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Brainstorming Course — Solve Problems Faster by Mind Mapping

teacher avatar Aisha Borel, Instructional Designer | Mind Map Lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Brainstorming in Mind Meister


    • 3.

      Idea Dump and Category Mind Map


    • 4.

      Adding Ideas Brainstorm Mind Map


    • 5.

      Key Commands and Shortcuts


    • 6.

      What to Do When Stuck


    • 7.

      Use Your Resources


    • 8.

      Fleshing Out Ideas


    • 9.

      Riding the Wave of Inspiration


    • 10.

      Mind Mapping at its Best


    • 11.

      Being Inspired Getting Focused


    • 12.

      Class Project Mind Mapping in Action


    • 13.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Hi and Welcome to “Brainstorming for the Creative Mind” 

Brainstorming tools and techniques are important skills to have because at some point in your career — whether you work in an office, as a freelancer, or side hustler — you’re going to need to a solve problem

My name’s Aisha. I’m a graphic designer and mind mapping, enthusiast. I love teaching people (just like you) how to use mind maps effectively.

This mind mapping class is unique because instead of just talking about brainstorming tools and techniques, I pull back the curtain to my own creative process and show you a specific problem that I’m stuck on.

Then I walk you — step by step — through the process of how to:

  • Target the problem
  • Generate ideas and get unstuck
  • Along with discovering new creative solutions that previously weren’t available to you

By the end of this class, you’ll be able to correctly use mind mapping to:

  • Pinpoint the problem that needs to be solved
  • Think in a free, open way with no restrictions
  • Quickly generate ideas by tapping into resources already available to you
  • And be encouraged to come up with as many ideas and potential solutions (without judgment or criticism) as possible!

You’ll then use the skills from this class to create your own brainstorming mind map that can be shared with co-workers, friends, and family, and/or shared with the class.

No matter where you’re at on your journey, this mind mapping class is specifically designed to amp up your brainstorming skills and take your ability to problem solve to the next level.

I’m so glad you’re here… Let’s get started!

:D Aisha

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aisha Borel

Instructional Designer | Mind Map Lover


Hi! My name is Aisha (pronounced EYE-sha).

On top of being a Mom to two super amazing tiny human beings (Jaida 9, John Arthur 3) I'm a graphic designer and instructional designer.

I went to school for graphic design and have been designing and creating all kinds of whatnots for well over 20 years. I love graphic design, but more importantly, I really LOVE that I get the weekly opportunity to bring my passion for design to the work I do AND earn a good living that helps support my family in the process.

It's fun and for that I am thankful.

Speaking of gratitude and things I love, about 12 years ago I was introduced into the world of mind mapping through a teacher at the time who I still to this day admire.

What I learned in her classes ex... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to brainstorming for the creative mind. Brainstorming skills and techniques are important 1/2 because at some point in your career , whether you're a freelancer, you work in an office or your side hustle, or you're going to need to solve a problem. Hi, my name is Aisha Burrell, and I am a graphic designer as well as a my mapping enthusiast. I love teaching people just like you how to use mind maps mawr effectively. This mind mapping class is really unique because instead of just talking about my mapping and showing you the tools and techniques site use instead, I show you very specifically Ah, problem that I've got and I show you step by step, how to move from point A to point Z with it. This step by step process is all about targeting the problem, generating ideas getting unstuck along with discovering new creative solutions that previously weren't available to you. You'll then use the skills that you learned from this class to create your own brainstorming mind map. Ah, mind not that could be shared with co workers, friends, family and with the classes, your class project. So no matter where you're at on your journey. This class is specifically designed to amp up your brainstorming skills and techniques and take your mind mapping skills to the next level. I'm so glad you're here. Let's get started. 2. Brainstorming in Mind Meister: Okay, So here on my iPad, I've got this document, um I've created in procreate. It's about yea big and I've been going through and I've been thinking about creating a course in Doodle Icons or something such as that I've got 36 doodle icons also here, but I'm not really sure if it's gonna be 36 or how meaning it's gonna be. But it's definitely gonna be some particular number. And this is just a working title that I have right now 36 doodle icons to add to your mind maps. And who knows, it could be just 36 doodle like arms or something like that. Anyway, what's more important is that I've gone through. I've drawn a couple doodles such as Light bulb Airplane, a stack of books. I've got just a little bit a pencil here that I'd like to have more items listed over to the right. Um, I've got some sweets here which are really nice and that I like, such as donut ice cream, chocolate candy, things such as that. However, when I look at this page and we'll zoom out a little bit more so you can kind of see it all at once. When I look at this page I'm like are a Ah, I know that I want to have sweets on there. I want to have some office supplies. Um, I want to be able to have, like, ideas and movement and stuff, things that I find beneficial when I'm doodling in, like making mind maps or making a bullet journal or just taking notes and journal and wanting Teoh make doodles. However, I'm I'm not exactly sure like what I need. So this is the point where sometimes I'll just go ahead and jump in on an idea, and then I'll jump over to creating a mind map. So right here on my screen, I've got mind meister dot com Open in mind meisters Really great, because sometimes I don't always want to get out like a piece of paper. Some pens. I just basically want to make things digital that way, like especially when I'm brainstorming that way. If I am out and about doing something standing in line at a grocery store, I can pop up in my phone and I can open my meister and I can start adding to my brainstorm of doodle icons and so forth. So I really like it because mine meister has iPhone app that you can download. They also have android app. You can also just use mine meister dot com. Decree your mind maps. You can share your mind maps with others in the form of like native mind meister mind maps . While that's about full, or you can also send people P D efs, you could invite coworkers or clients or whom ever friends, to be able to have access to a mind map that you're working on that we they can at their ideas. You can add their ideas. Everyone can see their ideas literally in real time. The other thing, too. As you see right here, it says it's free, and then they also have a paid version. I personally am using the paid version. I find it really great, and the paid version allows me to collaborate with people, allows me to share as pdf and etcetera. However, you can just get it, my meister mind meister and just get a free trial and see what you think. But that's exactly what I am. Music. So let's go ahead and log in 3. Idea Dump and Category Mind Map: Alright, So I've logged into mine meister, and right now we decree a new mind map. I am going to title this mind map doodle. I comes for mind mapping. It's okay, title. But right now is basically just throwing ideas out there. Which is? The whole purpose of brainstorming is not to get tied down into any one particular thought form. It's basically just go with something, create a mind map quickly, um, and see where it takes you. So the next thing I want to be able to do is create some branches. So I'm just going to go ahead and click off here. I'm gonna click, return or enter, and I'm gonna start branching out. So already I know that I've got light bulb airplane more specifically, have got a paper airplane I've got do, like on with books. Pencil, Doughnut. Okay, so this is all the items that I've got so far, as far as duels, I've just come up with myself. However, I want to be able to have possibly 36 icons not stuck that number. But that's roughly about what I want. So right now, I've kind of start breaking things into categories And so I'm going. Teoh, go ahead and click Return, going to title one of Thoenes Sweets. And now, instead of having all these different types of things such as donut, chocolate candy, ice cream, etcetera, just kind of in a bridge of itself. I am going to click on here and just basically drag it into this section. So everything that's a sweet goes into the sweet category with a branch all its own. So now this right here, this section becomes a main branch, and then ice cream donut chocolate candy becomes some bridges, which is another reason why I love mine. Meister dot com is because I can do that easily, so back to brainstorming. 4. Adding Ideas Brainstorm Mind Map: Okay. So just like I've categorized all these sub branches into the larger main branch of sweets , I want to do the same with the others. So what I'm gonna do now our create a couple of main branches such as? Let's see, we've got light ball books, Airplane pencil. Okay. So I definitely know I want to have some office supplies on there, because that's something that I know I use quite a bit. So I'm just gonna put pencil under office supplies. I'm also going to create another branch for paper. I think, uh, paper airplane definitely falls into that category, as does books. And let's see what else and paper itself for his books. I've got Let's see, I've got a stack of books I have e want to do. Let's see an open book and single. Look here. I'm just gonna open because with keywords, I just want to keep it toe. Where is just basically one, maybe two keywords, keyword being main words and everything. So I'm going to jump up to office supplies and we've got pencil would've put pin, Let's see, pencil pen notebook journal. Uh, new pickin journal. That kind of falls under paper office supplies. So we've got light bulb. Light bulb is usually what I use when I've got an idea. And other types of concepts such as Star Brain Sign is my mind map getting super heavy down here at the bottom. So I'm basically just gonna take scenes, and I'm gonna pop him up here and kind of stretch him out a little bit just to make it look a little bit better for now. Okay, so I feel like I could go old day on sweets, so let's just go ahead and go with it. So, God, I screamed on a chocolate candy, uh, cookies by cake. 5. Key Commands and Shortcuts: so one of things that can really help speed up your brainstorming is to be familiar with the technology that you're using. So with mine meister, I Googled like key commands for my advice. Ter. And this is what came up. So right here, we've got different types of general shortcuts. We've got selected at it format, move, re range and more. So it's kind of nice that my meister has all these different things that allow you to quickly learn different options in key commands. Key shortcuts for being able to, like, create my maps and stuff. 6. What to Do When Stuck: Okay, So part of the process of brainstorming is getting stuck, and part of the process of mind mapping is moving through being stuck. So one of things that I often find myself doing when my mapping and brainstorming is to basically just use Google, you know, it's like, Why every invent the wheel? So my iPad, I've opened up Google and I've typed in list of office supplies. So basically, I'll go ahead and click on this one, see what we've got. So we've got pens, paper, Let's see. Let's go ahead and add paper, even though we have it in another area. Scissors tape dispenser. Definitely like erasers calculator that would definitely create a nice little doodle envelopes. That's a pretty good A list of all kinds of office supplies. 7. Use Your Resources: So in today's day and age, with all the technology that we have, really, there's very little reason for getting stuck. So when I like, get stuck, I definitely take to Google. That's definitely my first option, you know, even with like, office supplies. I'm in the office right now, and yet I was looking around like, OK, so light water, some office supplies. Ah, you know. So even though I see all these things around me, like a white board and a lamp and candle, I don't know if that's an office supply or not, but a chalkboard books just all kinds of things, just looking in front of me. I start to think of stuff, but when you're stuck, it's hard to see the world around you. Which is again why taking to the Internets starting with Google really comes and helpful. So by just typing and list of office supplies, you know, it's pretty much everyone has created something for something. So someone's created a list and of office supplies, so you can just use that as reference. You can use all kinds of things YouTube, just whatever skill share to create, to basically just get yourself looking at things and seeing the world around you and definitely unstuck 8. Fleshing Out Ideas: Based on the last Google search, I decided to go ahead and do a list of sweets. That way I can have lots of ideas for filling out dissection and everything. So, yeah, we've got, ah, huge lists, alphabetized all kinds of light sweets and pastries, uh, ice creams and everything desserts that I could create doodle icons for. So we just go ahead and fill out this list right here. 9. Riding the Wave of Inspiration: Okay, so now I've got this really long. Let's of all kinds of sweets and everything. So I'm starting to notice that some of these can actually be broken up into different categories. So what I'm going to do is start to like, well, start to break some of these up. So I've got to go back over here and based off of some of the different things that I wrote in the sweets category, I felt like, Oh yeah, fruit. I definitely want to be able to create doodle icons for fruit. I also want to be able to, like, maybe even have white themes such as Christmas or even just the holidays. So things such as gingerbread that's definitely holiday season. I'll pop that over there. Not sure if I'll do anything with it. But again, that's what brainstorming mind maps air for is to basically just give you an overview and an in depth like look at all the different things that are going on. Be able to organize them people to be inspired and, you know, just create more, more, more ideas, so basically move you into a place of abundance and inspiration and creativity, so we've got sweets. Let's go ahead and create a category for kicks. Um, so we've got cupcakes were to create even more branches. So here you so cakes cupcakes. This isn't here twice. We'll delete that. We've got probably going to do movies here, So I desserts sweets that you would have while at a movie such as popcorn. Not necessarily a sweet, but definitely, you know, salty endeavor candy. Definitely be part of movies soda. And then we also have, like, French toast here, which makes me think of not sweets but breakfast. I think it be fun to create breakfast doodles like an icon set for that. With breakfast we've got fruit could even be included in breakfast. Pancakes is part of breakfast. French toast. Donuts could be part of breakfast cinnamon rolls. That's definitely breakfast. And with breakfast, just go explore this idea a little bit further. I'm going Teoh, etc. Apple Banana, right? Some common breakfast fruit because I want to categorize them in here. Let's see breakfast we've got for, um, let's see. Pancakes. Oh yeah, so we've got toast, which is not a for, but I'll add it to breakfast, and I'll even create a subcategory just called bread ready items such as toast, bagels. You spoke bagel. Apparently not. And let's add another subcategory, sweet breakfast items. So we've got definitely pancakes. French toast, doughnuts and seven rules fall into Theo. Sweet breakfast. Let's changes from bread to green. Now I can add cereal, which is pre bay in my household. His we've got breakfast items, we've got fruit green, sweet. That's a meat and they're So we've got take a sausage, other kinds of meat. But let's jump Teoh, maybe hash browns. Not sure how that will look as a doodle. Put the brain story wife up, you know, just throw it out there. So put meat. Take it under me, sausage under eat. I took a leave hash browns as ISS, and I'm going to create another branch. Four beverages. Like what? You drink during breakfast. So, like you'd have water, coffee, tea, orange shoes. And I'm sure there's definitely other beverages, but I think that's a good arrangement, all right? I think that's pretty good right here. I'm gonna go ahead and zoom out of my mind map just a little bit. All right. So here we have a pretty good look at the mind meant altogether 10. Mind Mapping at its Best: that right there? Waas. Just an example of the magic of mind happy here. I started this and let's go ahead and take a look at the procreate lists that I have. I've got 123456784 Yeah, start off with basically eight icons, completely different categories and so forth. Different ideas, kind of a little bit mawr direction and ideas with the sweets, office supplies, just lots of different types of holes in my ideas. It was a great way to start. However, it definitely needed to be flushed out. Then I start mind mapping. You don't just putting the different things I created on here getting stuck movie into. Just using my resource is Googling stuff. And basically, that's when I was able to basically, like, Boom, jump on the wave of mind mapping and basically just be like, OK, yeah, this is where it's going. Oh, yeah, Look at this. I can do movies and categories and okay, I can break this down into cakes. And how about breakfast? I have breakfast on their before and fruit definitely want to do something with fur, maybe even holiday season office supplies. I'll come back, Teoh ideas? I don't know, but wow, look at all this stuff that I do have a ton of ideas for and everything. So that is one of the days that mind happy is just, like, amazing at. And that is just like snapping you out of whatever it is that you were doing it really projecting you into, ah, holder spot of creativity being mind blown and just basically like now I have all these ideas and I'm just like, Oh my gosh, I could actually create different types of classes one for creating breakfast icons, breakfast doodle icons. And so now I go from just one course. And what idea of maybe, I don't know, 36 doodle like owns for my happy to all these different ideas And, like, classes and stuff that I can create for teaching people how to, like, create stuff like this. That is really cool. So, yeah, that is just the power of mind mapping at its best 11. Being Inspired Getting Focused: All right, So now I've got all kinds of places I can go with, really drilling down and getting focused, creating my next it skills, her class and everything you know, be repped up. It inspired to do so. 12. Class Project Mind Mapping in Action: So your class project is to begin creating a brainstorming mind map. That's right. I want you to take any kind of project that you're working on right now to be something that you've been working on for a while. Something that you just started. Something that you're in the middle of it could be for work. It could be for yourself. It could be for anything. But I want you to go ahead and try using mind meister in create account, go ahead and plug in the ideas that you've had or ideas that you're thinking of. If you get stuck, use Google. Use different resource is basically, you know, Pinterest it, Google it, Facebook it, YouTube it, whatever it and get your ideas, like get yourself freed up. And then when you're done, I want you to share, like the beginning of what you started, what your idea was, and then your brainstorming completion. So I want you to share that with myself and the rest of the class. And if you do get stuck, definitely leave a message in the class discussion. I'd love to be able to help you out. Hope you, you know, get unstuck. Brainstorm, etcetera. So I look forward to see your class projects 13. Final Thoughts: so we've seen the magic that can happen. From using mind maps to brainstorm your ideas, you'll probably find that you have a lot more ideas in creative solutions to the problem than you originally thought was possible. This is brainstorming in action. It's about removing the friction and allowing you to think in an open, clear and freeway. Now that you've completed the course, I'd love for you to share your brain stopping mind maps in the class project section of this course. You can also share your ideas, tips, suggestions, comments in the discussion area of this class. Also, if you like to learn more about mind mapping in general, I've created quite a few courses here on sculpture that you can definitely check out. Thank you so much for taking this class. I really look forward, hearing how brainstorming and my map B has helped you to come up with creative solutions to problems