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Canva Magic Studio: Complete Guide for Stunning Designs, Videos, Presentations with Canva AI

teacher avatar Simone Ferretti, Professional Photo/Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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      Magic Design


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      Magic Media


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      Magic Video


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      Editing Images


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      Magic Presentation and Magic Write


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      Magic Switch


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      Magic Morph


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      Canva Marketplace


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About This Class

Are you ready to elevate your Canva creations with Canva Magic Studio?

In this comprehensive course, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of Canva Magic Studio, teaching you how to exploit its AI-powered capabilities to produce professional-looking graphics, videos, and presentations in just a few clicks.

You’ll learn not just the basics, but also advanced techniques to create visuals that will elevate your business and personal projects, even if you're not a design pro.

Join me in unlocking the full potential of Canva Magic Studio.


Why This Course?

With Canva Magic Studio, the realm of digital design is more accessible than ever. It's not just about creating designs; it's about crafting the perfect visuals with ease. This course offers a deep dive into Magic Studio’s features like Magic Eraser, Magic Expand, Magic Edit, and more. From custom designs with Magic Design to engaging content creation with Magic Write, Switch, and Morph, you’ll learn to master it all.

Is this course for me?

If you’re passionate about creating standout visuals for business, personal branding, or creative projects, this course is tailor-made for you. Whether you're new to Canva or an experienced designer, this course will add invaluable skills to your design toolkit.

Do you need prior experience to use the AI in Canva Magic Studio?

Not at all! Canva Magic Studio simplifies complex design tasks, making professional-looking designs achievable for everyone. We'll explore a range of AI tools, focusing on how they can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. While some familiarity with Canva is helpful, it's not a requirement.

Why am I teaching this course?

I'm Simone, a professional content creator with over 1M followers across social. Having extensively used Canva for my own business and client projects, I’m thrilled to share my insights and techniques of the new Canva Magic Studio with you.

Course Structure

Each lesson will delve into different features of Canva Magic Studio, with practical, step-by-step guides on how to use each tool effectively. We’ll cover basic Canva features but will primarily focus on the AI tools, most of which are available to Canva Pro users.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is designed for anyone eager to leverage Canva Magic Studio for creating eye-catching graphics, videos, and presentations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned designer, there's something here for everyone.

Ready to Begin?

Are you excited to start creating stunning designs with Canva Magic Studio for your business, personal brand, or creative projects? Then join me in the first video and let’s get started on this exciting journey together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simone Ferretti

Professional Photo/Videographer

Top Teacher

I'm an Italian professional photo/videographer based in London. My passion for making videos started when I was more or less 10 years old. Since then, I've been focused on improving my skills every day. Born and raised in a small village in the north of Italy, I moved to Hong Kong in 2017.

My never-ending eagerness for creating content and an increasing need for eye-catching, short and impactful videos allowed me to start getting some small gigs on the side. In 2019, I moved to London to study business while working part-time as a professional videographer landing projects with worldwide famous brands such as: Google, Intel, Vivo, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, The Ritz-Carlton and many others.

During 2020, after accomplishing a Guinness World Rec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Are you ready to take your Ba designs to the next level? With Ba Magic Studio, you can create professional looking graphics, videos, and presentations with ease. Even if you're not a design expert, you can use Cambamgic Studios, AI power features to create stunning visuals that will impress your audience in seconds. In this class, I'll teach you everything you need to know about Ba Magic Studio. Including how to use the new AI image and video generation feature to create and modify your content with magic eraser, magic, expand, magic, edit, magic, grab, and more. How to create custom designs with magic design. How to generate, engage in content with magic, right, magic switch, magic morph, and also how to integrate AI, third party apps and so much more. I'm Simone, a professional content creator with over 1 million followers across social media. And I've been using Mba for quite a while. Now I started integrating Campa Magic Studio into my workflow to create all sort of content for my own business and for my clients. And I'm super excited to share my tips and tricks with you. I believe that Campa Magic Studio is a powerful tool that can help anyone create amazing designs. Whether you're a business owner, a student, or a creative professional, you'll be able to create visuals that will stand out from the crowd in just a few clicks. Each lesson in this course will focus on a different aspect of Campa Magic Studio. And we'll talk about how to use each tool. I'll touch upon some basic Mba features. But if you're watching this class, I assume you're already a little familiar with Mba and you have, or maybe you're thinking to get a premium subscription because many tools that we're going to see are available only to pro users. This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to use the AI power within Mba. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, you learn something new that can be integrated in your workflow. Are you ready to start creating standing designs for your business, your personal brand, or your creative projects? Or then I'll see you in the first video. 2. Class Project: By the end of this class, you'll be able to use Campa Meg Studio like a pro and achieve your business and creative goals. But here's the thing. Just watching this course isn't enough. You need to take action and create something on your own. That's why I'm challenging you to create one unique design, video or presentation using any of the Campa magic studio features that we are going to see in the class. And post it in the class project section, because the best way to learn is by doing. When you create something on your own, you're forced to think critically, solve problems, and experiment with different features. This is how you really learn and grow as a designer. Be sure to post your creations in the class project so that I can provide constructive feedback on all of your work. Feedback is your friend. It's how you learn and improve your skills over time. So don't be afraid to share your work. We all started from zero and no one will judge you here. All right, it stands. Dive deep into the class. I'll see you in the next video. 3. Magic Design: Welcome to the first video about Amba magic studio, and now we're going to be exploring magic design. Now, whenever you open Amba, you'll be able to access magic studio from two different parts. The first one, obviously, is the box that you see on the top of the screen here. We'll be able to describe whatever we want as a design. And then Amba will create not only the template but also the text that is going to be within that type of design that we want. And then the second part is also on the left you see a button that says Magic Studio. You're going to click on this, and here you'll be able to access the main page with Ba Magic Studio where you'll see all the different features and all the different tools that you can use with AI inside Mba. Now keep in mind that Ba Magic Studio is a super new tool, so maybe they are developing new things. You're going to see maybe a slightly different interface depending on when you're watching this course and especially when we're going to explore all the features within magic studio. Maybe you're going to have much better results because AI is moving super, super fast. And now some of the features are okay. Maybe not ultra developed as they're going to be when you're watching this class or maybe in a few months time. But this doesn't mean that they're not going to be stunning, because some of the things that we're going to see in this class, they're going to be absolutely crazy and going to make our life so much easier comparing then having to do it manually, either with Mva or with Photoshop. Now let's explore then, this matched design. And if we go back into the home page, we can use this search bar box to describe the design that we want. And once again, it's going to create a template and the text automatically. So let's say we want to do presentation about our upcoming trip to London. Then you click Enter, and then Amba is going to start working its magic. Now here you'll be able to see two different sections. The first one where we see magic design is the new one that again, I can see that is in better depending on when you're watching class, you might have it final already or maybe still in beta. And here we'll be able to have the presentations that magic design created for us based on our prompt In the bottom part, instead, there are all the templates that there were in Kamba already previously. So this is nothing new. But the newest part is this one. On top, you'll be able to see different templates. We can use this arrow to move left and right. And then once you're ready, we can click on the one that we like the most. And then don't worry because we'll be able to modify everything once we go inside the template. So let's click on this one. I think I like it. We're going to go on customize this template. And then from here as you can see, we have already seven pages that says about London calling our upcoming adventure. Then we've got the second page where we says our planned itinerary with a photo of London, the British Museum. And then it tells me, ready, what am I going to see in these three days? Then, a tour of the House of Parliament, explore the table of London and see the Crown jewels. This is amazing. Then you're going to have an overview of the Seated in Culture. We're going to have the top attractions to visit again in Ns Brett Museum, Tower of London. London Eye, because it has a stunning view over there. Then what to pack our favorite food spots and thank you for letting share upcoming London adventure with you opposite. This is just the bones of our presentation. If you want to improve the presentation, you'll be able to modify using all the main features that they are incumbent already, so you're not stuck with this presentation. But you can change colors, you can change text, you can add more text. If you want to just go on text, you get a tat box and then, uh, I can't wait. We can right here. I can't wait to come to London. Then you put it everywhere you want. Then we can change the color of this one. If we don't like it, maybe we can grab a blue right here. Yeah, this is already a presentation that was not possible to do before because ma has already generated some sort of text for us based on the prompt. But you know what, Let's try a different prompt. Let's go to home. Then we're going to go again into the search bar and we're going to type presentation about Tiktok features. So if you're a social media manager, for example, you can use this feature to start creating a presentation about new Tiktok features. There you go. So we can click on this one. I think I like it because also it's using the Tiktok colors in the first image, probably because it was browsing in the stock library. There you go. The latest Tiktok features you need to know about. And then watch new on Tiktok. Video creation tools, music and sound effects, community engagement features, advertising options, and thanks, watching again, we didn't do anything. We just clicked a button and in about 20 seconds, Ma already designed the whole presentation for us. Same thing, we can do another example. We can go on onboarding, or let's, let's do an Instagram post about Black Friday deals. Let's see what it creates for us. Again, we have a lot of templates in the lower part of the screen, but then in the magic design, it's going to create something tailored to what we wrote in the prompt. And there you go. We have some good ones. I really like this one. And then you can just go ahead inside, modify, add images, remove, and so on and so forth. So this is magic design. Simply type a prompt and then come back. It's going to create a template for you and also put the text inside. All right, I'll see you in the next video. 4. Magic Media: Now let's talk about magic media. And here we're going to have two sections. In the first one we're going to talk about text to image, and in the second one we're going to talk about text to video. In both cases, something similar happens. We just need to type something to Amba, And Amba is going to generate an image and a video based on the prompt that we write. All right, let's go into the magic studio section right now. Then we scroll down. And at the moment I see this section where it says, turn ideas into images and videos with magic media. And here I can use the text to video feature or the text to image. Now let's start with text to image, then we're going to click on Try It Out. And here it works, very similar to other AI generative software that you might not already like, Dali, for example. So here we have a box and we can describe whatever we want, and Ma is going to generate an image based on that prompt. Then we can choose the style that we want, and there's going to be a lot of different style that we can choose from. Then let's go back and then we can also choose the expert ratio, so we're going to select Portrait. And then we're going to go here and we're going to write Panda drinking tea in a forest. Let's see what happens. Then I need to select a style, and this time I'm going to select probably Dreamy. Let's see what it comes up with. And then we're going to click on Create Your Image. We just need to wait a few seconds, and there you go. After a few seconds, Amba generated already four incredible images based on the prompt that we put in the box and based on the style that we selected. So for example, let's have a look at this image. Wow, this is amazing. Look at this. Then let's have a look at the other ones as well. Yeah, this is on the other side, and this one with two cups, and the panda is drinking with two cups. That's pretty funny, amazing. But let's try to generate the same thing using a different style. So we're going to keep this one here, and then we're going to select a different style. Let's say three D model. This is interesting. We're going to click on Generate again. Boo Look at this. These are other completely different four results that cam generated for us. And these are absolutely outstanding. Love them. Now let's try to with the different prompt. Because obviously if you don't like the four images that Campbell made for you, you can click on Generate again without touching anything, without removing the style, without having to type again again in the box. And Campbell will generate extra four images for you. Now let's write came in a city full of sky screepers and then we click on Generate again, that's again three D model. That's really good, but I want to have a different style, so let's try maybe film style. And then we click on Generate again. Wow, look at this four. Let's have a look at this one. This looks like a real photo ticking with maybe a Fuji or some retro camera. That's amazing. Look at the detail of the face of the camel. And this is all generated by Ma. We just a text prompt and it's crazy, even the people there, they look super realistic. Well done Al. Right now we saw the text image. Once again, you can write any sort of prompt that you want. The more precise you are, the better the results it going to be based on your needs. Now there's a couple of things that we need to notice. First one, we don't have unlimited generations. You can see how many tokens and credits you have just down at the bottom right. Now, for example, if I want to create a cannot create four different images, I'm going to use one credit out of the 488 that I have. And these credits will refresh based on the date that you see right here. I started with 500 and then it refreshes. Maybe it's 500 or maybe depending on when you're watching this class, the number of credits will be different. Now, the other thing that we need to notice is that maybe you don't have the magic media icon right here. In case you don't have it, you just need to go in apps and then type magic media. From here you'll be able to click it. And then it's going to add to your Mva menu that you have on the side. Now let's talk about text to video. And this is a super advanced feature that is still developing because the results of this are not like the very best. But this is going to be the future, because obviously, imagine creating a video with the text. It's crazy. You have a motion, you have different frames that you need to generate. So it's going to take a while, but let's try to do something together. Once again, the concept is very similar. We just need to describe what we want with a text prop and then came will generate a video based on what we said. So from here you'll be able to write whatever you want. Let's use again the camel. And we're going to write Camel writing in a city full of Skyscreepers. Let's try the same thing and see what happens. As you can see, this is powered by runway. So Camber is connected with Runway, which is an AI software. It is a third party AI software. And then we'll be able to use a Runway to generate videos based on text. And then once again, whenever you're ready, you can click on Generate Video. And here we can see the credits that we have as well. So we're going to generate a video, and here it's going to take quite a while action. But I'm going to speed up this process for you. And there you go. After a minute or so, we got our video. We're just going to be able to click on it to then drag it into our project. And then we can come play and we see a few seconds of the generated video. Now as you can see, there is a camel. There is some sort of moving object, but the result is not perfect. Personally, I wouldn't use this one in any of my project, but we can see that we are getting there. So as I mentioned, this is a little bit harsh, especially when we do some sort of complicated figures like humans or animals. Let's try one more time, but maybe describing something a little bit easier to generate for AI in this case. Let's try Skyscraepers in the desert with moving starts. Let's see what it generates. And then we click on Generate again. All right, we got our video right now and I think this time it did a great job. Let's click on it, and let's see it. We're going to dry into the project, so we can see a very, very light movement of the video zooming in into the Skyscreeper with the stars in the background. And this is already way more usable than the one before. And this is because the figures that we asked are not as complicated as, for example, the movement of an animal or of a human. And there you go. I encourage you to experiment with both text image and text video. Because again, your creativity is the limit here. And then you'll need to have a little bit of patience, because to generate a video, take a minute or so, and then we'll take a few seconds to generate an image. But I'm pretty sure in a few months from now, this will be much faster and much more precise. All right, I'll see you in the next video. 5. Magic Video: Now let's talk about magic video. This is one of my favorite features in Mba magic studio. To access magic video, you just need to go into magic studio and then you'll be able to click on Magic Design for a video. Then you click on Play and Clic, Contrive magic Design. What happens is that you're going to select a few clips and Mba will create automatically a video for you. Which means adding tech, which means trimming, which means adding the music. And eventually also sync it to the beat. Which is absolutely crazy, because to edit all my reels and Tiktoks and all Youtube shores takes me so much time. And this one is going to help me a lot. Now, we're going to select all the clips that we want, so I'm going to go scroll down, see if I have some clips that I apploaded before. Yeah, I have these ones, so I'm going to select 12345. Okay, I can select maximum ten clips, so I'm going to select these ten clips. And then here we need to write something, a date at the beach because I was just chilling. I took a few videos. I want to see what it comes up with. And then whenever I'm ready, I'm just going to click on Generate. And then here we need to wait a few seconds because Camber is generating the video. And there you go. We have already a video completed by Camber, But let's watch it together. That's incredible. But let's notice a few things because this is really insane. Amba was able to recognize what was happening in the video and then adding matching text. As you can see, now these ladies are dancing. And Camber wrote, dancing at sunset is the best. Recognized that it was sunset, recognized there were people dancing. Let's crawl back here. We can see what a beautiful day at the beach because you can see that there is a pool and there is a sea as well. Then we can see that walking in the beach, recognized that the beach was there, recognized the sunset and just like sunbathing beds and then it was so relaxing. The pool recognized that there was a small pole there here, a picnic because this was a cabana. And then the view because this is Dubai Marina, and then just celebrating cheering wet glasses. As you can see, it's absolutely crazy because the text matches exactly what the clip is about. And then also, I want to show you a few things. Obviously, you'll be able to change all the transitions that Amba put automatically for us by clicking just this button right here in the middle between two Eclipse. And then from here you'll be able to change the transitions to the one that you prefer, and then also the duration in seconds. And now I want to show you that if you put it, for example, at 0.8 seconds, the transition, then you can see the little purple boxes between the two clips that are bigger than, for example, if we put it at 0.2 this is the duration of the transition itself. And that obviously you can change the direction of the transition. So for example, this one is entering towards the right and then going upward or going downward. And then you can also decide to apply that transition to all the different transitions between clips in case you want to have a very consistent video with all the same movements. And this is really, really good. If you want to increase or decrease the length of each clip, you can just select the clip, and then you go on the edge right or left, and then you track the edge left or right. Now my clip is very short with just 3 seconds. So I can decide to have a, let's say, two second or something like that. You can do the same thing with all the clips. And then you can also change the music in case you want to do so. To do this, for example, I want to delay the music, and then I'm going to go into Elements and I want to write Latino music. Then you can scroll in the menu and you go in audio here. You'll be able to access so many different musics that you can use and you can choose from. Right. I like this one, for example, so I'm going to select it. And then with clicking it is going to go automatically on the time line. And here I can basically change the duration if I want to have it, let's say smaller, and then change the music afterwards. But then also we can see that we can bit sync. So we're going to click on this one. And then with this feature we'll be able to adapt the video and the cuts of all the eclipse with the beat of the music. So let's switch it on and then, boom, now Campa moved already a little bit all the clips to match the beat. Now I've tried this a couple times, it didn't work all the times extremely well. But we can always adapt it ourself later. So let's listen to this right now. Yeah, and it did a quite a okay job this time. As you can see, there are some clips, there are 2.6 seconds, 2.81 0.41 0.3 this because Amba was trying to match again the sometimes it's not perfect, sometimes you need to try to adapt it yourself. But I think this is an amazing tool. Once again, what you can do is that you can modify everything here, especially the text. The color, transparency, opacity dimension of the text, Everything you want. For example, we go in this light, we're going to select this phone. I don't like swimming in the pool. I want to write chilling in the pool at sunset. Then I want to remove the icon. Let's say maybe I want to change this one. I want to have it. I want to have this element, maybe on the top left corner, this one on the bottom right, whatever it is, just to move things around, then I can change the effect in case I don't like the background, I want to have, maybe, I don't know, let's say white background and then maybe we're going to change the color of the test and put it orange. Yeah, maybe I prefer it like this. But then let's go back in effect. We can reduce the transparency of the background in case we don't like it. We can reduce the roundness having it squared or having it more rounded. And then also change completely the preset by selecting the style that we like the most. Again, these are all features that you can do in me, but you can modify at your liking to choose the perfect color, dimension, background and so on and so forth. Obviously, the dimension as well is very important if you want to make it smaller, if you want to change the position, maybe having it in the bottom of the screen rather than in the top. This is totally up to you. At the same time, you can change the animation in case you want to change it for the text, you have typewriter, you have ascent shift, so on and so forth. This, there's not a role that will make your video better, It's just about what you like and what fits with the vibes of the video. If you want to add another clip or another image, another part of the video, you can click on the plus button and then add your own media. Even here, you can add all the different elements that you want. Just look for element. For example, we take this one here, you put it there. You have a background in the click. You have more text, whatever you want. All right, I hope you enjoy this video. Feel free to experiment with magic video and I'm going to see you in the next one. 6. Editing Images: This is another exciting video because I want to show you how you can edit your images with some built in AI features within Mva Metric Studio. I want to show you also a couple of old ones because I think they're going to make you so much better as a photo editor. Now let's start creating a new design. And then we're going to go into Square or whatever that is, that's not important. And now we're going to go into elements and we're going to type into female portrait, we're going to go into all in photos. And then we're going to pick any that we like. Let's say maybe this one. Okay. We're going to make it a little bit bigger. Then the first thing that I want to show you is background remover. This was already in Mba before, but I just want to show you because I think in case you don't know it, it's going to be an amazing feature that you can use for so many different things. You just need to click Edit Photo, and then we're going to click on Background Remover, and Mba will do its magic. There you go. Now we'll be able to use this image for so many different things. Changing the background using is a profile image with maybe a yellow background. Let's see if it works just like that. And now it's going to stand out quite a bit because whenever you're scrawling and you see that yellow in the profile image, then you want to want to click on that person's profile image. Now the second thing that I want to show you is actually magic eraser. Let's find a different photo. Maybe let fred desk, so for example, let's grab this image right here and then we're going to make it as big as the frame. Then let's say I want to delete maybe this cup of coffee in the middle because I want to write some text. Then you click on the image. We go Very Photo, and then we're going to use magic eraser here. You just need to brush over the image that you want to remove. And I'm trying to pick also the shadow. Then you're going to release, and then wait until Amba operates in magic, and now the coffee cup is completely gone. Let's try again. Maybe with this paper right here. Boom, And it's gone, also, the paper right there. And then potentially, you can add some text on top in case you want to modify this image even further. Now let me show you another thing. Let me find a different image. Maybe just like this one. There you go. And now what I want to do is that I'm like, okay, but this doesn't fit my Instagram post. I need a little bit more vertical space and the bottom space. So here you go, Magic expand. We're going to click on the image. We're going to click on Edit Photo. And we click on Magic Expand. Here we'll be able to select the size. So we can use a free form. So we're going to just select the image and then make it, let's say bigger like this. Or we can simply tap on whole page. Then whenever you selected the size, you just click on magic expand and boom ba. We'll give you four different options, and we can see that the first one is not perfect. We have some sort of weird elements on the right, but let's have a look at the other ones. This one also, we have some sort of plants that I didn't want there. This one, again, not the best, but then the last one. This one looks actually great, but let's say I want to pick this one because I prefer this texture of the wood. What you can do is that you can operate again magic eraser on the right. So for example, let me have this part here. I'm going to go into edit photo, then I'm going to click on a magic eraser. And then I'm going to try to drag my finger and my mouse on top of this element. Then we're going to use see what happens. And there you go. It made the object disappear. But let's try again, another expand, maybe with a different image. Let's write again, female portrait, maybe. Let's pick this one. But again, I want to have the full image as a square, not as a landscape. So we're going to click on it. We're going to Edit Photo, Magic Expand. We're going to select Whole Page. And we click on Magic Expand. Let's see what it does. There you go. We got the image expanded. Now, once again with humans, not extremely easy to do it. And even AI struggles a bit, but we can see that the results are not that bad. In case you don't like them, we can try to generate again. But we're not going to waste more time on this one. You just need to experiment with your old images and see if you can find some good results. Now I want to show you another feature that I really, really like. Because it cuts the editing time like crazy and it allows you to do so many different things and this is magic crap. Let's take another image for example, then we're gonna grab, let's say this image like so. Then we're gonna expand it a bit. And then we're going to click on Edit Photo. And here we can click on Magic Crap. Now this one will allow us to take one element within the photo. For example, this cup of coffee, just like soap. And then we're going to click okay. And now look at the magic. Boom. I can move this cup of coffee around. Let's say I didn't want it like this, but I want it more on the other side. That's it. Maybe it wasn't like that. Now we need to flip it to match the perspective. We're going to go and flip, flip horizontal. And that's it, now we have it here. This is a super cool process because before we had to eliminate that object and then try to match it, maybe in copying piece on the other side anyway, it was not that easy like with major graph and this is super powerful. Now let's go to the next tool. And to show you this one, we're going to type on post tit. Let's see what happens. We've got to go into photos. Let's see this one. Okay. Now usually obviously you cannot change the text because this is a two D image. There is nothing you can do. This is one layer only. But let's see what happens when I go on Edit Photo, and I want to click on Grab Text now look at what happened. Camera recognize the text in the image. And created a layer for each text that was recognized. And now we can change the text. We can move it around, we can change the color, make it italic, making it bulk, whatever you want. So you can see here, I can grab this one right now because it's in its own layer. And then I can move it around. There you go. Now I can change the text. I don't like it impact, I like this one. There you go, Changed it. And this own layer. Its own layer. Its own layer. Its own layer. And there you go, which is absolutely crazy, can but recognize the text and put it in its own layer so that you can modify and play around with each single text box. All right, let's move on with the next tool for this next feature. We're going to take another portrait. So we're going to write, for example, portrait right here. Then we see what happens. Let's take this guy, let's make it a little bit bigger, just like so. Then we're going to go into Edit Photo. And here we click on Magic Edit. Magic Edit allows you to modify any element within the image and transform it into something else. For example, with this guy that is wearing a white T shirt, we can try to make it maybe wearing a suit or something like that. Let's try. So what we need to do is we need to select the T shirt. And I'm just going to go over it with the brush just like so. Yeah. That said, you don't have to be extremely precise. Try to do your best, obviously. And then we're going to go in to continue, we're going to describe the edit, so we're just going to write a suit and then we're going to click on Generate. Now again, here we need to wait a few seconds, and there you go, We have a few results. Now, I don't think I like any of these, so we're going to generate new results. This is really better, but I'm not extremely happy. So let's try to change the prompt and maybe writing elegant black suit. Let's write, then we can generate, And there you go, we got an elegant black suit. This is already better. Once again is not perfect. These tools are being developed right now. So we're going to have to try several times generating several results. But I think that's going to be the future in a few months time. Whatever you're going to type is going to be absolutely perfect in the image. Let's write something else, for example, generating birds in the background. Let's try to brush in this area. Then we're going to click Continue Birds in the background. Then we're going to click and generate. And then we can see there are a few birds for example. I like these ones, but the problem is, well, these guys are basically in the foregone because they're sharp. But here's what we can do. Click on Done First, and then we're going to go into FX effect and then we're going to click on Auto Focus. From here, Mba will allow us to adjust the focus on the image based on whatever element we're taking as a reference. Now we can see that it took the guy as a focus, so it's going to try to blur everything that is not in the same level as the guy. And now I want to show you that we can change the focus position by simply sliding this lighter left or right. And as you can see, recognize that the guy was in the foreground and then the birds are in the background. So if I move the focus position, we can see that the birds are actually going to be in focus and the guy is going to be autofocus. Absolutely. This is not what I want, so I'm going to slide back probably like here. There you go. And now the birds that we added are also autofocus because they're recognized by capa be in the background. And this is really, really cool. We can also change the blur intensity. Let's say I want to see the bird a little bit more. Then maybe I can decrease the blur intensity. Maybe just like. So there you go. If I want to have it even more blurry, then I can just slide towards the right. And then we have a super, super professional image with a very blurry background. And this was autofocus new feature in camera that I think is going to change the game. And I want to show you also another example of how you can use this auto focus. For example, let's write meeting here in elements. Then we're going to go into photos. Let's pick one, for example, this one. Let's make it a little bit larger. There you go. And now we're going to go on Edit Photo, and we're going to click on Auto Focus. Now you can see that Camber recognized the whole layering of the image. For example, who is closest to the camera, these guys, right? So I can move the slider and decide the focus position. But let's say I want to have the focus on the speaking girl that is actually in the background of the image, right right before the window. So I can move it around. And as you can see, the purple area will be our focus point. So I'm going to stay on the girl. And then I can change the blur intensity as much as I want. And now I want to have it slightly blurred in the foreground, just like. So to make the photo a little bit more professional looking, this is actually an amazing tool. All right, and these were the features to edit your photos in Mba Magic Studio. I hope you enjoyed the video and I'm going to see you in the next one. 7. Magic Presentation and Magic Write: This video, I want to show you how to use Mva Magic Studio four presentations. We already saw a glimpse of what we can do in the very first lesson. But I want to show you something else right now as well that I think it could be very cool to speed up your presentation creation process. So we're going to start a new design. We're going to do a presentation, we're going to start it empty. And then on the left side of the screen you'll be able to type into the search bar, whatever you want to create. Let's do the same examples as before. So we're going to just type upcoming trip to London. Then we're going to click on Enter. And then we're going to see again all the results of the templates that we had before in Amba. But then in the top part we see magic design. That is now in beta test, we can click on C all. And here we're going to have four or more examples of presentations that Amba created for us. And then we're going to click on this one. And then we're going to click on Apply to all the seven pages. And now we have the presentation created by Mba with all the elements that are related to the prompt that we gave to Mba. For example, the photos of London, because I mentioned London, the title, then things to do, introduction and purpose, places to visit, accommodation and logistics, and so on, so forth. Food and drinks, obviously, fish and chips in London. And then the budget, that is expenses. And then the thank you page. But there is another thing that we can do as well. Once we have a presentation, obviously we can change the text. We can change whatever you want. And this is line, so let's say you don't want to have static presentation, but you want to add some animation. And you don't want to go element by element to add a single animation for each while we go in animation. And here you'll be able to click on magic anime Mva. Decide whatever animation you want for each element. And then you'll be able to change, obviously the style if you want a professional, if you want to energetic, if you want it both, depending on what you like. But let's have it minimal. And now, there you go. If we go on present, there you go, we go and present full screen. Now we can see all the different movements that Mva applied for us. So let's start from the beginning. And there you go. If you see it a bit ugly, it's because of recording screen as well. But these normally are very smooth animation, so don't worry about that. You can try it yourself as well. And there you go. Now click on Ask, and we have the magic animation so that we didn't have to do anything manually, but Kava did it for us. But now while we're here on presentation, I want to show you another super cool feature that you can use in any of the templates, obviously not just presentation. And this is magic, right? Whenever you have a text box within Va, whether it's a title, a paragraph, Bst, title, whatever you want, you'll be able to ask magic, right, to help you with the writing. For example, I select this textbooks. As soon as I select it, I can see the option for magic, right? So I'm going to click on that. And then here I have a few options that I can choose from. For example, I want to make it longer, then I can continue writing. I want to make it shorter. I can summarize. I want to rewrite it because I don't like the words. I can rewrite this, I can make it more fun, more emotional. Or sprinkle some fairy dust. Or also fix some spelling. And let's do some mistakes. For example, I was here and I forgot to write correctly in English. Let's see if it generates a better text. With fixing the spelling, we're going to try it out, and there you go. It corrected all the mistakes that I made with typing fast. Obviously this is super useful because whenever you are in a rush or whenever you don't want to proof for all your work, you can just use this one and Campbell will do the work for you. There you go. And then let's try to make this paragraph a little bit longer. We're going to go into magic write. We're going to do continue writing. Boom. Let's try to move the text a little bit on top. I'm need to group these two. Yep, we're going to move the text right here for now. And then we're going to read when planning attribute is important to factor in all the costs that come with it. Accommodation, transportation, food and activities are all expenses they need, blah, blah, blah, blah. Obviously, this one, maybe it longer, maybe it's too long. I'm going to go to magic, right? And I'm going to summarize. There you go. Now it talks about planning a trip back to the accommodation, transportation, food, ATM fees, truck expenses, using App and so on so forth. Once again, if you want to make it more formal, you can click more formal. Now Kaba, change the wording automatically to make it a little bit more formal. So you can even, let's say, write some bullet points or write some summary and then use magic ride to make it right for you. It's a sort of a cha GPT integrated in Amba, but this can be useful for so many different things. And it has already some buttons that will allow you to do certain things without having to prompt exactly what you want. And I think this is awesome. But then I want to also show you another use case for magic, right? Let me change this one into writing a prompt, for example, why London is amazing. Something like that. Then I'm going to click okay. I'm going to select it again. I'm going to click on Magic, right? And I'm going to select Continue. Right. Let's see what it does. There you go. Now let's make it a little bit smaller. Let's make the title, let's move the title, and then we're going to have this one here. London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It's a metropolis that is rich in history, culture, and diversity. This is simply so much blah, blah, blah, basically telling me why London is amazing. So I use the text to ask Amba to basically write me something for me, sort of a cha GPT, kind of cheating style if it's too long. Because for the presentation, this is way too much text. I can go and magic write. And again, I'm going to click on Sunrise. And there you go. Now we have a reason of why London is amazing, perfect for the presentation, because it's not too long and it's not too short. Then we can use it for all the different things that we want to do in any presentation. I hope you enjoy these features because I think they're super, super powerful. I'm going to see you in the next video. 8. Magic Switch: Now let's talk about magic switch. This was a feature that was partially present already before in combat, but now it just got a whole lot better. So whenever you have any sort of document. So let's talk about this upcoming trip to London presentation, which has been with us for a while. And then on the top left corner of the screen, you can see magic switch. Now if you click on it, we'll be able to have a look at a few resizing options and also transforming this one into a file. And also translating, which are two new features that are absolutely crazy. Let's start with translate. Basically here, you'll be able to translate your presentation into any other language with just a click of a button. So let's translate this one into Italian, for example. And then we're going to apply to all pages. And then we're going to translate this without creating a copy. Or if you want, you can create a copy of the presentation by unticking the box so that you'll have the English presentation and also the Italian one. But let's remove the other one. Let's just have one in Italian. And then we're going to click on Translate. There you go. It already changed the text. Now I'm Italian and I can tell you that this is a quite nice Italian. So I don't even need to correct almost anything because it's already well translated into Italian. And eventually we can also change it into a Lagual language. Let's say Japanese. Let's see if it's available. It's available, so we're going to translate and then we're going to wait a few seconds and book it's gone. Now, I don't speak Japanese, so I have no idea if this is correct or not. But how crazy is the fact that you can just click on Translate and then Mba will do everything for you? I think it's amazing. Now let's try one more thing. I'm going to go into English just to make it better. And now if we go into metric switch, we can transform this into a doc. So let's try it out. We can choose whether we want a summary, we want the whole text, we want a block post and e mail a poem sangre. So not only are we going to change a presentation into a different format, but also the text will be modified based on the style and the format of the text that we are choosing. So let's have it block post, let's say. And then we're going to click on Transform into a dock and see what happens. Alright, we got the dock now we're gonna click on Open Doc and see what happened to our presentation. And boom, this is now ready to be copying Paste into a block post. And then published Chin, took everything that was already in the presentation and made it into a doc. But let's try, instead of having into a block post to transform it into something else, let's have it into a summary. Let's see what happens. And then we're going to open the dock. And now we can see that the presentation is not anymore a page, but it's just a bunch of bullet points. So a summary of whatever we had in the presentation. And I think this is absolutely brilliant. Obviously, if you go back to magic switch, we'll also have the features that we had before. So you'll be able to transform the presentation into a different format, for example, into social media. We're going to have it into a square post, and then we're going to click on Continue. And then now we're going to basically have a carousel with everything that we have in the presentation, but put in a one oh one format. Then you can click on Resign Design. And there you go, we have a beautiful carousel with everything that we had in the presentation. Once again, you can click on this magic switch again. Then you can browse by category with custom sized social media, presentation, videos, website, and a lot more that if you want, you can also select which base you want to resize. All right, I hope you enjoyed this video. I'm going to see you in the next one. 9. Magic Morph: Another new feature present in Mva, Magic studio, is magic morph. This is not my favorite feature among all. I don't think you have a lot of use cases for this, but I want to show it to you in case you want to try it in your own projects. To access magic morph, there are two ways. The first one is that you're going to magic studio on the left side of your home page, and then you're going to look for magic morph. Let's see this one here. We're going to click on it. And then you can click on Magic Morph or otherwise in case you don't see that page or you want to find it. Whenever you are a newer project, you just go in apps in the new type, magic morph. And from here you can click on it and then you'll be able to X whatever you want. But what is magic morph? Well, it's quite simple. You're basically applying a sort of a texture and transforming a text or an icon into some sort of particular way. For example, we can transform text like a letter or an icon like a star and making it looking like a balloon, for example. So let's try it out. We can take a star, we just put it right there. There we go. We change the color into the screen, prefer it better. And then we're going to describe whatever we want, and here we're going to write green party ball. There you go. Then whenever you are ready, we can click on Magic Morph. And there you go. As always, we got four different styles and these are okay. Again, they look like balloons. Yes, I don't know whether I'm going to use it for my personal projects, but you can definitely try it. And we can create them again in case we don't like them. But let's try something different. Let's have, for example, a text. So we're going to write here, hello, hello. There you go. Then let's try something completely random. We're going to go into magic morph, then we're going to do for texture, and then we're going to click magic morph. Let's see what it does. I have no idea if this is gonna work or not. Okay? No. For example, this one didn't work. There's nothing that I really like. Let's try like this. No, this one didn't work. Let's try something different. Let's see. What we have here is examples. Flowers, pretzel, party balloons, jewels. Okay, let's try jewels, actually. So we're going to write a text like here, Marry me. And then we're going to click on it. Then we're going to select Magic Morph, and we're going to write jewels. Let's see what happens. Okay, now we got it right. This looks amazing. So way better, depends on the prompt. Once again, these tools are very, very new, so it's going to take time to develop them and make them perfect. But for example, this text is absolutely amazing. Let's try the other ones as well. See what happens. Yeah, I don't like this one, but the first one is really, really good. Let's try this and see. Yeah, it's much better. I think the first one is the best. But again, it's all about trying different things. Try different prompt and see if you can create whatever you have in mind. I hope you enjoy this video and I'm going to see you in the next one. 10. Canva Marketplace: One of the coolest features within Kaba is that you can link third party apps to Amba itself and then use them within your designs. And now I want to show you how you can do so with two different apps. So let's just create an empty one, let's do an Instagram post, whatever that is. And then I want to show you that you can go into apps. And then from here, you'll be able to choose between so many different third party apps. And also among the AI powered ones, these are really, really powerful. I want to show you for example, Dali, which is an open AI company, is a sister of Cha GPT. And this one allows to write a prompt and get an image back. So similar from Kaba Magic Studio, but this is probably slightly more advanced. So let's try something. For example, a camel riding into a town full of aliens. Let's see what happens. And then you click on Generic Al, right, this is not bad, but I think we can do better. Let's have a look at this image, especially when we talk about Dali or this sort of generated AI. I think we have to be as precise as we can. So let's, let's write, for example, an oil hanging of the lion in a spaceship. There you go. This is really much better than the result that we had before. This is all about trying different prompt and see what happens. Maybe if you want to be more precise, if you want to be more vague depending on the style that you're looking for the image. And then there's another app that I want to show you within camper marketplace that is called Hagen. Hagen creates a speaking avatar from your photos or from any a photo that is already installed in the app. If you want to have access to it, you just need to go into apps and then you write Hagen and then here you'll be able to access Hagen AI abators. Here you can choose your AI abator whatever you want among the preset ones or you can also upload your own photo. Now for the examples, let's just pick this sky. Then you just need to select a view mode, so whether you want it into a circle or you want it full screen. And then we need to add our own script. Hagen is going to start from an image and then it's going to animate the voice and the movement of the mouth and the whole face. To then simulate that there is an actual person speaking. We're going to type something very short, Simone, I'm talking about camera magic studio. I hope you enjoy, Al right, and then we can choose the voice that we want. Amber, Tony Syro lets you can hear the voice. Hello. This is how I sound. Okay. Let's speak Another one, maybe. Christopher. Hello. This is how I sound. I hope you like it. Yeah, I like that. Let's use this one, okay, And then you can listen to your script. Simon and I'm talking about Camber Magic Studio. I hope you enjoy. That's fine for me. Whenever you're ready, we start generating the AI video. This is going to take quite a bit, so we need to be very patient. And that's it. After a few minutes, we have our avatar ready and I'm very excited to see him moving. Let's go Simon, and I'm talking about Mba Magic Studio. I hope you enjoy, This is crazy. Now we can add to our design, and basically we can make a presentation with an AI avatar, or even ourself animated by Hagen without even moving our mouth or without having to register any video. We just need to write a script, select the avatar, and click con generate. This is crazy. Let's watch it again, Simon, and I'm talking about Nba Magic Studio. I hope you enjoy, this is crazy. I hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to have a look around at all the as are in marketplace in Canva because these are incredibly powerful. It will allow you to take your content, your presentation, to the next level by shortening the time that you take to create any sort of design. Okay, I'll see you in the next video. 11. Conclusion: Congratulations on completing this course on Canva Magic Studio. I hope you've learned a lot about the new features and how to use them from designing a whole presentation in one click, to transforming text into beautiful images or videos. From editing photos like a wizard, to moving things with magic grab or deleting unwanted objects with magic eraser. If there's one thing I hope you took from this class is that your creativity is the limit, especially when talking about topics like generative AI Cava magic studio is incredibly powerful, but it needs your input. I challenge you to create one unique design video presentation, or edit a photo using Ba magic studio features and post it in the class project section. But before we part, let me tell you a few things. First one, if you enjoyed the class, I would really, really love to receive a review from you. Your feedback is invaluable to me too, and it helps me reaching other students who are considering learning about Campa Magic Studio. Second, if you want to stay in touch, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Tiktok and send me a direct message telling me that you come from here. I always reply to everyone. Lastly, I encourage you to check out my other courses. I have classes on a variety of topics including photography, photo editing, and social media. My most popular class is how to create short viral reveals, tech talk, and short, just using your phone. Big. Thank you again. I wish you all the best in your creative journey and I'm going to see you in the next class. Chow.