram talking about my new cars and runny wants to push ace it. But he actually missed my announcement because he doesn't use Instagram every day or because Instagram decided not to show my story to him. But if I have posted it on both platforms, I would have increased my senses off him saying my announcement and these because he uses Facebook every day and there will be more opportunities to pop up on histories, so don't be afraid to use the same stories on different platforms. If the content is valuable and entertaining and happens that people see it twice, they will still appreciate seeing it again. Okay, now that we have clear why we should start using stories, let's go to the next lesson where running is going to show us the different steps to create animated stories with Camba hooked. 3. Create an animated FB story with Ronny: Alright guys. So we are going to start off course from a canvas story. OK, so we're going to search for stories. We have different options. Actually, we could go with instagram stories. We could go with your story and they're basically the same thing. Eso the resolution needs to be 10 80 by 1920. So I'm going to go with your story right here and then can vies going to open a document with the canvas size or with the document size over a story. So 10 80 by 1920 pictures. So before we start a little bit about the concept, what are we going to design in this story? What is the purpose of this story? So for me, it is very clear. I want to promote one special link that I have, which is a referral link My teacher referral ing on skill share to give whoever clicks on that link two months for free off skill share. And why do I want to do this? Well, because first, because I'm earning money every time somebody signs up for this link. And second, because I have uploaded recently to new courses on ski chair and I would like my audience, the people who follow me on Facebook on my Facebook group, etcetera. I would like my audience to benefit from these two courses that I I have uploaded on skill share for free so they will be able tow, consume these courses without paying anything. If they sign up for the two months off, freeze killed, share. So let's go. I'm going to ah, create a story that announces just that that there are two new courses on skill share and then I will explain my audience how they can get these two courses for free. So the first page right here is going to be announcing that there are two new courses on scare share. So let's go ahead and designed this. So, first of all, I want to show you the colors off skill share because I believe this is where I should grab my colors. So I'm simply gonna go to skill share, all right? And here can go to the classes I am teaching so you can see this is at the different classes I'm teaching. And this these two ones are the ones that I want to promote. So I'm going to just quickly do a screenshot off this area right here. These two courses. Let's just screen shot this. Okay, so screenshot is saved here. The other thing I want to screenshot is the logo. The skill share logo here could be useful in my designs. So just making sure I don't have Yep. Any of the other colors. Great. So I can start with this. Just, uh, close this tab right here. And I'm going to upload these two designs that I just screenshot it. So here. And yes, these two, I'm going to upload that into Canada. So now there are uploaded here. Okay, so I'm going to use this. Keep that here on. The first thing I want to do is to change the color of the background of my story here. So I want this gray here. There's kill share. Great. So for that, once I have uploaded a photo into Canada, I can simply click on the button right here. That is the button, the color button and I can scroll down to the photo colors. And you see, it will show me this gray right here, and that is taken from Ah, my photo. So exactly the same great as this one. The other way of doing this, if you do have a color picker installed, like for example, I have this color picker, which is my chrome extension. I could just use that and pick the color here and simply select the color hex code like this. And instead of using the photo colors from Canada, I could just create a new color. You see, it's slightly different. So the photo color didn't exactly give me the same color that this time is exactly the same . So I would say the color picker here is a little bit more accurate, so I can keep this for later. But for now, I want to Maybe I can duplicate this page already. Get rid of that. I want to add a photo of myself, Indiana, because we're both involved in these courses. So for that, I have my folders here. Um, so you will have that many folders if you are a can be a pro subscriber. Otherwise you might not see all these folders. And these are folders I created, so everybody will have different folders with different names. But I have created a folder with some photos of me without a background. And if you follow me, you know, I I like to use these photos without a background. So how to get photos like these? Well, you simply take photos with your best camera. I could be a smartphone. Could be a DSLR if you have one, and then you simply run them through the background remover in Canada. If you have a camp, a pro subscription. If you don't, you can use the website. Remove that BG on. Then from there, you can don't node your photos without a background. So for this are specific first page of my story I'm going to use this photo off the A nine myself, Make this a little bit bigger, and I'm going to position it here at the bottom off My story The first page of my story like this looks good. When I'm going to do is to adjust slightly the brightness of this photo. I wanted to be a bit brighter like this and maybe blurriness minus 45 t minus five to make it a little bit sharper. Okay, that's good. Now I'm going to use something I like to use in my design, especially in my stories, and it's an element. So I'm going to click on the element button and I'm going to search for the keywords beach bubble speech bubble like this. So this week, or a different like different styles of bubbles and bubbles speech that I can use in my designs. But here I would like to have some kind of a dialogue saying to new course to new can back courses on Deanna would say, Really? Where and then me, I would say on skill share eso. That's kind of the dialogue I would like to have. So for this, I'm going to use this bubble right here that has three different bubbles into one. So I'm going to take that, make that bigger. Okay, center that here and I'm going to start typing in my text. So for this, I can use the tea key on my keyboard for calling a textbooks. Okay, so this is my textbooks going to make that smaller, and also I will stick to front 30. The size of the fund will be 30 and I want to use my my font, which is prompt. Bold. OK, eso The first piece of text here is going to say to new can with them upper case to a new can, uh, courses. Okay, like this. And I can reduce the size of this bubble. Just a little type of here to and you can buy courses. I'm going to reduce the spacing between these lines so that it looks more like put together . So two new Canada courses going to duplicate this bucks. So I keep all the attributes to new canvas courses, and Indiana says really like this Where? Okay, And then again, duplicating this box right here. And I would say kim share exclamation point. Perfect. So this is a dialogue I'm going to be using. But there is one thing here You can see this bubble here has these black lines right here that interfere slightly with my text. And I don't want that. So I would like to cover that part. Maybe have some, some sort of shaped in the background that allows me to not have this interference, I would say with my text, because it could make it more difficult to read. So for that, I'm going to go to my elements and you will say that I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. And I am I'm gonna go to shapes, clicking on shapes and using this kind of like a semi oval shape right here going to reduce the size and rotate that kiss. That's a little bit too big. Gonna move this for now. I'm just going toe work on this part. Okay? So using my keyboard arrow for more precision. Now get duplicating this and rotating it 90 degrees. Exactly. Something like that. Okay, Looks good. And I need another shape here, which could be a rectangle that looks about right, going to select them all and group them, make that white good. And now I do have something much. You see something much readable. Eligible for this graphic right here. Okay. So last thing I'm going to do, I'm going to ungroomed this and groove this whole thing here together. Why did I and group first? Because you can not group something that is already grouped. So for this, uh, looking good, all I need now, I would like to add some kind of animation. Some kind of movement to this first page can move this up slightly like this. And for that, I want to have one of these moving blobs blob shaped behind us. So for this going to go to my elements and I really type sticker every time you use the keywords sticker in Canada, you will have some moving animation or animated elements going on. So ah, sticker blub. And this is going to call these blobs right here going to use this one. You see, it's white color cannot change the color. Unfortunately, I'm hoping one day like we can actually customize the stickers. That would be awesome. Um, so going to make this even bigger? Something like that. Even bigger? I think. So. I'm going to reduce the size of my duck to 25 for now. So I can really position that as I wish. Let's see. Going to push that for backward. Okay, this looks good. Maybe one last thing I can make this whole thing figure and good. So this is our first page guys. This is announcing that we have two new canvas courses or really, where on skill share. So maybe zooming back to 50 and if I really want to do something in the details. I could change the color of the word Can va for the camera color? Why not? Perfect. Now moving onto page number two on page number two, I want to promote the actual two courses. So these are the two courses, all right, Looking good. And I also I want to use my skills share logo here. OK, so it's a little bit pixelated because this is just a screenshot, so I will have to reduce its size. I want to have this kind of here on top. Okay, so I want to kind of reproduce a typical skill share page on on on this kitsch skin share platforms. So I want to try to recreate that look on her of how it would look on mobile if I was just browsing the skill share platform. So they have a menu here on top. So it's like a rectangle that is going all the way across the top of the screen, and then they have the skin share ago in the middle. So I'm gonna push this backward, and similarly, I will change the color off this bar for the skill share color so I could try this and you see in this case can vetted a very good job at selecting that color. So this is great. And now consented that here pretty good. And now I want to use these things here to actually make it. Okay, You know what? I'm going to use that. Ah, but I want to To have the title underneath my, um my thumbnail of the course right here. So And also, I don't need the teaching bit off this visual, So I'm going to do something like this, and I'm going to duplicate this design right here. This photo, it's actually a photo. I'm going to crap like this and simply make that bigger. And here I'm going to duplicate this again. And similarly, I'm going to crop toe only what I actually need. And that is this title right here. Okay, so something like that, very good. And now you have understood I would do the same thing with the other course, going to duplicate it before a crop. Actually, the difficulty is to kind of keep the same size. What I can do is to really snap by cropping my photo here to exactly the thumbnail like this. So I can I will have an easy, easier time just adjusting the 2nd 1 to the same size like this. So I'm just cropping this photo. This sounds good. And now I can you see, I can use canvas grids to align this photo and its size two like this. All right, so this is a pretty decent job. And then last thing I need to do is to Krupp this text right here. Okay, so you see, I'm kind of simulating that this is actually coming from skill chair, okay? And if you want to see kind of the same size, I think we did a pretty good job. It's just sticking out a little bit too much here, so I would have to reduce something like this. All right, That's pretty decent. Not can group these two and start really arranging my page. I think this one is still a little bit too big. Something like that. Make sure you center everything over the time. Okay, Maybe this one. It's slightly up a couple of arrow down and I will group this one as well. Okay, so this is my second page would be nice to have me here. Ah, Photo of me. So I'm going to use another photo of running without a background this time. This one where I'm on my phone. Kind of looking crazy. Okay, this is good. I'm doesn't matter too much if I'm in front of the word. The last word here made me see if I can arrange that. It's not too much of a big deal, so I'm going to be like this, Okay? This is looking good. And I want to show you a little trick here to kind of create a glowing effect behind myself . I'm going to duplicate this photo, see, and I'm going to go. But we having this photo selected, I'm just going to crop it slightly like this. So when I have this photo selected, I can go to effects and use the do itto in effect. So if you search for do a tone, see, all you see, you can kind of give this to color tint to my photo and apply it. So you just click on it, apply, all right. And then it looks like this, which is good. And what I'm going to do is to make it slightly bigger like this. So now is is a little bit bigger than the other one. And I'm going to use the just button to make it brighter and to give it some blur like this , and I can push it back position backwards. And just by holding my shift key in my arrow key, you see a can position that exactly where wanted to be around myself to create this glowing effects, and I can make it slightly bigger even. And just adjust that with my keyboard arrows. So this is looking cool. Um, re like it. The last thing I can do is to maybe de saturate this one photo so it's black and whites for that selected adjust and go saturation old way down to zero really boost the contrast a little bit. And there we have our second page presenting. The two courses are the two new courses on skill share, So let's go to the next page. The next page is going to explain to people like that they can get it for free. But don't tell your friends. It's just a secret for you, right? So I'm going to use another photo of ourselves. So this one right here. Make it bigger and bring it down to the bottom of the page like this and I'm going to apply a similar effect. OK, so this time going to the effects button as well. And it's not going to be a do a tone with a glitch. And I like this trace glitch right here. Apply. So this is how it looks. But, you see, it created a white rectangle around my photo. So I'm gonna have to remove background this this white rectangle. Okay, good. Now I can see that removed Background has done this thing So again, if you do not have the remove background, that is because you don't have the pro version of Canada. So you can either use remove the BG, which is the website removed, background, and you can achieve similar results there without having um to pay for Canada pro. Or you can try Canada pro. You can totally try can of a pro. You can try, I think, for one month for free eyes is really worth it. I really highly encourage everybody to get on camp a pro fall the value that you get from it. But I would definitely understand if you don't eso if you don't, the alternative is to you to remove that BG. All right, moving on. So I need to import that photo one more time because I just, uh, deleted it, and I want to make the same size. So I should have duplicated this photo before changing the size. And I'm going to apply a similar effect than this photo right here. So for that, I'm just selecting that photo using my copy style button and clicking on this other photo right here. Perfect. So now I have the bottom of my page, and I'm going to reproduce this kind of dialogue here, so I'm going to copy it. So, command, see, Click here and command V. All right. So I have this, of course, the Texas going to change. So I'm going toe un group everything, and the text here is going to be get them for free. Second text, just screen shut the next page of this story, and I'm gonna make this centred. And the last bubble says and follow. Follow the two steps. Okay, that's or the text I need. So now I have page number three of my story, So get them for free. Maybe just aligning that perfectly aligned, get them for free. Just screen shot the next page of this story and follow the two steps. So maybe the word free here could have a little bit of an accent, just like the first page. Get them for free, just green. Shut the next page of this story and follow the two steps. So we have page 123 which is very cool. I want to give this photo a little bit of more of a punch by adding to the saturation like this. Good. And now the last page which is crucial for this tutorial, is the page where they actually understand the two steps and how they get it for free. Okay, so I want to reproduce the skill share, um, the upper part of the skill share on the last page. So I'm going to duplicate this one page right here and push it down. Okay, So I don't need any of this nor this, and I just need this. Okay, so for this page, I'm going to use a text box that says two months going to change the color too yellow. I'm going to change that front to bring some contrast. So for this, I'm going to use a hand written fund that I like, which is called Beauty Salon, I think. Yeah. Beauty salon script. And I need to make this bigger. I'm going to go for 60 receiving a bit bigger. Okay? Two months. This is good. Maybe nuts Board. Okay. It is not bored. Duplicate this text and the last part for free two months of ski share for free. Trying to send to that as best as I can. Okay, so the background of this story, I wanted to be standing out from the rest, so I'm going to make it. Ah, yellow. Okay, so here there will be two steps. The first step is they have to type a specific euros for the U. R L to my two months of free skill share trial. Okay, so I have a special link that I have created for that going to type it here first. So the link is bit that lee slash skill for free. So simple bit lee that I have created gonna make this bigger. This is the link that I want people to click. OK, so I'm going to position that here exactly at the middle off my page. And then I'm going to use another one of my graphics of Ronnie's graphics without a background, which is this one kind of funny. And I'm going to be adding that here. So this is it. The middle will group these two things. Okay, And now I can send to that to be more or less at the middle of the page. Kind of like this. OK, so this is the link. I want people to click, but it is impossible to make stories clickable so far, so I will have to ask people to copy this link in their Internet browser. That's the only way on. That is why it was important for me to have a very simple bit. Lee so bitterly slash skills for free. Um, and here can see there's a little bit of yellow and I don't want that. So let's make sure this is correctly centered. All right, so now I want to show people that there are two steps. The first step is type this year well below in your browser and step number two follow the instructions in the video because this link actually goes to a video, not to my two months retrial, but toe a video on YouTube. That explains how to how to get these two months for free. So if I copy this control C and opened my browser, I want to show you what will happen. One once people actually copy this link. They were open this video, and I explained in the video how to get the two months for free. So this is where I want people to go. But I need to explain that. So I'm going to click here and on my t ke and start another text books. So type the euro below in your browser. That's the first step that they have to follow. Okay, I would put this here and then I'll compete These so I can hold. Like I can select my textbooks and hold my option or my shift key, I believe, and then just move it to duplicate the bucks. The second step is follow the instructions in the video. Okay. And I'm going to justify this on the other side, follow the instructions in the video. Okay, so that's step one. Step two. I'm going to create new textbooks. Is just saying one and make this bigger. Okay, that's a little bit too big. Okay, Step One. And similarly, I'm going to duplicate this one bucks and make this a two bucks and step two, OK, but now I want to add a little bit more animation. Our so to this page on one. This because I want this to be animated to get more of people's attention. So a couple of things I want to do I want to have something moving here under the Ural because this is the main point of focus, right? So I'm going to search for something in the elements category that could bring that attention to this year. L So I'm going to type in sticker and line. I want some kind of underlining here. So something that would bring the attention to this. So, for example, look at this line here. Moving. Let's try this. All right, this is pretty good. I'm going to use that Maybe slightly down, maybe Like this. All right, this is pretty cool. And I want to use some arrows so you could go to your elements and type in arrow. Okay? I like this red arrow right here. I'm going to make it smaller, but this size selected, and I'm going to flip this horizontally. Okay? This is looking pretty good. The only thing you see the color of this and the color of this not exactly the same. So let me see if I can work on that, I will have to use my color picker. So let's go ahead and grab the color picker. If you don't have that color picker, I suggest you don't noted it's a chrome extension. It's really worth it. So here, this is my hex code. And now I can use this for my arrow here, so based and enter. And now have you see the first color? There are three colors on this arrow, so I have to make sure or of these colored boxes are the same. Okay, Now I have a an arrow, which is the exact same color of this line. So all I have to do is duplicate this arrow, put it on the other side and flip horizontally. Okay, great. So now it's just a question of aligning everything. Make everything look perfectly. Align. Okay, so this looks pretty good. I have Step one. Step two. My, you're a here that I want people to copy in their browser. The last thing I want and I will go to My photo here is to find some photos off. You know, like a hand showing one and to like step one, step two. So, um, I can type in and one and one. Okay, so this is what I'm looking for. For example, this one right here. So I'm going to use that and still selected. I'm going to use the background remover again. That's if you are a pro user. If you're not a pro user, you have to go through the website. Remove that BG can show you very quickly. So remove that. Be G. Okay. Background remover. So you upload your image and you can download it in the lowest resolution for free. Or if you want to pay for having it in the high resolution. That's how you do it. But that's the same thing. Background remover has removed my background here in Canada, which is the best. It's really much better if you could use it in Canada. Okay, so that's step one right here. Perfect. I'm going to bring this closer. Okay? I'm going to actually group this. Bring it here a bit closer. The step one. Or maybe I can make this bigger like this, Okay? And I need step two. So hand to set of one and to see if I can find something similar, like this one. Very cool. Same thing. I'm going to apply the background remover. All right. It is now applied. Just kind of making the same size so I can bring it closer to the other one. Kind of like this. This is about the same size, and it will come on this side right here. Okay, Now, the only thing I need to do is to bring this text on this side. All right, so I have Step one. Step two, and I'm pretty much good to go. This is what I wanted to show you. I will adjust this and give it a little bit of brightness. Perfect. Okay, so I have my four pages. Let me show you. 1234 These are very cool. Page one and four are actually animated and page to winter. And three, yes, are not animated. They're just still images. But that's perfect. I'm gonna leave the document view, and I'm going to start exporting these different story pages individually. And the reason why I want to export them individually is because some of them are animated needs to be downloaded as video and those who are still still pages, they will be downloaded as, um as just still pages. So that's the reason why I'm going to export each of these pages individually. I'm going to speed up the video. Doing so, but just showing you at the first page. It's a video page, so I make sure I click only on one. Okay, so Page one video download. So I'm going to download this one and speed up the video, showing you their final results. The other pages, Page two and three will be PNG pages, so that's the only difference. Perfect. Now I have my four pitches here. This is a zip folder. So actually the to are inside. So that's bitch two and three in see here and to put everything here on my desktop and going to get the other pages, the other two videos so I can show in folder. So this one and this one perfect. My half page. 123 and four here. So I'm going to quickly rename these 45 for page 1234 All right, that's what I wanted to show you guys. I have my four pages here. The 1st 1 is a video. As you can see, the 4th 1 is also a video. And then I have my two Ah, still ones here. So that's it for this one lecture. In the next lecture, I'm going to show you how to upload these on Facebook. 4. Uploading your Story on FB: All right, guys, welcome back to the course in this lecture. I'm going to show you how to upload the story you just created to Facebook. All right, so the stories here, All right, I'm going to paste to use that right here. Eso these four stories. I want to upload that to my facebook profile. So there are a couple of ways of doing so. I could do it from my computer, or I could do it from my phone. So if I If I am to do it from my phone, I would have to somehow transfer these full 45 four pages to my phone. So here I'm using a Mac book pro, so I could just select them. Ah, share and drop them to my iPhone. And then I could just use them from my camera roll to post on Facebook. Um, another way would be to just go to your phone and use Can va on your phone and download the stories again, one by one. Like each of the pages in your phone in your camera roll. If you're using a different computer, for example, or you could use a cable productive cable to your computer and download E. So there are different ways. But for this lecture, I'm going to show you how to upload these four pages directly from your desktop. All right, so for that, let's go to Facebook. So this is my Facebook, and I'm going to add a story just simply here you have your big, fat like a story. Direct anger here. So you could just your story and go to photo video. You will. You will upload page one like this. And very simply, you posed that to your story. You can add a second page. I believe I can add page to let's see if it works. Indeed is working. I believe so. It's still Yep, it here. I will add page Three like this and finally add page for So that's why or so I renamed them page 1234 just to make sure I'm uploading them in the right order. So once you would have all your videos. That 1234 all the pages you can, um, decide to make that also appear in your newsfeed. This in this case, I'm going to make that also appear in my news feed. Why not? Ah, and in my story. So in my news feed posed that two friends. That's fine. And in my story. OK, so I'm going to post. So Facebook is going to process your videos, just like every time you upload videos. So it's gonna take a little bit, but I'm gonna skip that part. All right? I received the notification. Your videos are now ready. And you see, this is how they look on the news feed. Okay, that's the news feed. But if you go to your stories, you see, the story is now here, and I have my four pitches. That's page one to three and four. And you see, everything is moving properly. So that's how you do. I'm going to quickly show you also how they look on mobile from a mobile because this is my desktop. So this is how they look. You can see he right here on the little phone that appear on the side, and they look very good to on mobile. So that's what I wanted to show you guys today. How to create stories animated stories with can via download them and upload that in on Facebook. you can also on upload them on Instagram. And Deanna is going to show you exactly how to do that in the next lecture. Eso You can upload stories basically everywhere where stories are, uh, accepted. So that's what I wanted to show you. Ah, that's it for me. I will see you in another video. 5. Uploading your Story on IG: Alright, guys. So here we are again, and I we are going to show you how to download this story from a phone. But because some of you have iPhone, some of you have android phones. We are going to show you at the same time. This is a world premiere. Those are us and enjoyed. So in this case, a Samsung phone, but its android. So we are going to download it at the same time. And you will see our screen, both of us. So for that, we are into our respective camera accounts. But we have a shared team. It's called Team Rondy. And so we both have access to the story I have created. Yes. So running. He shared these designed with the team, and that's why I can access it. Okay, then, eh? So if you're ready, I suggest we opened the story. Okay, So we are doing everything from our browser, not from the app. Exactly. So yeah, this is important. Yes. Say s so you can use canvas on your phone, both from your browser or from the up in this case is the browser. All right, so if we are ready, we are going to open the design, so click on the design. All right? And that's export. Each page is individually so I'm clicking on the export button right here and then download , download, then video. You already selected the file type of video and then select pages just the 1st 1 and then click on Done and don't load. So I guess everything looks the same on both so far phones. And then maybe we can speed this process. You don't know the other pages. So do you have older files? Just won the video. I have the most page, second page and the last video. Perfect. So now I guess Let's go to our Instagram. All right, so we are now on our instagram account. I'm going to let you guide me because I'm not such a big instagram user. So how do I upload my story? OK, so if you see on the top section of the news feed, you will see you're provide for them. It's just click there. I will do the same thing and you can see my face here. And then, uh, you can enable would cover access. We can. We can see that runny. Never uses his stories. Member. Just I know everything. Okay? Go back. Yep. Go back to Instagram. Yes, OK. Alot microphone. Okay. Okay, that's it. And then, uh, now what we are going to do, Go back to your foot. Yeah, And then you can just swipe up to access your camera drone. You can a neighborhood photo access? No, my phone is going. You should not see that, I think. Okay. And now you can select your, uh, images, But But wait here. You can select multiple. So you think click on that button yet? So what I did in Ronnie's phone is that I did the swipe up, but actually, you can also go here. Don't be, though. You will see, like, a little little image on the left. Uh, bottom section. You will see this little image. I'm gonna click here. So these are two different options there can do it on android or iPhone. And then should I start with the first of the last one? Select the 1st 1 first and then keep selecting the next images. So I'm going to do the same I have here these little icons that have, like, two squares. I'm going to click here, so I'm able to select different images at the same time. So I'm going to select the 1st 1 first, 2nd 3rd in Fort So you can see that here Instagram is telling us the placement off the image of Lower the story. Then I'm going to click on next in my phone. It says City and in Spanish. OK, so it's done. It's already published. No, it's not published running. So then here. What we can do is that we can check the different stories before boasting, because on Instagram, if you like, you can at like more stuff. You cannot stick, cares or you cannot order. Emoji is or, you know, like interests, interactive stickers. So that's why they give us the option to see We want you as anything else. And then if we want to post these beautiful stories, we can just click on CNN or next OK, post, And then after noise that books you have to click here on your story share. Sure, Yes. And then then, so many. But case I'm going to share and done or lister Okay. And then if you go back to your stories. You will see that it says Go back to your your story. You see that? Uh, where is your story? Here. Eso you uploaded? Ah, wrong image, I think. But you'll see here your stories. And in your case, I can see that you don't have your Facebook account linked. But in my case, I have my Facebook account linked. And with just one click you see here, if I click on this icon, Voight says Facebook, I can share the stories automatically. Two fatal quicker. So I can just click here on share or comm party, and these stories will, like each of these stories will be shared on Facebook. So I'll have to do this process for each Ah story. You see, like this I have to So you can cross post from Instagram directly to feel like that's pretty practical. Yes. Oh, you're a simple as that. And yeah, I hope I think it wasn't different in a way, was just that I never use Instagram. Sorry about that, guys. Nobody is fine. I think it's it wasn't because maybe some of the students will have the the same steps. All right. Thank you, guys. Uh, That's it. For now. I think the only thing left in this course is the project project. Yes, in the next lecture. 6. Class Project: Alright, guys, Thank you so much for watching till the end of the course. Now that you know all the different steps to create animated stories with camber, it is your time to shine For this project, we would like you to create your very own animated designed to share on your stories off course created with Kumba. You can export it and then uploaded in the project section off these course remember to stay in brand used your rendered phones. You're branded colors. But most importantly, we would like you to have fun designing it running. And I cannot wait to see all the creative stories you're going to create after watching this course. Remember that we have more courses on our respective pro fais that might interest you. We left the links on the description of this course.