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Bing Ads for Beginners: How to get targeted traffic with Microsoft Advertising

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Microsoft Advertising Course Outline


    • 2.

      Fundamentals of Microsoft Advertising


    • 3.

      How to Open your Microsoft Advertising Account


    • 4.

      The Three Pillars of a Winning Campaign


    • 5.

      The Goals of your Campaigns


    • 6.

      The Offer for my PPC Campaign


    • 7.

      How to use Keywords to Get Targeted Traffic


    • 8.

      Keyword Tactic for Finding Your Customers


    • 9.

      How to Set up Conversion Tracking


    • 10.

      Boost Quality Traffic with Remarketing Lists


    • 11.

      How to Create Captivating Ads


    • 12.

      The Campaign Checklist


    • 13.

      Step-by-Step: Microsoft Ads Campaign Part 1


    • 14.

      Little Known Tool for Creating Professional Campaigns


    • 15.

      Step-by-Step: Microsoft Ads Campaign Part 2


    • 16.

      An Overview of your NEW Campaign


    • 17.

      Final Remarks


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About This Class


This course has been updated with the new panels and features that are available in Microsoft Advertising. Previously this was known as Bing Ads but as of 2019 the brand was updated to Microsoft Advertising.

Only the Bing Ads advertising panel has been updated, you will still be advertising on the search engine "Bing".


If you want to advertise your website/product online but don't know where to start then this Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) course can help you. This training will guide you through all the basics.

All the lessons in this course are updated and focus on the Microsoft Advertising panel and how to get cheap and targeted traffic using Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads).

You will learn how to create your campaigns, the importance of demographic targeting, choosing the right keywords and the secret to getting high quality, targeted clicks.

If you have no experience with online advertising or are just starting out, learn how to setup your first Microsoft Advertising pay per click (PPC) campaign the right way. This course will provide you with a shortcut to creating campaigns fast and getting hundreds of clicks.


  • Why Microsoft Advertising is the Best Starting Platform for your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
  • How to create your 1st Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) campaign using my Simple Step-by-Step process
  • Learn how to avoid the 2 Biggest Mistakes that newbies make when starting on Bing (and avoid blowing your budget in 1 day)
  • The best FREE tool to create your keyword lists for your campaigns
  • The Little Known Tool that all Professional Marketers use in Microsoft Advertising
  • The secret to getting Targeted Clicks
  • Create ads like the pros using my #1 Secret for Ad Creation

So if you are serious about getting started advertising online then enroll in Microsoft Advertising for Beginners. Take the course and 1 hour from know you could be setting your first Microsoft Advertising Campaign!


Looking for more? Explore How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. Microsoft Advertising Course Outline: Welcome to the Microsoft Advertising course. My name is Tom, and I would like to say Thank you. I appreciate your decision to investor time and energy into learning this topic. I want to help business owners and Internet marketers like yourself to experience tremendous value to my courses. I want to help you by providing you to know how about the Microsoft advertising platform and to get you started setting up paperclip campaigns like a pro. And as you are starting out with this platform, I want to help you avoid all the costly mistakes that beginners make. So who is this course for? If you haven't set up, any paper could campaigns before but want to get started advertising online. This will be a great introduction for you if you have little experience with online advertising, but want to get more visitors to your website, be it a business blogger or an online offer than this course can help you. And if you are just starting out and want a solid traffic source for testing, you will learn how to get top quality targeted clicks to your offer. With Microsoft Advertising, I have spent a lot of time learning from experts in the paper, Click adds field and to my own experiments with my own money. Now, based on what I've learned, I would like to help other people make profitable campaigns. Here's what you learned in this course. You will learn how to set up a Microsoft advertising campaign to a simple, step by step process. You will learn the biggest mistakes that beginners make an accidentally blow their budget. I'll show you a proven way to find the best keywords for your offer. You will learn the secret to getting targeted visitors to your website, how to split test ads and optimize your campaigns and how to set up your campaigns for tracking conversions so that you know exactly which keywords which countries and even which regions are performing. And you can save coast by removing the non performing arts. And I'll reveal to you the tool that professionals use to manage their Microsoft advertising campaigns. What I will share with you will be an absolute game changer for using Microsoft advertising to get targeted lead conversions and more sales. So welcome again to my paper click course and let's get started 2. Fundamentals of Microsoft Advertising: in this lesson, I want to share with you the fundamentals off Microsoft advertising and why you should invest in this traffic source. But first, let's clarify What is Microsoft advertising being is the Microsoft search engine? In many markets, being search is the next biggest search engine behind Google. You may have already heard off being adds. It was the advertising platform to display ads on being, I say Waas because in 2000 and 19 being answer was renamed into Microsoft Advertising. However, the arts panel and features remained the same. Only the name and logo was changed, so their search engine being remains as being. But the advertising platform is now known as Microsoft Advertising. So what did the ads look like? Microsoft Advertising is a pay per click platform, which means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Here is the being search engine. Let's do a search. Let's say loans. And here are the search results, and as you can see, the top results are labeled. Add, add and add. So the top four positions are arts. Now, if we scroll to the bottom, we see more arts and we see how nicely. These advertisements blend in with normal content, and if we go to page two again, the results start with nuts off course. These are cheaper because most people click on Page one Result adds, however, you will always find some people that like to go to page to page three, so there's worth sometimes bidding less and still having your ads displayed. So what you have seen here are odds on the being search engine. However, Microsoft Advertising offers more pages to display their ads because paper click ads that are set up to the Microsoft advertising platform appear on the Microsoft Network and partner search networks. So this consists off sites that are owned and operated by being yahoo dot com and a well dot com. Basically, when you advertise through Microsoft advertising, you have a wider reach for your odds than just being searched. Now let's have a quick look at the market Share off the Microsoft Search Network. Here's an overview off the market share. The stats were calculated a couple of months before the rebranding off being adds to Microsoft. Advertising and thes figures include being Yahoo and a well searches grouped together and then as you can see being has a significant 33% market share in the United States. It is the biggest search engine after Google in the US, Being is also big in other countries. In this chart, we can see that being has a solid presence in the European countries, especially the United Kingdom, France, Norway and Germany. But do not ignore Sweden or Spain as even a 10% market share will provide you with plenty of clicks. In the Asia Pacific region, the biggest presence is in Taiwan, with a market share of 26% followed by Hong Kong with 20% share off the market and in Australia being is growing and currently at 12%. So you can see this. Microsoft advertising is present in the biggest markets around the world and this trend is slowly growing. This traffic is a golden opportunity because it is smaller than Google. I would like to mention that millions off people advertised on Google, making it overcrowded and saturated and significantly more costly. That's the advantage that Microsoft advertising has. You can get top called D traffic at a lower cost, and would that I would like to finish this lesson in the next lesson. We will talk about setting up your Microsoft advertising account 3. How to Open your Microsoft Advertising Account: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to open a Microsoft advertising account. So to start, go to this Ural or alternatively, go to your browser and in your browser, do a search for Microsoft advertising. Now in the search results, you probably will see something different, but you will click on the one that says Microsoft Advertising. You may also see another result that says Microsoft advertising formally being adds. It depends on your location, so I'll click on it. And on this page, go to the top and click on Sign Up Now. So the sign up process uses your Microsoft account. If you have one, then simply signing. If not, then you need to create a new one so you'll just click on Create one. You can create a Microsoft account using your existing email address or create a new email address entirely. This process is easy. I am not going to cover all the steps because it really just involves adding your name. Email phone standard information. So just filling infection and your Microsoft advertising account will be created after you've created your account. There are two settings that you should configure when first logging in. Firstly, you will have a choice to impose your campaigns from Google Arts or starting you campaign. I suggest you skip this step as it is not relevant. Even if you have a Google ads account, it will be more valuable for you to go through the steps off, creating new campaigns using the Microsoft advertising panel. Secondly, you will have to select your payment method. There are three options for payment. There is prepaid. This means that you will only be able to run out while your account has money in it. So if you spend all the money, then your campaigns will stop running. I prefer this because I think I have more control over my campaigns. If I forget about them, I will only be charged for the money I have in my account. The second option is postpaid Tres hold. This is completely opposite. Once your account reaches a certain balance, then you will be charged automatically and the campaign continues to run. This option is valuable if you don't want to keep recharging your account and want everything just to be running and fully automatic. The third option is known as a monthly invoice. Basically, you can run your ads and then pay at the end of each month. Also, keep in mind that depending on the option you select, you will have different payment methods. As you can see in this screen shirt, prepaid payments have the most varieties off different payments accepted in your account cell adoption that is most appealing to you. There is no better or worst option. It's purely a personal choice when you set up your account. Do not worry. The step is not permanent in that you will be able to change your payment method in the future. So after you complete this step, then your Microsoft advertising count is set up and active and ready for your fresh campaign to start. 4. The Three Pillars of a Winning Campaign: Welcome back in this lesson. I want to share with you what I like to call us. The three pillars of a winning Microsoft advertising campaign. Every campaign is made up off three levels, and each level serves its purpose in testing different aspects of your campaign. You will have to learn how to navigate through these levels and how to properly configure each level so that you can create winning at campaigns. All of this information will be covered when we get to the lesson on setting up your Microsoft ad campaigns. For now, it is important that you are aware off the structure off this campaign. So at the very top off your campaign, you have the campaign level. At the campaign level, you set up the main settings for your campaign. This includes your budget, the location that you want to target and the language of your offer. Next, you have the odd group level. On this level, you create ad groups for keywords sets in an upcoming lesson. You will learn how to find your keywords and how to set this up in your ad groups. But as a general rule, you should have multiple large groups where it's 2 to 5 keywords in each ad group. The lowest level consists of your ads. Here you will be testing different variations off your ads. You could test headlines at descriptions. You could highlight different features and benefits in your ads. Here is a view of a more developed campaign structure. The reason for Destructor is that you will be testing many different variations of your ads , keywords and even locations that you're targeting. This structure makes it easy for you to test and optimize your campaigns. If you have a couple of key words in each out group, it will be easier for you to figure out which keywords convert and which are just costing you money. Also, if you have the same ads in each other group, you will discover which keywords groups performs best to your ads. You can then more easily learn how to write more convincing at that, get better quality clicks. But it takes some time to set destructor up, and then you have to buy enough traffic to arrive at valid conclusions as to what's performing well and what isn't performing. We will cover all of these levels in the following lessons. But it will be helpful for you to already be aware off the structure off your Microsoft advertising campaign because this is what you will set up when you go through the step by step campaign set up tutorial. You'll set up your campaign. You'll set up numerous ad groups and you will add advertisements to each ad group. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. The Goals of your Campaigns: In this lesson, you will learn the goals that you can choose in Microsoft Advertising. Here is the Microsoft Advertising dashboard and I will click on campaigns and then create campaign. And here are the six campaign goals that are available. The most popular goal and probably the one that you will be using first is visits to my website. Choose this campaign if you want to increase the traffic to your website. This is a simple campaign and is helpful in that it introduces you to the setting up your ads process. Next, you have visits to my business location Goal. If you have an actual store or office, then you can choose this goal. You will be able to add your location so that customers easily learn where you are located . The third goal is conversions in my website. This is the best campaign. If you're collecting leads or making sales on your website for this campaign toe work, you need to set up conversion tracking in an upcoming lesson. I will reveal to you a simple process that I used to set up conversions on my website. Conversions are basically like feedback and it is important to sit up because it will help you in optimizing your campaigns. The fourth goal is phone calls to my business. Choose this goal if in your business you want people to pick up the phone and actually call you. This is useful if you have a cold center or if you're offering a service that requires people to call you and book a time for an appointment or for an actual talk. When you set up your campaign, you can even add a call extension to your actual ad so that people can directly call you from the being search results page. The fifth goal is a new addition as of August 2019 and it's called Dynamic. Surgeons used this goal. If you're selling many products on your website, the campaign will automatically check your website for content and target the most relevant searches. You may have to quick on the question mark to check if the future is available in your country and then click here, get more info, as you can see currently, it's just available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. But this may change in the near future you can try this goal, but I recommend you first use the approach that I will show you in this training As you'll get more control over your campaigns, you will be the one who's creating ads and choosing cured, and the final goal is sell products from your catalog. This school is most popular for e commerce stores that are offering many different products . Desserts appear in the Bing search result in the form of an ad with a picture and a price on it next to the search results, as you can see in this image. So these are the five goals you can choose in Microsoft advertising. In this training, I will show you how to run a campaign that uses conversion trucking to measure results. However, it is valuable that you are aware off all the goals that are available in the panel. 6. The Offer for my PPC Campaign: Welcome back. Before we dive deeper into setting up our ad campaign, I want to show you the pages I will be using in my sample advertising campaign. Here is my page. It's a simple landing page, and on this landing page I am offering a free tutorial about common mistakes that candidates make in their CV. The good part about this page is that it is simple, and a user who visits this page has only one of two things they can do. They can leave, or they can sign up and get access to my free training. And as you can see, there isn't really much they can scroll toe because it's just a heading. Some ad copy on opt, inform and to student testimonials. When a person enters their email over here and then signs up, they will be taken to this page, and I will refer to this as my thank you page. And as you can see, the training video is available here and below this video. There is another button, and this Latin is linked to a paid course that I'm offering so that if a person likes the video training and wants to learn more, they can go to the course and buy it. So we have a landing page here, and whenever somebody takes action on this page, they will be directed to my thank you page. This is relevant because in my Microsoft advertising campaign, I'm going to set this up as a conversion so that every time somebody signs up to my email list, this will be treated as a conversion in the Microsoft advertising panel. And this will be very helpful to me because it will let me optimize my campaigns so that I can bid more on the keywords that are actually getting people to convert in this page and get rid of keywords which are not converting. Also, I can check out which advertisements in Microsoft Advertising convert on my landing page and which ones are not effective. 7. How to use Keywords to Get Targeted Traffic: Hello again. In this lesson, you will learn how to use keywords to get targeted traffic in paper. Quick advertising keywords are the main targeting option. You need to choose the right keywords to attract the best type off customer to your offer. A key ward is a search term that you're targeting, and a search term is the text that a person types into the being search area. There are three different keywords types, and each of these targets different search terms. Let's review them. The first is known as broad much, and this is the default setting for your keywords. Any keywords you add to your campaign will be automatically set to broad much. Here's an example. Let's say you used the key ward. Weight loss you're odd will be displayed when any word in your keywords in any order, is typed into the search by a person. A broad keywords will even be displayed when a related word is typed in. So whenever a person types into the search, lose weight diet lose £10 footless burn fat. Your odd will be displayed as all of these terms are related to the broad keyword weight loss next we have phrase much. This much type is a little more strict. Using a phrase much, your ad will be displayed whenever someone types into the search your keywords in the same order, even if other words are present in the search term. Here's what I mean when you use the keyword weight loss. Then whenever somebody types in weight loss diet, best weight loss method, rapid weight loss, your odds will be displayed as it contains your keywords. Adding extra wards doesn't disqualify your keyword, however, as the phrase off your keyword mask much. Your ad will not be displayed if somebody types in, lose £10 or fat loss or burn fat. As you can see, this is narrower targeting than brought much because it excludes more words now. To use the phrase much type, you have to add your keywords into Microsoft advertising, using quotes to integrate phrase much. Here's an example how you'd have toe enter you're keyword into Microsoft advertising. The third much type is exact. Much exact much is the strictest one. You're odd will be displayed when the exact words in your keyword appear in a person search as well as minor variations to use the exact much type, you have to put your key words in brackets. So let's say that your keyword is weight loss method. Whenever a person searches for the terms weight loss method, lose weight method, weightless methods, even a type of like weight loss methods. As you can see here, your odds will be displayed, everything else will be rejected and your ad will not be shown using the exact much type. You will get highly targeted clicks, but fewer impressions. However, before jumping to any conclusions as to which much type to use, I recommend you test all of them. I have a strategy for testing that we will go over in the next lesson. But these air the tree main much types, and they will help you in your campaign set up process. Now, before I finish this lesson, I want to mention negative keywords, thes air keywords that went present. They will prevent your ad from showing the purpose off. Negative keywords is to prevent your out from showing in unrelated searches so that you don't get unwanted clicks from people who are not interested in your offer. Negative keywords can only be exact or phrase much type if you're negative. Keyword is tennis rackets, and if you are using negative exact, the search term must exactly much negative keywords. So if someone types into being men's tennis racket, you're at will be shown as this is not an exact match because there are more words in the key word now. Negative phrase, much type. This is less strict. If you're negative, phrase is anywhere in the searched her, then you're out will not be shown if someone typed in men's tennis racket like in the previous example, your heart would not be shown here because the term includes your phrase, which is tennis rackets. Now that you know all the different much types and the meaning off negative keywords. In the next lesson, you will learn how to do your keyword research and pick keywords for your ad campaigns. 8. Keyword Tactic for Finding Your Customers: In this lesson, you will learn a proven cure tactic for finding targeted customers for your offer. So far, you have learned the structure of a winning at campaign. You know that every campaign is made up of three levels the campaign level, the ad group level and the ad level, and you have learned what to test at each level. In the previous lesson, you learned the different keywords, much types now, this time to prepare our list off keywords. So in this lesson, you will learn I proven keyword tactic for finding targeted customers. For your offer, you will need a spreadsheet open or a note pad open so that you can make your list off keywords and save it for future use in the Microsoft Advertising panel. Scroll to the top and click on tools. Then click on keyword planner. At this point, click on Search for New Keywords using a phrase website or category. Here, there are a couple of different keyword research methods. You can type a couple of relevant keywords here and then do a search for related keywords. You can paste the URL of your landing page here, and then Microsoft Advertising will find relevant cures for you, or you can select a product category and do a search based on that. Below these three, you have some further targeting options. So if you are targeting traffic in a different country than you would select your country, saying here, if you're targeting a different language than you can specify it here in this lesson, however, I will show you my technique for finding relevant keywords. So let's just refresh our memories. Let me show you my London page again. As you can see, my Landing Page offers a training video, own common CV mistakes. Now let's go back to the keyword planner and let's type here common CV mistakes. And then I'll click on get suggestions over here. Oh, make sure to select this one keyword suggestions, because I'm doing keyword research and not add group suggestions. So on this screen I can see various keywords the average monthly searches for each keyword amount of competition for paid advertising, and there's suggested bid. Now the aim off my method is to find to 15 to 20 relevant keywords, and what I will do is I will actually look at the key words. Highlight them, and then I will copy them and paste them in a separate document. And I will do this right now, so I will just skip to when I create my keyword list. Okay, so here's my set of keywords. The reason I selected Onley 15 to 20 is because we will create three out groups in your campaign, and each campaign will only have between 2 to 5 keywords. However, due to the fact that each keyword is available in three different match types, we will have more keywords in each ad group because we will test out each much type. So let's use three keywords. Pariah group. Each keyword has three much types, and that means we will have nine keywords in each ad group. Then you have to test the results. Once you get some life clicks, then you will see which keywords are working, in which you can pause so that you don't waste any money. That is why you want to save your list off key words, because you can create more at groups for future testing and three keywords. Sounds little, but there will be a lot of that a 200 lives, so tricky words. Parad Group is a good starting point. You want to keep your campaigns as simple as possible. So what I will do is I will actually a copy and paste ease this keyword list into a Google spreadsheet, and then I will create my ad groups. I'll do that right now and show you the results. Here I copied the key words into a spreadsheet and in column A. I have all of my keywords and I have picked my keywords for three ad groups at Group one to entry are Group One focuses on the World CV Add Group to focuses on resume and add Group Three targets. People who are searching for a job and I have also made a note here which keywords I am testing now. These three out groups are a good starting point. Once I get some data from this campaigned and I will know which key word types and which keyword groups are performing better. And then I will add more keywords and add groups to test, and this concludes this section on keyword research. Next, you'll learn the essentials off conversion, trucking 9. How to Set up Conversion Tracking: in this lesson, you will learn the basics off conversion tracking now, conversion tracking is important because then you will know which keywords convert which at copies are the best and even which webpages have the highest conversions. For example, if you are building an email list, then you contract the percentage of users who sign up to your email list. Or if you are selling products on your website, then you contract how maney sales are being made, from which keywords in which adds on Microsoft advertising in the ads panel there a number of different conversion goals that you can use so you contract the destination Europe. So when a person visits a particular destination, also, you contract the duration of a person's visit. How many pages they view per visit. You can track an event, a mobile up install, and you can even upload offline conversions to your campaigns. The most popular are tracking leads and sales conversions, and this would go under the event conversion goal conversion. Tracking is very easy to sit up. You do not have to be an expert programmer. However, you will have to add some code snippet to your existing website Now, if you are using ward purse or any other website management tool, this process will be super easy. I will show you how to set up conversion tracking using WordPress in this tutorial. Now let's go to the arts panel and set this up when you are logged in your arts panel on the left. Inside, you have conversion tracking, so click on it. And the first thing that you have to do is you have to create your you et tug. This is a script that loads on every page of your website. Alternatively, it is possible to Onley insert this unity tack on the pages that you are using for your Microsoft advertising campaigns, which is exactly what I will do in this tutorial. I will create this unity tag, and I will add it to my landing page and to my thank you page. So now click here on view UT Tags Page. Now I've already created my you et tag, but what you have to do is you have to create it. So this is what you do. You click it here and you only have to create one you et tug, and you can use it for all your pages. So to install this tug, I will click here view, tag. And when you are setting this tug up for the first time, you will see this JavaScript as well. So we have to copy descript on every page that we're using. So I'll just click here on copy and then control scene to copy it. And now I will update these pages. So, like I said, I'm using WordPress and I will find my pages. Okay, so it's sieving mistakes landing page one and thank you, Page. And then I will just open these two up in separate tops to edit my pages and actually to create my pages, I'm using Element er it's a simple clicking drug interface and actually highly recommended because you don't need to do any programming. You can just click and drag elements onto your page and former everything the way you want it. So this is my page now. What I'm going to do is I'm going to add i html element, and I will click and drag it onto my page. So this lets me copy any HTML code or any script code onto this page. and then I will paste. So this is a script that I got from the Microsoft Advertising page. This is the script that I am using. So let's updates that and this script has to be added on every page. So I will go to my thank you page. And again I will search for a hasty ml element. Click and drag it here. This So let's paste an update. Okay, Now I can close this now. The second step involves creating a conversion goal. So over here we can click on conversion goals. So to do that, I will click on Create conversion goal and I will call this goal CV Mistakes, leads and the type of conversion Go will be destination neural. So I will truck every time someone visits a webpage as a conversion and a webpage will be the thank you page. So quicken next. So the destination you are ill. I will just copy this a copy and paste. So, for the revenue value, I'm not assigning a value because I'm just tracking leads. And then for the count, I will select unique If one person signs up to my landing page three times, I just wanted to be one conversion because it's just one lead. If I was tracking sales, then I would probably select this one all. So for my conversion goal, I will select Unique Conversion Window. Just leave it at 30 days and the u et tug. That's the tact that were just created earlier. And now let's save this CV. Mistakes leads, and now your conversion goal has been created and you can view the attack. But this is actually the U ET tag that you have already added to your webpage. That's why this is so easy. You just have one talk. You added to the relevant pages, and everything is set up. However, for here for tracking status, you can see that the tag is inactive now. It can take up to 24 hours for Microsoft advertising to verify this. But there is a quicker way, and what you have to do is you can validate your UTI tack. Check if it is working. Chrome has a browser extension. It's called you et tug helper, so click on it, and then for you, you will want to install it. I've already installed it, so I'll show you how this works. Let's go to my let's go to my landing page And over here top right and corner You see you et tack helper So I would click on it I have to turn it on And then I have to refresh the browser And then I click it and I can see here that the tug has been recognized and it's working correctly. So I will do the same for the thank you page. So I will refresh this. Click the helper and I can see that the U ET talk is set up correctly. And with that, I will finish this lesson. I highly recommend that you use some type of conversion goal on your web site because as you've seen here, it is easy to set up, and it gives you a lot of value in tracking your results. However, if you want to just go through the process of setting up Microsoft advertising at, then you can sort of skip the conversion. Go and just set up some ads without this. And then you can set this up later. Okay. Thank you for watching. I hope you found this valuable. This is probably the most technical part off this course. But as you saw all the coding is done by Microsoft advertising, all you have to do is just copy it and paste it in your website, and that's it. 10. Boost Quality Traffic with Remarketing Lists: hello again. In this lesson, I want to briefly show you how to set up a remarketing list. The purpose of the remarketing list is to let you target people that have already seen your offer. This can improve your conversions as you're not targeting new people. But people who have seen your offer and for some reason not taken action at that time and the process of re marketing campaigns looks like this. You create your re marketing list. You run your campaign when you're remarketing. List is large enough, then you create campaigns that target your list. The benefit of using re marketing lists is that you can have better conversions at lower costs because people are a little bit more familiar with your offer, and they might be more inclined to take action. So let's go into the ADSs panel and set up the remarketing list in the Microsoft advertising panel on the left hand side, you see shared library so quick on it and then click on audiences. As you can see, there are instructions about adding the U ET tag to your website. We have already completed that when we are setting up conversion tracking So to set up your re marketing list, click on Create remarketing list. Now give you remarketing list a name. So I will start this by our M and then I'll just say CV mistakes landing page. So whom to add to your audience? I will select the 1st 1 which is visitor off a page, and I will use my landing page for this, So I will copy the u. R l and here click on Either you rule So the euro contains or I'll actually select equals and I will paste my euro here and then click on Done. I cannot more websites here if I want to, but for now I'm just using one campaign. So I will just capture people who visit this page and add them to my remarketing list. So the membership duration I will select the longest, which I do believe is 180 days. So when somebody visits my page, they will be on my remarketing list for 180 days. The description that's optional. Now the tag name. I will select my UTI Tug, which is the tagged I set up earlier. And then for sharing, I will leave this across all accounts, and then I'll click on safe and here this RM for re marketing and sieving mistakes. London page. Now, when you run your ad campaign, visitors to your landing page will be added to the re marketing list. And then in future campaigns, you can target this list. So what you can do is you can create a separate art group, and you're just targeting people in your remarketing list. The benefit of this is that you have a greater chance of conversions because you're advertising to people who have already seen your offer. So for some reason, they didn't take action. Maybe they were undecided at the time. And then you are showing Europe again. So your brand awareness is better because people are already aware of you. So it's a little bit warmer traffic, then, just using the standard Microsoft advertising paperclip campaigns. But for this to work, you first have to set up your campaign, collect visitors, and once your list is big enough, then you can try to experiment with the remarketing list. 11. How to Create Captivating Ads: in this lesson, you will learn my method for creating. Captivating adds that get customers first. I will show you the process for setting up your ads in the panel. Then I will give you tips for researching and creating your odds. So in Microsoft, I will just go to campaigns and I will find an existing campaign that we can use. So let's go to click here. And then I would just select ads and I'll click on Create ad. In the next lesson, we will go through the process of creating the ads for our campaign. But in this lesson, I want to show you and introduce you to all the main parts off creating on advertisement in Microsoft advertising. The first part is to filling your final you are Oh, this is your offer Euro. Then you have a title part one. Part two and Part three. Here's how your advertisement will look in being and this top part this is your heading and it's made up of Title Part one, Part two and part three, Title Part one and part two is compulsory. 1/3 1 is optional, so if you want, you can leave this blank. Then you have your part. Now this is the display euro in your advertisement. So it comes here now. What you can do is you can customize your part. If you have a really, really long final euro, then you can customize your path to make it look simpler or alternatively. What you can do is you can insert a key word here, and this may help make your advertisement more relevant, so it's something that you can test. Then you have ATS text one and on sticks to. This is split into two parts, so you can fill in both parts. Or, if you want, you can leave this one blank and just feeling the first part. It depends what you're advertising and how many features you want to include, but I actually prefer to fill out as much as I can, so I recommend you fill out both sections and use the text to promote your offer for preferences. We leave this unchecked. This option lets Microsoft convert your ad into an audience ad and then display your arse on a non search engine network. This feature isn't available everywhere, but it will interfere with your tracking you can test this out later in a separate ad, but for now, leave it off, then you have mobile euro. If your mobile website is on a different you are l than your main Web site. You can enter it here and finally you have add Ural options. So, as you can see in this sample odd, which I created, I've got a tracking template. I will open this and yes, tracking template. Now, if you are using 1/3 party tracking solution, then you can enter your tracking Curole here. However, in this course we have already set up tracking and we're using the conversion tracking tax which are specific to Microsoft advertising. So in the advertisements that we create, this will be blank. Okay, So once all of these sections are filled in, then we simply click on safe and the odd gets created. And in the next lesson, you will see me actually feeling in this part and creating ads when we're setting up our campaign. Now let's talk about the at copy and doing some research to finding how you should actually write your ads. I see there are three ways of doing this. The first is pretty obvious. Just go to your offer page pick out the features and benefits that you feel would be valuable to promote in your advertisement. Here is my page, and as you can see, it is a simple page, but this can be used as a headline. Same with this free training. 10 common city mistakes And I could use this as the text. It's relevant. It highlights what I'm offering, and it is also relevant to the landing page. The second method involves brainstorming ideas. Now I know this sounds simple, but it is an effective way to come up with good ideas off what you can write about. It's also a good way to think of different angles, different targeting options for your offer. Now the third method is a really great method, which I don't know if you've been using before, but you simply go to Google and you type in a search term that is related to your offer. So I will just type in CV mistakes now sometimes what you will see, depending on your offer. Issues have ads at the top, and then you can review what your competitors are doing. How they are advertising and how they're promoting their offer. But for some reason, no words have appeared. But I do have organic search results, and I can see the headlines that they are using as well as the ad copy. So basically, I can review all of the headlines. And if there is something that I like, then I can pretty much copy it and use it in my own ad campaigns. Well, let's try a different search term. Like perhaps resume mistakes. Okay, in any case, for some reason I'm just not seeing ads on Google. Does that seem a little bit weird? But you have potential headlines that you can use and potential ad copy. Now I will do this process quickly, and I will make my own list and I'll be back in a second. So here's a quick list that I made. Now I divided this into the tree methods for finding the content that you can use in your arts. So firstly, I had a look at my landing page and I discovered that this is a good heading and this could be useful for on ad copy. Then I did my own brainstorming session of ideas, and I came up with a couple of these headings that I can use, and I also reviewed Google at. And these are some of the headings which I thought could be useful. Well, these air headings, but they can also be used for my ads text. I will put this information together in the next lesson as we go through the process off, setting up or pay per click campaign. In the process, we will make our ads and I will make reference to this spreadsheet and to this content to create my art. So this ends this lesson and, you know, know what is required for setting up your arts. You know the process off for setting up your as in Microsoft advertising any of a couple of ideas how to research advertisements that you can use in your own at 12. The Campaign Checklist: Tom here. This is a brief lesson to summarize everything that we need before setting up our ad campaign here. The main options. And I've set it up as a checklist for you to go through. When you set up your campaign for the budget, I will use $10 per day. I believe this is, ah, reasonable budget to start with for the location, I will be targeting the United States for the campaign goals. Well, there are two that you can use either website visits or conversions. Seeing that we have already set up our conversion tracking, I will use conversions as my goal are re marketing list has already been created and set up in the Microsoft advertising panel Now for the keyword research. We did that in an earlier lesson, and we already have three other groups set up with three keywords in each group, and the ad copy has already been researched as we covered in a previous lesson. So we have enough content to be able to create one or two really powerful ads. So now let's go and set up our campaign 13. Step-by-Step: Microsoft Ads Campaign Part 1: hi would all the theory behind us? Let's put a full campaign together. Here's the Microsoft advertising dashboard. Let's click on the campaign stub and click on Create a Campaign for the goal. Let's select conversions in my website because we have already set up the conversion tracking. Let's give her campaign a name. Let's call it CV Mistakes Landing page for the campaign budget, as I already discussed, we will set it up for $10 per day for the location. I will select the United States. Okay, now who should see your arts? This is very important. Make sure that only the 1st 1 people in your targeted location is selected. So the second option you want to and check it people searching for or viewing pages about your targeted location. The problem with this is that it will get you a lot off untargeted click from people in other locations. You see, Microsoft Advertising wants to get you as many clicks as possible. They don't care about the relevance of the clicks, but what you want is you want targeted clicks from people in the location. So you just want to pay for clicks, which are highly targeted and have the potential to be your customers. So make sure that the first option is selected on Lee. Now, for the languages, select the language of your offer. In my example, this will be English and then click on Save and go to the next step. Now it's time to add our keywords and create our ad group. So for this part, we will need to go back and have a look at the spreadsheet that I created earlier. And I have already opened it here. So here we feed the three out groups that I created. So I will copy these keywords first, GOP and I will paste them here for the ad group name. I will just call it keywords CV because CV is the main keywords that I'm targeting in these three words. Now, Ford keywords. I want to copy this. They have three copies off this because I will target brought much keywords phrase much keywords and exact match keywords. So I will add quotes toe one set off three keywords and brackets to these ones. So I have brought much type phrase. Much type and exact much life and thes keywords will be added to the ad group Keyword CV. So let's click on Save and go to the next step. Now it's time to create our ad. So quick here, create at for the final girl. I will use my London Pajero. I will just bring it up again. Okay. And here this so I will opiate go back to my campaign and paste it now for the title. I will go back to my spreadsheet and here I quit created this one and this is for ads. Now it's a matter off looking at these ideas that I've written down here and then creating some content for my advertisement. So I will do that right now. So after review, my spreadsheet I filled in my ad and it looks like this. Here's a preview of my ad from the Top View A Side View and I mobile view. So in the top you I have used to three titles 10 common CV mistakes online CV training, get more interviews and the description off my adiz records reveals the 10 most common CV mistakes that instantly disqualify candidates. Click here to get instant access. So now that this ad is created Oh, click on Save and create another because I want to ads Pariah group because I need to split test to find which add will perform better. And as you can see, it automatically copied all of the values that I set up earlier. So in this advertisement I will change the title parts, so I will do that right now. Okay, so I had a think about my titles, and this is what I came up with. Wants more job interviews, Fix your CV today. 10 common CV mistakes and then I will click on safe. So now I have created two outs in my ad group called Keywords TV. We hear you have odd extensions. Now add extensions are additional pieces off information about your business, like a phone number or location or a link to a specific page on your website. You can add these depending on your business. They're free to art. I will keep thing simple as I am advertising a webpage. Fourth evey mistakes, so I will not add any add extensions to my campaign, and I'll just click on save and go to the next step. So for the campaign budget, we will leave it at $10 per day for the bid strategy. I will change this because there are three options and we will select manual because this will give us full control over everything. Enhanced cost per click and maximize clicks are sort of automatic strategies in which Microsoft advertising I just the bits for you now we do not want it. We want full control. So I will select manual and now it's set up the bid for our ad group. I have to start with. I would just set it to say 70 cents. Now I can click on advanced campaign settings here. I can adjust the location which in this case I will leave as it is. Since I'm targeting the United States, I can set up on ad schedule. So this were involved when the ads will appear and when they will be turned off. And I can't even set up on which devices and the ad is to appear. And then here I have audience networks and our distribution audience networks. This is re marketing list and then we have our distribution. So here I am not changing this. I will leave it under top option so this will include all search networks as well a syndicated search partners. Now let's click on Save and Congratulations. Your campaign has been created, so now it will be reviewed, and if everything goes well, it will be approved, and then your campaign will be life. So let's have a look at our campaign. CV Mistakes Landing page. So far in this campaign, we only have one other group keywords TV. So if you go back to the spreadsheet two key words we've created this ad group we still need to create the second out group and the terror that group on. What we can do is we can manually create the ad group, manually create all the ads again and then at the keywords. However, there's a quicker way to do this, and I will show you how to do it in the next lesson. 14. Little Known Tool for Creating Professional Campaigns: Now that your main campaign ad group and add is set up, it's time to create the extra odd groups. Remember, we are testing three keywords Peyrard Group and three out groups in our campaign. This is done so that you can easily and clearly see which keywords are performing and which are just draining your budget. Using the Microsoft Advertising panel, you can manually create your ad groups and then manually create your ads and manually add all the keywords again. This takes a long time to do, and it's a boring task because there's no copy and paste function in the Microsoft advertising panel. If you want to set up more than one campaign, you'll just be wasting your time in repetitive tasks. There is an easier way, and this involves using the Microsoft advertising editor. This is a desktop application that lets you easily edit your campaigns and upload the changes to Microsoft advertising. This tool is used by professional marketers to create winning campaigns. First, you will need to download it, so let's do that now in your ads panel, go to tools and click on Microsoft Advertising Editor, then scroll down and click here to download the Windows editor or click here to download the Mac editor. Once it is downloaded, you will need to install it. And then after installation, you will need to link it to your Microsoft advertising account and then update the editor with your campaigns. So I will open the Microsoft editor, which I already have installed on my computer. Okay, so it's loaded, and what you will have to do is you have to add your Microsoft advertising account so you'll click on this plus sign, and then you will follow the prompt to add your Microsoft advertising account to this editor. I have already done this and it is here, so I will open it. And this is what this tool looks like. This may look a little bit intimidating at first, but I will go go through each individual section and it really it will become very easy for you to use on the left. Inside. We have all our campaigns. If we open the campaigns, we will see the different ad groups they're located would in that campaign. So if we select this campaign, let's close it. And then over here, below it, you have the campaign, the ad groups the keywords and targeting. And as you notice, whenever I added something over here, this main panel changes. So if I close this and I select the campaign, then I have all of the campaign settings here and then below this main panel. I can edit individual campaign settings. If I click on add groups, then I have the ad groups here so we can see that I selected a campaign selected the ad groups here. I can see the other groups for this campaign, and here I have all of the settings that I can change. If I click on ads, then I will see all of the odds that are associated with this campaign. And then here are the settings for each individual advertisement, and the thing goes, for key words, I have a list of all the keywords and the keyword settings are here. So which keyword did this and which much type and how much I am bidding for it. So sort of this editor is divided into the four quadrants were over here. You have the campaigns like the top level. Alternatively, you can even select add groups. Here you have access to the campaigns. Sorry to the campaign level. Our group level adds level as well of keywords. And once you select something in the main panel, you will see the main sect ing's and then below it. You have the specific settings that you can change. Now, using this Microsoft advertising editor, there are two important functions you must know about editing changes. Here you are not editing life changes dif changes that you make here. They have to be uploaded to Microsoft advertising. And for this you have two very important buttons. Over here you have gets changes and then post. So when you open the editor, you need to update it with your Microsoft advertising current state. So you click on, gets changes and then you can select your basic more data or get full account. I think full account is the best one, and then it prompts me to log into and Microsoft advertising. So here, what else Select is all campaigns and everything. I want the latest updates to be available in my editor, Okay, and now everything has been updated. Now I can make all of my changes and to my ad campaigns to my ads, campaigns, ad groups, keywords anything that I want. And when I finish updating it, then I have to click on post and by clicking on post it uploads any changes that I made here into my Microsoft advertising panel. So then these changes become life, and in the next lesson, we will work on the campaign structure and I'll show you how easily you conform it. It with three out groups and ever at group contains the keywords and the same at Okay, Thank you for watching this introduction off the editor. 15. Step-by-Step: Microsoft Ads Campaign Part 2: So let's complete setting up our campaign as you can see him. So far, we have just created one ad group, which was using the three key words with a word CV inside. So in this lesson, let's set up the second group and the third at Group. But let's do this using the Microsoft advertising editor, I will just open it. Then I will open my profile. I click on Get changes, Get full, comes Okay, everything is selected. Okay, here's my campaign. CV Mistakes Landing page, and I click here on odd groups and I can feed it. There is just one odd group here, and what I want to do is let's go back to the spreadsheet. I want to create the second at group Let's college resume keyword and then the third at group for people searching for a job. So back to the editor, I am in the ad group section, so I will just click on right click on this one. Copy and paste. Now it's displayed on Arab because it is a duplicate, but I will scroll down and I will change the ad group claim to keywords. Let's call it this time resume. Okay, no more error. Now let's again copy. Paste it. The third ad group I will call job Search. So now we have very quickly and easily created the three ad groups. And all of these are groups. Let's have a look at the odds. They're showing six ads, but these are two outs each pair at group. So to access individual ads in Ad group, What we have to do is we have to select the actual ad group. So let's let's click on Add Groups and let's say keyword, resume at group double, click on it and now we see the two ads that are located in that ad group. So the ad group keywords make this larger keyword resin ER has been selected. But what we have to do for this ad group, it's We have to change the keywords. So what I will do is I will actually select all of these keywords and delete them, and now you can click on add keywords. But this will take you more time because you can only add on individual keyword by using this button, you want to click on, make multiple changes and add update multiple keywords, and here we can paste our data. So let's go back to the spreadsheet with selector keywords copy and let's paste it three times. Let's form of the 1st 1 for phrase much, and then the last 34 exact much. Now let's click on next for here. You want to select keywords because that's what you are importing. Quicken next close. And as you can see, our art group has been populated with nine keywords. So we have three key words that are brought much. Three. They're afraid much and three that are exact much so that is for the aid group keyword resume. Now we still have to update this one. The ad group job search. So let's go to the keywords and let's delete these keywords. Let's click on make multiple changes. Add update multiple keywords and let's select these three keywords copying paste, paste based. I'll make these ones phrase much, and these ones exact much. Okay, no quick on next. Let's select the keywords bank, lickle next and clothes, and now we have the three key words, each in the broad, much exact much and phrase, much So what we have done with this editors, we've created two additional add groups. Each ad group automatically has the odds that were created in the original ad group, but we also adjusted the keywords. So now in our campaign, we have three at groups, and each group is targeting different keywords. So with all the changes made, we can click on post, and I would just set post changes to all campaigns and then click on post. Okay, and we can close this. I can close this window as well. Let's go back to actually to Microsoft Advertising. 16. An Overview of your NEW Campaign: in this lesson. I want to do an overview off the changes that we made in the Microsoft advertising editor. So let's go to campaigns. And this is the campaign that we set up. CV mistakes London Page. As you can see, this panel has been updated with the three ad groups. So let's open one of the ad groups. And here we've entered the keywords section, So we have denying keywords so once again exact much phrase much in broad much. The ads were automatically copied into this odd group. So let's click here and go back to have a look at the other ad groups. And let's click on keyword resume. And here the keywords with the word resin er in it. And the ads have bean al it automatically. That's the benefit of using the Microsoft advertising editor in that you can simply copy and paste ad groups, even easily update keywords, and you can even copy and paste campaigns. So, as an example in my campaign, CV mistakes Landing page I I'm targeting the United States, but if I want to target, say, Canada, France, Germany, then I would have to create a separate campaign and target that location. Using this panel, I will have to manually add everything, and it will take a long time. But if I used the Microsoft advertising editor, it's just a matter off highlighting the campaign that I want copying it and then pasting it . And it will do an identical copy off older ad groups, keywords, advertisements. And then you just post the changes to the Microsoft advertising panel. So I highly recommend that you get used to using the Microsoft advertising editor. It may take a little bit longer to learn, because it is a little bit more complicated, but it's what all the professionals used to set up their Microsoft advertising campaigns. Okay, and this concludes this lesson. So I hope now you are fully equipped with know how, how to set up professional advertising campaigns. 17. Final Remarks: hello and congratulations for making it to the end off this course. I hope you have enjoyed it and found a content valuable. I truly believe that this course has outlined an easy process that you can use to get targeted clicks on the Bing and Yahoo search engines. But now it's up to you to try the techniques and strategies that you have learned. Just be aware that when it comes to online advertising, never assume anything and always test every aspect of your campaign. Running ads is a bit like fishing, just like you need to try different bait, different fishing spot and different roads in your paper Click campaigns. You need to test different regions, different keywords, different arts and different pages you promote. Be patient and test everything. Once again. Thank you so much for going through this course with me. If you have any questions, just write to me. I will try my best to get back to you and good luck in your online campaigns.