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Advanced rigging and Animation In Toon Boom Harmony Premium

teacher avatar Sajeev .G Nair, Learn, Teach and Repeat

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction and class project


    • 2.

      Parenting the character


    • 3.

      Different methods of rigging


    • 4.

      Rigging the character


    • 5.

      Creating eye rig


    • 6.

      Mesh warp and envelope deformer


    • 7.

      Creating mouth shapes


    • 8.

      Finishing up the rig


    • 9.

      Animation Part-1


    • 10.

      Animation Part-2


    • 11.

      Ease in..Ease out


    • 12.

      Adding ease to animations


    • 13.

      Creating eye blink


    • 14.

      Finishing up the animation


    • 15.

      Thank you


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About This Class

Hi, Guys, this class walks you through the advanced process of creating character rigs and animation in harmony premium. This is part 2 of the rigging lesson. If you are new to this class I suggest you watch my previous classes on character design and basic character rigging. I will be walking you through the process of creating deformations and various methods to rig characters and will be animating the final character.

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Sajeev .G Nair

Learn, Teach and Repeat


Hi, I am Sajeev G Nair, I am a 2D and 3D animator and Motion designer with years of experience in teaching and working in the Animation industry located in India. I will be teaching everything from graphics design to 3D and 2D animation in my courses. You are always welcome to ask doubts and questions related to the course you are following. I wish all of you good luck and hope you will learn something new from all of the courses I am teaching. I wish you all good luck and happy Learning.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction and class project: I guess Welcome to this class on are doing shrieking and animation in tone Boom harmony! Premium! So your class project will be to use out orginal character Onda use on our drones rigging Onda finally using that particular give out to create an emission. So ah, once more will come to the class and ah, let's start. 2. Parenting the character : Hi, guys. Welcome to this lesson. So before we start drinking or character, we have to make sure that character is prepared for the region Are rigging process. So he had, as he can see, actually have made the character into a complete into a single group on If we actually go into the group here, you can see I have created picks for Utah. Four drawings here for us to even through that oppo body here. I haven't mean big controlling our entire upper body. So the parenting and the big Mother I have already explained in the basic reading part, you can actually go through dust That plus for learning more on how to create a mind, how to control the dogs. So in this class, we will be actually going along with this are doing streaking mothers. So these are all just a proper preparation off character. So here, the mean pig How created? I mean pig, which will control the entire upper body on DA second, which controlled were lead upper body from the hip to the nick. And if you can connect it to the full body right under here on the right, Hamburg will be there, which will control then the home. Then the handbag with the same big goes to the left arm and the left hand. And if we are actually foreclosing on the lower body, we have it big for the left leg as well as the right leg. And they left Sure. Big control, the left tissue as well as the Rachel. So this is our body big on. If we're actually going into the character heard group there, we actually have a pig's for each of four components like here. How left eye Big, which we control the eyes then, uh, pupils for the left are I onda right on the right and the right People's on and character heard which will control the character heard. And then the north speak which will control the characters knows we actually Baltimore under that big on that, the more big will be there Then teacher for eyebrows will have a big and finally the characters last will have a big on one main thing while preparing you want to make sure is every single one off the picture. How that send a port in the right question and we're creating the pig. You can make sure that you can select the transform tool on from the toolbar. We can actually select their or potato and locator Singapore to its right position. So one of them anything, or to make sure, is every picture. How the center poured in the right position where you want actually want up rotation Toby. So make sure that that this properly said on every one of the drawing should have ah, big also created. So it is the most efficient Graito control in illustration, or even a growing. So that is the most efficient way to control any drawings are creating animations because pigs will have more control rather than animating on the layer itself will be able to animate the pigs position, rotation, that kind of things. So it will be. It'll give us more control and they will be much more efficient. So that's the reason we're creating pigs for each of her drawings. So before we actually start rigging, make sure that you are actually doing more this process. On day, you're preparing this, my character for delegate process on. Like I said, you can actually go through the basic creaking class on there actually already explained what is a pig on how to create them? And what is how toe Elin, the Fairport points and the everything properly on. If you are completely new to that harmony, I guess I just you go through the first class which is creating this character in harmony on then the second on basic drinking. And the finally come back to this arguments begin cause so in the next class will be actually started drinking or character. So see you guys in the next video. 3. Different methods of rigging: hi guys will come back. So in the last video, we actually prepared or character for the rigging park. So before we get into the final rigging, So let's actually go through three different models off rigging in armory. So here we actually even through the one off the major rigging mothers are rigging, processing are basically in class, which is parenting weather, As you can see here in the north of you. Ah, wonderful example is just that. So we have an upper on north virtual country. The entire upper ended in lower and finally the hand. So that is our first example, which is spending mother and the second mother here you will be using our again told Father , Second down, third mother and second mother. As you can see here I have a little drawings which is our arm drawing as well, less our hand. Okay, so here, instead of having ah two different upper and a lower arm separately, were actually keeping the arm layer into a single drawing on the finally accompanied by the hand drink. So fasting we have to make sure is we have to make sure that our rigging tool panel is enabled so we can go to the window, may know Onda under the toll bus there to make sure that de formation is enabled. So once you enable the deformation option a top off the window, you'll get a deformation told. But Andi, which will contain our basic tools, further digging process. So next thing this. Make sure the tool Properties is elected Onda. Once you select the drawing, which is our arm drawing. After that, you can just click on the the ghetto ass again. See, in the video, I'm just clicking on the rigging door. Once you click on the tool, the tool properties for the particular tool will be enabled. And here we actually have several different options here. To major wonders, one is aware bone and articulation more on the 2nd 1 US government. So here, for the first example, will be using that born and articulation more so we will say like that. The born and articulation more. And here on the home, we have added three different bones or Nestle shoulder bone and the nail book and finally, the restaurant. So we'll just do that once you selected the bone tool. Just get on the door as a shoulder and then elbow born and the ones you could created toe off Doctor point bones. It is there. Languages are born, will be connected between the joints. And finally, we will add the wrist bone and don't know we actually have three different joints when it's over for shoulder, then elbow. And finally the wrist. And I want you completed, Daddy. As you can see on the wrist bone, which is the centre born, there is a circle around it. The Circleville can actually control the how that elbow is rotating. Like if you wanted more realistic you'll how to get the circle really small on day. If you wanted more cartoony Kyoto, make the circle really big, so I will just demonstrate it. So next our will select out and from the world. And as you can see once, they said at the grand from cool the entire de for mission we helped create it built on into green, which means we can no on the meat using this de formation, which is already Greek, an animated using lyric. So once you select the confirmation told you can actually control by clicking Wanda Bones and as you can see one while I'm using that upper born, it's actually moving along with that. Andi, If I used the lower born, it's actually the bend at the elbow is bending properly. Onda Now, if he actually tried to make the circle, are the elbow the circle around a bow born If you make it big, you can see the car reacher between the shoulder born under is bonus becoming more like a cartoon IQ Onda, Won't you actually make it short? It will become more and more realistic. So no, we can see that both of our bone is working properly. But here one problem is our job. Hand is not for living the wrist. So here in the north of you you can see that there is a de formacion note is created between the on, uh, arm big as well as the drawing. No, but the handbag is connected directly to sample. So we had to make sure that condition off the hand bay is under de formacion drawing. So when we actually moved law born hand also moves along with the wrist. So that's so letting go to make sure that that information is connected to the hand. Also, That way we will be able to control the hand well controlling Dedic. So this is our fast matter and no, Well, actually move into the second mother. And one thing we can make sure that the months you actually addicted the particular rig. If you want that toe reset to its or general position, you can actually use the ah tool. All the recent took her into cave stream. So once you select a particular bone or in a joint, you can just select it and conduct reset button, and it'll reset to its original position. So the zanies, even to keep that original position a recent so for our third demonstration this time will be using the car matter, so seem like that will just select the drawing on. But this time, instead of selecting the bone and articulation, more will be selecting the car mode. And the cull mode is actually, uh, used for much more cartoony or like elastic kind off animations. So here we actually don't have to create an elbow bone, so in sort of that will be creating a shoulder bone as well as the breastbone and in be doing. Everything will be controlled by a boat off this joint. So I just showed you so fast. It will be creating that shoulder born no will conduct wrist by clicking one That is, you can see along with the joints. We are actually able to see some handles so we have to extend the handle So it will be much easier for us to control. Will extend the handles both off the handles toe halfway So we'll be able to control it much easily once we actually extended the hand. No, we will take the turn. Frontal and Aviles, I will show you how to edited. So insured here will be moving the joint instead of the born the born The joints will be controlled and a second See here we have a shoulder joint as well. A service joint there is joined will be moving to a particular position on that handles will be controlling how the hand is looking. Okay. You like our Whether it is facing down or facing up like that, I will be. I will be defined by the handles. So he regency, by using the handles were actually able toe create a much complex shapes. Ah which we are not able to create our using it rig or repair. Indignant. So that's the advantage of creating car matter. This way we will be ableto create animations, which is like, really expressive or ah, more cartoon IQ or something like elastic kind of things. So ah, this is the advantage off using car matter. So ah, here also, we have to make sure that or hand is connected to the deformation, So we will just dough that will connect the hand pick to the deformation. That way we know we are removing the wrist joined. We're actually moving the hand along with battles. So these are the three major different matters off rigging in how money fast corners, as we actually went through earlier, which is our parenting mother. With that, we have three different parts, one of which is our upper lower aswell, as the hand for the second part will be using that information on Dhere will be using the born and articulation mode. So this mortal enables you to create bones three different born and which will be able to control the I put on Oh, as well as the low one time. And then finally the hand on the finally we we actually went through the car. Modern mutual helpers toe create ah, more cartoony or expressive and emissions. And, uh, but you'll help us to create our really expressive and emissions and much more elastic, kind off animations. So these are the three different mothers. And finally, all these three mothers will be used in our final character, Rick. So see you guys in the next video. 4. Rigging the character : Hi guys. Welcome back. So in the last video, the first video we actually prepared or character for the rigging process Onda. Later we actually went through Three different methods are freaking Onda first owned the character bearing drinking mattered. We actually already went through the basic reading process, Onda, while preparing your character of you did the same, we actually made sure all the characters, drawings, everything is proper and we actually relocated their center ports in the right place. We actually created off pigs for the drawings and we meet your they also harder port points in the right positions. So in this video, we will be actually creating the characters rig using the digging tools, andare, deformation, mothers just wreaking goals. So we'll focus with the nobody here again. See, I have the upper body part here. Onda Lower body is in a separate area so faster we will start with double body. Here we have our left arm on just like before. We have a complete single drawing for the entire arm for the operation Lower Amitay Single doing and family has ah, hand a separate drink. So we'll just start with selecting the left arm Onda. Make sure that the door properties is selected and even your argan tools told bodies enabled from window school bus and our deformation, I want you don't that are. Select the rigging tool and make sure that you selected, born and articulation more when you're done that over here we will be creating three different bones on this for us, older than elbow and finally the wrist. So just select the tool on. We'll start with the shoulder than the elbow. Finally, the wrist one week created these three bones. We actually can hear it at this point. While selecting the tool itself, we can actually make sure that their position everything is correct. Onda. We can actually scale down the influence off that will go born, so it would be much more realistic. And the ones everything is correct if you feel that everything is qari again selector on the transform tool and make sure that it's working properly on and and as you can see here on the rig, is working properly on once you actually move the rig using that term from or you can actually use on the reset current frame toll in orderto, said its position to the 40 new place. Like once You move that you can select a particle born and click on that recent current rental on the It'll just recent to its Georgina position. And just like before, No, our hand big. We have to connect with the deformation so we'll just go to the left on on Big will disconnected to the deformation. So whenever we moved America on handles all moves along with the deformation. Okay, so, no, we actually convicted left on drink. So we'll start are thinking right now, So seeing me really just like the drawing first, then we'll select the tool and first shoulder, then the elbow on legal wrist. Will you stay? Influence. We'll place the borns in the right positions once that is done. Yeah, we can check whether or not it's working properly or not. Andi Ieave getting this propaganda If you feel that it's perfect, then you can wonder the next lumps. Onda. Start drinking that so here will connect the right hand down the formation. We will make sure that it sells a working properly. When that doesn't we can actually move to the next part of top of body, which is over mean upper body part here, even for the body, also will be adding three different our bones, which is over hipbone spine and finally, the shoulder Oregon quality as Nick so here will select upper body same way as we selected , overhand will select up a body main body on double. The selector born on the heroes of abusing, born and articulation we just selected, and first are he bought in the spine. Finally, the nick. Once that is done, we can actually make sure that it's working. And if you want, you can actually are just that. The influence off that Spain bone to make sure it's more realistic or more car tonic based on your preference again a little while. Theis while user placement off the bones and make sure that it's actually up to your preference. No, we actually completed all the pro Bo Derek and the head part will be focusing on in the next class, and next time we're how toe do the lower body parts here say, maybe we'll be using. We'll be selecting. Starting the left leg will select the left leg drawing, then here also open leg, then the knee bone. Finally, the angle here also will reduce the influence or it will be much more realistic. We'll check everything, is working fine on the one thing is we can actually control the mean born the firstborn will be adding that we mean when we can actually control that mean born. And we can actually relocate any of the links to a different question. So, you know, we are updating We don't auto body about that. It's actually not aligning properly. Begin, actually, always move that the mean one. And we can really in it. So for the animation bumpers, it'll be much easier he opens. We actually done that will connect the shoe big toe the definitions or the show will be moving along with the legs upper and lower leg. Now we'll start digging that right leg. Select the drawing, seeing means like the pool in the upper bone. And then me. Finally the anger introduced the influence. Okay, then we've injectable. Everything is working perfectly. No, it just kind of the shoe big toe that information so the shoe will move along with that legs. Okay, that's looks fine. So ah, include so well completing that we actually complete today in their limbs, reading like a pro body. We completed everything and the lower body, everything we actually completed. So next thing is we have to focus on small things like small details like Noto. Make sure the moat, everything is remarking properly on the the I rig, we hope to create even the glasses. We have to creep Eric s so that the glasses will be moving along with that. And we're to make sure that the eye blinking rig everything is working properly. So in the next lessons will be focusing on the small details which will make or character much more realistic Onda, when we actually finally want to the on emissions. But all this rigging, all these elements will be coming together to create a perfect animation. So see you guys in the next lesson 5. Creating eye rig: I guess we'll come back. So in the last class, we actually completed our characters, meaning Lem's begin for our characters mean limbs and are so in this class will be focusing on the ice, and I bro's for that, the game park. So before we start trekking Guide, disable on the glasses for the character, so we'll be able to focus on dice much more easily. So for Dr Will just selector more often by kicking on the yellow box and we will just disabled layer for so we can see that it's in red color. So in that I exactly disable that department on for the eyes we actually have, or to a different part of one is on me. Now I and Allah rest. The next one is out of people which will be separate so forth, both either right and left. We have it separate. And now if we're actually moving that pupils, you can see it's actually going outside over. Yeah, I mean, I just made a mean white part of diets actually going outside the me nice iPod. So be Otto. Make sure that it's actually not going. I would say that I apart that which is containing itself. I said that I use itself, so we'll be using in North Kolkata. So, uh, when you go to the north library in the bravery parts, it will be most likely it'll be. There are other ways you can just search for Carter, and it will be a lover. So we'll just drag and drop the doctor nor indoor no review. Continuity is like a mosque. It's actually help us. Uh, control, uh, any particular drawings or anything like that of the mosque here we can see here. We're actually having to different connections here. Here. One is our main connection. We're just coming into the Carter Ana, that in connector, which will be connecting the media and fine our portal, Vidia Onda. Along with that, we have a mat. Matters like I will be able to connect reputable a mosque into that mark part on duh. All the drawings which is either inside or outside, that the mosque, it will be cut off. So here I'll demonstrate here we have to connect the cutter to our you player. No, we actually can do that. No, we need s a Brit Matt for our so here. What? We actually want us. We want the pupil layer. Toby instead. Mean I So our mosque will be the main iPod. So we will just duplicated this. I'll ear copy paste and well connected to the mat. No, at the moment you can see well, anything that the mosque to the med in port. The pupil is not visible. So next thing and we want to make sure they will go to the more options on here. We have an option for inward. No, I've done woman What is happening? Anus? It's actually everything outside that particular mosque is visible when we want the opposite week. We want everything in Satyam must be visible and everything outside the must be cut off. So here we have an option for inward. So we'll just enabled. Really enabling needed. We can see that. No, the mask is working properly. Everything inside the mosque is visible and everything else outside the must will be cut off. So we'll check it with Just select a pupil layup See at against me? No, I'm moving And everything inside the mosque, which is our mean I'm asked, is visible and well moving outside. It will be he unusable were cut off. So these over Eric, we will actually do the same thing to the next left. I also we just copy Pistor utterly nor the connected to the left pupil Copy paste or left I layer people connected to the mat. Since we actually already enabling muttered option We don't have toe that party any here. So no, both off rise will be working correctly. So now we actually completed the Eirik. Next thing is we are to focus under I brought back for the eyebrow will be using the deform mission. But this time in stuff our bones and articulations will be using cover Mother So we will sell die bro. Earlier we'll select the Richter and at this table select that comfortable and well I will be adding toe bone's one after And so they wanted meto are in and wanted to stop And we will make sure that all the handle everything is facing the right way No, we can see we are actually a builder. Control there I lost properly perfectly so we'll do the same thing to the great day but also so that the total of the ladder one of the top one at the bottom. And now we will make sure the handles everything insulin properly and were able to control it perfectly. Okay, so, no, we're actually completed the attic as well as our I brought eggs. So in the next lesson, we will be focusing on how to create the eye blink as well as how tow rig your characters glasses eso that if the character is looking down, the glass is also more along with that. It is going looking up on the glass is also moving up on a sideways also so in the next lesson will be focusing on that. So I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 6. Mesh warp and envelope deformer: Hi guys. Welcome back. So in the last video, in the last lesson we actually completed I, Eric as well as, ah, I brought eggs. So in this video will before causing when the characters glass as well as the eye for blinky I blinking and characters glasses. So in the previous lesson we actually disabled are I ice layer, so we'll just enable it back. So for the eyes, we have to make sure that I know the character is looking down to moving along with that. So here in the drawing told, we actually have a tool called Envelope. So this tool we can actually use for Intuit Lika once you select that goal and we will be ableto more their points, and we can actually reduce the number off picked and height arose number of rows and columns. So we'll be able to edit it in such a way that we will be ableto change it where it's actually looking down, up or down, something like that. So the problem with that tolars we're actually not ableto animated over day, so we can actually change individual drawings but were not able to an immediate. So that's the reason we actually have a separate are north colder. Mr. Up here, we can actually go toe on our deformation death here in the Notre Library. And if we can locate on the strap note so we will just drag and drop it and we can just committed once we connect that a normal little nurture to show to make sure that it's showing we can actually going toe the you layer and we can show and controls. So once we actually enable that, we can see that you say agreed disappearing. So that aside, we can actually see one circle is there If you click on that circle will be ableto scale it down to the size off for characters glasses and that we can actually move it. You feel locanda the greedy can actually instead of clicking on that point, See if you click inside the read, you can actually move it under repulsion it so we will reposition it on in descending stab in the north. We can actually did use a number off Rose being actually, Liza reduced the number off Ross here the mean use off this notice whenever the characters eyes is moving down Oh, for example, let's say, Oh, yeah, characters, right I use is moving down here Also, we have an option here. Toe show and disable High Lower Control decided. Tell a tale. Characters. I was looking down. So we wander Characters last also to be in that same question. So once we enable that Mr Up, we can actually 80 that particular points each off this point. And, uh, we can make sure that the glass it's following the ice while animating me may take a little bit more time. But this is the best. They control that throwing controlled her any mission off that last. So they know every we actually need that particular it developed. We can actually enable our controls other ways. We can just make sure that it's disabled so that so we actually able to control the glasses on the next thing is way. We have to make sure that we're toe see how we can actually create a Rick for our characters. I So we will be able to create a I brings on other things. So once again, me out or disabled at the visibility of that glass later so we will disable it. And next thing is we'll be focusing on the main iPod. So this time also we'll be using the deformation matters for the wrecking purpose. So we will just select their gentle and instead off carve or born and articulation. We will be focusing on the in militant mood and Mila borders just like we actually seen a earlier we can actually create. I think a long said that ice border and we will be able to control it just like Eric. So I will show you how to do it so well, just select the envelope more on that. We will be adding Boynes a long day just so far. Character site Well, adding, we will make sure that our characters the car is following the characters. I properly and we will you stop handles for that purpose. So here we can see em. Actually, adding points belong said I onda finally to complete the complete circle When we actually released start point, we can press the old president and you can click Kanda made circle on diet will help you complete that. And while eating the last lane we can actually press old in orderto control that handles individually. Once you complete that, you can goto there, down, transform tool And you can actually edit each of these individual points in orderto did I and begin used, uh, kind of here. You can see him actually showing how to create a blink. And even though it's actually showing a little bit off white outside that line when we actually render in their final render, it will not be visible while for the animation part. Whenever we're actually making a blink, we have to make sure that people Larry's are disabled for that particular free. So it will be dislike normal. Very normal. I blink. So this is how we actually created the rigs for our ice. You can reset. Then there born stood straight position on begin oneto The next time we will do the sea process here also learn four different points. You Jeffords corners top bottom and sites to individually. And you did the cause. We can press hold on the keyboard I'm taking You did once complete the circle press old again, click on starting point and it to complete tenders in Villa brick. We will check to make sure that even this is working properly you can t It's actually working. Quaked was no. Just reset it to its original position. Okay, now that we have completed that Eirik as well as our glasses, erotic photo glasses, we actually completed most off the oppo Bo Derek Now the leading me up to focus on us, our moat regal we need toe create are different mode shapes. So winner character is smiling or laughing or even talking We will have our different more ships So we are to make sure that we are creating extra Malachi for character. So in the next lesson will be focusing on how to creating more shape. So in the next lesson will be focusing on that. So see you gays in the next lesson. 7. Creating mouth shapes: Hi guys. Welcome back. So in the previous videos, we actually completed over character rigging. Using the deformation matters. So in this lesson, we will be learning how to create the rest off the more sheep on. And we'll be learning how to use the drawing, told Sue, create arrest off the moat and as well as the library to control the mold shape and how to enemy. So he had a second TV, actually. How the character And at the moment, we actually have only one single drawing. So want you selected drawing here in the timeline you can see here, two options will be highlighted. One us creating MTU drawing. That means one the one a single drawing layer. We are actually able to create a multiple drawings. Onda with the use off label Arabia actually able to control the drawings at the particular Keith Ring, which drawing is visible very people to control using the library planet on. The second option is creating in duplicate drawing. That means that we're actually able to duplicate an existing drawing on, were actually able to make mortification. Onda changes to them so it will be it'll become in your drawing and we'll be able to use that further. Any mission crosses so the first thing will be going over is how to use the empty creating a India drawing option. So before actually, we start drawing on doing that must make sure that doesn or your color Panelists electoral and all the necessary colors and everything is created. So next thing this once you select the drawing began actually clicked. Create India Drawing button on that which will create an extreme dear drawing on the labour replanning. And you can actually depend on the pencil or the bridge tool to create the best doctor More ships here. I have ah reference for the more cheap here. You can see we have, ah, reference for the world doubles and all the letters which will be used for the intermission . Oh, and other things for the lip sinking and rest of the moat animations. And here faster we will be at will be showing how to create that. Okay, they're going for the little So the first thing that we actually we'll be using the principle and I can select the pencil door when to select the pencil to a little be enabled on the background drawings will be a little bit and ah, visibility will be a little bit less. So that means we have No, We are actually drawing off Martin. And we can use the tryingto father started trying on. Don't you select a pencil to make sure that you are selecting the black us, and you can actually start drawing. Yeah, actually mean more cheap. Yeah, And you can actually simply draw older deed on all the drugs. Once you actually completed the drawing, you can use the selection tools and condos. Realtor told toe it it the sheaf on refining too much more. This is Lee, and you can make it much small scooter and for all that, but as you can actually read the growing much more, you see. So here I am using the Condor editor tool Well, in the points properly and make sure or drawing us properly. Island. And you can delete unnecessary points if you want. Okay. No. Once you make sure that all the drawings are properly Elaine, you can begin use the pin, salute Ito to me, and to make that in just small sharper boat. Make it more appeal. so you can actually follow the drawing class for this purpose and make the drawing much more propaganda. My spotter, once you've done that, you can use the being broke a toe filter, colas. So here just will be using the car black a little. Well, dame de space. And I can use a dark red for the tongue and the white color for the teeth. Well, I think there is a job here somewhere. You find it and feel it. Okay, So once you've done that, you can see No, we actually have. Ah, two different drawing here, our mean basic drawing on DA Finally over second, during which we have created No. So But this is one way off. This is creating. This is one way of creating motorboat ones and you can actually create a multiple into drawings. And will the characters more one by one. Andi, I can use the referencing Middleby. Ah, sharing this referencing Mitch on. They can use the reference image to create the rest of the more chips. So the next option will be using this duplicate drawing. So here. No, we actually have already have a drawing, which is this one And, uh, this time we actually have told rings one is a basic normal shape. And the second oneness What, uh, letter A like. So in the second, next for the duplicate drawing here, I'll be showing how to create the or is on drawing for the going for the letter T or us. So we'll be creating, withdrawing, using that duplicate off that duplicate off this particular dry meets be already happened so well, Well, the drawing layer and that particular drawing a selector. We can actually be a condom button called Duplicate the Drawing. Once you duplicated that particular drawing here, you are actually able to see one more drawing and that this is no duplicate growing. And at the start, we actually have a disruption. So after duplicating it, you can actually add extra Yeah, lanes, toe politic points much more precisely to match our drawing with the letter t on us. Who here we actually we'll be keeping this Lang street and I will select a pencil drawing on the here. You can see the pencil line is much for Tika, so we will just reduce the size two movie three earned. Did the drawing once you've done that, you can select the tools toe. Make sure that drawing is properly Allene American. I don't, David. Points just okay. Once you completed the drawing on extracts, more leaders begin actually oppressed worked on the cable to add extra points on the pencil lanes. And again you stop in Salaita to 80 points. You feel relieved? Okay. No, we actually completed. They're doing on day, we will feel the white color for the heat. And no, we actually completed Duplicate also here. Ah, seconds in. While well selected the drawing in the library panel. Now we actually have that going for the D and us. You can see we have the drawing for the T and s later as a less our normal growing, which we actually duplicated earlier. Onda we have the one we actually created as a new one. Also, Andi here, you can see actually already went through and created that stuffed up more chips. You can actually follow the same mothered and create the rest of the ships on. Do you can actually add more and more mode shapes if you want, based on your preference and our kind of an emission or what kind of expressions you are using Hander. You can actually create much small growing. So this is how we actually create our drawings for the mod chips. See you guys in the next lesson. 8. Finishing up the rig : I guess so. In the last few videos, we actually computer or character drinking. Ondo. No, we actually in this video will be putting your characters re to the test on day, I will be creating this animation a second. See here early we can see some changes in the hand onder shootings, and I'll be walking you through what an oil change is actually meat. And, uh, even your dick into the and, uh oh, drawings. Also. They're changing. And I know we have two drawings on. I will be going over all these things and off a little bit. Start doing our animation. So So here, if you actually see the and this is a writing mentor for Okay, So I if you actually look at the original, I haven't made any changes to the sergeant and I am disorder. Generally I'll be showing you what, No changes and everything. Amy Onda. We will be doing the same changes, and after that will be start doing the animation. So for no removal just will just end up, Then meet and we are lost. And after that, next thing there was first are a few things we outgrow. Actually So here we have the character oppo body and here we are actually going to connect the lower leg. They told the upper body is also so. It will be much easier for us toe control the character for its for a much easier controlling, disconnecting the left and the right legs to the apocalyptic. Okay, so no one that is now the next stop thinking here to make sure this in the character hurt big Going to make sure that character, the mosque and the people is coming to do that Respective Ibague. So why that ISS on important factors If you actually try to move that I if a move that I for fact, on die everything, even the mosque on the people, everything will be staying in Georgian position. So we want that the entire thing to be more than along with AII itself. When we actually bought the I V one, the people and the master be for a long time. So for that reason will be actually connecting that I take toe the people big so again show to see And after that the mask all's well connected so that I think so in we actually, loader, the main big will be able to move. And art, including the mosque, Everything will be OK. So for the left, I also will do the same. Okay, so this is one more thing. And finally, one final thing to do is in the midst. Strap off. Puerto will be changing the number off rows and columns on their arm, actually reducing uto one. So it would be much easier for us to come from. So I actually made of these few changes on us. We're finally we actually did are actually reduce the number of rows and columns under Mr Up. Settings on and Repair ended the people and the mask layer to the original I picked for the bow ties and our TV actually gonna get the licked pigs toe the main body pick. So far, it will be much easier for us. Took a wrong on that. Is that those Among the changes we actually data and once all the changes that we can actually move so that any mission Russ is so before we actually start enriching process here, Indoor general, if you have on orders here, we can see here the hand of the length off the handle things reduce. I have reduced it. So what I felt as I waas feeling that it does not really ideal to be like Gatland and also I just reduced it. So we'll be doing the same in the this on also the orginal Also so here, before that distracting than emissions are not just selected going will you go to go? Couldn't do really total And the first awful I want to read Look, remove extract ones So now we can just Selectric and believed it. Okay, once that is done beyond, the next thing is the artery are removed their that the car was turned or so to do that will just select the door condo related toe and holding water We can actually, with the Point Street with the line street begin to go That extra handles on the one stated I you know it should be now we can actually reduce that. Okay, so I don't And once that is done, we can actually we look at the time you can actually skills Don't if you want. I have a flu skill donors and the one started on we're toe to make sure that our recalls off his properly early. So once you enable that deformation in, go to the gentle and we can actually really in the joins swords there, major problem or anything, we can just relate it. When's when that is done, you can I limit the same letting every distributed. So it seems we actually removed all the extra busier handles and a little bit much easier for us toe control and a little bit cheesy. So one started on, we can actually one of the next time around will be able to do the same. So I just let the second together my left hand and okay, so now we actually don't all that. Next thing we gotta make sure you can see the hand is actually behind no handed behind the body drink. We want to make sure that the handers a border doing Ana, even the hands also well, to make sure that it's a border and the body and Alexander So to do that, what you can do is no, they're actually even see, even though we're actually working the next sand way that it is safe space in ward here. So here to make it, uh, come to the front. I begin to us against the left, a particular trying not to pick the drawing. It'll and you can press worked on the keyboard, and you can use the up and down at off down arrow if you press the old Onda press down Arrow means it's coming towards us. The drawing is for me towards us. That means it's coming or friend. And if you're pressing the up arrow means it's going backwards. So we can present, uh, I don't know. And make sure that that the drawing is a book so we don't get to the boat, the arms and the hands. So once you've done that, you can see the hand. This both the hand and everything is indifferent off that I don't know, we can actually release it. It's positions and are okay. No, uh, no. Actually completed almost all the changes and the next one thing we have to make sure we have the week off. One more drawing here for the hands. So we'll we'll really lose Well, just a little drawing. Although we have no. And then we can just sell a quick create and you drawing or even you can duplicate the toy . You know, I'll just duplicated after duplicating it can make sure that it is duplicated so that you can just relate the points. If you do wind out of planes, you can just you don't know if you can just d leaguer? No. And I'm just deleting some off the point. I would just make fist some fist. Doesn't have to be perfect clarity to start our look. They get pissed. Okay, Once that is done against, let the pencil toe and you can add it. Stirling's And if you want from this week's on bombs. So fingers, actually, ana after letter again use the principal editor Dorner committed. I think they just want shop. So the first big. Okay. One study done again, One of the next hand, and they hear on taking it for the same process. Okay, so we know how first and, uh, you have a normal hand for the growing. So I'm looking here to make sure this it's actually so when we actually start morning things really can see, even if many when we're actually making it, making our hand more or even animating. Well, I'm meeting with the information. If you actually select a big also, then we actually move. Even though our said the board everything is located properly. So once we actually move that hand began to the center part is not moving along with that. The reason is, actually the information is affecting that, uh and so properties. So the D for mission is the deformation, nor is affecting that hand big hand drawings and about the pig under drawings. Send upward and all the properties play come translator scale all that. So we have to make sure that while connected to the deformation way still have told me, Make sure that it's actually made in in the original or patient property, everything, all the property it's maintaining on the scene. But we still want that to be connected to the deformation. So for him to do that, we have a separate not called the cinematic corporate. Thinks this particular note okay, one to type in a medical, but it's actually available here a little. So once you actually connect this note, what does know what He's actually doing? This. It's actually helping us toe. Keep them for the transformation property, everything see a sui, actually a Plato that original pick withdrawing and why still connected to the deformation . So we are still able toe rotate the control, that topic using the deformation. But at the same time, we're actually able to mean ended or Arjuna or a patient properties, translation, properties, everything do that well, general value, we actually previously said. So this is one more important thing wherever we are actually connected. A separate big owe something to the deformation pair to make sure that it's actually connected through economic or personal. So we'll be ableto like individually animated without having any problems. So this is one nothing important think, and this you are a result of make sure that this is actually done properly. Otherwise, what happens is, uh, while animating after like moving, creating law, fewer emissions are even doing some off the on emissions and all you'll be facing Lord Off problems like this. So the help o r. Word this kindof issues, and so that's the reason we're actually setting off all these things way before we are actually going into the any mission. So once we done all this process, we can actually worn on start doing the animation, so the next to be the own words were actually going toe start dying mission process. First it will be make Shinsho All the tools and everything is safe for the animation properties on the ones we actually don't that will be started doing the innovations. So see you guys in the next week. 9. Animation Part-1: So I saw this video on once we had actually been tracked down Mission process. So first thing, we have to make sure this once we actually start doing that, we should be out of each other here. The animal it garron frame option is on. And that is for not me primary thing toe because most off the names, like some difference after they don't have this option. So once you actually start doing like the animation, the key things will be automatically created and you will have that animation so into one bomb. What happens is if you actually don't turn it off, it's actually not recording. The animation is not actually being created. So one off the meeting you to make sure it's actually. Then the animation is turned back and be out to select the on image current three motion. So before we're actually going to go that way to make sure that we are to create a line told, make sure that our characters ground well, the character is standing. So you know that this creator drug dealer on this stay per on this clear ground. And now you're the pain shit was to create that straightly? Nothing else. Discreet the lane, Andre Just blazing some levels. Okay. When did I don't know, Really? Just long earlier. So this is served on. Okay, So once that is done, we can actually, the next thing is we're so said The frame. How many seconds? All How many frames were actually going to do the animation. So for here, I'm actually sitting there on a mission to beat you Be 30 seconds. Oh, so that the difference that so here. You can actually extend that. How many frames frame exposure in here itself? I consider that difference. Okay, once you actually after that. If you start dragging the player hand, look and see after first thing, uh, the ground layer is actually disappeared. So here, if you actually get off that off button, you can see, Actually, that drawing is exposure or leave for the past one maneuvering. So who exposed that layer to the get free? You can actually see, like, the last thing, which is that they did nothing and I can press a five on the people so totally on actually extend that explosion in the last three till where we're actually sector. We can actually do the same for character. Also, you could snapped up missing. Okay, once that is done, the next thing you know to make sure we have it over here for the Annan mission purpose. And if this whole body is not available here, you can go to the window menu Onda under dual bus. You can make sure that I am late. You selected so once you could start selected, it will be empty on. But also want you actually selector. You will be anything a little about that. Everything for these areas are not patrols and are for the school do their emissions and properly. So after this and next thing this here to make sure that animate current premium sport. So one targets done No everything. Whatever. We're actually going to go. It will be a key frame will be created. Okay, so next thing they're actually going to do us, we'll be creating that he poses. He pauses in the sensory. Actually, how to create some key poses like a here are mean for this. He's actually looking up. The next oppose will be He's actually looking down straight at looking ST So that is the next People's. After that, he's actually preparing for the gym. Then he'll be on the air and then, uh, retaining. You'll be back on the ground and up there. Start the animation so that the things would be going mental so he free mechanisms were actually going toe. Does the computer or the software that this tree here, for example, on the 1st 2 Premier actually have it different? We're all really created. So here we are included in the computer that this stream the character is doing, that course he's actually looking up. That is a pose he's doing after that will be saying after a few frames repeating three Mora , maybe nine or 10 to 3 we'll be seeing is actually looking straight so there will be a transition will be created with doing that trips. So traditionally, we also create an emissions for the every single free or that only difference. It's actually different on the animation, so we'll be here. We're actually depending on that to mean an emission mobile. So what are here will be doing this will be a defining the cave claims. That doesn't mean things like a custom frame with dream like that. Onda inbreeding frames the transition will be automatically created when the country drove the software itself. So we are actually, depending on the I'm voting for that in Belize. After that, we can actually refrain that animation much more precisely to get our decided. That is. Okay. So here, fasting here to make sure this are faster keeping it has ah, with a dicky three musica created for then there, uh, all the pigs, all the layers, everything. Make sure that we can actually select a fusty onda press if six on the keyboard to create that people. Once that is done, we can influence go back and, uh, defend. This was a little bit. Yeah, actually, I'm just reading your balls. Here are the characters handle it completely straight. Actually, it's not looking. So here I am. Just making it should change this, Okay? Nobody actually said post for the character's hands, and so no will be creating the next keepers. So while the smaller player handled so maybe free number read 700? No, I'll just select the numbers. It. So at this moment, our character will be like standing out with straight and he'll be looking arse into 3/4 kind off you. He'll be looking a sideways. He will not be looking straight at us. So at this point, I will select all the looms all this layers. We actually created the rigs for that This layers. So I'll just select those layers and will enable the rig. So once Dr Done at this moment, fasting is our characters Body should be straight. So for that, I'll just make our characters body little with street. I was actually looking street, okay? And we'll just more than hang Oh, God, Next thing, those they are doing Potato Head and were to move ahead also. So instead of selecting the one thing you have to make sure is north of you, sell occurred authority easy for us toe select a particular pick. So if we thought selecting that if you want to use a shortcut article doors, you can select a particular drawing. And if you press be on the keyboard, it will just select a big just that drawing its parent. So one super is the bigger be Burton here, for example, if it just be no, if we actually go and go that we can see We actually said that The head layer here, Fentress Bill, once it will select the head pig. So if they tried to rotate it, they only the head drawing will be irritated. The rest of the elements in the fact did it will not be selected. So if you press will be once more no, they head biggest selected. So at this moment that we can actually move, I undertake the big under two create a differing for the entire components and the big standard A. So this is if you want oh, like to speed up the process You can do this process and a little faster you'll be able to select the pig. And if you're having confusion, if you don't know how many pigs you're actually created And at that moment we can actually come back to the new review and make sure that you're selecting that I pick. So once that is done, we can actually I do some changes to the hands off. Okay? No, if you actually know back and forth again. See? Did you see a small An emission has happened. So here is actually looking up on asked me actually move forward. He's actually coming to a resting position on a little. You're animate all of these elements, so he'll be looking straight. So next thing they don't know who is thereto. No, the more a little bit down. So, Bill, selective motel ear and the press beyond the keyboard. So the more big will be selected. So just more than more than three. Big next is our North. Same thing with this small, the North little they don't. Next, they will go for the I. Okay. No, we since we actually re located on ice. Next thing we are doing anymore door glasses. So to do that will be I enabling a selecting the strap and away we can enable that, Mr Eiffel. No, you know Kenya once we actually don't that we can. Actually, it, at this point beginning actually ended up blind to make sure that it is properly unlimited . Make sure that drawing is matching closely to Georgina. And if you want to get actually spend more time and make sure that it is perfectly yeah assembles older, you know, for no, I think it's fine, actually. Animating fine. Also so one to none that I can see the character is looking down. But one more problem is our nose layer is going behind the glasses. So what we can do is, you know, the same thing on the first layer itself. We can actually said it didn't know speak and that we can actually for low to seeing process. We did earlier. We can rest, worked on the keyboard and again, President don't know. So by doing that will be ableto make sure that that particular knows Drawing. Yes, it boom the glasses. So ones that died at the time you into the characters, I am admitting Garrity on Duh. Yeah, I actually change, uh, position off the people's a little bit on The one started when we can actually look, animator eyebrows also okay, No, we'll just layout and mission once, okay? No, the character is looking now, Onda, we actually completed that mission. So the next thing is fair to start and meeting our jump. So now this is done. And one nothing, Actually, if you actually expand this group now, here you can see on the animation is created for the entire layers. Every pigs, every single Wanatah components we actually have the deformations, the layer, the big prettiness, everything have a different. So if you want to, individually animated can go toe that individual element undertaken, animated, separated. That's the reason we're actually using all this. So here we'll be ableto on Emit the pigs as, um uh, mean, they like an emission element on. If you want to have a separate and emission, you can actually animate the layers also, but I wonder recommend animating the layers. It's so because it's not a proper thing. We have to create extra picks if you want to animated individually, getting desperate big in between and take an enemy that so we'll be able to have ah, multiple and mission for a single element. So this is all based on emission once that is done. Well, actually, more than the next work. So the next one he is actually starting to Jim So before starting good in there isn't and insufficient on dissipation innocence. He actually have to prepare for that, Jim. So that is an expert. We're actually going toe. So here actually will want to the maybe something that owned up 14 frame would, uh, just select told frame. Okay, Doesn't maybe it actually something. Make sure, uh, de formation is enabler for them. That okay now? Fasting? Yes. Were to make sure that our bodies actually coming down. Okay, So along with that dream or the hand on the hero total characters, legs will be predicted. And if you wanted small, like cartoon Nick, you can actually extend scale this on, but they do look much more. The bender will be much more like a cottony. We'll see on if you want. You can actually reduce during the lengthy. Here. Also, bay I am eating the particular born here for No, I'm actually doing that. Okay, Once you're done dark, you can actually select issues. Just be on the keyboard feed and make sure is actually grounded properly and will really the hands once more. Same thing goes for the head also. Okay, so Tonto character is coming down as he actually moved on. We want our characters more cheap to be is actually more excited about distance over your to make sure that that is expressions also shows. Does he? So here really selected one of the most cheap for that happy except that kind of thing. Okay, for now, I'll just like this one. Toys actually excited about this, Jim. So in between, if you want to make a different shape also, you can actually select a particular trying here. This is our normal more cheap. So as he actually moved on, if you want to make sure that exactly smiling 100 being actually make sure that is actually smiling. So here, here, as he looks, Stone is actually happy. So he's a smiley on a side. You move down. He's actually excited. At what did you can just set this up. So as he was accepted. So this is our next Kifri. So no, we're actually created the three million. Give him. These are general position, then he's actually looking down. Then he's actually preparing for the gym. 10. Animation Part-2: the next door knows he's actually in the air. So we'll just more maybe $17. Maybe some thing out on 16. The flame. And we will just just a little more than Headley. A little bit. What? On this rotated little bit, Learn the body layer. Here you just rotate the goody regiment in the hand as the hand moves forward, you every wonder and to be off something like that on just skilled edition, Little bird, something like that. And this handle the here. Okay, on our legs also. He'll be on the and this leg would be a little bit ST destroy humanity having that house on what door did you know? She something so us. We actually completed AC one mochi. Pushing you can see is actually the bidding. Yeah, he's actually looking down and is betting, and there is actually jumping hand slightly more. Asi Jim's up. We want the hand to be changed. So he had this moment of this gave him will just select their hand. Just change it back. So this open hand. So he's jumping And then we wonder, seeing the admission to be recreated the next one. So I'll just select this gift. Languages are up. 12 gave him, and we'll just copy it. And after we'll go toe few frames, he had the distances or most off for 34 frames in between. We have a gap. So in this time, we're actually going to make our one more stuffing here will give four frames gap, and it will displace it so quickly, like a few minutes in the air. It will be a few minutes after that will be coming back down and then he'll be going back to the rest in post. So here, also after that to the rest Wrinkles. Soviet actually, no, created all the key frames I can see. He's actually Jim being up then coming up. So once we actually come live, Flake completed all the key frames. Now we can actually start preventing our animation. So if you feel that an emission is still fast, uh, now is the point. You'll be relocating the an emission key frames and will be moving a few frames. So here we can actually give more. No dame in beauty, so they will be so. And if you feel that the animation is this to any mission here is actually jumping is coming down. If it if you feel that that is about that almost the same, you can actually make changes there. True here. Well, Genting is going down after that in determining if you want to change man emissions, you can do that. You know, Just make the hand us coming a little bit slow, Uh, by adding an extract different. So you free. Actually, if I didn't add this here agency know that right hand is towards up touch leave pointing up on. And if it's actually and it's coming down really fast and in beginning, we can actually create one key thing, and we can make sure that the hander's still having a it's still pointing a little bit up. So that way, these two key frames will have will take more time to enemy, so they will be a little bit of random. That's a little bit changes in that mission on the one wanting as he Jim's up. We want toe at this moment when we when he actually does up, I want to create a eye blink at this moment 11. Ease in..Ease out : I guess you're number. So before we actually start animating, I want oh, walking through one of the major on mission transmit. So we're not the major and mission principle is easy and it is up. So for every an emission, we have to have this principal a plate. So So what is an easy in and easy out here? I have a circle, and here it's actually animating also on the US, we're actually moving the animation. You can see there is nothing much about it here at exactly the animation speed is concerned . And, uh, you know, it doesn't how much of her personality or anything like that. So that's where reason and these outcomes in So here, when she actually celibate, growing on the here, you can actually access easy. Nanda is out for multiple parameters here, One changeling worn toe that here you can see for the first fling. Uh, if you are actually familiar with three D animations off, there's it's actually pretty calm in their own three D engineers up there. Also, you actually have a similar turned off set up there will be able to animate, actually did the ease in and ease out for multiple parameters. This like this on Since we're actually having more late single and emissions from, like, way to live, we can actually play the same musing fota and there, uh, look up all the food and split car rotation scales community on here ass again. See here, Snow showing us straight link on means the animation is like, really concerned. It is not much going on here. So to make sure that the animation have a life, we have to have the easy now result. So what is easing and is old, uh, easing on these old means when she actually start doing something like a here. For example, if we are certainly starting really slow on Bennett's speeds up and again, it's slowing the soul. If he actually able to do that kind of animation, it'll be much more. I will show much more life on the admission. So that's the reason we're actually having an emission in super Xander in that animation principal using. And these are really important. So, for example, for no here you can see way have ah, the graph here itself. We can actually get in the graph itself on Dusty unit. The graph this handle you can see on that time and the while you Rachel's moving for now, we're actually eating that a visual. So here we give you go. Actually going toe, Keep the while you're issue zero on. Duh. I'm actually giving the right thing. 80 80 means once and give their Why do Toby 80 here. You can see it isn't Carvey's generator. So at this what this guy was telling. Now the animation is actually starting really slowly as it moves forward. Maybe from the fast train toe. If the third of three middle Bilic slow after that, it will be speeding up as it moves to the 11 12 frame. It'll be, like, really fast. And then again, it'll be moving the same speed. Okay, So that this generation this change, we are actually a plate with the festively Andi here. You can see once you actually add died that we're gonna how played here. And since we actually have a different way Efficiency left and right, since this is a little faster claim were actually able to have a leader right angrily on duh after a plane this When do we can go move forward to the next to one that is the last of three here. Also, I think this is the last thing we really have the left timely issue. So here also will give the value to be 80. So one Children that they can see the paragraph that is a perfect a skull with generator. That means the animation is starting really slowly on its speaking of the speed on diggin it, stopping really slowly. So once that is done now, if you feel that that will, once you play all the values and in this place a play on disclosed the window. So now if you play the animation, can see the surplus actually starting really solely under, and it's actually picking up some speed and then it's actually slowing down again. So so that way. Converted orginal we can see. Actually, it's actually making much more, uh, life in the mission. What a gamble. Just create a separate layer. And here also just one more circa. So there you go. Original position for the supply. Lovely to see a mission. So for us to think ne last. So here you can see as we actually play you can see the changes in got off the admission. The first awareness actually, our white circle is actually how much more life in that admission So exactly starting slowly and it's moving parts and it's safely and excellent and are black, goes that it's actually the time is really continents much more mechanical. So it's actually no like evening. Much more, uh, a way for energy in that. And so this season and these roses, this animation principal will be a plane in our animation on. And I hope you will understood this on in the future classes for the mission classes. Well, actually learning much more about of admission principles and will be diving more into that . So for now, you just auto destroyed a this easy 90 zone, and I hope you are in the street. Danda. So let's start dying Machine office 12. Adding ease to animations: so before that, we have to make sure that we are adding at this moment. If you're actually playing the animation, you can see the timing and everything is almost to see. Okay, so So make sure that there is a difference in the animation on it is easy and it's out in the animation had means exactly starting fast on the scene and these orders with winds. A manned mission is starting a the little start first and in be doing, the big point will have more speed. And by the time it's in again, it'll be slowing down that that's easy. Nineties up, that kind off chain just we have to make in the animation we are get begin on emission sources. So to do that, we will be using easy nineties in graph here that here we have an option for cities. Enough reason for my Deborah parameters. So if you are actually going down no, we actually have ah lot off key frames. Really, If you want, we can actually going toe each of the K frames and we can give that a scene and diesel, But at this moment, I'm not going to do that I'm actually for the upper body pick for the mean pig. So by that, when we're actually doing that, it'll actually influence that pigs and an emissions below that that create an animation much more. Yeah, it will be much more realistic. And it will be much more number. So to do that we're actually hostile. Select up a big and, uh, actually, Candace option said, is for multiple parameters. So once we're actually selected that they hear agency begins, you will see a few frames. Fremont. 037 And if you're actually helping any three, these officers What? Uh, anything like that. You have already seen this kind of graphs there. Also, we have the same kind off a draft where we're actually wear, actually ableto multiple parameters. And he had, if you want to get actually really teach better, that's a prickly. But at this moment, I'm actually going to return. But I'm scared. Well, the parameters I'm keeping select era, and I know I am a leading that. So no, we're actually re actually wondering mission to be starting Know the and Graphics Street. That means the animation is, like, really constant under There is not much authorities in there. So here, right name issue and the left angry She really actually since deserve us to free me and actually have only write immigration school here. Drink on, Rachel Value. Just give me something like 80. That means now that the mission is actually being starting slow Aseem as it moves up like, uh, speed up. And then it may be slowing down again. So now for the first time frame were actually given, right? They re sure to be 80. After that, you can goto let's a play and an X That means it'll play. This changes what we have done toe on and are disputed Love free and we don't want to the next to think so I will just note that just like playing the next Onda. No, we can see it's actually one of our eight to frame and forward. So here also here we have ah, left time ritual. So So here left a means from Muto three Miranda backwards. So here also just give seeing value. So I say give the dazeem illiteracy here agency It's actually slowing down and speeding up and again it's lined up so you can Actually, right now, I'm just giving some constant values. After that originated on this value sander, we can actually refrain that an emission much more properly. So here I'm giving the same I do. You have a being sort of 83 wonder thes animation to be like little now. It's actually really extreme. It's actually slowing down, and it's faster and again. It's long. Don't relief us. So if you want that were really Ilic or widely and really less then together used the value to be maybe 40 years on on the extreme animation will feel it's much less for now, I'm just giving you dated and then even the same man lose and I'm moving forward. So he had also just maybe you will give guaranteed bleach when you so it will be. A small car will be created at this point. If you are much more smoother, you can get 40 years ending and it'll created for a complete cup, and you don't have to give the same man do at each of startup like right and left. I can actually change the world. Just reading your toe should is there top What other kind of animation you're designing. It's actually coming exactly like that. So I'm just going forward and doing that under all the awful gift names on the one sold out . Don't you can actually close the window on. I can animate Oh, you can display their mission. And here you can see the animation is much most motor on were actually able to see much more changes in that mission here, if you have actually were no look at that admission. It's actually here. The legs, the gym band, everything, like much more motor. Now we're actually able to give much more life in the television eso make sure that you are actually think this easing and resulting that. 13. Creating eye blink: So one started on next thing near toe first. How that I am blinking like I said. So for Dad. Once the character is at here at this point, he have You got to make sure that he is actually, lead is actually blinking. So for that, first of the year to mature is our glasses. Layer is disabled for a moment. So once that is done at this particular frame, the for the book off or forays, we will just enabled on the formation for both off race. And uh, no, just make sure ware not able to see any of that white colors. Just, uh okay, So once that isn't even no, begin to that you're actually able to make it. I have been here even though that some by calories spilling out in the rain that poured, it'll not be visible. So I don't have to worry about that. And we're nothing. Got to make sure that people there is disabled at that time. And what things? Hair you can see now if we actually play the emission actually playing from this pretty lucky every so the blinking, it's actually taking much more time. So toe avoided that. So this is our mean from under 16 frame. Were the characters blinking? So maybe we're not two frames we can actually come back on here at this point, will be re sitting on the point to its fortune person. So that means from this free that does from the 14th to free the bling girl bit blink, an emission will be starting. So until that point, everything is correct. So arrogant. See from this 14 to free the blinking starting seeing way at the 16 different The eyes are actually back to that or delusion That means the blinking in the convicted. So we will reset that ice position in 16 03 miles up to make sure that blinking us completely properly so know where actually added two extra. When does a hand up at this point of you have to make sure that people layer this decision . So what we can do is we can actually select that particular for you, and you can just press create, indeed drawing. So for the bill to people, you can just select, attacked particular free and click create imbudo. So one doctor particular frame that the friend will be empty ones that is done for the next two frame. We can make sure that I said, actually coming back. So it's what do that position so know if you actually play can see the character is blinking and it's working, forgiving. So once that are blinking, any mission is completed. We can the enable the glasses later. Okay, no one's more will display it. So the Garrett Feliz looking now then he's actually jumping Asi gems. He's actually blinking. Then he's actually landing knock so 14. Finishing up the animation: one more final thing we are group creators will be creating in chard off character. So for that again, same thing, we're actually going to clear their separately. We'll call it Shardul on, but this will be below the character animal Just selector Lips store, Nuclear day lips just below Erica I love for the lips real Just Phil Black alone on a in the layer Properties will make sure that to lose opacity, he added, After ones are things we can go to the settings and here we'll just released capacity to maybe 40% so that giving me actually rendering mostly when we actually indirectly character the shadow will be like a transparent. So one started turn. We can actually disable over ground layer end up for the shadow We will just expand it Exposure also toe till the last layer on discrete cake for the last for the showed Also name it The village is recent IDs sport born through the Cynda for about the drawing and for the big So no, we're actually going toe animator shadows. So for the first time frame, it will be the shadow will be the same. So I decided I have six. And for the second next turkey also the same middle become Dini on as he come down Just extend the shadow sideways it a little bit. So that means she's actually RC comes down The shadow is expanding a little bit And then as he jumps up, the shadows shrinking And a little bit then as it comes down again the sea inky Freeman can actually Akopian beast come the dawn. It's actually coming on a zit goes back to its for general position. Just copy paste origin it place. So no, you've actually played an emission. You can see you in the shadow themselves up anyway. Okay, I think. Okay, No. Oh, I know We're actually convicted The animation. Also No one final thing, but there to do us. You know, the important background also. So the entire and mission become leader. So here I go to death. Fellman, You important commuters. Okay. Here, Justine. Border bathroom water and just skillet. No reeling it. Okay? No, I will hide doctor bleeding lays. And so, as we can see, somehow the bathroom doors are limited. So as we can see, the character is actually on our background and uh, he's actually Jim being not coming back. Okay, so these are admission eso we just completed the admission. So I hope you will understood or whatever was explaining on you Understood all there rigging process and any mission. So the final thing we're told was were toe export animation for that. If you want to export, uh, we can go to the final. You know, your export here in the movie section, the default a bit up being the former can actually select up where you're actually saving your files. Yeah, to where admissions will be rendered. So it is out of commission 40 GMT. What character is looking up and he's looking at us on, and he's actually jumpy. OK, so that's our animation and out Thank you guys for watching. And I hope you will learn something in there. You're able to industrial ability. And if you have any doubts or questions or anything like that, you can always ask me eso Thank you for watching and happy any meeting 15. Thank you : Hi, guys. Thank you so much for completing the glass. So I hope you will industry the process of creating the rig on DA the admission process. Also, don't forget to complete the class project and share it with the community once more. Thank you so much for watching the class happy animating.