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Content Marketing: Build a High-Converting Landing Page For Your Sales Funnel

teacher avatar Liz Azyan, Digital Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Learning Landing Page Types


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      Building Your Landing Pages


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      Using the Right Tools


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      Practicing the Copy Formula


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Learn how to build a high-converting landing page for your sales funnel using a simple copy formula with CEO & Founder of Digital Matchbox, Liz Azyan. 

Landing pages are so important for a company’s sustained growth, but building effective ones that save time and money can take practice. With the right tools, creating high converting landing-pages does not need to be a daunting task. Join Liz as she shares her tips and tricks, such as her copy formula, for building high-converting landing pages every time!

Together with Liz, you will learn: 

  • The different types of landing pages
  • The elements of a high-converting landing page 
  • The tools you can use to facilitate this process 
  • The simple formula to use so you can create great copy for conversion 

Whether you’re on the marketing team or sales team at your company, this class will provide you with the formula to save time and money while building high-converting landing pages. 


Liz’s class is designed for in-house marketers, but all students are welcome to participate and enjoy.

Meet Your Teacher

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Liz Azyan

Digital Consultant

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Landing pages have a very specific goal and that is to get leads and convert them into sales. Just like in life, I love it when people get straight to the point, no fluff, no fuss, just give me the good stuff. [MUSIC] Hi there. I'm Liz and I'm the CEO and founder of a creative digital transformation agency called Digital Matchbox. This class is all about building a high converting landing page for your sales funnel using a simple copy formula that will save you time and make you money. I wanted to teach this particular class because I know how important landing pages are for businesses. It's a difficult thing to get right. So I wanted to share what I've learned over the years so others don't have to struggle like I did in the past five years, I think on average, I've been creating at least one landing page every single week. These are mostly for clients and we work with them through each detail, the layout, design, the copy, and also the post-production processes like the promotion and the sales checkout pages and payment collection. In this class, you will learn the different types of landing pages, what are the elements of a high converting landing page, what tools you can use to make this process go much smoother and faster, and one One the biggest points for conversion is great copy. In this class, I'm going to give you a super easy formula to use so you can nail that copy for conversion in no time. I think this class is made for anyone who wears the marketing hat in their brands. You could be a marketer or a business owner. It's also great for internal teams like marketing teams, content teams, product teams, and also sales teams. They could all benefit from knowing how to create a high converting landing page. The biggest takeaway I hope students walk away with is the realization that creating a high converting landing page is not a tall task, especially once you've seen my secret weapon, the landing page copy formula, you won't do without it ever again. The class project is probably the highlight. In this class project, you will be following the landing page called pre formula demo to create your own high converting headline for your own landing page. At the end of the class, don't forget to share your landing page copy in the project gallery so I can provide some feedback for you. I'll also be available to answer any questions you might have in the discussion section. Don't be shy, I'll be waiting to see your questions. If you're ready, let's get started. [MUSIC] 2. Learning Landing Page Types: There are different types of landing pages that serve different parts of the sales funnel. There are generally three main parts of the sales funnel. There's the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel. First, the top of the funnel, we have the squeeze page. A squeeze page is a type of landing page marketers use to collect just email addresses from visitors. You persuade or squeeze the visitors to provide this information by presenting a special offer, getting available content, or restricting access in some way. The second type of landing page is in the middle of the funnel, and that's the lead capture page. A lead capture page is essentially similar to the squeeze page, but it's typically longer than a squeeze page and asks for more information from the user. This might include their phone number, their role, their budget, and so on. Then the last type of landing page is at the bottom of the funnel, which is the sales page landing page. A sales page landing page is where you actually sell a product. It could be short or long but its main function is to sell one thing and do nothing else, is purely focused on conversion. Think about what project you are working on now, do any of them require a landing page? If they don't, think about a product or lead magnet that you'd like to sell or create, write it down, or make a mental note of it as you'll be needing this for your class project. 3. Building Your Landing Pages: When creating a high-converting landing page, there are essentially five things that you need to have in order to hit the right notes. As you see here on this page, you'll see the structure of what I would say is a high-converting landing page. The first thing that you need to have in a landing page is the content above the fold. As you see here, I've highlighted the content and the area above the fold is the area you see before you scroll down the page. Anything above the fold is where you would put the first most important element of a high-converting landing page, which is first the main and supporting headline, and then you have the hero shot, that's some sort of visuals, and also you would have the benefit summary. This all encompasses what we call the above the full contents. The next elements that's really essential to a high-converting landing page is the call-to-action, and this is the element number 2 here you see on the page, and that's like the lead capture form. If you're selling something, then that's the button where somebody would click on it and then they would go and buy and enter the checkout page. In this case, we have what could be a lead capture page and this is a form that somebody would fill in and basically the call-to-action for this landing page. The next element is the benefit-driven features. Over here, which is the number 3 area that you see here is a section where you talk about the benefits of your product or your service. You can have roughly three or four, three is a nice number, but if you have more than three, I would say go to maximum five, but don't do more than that because we want to keep it simple and tight and just keep to the core benefits of your products or service. The next essential element of a high-converting landing page is the social proof. This is where you have reviews or testimonials, whatever you want to call it. This is basically where you're telling the visitor of that page that this product has been used by other people and this is their positive review of your product, increasing that trust factor and then increasing the likelihood for them to want to try the product or buy buy products or download the product, whatever it is. It could be a free download, an elite capture page, or it could be something that they buy if it's on a sales page. The next and last thing that's essential for a high-converting landing page is the closing argument statement. Sometimes some people miss this out and it's really essential that you don't, because when people are scrolling through the page, the call-to-action tends to live on top of the page, somewhere near above the full contents. When they arrive at the bottom of the page, the call-to-action, is gone and sometimes people just forget to take action on the page. Once again, in the closing argument statement, you want to restate the reason why people should take action on the page and also provide them the form or the button that they need to click or fill in so they could take action once again, at the bottom of the page. This ensures that when somebody lands on the page, you're giving them every opportunity to take action on it, and that's why it's a high-converting landing page. Here you see this is active campaigns lead capture page. They follow exactly the same formula that I just said. Right on top there, they have the above the full content. There's the marketing automation killed e-mail marketing headline, and then they have convert more leads with powerful, easy-to-use automation for the sub-headline. Then on the left-hand side there they have a few bullets and a few icons, which is their visuals, and also some of the benefits summary that they have to the left there. That just shows you they have all the essential ingredients for the above the full content. To the right of the benefits summary, you see the call-to-action, which is the lead capture form, where they're going to collect information from the user itself. Next you see here, number three is the benefit-driven features. Here they've listed down three and they also have a little visual there to support the benefit-driven features, which I think is a nice touch. Because sometimes some products they do need some visual support too in order so people can visualize what they're getting. The next one is the social proof. You can see here, here's the testimonial, and if this was a live page, you'll see it scrolling through a few different testimonial, so it's not just one testimonial. That's great. They have proof and they also have pictures of the people that shows, it gives it more context, it increases trust because people relate with other people. Seeing a picture of that person makes it just feel a little bit more real. At the very bottom, they have the closing argument statements. Then as you can see, they have a headline, a sub-headline that describes it reiterating that offer, and then they have at the very end, a call-to-action button. Yet again, that takes them to that lead capture form so people can take action if they're at the bottom of the page. I use active campaigns so I'm happy to show them as a great example and they have a great product. I'm not surprised, they've managed to have a lot of users as well, especially since they have such a great high-converting lead capture page right here.ore than that because we want two keep it simple and tight and just keep to the core benefits of your products or service. The next essential elements of a Think about your current products or services landing pages. Could they use some additional content described in this lesson to increase its conversions? Note down anything that is missing and add it to your landing page later to boost conversions. 4. Using the Right Tools: There are a ton of tools out there that can help you to create high-converting landing pages. In this lesson, I will walk through some of those tools with you so you can get an idea of what is out there. The first tool I'm going to walk you through is the Leadpages tool. I love this tool. I use it frankly every day because I work on landing pages all the time. Once you log in to Leadpages, what you're going to see is this dashboard here. What you need to do to create a landing page is first go to the left-hand sidebar here, and click on "Landing Pages". Then over here on this page, all you have to do is click the button, "Create a new landing page" on the top right-hand side there. As you can see, there's a ton of landing page templates. I just want to explain really quickly. On the left-hand sidebar here it shows that you can sort this by three different ways. The first one is the conversion rates. Currently, that's the default sorting all these pages based on how highly they convert. The ones you see up here have been proven to convert really well by their users. Leadpages has a ton of users and they're constantly monitoring which page is actually converting really high. That's why I really trust Leadpages because they give me the format that I need to use and I don't even have to second guess it. I can be confident that that design, that layout will convert really well. That's why I always keep my sorting by default to the conversion rate. But if you want to see different ways of sorting, the next one is the most popular sorting. This is basically showing what other users on the pages are using the most. It's the most popular one. As you can see, it's very different from the conversion rates sorting one, which is fine. Sometimes the higher converting one doesn't suit your brands. You want to change it up a bit and it's not the type of landing page that you want to create. Remember, there was three different types. Feel free to sort any way you like so you can find the landing page that you want to use. The last one is the sorting by the newest landing page design because Leadpages is constantly updating their landing page templates libraries. If you click the "Newest", you'll see the newest ones that they've created and it's available for you to use. Just for the purpose of this demo here, I'm just going to click "Conversion Rate" because we want to see what converts really well. I'm just going to scroll through here, see which one I want to use. I think I'm just going to go straight with the highest one. I'm going to start building here. All you do is you click that "Start Building" button and it starts to build that page for you. The first thing it's going to ask is to give the page name. I'm just going to put here a Free guide and then click "Continue". If you remember from an earlier lesson, this looks like a squeeze page because only has a few points here and it has a Get the Guide button. It's very simple page, very short page. This is a squeeze page. All you have to do is make everything branded to your brand so you could change the logo by just clicking on it, and then you click the image here, and then you can upload your logo here. If you want to change the background, all you have to do is click on the "Layout" and then click on this section here and then here's section style. You just click the cog button on the right. Then there you see that's the photo. If you don't want to use this, you just click the "Delete" button and then you click "Add Photo". You could choose to upload your own photo or you could choose the premium images that are supplied by Leadpages. There's a lot of options here for you to choose in terms of images. In terms of the texts here, you could just text directly on the page itself. You could just say how to build a landing page. That's what I'm going to do here. Maybe it's a checklist of some sort that I'm going to give out. Then can change this to checklist actually. As you can see, it's so easy to change all these details and you don't have to be a designer. How great is that? All you have to do is change your benefits summary here and then click here. You can change the button color by just editing styles. Then you could also edit the pop-up. This is a pop-up type of capture form instead of the form straight on the page. You could change this. You can edit the integrations, Leadpages integrates with all the major players, you should be good to go if you're using one of the top out there. But if not, you could also add your HTML code. Once you've done all that, if you're happy with everything, all you have to do is first if you want to preview, you just click here on the top right-hand side. You can preview it and see how it looks like once you've published it. If you're happy with everything, you could just skip the preview and click "Publish" and that's all you have to do here and then click "Save". Once it's published, all you have to do is grab the link of that page and you could share with the world, and you could start getting more leads to your squeeze page, just as easy as that. Guess what? You're not even a designer and you've managed to do it in under five minutes. That's how easy is to build a landing page using Leadpages. The next tool that I want to share with you is also another tool that I use every day because it's the tool that I use for my own website. This is an option if you use WordPress for your website. I use WordPress for my main website. On top of the WordPress, I use Elementor as my page builder. Elementor is what's going to give me all these design templates for the landing page. Say for instance, you've already downloaded the Elementor plug-in and installed it on your website and you have Elementor rendering as your page builder. All you have to do to find the landing page design templates is actually just to go here in the admin dashboard. Then you go to templates, which is usually located underneath Elementor in the left-hand sidebar. Then as you can see here, that tops out some of the options. Then you see on the fourth option is the landing pages. Just click that. It's going to open a page. Here you see all of my landing pages that I've done in the past. Now I want to create a new landing page, so I'm just going to "Add New". This is going to create a new landing page, as you can see here it's just loading it up. What I'm going to show you is the options of landing page designs that's offered to you. See there, there's a ton of designs that's already pre-made for you to use according to your brand colors, your brand fonts. But the layout is there because the layout is probably the hardest bit of the design of landing page. It's all already created here for you. All you have to do is choose which one suits your brand. Sometimes because these previews are really small, if you want to see them more clearly, all you have to do is click this button here and then it will open up a big preview of that page. You can have a look at it before you decide that you want to use it. Let's have a look at the different one. This one looks interesting. This is a landing page for a workspace. I can see already it already has all the features that I want to see. The high converting landing page, it's got the hero shot here. It's got a headline, it's got a sub-headline. It's got the call to action. It's got the benefit-driven features. Then it's got a few other benefit-driven features. It's got the call to action again here. It's also got the testimonial. Again it's got the call to action again. This is perfect. It's got everything that I need to create a high-converting landing page. I'm going to choose to insert that into this page. In terms of tools, I don't think you can get any easier than this. If you use WordPress, I highly recommend that you use Elementor. There's a ton of other landing pages also that you could use. Some of those other tools are namely Unbounce, Instapage, Swipe Pages, Landingi, and Lander. I'm going to add all those links to the resources section so you can check them all out later. After this class, go and try out all the tools and see which one you prefer. You can also recommend these tools to your designer if they are the ones creating these pages. It can save them a lot of time and I'm sure a little thank you for it. 5. Practicing the Copy Formula: Having a high converting copy on your landing page is key to your success. Having the knowledge on how to write a good copy through your landing page can be a great skill to have in your marketing arsenal. In this lesson, I will give you the formula for writing a great headline. The entire weight of your landing page is on your headline. 80 percent of what makes a page convert will be in your headline. It's best that we spend quality time on this in order for you to get the best results. The good news is, through this exercise, you will not only come up with the headline, but you'll also be able to generate your sub-headline, short summary, and a benefit driven features copy for your high converting landing page. Sounds good? Let's get started. As you can see here, I've created a table that says desired results, time or cost, benefit, and fears or challenges. This is the framework that we're going to use to create your high converting landing page. First, just fill in all the columns. You don't have to fill in every single box, but have at least I think two or three options for each of these columns. I'm just going to start one-off and I'm going to write a landing page headline for this class itself. I'm going to try and create a headline that will get you to sign up to this course. The first thing is, what are my desired results for this landing page? I would say the first thing is I want to build a successful landing page. I want to put this into the desired results. I want you to be able to build a successful landing page. The next column is time or cost. In this column, I'm just going to put in the amount of time that it's going to take for you to take this class. I would say it would take under an hour for you to take this class and learn how to create a high converting landing page. The next thing I want you to fill out is the benefits. What's the benefit of learning or how to create a high converting landing page? I would say the benefit would be you'd be able to increase your conversions. Let's put that in the benefits column. Next, we want to talk about the fear or the challenges student might have when they want to create a landing page. This is where you dig in and think, okay, what could be the obstacles to someone to create a landing page? The first thing that I thought about was they might think, I don't have enough experience. I'm just going to put that into the fear or challenges column here. In order to be able to show you everything and how it turns out and then I'm actually going to fill out all of these columns really quickly and then show you what I've come up with in the end. There you go. I've just did the whole table here and I've filled each end column in with some different options. As you can see on top of the one that I just showed you, I also have the desired results, get more leads or sales, and I also have designed dynamic beautiful landing pages that convert and then I've also added more benefits like help you lower your cost per acquisition. I've also added more challenges as well in the fear or challenges column, like, I'm not a designer or I'm not a marketing expert. Why I'm asking you to do this is because you're going to do a plug and play formulas so you could just plug this in and then create that headline that we're looking for, that high converting headline. I have seven formulas here to share with you and we're going to go through it one by one. The first formula is how to, and then you plug in desired results, so let's have a go at doing this. We've already have all these options here in these columns, let's just create the first option. They say the simplest headline is sometimes the strongest, so this might actually play into that. The first one is how to and then I'm just going to copy and paste that first desired results that I created built a successful landing page so I'm just going to plug that in. The next one, I'm just going to put how to get more leads or sales. Depending on what type of landing page, you could say get more leads and sales even. The next one is, you could put how to and then just plug-in the next desired results, how to design dynamic beautiful landing pages that convert. There you have your first three options for a headline, that's the first formula. The second formula, we're going to try something a little different, we're going to add one more element to it. For the second formula it's how to, and then plug-in the desired results in and then plugging the time. Here, we're just going to copy and paste everything that we created on the top here and then we're going to add the elements of time. If we look inside the time and cost column, we have three options there, so it says under one hour, under 30 minutes, or in just one day. I'm just going to plug that in to the very end of each of these headlines. It's how to build a successful landing page in under one hour, so that's the first option. Already you're giving more detail, you're making a little bit more specific and you could also test the intense of timings, you can split test this and see if people prefer a longer type of lesson or class which is one hour or a shorter one, which is under 30 minutes and see which one they prefer, or you can also go the other route where because, the third option was harder design, dynamic, beautiful landing pages that convert. I foresee this maybe taking a little bit longer because we're inserting the elements of design here. I'm just going to put there how to design dynamic beautiful landing pages that convert in just one day. You already have six options of a headline, that's really great, but we want to see if we can get it even better now, so we're going to add another option here. The third formula is how-to, and then plug-in desired results and then put without or even if, and then insert the challenge or fear. Over here, what you want to do is go how-to and then putting the desired results. We just again plug and play, go back to your framework here with the columns, put in the first option how to build a successful landing page and then there's an option to use without or even if. Let's have a look at our fears and challenges and then choose what would fit without or even if. In this case, because I put I don't have enough experience as one of the options, I'm going to say how to build a successful landing page even if you don't have enough experience. Already you're giving a different slant to that headline compared to all the others that we've seen. Let's go do the same thing, but for a different option. It's how to get more leads and sales even if you're not a marketing expert. The third option that I'm going to do here, is how to design dynamic beautiful landing pages that convert, even if you're not a designer. That makes sense, doesn't it? Because the whole point of that was to say, "It's all about designs." Therefore, the fear must be a designer related thing.. Even if you're not a designer, this course is going to help you. The fourth formula is how to, enter desired result, so you can benefit. How to build a successful landing page, so you can, now, let's look at the benefits. Increase your conversions, that's the one there, let's plug that one in. Next one, how to get more leads and sales, so you can lower your cost per acquisition. That's a really good one. For the third one, how to design dynamic, beautiful landing pages that convert. Let's see what other benefits you have written here, help build your customer base or help build your email list. That's not quite a good match with the design, so I'll take the next benefit that I have there. It says, "Convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads and sales. That's a good match there. That's what you get every time you do the formula, and you get more specific in terms of what you're offering. Formula 5, we're going to add how to insert desired results in the time elements, and then add benefit. What I'm going to do here, is I'm going to repeat this. Then I'm going to add that third element, so you can benefit there. We did all the how-to desired result in time in Formula 2, but all we have to do now is at the very end of all of these, is just add, so you can, and then add the benefits. So we go back to the benefit column. Let's see, we still have here, increase your conversions. Now, we have all three elements here, says, "How to build a successful landing page in under one hour, so you can increase your conversions." That's a really good, strong one right there. The second option that we created, is how to get more leads and sales under 30 minutes, let's add a benefit here, so you can build your customer base. That's a good match there. Or you can lower your cost per acquisition, that also works. You could mix it up, especially if you have a lot of different options, so you just choose which one works for you. Then the third one, I'm also going to add the benefit at the very end, how to design dynamic beautiful landing pages that convert in just one day, so you can convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads and sales. For the next last two formulas, what I'm going to do, is I'm just going to give you the formulas, and you could go ahead and try and plug them in yourself. For the sixth formula, this is the format that you need to follow. It's how to, and then insert the desired result, so you can, and then insert the benefit, and then say without or even if, and then insert the fear or challenge. Have fun, go back to the framework here with all the options, try and plug and play this yourself, and see what you come up with. For the seventh formula, I would say this is my peanut Cloudera, because it's so much fun. It has all four elements combined altogether. [LAUGHTER] It is possibly the most effective one. This one is basically how to, and then plug in the desired results, and then plug in the time. Then say, "So you can," plug in the benefits, and last but not least, without or even if challenge or fear. That's the last one. All you have to do is plug in all the four elements there from the framework into the formula, and then you'll get something like this. When I plugged it in, I start, how to build a successful landing page in under one hour, so you can increase the conversions even if you're not a marketing expert or a designer. I actually combined two of the fears, and then combined them into one, because I thought then I could cover both if you're not marketing or a designer, so I get both markets there. I know what you're thinking, "Liz, that headline is super long. How you're going to work with that?" This is what I'm going to show you now. I've created a demo of a page I created from this formula. I'm going to show this to you right now. As you can see there, right on the top there, I've actually taken that long headline, and then what I've done is I've broken it up into the main headline and the sub-headline. On the top it says, "Learn how to build a successful landing page in under one hour, and like the H1 headers, so that means it's the big headline. Then underneath is a sub-headline that says, "Increase your conversion rates even if you're not a marketing expert or designer." As you can see there immediately, even though that was long, if you broke it up into a main headline and sub-headline, immediately you get a really strong start to your landing page, and that is a really good one. This one actually was a landing page that we did use, and was really successful in getting a lot of people to sign up, so I can confirm that [LAUGHTER] it actually does really work. Then what I've done is, with the rest of the landing page in all that copy that we didn't use, all that didn't go to waste, basically, as you can see here, I actually plugged in some of the other benefits into the benefit summary. All the bullet points here, they're all just from the benefits that we actually listed in the benefit columns. You see, even if you didn't use some of the stuff that I showed you, you could still use it in the benefits summary section. Also, at the very end, you have that closing arguments, you have a main headline and a sub-headline. You could also use some of the other desired results and benefits to fill in the gap here, and make it into a headline and sub-headline for the bottom call-to-action. Nothing has gone to waste. Just by doing that exercise of creating a headline, you've actually come up with copies for the whole page. This is for a lead capture page, mind you. For a sales page, you probably would need more copy for this, but it's a good start because you're starting with a lot of the essential pieces of creating a high converting landing page. I know that with this formula, instead of just staring at a blank page and taking your time and probably procrastinating with this formula, all you need to think about is the main things, and plug things together. It's an automatic system that you could go to over and over again and save time. Then also, make a really high converting, and get your sales and your leads a lot more quicker and lot more easier than you've ever done before. I hope that that was helpful, and I hope that you do use the formula. Now that you've watched the demo, try the formula out for yourself and share your headline in the class project. 6. Final Thoughts: As you can see, creating a high converting landing page is not rocket science. Especially if you have this formula. You can now confidently create your own landing page without fear and focus on your next launch. I'm looking forward to seeing your headlines. Share your headline copy in the project gallery. I will provide feedback, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line in the discussion area. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Thank you again for taking my class.