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Typography Fundamentals - Feel Confident With Type!

teacher avatar Wanda Granata, Graphic design - Art direction

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Optical Compensation


    • 4.

      Main Classification


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      Serifs Classification


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      Sans Serifs Classification


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      Display Type


    • 8.

      Choosing The Right Typeface


    • 9.

      Mixing and Combining Different Typefaces


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      Quick Tips


    • 12.

      Type Crimes


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      Contemporary Classics


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      Online and Offline Resources


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      Before We Say Goodbye


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      00 intro landing


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About This Class

Typography is present in every graphic design project, whether it be print or digital, motion or brand identity. This course explains how to use type properly in order to obtain professional results. The course directly addresses development of the skills a graphic designer must master for real world projects.

The course It’s structured in the following way:

1. Tools: Develop a basic knowledge of the shape, proportions, and historical heritage of the letterforms that permit the graphic designer to classify typefaces into categories.

2. Methodology: Once basic knowledge is required and common language is established, a method that can be applied to any graphic design project is presented. This method will enable the student to choose the right typefaces for each project with confidence.

3. Obtaining Visible Professional Results: There are many specific elements of typography that a professional graphic designer must master in order to deliver the desired result in a clean and effective manner.

4. Verification: The use of quizzes at the end of each lesson will allow the student to gauge their understanding of the most important concepts.

5. Keep learning!: Recommended books and online resources are presented for the purpose of ongoing learning as well as staying updated about current typography trends.

As stated above, this course is less about the history of typography and is father strictly relevant for people who want to develop skills and learn the tools needed for typography now.

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Wanda Granata

Graphic design - Art direction


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1. Introduction: you may be already working as a graphic designer, the excellent with foot shop illustrator or any other software, and still be missing the important fundamentals off Graphic design Typography is one of the most important fundamentals in graphic design. This course is an introduction to the effective use off type in graphic design. In this lessons, I start from the beginning, so it would be easy to follow for anybody, even for people that never had any formal training in graphic design or typography. The youth of video voice images and motion will make your learning experience natural, fast and lasting. The course is structured in the following way. Tools acquisition, off basic knowledge and a common language is established methodology. By using riel world examples, I'll present method that can be applied to any graphic design project. This method will enable the student to choose the right typefaces with confidence in any situation. Off 10 professional results Kerney tracking leading a leg, mint spacing and more, plus a list of do's and don't as well as quick tips that will come handy even to experienced designers verification. The use of quizzes will allow the student to gauge their understanding off the most important concepts on finally keep learning. Recommended books and all my resources are presented for the purpose off ongoing learning as well as staying updated about current type of refrigerants. Your time is brushes. That is why I put a special effort in keeping it short, straightforward and, if possible, entertain without sacrificing continents, you will have a lifetime access to the course, and you will be able to follow it from any device. 2. Anatomy: letter forms are made of many elements, and each element has its own name. No need to remember them all. If you're not a side designer that there are a few that is better. Being familiar with baseline is the line where type is sitting dis senders, other parts of the letter form that extend below the baseline. X height is the height off the lower case X a sender's either parts off the letter form that extend above the eggs hide sides is the measure. From bottom off did a senders to top off the caps expressed in points counters. Are all this paces inside a letter? A 1,000,000,000 FB image is included in this lesson with this and many more elements which name on describe the different parts off the letter form. 3. Optical Compensation: aside from this play type faces, which are made for special situations like headlines or no goes the type designers first concern is to ensure that he's her typeface. When put together in words, lines and paragraphs will be read in the most natural, fluent, an efficient way possible. To achieve this effect. It is important that the paragraphs look uniform without elements that interrupt or distract the I. Have you ever noticed that O on the curved shapes about on below the X height are slightly bigger in a small sides, like the sides off text in a paragraph, It's not evident that a Souness your large, the optical compensation is obvious. Without this trick, curved shapes would appear smaller in the middle off the line and would create distracting gaps. A few more examples off optical compensations are the upper case E. The Middle Cross barks always shorter than the other two bars. Top counter is smaller than the bottom one. Capital letter. Eight strokes are not made off parallel lines. These were just a few. It's surprising how many optical compensations exist, but these course not meant for type designers. So I've just mentioned a few as an example. What may be found when enlarging type, It may be doing a logo or a headline that you discovered these unexpected situations. 4. Main Classification: will start talking about the differences in the shape and proportions off letter forms, which determine the categories in which they are classified. The main classifications is Sarah Ifs and Sons Service. Whenever you see a little food or tail extending from the edges of the letter, that is his Suresh Serifis are a good choice for large blocks off printed text like books or newspapers. Just open any book or newspaper on. Most probably, you'll find out that I serif typeface was used, at least for the body text. One reason for this is that safe typefaces have more distinctive shapes between each letter than sans serif stew. This characteristic makes it easier for the brain to recognize the words in the text. Another reason service are a good choice for extended reading is that they link one letter with next within worse, serving as an additional guidance for their. On the other hand, it might be a better choice to use sense syrups on screen. This place where resolution is much lower than in print Andi were some for many off the characteristic details off serif typefaces that made them easily recognizable on print would be lost or even destroyed by screens. Low resolution. As a matter of fact, many popular websites Jews, sons, serious 5. Serifs Classification: syrups on sans serif. So are the main classifications, but we can go further into classifying according to historical heritage. If you look at topography, minerals, books or block articles, you will find that the proposed certification may differ from one offer to another. This is because there's no official classifications or naming and to make things even harder, many type faces cannot replace 100% in one category or another. This is because when creating a new typography, the designer will probably emerge characteristics off different type faces belonging to different categories and historical periods. Still, we should not be this courage. Being able to distinguish different styles and influences will help us to individual eight the appropriates typeface for a particular project or when Nixon different type faces together, Serifis can be classified into four categories. Old style was a called humanist transitional more than on slow, as their names suggest, there is a temporal movement or evolution from old style to modern passing through transitional. In this metamorphosis, that type biographers started to get read off some characteristics that were a heritage off brush or print drawing moving towards more. The find and rational shapes boast I was developed in the Renaissance as a first attempt to produce more improved and sharp letter forms. We can say that the effort was worth it. Some off the beautiful type faces created in this period are still very popular. I respected today. Some examples off old style typefaces are God amount mignon, Palatine Oh, Vembu Cody Old style, old style or humanists type faces are recognizable by are more visible connection with the handwritten tradition off the pen or brush drone line, which shows in the public shapes in some off the strokes on in the wedge shapes off a sender's the angled stress in curved shapes. You can verify these by tracing a line that connects the thinner points of the letter, where the stroke changes weights from one extreme to the other. Thick and bracketed, serious bracketed means curved or beer shaped as opposed to the flat square serves off modern type faces, and that's mortar X height. Transitional first appeared in the 18th century, and it is an evolution off the old style in a progressive movement, away from hundreds and heritage to more rational shapes. Some examples of transitional type faces are times new Roman Georgia paid well. Pastor view, I'm sure you've heard about those two fascinating house and type faces have remained and change and so popular fourth centuries transitional type faces will be recognized by Sarah Riffs that get sharper and flatter. More contrast between thick and fin strokes, the stress and the curved letters is still a brick that more upright, modern modern art, that big off devolution towards more rational and elegant shapes. They were first introduced in the late 18th century. Two very famous examples of these category are Baldoni on Dido Baldoni by Giambattista Baldoni in Italy on Ditto by Firmin Didot In France, there were so revolutionary at the time that they're syrups. Designs were considered to be extravagant experiments. Modern is the assist to spot extreme contrast between thing and fix. Drugs fix strokes. Our border and thin once were reduced to hairlines. The curves connecting the stand with the service have been completely removed. Curve letters are sitting straight now. Slaps, tariffs or Egyptians first appeared in the 19th century. During the Industrial Revolution during the Industrial Revolution, Campanis started using advertising to reach their consumers. All those mass produced goods needed adds that would shout to the world that they existed. These big and bold type faces were perfect to drive consumers intention to the large headlines and titles on posters and fliers more so on. Rockwell are today very popular examples off these category, but there are many others. Slap serves were perfect when printing large size billboards with word details like thin serves were difficult to reproduce on woodcut type. Why were they using woodcut type? Because large metal type had a tendency to develop uneven surfaces and crack at us? It called, That is, why would was used for big headlands. These letters have the characteristic off having even strokes serious and terms have the same weight. Andi usually look heavy on black with this last category. We've seen the categories which serves may be classified. Now let's talk about sounds serves 6. Sans Serifs Classification: sounds, serves can be divided into the following three categories. Humanist sounds serves no grotesque. Also called Transitional on Geometrical, these classifications reflect the same principles off the serifis categories, a gradual movement from tradition to more rational or abstract forms. Bat in Sounds serious. There's not really a coincidence between the three categories on the period in which they were created. Humanists appeared in the early 20th century. Eric Do designed Jill Sense perfect example off these category. But recently many other type faces of this kind have gotten a lot of popularity like, for example, Kelowna Sands or very famous myriad On tradition humanists. Answers are closer to the hand written stroke, with more contrast between thin and fix, and as a result, they have a no overall, more organic look compared toa other sons serves. Because of this connection with hundreds and tradition, we can say they are the Sons Serif version off the old style service we've just seen in a previous lesson. They are the best sounds serious for extended reading. Grotesque Sands serves also, like transitional serves are in effort towards more rational shapes, living behind all unnecessary details. The aim was staying the best reproduction eligibility possible. The most famous on may be overused. Example. Off this category, it's a vertical. The main characteristics are strokes, which get more uniform on lose. The contrast that characterized Humanist San serves round shapes, which are more over than circular. Larger X height and counter space is, which makes them easier to be read, even up. Small sides. Geometrical, similar to more than syrups, are easier to spot because they look really different from the other two categories. Humanists on grotesque. They're made off circles, triangles and squares. They are usually good for Heather's titles or logos, but maybe not so good for extended reading. Geometric sons syrups usually have a single story lower case. A. The difference between a single story the work is a and an O is less evident on that makes the word recognition slower. That is a good reason to avoid this type. Faces in situations were extremely good legibility. It's required. Some famous examples off this category are for Buddha. Have angered on century Got IQ 7. Display Type: Andi. Finally, there's one category, which includes both serious and Sands service as well as script. We're talking about this play typefaces. The one common element of this category is freedom. The typeface is belonging to this category. May have the most varied stance on shapes because they're designed with little or no constrictions, since they're not made for copy text where eligibility matters. The most thes type faces are designed for headlines and maybe laws that not full paragraphs on extended reading piece of advice number one use them with care, for example, put into different displayed typefaces together could be very risky because they're usually very expressive. I have a strong personality on they may fight against each other, sending good Justin messages, piece of advice number to keep in mind that they're bound to fashions entrance. So just be careful if you intend to use them in a local for sample. That's the conclusion, I said at the beginning. This is not science, and there are many tech faces. Die do no correspond 100% to 1 category or another, but no oneto, which period belongs, or what influences a typeface has makes it a lot easier to make choices. You will realize that the concepts were just so will empower you to take to look a type force with different eyes. What before seemed to be quite the same. Now we look, Richard deters reveal the really types personality and, of course, possible uses in order to recap with all with just so I suggest that you take a look at the BDF provided in this lesson. 8. Choosing The Right Typeface: whenever a rocket designer's starts a new project. One of the first questions that arises is what types should use. She is more than one typeface on. If yes, how do you bear different type faces would be better. A serif or a san serif should stay classic for 20. There is a book that helped me answering these questions. The book is Stop stealing ship and find out how time works. That offers suggests that we decide but typeface to use with same criteria. We decide what clothes to wear, depending indication. Think off your wardrobes. Most probably. You have items that are your work horses that you could use in many different occasions. I feel comfortable with on that would be the equivalent off those tax faces use frequently . For many people, it could be a day ticker, Veria universe or you name yours and that's okay. That's if you're going to a party. Maybe you need to look for something. Were sophisticated on maybe a little more surprising. According to parties time, you may have fun shopping for the perfect outfits like he will do when looking through the many displayed typefaces that you can choose from for these special project that election go out of it. You sure about others having in mind the limits and constraints of the project will be the best god following ours and questions that you may ask yourself to help your choice. Is the realer supposed to read comfortably large quantities off text? If the answer is yes, this could be the case of a book, a newspaper or a magazine, a Senate brilliance lessons Serif faces are death for printed, extended really projects. If it is a book and you want to go safe, Castle is okay. But any other old style or transitional safe will do a great job, too. I would avoid more than service that with their thin, Harrell and strokes may suffer at small sides. What should be the mood off the project? Depending on the subject or industry, we may want the final looks to be different. She looked conservative. Bacile frenzy, Transitional Safe will do a great job taking consideration. Bhaskar Beer Times or Georgia, elegant on stylish think off fashion magazine, for example, the body text with all style service like Gammon or mignon, were read properly on had the elegance off the typefaces inspired but the style that survived centuries without aging. Contemporary cosmopolitan on stylish, for example, on Airline magazine a cemeteries or citizens could be the right choice. Consider. Rot is with its variations, cemeteries on same sense that combines both the readability off Siri's on the more than look off son's service. Is there enough room? If this base it's limited, a typeface with generous X highs on large counters would read better at small sides. Grotesque sounds serves are safe solution. My choice would be universe and, if needed, contents version. Still, you may consider a humanist sans serif that may look a little warmer and sophisticated, depending on the characteristics of the project. For example, a cosmetic packaging. I would avoid Gyma Jackson's service. Some letters and numerals look very similar, and, unless recognizable, think about small cups. A on small cups. Oh, in I've got, for example, these were just a few examples. But each time to start a new job, think off the objectives that describe the way your project should look. Maybe there is a category that gathers qualities you're looking for. Well, then all stand serie B okay, or would have been better to have a grotesque sounds serious that will restrict the research and save you a lot of time 9. Mixing and Combining Different Typefaces: next big question is, how do you combine different typefaces? How do I know if two different typefaces much on work well together in the same project here? Eight tips to make you feel more comfortable when selecting type faces for a new project. Similar but different. Avoid using similar typefaces that belonged to the same or close categories next to each other. Georgia and times. We look more like a mistake than like a designer's choice. You will be better off by using a serif on a sand saref instead. Contrast. It's common used to have a typeface for body text and another for the headers. If so, contrast will be a good choice. For example, a display or sense serif typeface for hitters on a serif for the body text The rule off. Three. A good legible serif, a simple sans serif and display type, face style economy don't use to many different typefaces or variations like italics, bold condense, color or caps. That sitter. It's a good idea. Once you're finished to go back to the page and make sure that every operation is really necessary. Andi Eventually cat unnecessary variations. Big family. You may consider using a typeface that has many choices. A big family that has different ways. It's Alex Convince, etcetera. Andi just used that typeface. That's quite a safe choice, as long as you don't use every variation of a level in the family. In recent years, many type designers created families. They have both serious on son's service. Andi, in some cases even service tariffs on citizens just have a look at only some. Off the road is family variations. Same designer. Combining typefaces from the same designer may work in many cases because it is easy they would have stylistic elements in common. Take, for example, Gin San's on PETA, designed by Eric Do typeface. Background Retire Faces reviews. Knowing about the typeface background could be very helpful and source off great inspiration. In many cases, type sellers will not only give advice for best uses off the chosen typeface, but would even suggest their best combinations. That is the case off Google phones on my phones, same historical periods, historically compatible, designed within the same time period. The possibilities that different type faces much is high. No need to say that these rules are for safe choices, but as soon as you feel confident and find the right situation, rules may be broken to produce awesome results 10. Spacing: when at the timer lays out body tests. Usually his intention is to obtain a good readability Andi, if possible, on a billing overall result. There are many virals to take into consideration. They have to make the really experience much better. On spacing is one of those proper spacing between letters. Worse, Aunt Lines in a paragraph is the secret for creating on optimal uniform gray value for minimal re their destruction in typography. Gray mist, also invisible because the designers aim, is that the user would not notice his work so that can concentrate on the content on reading. Curling is the adjustment off space between two characters. If we use the same distance for every bear off letters in a word, the result will be optically uneven. So turning helps make the illusion. In this example the world typography has different spacing between different pairs. There is less space. For example, between the upper case t on the lower case. Why, then there is between the G on the are as an experiment will see what happens if we have the exact mathematical space between every pair. I assume it notice it does not look very natural. between the uppercase tea and then the work is why there is now a strange gap on the G on the R looks a little bit crowded. Each character has a different shape and consequence lee. The space between two letters will change depending on how the couple is formed. Curl bears contain information about this basing off specific pairs of letters, for example, between a t andi on Oh, we will have a difference facing than between AT T on on I or D and E. Fortunately, body text sides the default Barnes already set by the typefaces designer for every possible combination, or at least most of them, but at large size, most probably it will be necessary to pay attention on manually. Adjust. Turning between some Paris of letters to have an evenly spaced word in design. For example, uses metrics Kernan by the fort so that specific PERS are automatically turned using Kernan pairs or really set by the typefaces. Designer. I said before this is a K for copy text at small sides or reading size, but if you're going to have a word or heading at large sides, it would be a better option to Kern that specific word or headlining using optical Kernan from the type menu optical kern ing, in most cases is more than enough. But in some cases you may like to manually find you the spacing for an optimal result, but still is not recommended to use the optical Kern ING option for the body text that may set the letters too close for small sides. Text with the result that the text will look too dark or maybe not optimal for reading. Tracking. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between tracking on turning? Turning refers just two pairs of letters because it's a variable measure that changes from pair to pair, depending on the shape off the characters in the pair. Tracking instead is supplied toe a range of characters using even space for all characters . Tracking could be used to have better looking paragraphs by avoiding orphans on widows that are those situations, which just one word is left hanging at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph. By using tracking, you be able to fit the hanging letters or words on obtain a uniform looking paragraph. A good paragraph is the one that reads comfortably to achieve these different elements should work together with type sides. Line spacing or leading on a rag rag is the way the paragraph ends. No, we are going to see each of these elements in detail with a paragraph is more or less Why depending on how many words fit in a line which is determined by the sides off the characters in it. A very wide paragraph where many worse air containing line would be uncomfortable to the reader because the eyes will have to go a long distance to recap the beginning off the next line. It would be easy to get lost along the way. Andi, find yourself starting at the wrong line. 8 to 12 is a confortable quantity of words to have in line. Leading is the vertical measure from the baseline off the line to the baseline off the line below. Usually leading, it said, two points bigger than the character sides. So if you have a body text 10 points sides, it's easy you have 12 point sides leading. This is not a rule that always works. Typefaces with Toller. Senders on dissenters needs extra editing. So, for example, on old style, sir, if I may need a little extra bleeding justified, both edges are hard because all the lines have the same length. This kind of alignment looks very clean and needs still justified. Paragraphs can be tricky because of the angle gaps that may form inside. These caps are called rivers, and they're a bad mistake. This problem can be avoided by adjusting tracking on hyphenation. But for my experience regarding in design or even latest versions off word, for example, the full settings for hyphenation are on tracking in justified text that worked pretty well . In most cases. You may encounter some travel, for example, in situations when the paragraphs are very narrow. In that case, the justified will force a little bit on. You may have these ugly readers. I will also not advised to use justify texts when his HTML Web text or blocks because justified, advise some control. Onda uh, in CSS. Maybe you don't have tracking hyphenation control. You would do in an in design, for example, left. The left edge is hard on. The right edge is soft, looks more natural and relaxed than justify text. Just make sure to have a nice regular rug. The rag is the way the paragraphs and zlook shape is very uneven. The result may be distracting the same. If the rug shape has a shape off its own, it could be also very distracting. So that's something else to avoid. Right? Right edges hard on the left soft. This enlightment is perfect to draw attention to a caption or to an object in the page. It's not intended for extended reading because recapping to the next line is not as comfortable as with a lying left text. Same as with a line left paragraphs keep the rag soft. Centred lines have different with on both. Margins are soft. Centre text may look elegant and classical, but the line that device elegant from static, it is quite thin. So just be careful at the overall results regarding the shape of the rag. Same advice for left and right allying tech paragraphs. Just keep it soft and avoided having a shape off itself on and no to overuse center text. Because, of course, it's not good for extended reading. It's a little bit uncomfortable 11. Quick Tips: in this section, I present a Siri's off quick recommendations on deeps that I've learned during my experience as a graphic designer. Have a look at the squares at the center off the white and black surfaces. Which one would you say? It's bigger. They are the same sides. When a light colored element is on a dark surface, it tends to look bigger. That is why it's always good practice when making the negative version off a local tow. Adjust that logo to compensate for this optical illusion by upsetting with negative value the path off the logo by one or two millimeters. This will keep the negative and positive versions off the logo. Consistent we read lower case easier on faster. The reason for these it is that a sender's on dissenters give up much more recognisable shape to the world. As you know, the mature reader does not read one letter at the time but will take snapshots off the entire words. The uneven shape off the lower case letters make the word more recognizable. Then the uniform rectangle that capital letters for uppercase reads better with a little extra space between letters. Same thing with numerous in running text. When I say numerals, I refer to numbers or figures when you have an all caps word in the middle off a nowhere case text. In the case of acronyms, for example, they may pop up too much on consequence. Lee, interrupt the terrible, harmonious great shade off the paragraph. In order to integrate this element properly, we should use small caps. If you have numbers inside the copy text, they will look a little bigger and out of place, interrupting the great owed off the body text. The reason for these is that numerals are done at the same sides as capture letters. To solve the situation, you may slightly reduce the sides off the numbers in the line, off text, or even better, use a typeface that has old style numerals. These figures were made to sit comfortably in the same baseline as the lower case letters. Now let me show you how to set old style numerals by the fold. We have lining numerals. That is what I have here now because I would like to have old style liberals for the fact that they integrate better in a line off lower case text I should do the following in this case I'm using in design. First, I would lead to have a fund that includes old style figures. And not all funds would include those I'm using now. Very it, bro, because it's brought it includes old style numerals, so I select my text, then go to the character menu into the options on select open type. Assume ISI into drop the video. I have proportional lining checked, so let's change it to proportional old style. And now assume you see, I have beautiful All Star humorous with their dissenters that sit comfortably in the same baseline, asked the rest off the lower case text. Middle 10 of 14 points is the science range for comfortable reading off long text, such as books or newspapers. In some cases, color text on carrot surfaces may cause unpleasant effect off vibration. That will be the case of red and green or red on gray for examples. So when using Connor on both lettering and background, double check if they really work well together, especially on screen capital. Letters are good if you need to express one or more of the following concepts. Old official shout Aggressive authority Pamela situations can be avoided if the text treatment creates the equivalent, meaning 12. Type Crimes: this section is a list off the most come mistakes to avoid when it comes to typography, orphans and widows in paragraphs. Remember the following words or letters at the end or at the beginning of the paragraph, use hyphenation or tracking to take them back into the previous line. Rivers in justified text, stretching or deforming in any way time. Typography can only be scaled proportionally using pseudo italics or bold from the text control panel. When you do that, you are slanting the original, formed at an angle. Use instead the board or italic versions included in the family. As it looks, far better vertical stacking is very uncomfortable to read. If you decide to percent text vertically rotating 90 or minus 90 degrees, it's the same. It's the correct way to do it. In some cases, prime marks are used for Po Tay Shin. This is a common mistake. Opening on closing quotation marks should be used for quotation. The main difference between prime marks on quotation marks is that the last one have an opening and closing version. If quotation marks happened to be at the beginning off the line, it's better if they hung outside the margins of the paragraph 13. Contemporary Classics: in previous lessons off this course, many famous and well known typefaces on designers were mentioned in this section. I just mentioned a few more designers on their outstanding typefaces that have already become contemporary classics and that I can guarantee will still be around for a long time , if not forever. Avidan Fruit eager Swiss designer, creator, Off Avenue Universe and, of course, fruit here, Universe 1954. It's a neighbor task sans serif it's designed likes in its of purpose. Features of any kind, like in the Attica universe, is based on accident grotesque fruit here, 1960. Commissioned by the Shards ago airport, it is made to have the best performance for reliability purposes. On silage is the recognition from distances and angles off driving and Walking Avenue 1988 You French Avenir means future. These geometric sons is inspired by fatture that leans more towards an organic and humanist style. Starbucks, for example, uses Avenue. It looks very similar to gotta or let's say, maybe got um, looks very similar. Toe Avenue egg speak German German typographer on designer founder off Germany's largest saying firm on with his wife, creator of the first online fund distributor. We're talking about the font shop dot com office in their sons designed for improved eligibility. One printed on low resolution output devices such as laser printers, slightly condensed to make it economical. Issues off space counters are full and serves are strong enough to remain eligible up small sides. Awful. I heard German designer on creator Off Road is this stat Face has maximal ege ability through ah, highly varied typeface family that ranges from full serif to cemeteries. Seven cents on sands versions. Bottle I heard frustrated with the conservative mentality off many type over furs who were determined to draw a clearly defined line between Serifis on sensors that faces developed our typeface that would challenge those traditional assumptions. Transitional elements within a superfood family that would blend Syria. It's on sense serves designs. The result was brought ISS, a super family. It's controlled transitions and I highly eligibility quickly earned it a place in the local type designs across Europe, while making it on go to for body text as well 14. Online and Offline Resources: typography workbook by Dignity Samara. It's an in depth, basic introduction to the fundamentals off typography. It is really comprehensive when it comes to typography, but it also goes beyond into a more wide graphic design, topping loss off good and inspiring examples. It is really a classic on, I would add, Don't get mislead, but its title workbook. There's nothing about where. Book. There's lots of information and examples thinking with type by Ellen Lupton. In this book, you'll find history, theory on practice, lots of examples on even exercises. But what I've loved the most were the type crimes. Every now and then after show you how things are done properly, the author will show the opposite a common mistake on she will call these type crimes What I like reverence. It's incredible how much we can learn from bad examples. Stop stealing sheep and find out how type works. If you remember in previous lessons, you might have noticed that one of the officer is the famous typographer Eric. Speak German. This is a fan book to read. I ready during holiday. Andi was just lying on the beach, taking a sensible you can imagine. It's not a heavy to read a book to read at all. But I still remember today some off the concepts that illuminated my everyday work, lots of metaphors on examples that will let you understand how type works and enable you to make the right choices with confidence. For example, in previous lessons when we made the metaphors off the outfit you would choose depending on location, that's it's their diem. Finally, typography essentials by in assaults. Usually there two kinds of books, theory or inspiration, the last one inspiration with just eye candy examples. This book succeeds, emerging both, so it's quite original. Beautiful examples are indeed shown, like in many I cannibals, but in this case, the offer will explain. I'm put into words in an analytical way how elements are working together to achieve that positive outcome that we like. Now we're going to talk about online resources. My phone's. This is a reseller for small and big foundries, other than the variety of choices these website will give you or for most type faces. Lots of examples on information showing how the typeface may be used is of great inspiration, particularly when looking for a display type For example, if I have to look for a display type, I would start looking first of examples. And then once I've individuated an image that has the style I'm looking for, I would go more in depth information in order to decide if it is the typeface I really need . Today we have Google phones, hundreds off free, open source funds. Many of thes died faces were created by top designers. Well, have in mind this type faces were optimized for Web. Google does not guarantee their performance for print. If you want to use them for printed material, they may work fine, and I'm sure they would do. But it would be safer if you check if there really work for prints on this, the way to do it could be exporting on. Pdf on Def Knows Karen messages are display. Chances are good that everything will work okay, Something I really love from Google Friends is that they give you suggestions for matching with other type faces. Smashing magazine. Their payoff is with a commitment to quality content for the design community on, they stay faithful to the promise. It's really a tool for graphic designers, other than very well written articles. The frequency publish links to high quality free phones that you can download, as they say for free. 15. Before We Say Goodbye: I would be very happy to hear from you again. Just let me know if something was not 100% clear or if you have any questions. If you would like to make suggestions to make this course better learning experience, you are very welcome. Just wrap. Write me an email on. I will answer you as soon as possible. Before we say goodbye. I would like to things to thank you for following this course and to get into this point. Andi also, I like very much to share with you a piece of advice that for me made a difference and that it is always have your graphic designers mode on these means that you should look at the world around you with a graphic designers critical eye, but just like a normal person anymore, we are surrounded by graphic design. A normal person sitting in a bus from the window when seeing a billboard may think nice or oh, beautiful or no noticing it at all. The graphic designer in on mode made to think nice or beautiful, but the difference is that he or she will think in an analytical way, and we'll try to understand. What are the elements that make that at beautiful or ugly or an interesting? Are the colors, proportions, topography, images? Thinking in analytical way is the best exercise to get to understand what works and what doesn't. A most important why you will be inspired and you will be able to better judge your own work or other designers work if you're in our director or a client yourself. And, of course, take good ideas back into your work. So let's say goodbye on Let's keep learning. 16. 00 intro landing: you may be already working as a graphic designer, the excellent with foot shop illustrator or any other software, and still be missing the important fundamentals off Graphic design Typography is one of the most important fundamentals in graphic design. This course is an introduction to the effective use off type in graphic design. In this lessons, I start from the beginning, so it would be easy to follow for anybody, even for people that never had any formal training in graphic design or typography. The youth of video voice images and motion will make your learning experience natural, fast and lasting. The course is structured in the following way. Tools acquisition, off basic knowledge and a common language is established methodology. By using riel world examples, I'll present method that can be applied to any graphic design project. This method will enable the student to choose the right typefaces with confidence in any situation. Off 10 professional results Kerney tracking leading a leg, mint spacing and more, plus a list of do's and don't as well as quick tips that will come handy even to experienced designers verification. The use of quizzes will allow the student to gauge their understanding off the most important concepts on finally keep learning. Recommended books and all my resources are presented for the purpose off ongoing learning as well as staying updated about current type of refrigerants. Your time is brushes. That is why I put a special effort in keeping it short, straightforward and, if possible, entertain without sacrificing continents, you will have a lifetime access to the course, and you will be able to follow it from any device.