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The Fundamentals of Interior Design and Establish Your Design Identity

teacher avatar Shanza Jonker, Interior Design Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. INTRODUCTION: This is a quick overview of the learning outcomes of this course

    • 2. Fundamentals of Interior Design and Establish your Design Identity

    • 3. MODULE 1: Why Personal Branding and Design Identity is important in the design industry

    • 4. How to build your personal brand

    • 5. Design Challenge 1

    • 6. Design Challenge 2

    • 7. Tell your story

    • 8. Design Challenge 3

    • 9. Design Influencers

    • 10. Design Challenge 4

    • 11. Building an attractive online presence

    • 12. Design Challenge 5

    • 13. MODULE 2: Understanding Color Theory

    • 14. Design Challenge 6

    • 15. The Color Wheel

    • 16. Color Harmonies

    • 17. Creating Color Palettes and Schemes

    • 18. Design Challenge 7

    • 19. MODULE 3: Working with Patterns and Textures

    • 20. Design Challenge 8

    • 21. Meeting with Clients

    • 22. MODULE 4: Formal and Casual Interior Design Styles

    • 23. 21st Century and Retro Interior Design Styles

    • 24. Design Challenge 9

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About This Class

This course is specifically for an Interior Designer that is starting out fresh in the world of design. Whether it’s for a residential-, retail-, commercial-, or hospitality project, or perhaps you are a student or design enthusiast that is curious about how to connect theory with work experience, or you are simply a Home Owner with a passion for design, ready to embark on a home renovation project. I believe that this course will help you to revise, reshape, reimagine and recreate any space with ease.

I will teach you how to discover and establish your design brand and identity and how to execute design concepts that are innovative, functional and loads of fun that will transform your interiors into breathtaking spaces that will captivate your clients.

I will teach you about the key elements and principles of design that will transform something from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

You will learn how to handle each project with care and excellence which will help you to earn a good reputation in the market as you get a head start from learning from my experience in the industry.

If you are ready to ignite a love affair with the world of interiors, then allow me to teach you the art and zeal of interior design and how to apply it with a spirit of excellence and passion.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover and establish your design brand and identity
  • How to execute innovative design concepts by telling a story
  • Practical ways to create color palettes, schemes and mood boards
  • Designer rules to work with color, patterns and textures in a space
  • How to implement key design elements and principles; Light, Interior Design Styles, Balance, Proportion, Scale, Repetition, Alignment and Form
  • How to handle your first client engagement meeting and documenting the client brief

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Computer-literate

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Interior Designer
  • Design-enthusiasts like Home Owners

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanza Jonker

Interior Design Coach


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1. INTRODUCTION: This is a quick overview of the learning outcomes of this course: Welcome to this interior design for beginners scores. This is a quick video to give you an overview of what you can expect in this interior design course. They are four modules, which in tiles how to discover and establish your design, brand and identity. How to execute innovative design concepts by telling a story. Practical wife degree color palettes, schemes and imports. Designer rules to work with color patterns and pictures in a spice. How to handle your first client engagement meeting and documenting the flying brief. How to implement key design elements and principles. Life Balance Proportion, Skiles Repetition, alignment and four lastly interior design styles. Each model comes with a checklist to help you work through all the relevant information for those who love being organized. I have created interactive PDF documents as a conscious awareness of our beautiful planets . By saving Piper so you can populate everything online, there are nine exciting design challenges that you have to complete as personal assignments , and I will insure to support and guide you as based as possible throughout this design course. Farmer news late Go 2. Fundamentals of Interior Design and Establish your Design Identity: Hi. My name is shown by Younger and I will be your design coach for this course. I am a passionate, creative and have designed and project managed strategic design put failures well over decades, I have completed more than 120,000 square meters of interior spice with us. A senior interior designer in Melbourne, Australia, and South Africa, I have managed and controlled budgets exceeding a $1,000,000 completed multiple Green Star righted buildings. I've also being a gay speaker on a design. What cost for cliffs Angel discussing evolving Children, spices for residential interiors with the Lerato Tshabalala. This is what makes my design world insatiable and limitless. As an interior designer, I've always been mindful off the ecological footprint, harnessing natural forces and materials, state of the art technology and the wealth of inspiring ideas. Diffuse all my designs into surprising wonders. I am confident that by sharing my knowledge and expertise with you, it will add great value to help you, whether it's for a residential, retail, commercial or hospitality projects. Or perhaps you are a student or design enthuse. Yes, that is curious about how to connect theory with work experience or you are simply a homeowner with a passion for design ready to embark on a home renovation project. I believe that this course will help you to revise, reshaped, reimagine and recreate any spice with these. This causes specifically for an interior designer that is only starting out fresh, inaudible off design. My succeeding courses will cover intermediate to add on stages of interior design, so stay posted and be sure to enrol as soon as thes succeeding horses becomes available on this platform, I will teach you how to discover and establish your design, brand and identity and how to execute design concepts that are innovative, functional on loads of fun. Devil. Transform your interiors into break taking spices that will captivate your clients. I will teach you about the key elements and principles off design that will transform something from ordinary to extraordinary obi, its rule or large. You will learn how to handle each project with kay and excellence, which will help you to a good reputation in the market. As you get a hate start from learning from my experience in the industry. If you are ready to ignite a love affair with the world of interiors. Then allow me to teach you the art and seal of interior design and how to fly it with a spurt off accidents and passion. I hope you're ready. Let's get started. 3. MODULE 1: Why Personal Branding and Design Identity is important in the design industry: Do you remember who you were before the world told you should be in this coaching course. I'm going to help you get back to the roots of who you really are as an interior designer, in terms of how you can equal, break your personal style into your company brand. In this bonus chapter, it will be my personal assignment to help you get back to the core of your be that creative person with a passion for design and people. I will help you to dream again, and I'm going to find the right questions that will help you gave a so you can enjoy what you love the most. So why do you love interior design? What do you really want to achieve in your business? How can your lifestyle girls support your business whilst being profitable? And most importantly, where do you start? You might think idea. This sounds like an emotional lecture, but design is exactly that, especially your brand. It's all about emotions. What's more emotional than designing a home and helping the people who live in it express themselves fully with comfort and ease? Home is where you spend most of your time loving our families and making beautiful memories together. Or if it's a working environment, you want to build a healthy culture with employee well being as one of your top priorities and focus areas remain. The culture eats strategy for breakfast. And if you are designing a retail environment, it's all about consumer psychology, because consumers develop relationships with brands that I can trust brands with the social , psychological and anthropological connection. This is what will help you stay in business for a very long time. If it's not a lifetime. In order for you to unleash your fullest potential as an interior designer, you need to know what sets you apart from everyone else. I call it the loneliness factor we live in. A hyper connected world with its cutthroat competition on the online world is truly limitless. In terms of resource is talents and skills. It is an information rich society. Yet people have attention for life cells. Do you? To all the distractions of sexual media and the endless possibilities, this becomes a contributing factor to indecisiveness. Hence the responsibility of interior designers to become great guides for consumers. And it all starts with your personal brand more than ever before. Your design identity must be unique to you. Your ties and personality are as individual, perfect and unique as your fingerprints. The secret off being true to yourself is when you can operate from a place off permission. The permission. You grant yourself to be truly authentic, doing what is so natural to you. It's like breathing. That's when you renew and begin. Ital! That inborn creativity, which will be evidence in your work and, sir contagious that like minded people will connect with you but subconsciously, unconsciously, with your brand, and I'll find it very hard to resist your talent as any deer designer. There's a saying by Billy Baldwin. Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is either out of style. As an interior designer, your mind role is to connect all your psych holders to a larger purpose because you want your entire team to find deeper meaning in their work. And it's going to take more than just a small business card and attractive online presence on the right connections for you to become a leader in the design industry. This is where all roads lead to Rome everything you do has any deer designer from start to finish will lead you back to your personal brand. But don't let this make you feel anxious to get it 100% right from the get go, your business brand east evolutionary. It will grow as you grow in experience to wrap things up. Your personal brand is all about your unique personality. Your values reflects and refracts a tapestry of your believes, relationships, connections, knowledge on experience, which are orchestrated into a masterpiece Off wonder. But to all the intrav it designers out there, this will come as a relief to you. Your personal brand is not about self promotion. Instead, it's about self expression. When your passions are expressed from a viewpoint of your truest creative South, beautiful pipes a way forward for you as a while established brand in the world of interior design. In the next video, we'll discuss key action points that you need to do to help you clearly define your personal brand 4. How to build your personal brand: the's no short cuts to build a personal brand, John Spirit CSG to a thriving brand, and it becomes a platform for you to tell your story to the people who need to see and hear the most. It all starts with having a clear vision, a committed business strategy and an attractive online prisons. This will help you to have structuring your business and to interpret your client's needs in a consistent, creative and professional manner all the time. This will also help you to intentionally wrote the vision you have for your business to Mike. It's scalable and impactful. Your vision is the blueprint of your business on it should be a projection off what you want to achieve in the future. This is the part that is all about you. Why, what, where and how your vision must be bigger than you. It must gay you, but it should never paralyze will stop all your creativity, and neither should it suffer. Guide your dreams because of your love and passion for design, theme and 5. Design Challenge 1: so I'm going to teach you a simple way to do this without feeling over one. Let's get started with the first design challenge in this design challenge, I'm going to help you to create a high level business plan to help you launch your business within the next 3 to 6 months. Please download the attached document and populated accordingly. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment beloved. 6. Design Challenge 2: In this design challenge, you need to compile and draft your own Bisi Brand Guide for your business. Please download the attached documents as an example off how you can create your own basic brand card in a document format off your choice. I personally like to create my templates in in design with the supporting editing software programs like Photo Shop and Adobe Illustrator. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 7. Tell your story: there's a saying. Water seeks its own label As an interior designer, it becomes more than a brand when people can refer to your interiors and say, Oh, that's very Dorothy, my locks on. That's when you know you've created a peer brand when people can easily identify the D. N. I qualities of your design philosophy, and when your design ethos are accessible to the masses, the fact is, brand only works if it's philosophies authentic, and I'm going to help you put the stick in the ground to share your life story because your story matters. If you really do this right, you should be able to look back after you've completed a field design projects and find that your unique design identity is very obvious and consistent throughout all your projects. Regardless of your brief that you've received from the client, this design approach doesn't disregard the client's needs. You should still be the designer that the fines of spice by the people who live, work or eat in it your design identity is exactly why people would want to hire you in the first place because they can relate to your design, taste and unique interpretation. the idea design identity is to create a common threat that is pulled throughout all your designs. For me, it's all about essential design to create surprising wonders if you can learn how to design spices based on sight, smell, touch, taste. Hearing an extra sensory perception, also called God feeling, then your witness how your brand will successfully work for you instead of the other way around. It will look something like this. As soon as you've completed a project, you'll find that the next project will most probably be a referral client from one of your former completed projects because the majority off population once keep up with the Kardashians. So this is how your brand will start to work for you, creating more referrals than will make your business grow and expand. Because you've learned the top secret in design, and that is to be true to yourself. Let me take you through the process that I've used to establish my design identity. Firstly, you need courage to disregard any Stevie attacks and preconceived ideas and trust that your own ideas are unique and related to your life story. The's on memories and experiences that influence your life and formed your character as a creative person that you ought to die these experiences and memories or what mesmerized you as a child. And to this day it's still inspires. Motivates on triggers your curiosity. Let me give you an example. As part of my personal story as a child, my parents had to work very hard to Mike en suite, so I had to entertain myself outdoors because they wasn't ever any money for toys and luxury. So what I ended up doing besides playing with frogs, lizards and building where my empires, I carried with me a little pocket mirror and looked at the world upside down so I would see the clouds. As I walked and pretended that I was jumping on the clouds, I will supplied the Shang Golos millipedes, or 1000 leaders, as some people will call them, coiling them up and down, followed by the false smile that these species secrete as a defense mechanism for survival . Percy, I also remember staring for hours at a colony of ants. It was so busy, and every now and then I would take one unfortunate worker ends on, put it in my mouth because it had a salty taste to it. I know help us all, but this is genuinely my story. And if you are reminded off princess traces, tea parties and cupcakes, then that's your story. What I have experienced as a child still raising nights with me off the old as he is. So I had to break it down for myself and connect thes memorable moments as a child with my design identity. And this is what I have discovered. I'm inspired by Nature said. They will always be a presence off the nature element in my interiors. Whether it's animal prints, Forest will buy difference in ST Morphology. Posters plant anatomy, etcetera. This is my site, saints. My designs are full of flavor. This refers to my designs as life full and colorful spices. This is my smile. Saints. I love adding multiple layers in my designs. This is different textures and tones in the spice. I call this my 1000 Lakers. This is my touch saints. I'll always add Meris or any highly reflective material in a spice, although it's a silent element. The room speaks. 1000 words said this is my hearing saints, and lastly, my gut feeling is activated when I'm free for my client and understand all the needs and requirements theme 8. Design Challenge 3: in this design challenge, write down your most memorable moments on the story that you want to share and capture in your designs. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 9. Design Influencers: next system. Now who is your top design? Influencer or influencers? Because the moment you stopped learning, you stop leading, so it's greater learned from others and then to use your own intuition. Otherwise, you just become another copycat designer. For me, I'm fascinated by the Persian designer Dorothy Melikson because of her dramatic interior character. Nestled among the charming cobblestone streets off London is the Henry eight, a hotel completed by Dorothy. There's a unique visual experience in all her designs that she achieves through different layers off design, like contrast in colors, patterns, turns featured in furnishings and finishes. It's got a very retro and whimsical aesthetic with a variety off moldings in each room. She has a very sophisticated design sensibility through the way that she uses material. For example, the why the white Karar, a marble was used for the skating on border off the pattern carpet in these hotel rooms. Everything she uses is carefully, he write it or custom designed. So this is give you an idea of what your ink result can simulate. If you have never completed an interior project before, it helps you frame a design idea that matches the bacteria of your design identity. Let's look at this picture to verify my criteria. I see my nature elements. Animal prints, pictures off plants. The spice is one single with its unique more work, and it's colorful. I see multiple clad in layers and textures days and 10. Design Challenge 4: find who your design influences all and run through your own criterias why you love they interiors and how it resonates with your design identity. Think about design elements that you love appreciate a spire and inspires you about they work. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 11. Building an attractive online presence: In this video, we'll discuss the power of social media and how you can use different platforms to market your business. As an interior designer, you didn't have to speak to an audience off thousands to sign up new Klein's. Instead. If you can build a tiny tribe that you can influence, it's enough to get the word out and to make the right connections by being consistent in publishing content. That is smart, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and Tom. Yes, I call it the Big Five. The idea is to choose five social media platforms that will support your execution plan off your vision specific relates to your reason my qualifications and design. Put fire. Use the link in platform to shark eyes. Your design put file up. This platform is the largest made work, with more than 347 million members in 200 countries worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. Didn't I was you to list your honors and rewards that you've achieved in your career. It gives people an inside to your personality and design background. It highlights your skill sets and work experiences that will affirm and both trustworthy relationships. You can show guys completed projects alongside client, tasted my niece and endorsements. Measurable relates to different ideas that are measured up against one another or faulted to finalize design concepts. Pinterest is a perfect platform for clients and other Stichel. This tip in and share ideas. It is also a great marketplace to find products and services. What you create. A design library to stay updated with the latest products and services off your industry. They, for this value proposition makes this platform measurable. Achievable relates to design possibilities that are achievable and celebrating design achievements. This platform is ideal for design related information. You can shade use design trains, comments about design awards, exhibitions on conferences. You can assign hashtag X to your content, which makes it specific to your target audience. Twitter is like an online cocktail party if you're looking for media exposure than it's a golden opportunity for you to connect with editors and publications, this black form verifies all the design possibilities that are achievable and not just a pie in the sky. It's factual. It's intelligent, empathetic ALS communal, and it's also a great till to celebrate other people's achievements in the design industry realistic relates to capturing the rial moments that makes you an excellent designer. This platform is a collage off, capturing your based moments and experiences as a designer. It's realistic, like completed projects before and after shots, allowing people to see your design process in action by sharing design boards and schemes in action, space planning and collaboration moments with your team, etcetera. Your goal here is to inspire and attract like minded clients. You can also use Hashtags to categorize your posts, to grow your following, and to get clients and resource is to engage with you. Tom Us realize to how quickly you can form a connection with your client. You Chip is a right black form to show guy speedy Asaf completed projects D I. Y projects and any educational or promotional material that you can use to connect with a specific target audience. Video captures your the same to city and is an instant vetting to that shows your ideal client who you are and helps them decide in a few seconds whether or not they resonate with you. The world of social media is insatiable, and if you can indict with your followers, in a white that they understand the primary use off each black phone. You are well on your way. Therefore, I strongly recommend using at least five platforms to form the right connections with your target audience because people respond to information differently. Therefore, by doing this, you ensure that nothing both through the cracks. Facebook is my five in one platform. If you don't see the need to have five different social media platforms in this day and age people Spain, on average every two hours a week online, especially Facebook. This is the base platform to connect with new online customers, and it gives you the opportunity to set up a business bite. Ideally, if you go on set up a website straight away, it features all the information you would typically see on a weight side. The primary use off Facebook. We still engage with your ideal client are insuring your post or conversational and written in such a way that it attracts the right clients in conclusion, get comfortable and get social. The bottom line of this is used, what works for you 12. Design Challenge 5: in terms of user friendliness, set up the social media accounts that you think will be beneficial for your business. Use the smart approach. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 13. MODULE 2: Understanding Color Theory: in this model, our guide you through the fundamental elements and principles of interior design, starting with calif eerie. This will help you to create your own color palette and scheme with confidence. Let's get started. Color is a physical property off light. Each color travels along different wife lengths off light, creating a whole spectrum, and the portion off this spectrum that we can see with our eyes and register without brains is visible light. Each of these colors or wife lends, operates at different frequencies. Yellows rates on oranges have the longest wife lengths. That's why we think of them as warm, Callous, warm colors evokes arouse mint or excitement. Greens, blues and purples have the shortest wife lengths, and that's why they are seen as cooler colors. Cooler colors stimulate, relax, ation and calmness. Cool and warm colors help you to control the mood off the room. It can even help designers to manipulate architecture and inherit character of a spice. Think of an apple, it appears raid only because it is reflecting back the color wife length to your eye. All the other color wife lanes, heat the apple and all absorbed by it said technically, the apple is actually every color except rate because rate bounce back. We have fighter receptor cells in the retina. Us at the back of your eye to allow us to recognize specific colors are visual saints is also highly developed. Each of our eyes contains around 37 million light sensitive receptors. We have three tops off cone photo receptor cells that corresponds only to the colors. Raid green and blue your RGB colors. The brain combines them to register infinite colors. That's why it is important to understand that color is complex and personal. How one person perceives and reacts to color will be different from how another person does . We have different sensitivities, Brian chemistries and associations. Color in light also affects our whole minds, our house and our mood, which had attached themselves to human feelings or reactions. Color is tighter, our emotions as well as our intellect. Every color has meaning that we inherently sense or have learned about by association or conditioning, which enables us to recognize the message and meanings delivered, for example, rate that is associated with a prompt to stop at a robot. Light road signs executor color has different meanings all over the world. For example, while white is a typical bridal color in the race and culture in many eastern cultures, it is a color off. Morning they fall. Designers always need to fully comprehend the function and identity off the spice to suggest the right color to the climb that will convey the right psychological message and establish the appropriate ambience. For example, the color yellow in branding for a dental practice wouldn't be the base color because a dentist promotes healthy white teeth. Remember, color will also change, depending on natural light in the spice year off five things that can drastically affect your color in a room the time off. Day at dawn, it will be pink midday. It will be blue evening purple rate, the seasons off the year, how the house is cited or orientated. In other words, what direction does the room price? The direction you face knows South East All waste in terms off geography where you live, you'll be able to see which room gets the most sunlight, which will make the room darker and cooler or brighter and warmer. In the Northern hemisphere, the south side gets the bulk of the sun and in the Southern Hemisphere, the north side gets the bulk of the sun, the impact off adjacent exterior landscape colors like If you face Northwest and your room has a large window that looks out to a garden with lots of greenery. The finish is, or pigments of an object like the type of painted choose plus reflects light. Matt absorbs light except and 14. Design Challenge 6: If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment. 15. The Color Wheel: Oh, the color wheel is a visual representation off each colors dramatic relationship to another primary colors rate. Blue yellow thes colors cannot be created by mixing other colors. Secondary colors. They are the result from mixing two primary colors together to get purple, green and orange tertiary colors. There are the color combinations of the nearest secondary and primary colors that makes up the in between colors. Yellow orange raid, orange rate violet blue, violet, blue, green, yellow, green. The general rule off. Selecting the right color is not him. Mike. A decision based on what you see in a tent. The based approach is to do a big block off point that you brush out on a wall in a room to see how it reacts holistically, countering in all the surrounding factors like natural or artificial light, the environment, the top of materials and finishes and so on. It is space to choose in 90 degree corner of a room to look at the right color in light and in shade, and lastly, always give your brush out areas. Two coats off point Dean share that these no other color that comes through that will affect how the color legs opposite colors on the color wheel is linked together in the brain. If you have to look at a rate cell for your, I will see her off the site off green. That happens because color shares similar pathways into the brain. The same was blue and yellow. It's time to learn how to speak color. The following words describes how much light, dark dips and richness colic and have you is another word for color in the spectrum or on the color wheel stint. When you're mixing a color with white shape, when you're mixing a color with black saturation, the luminosity and intensity of a color more vibrant colors have a higher saturation value . Subtle colors have a lower saturation value value the lightness or darkness of a color tone , mixing a color with gray that will create colors with less saturation. 16. Color Harmonies: Oh, I'll briefly discussed six easy color skins that you can implement in your design projects . Minor chromatic color scheme. This scheme only uses one you and combines it with different saturation values. Tense shades, all times the's colors or guarantee to match in any scheme. Analogous color scheme uses three colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. Complimentary color scheme Our colors that are right opposite each other on the color wheel . To avoid color schemes that are too simplistic, add some variety by introducing lighter, darker or de saturated times. Split compliment. Terry Zaleski uses colors on either side off the compliment. This gives you the same label off contrast, but more colors to work with to achieve more interesting results. So I had a color scheme uses three colors that are evenly spiced, forming a perfect triangle on the wheel. The's combinations tend to be pretty striking, especially with primary and secondary colors, so be mindful when using it in your scheme. A tragic color scheme use is not one but two complementary color pays. This formula works based If you late one color Tommy night, while the other serve as an accent. Overall, if color are competing too much against one another, learned to turn it down, adjust its value. Light or dark or saturation. Readability is an important factor in any design. It should be relatable and easy on the eyes. Why black? Right on neutral colors that can help you to balance your design. Always remember, Allah sends out a message they for considered the tone of your project and choose a color palette that fits the brief. 17. Creating Color Palettes and Schemes: Oh, the scheme should generally have a proportional distribution off palace in various times across walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and accessories. Based on the concept and the inspiration images that you've collected, you can determine a scheme by applying one of thes models to your design model. One. The 50 city to 80 rule dominant to you. It consists off roughly 50% off all fabric materials or paint. The color can be solid, textured or appear in prints. Secondary year. It accounts for roughly 3% off the scheme. Accent color, The race of the scheme, shooting or grade and accent color or colors, which can be brighter or more dramatic. Metal, wood, foliage and other materials can also act as an accent or secondary color model to tonal distribution. You can even apply the principle off colonel distribution to the rooms you designed by mimicking a natural landscape. Layer one. Ah, high angle view. It represents the sky. This means the lightest color is applied to a ceiling layer. To I level View represents the larger landscape surface lie. A three low angle view represents the earth. Darkest color is used for the floor. Color schemes are the most successful when there's enough neutrals applied over the largest percentage off surface. So make sure your color scheme is well balanced and hold the overall palette off color and finishes harmoniously together to achieve the base results. 18. Design Challenge 7: creating a mood board. This exercise is about focusing the inspiration you've been collecting for a specific project. It is the time you spend on saving a clear creative direction for your project. Visually, organizing your inspiration enables you to physically map out the visual relationships it is based together your inspiration and turn it up in an arrangement that's pleasing to your eye. Let the mood board evolve naturally over time. I usually give it at least a week or two to give me enough time to observe the visual interactions off all my selections before I present it to my client to give me enough time to observe the visual interactions off all my selections before I present it to my client to verify every decision that I've made regarding textures and colors and to see what I truly like or to add whatever I feel is still missing in sure it'd research the clients ideas or, in some cases, your own interests. If your client has given you the liberty to run with your own color scheme and theme, I have added some links to the section off Resource is that can help you get started. If it is art specific project. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 19. MODULE 3: Working with Patterns and Textures: In this video, you will learn how to use patterns and Texas successfully in your designs. Patterns and textures can soft and show angles. It can create periodic atmosphere. It can even trick you into thinking that a room is bigger than it actually is. It can also hide away imperfections or badly proportionate rooms. Pattern is a brilliant carrier off personality. The high layoff patterns were between 18 80 1930 during the Victorian era. When it comes to patterns and textures in a spice, consider the following understand they use off the room. Can you see what away the focal point is, or where it can potentially be in a room? Consider this Skylar elements in the room. If the Skylar is wrong, there's no balance at all. Consider balance elements in the room How much stimulation is required for the function off the room. When presented with a new design idea, one was take time to think, pondering how it will fit into the 10 elements off Great design. Let's look at the following design elements that will help you understand the preceding factors when it comes to selecting the right patterns in a room design style. A designer's job is to help your client determine which style is right for them. This will also help with the appropriate pattern and texture selections. I will cover a few iconic design stalls in the next section. Skiles. A sense of scale the Ross from the relationship between one element and another between Teibel and Change. Person and room furnishings should be properly scaled to the size of the room that inhabit , while rooms themselves should rely to the human body, objects should have the same visual white creating balance and equilibrium questions to consider. Does the room have a strong ST A line or central access divide? Rooms into zones will map out accessories proportion. This principle concerns the relationship off parts to the whole base, and ground moldings should be in proportion to the overall dimensions off a room, for instance, a type of ice should not overwhelm or be disproportionate to the top. Items should always exemplify good proportion questions to consider. What is the relationship between the interior on advice and exterior spices? Have you experimented with different proportions off the color palette to control the desired mood? This is exactly why graphic designers thrive as interior designers. This is key to the overall look and feel of a spice balance. A sense off equilibrium derives from mirror like symmetry or carefully calibrated a cemetery where, by opposing elements, are differently arranged, yet have the same visual. White. A design applies with balance to create Peacefulness via equilibrium or excitement via this equilibrium. Questions to consider is the room symmetrically balanced if not cannot built in architectural, feature, furnishing or finish be adjusted or introduced in state balance. Repetition. Repeated elements whether a right randomly or in arithmetic sequence or said integrate, bring visual order and emphasis to a spice. Questions to consider. Are there any architectural or structural elements or a jai's and exterior influences that already have a rhythmic value? It can be ceiling beams or open thrus Is a large round window etcetera, choosing pattern with architectural structure. Essential whites This D tiling and continues the story in a different wife. Decide whether you want to hide the skies or integrate them. Is there an opportunity to create a repetition off objects as sexual patterning alignment? This term describes when various features where the artworks or architectural elements or patterns lineup along day ages or center lines. Note. Ill placed doors and windows can create awkward circulation patterns, which can limit the rooms optimal use. Doors and windows sometimes need to be repositioned or realigned. Foam. Former is important not only for its functionality but also creating visual interest by using different forms. It learns the eyes along a curving past or line questions to consider. Is there a sense off special? Your arche is one area clearly emphasized by an architectural feature. Where are the room's key focal points? The features that the eye naturally gravitates to? What is the logical flow off the foot traffic through the room year, you can map out form stops to help with the visual flow that does not confuse the eyes. Picture. All items in a room must be chosen with texture in mind. It can be to achieve an abundance off smooth, polished surfaces. Contrast with more organic forms. These different arrangements off Texas are critical for all human senses to be stimulated. Carla, as we've discussed in the previous model color, has a psychological impact on us, and it is important to understand the dramatic relationship off color in a room light lighting can make a big statement. It can turn dull spices into vibrant and exciting spices, or you can turn it into a serene, relaxing spice. There are two aspects off lighting that you need to consider before starting your design concept. Natural light didn't reaches a room and a fix Our house. Natural light is good for us. Just like plants grow towards the sun in the same way humans need natural light for healthy minds and bodies, there is an expression a house with daylight does not enter Is a house with a doctor will soon come artificial light. The first thing that you can do to rooms that doesn't receive enough natural light is to introduce a mirror right opposite a window did create an uninterrupted reflection off natural light. Your my name is to have equal, like distribution through all your spices to avoid dark spots and corners. The quality and color off highlight also varies according to where you live. You get three layers off light, general light, accent light and task lighting in our brains. We have little neurons that responds to lines and ages and balls, so if you have a very busy pattern. Ah, lot of these neurons are stimulated, and you'll see a lot of brain activity. If, on the other hand, you have a blank wall, far fewer neurons will be stimulated and you'll see far less brain activity. There is in a mains range off patterns available in different Wall Piper's, but you have to be careful about what you choose. You need to understand the relationship between the size of the pattern and the size off the wall. If you get this principle right, it can help you to draw attention away from problematic areas like a low ceiling or shoulder wall. Vertical lines on a wall make the space Lucaya. Your eyes are jaunty stripes. It likes to travel up the line. It enjoys the journey. Three rules to pull off good balance in the spice colonnades to rapper spice together and not compete with each other. The patterns must be within the same family. It needs to be relatable. Style is essential. Remember that picture grounds of spice just like neutrals. The only difference is that picture creates visual interest. Take your also a fixed sound in a room. The overall rule for texture is that it needs light like a flower needs frame tiki elements in mixing and matching patent successfully. On a technical level, our style and proportion. We can't really separate one from the other Skiles and proportion of the mind ingredients for creating drama within a spice. As a general guide, you can use this rule to pull off great designs when using patents 40 to 60% pattern. This proportion off patent will give any space enough excitement to the eyes as well as a novel raced 60 30 10% pattern. Break up the patent area into three zones. For example, 60% pattern on the geometric rock. Sorry percent animal print on the arm J and 10% accent batons on this whole scatters 40 30 25 5% pattern. Break up the patent areas into five zones, for example, 40% on the wall. Piper said he percent on the rug to any percent on the fabric off the bait frame and 5% accent batons on the fabrics off the scatters on the bait and the reminding 5% on the arm J . The idea off Patton is that you want to create enough interest to lead your eye around the room. Grouping items in art numbers is a well known interior design concept. It's an established theory on creating a visual pleasing display on a formula that's easy to follow. Start with a three baton rule, which is the 60 30 10 rule, or implement the five pattern rule, which is the 40 50 25 5 rule. Your collection should include at least one large scale pattern. This becomes like the house off the spice, the one that will establish the desire. Mood in the spice makes it with two medium to small scale patents. In conclusion, when selecting patterns, remember Teoh. Get particular with your pattern clearly defined the mood that you want to create. Select your host your large scale pattern for items that you want to highlight or use as a focal point. Select your medium to small skull prints for items that needs less attention to complement your overall scheme. Tell the story by creating visual stop points that will draw the eyes around the room. Always considered the application on the crop off your patterns, especially when it comes to upholstery work. Or will Piper's with repeat patents 20. Design Challenge 8: In this design challenge, you need to find a pilot or riel project to obtain a design brief that you can start working on this Klein question. It will cover the essential information that you need to capture for your first interior design project. If you don't have a client ID, ask a family member or friend to volunteer. Use the in close gland. Question a document as a reference to help you get started. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below. 21. Meeting with Clients: in this caching video, I'll discuss what to expect when you meet with your ideal climbed for the first time. There's a sighing You'll never get a second chance to Michael First Impression, and I've seen it to be true people with your first client meeting. First impressions really last a lifetime, and it will either turn into a deal or no deal at all. Psychological studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds off meeting someone 55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance. A further 7% of what we think off others is based on what I sai 38% off persons. First impression is determined by tone of voice. It is important that you decide before your meeting how you want to come across and sunny. Confident should be one of your top priorities. Your aim is to conduct your meetings with a calm tone but enthusiastic, confident but humble, determined but secure. Start paying attention to your own tone of voice as well as others around you. Then practice speaking the way you want to be perceived during face to face meetings 93% off people's judgments off. Others are based on non verbal input like body language. How you present stand, sit and shake hands communicates a lot more than what you say. Therefore, focus on having a good body posture, and nice smile and eye contact are sent off for making good impressions. It is equally important to avoid swiveling in your chain, crossing your arms with my signify boredom or sitting too casually and looking at your watch, which could indicate a lack off care or y stuff. Time according to a cow Polly study, personalizing marketing materials or addressing potential customers by the name increases, the likely would that they will respond by 36%. People like it when they are singled out, dated to the ego and call someone by the name. While it may seem simple, people are more likely to connect with you if you make the effort to get their name right. Always be on time for an initial meeting. People are busy. One of the worst of faints is you can commit is not respecting their time. Time is the most valuable resource we have and therefore the most expensive commodity make it a point not to waste people's time. They say money comes and goes, but time just goes. Get to your appointment at least 15 minutes earlier and spend these few minutes collecting your thoughts in order for you to walk into your client meeting. Composed a tentative and full of confidence. Make an excellent impression by demonstrating that you are an exceptional listener. By taking notes or bring an assistant to take minutes off the meeting, I have created a template that you can also use for your client meetings. Sometimes I also use a recording app Gold Utter, which Jana writes reach notes from my meeting and other important voice conversations. But please be cognisant that you do require permission to record conversations. It is only ethical to ask for permission. First, everyone is nervous before first meeting. There is a lot at stake on. The stress can be pretty intense, the more easier or the more the other person can get to know the real you. What I usually do when I've received a lead or referral is to immediately get a quick overview off the project brief. When I speak to decline for the first time, it doesn't have to be detailed. It's money to get a sense off the information you require to have a constructive meeting. I believe it is critical to schedule an appointment as soon as possible after the introductory call. Ensure you have all the client's personal information. Mobile numbers, email addresses, contact names off those who will attain the meeting if there's more than one attendant, I ask this because I love to go out of my way for all my meetings with some refreshments or bringing a sweet treat that is easy to snack on. Always recommend to meet with the interior design. Work will be required to get a sense off the spice, the condition off natural light and other design elements that will have an impact on the design concept if the client has mentioned anything about new construction work or a relocation move that they are planning. They also confirmed that GPS co ordinates off the new side address. This can give you a head start to look into town council planning schemes and building regulations that will be critical for you to understand and invasive guide up front. Even architect is also invited to this meeting. Some design firms ask for one times designed consultation fees up front, but I perfect to discuss it with my clients. In our first client engagement meeting, you'll be able to make a sound decision intense off consultation fees. If you understand the financial position off the client, for example, if it is an invitation to participate in attained that I can guarantee you that the climate is not going to pay you a design consultation fee to give you a design. Brief hints. I don't like to make this too formal, but ec spontaneously and assess this project by project. I've attached a checklist that I used before attaining my first grind engagement meeting that will also help you to be organized and prepared for your upcoming meeting. 22. MODULE 4: Formal and Casual Interior Design Styles: In this video, I will give you a brief overview off the different formal and casual interior design styles . There are in close documents that you can download for this lecture with additional information to help you with a broader overview off each design style. However, I would like to mention that it's only beneficial for you to conduct your own research about the different art, architectural and furniture period sells. This will cover a vocal brains of other view off the defining characteristics and designs that distinguish the architectural, decorative and artistic expressions off each historic movement. I will only highlight the key points in this model to help you get started. We will look at four formal interior design styles. Traditional English country, modern French and Mediterranean traditional style. This style is inspired by 18th and 19th century European styles known as the Age of Enlightenment. Fixtures are very elegant, with substantial fabrications and opulent furnishings. The furniture off the style is relevant to a specific period style during the Victorian era , especially Queen and Sheraton Chippendale and papal white. The traditional style follows the design principle of foremost symmetry. Its color palette is warm and well balanced, with neutrals. The interior are inviting and luxurious for styling. Ideas show guys artisan collections on accessories like vintage oil paintings, mirrors Shane wasa. Revolves is elegant bowels, decorative pillows, elegant furnishings with a flash off metallic eights and patterns in piously, the mask, toil and plaid keep colors. Woman Mutual. My design tip is to remember that a solid mutual color palette like white cream tope, is a beautiful backdrop to complement it with mahogany browns, blues, greens and rates as accents. English country. This style is based mostly on Georgian throughout early Victorian period styles. It is based on a lie and interiors off all manor houses in the English countryside and is often attributed to Nancy Lancaster. Thes interiors exude, warms, comfort and shows off treasured items and family heirlooms and infused with color. The furniture off the style is mostly a mix of different time periods, but most of the times you'll also see Queen and or Victorian furniture styles for styling. Ideas showcased artists collections off the Victorian era horses, dogs and family portrait. It's use floor oceans for upholstery items with pleats, skirts and ruffles. The student with canopies, Corrine eights and crowns with matching or complementary patterns on fabrics and war. Piper, My design tip is remember to add a black Chinese lacquer cabinet in the room. Thes cabinets were made by Chinese Triesman for the British collector's market. Modern friends The modern look of French homes carries the legacy from the Golden Age off King Louis, the 14th The genius work off Charles LeBron. He was the greatest French artists off all time. Louis Level. The French architect that designed the palace of her side. The Royal Court off Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte E. He was the statesmen and military leader during the French Revolution between 17 69 and 18 . To anyone, the grace of centuries old French castles and chateaus, French wine, romantic lifestyle and ball Parisian aesthetics. This style mixes traditional and contemporary furniture. You will see oversized sofas, arm chase lighting and accessories with curvy and interesting lines, elaborate ceilings, wall moldings and wooden floors with herringbone or geometric parquet flooring or Victorian floor tiles. For styling ideas. Use gold murders or gold framed paintings off Children's illustrations. Pop art. Abstract out artist collections like Pablo because of in Georgia Brock. Fabulous chandeliers, lamps and wall sconce and white neutral or dark colors on the walls to essentially write furniture and furnishings. My design tip is remember that not everyone lives in a gorgeous who Zeman decorated home, but Fergus on emphasizing on what at volunteer edges and features they already in the spice that will be your starting point. Mediterranean, drawing inspiration from buildings during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th and 16th century on Spanish revival architecture in the 20th century. The interiors of oak, the Romans off cornucopia off smells, taste and colors off the southern European countries Greece, Italy and Spain. With its more rich Tom. There is an abundance of the sunset warm colors off Italy, the marine freshness off Greece and spices off Morocco. Furniture or heavy or chunky. You'll see wooden ceiling beams, fireplaces, route iron steak, ice railings and rounded or GIs for styling. Ideas showcase colorful decorative ceramic wool art blights, woven wall baskets and tapestries. Also don't forget to include Moroccan inspired elements in the space lack tiles, London's and lights. My design tip is to remember that each coastal country south off Greece, Italy and spine has their own typical color palettes, fabrics and textures in the design giving you plenty off inspiration to get you started up . Knicks. We'll look at seven casual interior design stalls. Coastal shake, Scandinavian French country, Taschen, Bohemian Fall Mouse and Wasted Coastal shik. Postal Shik has become a mainstream design style and transport you straight to the beach, no matter your geographical location. Furniture often made out of weaker return or light way that woods just with and fabrics it has soft curves and straight lines in the style. The idea is to have as much as possible natural light and a color palette that evokes tropical beaches and sultry summer skies. Full styling ideas show guys see life, marine decor or upholstery copies shall chandeliers and easy to gay for materials like cotton return and would. My design tip is to remember that there are different tops off coastal styles American Tropical Island and Mediterranean just one top of style to allow the theme to flow casually without clattering the spice. Scandinavian. This design originated from the Nordic countries in the mid 19 fifties and reminds one off the preeminent interior styles in the world. This look evolved with the contributions off talented Scandinavian designers Oliver Alter, Finnish architect and designer hadn't Savina, an iconic dine ish furniture designer. Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect and designer. Err No, our new finish interior and furniture designer. And Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish billionaire and founder. Off Kia, you will see eclectic furniture, which includes mostly midcentury modern pieces. This style is minimalistic, tardy interiors with clean lines and D clattered spices. It's often punctuated with black, white and light neutral colors for styling, ideas, showcase vintage inspired accessories proves and Nordic motives. My design tip is to remember that with scanty design, they are no state rules. While there are some common themes, it's easy to use the basics and make it your own French country. Inspired by the actual French countryside, specifically Provence, this style incorporates traditional elements in a way that's for more relaxed de stress and substitute. Nothing is perfectly polished in this design style, but rather settled the stress finishes for a lifting field. The interiors have a muted color palette, featuring most off the times French vintage fabrics or will Piper for styling. Ideas showcase farmhouse inspired art or decor like farm animals, baskets, copper pots and pans, wired baskets, jugs, grandfather clocks, empty bird cages and so on. My design tip is to remember that if you mix textile patterns, then use the same color palette in all your patterns. Taschen. Although the countryside in Tuscany is located in Italy, influences also came from the French and Spanish side, which bordered the Mediterranean Sea. Just waste off Italy. Tuscan even as influences from the ancient Who Trask in culture and the Renaissance period off the Middle Ages. This style is romantic and has a rustic field. Stone and written iron are important design features with warm color schemes like earthy, warm sun backed oranges, yellows and rates. Interiors are typically furnished with dogwood furniture with scrawled feminine curves on everything from iron work to lampshades. For styling, ideas showcase artwork off the Tuscan countryside. Cripes! 10 yards, wine and cheese bindings, religious art and iconography. Take a right the spice with glass, pottery water features and incorporate objects with a patina that makes them feel lifting and less than perfect. My design tip is to remember that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the formal Taschen and formal Mediterranean style. However, there's a clear difference between the casual styles. Bohemian. The boho style is eclectic, with an emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces from the 19 fifties sixties and seventies. This style is referring to Gypsies and turned off the particular group off people who traveled from Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic. It also includes people who let A nor Matic lifestyle. The style features furniture from different period styles and embraces, and more is more philosophy. You will see lots of indoor plants and vintage accessories for styling ideas, showcased tapestries, area rugs on the walls or multi lie. It rocks on the floor. Travel fathers and our collections Maris woven men dollar wall art on different patterns from around the world, like E cut from Cambodia or Suzanne E. From Central Asia to give the spice a saint off fun and exotic ism. My design tip is to remember that when you layer rugs in the spice, it gives you an extra opportunity to mix patterns and colors. Try layering a brightly patterned vintage rock over and natural fibre Jew truck to keep the scheme while balanced. Falmouth, in the light 20th century into the early 21st century formal style, was picked up by the mainstream and brought into homes that weren't on forms the aesthetic excuse from country cottages. This style is rich in character and homespun comfort with rustic elements such as wood, burlap and stone. Some furniture pieces are made out of reclaimed barn wood or Crites and pallets, or has rustic inspired elements for styling ideas showcased family heirlooms, roll or industrial finishes that referenced the for machinery. Off days gone by. Use lots of cotton and linen fabrics with a mix off burlap and galvanized metal elements. My design typists remember that all Bond does are a popular eye catcher for this design style. Plus, they are easy D I. Y project to create Kitchen Island butcher blocks and coffee tables. Way Stern. This casually elegant style draws its inspiration from nature and the Spanish and pioneer settlers that populated the American Southwest in the 18th and 19th century. It takes the color and Texas from the days it with the Mexican and Spanish additions off ironwork, textiles and wooden carvings. This style captures the wombs and charm off the Southwest in skies for styling ideas, showcase paintings, photographs and any Western artifacts off rodeos, horses, cows, cattles and wildlife cowboys, inaction, mountains, likes and Rivers finishing it off with antler iron or rope. Shaun Deleuze. My design tip is to remember that the cactus is one of the defining plants off the Sonoran days. It include cactus accents will buy the prints, artwork or plants theme. 23. 21st Century and Retro Interior Design Styles: in the scotching video, I will give you a brief overview off the different 21st century and greater interior design styles. We will look at 3 21st century interior design stalls, contemporary, transitional and urban contemporary. This style is constantly evolving to reflect the popular styles off present day design. The word contemporary means off the moment it borrows qualities from modernism, minimalism, article and other global stalls without hyper focusing on anyone in particular. Furniture pieces features soft in and rounded lines as opposed to stock lines as seen in modern design. The key element is to pay attention to shape and form Fisher to let in lots of natural light. Sustainability is also an important element. The spices liars in Texas but keep batons to a minimum for styling ideas keep the space neutral and sparingly. Used accents use a mix off metal, stone, steel, glass and wood elements. My design tip is to remember to focus on both form and function, like even storage and multi functional pieces. With this style laces. More transitional transitional design is a modern mix off classic and contemporary. You can think of it as simply a new take on all classic or younger, punchy aversion off traditional design. It marries curved furnishings with straight lines, lacquered finishes resulting in a room that is equally masculine and feminine. Keep a rich balance off design styles and elements that are more modern in spirit. Choose impactful art, but use it sparingly or keep the spice well balanced. My design tip is to remember to stick to only 3 to 4 different themes on common elements. To keep everything feeling unified, experimenting until the mixed feels right for you while representing your client's lifestyle. Urban, modern and urban. Modern style Stains from cosmopolitan influence Think designer loved in a major city. That fees is together opposing yet complimentary design elements. It has a softer side than purely industrial or contain pre stalls. Urban Modern tries to modernize the industrial style by mixing mainly metal, glass and wood in your interiors. Natural light is key to the success off the style. You can also include indoor gardens, show guys any tribal or vintage Tyco accessories and include personalized racks and storage units in the spice. Keep warm and cool colors well balanced. My design tip is to remember to select extras like petite stills, sigh chase plants and artwork to add additional heats off color and a feel off luxury in the spice. The three retro interior design stalls midcentury modern industrial and art deco midcentury modern. It was the nutrient shortly after World War Two and remained popular until the late 19 sixties. Furniture is categorized by around the trips that are inspired by the natural world and simple, functional designs. Famous midcentury furniture designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen and Osama knew Coochie furniture has supplied legs type of lakes or hape and lakes. Teak and walnut words are particularly popular to use in the style. Forestalling ideas. Shark ice, drink trolleys and keep the interiors unclouded. Use sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms. The mid century color palette runs the gamut from the bright colors that were popular in home during the fifties to the earlier colors that replies them in the sixties. If you're going for a traditional look, dry, mustard, yellow, olive, green, blue, green and rate, my design step is to remember that the Eames is a natural point of departure. The name seems has become almost anonymous with mid century modern industrial anesthetic trained in interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spices that in recent years have been converted to loves and other living spices. Components off industrial style include way that route. Building systems exposed brick and sealing services, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete, utilitarian objects or the mind top off dyke or used in the style. Furniture are usually made from wood, aluminium, iron, steel, 10 stone copper, all Crichton pallets. My design tip is to remember that if the brick walls looked too old, pipes and beams are exposed through the ceiling. Walls off flows on finished do not touch them. M. Price. The designs roughness and find a way to make that work. Are they go? The article period was very popular in America and Europe. In the 19 twenties and 19 forties, it was formed by a group of French autistic innovators called the Society Off Decorative Artists. This design style covered virtually everything that could be legitimately touched by design are take a motives, have a strong and bold lick with vertical lines and angular details for styling. Ideas use exotic materials, often with decadent, polished high shine finishes with metallic touches in broths and chrome also includes lease branches and feathers. Stylized animals abstract out Newt's celebrity photographs and sunburst lighting and accessories. My design tip is to remember to avoid English floral prints and plaid patents. This style is usually other solid colors or to matric designs. Keywords to remember is bold and extravagant. We have come to the end of this Indira designed for beginners. Course I have that you've received lots of creative nuggets to help you to establish your design identity, and you apply these basic design elements and principles in all your upcoming projects. I'm looking forward to our next catching station together. I wish you all the base. Stay safe and stay, please. 24. Design Challenge 9: In this design challenge, you have to populate the information in the enclosed interactive document, which describes key characteristics off each design style. Advice on what you've learned in the coaching video. If you have any questions, please send me a direct message or leave a comment below.