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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      1. Create Character Template


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      2. Create Base Armour


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      3. Create Armour Details


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About This Class

Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator by creating a Simple Vector Knight character. This class is perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, game artists and anyone else who would like to learn a bit of vector art. Topics will include using basic shapes and color. This class is for beginners - intermediate. 

Follow along as we use simple vector shapes to create a simple vector knight character which can be used in your own designs, animations or video game projects.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jonathan Lam

Graphic Designer | Game Artist


Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Lam and I'm a Digital Artist on a mission to empower, educate and inspire creative students just like you to gain the creative skills you desire! Currently I work for Ubisoft as a concept and game artist. My skills range from graphic design, illustration, animation, 3D modelling/sculpting, concept art and video editing. Some of the projects I've worked on include Hungry Shark World, Hungry Shark Evolution, Starbeard and the Kickstarter Funded Game called Eminence: Xander's Tales. 

I've also worked with many high profile clients including Riot Games, Sony Entertainment, Hasbro and Google as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Instagram | Youtube | Dribbble

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1. Intro: welcome to how to create a simple night in Adobe Illustrator High. My name is Jonathan Lamb, and I'm a game artist from London. In this class will learn how to create a simple flat design night in Adobe Illustrator. Starting with some basic shapes, I'll take you through a lot the tools and skills necessary for the project, including modifying shapes and simple drawing. By the end of the training, you'll have learned had to create a simple vector night they can use in your own projects. This class is perfect for designers, illustrators or anyone else looking to have some fun creating some simple character. So sign up using the nick below on, Let's get started. 2. 1. Create Character Template: hi of your one on Welcome Back to the simple vector night tutorial In this listen will learn how to create the base character whilst learning some of the tools necessary to complete the course. So let's start by creating a new document by going to file and new and then select the width and the height of the document. So I've chosen 8 50 by 8 50 Click on Creates on This will create a new art board 8 50 by 8 50 But don't feel restricted by the art board, however, as we can still at work outside the art board like so excellent. So now that's now that we've we've got this art board make. Let's make sure that we're using the same workspace to go to window, go to work space and then select essentials Classic and then reset essentials classic like so just gonna collapse this here. Excellent. So let's start with creating the base character shape for our night, starting with the head now to draw the head. Just go to these shapes tool here, hold, click and hold the left mouse button on select lips, too. Now, this will allow us to create some ellipsis off any size, however, it's you create a perfect circle for ahead. You want to hold the shift key on the keyboard and then click and drag with the mouse as you normally would to create a perfect circle like so cool. So first of all that's create, let's choose a color for character. So at the top here, let's make sure that we select none for the stroke on over here. That's choose a color for character that's choose something here, just double click here. Just make it a little bit a little bit warmer, like so cool. And now that's thick. And draw a circle for character by holding the shift key to create a perfect circle. Excellent. Now that we have our circle head, the next thing that we want to do is it creates a chin for character. So let's go to this shapes tool again, and this time that's choose a rounded rectangle tool. Now, when creating a rounded rectangle, you can actually control the corner off the curves by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard so you can see here. That's by pressing the up key by pressing the down key. See if I can make the cornice sharper. Now you can see the values at the bottom getting smaller and smaller so I can make them sharp like So So the round. This is at zero points, or if I press the up key, I can make the roundness bigger. So at 50 points, like so cool, let's go ahead and create the chin for character. So I'm just going to zoom in to our circle here by pressing control. Andi, the plus key on the keyboard. I'm just going to use the rounded rectangle tool to create a chin like so and then using the selection tool just moving it up, just going to make the circle a little bit smaller, just moving it into place. Accident. So once you're happy with the placement off the chin, what will need to do is will need to select both shapes Andi. Then using the align tool here, let's go ahead and click on the Align panel. We want Teoh horizontally, align toothy center and make sure that you're lining the selection. So line to selection and then click on this button here to make sure that they're both in the center of each other and what you're happy with that press control and G on the keyboard to group them. So now, every time you select either off the shapes, they will be selected together. Excellent. So now let's create the torso. So in order to create torso that's choose a slightly darker color like so slightly talking color on. Now, let's choose the rounded rectangle again. Let's go ahead and create a torso like so So this will be the chest off our character, moving it to the center, assuming out here a little bit and then creates a another vertical tangle here like so. And this will be the abdomen. Excellent. Now that you've got the torso for the body, let's go ahead and start creating the arms for a character. Now, this will be the same again, would excuse the rounded rectangle tool on this time that's creates a sort of sauce shape, like so let's go ahead and use the I drop it. Also select I on the keyboard and select the head color for this one. So creates arm here on Let's go ahead on rotate this slightly like so. Just place it over here and then press control, see on the keyboard and then control V to paste. We're creates another arm here. Rotate it slightly this way and then place it like So now the torso slight. A little bit too big for for my likings. Let's go ahead and select both of these shapes and just make it slightly smaller, like so, and bring it back into the middle. Excellent. So what? You're happy with the placements of the arms on the torso? Let's go ahead and select both the arms. Press control G on the keyboards to group. Select both shapes for the torso on for the torso because this is a symmetrical shape. Let's go ahead and align this to the center again just to make sure it's in the middle. Then press control G to you. Group those as well on. Let's go ahead on Duke. Duplicate the arms so control, see to copy and then control V to paste these arms. Now for the arm. Here. We want to flip this horizontally, and to do that, press the right mouse button, go to transform, select, reflect and then select a vertical and press OK and this will flip the arm vertically. Excellent. Now it can go ahead and place this where we want Cool. Now, in order to make sure that the arms are also, um, aligns correctly, let's go ahead and select both the arms. Select a line and this time, vertical aligned to center. So you can see that that arm moved ever so slightly there and with both arms selected press control, G on the keyboard. And now, with all off the items, everyone slept. All of them. We can align one of these to this end just to make sure that everything is in the middle. Excellent. Now the next thing that we want to do is we want to create the legs. So again, using the rounded rectangle tool, let's go ahead and create the fires for our character. So these will be our thighs. And then let's create these tions for characters. These will be a slightly smaller sausage like so just bring the up slightly. Move this slightly there. In fact, let's keep that unlined like that on. Make it slightly bigger. Excellent, slightly bigger. Think so cool. So now we've got one leg. We can now rotate this using the selection tool or re on the keyboard, that's rotate this slightly. Then move this into position, like so that we can actually make this a little bit longer on for the torso. He wants to move this to the front. So right, click on the torso, arrange bring to front and we can now group the leg on a copy. Control V control. See to copy. Then control Vite! Paste it and we'll do the same thing with the leg as what we did with the arm. So go ahead on right click. Transform on, Let's go to reflect. So if I move this up here so you will be able to see so transform on, reflect, reflect this vertically. Okay. And now just move this to the correct position. Like so Now you'll see that the leg is in front off the torso. So we have to do is right. Click on a range and we can send this backwards or sense to back. Just move up here so you can see right click arrange sent backwards or since the back then we can place this like, so cool. So now we have the legs, the arms and the torso. The last thing that we need are the feet not to create the feet. Just select the ellipse toe creates a perfect circle again. And this time let's select the direct selection tool. We want to select one off the anchors here like this. Select the bottom anchor. Delete that. So now we're left with half a circle on with this half circle, we can actually place this as our feats like so just control. See, to copy and then control V to paste Comme place thes where we want them. Excellent. So this is the base off our nights. We can actually start resize parts of the body here like so, and just experiment with the different size of thes shapes until you're happy with the base off your nights on. Also, remember to use the alignment tool. So again, with the legs here, sex both legs a line and then vertically aligned to center to make sure that they're together, same with the feet vertically aligned. This Teoh the sensor and once you're happy with that, you want to group both of these objects. So it's like both feet control Geeta Group and inspected the whole body and then aligned this horizontally to the sense just to make sure everything is centralized. And there we have it. That's it for this lesson. You can also experiment with different skin tones if you like. So let's go ahead on Select the Head, for example, On over here we can select the different skin tones for our body, like so excellent In the next video, we'll create the armor for a night character. I see well, there. 3. 2. Create Base Armour: hi, everyone, and welcome back to the simple Vector night tutorial. In this lesson, we'll learn how to create the armor pieces for a night character. So the first thing that you'll want to do is you want to create a copy off your base character on Put it to the side. So let's go ahead and highlight this press control. See, and then control V and let's go ahead and put it to the side of our document. Like So So this is in case we need to ever go back to our base character again. If we wanted to do things like design new armor pieces or creating a new character, it gives us a good starting point for things like that. So with our base characters safely copied, we can now begin to lay down the base colors for our character on for the armor pieces. So over here I have created a few colors to choose from that I think, will work well for the design. Andi I created these colors using the shape tops of the rectangle toe. This is creating a square like that and then choosing the colors like so cool. So let's start with the dark colors first. So using this color here, just use the I drop it or so press I on the keyboard or select this I couldn't hear that's click on the dark color, and I wanted to use this dark color for some pieces off the armor. So let's go ahead and select the shins here and there. Press I on the keyboard and select the dark color like so now automatically color in thes shapes that I wanted. Now, if you're if you're shapes are still groups, so say, for example, these shapes were still groups or everything is still grouped. This will actually change the color for the whole that all of the shapes that we don't want that if that's the case, just used the direct selection tool and use the direct selection tool to select the pieces that you want first, and then press I on the keyboard and select the color like so. So the short cut for the direction direct selection tool is a on the short cut for the eyedropper tool. Is I so just going to use that for all of these pieces? I'm just going toe use that for the arms here. So let's suppress I and select the dark color. We can also select the pieces that have already been colored as well. I'm just going to select he helmets also select the dark color here. Cool. So I think that's all off the pieces that I wanted darkened. Now let's go ahead and select the next dark color, which is this one here. So let's go ahead and select the fires for that press. Five For the eyedropper tool on Selected the Dark Color. In fact, that's like this this color here. So the 3rd 3rd darkest color on the same four. The in fact, I think that's that's it for the thighs. And now let's go ahead and select the next color, which is the lightest color press I and select that color here. Cool. So that's all of the base colors for the armor selected and colored in. Next thing I want to do is create the actual armor pieces for our nights, so let's go ahead on create the shoulder pads first. So to do this, just going to creates a lips so used the ellipse still here and then just sort of creates a rough, long circular shape like so I'm going to color this in this color for now and next. I'm going to copy and paste, and I'm going to select the next darkest color over the next lightest color and then put that on top like so. In fact, let's zoom in here a little bit so you can see a little bit better. I'm just going to make this slightly smaller on a slightly longer so he can place one shape on top of the other. In fact, let's move this a little bit. Or use the arrow keys to move them a little bit incrementally. Look, sir, no, I'm going to create a another lips. Let's go ahead and copy this ellipse, and this time I'm going to choose the lightest color, says press, using the eyedropper tool again and then making this a little bit smaller, placing it on top here like so on. Lastly, I'm going to create one final ellipse to one finally lips by copying and pasting this one here, placing on top and then with that ellipse selected click on the Eyedropper Tool and select the white background just gets it just the shape here like so and this will act as our shoulder pat. So I'm just going to group or these shapes here. Let's move that zoom out. I moved back to a night. I'm just going to copy this shape. So control. See, then control V to copy it. I'm just going to place it whilst adjusting this shape just above the shoulder. Think so Cool. Andi, Let's do the same for the other. The other arm so control. See then can show V to paste and again. Right click, transform, reflect and do the same for these shoulder. Cool. Now the same can be done for the Kneepads, so I'm just going to paste that same shape, make it slightly smaller on, then move its to the knee pads like so and then control V transform. Reflect, reflect vertical to flip it and then place it in the same place. Excellent. It's now we've got the shoulder pads and Kneepads selected or place down. Let's go ahead and create mawr arm pieces for our nights, so I'm just going to create some sorts of armed guards here. I'm just going to select the forearm control, see, and then paste it control V. I'm just going Teoh, make a small. Maybe it's slightly smaller infects. That's go ahead, and now you'll find sometimes with the with the rounded rectangle. You can't really make it smaller as such, but you can if you create another shape and place it close to its little trick here. I can't now make it smaller. If you combine it with another shape, let's go ahead and do that on if I press. If I used the direct selection tool and click with shape again, you'll see these small circles pop up. If I move these small circles around the corners again going to move this here, I'm going to copy this and again, using the same trick going to make this smaller. It's a little bit longer, a little bit shorter, and I'm going to choose the lights color like so. So these are the armed guards just gonna copy this. So group those copy paste. Let's go ahead on flip. These reflect and paste and placed them in the right place. Remember, you can also use the line tour here as well, so selecting both of those shapes aligned them to the sensor same with show the pets lining them and same with the knee. Pets cool. So next will do the same for our thighs. So let's select the fly shape control. See then control V to paste it and using the same trick. Let's make this smaller. Let's choose the light color here on the move. This It's a place like so cool. Now you'll see now that this shape is above the Ni cuts. So select the knee pat, arrange and then bring to front. Copy that on. Let's transform this or reflect and we'll do the same thing. So right click on the knee pads. Arrange. Bring to front. Cool. It's just a line. These excellent steam out cool. Now all that's left to do is the helmets. Let's go ahead and creates a circle just going to create a small circle here on Let's color this in the second darkest color move, it's the center here we get slightly bigger, and now I'm going to use the same sorts of shapes here for parts of the visor. But before I do that, let's go ahead and create the visor. So created the lips tour. Let's go ahead on make a visor here like so just going to color this in the lightest color now using the direct selection tool. If we zoom in here, we can actually select the lowest anchor point, and we can move the handles into the center just to create a nice point for advisor. Next, let's bring this shape back in on. In fact, I'm just going to copy this just in case. We need to use that again. Just going to make this smaller, like so and just place it on the nights helmet. I think so. Just adjusting it as we go along. We can move parts of that. In fact, I'll bring that back in to make that part a little bit darker. Let's go ahead on Select that without direct selection tool press V for a selection. So I'm just going to make this a little bit bigger. Now. Press spy on the keyboards. I'm just going to select the dark color like so cool just playing about with the visor fight. Let's move this further down. Just don't move this here on to move this here on a copy paste. Let's go ahead and reflect this unmoved that into position as well. Cool. It's now free. Zoom out will have the base alma for our light character. Excellent. So that's it for this lesson. In the next video, we'll learn how to add details to the armor design such as the Cape. I see well, there. 4. 3. Create Armour Details: hi, everyone, and welcome back to the simple Vector Night tutorial. In this lesson, we'll learn how to create the details for our night characters. Armor. So let's start by creating the visor for our helmet. So I'm just going to zoom in here by pressing control on the plus key on the keyboard on to create the adviser. We're going to use the pen tal, so let's go ahead and create a visor by clicking points here, like so and then, Once you're happy with that shape, we're going to change this from a fill shape, too. A stroke by clicking these arrows here and now. What we're going to do from here is we're going to change the stroke. Let's make the stroke thicker. So let's click on the stroke button here, make the weight of the stroke thicker. And let's change the profile of the stroke into with profile one. Like so, and with that, we can now start adjusting the vice A. Let's go ahead and bring this down slightly. That's just it, so that it's a little bit more, a little bit longer cool. Once you're happy with the way that it looks, select the stroke on. What we're gonna do is we're going to make this into a shape in there to do this. Make sure that the strokes selected to go to object expand appearance, and this will turn the stroke into a shape. As you can see, next one wants to control sea and then control V to copy it. And I want to make this visor whites and then place this visor on top of it, like so just to give it a little bit off depth. I can even zoom in a little bit here and select certain points on line it to the top just so that these points connect. That's by using the direct selection tool. Cool. So now we've got adviser here that zoo mount. Next thing we want to do is we want to create the top of our helmet. To do that. Let's go ahead and set. The rounded rectangle tool creates a top here like, so let's go ahead on choose the right colors, just going to create one here. Andi, let's make this a little bit bigger now. If I wanted to make this bigger again, let's bring a shape in, make it bigger and I want to make a smaller shape here. Thanks. So let's make this unlike color and I'm going to line this to the center. This is too big. I want to make this smaller needs. Have bring that shape back in. Make it smaller. Now you can make it a little bit longer. Get smaller again. Just that we've got to some space between the left and the right of that. And bring that little bit down. Cool. So now we've got a top here, in fact, weaken. Now use this shape. Let's make this bigger and I'm going to color this in writ on that spring. It's over here, like so cool. Now we've got a top here now where you want to add some details like the hair coming out from the top here that would not do this will use the pen tal, and then let's select the right color first, and we can create some flames. So it's create one here, so click and then click and drag to create a curve and then create a point here. Think thick and dragged to create a curve. And then let's go ahead and creates point here. Point here on a point there. So there we have a simple hair shape that we can adjust like so. And if we wanted that corner to be curved, just used the direct selection tool and then curved out. I'm just going to copy that pace that's in ongoing Teoh. Arrange this to the back was sends to back to see this arrange center back. Just get into place one here and a smaller one here. Like so arrange since back. And now I'm going to select the same. Once a copy and paste. I'm going to make this one bigger on. Let's go. It's arrange sent back again, seamount slightly. I'm just going to use the selection tool here to adjust the shape off the hair like so cool . Just one more. A small one here. Excellent. So now that we've got the top off our nights, the next thing we want to do is we want to create the sort of flares for this shoulder of the cape, the top of the K Pierce. Let's use the same thing. So, in fact, let's go ahead and choose a circle first. I don't want to sorts of cover these shoulder here and using. In fact, let's send this to the back. This place this in the correct area and then you sing the sort of shapes that we've created here. You can now sorts of place this as we wants it. So I've got one here. In fact, let's turn this around. So we've got one here on this. Copy that, and that's place another one here slightly smaller. Let's make sure that these are sent to the back as well. So a range since Beck just move that slightly down. Right? Slight adjustments to the shape. And we'll wants to create another one. The front here, just to show that the capers also going across the chest sets go and flip. This so reflect flip vertical and you'll see now can creates a sort of overlap here. Like so cool. I spoke just going to make this slightly bigger. And we can also use direct selection tool to adjust the way that this looks cool. I was so happy with that where you can go ahead and select all of this control g to group that And don't worry about this overlapping the shoulder for now. We can fix that later and paste this so copied the group, paste it and let's go ahead and flip this so reflect vertical. We're going to put this in roughly the same place, align this horizontally and now, using that's on group the arms. It's fun group beyond, so that we can select the shoulder pads again and selecting the shoulder pads, weaken the range and bring those to the front. Excellent. So the next thing we want to do is we want to create the sort of neck guard here. Let's go ahead and select. The Eclipse Tour creates a perfect circle. I went to create two circles, so one which is dark here, like so on a copy and paste. Place this one on top, and this one will be that color. Just make this make this close together and we want to. In fact, let's go ahead on select all the objects for the head, including the visor. So although objects for the head and group that so that when we place this or one place both of these shapes top of the head, so should be able to select the group, arrange on, bring that to the front. Excellent. So it's the same with shoulder pads that's like the shoulder pads onto the cape here and this. Arrange and bring those to the front as well. Excellent. So the last thing we wants to create now is the cape for character. So to do this, let's go ahead on select the red color. I'm going to use the pencil for this again. And in fact, before we do that, let's go ahead and move thes closer together, sampling the head to the front, just going to use the pencil now, and in fact, let's choose a different layer. So let's lock this layer here, select a different layer and bring this layer to the bottom. And now, because this layer is locked, we can't actually affect our character. So making sure that layered suis selected let's go ahead and draw our cape. So I'm just going to draw a cape here. So just one point here, thick on the anchor point, true, another curve here. Click on the anchor point just so that we can create a nice, sharp corner just going to create a curve here, like so and then the cape coming back up like so cool. Now we can use the direct selection tool here to adjust the points, just just the point slightly moving the handles just to create a better curve. And now what I want to do is I want to duplicate this capes or control, see and then control, in fact control shift V to place to place. It's in place, and then we're going to press by on the keyboard, select the dark color here and now what we're going to do. We're just going to create a another shape. So in fact, using another color, let's go ahead on choose this right color for now, Just going Teoh creates another shape on top here, like so on, using this shape, select both the new shape and the dark shape we want to go to. In fact, it's not here. Let's go to Windows, and we want to find Pathfinder Now, with Pathfinders selectors, we can actually add this year. So using Pathfinder, let's go ahead and select minus front on by minus ng the front. You'll see that we've got our cape behind and our cape in front cool. So there we have it. Our final night character design. Feel free to try out different color combinations on different designs. There's a lot of potential for experimentation with these type of characters. Now you can see how that I've use this first concept as a base for a whole set of different character designs based on characters on the chess board. I hope you've learned a lot in this demo on that you can apply these skills to your own work flows. I hope that you've learned some new things in Illustrator that you haven't been able to use before On that you can use them to create your own future character designs. I had another fun creating this course, so thanks for watching good luck creating your own Simple night characters, and I'll see next time.