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Complete WordPress SEO course, Part 1 of 10 - Basics of SEO & Keyword Research in depth

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      SEO Course Intro skillshare


    • 2.

      Learning method


    • 3.

      What is seo


    • 4.

      Keywords and SEO


    • 5.

      SEA and SEO


    • 6.

      On Page and Off Page SEO Examples


    • 7.

      SEO Ranking Factors 2019


    • 8.

      RankBrain in 2019


    • 9.

      Keyword research basics 1


    • 10.

      Keyword research basics 2


    • 11.

      Site structure and keyword targeting


    • 12.

      Keyword research step by step


    • 13.

      Keyword relevancy


    • 14.

      How to find keyword difficulty


    • 15.

      LSI Keywords


    • 16.

      Content Ideas


    • 17.

      Voice search optimization strategies


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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is a part-1 of my complete WordPress SEO course.

I have divided this big course into various parts for easy consumption and digestion.

In this beginner Part 1 course, I cover the fundamentals of SEO like the meaning of SEO, keywords, Google and its Algorithm, What is On page and Off page optimization, SEO Ranking Factors and the like.

If you are a complete beginner and wants to understand what SEO and some of its jargons are, this lesson will help you understand that.

Once you complete this, move on to the second part of the course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. SEO Course Intro skillshare: Hey, welcome to this complete s yo certificate. Course I'm sure. Come a cannon. I'm a digital marketing trainer, coach, and a consultant based out of Chennai area in India. Now I want to start off this course with two interesting facts about Seo number one. Dark five results off searching your results. Pages are Serbs receive 75% of the clicks. This is from hops part dot com and number two organic results receives 70% of the total cliques within the Serbs. This is from search engine journal dot com a leading player in the search engine, delayed in years. Now what does it show you? This shows a great majority of the people who are searching using search engines know the difference between paid results and organic art s Yoda's. They understand organic results are the ones that can provide best solutions to their problems. Hard pretty's. This shows why Search engine optimizing your website is so important. Now let's see why you must choose this particular course over any other course that are out there in the marketplace. This is a comprehensive course on s you that covers all the important ranking factors that are out there. Let's quickly see the coverage of the score snow, Mr. Fall. He would research never start off your as your efforts without doing proper keyword research. Key words are still the primary method to find your results in search engines in the scores . I've shown you how to optimize your website for relevant industry related huge s yours Closely, Ling do contracting everything revolves around while very content. If you don't have great content on your website, you don't rank well. It's as simple as that. So I've covered content as you know in detail. In this course. Another super important factor is Ling Billy. This off page Seo factor is nothing by getting inbound, wings are in Darsch mints from high authority relevant sites from your industry. I've covered how to make it happen. In this course, rank brain is gaining its importance. Dwell Time and CDR are the two most important factors that determines if you are venting. Rang gray have covered both of them in a separate section. In this course, if someone clicks on your webpage in such as, that's of course, and if they don't reach the our page fast enough, your website fails and speed desk. I've shown you hard improved yard website speed, which is another super important factor to determine your ranking on search engine results pages. No one is more and more people access websites using Mobil's than on laptops. So it's another important factor. Optimized your website, Far mobile devices. I've shown you how to make it happen. Social media is rocking the world. Though Google officially denies that your social media and turns is a ranking factor. Your presence on social media cannot be ignored by Google are, for that matter, any other surgeons. Obviously your social media activities are reflected in search. Results have covered how to optimize for social media in this course, apart from the above, there are loads and loads off user experience. Factors like schema, Marca, accelerated mobile pages. Har M B. That's like architecture. Well, time redirect and, like there are in play to decide who's coming on top off search results. I've covered all those identified factors in the scores. If you implement off, um, on your website and most importantly, if you are consistent in doing all this or a period of time, let's say 1 to 2 years depending upon the competitive nature off your industry, you can be certain to see your results on top off searching your results pages ourselves. Not only that, at the end of all the lessons I've included a very comprehensive as your Arctic checklist that I use in my business feel freedom just downloaded and start using it far yar Business are your clients businesses? It covers many dudes that you may not know exist to conduct a site guarded. Now that note. Let's jump straight away in this course I'll see you in my next video. 2. Learning method: Hey, first of all, thanks for enjoying into this course. Here's a quick dip on how to learn from this course. Our brains absorb things pretty fast when it happens to see things for the second time or third time. I mean, repetition is the mother of skill. It's an old saying, but it's very true. There are lessons in this court that requires you to absorb the fundamental concepts, and there are other lessons that requires you to work hands on, get your hands dirty and implement what you learn. So I strongly suggest you do this. You watch first, and you study next. Step one. Just watch all the lessons for once and understand everything from a bird's eye view. This will give you a holistic picture off what the subject matter is all about, how things work and what are all the tools you need and so on. So this is your watching time. Finish watching all the lessons in one sitting step to start from the beginning again and go through those lessons this time with full attention. You'll be in a study more. You'll see your absorption capacity is that it's speak because you know what to expect. You know what you'll see next you also implement by watching the step by step victorious. Believe me, it's were there. This is how I learned, and my absorption capacity multiplies when I learned the second time. Try this and you'll be amazed by the results and to increase their attention, go through the lessons as many times as possible. And that's how you nail those fundamentals into your brain. Okay, with that, let's get to the business now. 3. What is seo: hi French will come back. SC war Our surgeon optimization societa measures you take an implement to make it easy for your customers to find your online. Victoria defines s evil as a process that affects visibility off websites and webpages in search engines. Unpaid results. Most of the online purchases start with searches. People search for things online using google dot com, being dot com, yahoo dot com and so on to find what they want to buy. As a seller, you make your products and services available in Europe side. You write great information about your products, which is otherwise called content, so that when people visit your website, they can learn more about their products before they actually buy. You may have great products and great content on your website, but how is it helpful if nobody can find it? That's why you're gonna learn in the scores how to look at your website from search engines . Point of view. Not you can advertise your products online. That's called search engine marketing. That's kind of an online advertising that requires you to spend money. But s E. What is different from that, as your results are from Google search algorithm based on the best content it finds on the Web. But as ECM results are paid, results as your results are qualified research. So please understand the difference between ECM Inacio. Anyway, I'm gonna show you how to create that best content in this course. Now, when it comes to S, you'll here's a metaphor. Just imagine that Webb is a big ocean, and your products and your content are just a needle that's fallen into it. Now. How can people find your products and content? Yes, your helps to make your products and content bride glowing colorful so that search engines can find them easily and show it on top of others. And when people find your links, they can click on it and they'll be taken to Europe side. And if they like your products and content, they can buy it from you. And that's how business is conducted online. In my next video. I'll show you what are keywords. What does keyword research and how this link the yard reputation so French? Keep moving. I hope I don't sound that May some people who appear in front of the camera may have a feeling that. I hope I sound better to others. And I look better to others. Maybe I'm one of them. That's why I put my worst wise in front of you. So that drew the scores. My wife sounds better to you. Yeah, That's my own wife. See you in my next video. 4. Keywords and SEO: Hi. Welcome back. A lot of people think that as Theo is Allah bar appearing on top off search results when you search for a brand name. But that's not what issue is all about. Yes, your is Alabbar appearing on top of search results when you search for a general keyword our phrase No water key witch Key words are the words that are typed in the search engines to find a solution to a problem as a consumer. If I want a solution, I would probably go toe one of these. Search engines like Google are being are Yahoo on typing a few key words. The watch I type into those search engines are considered to be key watch within that business on industry. Now, as a business owner, if you write great solutions in the form of articles on block posts within that website that you own, search engines will show your website on top of others so that when I search for a solution , I can click on Europe's side and find solutions. This is how your website gets traffic. So we talked about huge. Now let's talk about Cuba research. Keyword research is a process as your professionals use, define and research actual search terms used by people in search engines. They use these key terms, got you better rankings in search engines. Now, in this course, I'm going to show you how to achieve better rankings and surgeon your results page for unbranded generate key does. Now, when we talk about it, there is a clear connection, but bean reputation and search Let me explain you why, when our people are searching for specific unbranded generate key watch and if they find my site on top of the search in your results page they may consider me as an authority are reputed person within that industrial business. So when they enter into mine upside, but unfortunately they may not be able to find what they were looking for in my sight. So they may have to leave empty handed on that. Those circumstances Google will think that my sight is not really relevant for those key which my reputation takes ahead on Google will be more be in searching genital space. So we've seen how people searches are linked to your reputation. So your job is a website owner is to do this optimize your rip side on Lee for industry specific, relevant keywords that people are expected to search for in search engines. In other words, optimize your product pages and content pages in such a way people can easily find what they're looking for, get convinced and decide to buy our offers, then optimize your cart and pages in such a way. The after sales service becomes pretty smooth in the form of product demonstration videos, service manuals, search forums and so on so that your buyers become returning customers after buying a product from Europe side, Let's say a digital camera, your customer would naturally want to know how to use it. He might refer to the information Manuel, but most of the times it's quite difficult for anyone to understand everything about how to use a product from a booklet. So there is a chance that in my head, Google are He might come back to Europe side to understand better about your product. So if you have a product demonstration video created posted in Europe side and optimize it for Seo, he can come back to Europe side and easily find that video on learn from it. So the point here is s your helps even after the product is Soder and all round information . I want to pass on here as S e. O. Is very important for an overall user and consumer experience. 5. SEA and SEO: Hi, welcome back. Google's search engine is like a robot. It's also called a crawler because that's what it does. It cross website online. Now, this is based on algorithm. This algorithm is like a secret formula. No one clearly knows how this works in a way that's good for all of us because otherwise, unscrupulous marketers will try to game the search engines by artificially inflate their rankings. Since it's kept as a secret formula, marketers are using trial and error methods to figure things out as to what really works and whatnot. Then Google shake things up a little bit by changing the algorithm frequently. So this is how it goes. So as I said earlier, there's algorithms are secret formula and knowing clearly knows how this works, but definitely we can optimize our website based on certain core principles and based on the past experience as to how the algorithm behaves when you make certain changes in your website. Now, Google is not a mere search engine company. It's an online media company that sells advertisements and work in freemium business model. Here's how the model works. Has got a powerful search engine that's available for free for everyone who's using internet. And those who want to do their research and search can come to Google and do so for free. Now Google also sells ads to businesses, and the buyers of those ads are the sellers of production services. Now Google shows those ads on the search engine results page. And those who are using Google search engines can click those ads. There's a possibility and there'll be taken to their website of the products and service centers. And there's a chance that these buyers can buy those products. This is how the model works. So in short, google is not a mere search engine company, it's an online advertising company. Now as a business owner, let's see how important searches and said in your results are to your business. Certain products are consistently searched online before making a purchase, e.g. buying mobile phones, laptops, flat-screen TVs, and so on. So the more considered you're purchases, the more important online searches are. But certain products, like buying soft drinks or snacks and so on, are impulsive purchases. If you are that kind of business, online searches and search engines may not be very relevant for you. Search algorithm keeps changing. There are people who tried to break the rules by creating content only for search engines, not for human beings, and publishing duplicated in relevant contents and so on. These people are not gonna be there in the system for a long time because eventually there'll be penalized by Google and their sites will be banned. So they're not gonna be there to build a long-term sustainable business. The other way to do that is to do white hat SEO. White hat SEO is all about going by the rules, creating awesome content, proper backlinks, creating amazing user experience and so on. I think there's no need to mention here in this course, you're gonna learn how to do proper white hat SEO. 6. On Page and Off Page SEO Examples: Hi. Welcome back. There are two types of issue on pages you and our pages. You Here's a metaphor on pages. You was like cleaning the gators off your whole, keeping things neat and tidy with them off page is your is more like improving the outlook off your front porch and the front yard. You need to keep both interiors and exteriors off your home neat and tidy, so that it can attract more visitors to your place. Likewise, you need to keep doing both on pages you and off pages you so that you can attract more visitors to your website. Now on pages. US. Talk us more on creating better content creating. They're using experience that a usage of key watch improving the page B and the like all pages, you was focused more on creating external back. Ling's social media mentions social shares, social book marking and the like. You're gonna learn both on pages, you and our pages hero in the scores and keep it in mind. Most of young pages you're factors are complete control off the website owner that has off pages. You, the owner of the website, does not in complete control. So here we go with some examples 7. SEO Ranking Factors 2019: Hey, welcome back. Let's see, How s your ranking? Factors will look like in 2019 and beyond Content and back Ling's will remain the top two factors that affect your s your position in so that amazing content you'll never get back links. And without back Ling's, you won't crack the first page. So keep creating amazing content. Get high quality back Ling's from authority sides from the industry you are in So no change in the position off First to racking factors in 2019 Compact in 2018 not rank brain algorithm will take the third position. What does rang brain rang? Brain is a machine learning algorithm that takes into account dwell time That is how long users are spending on a webpage and cdr are click through rate which is the total clicks divided by total impressions. To decide to move your webpage up are down in the surge in your rankings. For example, when you search for a key were in Google and click on the first result you found the content terrible so you bounced back to search page rank grade takes nor off such behavior from visitors and move the first result down in the ranking. Likewise, the user clicks say the third result and finds the content awesome. So he spends a ton of time on that page and divorce everything. Within that page, Let's say he shares the content and includes his comments. Also rang. Brain would notice this behavior also from several people, and would improve the position off that the page in sub in orderto when the rank grain you need better CDR and that it will time. So the take away to win rank brain is this optimized titles and meta descriptions. To get better, CDR rank on Lee for highly relevant keywords and write high quality engaging content for each keyword chosen. I covered this a bit and detail in a separate video. Fourth ranking factor is mobile. First, this means mobile page off a website is the true version off a website for Google. That's why it's caught mobile. First. This is going to be the case even if someone searches the site from a desktop, this makes sense because 60% of Google searches are from mobile devices, and this is only gonna go up in future now. How can you optimize your page for the 1st 4 ranking factors. I've covered them in the upcoming sections. In addition to the about, make sure you do the following to rank well and so online videos are exploding on the Internet. Cisco Sales by 2021 videos were received 80% of Web traffic, so give high priority to video content. Upload your videos on YouTube and include the video link within the text Content in your law. Another important thing you should start doing is to optimize your carton for why such Why search is growing fast in 2019 it is expected to grow even faster. It's common and mobile searches. How can you optimize it? Optimize your pages for a few common questions, people ask in your industry notice that why searches are usually question our command types and keywords are usually longer than Britain. Search Examples of wife search keywords are like Show me the doctor in ways to reduce Billy Fat. How to make my kids listen to me. That's according off beating them, which is the best men's hair saloon near my place and so on. That's it. Now let's get started with keyword research 8. RankBrain in 2019: Hey there. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you the third most important ranking signal for Google in 2019 and beyond . First of all, what does rang grain? Rang. Brain is Google's name for a machine learning artificial intelligence system that's used to help process. It's search results. Now some of you might ask, What does machine learning machine learning is? Where a computer teaches itself how to do something, rather than being taught by humans Now is rang brain the new way Google rank such results? No, not a doll. Rang Brain is part of Google's overall search algorithm, which is called Hummingbird. Hummingbird is a computer program that's used to start through the billions of pages it knows about and find the ones that deemed most relevant for particular search queries. And a couple of years back, Google announced, rang Brain is one of the hundreds of signals that going toe algorithm that determines what results appear on Google search page and where they're ranked and within a few months it's being deployed. Rang brain has become the third most important signal, contributing to the result off the search quickie. The 1st 2 are content and back wings are the white Seaver's Google would never reveal which one is the first and which one is a second, But that doesn't matter. Both content and back wings are important for us, but rang brain has very quickly taken over the third position and in the days to come, its importance with only job not. Let's see why it's important for your first page ranking and how the rank brain works. Step by step, rang brain measures how that users interact with the results on the Google search page. The happier you may Google's users, the better your rank. Yes, it's all about you. X are using experience. Now let's see how you'll optimize your side for Google rank pre. I have two simple, easy to implement tips that work great for you right now. Step number one. Improve your CDR are click through rate and stood number to improve your dreamtime and bounce rate. First step is improve your organic click through rate are CDR. Google Rank Brain wants to see that lots of people are clicking on your site. In the search is such that tells Google Wow, people love this result that boosted to the top of the page so that it's easy to find. But if people don't click on your result, Google job that side like a stone. That's why optimizing your site for organic CDR is very important. How can you do that? Killer headlines and benefit rich meta descriptions use headline formulas to write titles. There are plenty of them online, and here's another trick. Just typing your key were in Google Search. You may find AdWords ads on top and bottom of the page. Pick up some copyrighting ideas for your title and description from Thes Edge. These are already split district and optimized so you can use them confidently. Let's say I want some copyrighting ideas for the keyword s your courses. I would go to Google typing as your courses. See the ads, grab some ideas for them, like mastered the art, become job ready and Shawan and some ideas from the description as well. Another easiest way to get more clicks is to include numbers to your title in description. Tax research shows that people online are more likely to click on content that contains a number, so when you include a number in your contents. Titan. In your description, you can increase your CDR super quickie. Now let's get to step number two. How to improve Bounce rate and dwell Time again. Google Rank Brain wants you to publish a piece of content that makes your users happy. Site with good bounce rates rank about the sites with four bonds rates, and the longer the searchers stay on your site, which is also known as better. Dwell Time, the higher your wreck. So how do you actually improve your dreamtime? A bounce rate. Dry, compelling introductions that increased people to take action and actionable and easy to read. Copy so that people read the piece in full. For example. Let's say you write about Beverly Hits died. Don't start like let's see Waters. Beverly Hills Diet Beverly Hills Diet is predicated on the enzyme ing actions off foods in the digestive process. This controls weighed by controlling when foods were eaten and and what combinations blah, blah, blah yak. Your users were rushed immediately to click and go back to the search results. Instead, start something like this. This guy has everything you need to know about Beverly Hills diet, so if you are on a mission to achieve great class of up to £30. In just two months, you are in the right place. Boom. Anyone landing on that page knows exactly what the visa content is about. Obviously, I'm not a dietitian, so probably I might be wrong with some of these claims. But you get my part right. Your introduction must be interesting and convey a clear benefit. The reader must immediately know what I take away from the posters. I also recommend breaking up the content and a mini bite sized chunks, so it's easy to read when you do that. It would be easy to read on, Afford our tablet. Also taking into account that most Google searches are now done on mobile devices. Readability is more important for S U than ever before and make the content actionable, showing how to do it step by step with no step skipped and other contra writing best practices apply here. Improve that ranking with rang Bree 9. Keyword research basics 1: Hi. Welcome back. Surgeon Organization is incomplete with our keyword research. So in this section, I'm gonna cover keyword research in depth. Since we're already seeing what keyword research is I'm going to start with, Why keep your research is so important. There are many people like you who can list products and write content on their website for your key, which this is your competition. So if you want to do better better than your competition in the search engines, you may have to write better content with those keywords. Moreover, you may have to identify certain keywords which are least competitive and write content for those givers. This is where Cuban research and optimization comes to help. If you do it right, search engine crawlers will find your content and showing on top of your commentators to the people who are searching for solutions using your keywords. If your site sells yoga courses and your videos, you may want to come to the top of the search engine results for these key watch, but getting to the first page takes time and effort. Cuban research is a part of market research, so it will not give a conclusive answer to your questions, but it will definitely give you some valuable clues, and with them you can take your decisions. So our aim here, when researching key words, is to find a list of target keywords that are number one relevant your offers never do searched and likely to bring in visitors. Number three moderate the low competition keywords so that they can be ranked and number four. They are commercial Internet keywords so that they'll convert visitors into buyers. Well, if your keywords don't do these four things they're not worth spending time with, please keep this in mind. Your customers will pass through four stages on the journey from researched raving French. The Stage iStar Number one Research number two Consideration Number three Purchase and number four, Lion Lee and Eat State. They use different search techniques. The number of words used, the order of those words and the meaning off those key watch. Help us identify how close they are. The makeup purchase research keywords tend to contain one art do words, and they're usually called head toes. Consideration. Keywords tend to contain to our tree watch, and they're also called body terms. Purchase keywords tend to be longer. Having three are more words, and they're also called long Guilty Witch. And finally, like yours tend to be shorter, but usually brand names ask huge. Often you can increase your return on investment by attracting searchers in the consideration and purchase stages of their journey. A good rule of thumb is this. A longer search phrase suggests better darting and increased conversions that is, long. Tail keywords can be great diets, especially for new websites. Shot a key. Words are used either by people who do research are who are really know which brand they're looking for often search. Mark does stock about the head, body and tail off the huge Let's talk About all these categories have been in detail in my next video. 10. Keyword research basics 2: keywords can be categorized in two different methods. The first method is into head, body and long tail keywords. The second way to categorise them is into informational keywords and commercial keywords. Now let's take a look at the first method. Let's take the example of the key term yoga. This word is ahead. Go. This is the main theme of the keyword niche yoga industry. The term your our lessons would be part of the body you're got. Lessons in Cheney will be part of the longer key, which likewise yoga Lessons Online and Jenna Yoga lessons are also some examples off Long Turkey, which now when searching for suitable keyword niches, we are interested in the long Turkey ridge Now why Long day long tail keywords are the best , and this is because of the following reasons. Long tail keywords make up the vast majority of searches. This is because of various permutations and combinations off different related, which, for example, yoga lessons online online. Your Alisyn's online lessons on yoga are all different keywords with their own search volume and actively searched by real people online to buy them. More searches conducted on the Internet are long Turkey, which this means if you're not targeting long tail keywords on your site, you'll be missing out on a huge proportion off your possible traffic, maybe even up to 90% of the traffic. Moreover, longer key words are very specific and tell you more about what people are really looking for. That means it gives the rial intention of the people. The head keywords, such as yoga doesn't tell you very much about the searches intern. But as a keyword such as Best Yoga trading online tells you that this person is interested in yoga and they're looking to buy a training video online. In addition to all this, usually, long tails are least competitive, so it's easier to rank those Gingrich. And these are some of the main reasons why long tail keywords are very important to your online success. Now let's briefly look at the second way too broadly. Categorised huge informational keywords are those that are searched to conduct research are that merely pass on some information? They are used a large and articles on block posts so that people who are at the initial stage of their conversion cycle are at the top of the funnel get attracted to them. Examples of such informational que ajar, how to cook pasta, how to use Camp Asia and so on. Most of the how do key watch and numbered list, like Nine Ways to Make Money Online and Sean fall into this category. But commercial keywords can be brand names are e commerce dumps that I used in product pages. They can work better mainly because they attract people at the final stage of their condition cycle. Are people at the bottom of the funnel some examples of Commercial Key, which can be like by Nike Shoes online, Best canon camera for YouTube videos and the like? 11. Site structure and keyword targeting: Hi. Welcome back in this video. Let's see how keywords are dog. It'd and rang. Let's say you haven't e commerce upside. The head terms are usually on your home peach, but these are usually low value, and you'll face a lot of competition for them. It's usually diet body keywords on category pages. More valuable long turkey words are on our product. Pages are on a block post, for example. For a website on yoga training, we might target yoga as a head cured. We would have a category for weight loss yoga, and you would have several product pages with larger yoga's not training. If we knew a lot of unique content on that page, we may pick up long kill traffic for Dems, such as best yoga, training for obesity, best yoga training for new moms and so on. But very you actually start. The sites are structures from top down. That means, as I said earlier, home page with Hector Jobs than create categories with body terms, followed by content with long tails. Once your research well about your niche market, you create a keyword map that shows the key which your dog getting on each page. Here's how the map would look like for a yoga site. Level one would be head jobs such as yoga training, and this will be on your home page. Then level two with body doves like yoga, far elders, yoga for adults, your four Children, your off of women, Yoga for ailment and so on. These are just examples than level three with long tail keywords like yoga for off these women. You go for tight, I'd issues. You'll go far back pain and the like. If you're building a new website, you should consider rich is the best place to start. And what keywords should you be dieting on your home page category pages and product pages for lots of sites. Your home page is your most powerful page. It's the pay that get most links, and it's your links that will get your rank well and Google results Generally, your link Popularity spreads from your home page through your category pages to the pages that are targeting long tail buying huge. So it's always better to design the pages in such a way. The link juice doesn't have to travel a lot to reach product pages. This means any page with long tails should be reached in two or three clicks from the home page. This should be your benchmark are some rules. Some sites are likely to have more pages and deeper site structure. This means more categories with sub categories are converting. Keywords are further away from the powerful home page. This is absolutely fine if you're having large business with a lot of resources for link building. But if you are a smaller business, it's much better for your site to have just 50 to 60 pages packed with great content about yoga than it is to have thousands of low quality pages spirit across a broad range off cured baggage. 12. Keyword research step by step: Hi French. Welcome back in this video. Let's see how to conduct cure research step by step. Let's say you want to become a yoga instructor and want to do some research online for starting up. First of all, come up with Drew a tree. See, keywords are head curettage, yoga, yoga, snow and a sinner are the treaty words I'm gonna use to generate more related key, which now let's go to google dot com and type in the sea. Keyword Yoga. Let me go to the bottom of the screen. Now I got to see that related searches at the bottom here. These are just examples. I'm gonna generate similar related keywords using several Gooch. Let me show you all those stools one by one, all of them are free. Do It's on Lee, except for just one good cure tool dot io. Now you may choose a search engine depending upon your black farm and choose a language. I'm gonna keep this as default and press search that you go 715 unique. Huge. Now you may use filter are negative huge. If you want to eliminate some of whom then click on copy All now open a screechy and paste in these key words there. Now you can do the same process for other seat keywords like yoga, Zina and Zina. Now, let me go to the next freak you're doing. It's called keyword on. I will. Here you need an account to copy. Pays the huge, so please create one. I already have an account with this rip site, so let me just log in now. Enter a seed. Keyword in here, choose a target country and press search. Then you go 700 Unique, Huge. Now click on at all. Now click on this key export and then copy selection to clipboard. Go to the spreadsheet and paste in your huge. Now you can do the same for other seat keywords like your Gasana and Awesome. Next, let's go. Tokiwa chitter dot com The name looks a bit funny, but it doesn't matter. It can do fantastic job of creating tons and tons of huge now type in your key. What year and press should keywords? The stool will keep generating keywords until you press the star button so you may let the door run for the next 10 off of the image and click on. Stop the job, not click here. Control a dupe. Select all control. See To copy, Go to the spreadsheet. Control the do paste. Having used many free tools to generate keywords, let me introduce a fantastic paid too low. It is ECM rush. Here you go with a 30 day free trial. Just type in the link on your browser and enjoy the tool for 30 days. At the end of these 30 days, you can continue your subscription are simply canceled. The subscription. It's your choice. If you're a business owner, as, um, brush can help boost your site issue in a big way. So you may obviously want to subscribe to the door If you are an s. Your agency are a freelancer issue that always to make money online. Using ECM Rush, for example, you can't run powerful s you artists, computer analysis, ling building services and many more. The way to do that is you can't control yourself as a freelancer in sites like upward dot com, our fiber dot com, and provide your services to customers they're using ECM rash dosage. ECM brush is like a Swiss army knife in the S your industry so doing, Mr. Try your hand at it. Not once you join the free trial. Go to the home page and enter in a computer. You are Find it in the soap. Your first on the major competitors. ISAS Yoga Journal. So let's copy that you're a go back to see him Rush and press such go down a little bit. There we go. 140,000 plus huge not click on this. Now you have an option to export the whole list. A spreadsheet now, having generated a big list of huge on next step, is to filter out those words which a duplicate. So please go to the Excel Sheet very of several key watch selling doll. Go to jack up and remove duplicates. There you go. All the duplicate entries are removed and you have 2001 or two plus unique keywords. Now 13. Keyword relevancy: Once you remove the duplicate key watch, you have another important objective. This is to keep on Lee the most relevant keywords on your list. This is manual work. I suggest you go through the entire list of keywords carefully and remove all the irrelevant key watch and keep on Lee the most relevant keywords to your topic. This is very important because this will attract very targeted traffic. D Our website. Those who visit your website will stay back and spend time on it. This is very important user experience signal that will give an indication to Google that your website is very relevant. Toe your visitors if you start optimizing your pages for every keyword both relevant and irrelevant. When people visit Europe side based on the ranking, often irrelevant keyword. Pretty soon they'll realize the pages not very relevant to them, so they'll press the back button and go back. This behavior is called bouncing. Increasing bounce rage. Give a strong signal that Google that your webpages not very relevant to the users so Google algorithms will start demoting you in the page rank for those irrelevant key which eventually you lose rankings for those keywords. So all your efforts time money spent two rang Those irrelevant kee which always did so Take extra care to rank on Lee for the most relevant key Watch very important. 14. How to find keyword difficulty: hi guys will come back. Let's see how to find keyword difficulty in this video. There are a few free dudes to check this out, but the data provided by them it's not reliable. So let's see how to extract this data from a well known market leader called mas dot com. This is a paid do, but they also offer a 30 day free trial. So please go ahead and we just about that, go ahead and click on most Pro. How do you go click on this button and register yourself for this 30 day free trial? I already have an account with them, so let me just log in what you are in. Please click on Mars Pro and Key. Would Explorer They're just come down a little bit and think on Create our upload a new list. In my previous video I wanted, he shown you how the generate freaky, which you've already saved all of him in an Excel file. Now you can upload that Excel file in here, and please notice that you must have only 500 key Watch our lesser in each list so you can break that list into several smaller lists on upload those files in here. Once you upload a list, you'll have something like this. I just click on that, Maiken, see the results for your list of keywords in here? There we go. Your individual T words are analysed in here with the wall. You difficulty opportunity on potential. I can't start the key watch based on ascending or descending order. Now, this is based on a sending order. This keyword is the least disfigured. One are easier to rank. That's it. You just have to choose those key watch with difficulty. Score off less than 30 and you're gonna use mas dot com to do that. Now there is another cure. Difficulty to call. Key would find a dot com. They have a freemium version with a maximum off three words to check per day on a free plan . Let me show you an example of hard to use the stool. You're on the home screen. Just type in a key wording. Here, choose a country or here. There we go, not hard. This is how you find a keyword difficulty for some of the keywords identified. Once you find a few key words that easy to moderately difficult to rank. Check if they are commercial key watch and really easy to rank in the sub. Our surgeon, You deserve speech. Let's do that manually. I opened google dot com and go ahead and install this Mars bar from us. It's a free air on the chrome. If you're using Chrome browser, this will be really handy, not type in a keyword in here. Since I've installed Mas bar, I'm getting this data. Hi Paige Authority and High Domain Authority shows that the website is an authority website in that industry, trying to find weaknesses in this page for each of the Q A Geo chosen, for example, a page authority of just one here here. These are some examples that shows this particular keyword can be ranked on the first page of Google. So check out there are 4 to 5 results with lawyer domain authority and beta authority with lists. A number of links because the authority off aside also depends upon the number of links and the quality of each of those links. If Upside is having high quality back wings, it would naturally rank well on the Google surgeon. Your results speech If you're convinced that you can beat the results in the first page for that particular keyword, you may go hair and find content. Writing ideas for the chosen keywords content is in the form of articles and block posts, with several type off media content in ID like video podcasts, infographics images and so on. Let's see how to do all that in our up kind videos. 15. LSI Keywords: Hi. Welcome back. Not right. Quality content. You may have to target a lot off lad and semantic index. Que ege R l aside, huge and include them in your content. Ls a key watch. Are nothing back related? Huge. These are the key words that are related to the CDE key work not merely synonyms, but related, for example, the words like yoga retreat, body mine, meditation, breathing around related to each other while writing about yoga. You mean naturally used these words, And that's why they are Ella Psyche, which now how can you find Ella Psyche, which it's pretty simple. Search for a glossary of terms for a Sikh? Your let's go ahead and find the glossary of terms for the word yoga. There you go. Ah, huge list off. You got laid a huge in alphabetical order. Now let me show you do more ways to find Alice like huge. Let's go to amazon dot com. Now let's search for Yoga for Dummies books from dummies dot com. Very comprehensive and well researched. So let's make use of them. They make take on the second result yoga all in one for dummies. Now let's click on this. Look inside and let's go to content speech. There you go. Table of contents. I can find tons and tons off L. A. Psyche. Watch in this page, for example, Mind body connection is an L A psyche word for yoga. Fruitful yoga standing doll. You're got wrist dynamic postures. You're golf package power, yoga, warmups. Powerful woman's exploring push down and she wants You may go through the contents page in full and no down as many allies like you and just possible. Now let me show you another resource. Let's try pin yoga, plus Victoria again. Go to the conference space that you go when. Classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, vending, ascetic practices. Who? Bunny jets. Sandra with dry in A. These are later keywords for the word yoga. So no down these huge and include these G watch in your content to make your content very powerful. Any content with plenty of a list like you watch will definitely outrank your competitors, but the most important part is while using a lot psyche, which the content should look natural. So please make sure that 16. Content Ideas: Hi. Welcome back now for Carter died years. Let's do some research, not type in the sea. Keyword on drink on topping. Now can you see here? I mean 7400 questions. There we go, a massive list of questions for which you can write content on your website. The key watch used in these articles will improve your issue. Questions like Can we reduce belief Act by yoga 12 men there. The yoga classes. What is the best your golf on a dancer? Now search for a topic in your industry. Click on questions and start writing articles on those questions. Let me show you another source. E how dot com Type in your seat. You are here, then you go. Some more questions. How to start a home yoga business. How blue Super brain Yoga. How to do a rabbit Pulls in yoga. Help being yoga Match. How do your heart whole? Now let's see another resource. Let's click on Vicky Hall. There we go. A lot more questions from Vicky Hall. How do yoga? How glow Yoga. Meditation. How do yoga for absolute beginners? Harder your heart whole. Four ways to perform yoga postures Now I have content ideas. You can ride block posts, create infographics off videos are simple audio messages. So the kind of content you want to create us fully up to you. But these are some of the sources where you can find great content ideas for keywords in your industry. So please make use of them to give a massive boost your S U. 17. Voice search optimization strategies: Hey, welcome back. Some people say that we are in the middle off a white search revolution. Is that true? Are an exaggeration. Let's look at some reason, snatch This data is from Strategy Analytics. Globally smart speakership Bench drew nearly 200% year on year in Q three off 2018 and Amazon shipped the most devices. With Google close behind, consumers are recognizing the value obtained from Weiss is user friendly interactions. Global market Inside Say's Global Smart speakers Sales will suppress $30 billion by 2024. Smart speakers will soon be among the top selling consumer electronics product. All CNC strategy consultant say's 55% off households are expected toe own smart Speaker devices by 2022. That's a 42% jump from today's household ownership numbers, and they also say Wise is expected to be a $40 billion channel by 2022. Why shopping a college far around $2 billion consumer spending. In order to take advantage of this revenue driving growth opportunity, today's marketers must understand the wise off the consumer. Price Waterhouse and Coopers researching say's 65 sent off 25 to 49 year old speak to their wives enabled devices at least once per day. The 25 to 49 age group is the most likely to perform daily wife searches, followed closely by 18 to 24 year old and 50 plus year olds, respectively, even though 25 to 49 year olds are the most active. Why searches? The 18 to 24 age group is credited with helping to drive earlier adoption of the technology . BWC also say's 61% off. 25 to 64 year olds say they'll use their wives devices mawr in the future. The 18 to 24 year olds mirrors the trend with 57 cents saying they'll in trees their wives device usage in the coming years. So this research from PWC say's people increased voice such usage in the future, Google say's 52% off. The people keep their wives activated speakers in their living rooms, 25% keep them in the bedrooms, while 22% keep them in the kitchen. Research from Geo marketing say's 65% of the people who own and Amazon echo are Google Home cannot imagine going back to the days before the hatch mark speakers. For many people, smart speakers are not just the devices but part of their lifestyle. ComScore say's half off. All the online searches will be y searches. By the end of 2020 the white such revolution is dramatically altering how consumers engaged with businesses and continued changes expected. Marketers who optimize there s CEO for why searches will gain the advantage in today's new landscape, Gartner studies say's By the end of 2020 30% off Web browsing will be screened LIS. This will create a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with brands online nor wars started stays up to 43% of wise and able to devices. Owners use their device to shop. Consumers across age groups are using their devices to assist with making purchases. The same study Also say's 51% of those who shop via WISE use it to research products. 22% of those consumers make purchases directly through wise, and 17% have used to tow reorder items. Wise, Bard say's 11.5% of smart speaker owners make purchases by voice on a monthly basis. This equals nearly 5.5 million US Adele's making purchases via their smart speaker on a regular basis. Google say's 52% of Smart Speaker owners are interested in receiving information about deals. Sales and promotions from different branch consumers are open to burning relationships with Branch via Weiss channels. So all these shows wise interaction is directly linked to local search, an increase in valuable phone calls, Bright local say's 76% off. Smart Speaker users perform local Y searches at least weekly, 46% off users perform, or why searches to look for information on local businesses on a daily basis. This is a clear indication that cross devices people use y search to find local business information. This right local study also say's 51% of consumers use y surge to research restaurants. This is the most commonly y searched business. Though consumers research a broad range of businesses on their wised erases from hotels to doctors to insurance companies. So all these studies show clearly that smart speakers are the next refrigerator. Every home will have one, and as more people search, but smart speakers s yours will need to adapt. Anyways, it's clear that why searches are eating into keyboard based searches, and as you'll soon see, the trend impacts how we optimize the content for search engine optimization. Not, you might be wondering. Why is why such growing so quickly? There are three main drivers behind this trend. First, searching with your wise is 3.7 times faster than typing. That's what being says. Faster searches is equal. Do faster answers. So it's no surprise that more people are using their wise instead of a keyboard. Second wise is perfect for mobile searches. In fact, nearly 60% of mobile searches used voice search at least some of the time. Finally, why search is more convenient. That's probably why more than half the respondents and 17 stated they use Y search so they don't have to type Typing. How tall is the tallest building in the world on an iPhone is a huge big, but saying the same phrase out lower is an absolute breeze, isn't it? So to summarize, it's clear that why search isn't just hype, it's a legitimate trend, and it's a trend that already affecting issues. First thing why, sir changes how people searching do important raise, so just longer and searches are more conversational. We see this day in and day out why such keywords are significantly longer than text based searches and why, such as armed just longer. There are more conversational also, in fact, Google state that 70% of searches on Google assistant use natural language. For example, let's say you want to make doll McKinney at Hope Doll. McKinney is a side dish in the Indian Cuzzi. A few years back, you're probably Taipei, Sharkey, word like Doll McKinney and recipe into Google. But when you search for the same thing with your wife, your equity will be totally different. Specifically, your searched all will be longer. You'll also be using natural human language, probably used such like show me step by step, how to make Doll McKinney. Needless to say, this has a big impact on how we do keep a research and on page issue. I'll show you how to adapt this change in a few minutes, but for now, let's look at the second way why search is changing search engine optimization. Why such changes? Where people such because Why such a so convenient it's being used more often and in more places than ever before. In fact, Google reports that near me now searches have grown by 150% over the last two years, and these searches are happening in places that you might not have expected one. So they found that people are significantly more likely to use. Why search in public places like a restaurant, R and a gym, or even a public diverge compared to the last year? For example, let's say you're visiting New York for a big meeting and on the radio your meeting. You need to urgently respond. Toe Major skull. A few years ago, you'd re park your phone and typing public toilets in New York City into Google. Then you'll search for one closest to you. Hello were difficult to find the nearest one. But thanks to the evolution off voice search, you can find one easily wherever you happen to be just by saying, Show me the public toilets near me. And like I outlined earlier, the key word you use here is different from what you typed it out. The next one. Wise changes how people get searches. Us. Google is slowly changing from a search engine to an answering machine. In fact, thanks to so features like knowledge graph and featured snippet, the number off organic clicks have dropped by 37%. Why? Because you don't need to visit aside to get your answer. It's right there in the search is on, and Google is using the same answer focused technology to provide. Why search results? For example, let's say you wanted to know mortars. Italy made off back in the day. You would search for something like Edley ingredients, and you'll be forced to sit through 10 different results. But with wife such, you can get your answer. Read back to you within seconds. What does it really made off? Sure, lots of white searches are done on Google. APP are by typing with your wise on your phone, which means that you still get a traditional set off 10 blue links. But this is becoming less and less common. In fact, even when you get 10 Blow Ling's from a wife such who will usually reads the featured snippet back to you. So what does this mean for S CEO and content creators? Our continent needs to give people direct answers to the questions. Otherwise, it's going to be harder and harder to get your content in front of people. That said, Don't worry, I show you exactly how you create wise optimized content in a few minutes. But first it's time for me to show you how to do why Search focused keyword research. Always look for natural language Village like I mentioned earlier, why searches are more natural in conversational than text based. Search is sort of body cures like bodybuilder workout diet. Words like these are slowly getting replaced with keywords like If I am a bodybuilder, war, diet and workout. Sure, I follow. And when you evaluate que watch, you want to keep this fact in mind, you know the watch natural sounding key, what are going to get a big boost and search volume. Asked why such grows more and more on the opposite is true if a key What sounds robotic? Expect fewer people to search for that dumb in the years to come. The next one don't a y insanely long qi watch. I mean long Turkey, which most people completely a wide, long tail, huge Why, it's number Very few people search for But as more people search with their wise, normal key, word length is getting longer and longer. So don't be afraid to optimize your content around Phi plus work terms. Not to be clear, I don't think issued optimize an entire page around really long terms. Instead, you want to Sprinkle these long keywords in your content. If Google finds a keyword anywhere in a piece of content, they use it as a Y search result. The next one is to target question Q. Which thanks to largely y search question keywords are up 61% year over year. A few years ago, if you wanted to get higher rankings and Google, you might search for something like as hell. But you're probably not gonna depart your phone and say Hello, Google S E o instep. When you search with your wise, you're going to ask a question. How do I get my side to rank higher in Google, you can already find question key. Watch any keyword research tool, but it takes a lot off begging if you want to scale this process. I've come in core are dot com. This site has tons of questions, and every Darby. You can imagine. Just type in a keyword click on this more button. All the questions. Now that you phone a handful of voice search keywords and questions, it's time to optimize your content around them. Now let's have a look at how to optimize your content for why such village it's pretty simple. Include shot concise answers in your content. Studies have shown that Google tends to answer why such queries with Shark. 30 words to 50 word results. Let's do some searches. I want this Garden Marquis Why Content marketing is important. What does email marketing? Why email marketing is important, why dog training is important. That shows it is important that your content answers someone's quit ease in 30 to 50 watch . That's it. It doesn't make sense to write a 30 word block post. That's why you want to create F A. Q Pages are frequently asked questions. Page is, if it could be, just are perfect for y such Why? Well, like I mentioned earlier, question. Keywords are on the rice, and you just learned that Google wants to give their users shot in sweet answers. Every Kobe just checked both of these boxes So go ahead and create efficacy. Just that answers relevant questions on your sites. The answers need not necessarily be 30 to 50 watch. They can be asked detailed answers as required, but just make sure to answer the specific question in 30 to 50 watch and then elaborate the answer in detail the next way to optimize your content for why such key watch is optimizing for featured snippet. Getting in the featured snipper is like Why Cerci Court, in fact, 40.7% off why such answers come from featured snipper. For example, if you do a Y search for best food choice for my dog, the answer you get is this one with a feature. Jennifer. And if you look at the search results, you can just see that Google read the featured snippet and keep this in mind. Getting in the featured snippet is even more important for smart speakers like Google Home , and Alexis searches us why these devices on Lee give you one answer. And if you don't drank and feature to leverage, you're gonna be invisible on those devices. The next way to optimize for why such is writing contact with natural language why searches are more natural in less robotic than keywords such as, and you want to write your content the same way. That way, when someone searches far, how do I upload videos on you do Google will find a match in your content. Instruct. If you're such upload video, you do. I get a result. But that doesn't explain the process. Clearly, like the previous one here, I need to visit the site and search for the steps on my own. The next way to optimize for why, such as M back long tail keywords into long form content. Yes, why searches are significantly longer than keywords such as, But that doesn't mean that you want to create 1000 pages Optimized Iran 1000 Different. Why such Trump's in fact, a. Y. Such ranking factors studies say that less than 2% of all wise such key watch had the exact keyword in the title day. Instead, Google will just pull an answer from a page, even if that answer makes up a small section of the content. For example, I just don't know why search for what is yoga retreat, and the result came from a page that Onley answered that question halfway down the beach. But because the answer Waas shot and sweet Google decided that it was the best result for that quickie. So bottom line Ember. Lots of long tail keywords in your country when you do, your single page can rank for lots of different twice its equities. The next tragedy toe optimize for why such key watch is to write for 1/9 grade reading level or even below that, which means you want a wide jargon and fancy watch in your country. To be honest, you should avoid this stuff anyway. But it's nice to know that clear riding also helps your why. Search rankings. The neck strategy is to improving. ER sites beat the loading speed off a wife search result is three our four times faster than your average website. Again, you wanna have fast loading site anyway. That means your side speed is also a major contributor. Farty are white. Such key. What's ranking the next one is increasing our domain authority. Do you know that site with lots off powerful links drank more often, and why such it's a fact. In fact, the average age drifts domain rating off a Y. Such result is nearly 77 which is huge. And unlike traditional CEO, the authority off the page doesn't seem to be an important wife search ranking signal. So Paige authority is not important. But domain authority plays a key role in your y such ranking. Google needs to know that they're giving you an answer from a trusted source into the watch on domain, with lots of trust on authority. So they lean on the main authority or page authority. For example, here's a Y Such the answer comes from an authoritative domain called entrepreneur dot com. But the page itself, as not very authority to the bottom line, is this. If you want a rank and why search focus on building yard domain authority When you do, a Google will want to use your site as a source, even from pages on your site that don't have a ton off links. The next strategy is to optimize for near me searches Back in the day, local sir just meant city and state. So if you wanted to find a doctor in Chennai, your Google something like top cardiologists in Chennai City, then you sit through the results or the last few years. Local searchers have gone from city to block, mostly thanks to the explosion off near me searches. So I would say cardiologists near me. So if I'm a doctor, I need to optimize around the terms that why search issues doctors that optimize for Nia made a welcome our in matter welcome area the place where I decide are going to rank best far the hyper local searches like this, which means more patients walking through the door.