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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Trailer


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      Creating A Digital Version


    • 3.

      Getting Them Ordered Online


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      Finalizing and Exporting Our Files


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      Let's Continue to Tweak Our Design


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      Let's Start Designing!


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      Template Setup in Photoshop


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About This Class

We start off in Adobe Photoshop by setting up our template and creating the front and backside of our business card. We learn how to export the design so we can send it off to a printer or order it online. We also review how to make a digital version of your business card, and how to adapt it to a showcase template. This design is not preplanned, so you are seeing my true and raw design process. 

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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1. Class Trailer : 2. Creating A Digital Version: Okay, so now that we have our business cards printed and finished, we're going to talk about how to export this in a JPEG format that can easily post online and also display on a A temple, a showcase template. So we'll go ahead and export this as a digital business card first. So what we're gonna do is we have both of our sides open and we're going to just export Jesus J pegs. They're ready to go. So you're just gonna do file save as to a J. Peg saved your desktop. I go ahead and do. It's gonna be digital. You probably want to reduce the size a little bit. Maybe under a megabyte, most social media platforms will go ahead, downgraded to whatever resolutions, the max. So I always saving highest and hope for the best and hope they don't downgrade the size too much. Okay, so I have my two j pegs on my desktop ready to post online our business card. We can even combine the two sides. Let's go ahead dragged under the photo shop. If we want to create one graphic, which would probably want to do so, don't we have our to J pegs. Let's go ahead. Close down or Photoshopped? Files were done editing. So now we just have are two J pegs. Let's go ahead and increase our canvas size so it can add both sides on one image to go image canvas size. We'll go click up here is where one extend it down. Now we're gonna double it. So it's 2.25 analysis, say five inches. We can always reduce the Kansas later crop it. So go ahead, drag this other J peg over. And now we have a business card on one graphic line this over a little bit. Eso you could also edit this little bit of good crop. This I'm doing the crop tool. I'm gonna bring this up here proper. Would like it on this that white bars a little far because we were doing bleed in the print document. So what I'm gonna do is make sure this bottom is in the top most layer and sort of drag it up over here back problem message. You want to stop it? So I have my one graphic which you would have never known was originally a business cause that we could use. We're ready to go with that. So the next thing I want to show you is how do you adapt this onto a template? The call of the showcase template. Go ahead. I went ahead and downloaded this one on three pick. But there's millions of these things out there. All you do is type in business card marca. You get a 1,000,000 of these things, we're gonna put our business part. I'm here to make a really nice whether you're doing it for a portfolio or whether it's for self promotion for business. So what we have urge Apex. That's what you need to do this. It's gonna go ahead and open. Make sure to J pets are open. It's going to close out of everything that you did that less files open the better. Close out. This one this long one from social media. There's our bath. It's gonna front loaded in. Now we're gonna downloaded that template that I showed you a free kick. Someone downloads. Open that up, Dr that into a different window. Well, this is how we replace these images. Let's go ahead and start with this front side. So this one had clicked this top moose layer, and it's to be labeled front. You're gonna want to double click this later on this left side, double click it and it's gonna bring you to a new window where you could put your design. So I'm gonna go ahead and drag my friend, This is hard and just overlay on top of it while you're gonna do because you're gonna close it out, close out this tab that would have saved. When you do that, it's gonna automatically loaded on. We do the same thing to the back side. Double click. Drag this in its own window. We're done with front. Drag her backside in different message a little bit. Do close down or save it safe instead of automatically enacted. So now we definitely adapted our party slice template. So it looks really professional. It's nice. Of course. You can always do little things to make it better. Looks like there's multiple cards up. It's stacked. There's a couple cards like like just have implanted, isn't there you go. That's that 3. Getting Them Ordered Online: Okay, So if you were gonna send back file to a local printer you were done, you could go ahead, send that to the printer and let them know there was 1/8 of a believe around the edges. But like most of us, we probably want to get the business cards quicker, and we probably want to get them cheaper. So we want to use an online printer. This is just an example. I don't make any money by promoting this, but this is what I personally use with my clients in the past because I have a lot of promotions and you get get small runs of business cards for cheaper. So I'm gonna go and go to business cards, go ahead and see how we could get our own design on here. They have a business card builder, but it's not powerful. It all. You're not gonna be able to be satisfied with the design on here, So let's go ahead and see what we need to do here. So they've of course, changed their website since I've been here. But let's go ahead and go a standard. Forcing get the nice, thick card stock with the linen blend does look incredible. Um, so let's go ahead. And maybe let's just start off with standard. Just because they're affordable right now says browser designs, Start with your live. But we're gonna use our complete designs to go ahead and select this option. We're doing horizontal. That's easy enough. We're gonna go ahead and load or designed in here. So we're gonna add an image. That's the else. Go and add an image for my computer. We have a pdf. Let's see if it accepts the pdf. So let's go ahead. Double click. In the past, the pdf has been the best format for Mr Print. They've all the cards have always turned out really well. Okay, So it, uh, I actually uploaded the card that pdf that had both sides in it. So which ones? That it's good or acrobat pro. Okay, this is the one where I drive the scent. So I have both sides and one pdf I uploaded that. So I'm able to select which one that could drag this one in it. Loaded perfectly because we already have the tip. Let's set up. It's the standard business card size. So we already had that set up. This is gonna be your safety line. You want to make sure there's not any elements of copy text in the safety, so we're good there. That means a little bit of this could be turned off with bleed, so it's not gonna show up. That's why they have safety there. We're done with the add. Anything already did the design instead of your back. Just go ahead and see if you can add backside. See, it's distracting sent. Okay, so, uh, blank, we don't want the length. Would have to pay a little bit for full color. That's fine, Dr Sin. But this front side, back side, no elements go outside of the safety. We could go. That's kind of a foot spring child. Take a screenshot. This just to have for my rector's. They don't notice it doesn't look super crisp, but that's okay. We know it is Super Chris, because we did this photo shop at the right resolution. Sometimes with the upload online, the quality and the preview images are not as good as they actually are. So do not worry about that. Do not think this is gonna be a little bit grainy. It's gonna turn out great as long as you set it up the right resolution and Photoshopped and exported it just like we did. You'll be OK. So I have approved by sign, just like that, probably in under 2025 minutes. We just created a business card. I might just log in and continue. There's lots of premium options that you go back and get the previous business cards. I always recommend it. I don't hand out This is cards a lot, so I want to make sure. Previa. I want to make sure there's a higher paperweights that make it heavier. Thicker Will live in blend would look really nice with this business card design. Anything with a textured backgrounds. Really good limit blood. That's about it. So we just great a business car. 4. Finalizing and Exporting Our Files: constantly tweaking your design is incredibly healthy and highly encouraged. So I feel like I'm OK with it, but I still want to tweak a little more. So that's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna go ahead, open up both sides, the front and the back side guide. Click on here and bring up our front side. I'm gonna drag these album separate windows. I'm gonna need to look at these together to really feel see what elements are most needed. So already I can see that that websites a little repetitive. Go on, go to here. Uh, so I also want to make sure this these are the same size 100% 100%. Okay, so I feel like we don't need to repeat the website twice. So I'm going to use this to kind of describe a little bit more what I do because design and marketing is kind of obscure, So I'm gonna go ahead and click on this and go teaching coaching training. Make that smaller spell check later, which that's spelt wrong. No problem. Okay, so I feel like that was a good change, and I almost wonder if I go and drag this logo over if I can sample this dark gray so I can continue the same colors across both sides. So I'm gonna click on our white element and see if I can't make that the dark range. Use the eyedropper tool. I think this means to be brighter. Doesn't have to be right, but it could be this really like gray here. The stark white looks OK, but would you just that little bit of Greg's as the nicest to it? A little more subtle. So I don't need this layer anymore, So it's gonna go away. So now if you look at them both, it's kind of a reversing happening and it's been a nice So let's see, we have the water park and said the load off all the front. So I like that. I feel like I've done so it was going to say both sides. What we're gonna do is every bit card that you signed up for print. Whether you do this to print our use a local printer, you're gonna need to add bleed to it, bleed, helps the ink go all the way to the edge and have a smooth finish. If your panties off your home office printer. You might have another white border that's around the edges. But when you get especially printed, that border is trend off. So how they're able to bleed in off the edge is you always give them a little bit of extra trimming. Leeway. So how you do this is I'm gonna go up to file. Actually, I'm sorry, Image and you gotta go to canvas size this. How did adjust the size? So the standard bleed on most point projects is 1/8 of an inch and this doesn't do it by fractions, does it by decimal. So just something at minimized over the years is every on eighth of an inch is 0.1 to 5. So let's use your just start with heights. We're gonna add 0.1 to 5 to to the height to add 1/8 of an inch on both sides are one side . So we're gonna do both sides 2.25 But I know this is it's a little bit of a learning curve , but hang tight said so the width is 3.5. We're gonna want to add 2.1251 point 1 to 5 as an eighth of an inch, but we want to add it on two sides. Since we're doing the wit let right, so that's gonna be 0.25 So probably the easiest take away is if you want to add eighth of an inch to your document, just add 0.25 to each of your wit and your height. So are with this 3.5. So squad, make that 3.75 So don't worry so much about the 0.1 to 5, but more than 50.25 to make sure you adding to 1/8 of an inch in which you basically adding 1/4 image. That's overwhelming. But there's, you know, look, it's it's hard. It took me a while to learn that, but that I just had 0.25 click. OK, so you notice extended by document by 1/8 of an inch all the way around. And if there's anything that was like this, we just make sure we drag those elements all across the page. So everything when they do the trimming, that trend, this little bit of an edge off, So really your final document is gonna consist of what's in this rectangle area. Everything outside of that you're not gonna see it's gonna be trimmed off, but they're ableto cut it so that we have a nice look with everything bleeds to the inch. Let's go ahead, Do that with this one. Go to image canvas size at 2.25 That's gonna make that 75 Having an ad 0.2 5/4 of an inch to this quarter of an inch is gonna be two sides. So 1/8 of an inch or two sides Boom. You couldn't save with my documents. And now I need to export. Pdf is the way to go with a lot of things. So let's go ahead and exports. Pdf We're to save as Photoshopped Pdf and illustrator. There's an illustrator's actually easier to export do things for print, but we're doing this photo shop because most people are comfortable in photo shop. So we're do phone shop pdf this far back. Great. Um, they say you don't need to save the layers that's gonna make your size a little larger, so I'm gonna unclipped back, put sane. I want to go ahead and do this could be a pre setting already, and Photoshopped default. Um, it's could be pressed quality. I went ahead, and I made a preset setting, so I never have to go into press quality. Modify it. But since you guys don't have that pre setting, go ahead and click on press quality, we're gonna make sure preserve Photoshopped editing capabilities unchecked. If it is, check your files could be super large. It's gonna be hard email, So let's go ahead and go to compression. Just make sure, but 300. A lot of these things are already set because you already set the press quality. It's gonna set everything how you need it and great bleeds already built into the document . So let's go ahead and click. Save PF. Let's do the same thing for this one file save as photo shop. Pdf press quality. That's great. Make sure this is unchecked and that's really all we have to do. Since press quality pretty much has there all settings how you need it. So now we have two pdf files ready to go. There's one, and I have This is Acrobat Pro, and so you could easily click on these page thumbnails. You could actually drag your back file and create one document with your business card on it. It's good. Zoom out. Make sure we prove everything. And just remember, a little bit of this edge is going to be cut off, so that looks like its opposite to a little bit. But with the trimming, it will actually be in the same space in here that it is here. So I'm gonna say this document this this is ready to email to your printer. If you're working with a local printer, if you're gonna do it online, that's gonna be the next video uploaded to Vista print. 5. Let's Continue to Tweak Our Design: So now that we have the front side of our car design, let's go ahead and move on with back. So what I like to do when I create the second file, we're going to separate files. I go ahead and take the first file and I go file save as, and I go ahead and create back so our front while it's still gonna be there. But now I have two files now with the same templates being used same size. So we don't have to do the whole sizing thing all over again. So we're ready to go. So I like to have logos on both sides, the cards. So I'm gonna go and shrink this down in size doesn't have to be as large since we have a fairly large on the front side. So I'm gonna put that right here. That might not be where permanently lives. I'm gonna go ahead and stick with the same font I used for the front so I would go ahead and do layer duplicate layer, and I'm gonna be able to build all my elements this way. Use the same styling and everything, so I'm gonna double click this I'm gonna make this white, and I'm gonna go ahead and start type of name and information. And when you use the turning, that's a little bit spaced wider, apart that looks a little more high end and finished and professional. I have this set on 200 which is custom, but this is what it would be normally. But I went ahead and said it, uh, this is 200 which is the max that it has on here. But you can always go wider by typing, typing in and yourself look 400 slice. It's not too far apart, but it still looks good. So what's great is you see that little pink line that goes from the L all the way down to the to the M below. There, that's just kind of a nice hint to let you know it's perfectly left aligned to each other. So if I go like this, I know that this element up top of the element below our line, we always went online as much as you can. Same thing with adding white space around your elements, just helps everything breathe a little bit, adds a nice professional element. So I'm gonna go ahead and double click This Mom's gonna press enter to keep everything perfectly left aligned with each other. Type in a fake phone number. What I find hold periods as the spaces between numbers look better than ashes. So you'll noticed. The space between these two lines is very wide. So it can change that. Usually by double clicking. Go to our panel And this the line above the turning line is the space between the lines. So we're gonna go ahead and just that I usually do it. A couple points above our text size. So it's gonna try 12. I would add a little more spacing. Stacy is always good inside. That's a fake number. Let's go ahead and type in. What else do you mean, name number? Do you know, address? So thank you know, address. Okay, so have her name number, you know, address. We already have a website. I don't think people whose that's anymore. So I think this is all we need is also Facebook. Twitter to put Facebook Twitter icons on there with the hashtag Um, What's that? A hashtag in your one up just Teoh design. Well, just kind of slogan, line of a thing this still ahead and save files that losing progress. So I'm wondering if I need to have all caps and all of that. I think it's all too similar. What's going to keep my name the way this would make that a little bolder. I like this. I don't think it needs to be as big as my name's. Let's go ahead and use that size to be 10. You don't want have anything below seven, for sure on the print item. Seven points. Okay, so let's go ahead and go up here. Take away all caps. It's announced lower case, and I bring this all the way back that turning in the spaces between lettering could bring it back down to normal. I'm also going to to this, so that's looking a little better. Things were different. What I'm gonna go ahead and do is I'm gonna take this design hash tab and cut it out, and I'm gonna take text tool, paste it back in. So now, to separate elements, I really feel like that doesn't need to be in the contact information. It's kind of extra do black, maybe dark italic It's a little too bold. It's great. You can spare a little bit. I don't think the HASHTAG needs to be in talents. Do man make that mama talent? Actually, let's make that light they're without that looks nice. Bounce. Keep saving or document. I'm wondering if this could be shared. Send maybe just right here with lots of spacing between elements. I feel like this text. Let's see what texting my using it is called Railway is fantastic fun, but only knock I have against it is the numbers of funky. They're not on the same line. They don't have the same line, so it looks a little walking. So I think maybe we need to find a replacement. Bought something that looks kind of close. That looks a little bit clean. I still think this needs more spacey. That would. There's two elements. I wonder how this would look with water, So let's go ahead and take taking this logo that I dragged in. It's a vector format, So any time you dragged anything from Illustrator into here and it's a vector format, it's going to make this vector smart layer. That means Photoshopped, while the vector eyes is remaining so we can actually hold ship and drag this around without losing inequality. So that's great. One that you could see what it looks like. It's a watermark. We're gonna move this layer around the shirts in the right areas, thus far down possible. We don't want to move it behind the background. So let's see. What am I gonna do here, Let me go to capacity. It's kind of screening back. See that? I wonder if I just do the words Marsh. Los shit is shifting. See what that looks set at the edge to edge this. That's something we could do. One slip having a little be smaller, get away Having those. And I wonder, since we don't have a lot of information If I go ahead center, see how that looks. See, that looks really good, because what sites also center. So you go up to this align options right here. Sure thing, Senator aligned. I don't know what put anything over the water. You guys keep it like this. So what? I'm gonna do that. My name's a little bigger. Let's make that 10 point. Nice. Large. Yes, I did. That's nice, but it's still like this subtle, smaller Wait, stepping on this to get back toe. What was that? That was just old moments wondering. This is when you're just gonna experiment, play and see what looks good. Let's make that a 600 with between the lettering. Looks good. Save it. So I feel like we're at somewhat of a stopping place with both sides. I feel like I can always tweet this war and make it better. But for right now, let's go ahead and get this ready to go to print. 6. Let's Start Designing! : Okay, so we're back. So now that we kind of have the basic format and the templates set up for a business card for the front side of it, now we can finesse it, Really kind of finalize it. So I'm not really happy with this thing. Stretched out like we ended the last video s. So I'm just gonna experiment with some ways we can kind of break up this a little bit. So I thought, What if we went ahead and extended that box all the way down and bring this down here? What's great about this? If I can double click on this, I'm actually get a widen. This is called The spacing between the letters is called turning. But this is how you adjusted and the character panel you to go to this icon, and I'm gonna go and click on 200 which you can always put in your custom size. I'm actually gonna put in 400 wickets, stretch, make the spacing between the letter stretch quite a bit. I'm actually gonna double click this and go back to our character extra option panel and I'm gonna put gone all caps again. I took the soft earlier, but just playing around with some things here. Okay, Like how it covers that whole bottom area. I think we can actually make this more subtle. Drag it in the middle, just eyeballing it. And I also feel like we could make the weight smaller, so you'll constantly go back and forth. We change elements to make it look good. I think that looks a lot better already. I'm already feeling better about it and also play with angles. So not everything has to be perfectly straight, if that's your thing. But since we can't have a logo that's very orderly and organized has lots of right angles, I'd like to kind of keep with that. So I'm gonna go back to my History Channel, go back to where I waas go ahead and save my file. Look, OK? And so now we're gonna expand them a little bit. You also noticed it's really good for the I for everything to kind of be aligned to a grid or be aligned together. So you noticed This is not align perfectly. There's a little space gap between here and the end of the logo here. Same with this side. So what I'm gonna do, hold down shift, drag My element, I'm actually could align it to the edges, and it's a little bit easier on the eye to do that. So now all of the elements are aligned bad, actually shipped over just a little bit, and that's perfect. Do you suggest I, like, do things by? I can always go back and perfect things later. Once I feel like the concept is finished because you can actually go to view and then be grid, and you can actually look at actual grid in the line. Everything perfectly or goto go into your line panels, clicking on elements and then aligning perfectly in the center line. I feel like there's one more thing missing, maybe some texture on the back. So let's go hunt down some texture. Um, Google here kind of generic just to kind of see what we have. Of course, you can always purchase on texture as well, but let's just go on here, for example, kind of texture. So I think, would look good. Nothing too industrial looking to organic. It just kind of a little bit of a rough textures. We'll see what we have. See what this one looks like? No, it doesn't look like it's high rez Enough by this father of color. Looks pretty good. That would actually look excellent. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on the image. He hadn't grabbed this force field one toe. Legally purchased anything you use on products. Did you use that? I stopped photos inside that I used for stock photos and textures and usually cost about $12 piece. Very affordable. There's a lot of free textures. If you get online, just type in free textures and you could find tons. Dr. This in says that the biggest resolution would like to have a bigger resolution, but we'll make it work and drag it here, since the resolution is not as high as I'd like. Plus, in I was in a little bit. You see, here you go. To sharpen, you could have filter sharpen, and I'm gonna go ahead and sharpen this one level. You know, Dr, this layer all the way back replace this layer. This needs to go down all the way to the back behind our texture. So analysis This is the lowest layer and you'll lock this the darker against the blue green background used to have. I'm gonna lock that now. I'm highlighting texture. So if I go ahead and do this hide, hide the layer icon, you could send just ogling it back and forth. What we're gonna do is play around with right up here. It's gonna be your blending mode or transparency. So there's lots of different blending options when it comes to blending a texture or photo over a dark background, which is what we're doing. Overlay is one that I used constantly, so let's see what that looks like. It's kind of overlaying could see the blue green coming through stress and other ones. Soft light that looks great like soft light. You could do a lot with these blending moves. You highlight a layer goto blending mode. You can really do some neat things with overlaying photography on different colored backgrounds and screening it back. It's on the screen. Okay, So soft light so far, I think that's a winner. I really like that. I'm gonna go back and sharpen this even more filter sharpen. Maybe 112 sharp. Go ahead, zoom in Really like that kind of texture really adds a lot to with design. Okay, I feel somewhat happy with this. I think with this little thicker cause we wanna make sure with the room there is more room , the better, more kind of white space and space you leave around elements. Just makes the design breathing, lost, ever. Go ahead, press save. And now we're gonna get started on the the backside with all the information will do that the next video. 7. Template Setup in Photoshop: today working to create a business card from scratch. So let's go ahead and get started. We're gonna go ahead and open up. Photo shop first. Gonna go file new and go ahead and set up our business card template. We're gonna make sure it's in inches and a standard business card. Size is 3.5 inches by width and two inches by height. With the resolution for anything being printed. It's good to Swin. Set that at 300. We also want to make sure the color mode is set to see him. Why K which is Prince Mode. RGB would be great for anything digital, but since we're doing a printed business, cards were doing additional one later. But we're gonna go ahead and start this off in the sea and like, a killer and click OK, and we have our business card templates set up. So what we're gonna do is, uh, there's two sides to every business card. If you want to pay for both sides for printing, we're gonna go and start with the front side, which took a feature. Our main logo, maybe a tagline, maybe a website. And that's about it. the other side, the backside will feature all over detailed information. So what I'm gonna do is to file save as I'm gonna call this this card. It's gonna be friend. I mean to say that the desktop. So what do we put on this? Um I'm gonna go ahead and start off doing something using my logo. I just open. Illustrator. I have a logo that I've done in vector format. If you guys air familiar with illustrator or have taken my illustrated cross crash course, um, I would have design my logo here. I have two different versions. I have one on a dark background and want a light background. What I think would probably pop a little bit more on a business card would definitely be the back the back portion, especially if you're paying for full, full color. You might as well use a darker background. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this sample of its kind of a dark gray. It's not quite black. I'm gonna quit drag that into Photoshopped, and I'm gonna go ahead and extend that all the way out and press enter, okay? And so I'm gonna go ahead and lock this layer by pressing the lock symbol over my highlighted layer. So it's not gonna get dragged around with moving other elements. So let's go ahead. I'm going to highlight everything on this black portion of the logo. I get a hold down shift and un select that background, drag this in to a document. So I'm gonna go ahead and drag. This may be up top, and this is where we can experiment with texture and color. We could also make this back. If I could have unlocked this, I can see if we like it. This kind of blue green color that could look good. I would obviously need to edit that a little bit and my vector logo to make it match. Let's do that just so it could show you kind of what would happen. So definitely need to do some editing here. I need to do that in the original vector format since go ahead and do that. Go ahead, make this solid column. So what I'm gonna do, lighten to make this one that what does that look like? Dark since his words to play around that drop shadow commit that a little an actual sample this blue green, and I want to make it a little bit doctor by suggesting a few things to make it look like a realistic drop shadow. This is just a drop shadow under that rectangle. That's feathers a little bit to give it a little realistic shape. I'm definitely gonna probably change this toe white, but maybe even at just a little tinge of fray. I like that. I like this great match. So I'm sort of draw rectangle do the eyedropper tool. I haven't sampled this under that highlight this center, that color, actually, that that might be a little too darks from the go ahead and select both of these elements White. Okay, I like that. So go ahead and select all. I don't really need this background since we're gonna be dragging it into the background we need. So you notice how we adjusted the colors to make it show up? This has been delete. Delete any layer just so layers don't hang around and clutter this this area. Okay, so what do I need to do here? Probably add another element. I was glad to the text tool. W w which really don't need any more. Just gonna go ahead and say Marsh design website goes here dot com Just says Sample that's really tiny. So you hold down shift, drag it a little bit bigger. Double click on this, mohk that right with the shorter my websites Not gonna be that long character and take out all caps. What I do is I go to character, a good this drop down extra men, whom and I just want select all caps. I think that's probably gonna show up a lot better. Do you think the website needs to pop out a little more So for a little accent box? What color? My good news. Present white gray to form a light grid. Take my layer, drive it down. Reveal this is a top player, A sample of that degree. So on the eyedropper tool. Make that this killer. And now that's in the box that feel like probably museum and a little bit works. You see what I'm doing with a little bit older? Does he not so bold? Bold, No, Teoh. Back to the sicker black is for the even boulders and bold. If that could be a thing. If you want a weight to be the boldest, could possibly be. If there is a black option, that's probably the booth boldest option I always love to do that from the site called Actions. Bigger 11 is to be a little bigger. So what I do when I drag elements instead of just taking this corner and just kind of doing this up and down? What I do is I hold down the shift button and unable to make its bigger or smaller without distorting anything. If I was not hold down the shift button, this would happen. I wouldn't be able to scale it that in the right dimensions. So I hold down shift, and that's been such a helpful trick for me. It's not perfect. Drag things around, make sure I have the lights facing. I also want to make sure these are perfectly aligned. So I'm gonna go and click on this box, call out box, and I get a hold down ship, and then I'm able to also select the mobile about, So I'm gonna go over to my alignment panel. If you can't find anything on any window, I'm talking about a window and you'll be able to click on this and bring it up. So a line is right in this area, a center along, and now I'm guaranteed that this is a line perfectly with this. And then we could just adjust this by. So that's at that. Maybe a little drop shadow to this. No way could probably play around with this a little bit in the next video.