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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Trailer


    • 2.

      What’s your Vector Victor? Getting Comfortable with Illustrator


    • 3.

      How to Set Up Your File (Digital and Print)


    • 4.

      The Mighty Pen Tool!


    • 5.

      Creating Shapes like a Boss


    • 6.

      Typography and Fonts


    • 7.

      Working with Photos in Illustrator®


    • 8.

      Fun With Gradients


    • 9.

      Blending and Transparencies


    • 10.

      Creating Different File Formats (Digital and Print) and resizing


    • 11.

      Let's Create A Flyer Now!


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About This Class

Doing graphic design "on the fly" is the best teaching method. This course is less about graphic design theory (although there is theory sprinkled throughout) and more about execution, how to get this stuff done now! This is the prefect starter course for someone interested in become a freelance graphic designer or a small business owner interested in doing their own graphic and promo materials. Learn the basics of graphic design so you can get started on designing your own marketing materials, social media graphics, business cards, advertising and websites for your business or your freelance clients. I pack engaging content into 10 videos lessons that teach you how to design in both print and digital mediums. 

What Can I Expect?

I designed this course for someone who has had limited time in illustrator®, but I do recommend acquiring the software before starting the course to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and buttons. There is a free trial of Adobe creative suite available at  I also move at a quick pace, there is so much to pack into this course, so I designed the videos with playback in mind, and I expect and encourage you to re-watch videos. This is a starter course so not everything can be covered, so stay tuned for additional more detailed classes to come. 

Class Breakdown

What’s your Vector Victor?

Getting Comfortable with Illustrator  

How to Set Up Your File (Digital and Print)

The Mighty Pen Tool!

Creating Shapes like a Boss 

Typography and Fonts Working with Photos in Illustrator®  

Transparency & Gradients

Creating Different File Formats (Digital and Print) and resizing

Let's Create a Flyer!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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1. Class Trailer: This is the Adobe Illustrator crash Course. This course is perfect for people who have little to no experience in Adobe Illustrator and want to dive into the program and learn it. Now we'll go over shapes, over pin tool colors, Bill, radiance, blending and much, much more. We'll also go over how to use photos and cross them an illustrator. We'll even do a flyer as well as a test. So sit back and enjoy these air. Just clips from the course, and I hope you like it. 2. What’s your Vector Victor? Getting Comfortable with Illustrator : going to learn about Adobe Illustrator arm. So let's go ahead and open the Adobe Illustrator program and get started. So first things first kind of Familiarize yourself with the interface. We're going to just go ahead and open up a document. And the title of This is What? Your vector victor, which is kind of a play on old maybe, but sector is incredibly important to know, the more that you can design anything in Vector, the better vector can be used for digital and print mediums. So let's go ahead and find out what vector is. So let's open up a new document and there's two different kinds of documents you can open up. You can open up one for the Web, which is gonna be in pixels. Are you gonna open up one for a print project? Let's say you're putting off Flyer. Well, that's always going to be in inches, um, or less year in Europe. You're gonna use other measurements, but let's do a digital document. Let's do a Facebook ad. So let's do kind of a standard 1200 by, let's say, 600 pixels, kind of your standard rectangle social media post on Facebook that is going to be in pixels within Sarah units and pixels. Orientation will just said it said it toe landscape, and we're not gonna need anything else that's gonna be for print bleeders for print only, and then color mode. Anything we do for the Web, you want to make sure it's on RGB, which means red, green and blue. It's a it's a certain color setting in color profile print is always going to be see. And why Kay was. You probably heard that term. It stands for four different colors. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. That's for print. So we're gonna do Web and raster effects. This is where vector and designing everything you do and as much as you could do an illustrator or a vector format is the best. Go ahead, do high. There's nothing wrong with the higher you design or the higher resolution. You create something for the easier it is to scale to different projects, so I must always choose high, because why not? I have that ability, so click OK, okay, we have a document, so let's go ahead and kind of zoom out down here is kind of zoom in and out settings. I have a Mac book pros. I'm able to use the touch pad to easily zoom and announce, which is incredibly helpful. Um, so here's your documents. So we're gonna just kind of get used to this vector environment. Everything done. An illustrator is vector, and that means everything is a equation. So if I do a line using this pinto along with a click once and then click wherever I want to again to create a line, this is basically the program is making an equation to make this line, and what's great about that is I can manipulate it in any way I want. Um, just by ultimate, you know, changing the equation, which of course, is all done by computer. I don't have to look at any of that. I just use my mouse tool and create all sorts of different shapes, which is great if you were to design and Photoshopped that's called rascal environment, and everything's pixelated whenever you change it. It's hard. Teoh scale it where it becomes crisp when you scale the different projects. So this is why the vector environment is great for doing logos, because I could design to do something really quick. I could design a logo and I can bring this anywhere. I could bring this logo into Internet, any environment I could give it to a professional printer who can then put this on a gigantic banner, put it on a T shirt. I can say this is a J. Peg. Put it on the website. I could do all this from this program by easily exporting and all sorts of different sizes . Eso that's what's so incredibly flexible about illustrator is you can use it for I use it. Probably 90% of my projects. I do website projects. I do print large banner projects. I do social media. I can use this program for everything and the great thing about using. Let's say this is your typical Facebook ad, so I design at about this size. I can export it as a JPEG, but then I can take the same file and just scale it up. I can change the size settings. Let's say I want to change it to a product and change into a print project scale. Click and drag this entire logo right here. I could drag this make it much larger, put it on a poster and doesn't lose any of the quality. It's still vector. It's still in this fantastic quality. It does not pixelated. So that's another great, um, waited to use vector. So that just kind of an introduction of why you should use Photoshopped or why you should use illustrator for almost all of your projects. Eso that's Ah, video one. So let's move on to the next thing. 3. How to Set Up Your File (Digital and Print): to see how we opened both a digital and a print file in Adobe Illustrator's Let's go ahead and open it up. 1st 4 start off with How do we open up a print file? So print is going to be anything that is not on the Web for digital. So a flyer, a mug, a pin, anything that you're gonna design merchandise for large banners. So let's go ahead and do a simple flyer example. So we'll do file new. So what we're gonna do, you could name your file Now, I don't know. You're gonna need one art board for right now. Don't worry about profile. Um, sighs What years? Two different kind of units. You should really concern yourself with. Inches. Inches is the standard measurement for anything that's gonna be a print project. And pixels is gonna be anything for a digital project like a social media ad. So today we're doing a print. So do inches. And with let's do a standard 8.5 by 11 inch document. And if you're going to be sending this off to a professional printer, maybe a local printer or you're gonna send it to an online printer like Vista Print you're there usually require bleed, and that's usually in the settings or the details of the file eso. What you're gonna do is you're gonna click once it's gonna automatically add lead all the way around your document. And the standard bleed on most print projects is 1/8 of an inch, which is 0.1 to 5, and you just click up once and you can clip down to go back to no bleed if if you're not going to be. If you're printing at home, you don't need to add lead. This is what bleed is is when you print something at home in a off this home office printer , and you have that ugly white border around the edge because the ink can't print all the way to the edge without using a professional printer. Um, so that's usually when you send off her document to somebody, and they printed off with e ink that extends beyond the edges. So what you're gonna do on I'll show you when you have your document, you're gonna bleed it off the page, so go in more detail later. Color mode. There's two different color modes there c m y que, which I went over in the last video is Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. There's the four different ink plates that professional printers use to print their documents. Eso always wanna have print documents in the sea. And why K mode RGB is great for anything for the web or computer screen. So raster effects always, always. We're doing a print project. Keep it at high 300 peopie I This is a resolution we want always have max it out and even for digital projects on max it out, he's just never know when you need to resize it to a much larger size. Okay, so I'm gonna have my orientation. Let me do this as a standard portrait size that would be your landscape size. If you want to switch these two, you would do like this and it would switch. It s so it's a horizontal. So it's going to your standard vertical size and click OK, and this is our art board. This is everything. When we export our document, this is everything within that box will be contained in the file and they just call it a dartboard. That's the terminology that illustrator uses. So now that we've opened up a document, um, I did not. I actually need to go back and add that bleed back in. So what would I do if I want to edit a document after I've already opened it? Askew got to goto file and then documents set up. And so now you can see the same settings we just had when we open the document so we could click up once. And that will add a 1/8 lead all the way around the edge s. So what you do is I like to design my document just just to the edge of the art port, which let me zoom in and show you which is going to be right here. This is the bleed area. This will ultimately be cut. Cut our trend by the printer. After they print your document, they're gonna go back and cut that out. So you're not going to see any of this? This is just to make sure the ink go bleed all the way to the edge and have a nice finish. Look without having that ugly white border that you see when you print ah, Flyer at home, I was going click this. It's kind of mess around here with some blocks kind of creative, but flyer, nothing outside, and we're going to have to do this in the future. Documents is make that different color. It's not that green. Okay, so I usually like to design to the edge of the art board and not worry about bleed until files been approved. It's ready to go to the printer to be exported. I'll go ahead and click, and I will just drag it out to the edge. And you always have to remember anything in this little fine area right between here will be trimmed off, so you just want to make sure drag everything to the edge. We have a nice, flushed, finished look whenever the documents printed. So that's how you prepare a document for print. So you have to worry. Sometimes documents don't require bleed. Sometimes large banners don't require bleed. You just have to check the local printer. Ask him Hey, does this require bleeding? They'll let you know, and if it doesn't weaken, go to document documents set up and just set it to zero and you die Well, there you go. So so that's ism print. So let's open up additional file So you do the same thing. File new and let's do pixels do picks. It's now. So let's say we want to do a standard Facebook ad, so that's 1200 by six. Or you can find out the sizes by looking it up on the Internet, and I have a guide to that. I'll provide that has sizing. I do not need to worry about bleed. The digital is much easier to set up. You just have to worry about the size and the color. Mood needs to be RGB, which means red, green, blue and I always some people say, Oh well, you need to do all your digital 72 pp I, which is a standard resolution for the screen. I always go to highest because you just never know. It can always export in lower resolution, but it's always started a higher resolution this much easier to go down to a lower resolution than the opposite. Let's click. OK, so here's our Facebook ad so we can just start designing. Please look out. Headline goes here and they will learn all about text and how color things and create boxes and adds and videos following. And they also learn how to export this photo into a J peg so they could post on Facebook. And it's a nice vector format, so everything's gonna be crisp and you can take this social media graph in it. Blow it up to a big banner. That's the great thing about using illustrator and vector format for all of your stuff, digital and print, and that's it for today. 4. The Mighty Pen Tool! : gonna learn about the fine E pinto, probably the most important and widely used tool and your illustrator tool belt. So let's go ahead and open up, illustrator and take a look. I can spend an entire class just talking about the pin tool. It could be the most complicated thing. Toe learn. It's very finicky. It's difficult. It's like learning how to write a liver again. It's not as into it. If it's, you would think so. Let's go ahead and start. Here's the pin tool right here. If you press and hold down, you'll have other options. But we'll get to that later. Let's go ahead and just do the regular pin tool. And so let's go ahead and click. And so it creates a point and what it will do. It'll ask you to create another point to create a shape. And so, without clicking, I can kind of go around and figure out how long or short I want to have this object. We're gonna make this line will say right here. Just going to click again is gonna create another point, but it's gonna keep asking you to create points as long as you want So if we just want to make one simple line, say, okay, I don't want to make another point. Go ahead and press escape and it will end right there will press this selection tool and here we are. We have we made a line, so that's simple enough. So go ahead and pause the video. Create a couple of simple two point lines. Let me create one more here for your real quick. You'll take the pin tool. Click once and let's cross over here. Click again and then whenever you're done, go ahead and press escape and I'll go ahead and your shape and press the selection tool squint. Just take pause a video, Take about five minutes. Create a bunch of lines. It doesn't sound exciting, but just like learning how to draw, you gotta draw the letter 100 times before you get it right. So go ahead and pause the video. Okay, so now that we created lines, let's create something a little bit more complicated. Selector Pin tool again leads. Do a square. So gonna go and press are mouse. I'm going to create our line. But instead of pressing escape, we're gonna continue to draw a shape. And when we get back to the original first point, it's gonna have a little symbol when you zoom in and show you so it's got this little of circle. That means you're gonna close the shape. You're gonna make it complete shape when you click on the original point again. So when you click on that, you have a perfectly closed shape. So people like this and switch the color, Go ahead removed. Stroke there you just made a solid box. Not exactly the best box in the world. So that's why they have the shape tool so you could create perfectly sized boxes. But we're gonna do more with the pen tool than just create simple boxes. So I want you the positivity of do the same thing you did with the line. But go ahead and do the Square just a few times, Okay, so let's see what else we can create. Um, you could do more than just straight lines. Um, you could do curved lines. And how you do that. This is going to leave that Let the pin tool it's good and click on her first point and let's make a semicircle server to go Dad here, making about that much in length. What we're gonna do is we're gonna click on your mouse and you could continue to hold it. What you could do is you're gonna move your mouse where you continually press that button and we were able to move around, shifted, make all sorts of shapes. So once we're happy with the shape, we're gonna click once off off the original click. Here you go. Let's go ahead and make this a stroke. So this is a bill. This is a stroke. We're gonna go over this in another video. Go and switch. I'm just doing that kind of see the line I'm creating. So now what's gonna happen? ISS. It's gonna ask you to make your next point. It's also add a curve to it. So let's make it's like a circle. But I don't really like that. And so I did a press and hold and I'm gonna adjust the angle I want that I'm gonna release , and then without pressing anything that's gonna start asking me for the next point. So let's go ahead and close this up, make a complete shape. I can press and hold the button and try to make this a circles best as it can. I know that's incredibly horrible. I'm telling you, the pin tools a little bit of the beast to learn, but once you get it, it's easy. So now we can manipulate if you press this. This is the direct selection tool. It's next to a regular selection tool. What this direct selection tool is that enables you to select just one point on. If we made three different cliques, three different points on the shape it's been, allow us to click on it and shift different individual points so we could make this a little bit closer to a actual circle on these lines. You can actually click on the end of this long line coming out. You could make adjustments and so white one a closet video. Spend about 10 minutes creating circles, creating shapes on See. It's already looking a little bit more like a circle Bushes tools out there We could make a perfect circle much easier than using control. So now that you had some time to kind of mess around and you're gonna spend at least a couple of hours messing around with pin tool to really learn it. Let's create a complex shape that we would use. Let's say the logo. Let's go ahead and click on a pin Tools on. Let's make kind of a letter T to get a click once with whom you can create a shape. It's kind of making a little interesting looking. We're gonna close up our shape right there. So you see that circle icon you just finished and closed the shape. So let's go ahead. Reverse this. We're gonna fill it in. That's kind of our funky looking T for a logo, suddenly, but just an example. And so what happens in the squad? Zoom in on this T on the ship that must click on that direct selection tool when we do. That's tradition, each individual click point that I created with shape. Now we can edit this shape so that kind of making a little more even with here, and this is the direct selection tool. It's kind of make that not it's funky looking, creating a two. Let's say I have this angle down here and say, I want to create the same I'm going backed up here. That's to the problem. Just you keep the same angle. There you go. Just made a teeth. So let's everyone ads and curbs to this T You just don't have a bunch of right angles. So let's go ahead and click on this curvature to right there, and they're going to see the circles it's been allow you to kind of slightly manipulate this a little bit. A lot of different options. You can, actually, at a different point. They call it an anchor. I like to call it a point to click on, add an anchor to. We can actually add different points to this document. We can add thousands, and you can have lots of detailed manipulations here. So do the direct selection tool we could do also. What's up? The things here You could also subtract. It's still lead anchor or delete point. You can delete all those that direct selection, and this is it takes some time to learn. It's a complicated little tool. So a the lead, all those that we just did. We don't need that many. There's kind of your standard t see what else we could create. Let's go back to pin tool. Well, let's do a wavy line. It's a practice doing that. So they click once, look again, make another point. Hold that click, start creating some wise. So now did it reverse this, too, so I can see my stroke. That's what kind of a wave been going on here. Let's create another one right underneath. Really affect just following out of the same half there. That's kind of cool. So, um, just practicing with curves and see what else we can do. What? So let's make a triangle click up top took on the bottom. A complete closer shape. Let's see what we can do here. Anchor point to You can kind of see how you could just play around with these different tools I can make at Kercher's two shapes. This is your 0.2. Take your anchor or point, as I like to call it, shift it around and edited not that long to kind of see how people make symbols for logos very easily into all so that almost looks like Star Trek. So you make all sorts of shapes. Let's make a better shape into it's gonna be a lot of it spinning. When I learned the pin tool, I spent hours just doing exactly that's making shapes but didn't make any sense and then tried to manipulate them different shapes. So that is ugly. I believe that. So just experiment with pin Tool Um, while the things that you could do with in terms of making symbols, lots of you make a new shape split in a new area. We could make shape after shape. Raise whose perspective? Great perspective just like this. And they will learn another use. This filter change colors just like that. You can also use your shape tool to create perfect shapes just like that. That's the tool. Probably have another whole video series of Pinto won't learn even more about a lot of it. This is playing around figuring it out and just playing like your three year old kid with some crayons and a blank piece of paper. You just have to experiment, knowing that these air cut of the tool to tool buttons that you need on with this being the other buttons you used in terms of selective with points and that's really so we wanted the next thing 5. Creating Shapes like a Boss: for the pin tool. Let's go over the shapes tool. Let's go ahead and open up. Illustrator. Good file. New. Let's open up a play Environments is to 1000 by 1000 pixel document. Yes, here's our square art board, so let's go ahead and start playing. So right here is the shapes tool, if you is its default Harvey Rectangle tool. If you press and hold, you'll have a wide variety of different options. Let's go and stick with the default rectangle told. See what we can create. It's good and press and keep holding that button. And it should be able to create a wide variety of objects that weaken dio record suits to a very long rectangle, a square. And so you see, kind of there's an outline here, and it looks like a transparent clear inside. Well, let's change that. So what? What we could do is let's select this box, and down here is the fill tool, and this is the stroke. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna change the inside the Phyllis the inside color. Let's make that a bright color and you'll notice it still has this stroke on the outside Let's go ahead and eliminate that. So it is press here on the stroke and we're gonna press none. That's going to clear out the stroke. So now all we're left with is just the film. Now we have. We can create solid shapes from here on out. Okay, so we can create all sorts of different things, and that's the square tool. So now if we move over and press on the eclipse tool, you could make eggs totals circles, so I wouldn't make a perfect circle. I wanted to be perfectly balanced, so a trick on this to make it perfectly symmetrical shape is to hold down the shift key press, hold press and hold your mouse and drag, and you can create perfect shapes. And you could do that with any of these options. So if I wanted to create the perfect square, it's going. Don't eliminate all this. You press shift and then press on your key and hold it and you can create perfect squares. Let's go ahead and all. There's also stars, which I rarely use, but I guess every once in a while a design can call for a star. Um, there's Polygon which I rarely use. I really use. I use the rounded rectangle to a lot. What's great about this shape? I would make one go and make it perfect, slept. Hold down the shift key and drag you make a perfect square. It's a great thing about the rounded tool. Is this kind of big design? We have that nice around a devil on the edge. You don't have a sharp edge, so that's nice. We'll say, Want to increase that? Make it more dramatic, the press on the object and then go up top here and go ahead and select corner type. I'm gonna keep it on round. You could increase and lower the pixel sizes, so it's going to increase it. You notice it getting a little bit more dramatic. Just like that. You can create a lot of Web buttons this way as well. You can also do zero pencils, then go back to the right angle. So that's the square tool. Just good. Let's go ahead and create a wide variety of squares, and we could show how it could easily align. So let's go ahead and create a couple of perfect squares here. One after the other and a great ton of trick. If you want to have the same exact square sizes, you could copy it. So if you press the command, see and then a new area press command be create same shape. Let's go ahead and do that. Find these up. So let's say okay, there, off center a little bit. I want these to be perfectly alive. What you going to do is go ahead and select all the shapes and you go up top and you're going to see the align tool. And if you do not see it on the top, you can go to window and press on the Align option, and you should be able to see it, since I already have it on the top of my screen. In my particular layout, Um, I'm use it up top, so select them all. And if you want to align them all to the center, and this could take some time to kind of memorize the's a lot of time to display around until I get the right alignment. But this one's horizontal alliances press this and you notice they all align perfectly our top of each other but there's still some kind of odd spaces here between the blocks. How do I make that? The same is facing what's going to select all with blocks, and we're gonna go down to this vertical distribute center, and now they're perfectly distributed in between the boxes. So go ahead and eliminate that. And that's gonna be playing around a lot because, you know, as you as you saw, there's probably, you know, nine different align. Probably a separate video on the line tool can show you a wide variety of alignment. That's a great way to kind of do does what that has complex shapes evolved. So let's see, What else can we do? So let's go ahead and do the ellipse towards basically your simple tool. I get a hold down shift and drag and create a circle. So as with the pin tool, we do this direct selection tool. You notice it's perfect. Circles made of four different points or anchors says how that it's really hard to create immediately with the pin tools. That's why they provide you with shape, tools, toe kind of cheat and do a perfect circle quicker, but with the same thing as we did with the shapes with Pinto, it's going click here. You can actually manipulate these shapes as well in the half moon, so you could take any of these pre made perfect shapes on create whatever you want. It was good. Make circle. Let's make a square and let's make them different colors. Let's go ahead and highlight this square. Let's change that to a different color. So it's kind of slide upon this color object in this. Make it bright lead Well, say I want to make another green one already have one. So what? Selected command Copy and the command paste. I want this circle. So that's command. Copy and command taste and repeat. And if I want to do just a stroke, I'm in to select this object. Time to do this little this little arrow here. It's a swap, Phil and shroh when you swap this out. So now all of a sudden this is on transparent or none. And then now, my Phyllis, now my stroke. So now I have the object with nothing in the center and just the lines on the stroke, So I want to increase the size of that So how do I do that? I go over here to my stroke option once again, if you can't find any is Goto Window and they're all there. You may have a different layout than I do, but I have stroke right here again. Stroller pops up. So now that I'm struggling and increase the weight of that stroke as much as I want to make it very thin so you can kind of see that's a transparent center, as you can see this in front of my document. So let's make this a different color. Let's make this, um, red. So as you can see to eliminate these two, when I put this red square over the green, you'll notice it overlaps it. And when I take this green square and move it down, it's It's behind the red spirits. There's different layers. Each shape is gonna be on top. That you create is going to be a different layer. So how do I make this light? Green dismissed. A different color. I don't like this pink square behind the green shape. Well, an easy way to do that is to right click, arrange and send the back and will actually change the layer that it's in. I could do the Red Square. Let's say what this in the very, very bath strike right now, it's in the very front, talking to right click arrange and I send back. You could see how all the shapes have different layers. You can move them in and out, and there's actually kind of a little shortcut. Cheat instead of having the right click every time knew that either back forward, you could cry like the shape you can pull down command. Oh damn, you could actually do it on TV or very easily by using to do this, press this key to the whole ship and press this key on your keyboard. And that is how I'm shifting. So I guess the bracket to brocket button so I could select the tool. Hold down command, move around. That's how they play around players. Different object shapes kind of create different logo's since Basin. And let's say I want to do a whole group of shapes. So I click on this one and it moves by itself just fine. But I want to move this home unit together besides it, So we need to group all of these different shapes together. Objects. We're gonna go ahead, highlight all we're gonna right click it groups them together. Well, in the group in object, it's from Sit together so you can shift around this object. So that means I can take this object. I could write back, hold down shift click that I could drive it, make it really tiny all at the same time. Instead of having to make each individual shape smaller, I could do it is one unit This is credit with help for these, its all time design. And if I want a new group something right click and then group it so you'll notice you're right. Click Button has a lot of key tools in it. So you have your to highlight your object group it. We can also arrange and do the different layers. So lay around. This is gonna be I know I just covered a ton of stuff, so it's gonna take some time. They spent 10 to 20 minutes on each one of those layering moving boxes forward and backwards, and also practice grouping objects together and you will be able to feel more comfortable and ready for the next series of videos. Talk about hypocrisy. It's another, more advanced things. So let me just kind of messed around a little bit more. You see, I'm just copying command seed Command to see kind of a lie. Bride have stuff to do. Okay, that's it for now. 6. Typography and Fonts : So now it's time to move on to thoughts. So let's go ahead. I went ahead and opened up on kind of a play our board, environment and illustrator and let's get started. So here's the type tool right? Here's we're gonna go and click on that, and so you'll have your insert type icons is could click once and will have the chance to type something. So let's say Headline goes right que couldn't click the selection tool and will be able to change the size of this easily by If you were to not hold shift and you were to drag the text around, you notice it gets distorted very easily. Eso if you wanna have ah, perfect scaling. Go ahead and press hold shift and then you're gonna be able to drag it perfectly, and it will increase the size and scale it. So that's how you make it bigger or smaller. If you know the exact size, you go ahead and put that here thought size. So when you do in a document a lot of times for print, you don't really wanna have something smaller than eight point far. It's gonna look a little too small. So a lot of people do. You know your class? The classic 12 point thought that you write on your papers. So let's go ahead and make this a headline. Thought, Uh, let's do 44. But you have a wide variety of sizes here that you can choose from close to 60 like that there. Or you can do it manually by holding shift and scaling it to how you like. So let's say I want this headline. What's going to put a background on? Just make a little little at advertisement here else make this red. This red basically just made a square shape and I'm putting a red fill on it. And what I'm gonna do is this Boxes in front of the Texas, we learned about layering and how objects are in different layers. And illustrator, I'm gonna right click do you arrange? And I could send this to the back. So I'm sending this square to the back of the line and so now are fought, which is now on the front is revealed. So let's make this pop. Let's make this a white color and this is on default, which could be myriad Pro, which is kind of like Helvetica. It's overused. It's It's not very pretty to let select Once You Railway, where she confined free fonts on something called Stefan dot com. That's D a dot com different dot com. They have a wide variety of three thoughts that you can use and download. That's where I get a lot of mine. If you're going to use them on commercial steps, make sure you have the right copyrights for that. Okay, so let's go back and changes to railway. So if you already know the name of your father sheet to go ahead and type that in and let's do black. So there's different weights and, of course, is more graphic design theory, which will be in another course. But there's something called Bold. And then there's a wait that's dinner, and usually for a headline, you wanna go bold. So school Railway Black Black is basically like bold on steroids, so let's go ahead and do railway black. And here we have a chance to change it back to thin or good extra bold for to go even bolder, which is black. It's just blood. Make this headline bigger and see how it's going off the art board. Well, it's good. Make this a two line headline. Just go ahead, double click right where we want to make the break. More good. Press enter and it's gonna make it two months. But I don't really like this facing between winds. How do I change? Let let's go to paragraph. This is kind of your fault options You could click on paragraph. I'm sorry. Character, character. These Air two options use all the time. So it's good character, and this is gonna be the spacing it's called leading. But it's the spacing between the different lines, so let's go ahead and decrease that and make that tighter. Of course, you could also drag this over. Let's drive this down super kind of see what's going on back on character so you can decrease the space in between the lines. But we can also increase the spacing between the lettering. Mescal, Koerting. That's more theory, but let's go ahead and click on here, and this decreases the space between the lines, mix it all scrunched stuff, or this increases the space in between the lines. So this could look. This is kind Of course, 200 is the highest. It will go on the settings, but you can manually make it 800. If you wanted to and put the spacing really long large, it's going like that smaller. And if you kind of see if the center align this how that kind of medium kind of see some modern typography elements here, So let's go back. This is another quick trump shortcut key shortcut. If you hold down command and pussy and you keep on pressing it, it'll go back in time. You could go back to where we previously worked. There we go. So that's very helpful when you want to experiment. But go back to where you were just to put the steps ago. So OK, s o what we want to do here. Headline those here that's like that today since the head. And put that I would make this pretty large. Let's make this larger. That's Double Cliff. Where I want to make another lines facing is that has kind of a nice space in between the words making impact. Today, let's say I want to make this one impact. Uh, let's let's make this a better size. Let's do regular actually make it thinner than that. It's too light and make today if I want to make this today in the same exact weight. Ah, trick. I could do this. Press this I dropped to and click over the font format that I like and make that highlighted section the same format. So let's say I want to make it every other line. That's highlight. Make do the eyedropper tool over this boulder black. It'll copy that style. So Megan impact today. So let's say I want to do jarring that smooth special. Let's make that a little less nauseated so you can kind of see just by doing a little bit of typography and having a solid background could really create some stuff. So that's our headline. Let's make that all aboard making impact today. So let's say I want to make another text, but I want to keep the same father do Command C Command V. That's the same copying that we do with our shapes and everything else in this environment . Let's make this much smaller right now 244 points. That's a pretty large size. Let's make this 18 and so to see when we made it 18. That spacing is the gap. It's really big. So let's go back into character and change the spacing again. I knew this manual is to take forever. Or I could pick a number that's close to the thought size. Do a little bit higher with pot size. It's 24 and it's gonna do that for you. So I'm gonna make this all in one line. Some skidded a backspace and put this all back one line. And of course, I like to manually drag to get my lot sizes. I like to use the shape tool. It's so that thin rectangle Well, im gonna make this white. This will keep that color. It's kind of nice. Separated between headline in sub line sub text will go here. Another things notice house, all caps. You can manually type it fun out in all caps, or you could go to an option and set everything toe all caps about having to go back and rewrite it. Perhaps so to do that, go ahead and select. Select. The subtext will go here, go to character, and there's another drop down box right here, Hidden away. Click on that and do all caps, and it will automatically do all caps for you. I want to go back to the space and turning. Let's make a little lighter. You must also make that dinner even. So, there you go. So now it could put social media icons. We'll go here with that smaller here, Didn't part. Starts secret of an ad come together, Just text. So wow, there's so much toe Probably tax. I'm gonna create another force that just go over fonts and text. So let's go ahead and figure out what we want to do next. Let's see, there's also alignment. So you notice how all this is a line on the left side. We can also make everything a lot on the right side split. Highlight everything in a press select of press shipped and fun. Select this red background box just selecting your text and I'm gonna make everything a line to the right. So this is worlds out. All right. Allies clicked on that. You also want to selected elements again and two paragraphs and a line of text that well, you really have to light it twice. Yet the line in paragraph. Once you do that, you have to align it the objects right here. So now that it's a little complicated, but walk over that morning. Other video. Select all the elements there was on a ride along. It's not. The paragraph is in line to the right, and I also aligned all the objects to the right. So now you can see how it's alive, right? Okay, so how we do center with selected all slept that back the red box And let's do central little sinner Line all the objects, but let's center align all the test simple text sending a lot. So let's say I want to make uh, let's say I want to put it back out on this subtext. So let's push this down. Just doing an object doing square object here to start over, do a different color. Do you like, Let's do it orange. Select a shape here and do a rectangle, and I'm also going to put this war into the background. So what I could do is I can select this retching, and I dislike this orange new shape, right click arranged and everything to the back, and that will bring everything behind it slower so that blends in too much with the yellows . Let's make that black. We're gonna make you do this Bill. Change the font to black soon I see show a little bit better, so that's easy. Way to change the color of it on a different color box. Background hopes it pop out outside of headline Um, spreading it this color I see this coming together Make this a little. It's kind of play around, see what works better. You know, you might notice powers work better than others. So I don't like that I don't like the pig. So instead of going back and trying to find the color it waas I'm gonna hold down Command Z and I will go back in time. So command z a man z man Dizzy Just going back in time. What I used to have that's very helpful. When you don't have toe, we forget the color you add before. So that's fonts. Okay, so there's a couple of cool extra things. Let's go ahead and draw user pin tool. Let's draw a little line, has a little bit of a person go back and make a stroke. Second, see so the cover and hold down the type tool. You'll see something called type on a Path, so go ahead and select type on a path to selected at the beginning of this line shape. If I do that all of a sudden this entire line turns into so let's go ahead, said headline. Those right here in this area. Look at that. I was able to advice curvature to the pot. So you see a lot of people doing this when they do cut of Crestor seal like logo, you'll see them kind of makes a curving shape on the top, So just do to get up here, line here I could say the 15th annual whatever and then you could have your logo design like here below to see that a lot of voters line. I can also take a perfect do your shapes tool. Do your circle tool do the same thing? Type on a path. Do is highlight this coffee Nancy and then command D paste. See how I could make some cool stuff when you put your logo or symbol here 25th annual skating competition. You could have your emblem right here and you have a seal logo, so it's great to play around. A lot is also you can play around. I don't use these quite as much, which would play around with these boxes. Well, this is one weaken type like this down, so you can see how you could do that. Creative posters. That's it for type two. Let me see if there's anything loss. Of course, you could change your thoughts to anything here. You ever script bots sincere, sincere pots. This is one that has a Sarah. You hear a lot, and cirrhosis is more design theory. Sarah started to be a little little things on the end of the the thought characters kind of gives it makes it more readable when it's smaller and Sarah plot our sand Sarah thought needs without the Sarah ifs. That's a hell that well, what it has done a good plastic. It's too bold when you see everywhere that your subway. They used this as their font libraries, public libraries sent there on all the time. So if you ever stuck and you need a nice sand Sarah font, you want to go to hell. That and times new Roman is kind of your typical. Sarah thought that times so you can see how to play around. It's a copy and paste play around different waited options. Let's do light. Let's put some spacing between so a character but some space in its to 800. I'm trying to see a lot of high and low goes used this by here, so maybe they have a boulder father. Then you have, like a subheading. So I made logo text. So you see, let's make the space it a little bit closer. Let's do it's so definitely gonna create a course, just dedicated box that could really kind of learn how to do it. So much to review it. A 10 minute video. But hopefully you have a doctor kind of get started to start to play around. 7. Working with Photos in Illustrator® : we mastered shapes, thoughts and the pin tool. We're going to see how we can work with images and photography and illustrator. So we usually associate images and with photo shop. And that's right, you're supposed to edit and photos that photo shop, Get the light and correct. Get Thea the contrast right and get the color profile right. Once you do that and you save it as a J peg, this is how you kind of incorporated into your designs and illustrator eso for this case. Let's go ahead and open up a new document. Let's do an 8.5 by 11 Flyer so I'd and click. OK, and we have our art board here. 8.5 Violin Flyer. Let's go ahead and minimize this. These are the three photos I'm gonna use for this example. Somebody just pick this 1st 1 here. Let's see what we have and I use a great website called Pecs ALS p e x e l s dot com and you can find some free stock photography. If I open up this, you can kind of see a wide variety of free stock photography could use. Um so this is an excellent resource If you do not have funds to purchase expensive stock photos, of course you have tow adhere to any kind of copyright that they may have. Just go ahead and open up. This an illustrator. Okay, so when you open up a document and illustrator is gonna open it up in its own window and usually super large. So what I like to do is I have my track pad. Of course, you may have to do it mainly down here if you're on a windows or not on the laptop of the track pad. But I'm gonna go ahead and zoom out so I can see my photo and I have multiple windows here . So let's go ahead and drag my photo over to my main ad. Of course, he may have to hold down shift, click, and you're gonna make it smaller, and it's not is going to scale it perfectly. If I was to just go ahead and click this and drag, it's gonna get distorted. Let's go ahead and do command Z. Let's go back in time was hold down shift and then I'm able to scale it perfectly. Let's say I want to create an ad here so we can have this photo here. Also, do another photo, Mr The same thing again. Let's bring in a different photo. Let's bring in this lady right here. It's good. And open it up. Drag it over to our art board. It's always super large, actually. Two photos here. That doesn't happen, though. It expecting extend outside of the art board. Nothing when you exported this. Pdf for J Peg. Nothing outside of the our ports ever gonna be seen. This is just for your eyes. So if you wanted to crop this photo, drag it out just like this. Anything on the outside. Don't worry about it. This is really your artwork right here. So don't worry about anything that's extended outwards. Eso Let's just move this photo side. I really like this photo. What I like about this photo is found this nice, solid background it's going to hold down ship and bring it to the entirety of the board up here. Another thing I'd like to do time. Just a quick trip as I could take our rectangle square tool making a white filling which is the same as the art board background. I want to draw a box here. Here, Take that off. Usually. So we're not seeing it. That kind of helps me frame my flyer here. So we're gonna take what we use for text. Did you have a lot of those here? Let's do that Railway last stupid last. It's kind of do instead of blackest Tonto. Why medium grey that that'll go really nicely with light gray background. So with photos, it's also bring in medical, bringing this lady right here. So as you can see what lingering She's stuck on the very back a layer. So one way we could bring the front is to, like, click arrange going to front. And that's gonna take a little bit of time usedto bringing things in the back, bringing things from the front. So let's bring this image out to the front. You notice it covers everything that's up. Just doing this kind of to show you do that again since bring that back. Let's say I want to have this lady is the main photo since I want a crop, this lady. So it's not as wide. I only do that well, strongbox. We take our shape tool in withdrawal box. But this a color so we could see it. Switch it to stroke. So now when I make my box to see the line and a transparent inside Well, so I just want really want to focus in our eyes Don't want to make it more of a square cropping instead of a horizontal image. So that's really the photo I want to see. I don't want any of this stuff outside of it. So what I'm gonna do, you click on this box and then I'm gonna click on the photo behind it. Well, here's the trick. You get a right cliff, you gonna make what's called a clipping mask, and this is a great way to basically crop photos to the size that you want. So when I say make clipping mask, it's gonna take that one box and just show the photo within that box. So now I just see his eyes so I could move her down here and have her is a pop out box. So right now, you can't really see her image popping out very much. I was gonna have maybe a call out text up here below that make her a little bit smaller. So let's go ahead and add a drop shadow that will kind of help this little image pop out away from the background layer. So how do you add a drop shadow? Let's go ahead and click this goto effect and we're gonna go to style eyes and then drop Shadow. Drop Shadow is probably one of those widely use tools that I used to help with layering and perspective. Just click. I like to think of preview to see kind of the effects that my shadow have capacity 100% is going to be 100% shown, and zero is going to be basically nothing eso. Sometimes I like to do something in between, like, 50% where the strap show is not as strong. I could see how it lightened a little bit, but it's it's more subtle, which is definitely in right now. On trend is subtle, subtle Drop shadow. Uh, this is office it off, offset from the X axis and the y axis just kind of play around with this. Sometimes after mainly ad 101 that's very, very little distance. So the shadows could be closer to the photo. Instead of wave showing all showing up way past the photo and blurring, you can either have no blurry, so you see a dramatic showing of the drop shadow. Or you can add a little blurring to make it Belinda Much nicer, since changes factors your one you're one and don't worry about knows. Usually default, multiply or said on normal. I don't want about that at this moment. Click OK or should be changed. Color of drop shadow must always keep it as black, but there are situations where you change it. So you notice that little drop shadow kind of adds a nice layered effect. It was fun crop. Other images just kind of show you an example. Let's crop her. So you just seeing her face. Let's take the shape stool must go ahead and hold shifts. So we get a perfect square. Let's just get her face. That's a great cropping right there. And if you want to change the color on the spill and then switch it, Teoh, um, a stroke. So you can kind of see the outline of what's gonna be cropped to do that too much to the left. Let's do this right as perfect. Okay, so there, select our square here. Square shape. They were gonna hold shift. And so we're selecting. Both of these objects were selected square where we're selecting the image in the background. We're gonna right click bait, a clipping mask. It's been a clip it to that shape. So here's her Let's go ahead and add that drop shadow. If you've already set the drop shadow on a previous image, which what we just did, you can cheat. Do right. Click. Actually, let's go back to it. You go up to effect drop shadows already in the memory from us. Do that four. So it's going to keep the same settings that we are set, but you Okay, so now that's out of a really nice, subtle drop shadow that's going to make her bigger. That's kind of see, I think I have one more image here. Let's check it out. I didn't bring this one in. We could also make them it just black and white in Illustrator, but I don't recommend it because it's a lot better to do any kind of coloring and photo edited instead of shop if I were to right click. It's a good object. Edit colors in the by Want to convert this to gray scale? It doesn't okay, job, but Photoshopped isn't much more a much better job converting to Black and White Illustrated. So leave Illustrator for cropping, drop shadow and laying out of the Senate. Still really use it for any kind of evidence of colors that photo shop. So let's go Command Z. Let's go back in time. I have a photo right here. Let's put her in the background So they put her in the very back of all these photos. She's in the front right now because we just put her in. So it's one click on this in a dry click. Arrange and send to the back. I can see her in the background, hanging out kind of shit these around. So let's kind of make this a nice Kurt. Let's do a big circle. Zoom out. We will do our shapes tool. It's like a circle here. Let's make this a different colors. See what we're doing here at this stroke. Let's increase the weight to kind of see her outlines better. So now let's say one at this nice curvature to this yellow feathers. So let's crop it. So they're gonna select first, I think, uh, circle here, we're gonna hold down shift and select that background photo. So now both were selected. We're gonna right click at lake clipping mask. And now when you making clipping mask, sometimes it brings the object forward to the top most layer. So all we have to do is right. Click that send it right back to the back again. And so you noticed how it made a nice, rounded property here, and you could do the same thing with this is Well, so let's say I no longer like the cropping on this. I want to change this to a circle since we're kind of having a circular. So how do I get rid of the Prophet? Let's click on this photo with a right click and we're gonna release the clipping mask. It's gonna basically reverted back to our original so that eso let's do a perfect circles or select circle hold down shift. Let's just do a face. And now that we have that object selected, let's look the photo. We want a crop right make clipping mask, and I take these little objects and blend in with the front to kind of cover elements that have risen to the top. So let's add that drop shadow, stylized drop shadow. We have a preview. Let's make it more dramatic to make a Darfur. So did increase the number there to make a darker Oh, that's actually make that little subtle. Actually, let's do 44. That's okay. You can kind of see something's coming together, so I want to add a little color here. It's in that back a little border there. Or take the image and at a stroke to it, increase the weight. Add like a little circular border to that circle and that dream. It's awful. It's doing explode. So there could I supported to a temperature that was just selected the photo and adding a shrimp. You could do that with any any photo. So a lot of times I see circle photos you'll see, maybe like a white border. Let's do like a cost, like it's a little bit gray. Increase the weight, and so we were able to add this kind of nice, subtle border there. It would make that six. See if you could make that a little older. See, you kind of see how you're playing around. Um, with this I had a message and photos, which is probably too many photos for an ad. But this is just kind of example. Do it. This white. There you go. Let's say I want the circle anymore. You release your clipping mask and star Oliver yet with a new property. Or you can drive her and have her be the only piece. The only fogo get rid of all this stuff. You could have a nice clean that way. So, yeah, illustrators not meant to fulfill your wedding, but But you can do some nice crop work on set your photos up nicely. Create ads until illustrator. So if you need to do any kind of photo work, have a separate photo shop class that would go over editing and how to make these awesome. So thank you 8. Fun With Gradients : need a new bond, a color and not just basic solid color but grating color. It's going to open up. Illustrator is always do file new. This is open up a standard flyer document. You click. OK, Okay. So, Grady INTs Let's first start out with the shape tool. Let's do a solid black box, actually. Let's do. Yeah, let's do a box. Hold down shift, make a perfect square. And so right now it's set on a solid color. Eso How do I make this more than just a solid color? What are my options? We have a great ian panel right here. For some reason, you don't have this tab. Just simply go toe window and you should be able to set that as visible to go to the Grady in Tab. And so right here is cut in your default. Radiant. So what had inflict on this? And default is always white to black. And you can change this by clicking over here to the Grady in tool on this toolbox, and it's gonna have a direction. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna be able to at any point, click and drag a line and anywhere in the box and you can change the direction in the width . Uh, the blending. So if I want to have a really tight blending, I'm gonna click just like a little tiny fraction, and it's gonna have a very sharp blending. But if I want to have a nice, smooth transition, I'm gonna click somewhere way out here, make a long line and make it blend much more smoother. You could see out like that creates kind of really nice on Grady in much more modern than that harsh dated eighties radiant that we had going on. So how would change his colors? So we have to go down here to a radius channel. We'll have a double click this color here. Well, right now, it's just set Understanding Black. We're giving to go up to this options panel. Make sure it's set on. Let's see where and see why. K mode. It's fun puts on that Whatever mode your it. If you're doing a print, it's probably seeing one cape Do officials RGB because to see why, Casey some options. You can go down here players and defend studio light blue and let's say I want this to be really close to this blue. So what I'm gonna do I clicked on this blue a little bit. I'm gonna click on this blue and I click right next to it and it's gonna create another point. Tom Brady Stale for me to be able to slide this over on a way to delete this old black color is to strike it down, this disappear and let go. So now I have to the same color. Well, that's a regular solid pill. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select this one or this one. It doesn't really matter. Look on this and I'm gonna make this a darker version that so let's go ahead and here, draw are pregnant. It's like box to it's meant that more blue. There we go. That's that's really good. So we have kind of a light blue to dark transition. And so this is a linear. This means the blending mode is always gonna be kind of in line just like that. Let's do a circular. It was a radio. This will have to click on this often. Thats in the great panel. We'll click on radio. It's gonna change it. So it's more of a spherical blending, transition said. You have this circle Lincoln change the size. I really like that. I really like how that transitions a lot better than one year had you radio a lot. It's a lot of time to Brady and I go right to this and switch radio nor times when a linear is used. But this has a much nicer, um, blend to it. It's not a straight line blending. It's it's it's definitely I slipped to it. So this is a great way to create backgrounds that more dimension older, not just flat, that adds lighting to overall. So I would have had just This is just fish stated shape that hasn't grating on it. Now that I have accepted to extended it to the final size I like. I'm gonna see what looks the best see kind of a brighter on top. Well, the dark on the bottom of my text to the AB it's gonna be right here, text goes, Get this larger, that white that real way, then black. It's really nice. It also do this with grades to scrutinise gray background. They could put product photos on that shadows a lot of options here with radiance. Let's create another radio. Just keep prophecy. Semen. Let's do a star This time it's a full shift star right now. Sister White fills. You can't see it, so let's change that to just a pink feels and see it. I was filled with radiance. Took on that radiant box and its creator, Grady. So let's do this. I had three different points of color. You can absolutely these things as you want, but I usually like to keep it simple. Just three. You have a nice transition were, Let's do radio. Let's have a blend really settles. It's a nice, big This is this experience. Yes, it almost looks like this light coming from the top. Create almost lighting. That's that's pretty cool, so I can create grading for my film, said that solid color. But what about stroke? Yes, you could put it. Grady and I'm a stroke. That hasn't always been the case, but that's in the newer versions of Illustrator. You could do radiance on your shrimps, so let's add a solid feel stroke, just as an example will do. Thanks. What's increased? Strike. We're screwed. You have to see a brain. So now it's on solid God put on this and spit a three ingredient. So now that that skin it's true, back to radiant, I can also change the direction of lighting on this as well. This is shipped it to shift is coming around transitional different. Well, part of creeks of metallic affects If you do this correctly, just like that woman sits like a metallic reflection. That said, it's also so if you go to swatches, you might have some ingredients that are already in your swatches palette, if not a great way to adds a default. Radiant suit sitting create radiates from scratch. Is there is this little Swatch libraries? But this isn't your swatch. You're gonna go to Swatch. Libraries clicked on that home. There it goes, Hubbard writing, radiant, all these different kinds. Three. Separated. So let's do medals medals. This is pretty cool that now I could make this look like copper. What do the inside make it look gold or one somatic through the outside you like there's a kind of how you get some default. Well, this is kind of basic introductory Brady. It's what's get off Crete something more detail. You could really go into salute stuff with grades 9. Blending and Transparencies: a chance to figure out how to use photos. And illustrator, I'm going to go over some transparency effects that can use with those photos and also basic shapes. Let's go ahead and open up, illustrator, open up a new document. Okay, so Ah, there's something called transparency and also transparency effects. And this is this option right here. If you can't find it on your panel, you can always go to a window and transparency and will pop up for you. Um, so let's go ahead and get started. Let's create some basic shapes. Let's create, um, pre bold colored shape so I can kind of show you. Let's get rid of the stroke. We're just gonna have the Phil and let's copy and paste couple of circles here. And let's make those different wide variety of colors, Mr Green and let's do still like a light blue feels good in the line. These shapes OK, so we have these three circles now. I have our transparency. So what we can do to make something transparent you decrease the opacity, so let's go ahead and select this yellow. Let's take a little bit of the green of that yellows it's not as bad. Okay, okay, so let's go ahead and select the circle and Goto Opacity wants to 50% capacity. Now we go put this shape over this other shape and bring it to the front. You notice that opacity you can kind of see through the object. Let's also make this 50%. And so you can kind of see how you can overlay and create different logos. That way, it's arranged, and that's the back. Another way was good and make these all 100% capacity again. Let's make this a different color. This hopping. Okay, so one way it kind of have all of these. Blendon is Let's go ahead and select a mall, and you can play around with all these transparency blending modes. So right now said, on normal, everything's a solid color. Everything is 100% visible. There's something called overlay. You click on overlay. You can see how whenever the shape overlays this shape, it creates kind of a different color blending so you could see a lot of modern logos kind of have that effect. So really player out with this really interesting things. So let's, uh, layer of color dodge that's been trying to make a decrease. The feller and the sections where it overlaps moves that these are fun player. So I would just pause a video, create a few shapes, overlap the shapes and see what kind of blending what the blood, different blending modes does to their shapes. Hugh. It's gonna change, too, when it overlaps a soft light. Do a nice, subtle change right there. Nice blending. It's not as harsh. Well, so hard. Light, multiply, color Brown can see lots of different ways to experiment there. Um, so how can we do that with photos? Let's create a quick little ad here using a photo that I doubt with from Texans. Just gonna go ahead and open up straighter, something illustrating driving over. So you did the last videos you out full downshift. Let's feel that down perfectly created. Add photos could be featured on the top. Let's go ahead. It's still that passed the RPG, but I wanted coffee that soft a couple of white boxes, Mr Kind of visually that excess outside of the art board off. It helps my eye. That's all it's for. It's not design it all Okay, let's do like a jar bottom. Let's do what's actually take the I drop tour. Let's select the blue out of this image. I don't kind of make it blended my state. So it's kind of click around, find a color that I really like. Maybe yeah, right there. Step of the blade. Basic blocking over ad. So, um, let's say I want to make this photo, um, kind of decent, different blending modes of past the roads with this, let's say I want to extend this all the way up. I really like this blue color. Let's send this all in the backs of the background. So let's let her image on top. And what's if you do pre CIA pass ity all the way down to make it kind of more of a watermark type thing could also do this with logos that's done the way. Place a logo on background decrease capacity to give it a watermark to soon to do that as well. Let's fly later on blaming here, So if I did overlay it kind of overlay it over the blue to give it the whole photo, I split team to it. Soft lights usually one of my favorites. Course, you could do the capacity on this blending modes as well to get the desired effect. Well, let's say I want to make this much, much, much darker, more contrast or lighter. Lots of ways we could experience. Kind of like my original blues. Manzi commands you Get back out. Let's say I want to have this normal since from this image kind of like the original image of color. Well, say, I wanna have a watermark load. Oh, let me bring in a logo here. Let's bring in my name logo here. Let's take this together. You should get a light clint. Group it. Hold shift, so scale it down size. But here is a bathroom a little bit bigger. So to see the water line, how much of it to go toe? Obviously, edit edit colors, and I'm gonna divert this to gray scale. It's a lot of times when you do a while, you don't want any other different colors to interfere with. You want watermark. So what I usually do is a convert to grayscale. And then I just feel that he had just seen low. Um, sometimes you could play around this overlay. Sometimes it doesn't work. It depends on the color of the local. Sometimes blending modes just don't work out for specific items, since why their capacities? It's gonna make that 10%. Just see the logo right there. Course with a future full color logo, much smaller corner in contact information right by so we could do lots of things with. So let's see. Let's It's my ankle. Let's make this green. Let's bring that back. That's pretty different. One from my last video. What's well, it's pretty safe back in. It's a nice suit and shot coffee. What we're gonna do is this is the very top most layer, and I'm gonna do blending called Overland. You know this how it overlays over these different colors in a different way. So this overlays and brings out all the blues in this overlays that plays out. So now this is the top photo. So let me I want to select this green square woods a layer below, so that's on top, so we'll be right click select you just like the next object below. Just could be that green trying since make that a different color I think that red hot just show example. You can see some kind of things that you could do with loads of photos. This is set on overlay color. Burn some of these uglier than others. See, that doesn't look great. But if you do love with capacity, has a new best. A soft light. Yes, I think I like that. So you soft so that you could have your future also shipped this over creates other variety of shapes. I don't want to create squares here to show you the effect. It's going further back over, which is set soft light. You know what's The very top player actually created? Two new layers. Those are all the top. So what's right? Click and bring soda to front. You see the difference. That's a do over. It has. Of course, you could do this with photos as well. Where your future. Maybe proper face. And it's just just the one. A global A. I think we need to be seen with has a really nice It's like see if I could find it. This isn't that I did that used some transparency. Carson blending defense. Both of the separate illustrator you could see how I took this black and white photography here, and I put the overlay blending mode on top. But these color block boxes you kind of see how it created a really nice there, kind of more of a unified cold on the certain blocks. That's that's blending mode. Horse. You could do a lot more with shaped about photos Square that is what color both. It's over life. It's a moment of those and other stuff still heading. Experiment for a while and have somebody. 10. Creating Different File Formats (Digital and Print) and resizing: let alone how to resize different documents and also export and a different file. Formats. Susan Illustrated. Let's go ahead and open up, illustrator. I'm gonna go ahead and open up a pre made postcard that I did acts extra large postcard size that I did a while back just as an example. Well, first of all, let's go ahead and check the size of this document. Let's go file documents set up and we're gonna go to edit art boards and up top. You're going to see the size of the document. It's 11 inches by with and six inches by height, so this is kind of extra large postcard size. Um, so here's what I want to do. I have this postcard, but it's for print. I really want to make a Social Media post out of this. How do I do that? A couple things you could do. You could get a file new and create a digital part board. So let's say we're going to switch the pixels. Gonna make that 1200 by 600 pixels, which is kind of your standard Facebook post. Don't need to worry about lead and do RGB format. Click OK, Just gonna open up a new art board. So what I'm gonna do, you click over to my postcard size and I've already sent this to the printer. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select all Let's get rid of any of these elements out here that I don't want. You can select full right click in group. That's gonna make it a lot easier for majors do one click, and it automatically selects it all. Now that it's grouped and I can bring it over to the new document I created and you're gonna notice it's probably gonna be not the right size. That's no problem. We already have everything grouped. Let's go ahead and hold down the shift key and go ahead and drive the South. It's gonna drag it. Since I'm holding down the shift key that's going to scale everything. Portion it. I didn't see how close of a match this is. It's actually not too far off on the size of I'm not gonna need to adjust too much to make it work. Maybe just a little bit. That's gonna be a little smaller. Make sure that top portions could be within the dartboard. You zoom in, you can see a little bit better. It's okay. There we go. Now that we kind of have it set kind of in the center of everything else is contained in the art board. We're gonna go ahead and right click on group. So now I'm gonna be able to extend some background out to this area. We'll have any kind of white borders. I couldn't stand the background out that photo somewhat of things that can adjust to optimize it for baseball. This is a lot of text. There's definitely some things that I could get rid of. I can always put it in detail the post instead of on the image bad. Either. I want to make our website a lot. I've been pretty happy with that mouse a lot more clean. So what do you do? Also, we have this environment already set up a digital. You size it. Also, we were able to take off point document and create a social media post out of it in no time . That's the great thing about Vector. We were able to make this in a smaller without blowing the new the images and a photo shop . But given Photoshopped, you might have a problem size, it said. That's what I love the environment for. So let's go ahead and export. This is a J bag. So how you do that? It's a file export. What's more, as on let's do, um, post. Here's a big, big truck. Minuto is put on the use art board's top, but that's what they do is when you export is a J Peg or a PNG, which were both widely use formats for social media. It's just keep everything within the art. It's not gonna extend anything outside show anything outside of our poor. You don't need that. So go ahead and click on news outboards. Export as still Jakob A lot of export. It's good to give you some sizing off all. Obviously, it's a balance between high quality and also size. You don't make it too big for people to download on their phones or they're gonna use all their data. It's a balance I usually like to somewhere in the middle that this is for Facebook. I usually like to do high because Facebook will automatically lower the resolution for U. S. So I like to just upload the highest resolution and hope for the best and see kind of where they kind of downgrade. The resolution screen is kind of your standard spot resolution retina display screens, which my apple laptop is. That's always 300 for all those people are surfing the Web, but you have 300 pp either going to see everything. That's you, Chris, if you have a retina display. So I hired the better this kind of my motto. Screen click. OK, And so there you go. There's J Pets is minimized that Who's your Facebook post? It's double when there's a perfectly sized jay pek. See what else we could do. So we can also do a PNG. We can resize format issue documents set up to go to edit art boards. Let's say I now need a 1000 pixels by 500 will say it's a a different format or let's actually do unstow. Graham Coast is you did 505 100 pixels. Usually it's a perfect square. So now what? We do so kind of the same thing that is continue to resize or select on select all We'll be right flicking fruit It's not gonna be easy to resize. Let it slip, are broken, hold down, shift on, dragged down to make it a little bit more palatable size. So I'm really gonna have to eliminate more elements here to make it work for clearance to Ban. So what's said I put my logo in the middle. So what's on group on? We're going to start eliminating. Elements were not gonna need, so we can always put this on a landing page. We don't really need it. Let's eliminate that. It's like a website. Nice, big. While this over grab it is that shapes over using the selection tool, you have a background, and sometimes you have to do some more. And now we do images and backgrounds to fit a little bit better. Let's do that photo shop. Well, let's do I even need that. Probably that's really have a logo more. Just for more info. Instagram post. So now we want to sex sport as a J. We're gonna click on that art board selection, so it's not print that have been outside of this outboard, our export to file export. That's what as let's do a PNG Oculus step of J. That's usually a good performance. So Teoh Instagram have a usar boards flipped. That sport looks good to move with the best the best. Well, here's what Instagram Post, but most it's been. Zoom out to see that you can see that. So there you go. It's easy to be size, and that was taken from a print fall. It was opened up a digital file with the right specifications, dragged over and incised it. So let's say I want to do a very similar to the printer. How did I do that? Let's make sure this document has believed I'm sending it off to an online printer, and they do require 1 1/8 of an inch of oblique. When they get to file documents set up, click up one song. Believe that's what address 1/8 of an inch 10.1 to buy with open. And as you can see, the blue doesn't extend all the way out so that you just made some adjustments. Zoom out. Usually that helps out a lot. You should stand this out home copies of all, so I'm not sure everything is contained within the dartboard. Anything between the art board and lead will be called Trim. Not see what? Make sure there's not any text in everything that's want people to see next. We're going to select all. I'm gonna go to type and create outlines. This is you. Take all your live text and create outlines offices, a lender, the text inevitable. But this is good. That means when the printer opens the file, he does not have to have your text to be able to read it. It's been a bit basically make text of shape. That's that's what you gotta do any time, send something for the country. So now that we've done those two elements, believe this set all thoughts outlined, we're gonna get a file say that different than export save as and some people some pictures aspirin ups, that's electric ball. That's great. But a lot of times like a finished document with Beauty s. Pdf we're gonna go. Then you want to say this to desktop, say, let's see you want to do usually. Let's go ahead work with illustrated fault, since I have all these pre saved settings, which are really nice if you do the same saved file. So here's a struggle Default. So we'll go and select that one. Uncheck this top box preserved illustrator editing capabilities. You want unchecked that? Because if you do not file the mega large, then it will be hard to send the people so this will drastically reduce your file size. So you click on that and do not worry about some of these other things marks and believes we want to make sure we give them that lead. So what we're gonna do is make sure this is already selected, says used document settings We already made set until you're on. So just make sure that's quipped on your mark. Some pictures like to have the trip marks I had select that That's usually been something on. They've been violent. So I click on trademarks. Make sure that is selected composite video. Take a screenshot of this so you could have that new records in time. You are ready to save the file, and I do not worry about into this. That's it. You just have to get a marks and lead. Make sure that set. Come on, General, make sure served the poster. Adding capabilities is unchecked. Um, sure, one of your pdf pepper saving great se saving. This document has got a warning about this, but do not worry about it. You already have a vector file saved where you can go back in that so quick. Okay, seven pdf file. It's gonna open for us. And we have just created a scram pose, a Facebook post. And now we have a document with bleed, ready to send a vista print to create a jumbo fly or a jumper jumbo postcard to send out. So we just created several elements and about 10 minutes. So that's what they do so much. 11. Let's Create A Flyer Now!: So now we're gonna take everything we've learned in the last nine videos. Put all that information together and see if we can come up with her own flyer that we can also export into other social media sizes and other print sizes as well. Let's go ahead and start. Let's go ahead and open up in 8.5 by 11. Document. Let's make sure let's actually just do the Senate print format. It's easier to go from print to digital and digital print. I was going to make this inches 8.5 by 11 kind of your standard flyer size. Easy to change two pixels in the later date. Um, let's add. Let's assume this one does not need bleed. So we're not gonna do any of that color mode. Let's set that to see him like a we're gonna make sure it's set on high resolution and read a click. OK, okay, so now what? Let's go ahead and get our photo for our at and hairless was going in. Port a photo. I have this one already ready that I got from the website called pixels dot com. Get some some nice stock photography there. We're gonna go ahead and hold down the shift button. We're gonna make this. Let's see its crop. This where is this Gonna look nice. Here. Let's make it the whole screen. That might be perfect. Okay, So, like that, I'm gonna go ahead and do the rectangle tool. It's gonna cover up everything outside of the art boards just for me personally, so I don't have to see anything outside the art board. That's great. So let's add some text or add Let's make it dark to a nice dark gray. But on the text tool, it's bad. Zuman. Let's do our headline. Um, so by local period by But Dr. But out, it's good. Choose our bonds to a nice old slot. Let's see its player on my son like that. It's a little spacing between lettering too much facing, but still that out a little bit bigger. Have another line here. It's, uh, everything online. What a genetic text that's good. Old ship, little steel nicely around the smaller size. Go ahead. Make that a different bond, so it separates itself from the headline. More than that, that's too. Let's do Bill Sands like Wait a little bit. Have a nice long I wonder how to make this headline populated it. That's add some color to some of this text. Omaha Light Local. I take it I got to How light is very and not that color. The end of the period as well would be the same thing with fresh and bring some of that green dark green in there. Okay, great. We were getting It's a little bit. It's in contact. For what, say its head. Make a shape. You notice how that image does not extend all the way down in terms. There's this white space because the image action ends there. How can I extend that back? You know, I could do. Let's do a box shape down here, and that's where our website will go. Let's make this. I just made a rectangle shape. Let's do that. I dropped, too. That's another color out of here. It's this very color. Well, greens great. That's great, some of its spending on. So let's add outline box. So we're gonna go down here. I want white spoke, So go ahead and look this. It's a stroke. It's light, but a little off light people call. I would like to have rounded edges, so when I create the outlawed from websites could go. I want to have it be around it. But first gonna get a stroke with ST Let's make that little sicker, not around the edges and shape without here Back down. Zero. You click on this, it'll link all of the sides. So when you go up and down, you notice it will do all sides, all corners that symptoms it's gonna do. Very bounty. A pill shaped button. Um, what was right here in the shape. That's why I was able to access that. So let's put a website that W dad locals best that. Let's do that. Worley www state. So let's try to be less is more they had hold down shipped with that smaller that this You know what? I have this stroke, but I just don't feel like the buttons popping out very much. Let's put a solid background back here, so we have our stroke. Here's our Phil, which is set to nothing. Click on this and find. But Smith, that more raspberry well, they make this text that white no buttons, still not properly long enough to me. So let me have a drop shadow. So I'm gonna select on this ship effect. I'm gonna go down to stylized drop shot committee. Previous had time to see what it looks like. I don't need that much. Let's make a little more transparent. Little more settled. It's to 50%. Uh, blur. Let's reduce the blur a little bit. I don't want it to go too far outside the edges. Oh, I feel like I'm happy with that button. Very happy. Uh, so I feel like this green bars that I want to add a little bit of decoration to it. So let's kind of take up into on its column. Eight. Some diagonal shape, too. Make my shape and I'm gonna take the eyedropper tool. I'm gonna go over by green. It's gonna be the same color. So what I'm gonna do double click my fill and just make it a little bit darker. It stands out just enough to kind of be a pattern. Oh, do demand. See demand be It's this Look, Mama, the man seek to be and I'm gonna keep popping my own it all the way across. So I'm gonna create, have a little bit of a pattern outlined. Let that flat back down a little one sided. So I'm gonna go ahead and select holding shift. And I've selected each one of these on the right clip and I'm going to ma'am. Right foot again. Mangan, arrange and send this to that. So that's gonna send it all the way to the back. So now what we need to do is take this element on this element moments and all these. So we're just kind of shifting different things around the mixture. We have the right area and you can always do short bets, Ted, to move the layers around. Good. Take about but white for white bars on the top layers with light arranged. So I really like that and select this image. Let's make this a little bit more transplants. It blends in with the background good and transparent tall, which I don't see it. So what we're gonna do, You don't see it on the right with a window and find it in the options a little more Opal blended. Sure, this element This spot is align perfectly with button. How do we do that? Let's go ahead, Select the button Bullshit. So let local fresh your text got to go up to this alive panel. If you can't find a good window along, I want to do a center alive. So now the attack center. We also want to make sure this text messages as well. Let's get a line. Let's also make sure the button and everything in the whole document is along its centre. Let's go ahead and put on these elements. It's to that up a little bit more pretty happy with this ad. Way spent. What about seven minutes and put this together. You can also resize is to instagram file mood. It's too. It sells 500. I understand that, Instagram Post. We're gonna go ahead and start with those boxes. It's select all command. Copy Nancy and then Mandy. Or you can drag it from a coal chute. Find a good seven. What I do. It's up a little bit. This up a little bit. Look this image a little smaller. Do you have more room for text? Holmes put home white boxes white shape kind of cover the edges up to see what my final document there we go. That's not quite a long time. Like it's It's going to create a box. Another cheat right here have created colored blocks. And so that goes all the way to the edge. So what I'm gonna do is I'm select this old chips like the headline. Anything. I want to be alive. Go ahead. And Sarah, why Along this box, right back up with lines and everything is along with the centers. Kind of cheap. Okay, so we're ready. Let's export. This has a and I make sure user upwards the statement Export it. That's what This is a rgb since its instagram more small instagram post. Let's go back to our flyer. This isn't but no, I'm not gonna believe so. I'm ready to go and select all Create outlines type want loans. I'm going to save us. Pdf illustrated default on conflict preservative straight. Don't need a word that this particular people call this Create a flyer for print and, um, Instagram post about less than 10 minutes so hopefully can apply everything. You've learned this class to be simple