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Panda. A Free-Flow Watercolour Masterclass with Jane Davies

teacher avatar Jane Davies, Professional Artist and Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 3.

      Sketching Out


    • 4.

      First Layer Eyes Ears and Nose


    • 5.

      Second Layer Developing the Face


    • 6.

      Second Layer Building up the Chest


    • 7.

      Adding the Eyes and Mouth


    • 8.

      Finishing the Eyes


    • 9.

      Lost and Found Taking Colour Out


    • 10.

      Finishing Off


    • 11.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Let me show you how to paint this fabulous Panda in a simple loose, flowing wet on wet technique 

This wonderful Panda incorporates many of the techniques we have covered in the last classes, but I have one more I want to show you! This particular method of sectioning parts off is great for anything that has a divide in, such as an ear or eye patch. We soften it down with another layer, to blend any hard edges

If you’re just starting your watercolour journey and haven’t done my beginner classes, I’d suggest taking a look at those first

If you’re feeling confident and are already familiar with some of my techniques then this will be a great class for you!

I will show you:

  • How to section areas off and soften with another layer
  • How to tilt the paper and allow the paint to run
  • How to paint two layers/washes
  • How to take colour out to get that lovely lost and found look
  • How to paint simple but effective eyes

You will be painting the beautiful Panda and be amazed and inspired to add these simple techniques into your future artwork with confidence

Past reviews

"That’s the shortest and best class on Skillshare"

“Jane has immediately become my favourite SkillShare teacher! Her unique style and explanations of how and why are fantastic! Thank you, Jane! ”

"A very enjoyable way to begin to learn the fun and skill of watercolour"

“Thank you sooooo much! I've been waiting for your class to start. I'm thrilled. Love you’re easy to follow style. As a beginner, it means a lot to me to be able to follow the lesson well. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Hello Jane, I viewed your lessons fully and will rewatch and paint. I see where wet in wet can be an enhanced feature for illustration. Listening with my headphones and the chirping bird in the background was a lovely feature :). I have a Samsung tablet and the resolution and sound is really beautiful for your lessons.”

"This class exceeded my expectations! Wow, congratulations Jane!! Just watching this through... I just LOVE trees, they are my enduring love, so I may take some time out from surface pattern designing to just relax and watch the paint flow where it wants! Love DS watercolours too, so I'll have a rummage about, see if I have some granulating ones too. Thank You! Lovely bright, cheery class :O)

"I already adore Jane's work and this class couldn't be different. She has magical hands to bring beautiful images to life in watercolour, and this beginner's exercise is a great way to get rid of our fear to work with this medium. I had so much joy, it was relaxing and I got confident of using paint on wet without that feeling that "I'm gonna ruin everything."

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane Davies

Professional Artist and Teacher

Top Teacher

Let me tell you a bit about myself...

I'm an international selling artist specializing in painting pet portraits and wildlife. I live, paint, teach,
and walk my lovely Spaniels in the beautiful South Downs National Park, England.

Over the last twenty years, I've taught myself the watercolour techniques you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own way has been fun and sometimes daunting but has allowed me to develop my own unique style.

... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Welcome to this intermediate old colour class, where we'll be painting a beautiful Panda. If you're just starting out in old college, Ernie and haven't done my two beginner classes. I suggest going back and looking at those first. But if you're already familiar with my techniques, you're gonna love this glass. And I've got one more technique I want to show you. And that's how to section areas of this particular technique is great for anything that has a dividing, such as an ear or an iPad. Then we soften it all down with another layer. Those hard ages. We will also go back over many techniques, such as tilting the paper to allow those paints the run gives you a lovely feeling. Afer, will also be taking color out to get those lovely lost and found ages that are so Prize you watercolor paintings. To also be showing you another way to paint, I use in a really simple and easy to apply method. I have provided you with a template of pander in the resources pages. If you aren't feeling confident enough to draw her out. As this class is all about painting and not drawing. I'm Jane Davis. I live paint, teach a walk my lovely spaniel in the beautiful south downs National Park, England. Over the last ten years, I've taught myself the watercolor technique that you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own way and has been fun, sometime daunting for it's allowed me to develop my own style. This has led me to teach the others, either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group in a wonderful studio in the heart of the south downs. I also run a successful commission-based business, painting PET portraits and wildlife art in my own home studio. In all my classes, you will follow along in real-time. Or I can guide you to keep your work loose and fresh without over fussing. I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way too. If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, please pop over to my website at Jane Davies watercolors dot co WK. This can be found on my profile along with links to my Instagram and Facebook pages. I'm very active on my social media pages. Go, I love sharing my art, especially on stories with many ideas, works in progress and tells a studio life. I really hope you will share all your paintings on the projects pages. As I loved seeing them, our species. And don't forget, I'm here to help if you get stuck or have any questions. I want you to experience that buzz of painting in his liberating wet on wet, loose style. So come and join me. 2. Materials: So welcome to the panda cos, Look how cute she is. I think it's definitely she, unless my subjects being debated, they may open. I think this is definitely a little girl. So I'm gonna run through the colors. Will I'm going to be using today? I have got a paint, blue-gray by Daniel Smith. And again, colors up up to you. I wouldn't go anything. There's two PIO wishy-washy or grand related. And because we needed something that would be the strength to be a punch to it. And also you don't want to think it's going to stain too badly because we actually take color out as well. And I'm a little bit a goulash, only used at just the highlights on the eyes and a little bit for the further down there, I have my little stencil which just goes underneath the paper doing couple of washy so the paints allowed to run down. And I'll have my stint. So don't function can be found in the resources pages. And I have my little Ten by Ten mount with a 7-by-7 aperture. Again, that's mouse not necessary. It's just I like to mount my final piece. What else do we have the papers blocking for 200 pound not you don't wanna think lighting that we use quite a lot of water and you don't want it buckling and getting ONE. I have a pencil. I have three brushes today. I have my usual rigor and my size ten. Also have a very old, and I think this was my very first world color, Bosch. Say, sympathetic. So it rubs out these scoops out some of these paints really nicely. So I use it for that. And we got a little potable water, pick paper, towel, kitchen Roll, Party, Robert, just too about some of the pencil marks at the end. And a head dry is handy if you have one. Again, not just dries the layers inbetween. So we're not twiddling off often was waiting for them to to dry while we while we want to go. I think that is all you need to know. So I think we ought to go and do some painting. 3. Sketching Out: Ok, so I've just started sketching my little lady out. I've drawn my, my, my mount. And I've started to go around the outline of a so I'm just going to fill in the O'Jays. Something like and quite small eyes, actually pandas and particularly big gain. Folks, if you want the middle, Japan's cuter, just go a tiny bit bigger than go Citibank. Just something like that. Sketch this and you don't want to do any in too much getting good word of caution with sketching stuff out on water color paper. I find if I do a lot of, lot of Marx and I wrote and loving out, I lose at nice sort of finish on the paper and my vodka pace don't run as well. And it's never, I never have to quite same effect. So try not to do too much wiping out near your caliphate paper. I'm sure that's short, that's the same with all all papers. Okay. I'm just gonna put her to one side and we can get the painting. I'm gonna move that way. 4. First Layer Eyes Ears and Nose: Now this is again all wet and so it isn't so nice water. And what we're going to start with a quick just kind to felony is it's a little bit different. This clause and this is will be filled up ablaze and go over different stages and what things down at different stages. And it gives you a really lovely soft loops are just going to do is to start with, because it's quite warm and you want these colored glass and white. So, you know, again, if you haven't, if you haven't tried using your paint straight at chiefs tried today because it's you need a quiet strength. Today's Japan's won't give you a very strong look and you'll find you're struggling. So all I'm doing is just a dynasty, but dabbling. I'm just placing in the postman adding that worker, working its way up a guy and you can pipe if you want a little bit and give it'll swirl round. Thing he says to call it paint to do is I am saying, we will go this again. So if it doesn't cover completely, that's absolutely fine. I'm going to do is I can say, okay, tell me in the bush, you move towards the end. We are particularly warm day here in the UK today. I guess my faith is going to dry quite quickly. Just dabbling a Latvian loving that paint to move on his own. Just give em, tilt this neutron, encourage it into theater. But if it doesn't matter, if it doesn't reach the lead, doesn't matter. I hope into the bush off again. Thanks so much off into fill in her black eye patches. Justified even over the eye. In the next one. You don't want it puzzling. You want to human genomes and trench there. And then we're just going to double again on only some AHA trying to cover, it'll just doubling. Lang the paint to movies I am applying quasi or pain is quite low strength for being a little bit. So let just do a little bit of a loser round. It's ready to be covered. Sophie hasn't covered in. Just gently. Encourage it to the n's. We why it's wet, you know, hurry. Nothing then it's got pretty who's going to do the same with the nose? Just going to go on the bottom. That's going up. Like I did. Most painting over doing ballooned. Oh was it was a very good study me lines. Okay. I need to do with a face at the moment. So over the next little bit now, you and I get Yeah, it it'll whites or how whatever you've got to us about any Chai DFT paper. Ok, so it's got a bit of elevation and then went into wet always body. So 2y right up to the molecular Bush. Wanted getting up the top there though, touches air though, because all these pipe will run. He touched that. Gosh. Get it. Rise up to the edge right underneath is well has he's underneath your chin? And I'm going to go outside. My pins would lie my my Mounties ongoing upside that just that the paper can run paint the paint can run them. Run off the paper tube again. We're going to go all the way around underneath your chin. That Guang Jiang workout anymore indicates a lighter side to a darker side as quiescent, quite nice. And then we can have a, I'm going to have my light for becoming from this way a little bit more. So this is going to have a little strip down the side. And all we're doing is doubling and doubling and doubling and letting that one. Not trying to put any color here on the bush that you want. This needs to be lovely in wet, so make sure you do get that nice and wet. And if it hasn't stopped running, just, just add more love in wetland that you can just add more. Get that running. Continue up PID controller put as much up here, thinks. And this is going to be mild, slightly lighter side, not, not by much but just a bit. See, this is dry handed down. Is he should encourage it to come further down by watching the watching the paper down here. That's allowing this to run a little bit more here. Much better stroke easily Washington who don't. Just dabbling, just applying col or paint, just trying not to interfere. Okay. Just kinda like that. Love that to do its thing. And grab my little brush. And I'm just going to pick up a little bit of hair coat. Just give an idea that you don't have to be all uniformed. You do, you do it a little bit somewhere in a little bit. Some morals doesn't have to be very exact. Randomness is noise and add a little bit bustling designed a little bit. Doubling up a little bit of just pulling random square will fetch unit of it. I think we need to do with it is wet or dry patch that and you can if you're feeling brave, I might be brief. Just put up there, watch run here just like we did with the trees. And if you remember, columnar slept Lipson color. That's my patron. I just give you a bit about initially the unusual. Again, I'm going to keep quoting him. Calling her hormones are unlike that. Connects coming in. Okay. So what we need to do is to let all that dry before we can continue on to the next bit. So again, there's a word of caution. If it's very puddle is is very wet, still survive. It's put head on that I'd be blowing pigment around, so just let it let it go off a little bit before you use a hair dryer. And I will try to be patient and not not blow mine around, which so I will see you in the next lesson. 5. Second Layer Developing the Face: Okay. So she's nice and dry and make sure she really is lovely. And Dr. fully for East up next likes you want this really nice intro. So we're just going to remove my little paperweight. And then we're going to the next layer. Say crappy, crappy big brush, right? Sure, it's lovely and wet. And what we're gonna do this is the fun bit. Wet or the head. Man, hey, in it, just go careful. Don't put too much pressure. You're just you're just very gently going around the whole thing over the eyes. You are going around very carefully that go into the, into the body, the chest. Don't worry, it's all going to run just like many's is his technique of lineages. So let's everything softened down. We can add a little bit depth and been a shadow. This Dave. Oh, lovely. Whetten will say, well, this just gives you a nice feeling of movement and light. Lovely. Sit up, panic because he's going to run into copy odd. Because we've been quite gentle on light, eat per week or Aquadro paddling. Paddling. Even just hang on a minute and just let it dry a fraction. Working suck up a little bit. Well, your Bhatia that's taking cotton thing you Bosch taken excess moisture often just touching and that will suck up any puddles. So what I'm going to do is want to see if I can little, little hard on this. Yr here would have been nice a little bit rounder. Someone out. Since this stage. Synthetic brush and this helps to soften it again. So let's talk with these AS started drawing very popular going on here. And I want to bear in mind that I won't list to be quite light and this light at the end. So I just wanted to suck up anything that's going just pushing too much. They had. Just generally observe, spend and kick you when you're sucking up water and color. You want your brush to be the same, almost the same moisture level as your piece of paper where you don't add more water or too much water off. Just beginning to even this up here and start adding a little bit of colonnettes you have picked up mature very gently. So he's got a she's HE told you I would make according her he she's got a nice white more muscles that we wanted to do is just start building up some total shadow and depth pairs were filling in her cheeks and space. Just doubling. Its lovely way old peak moving around us just what you want. Inverted gently. Someone not that you want to go, ooh, pick your nose is just that the shadow is just give you a little bit of ideas. That's the white of the Muslim. This is done to do running a little bit, it's OK and just so much scripting. Just watching, sucking bits up. No panicking. Just gonna stop in a little bit as it begins to dry with butterflies. For me, Mr. Fox and things he is, yes. Police on to get a gauge for this now as your pipe beans drives, your paint won't move as much. So I'm just gonna catch, catch my paper at the right time to add depth. It's about dullness, lies at the very beginning. The same amount of paint would have moved a lot, a lot more. And it begins to dry hunger to come up to the ear because I can see yours. It will begin to draw at different rates, in different places, at different times. So it's, it's hard for me to go go Hiroko, Hiroko that because I have to look at your own piece of paper and how, how it's drawing. Just a little bit of inside of the ear dog patch. And you can see how she's telling to come together if you got anything that's it's making. So for unusual patents just go with it. That's, that's what makes it nine Since when it gives it a little bit of character, a little bit here flowing. We pick this onto a little bit underneath. You can see it's buckling about him. It's tending to run into this corner. So I wanted this to be slightly darker. They saw item just allowing that to be a bit heavier there. And just watching what you have. It's all flowing, moving around a little bit. And put them will strengthen the eyes because the eye of a panda is the only dacoits or actually no doc patches on her walking so we don't have to worry about what it looks like. Taking a little bit color here. Can be with some of this can be done at the end, but if we can avoid too much color here, that's nice. Thank she's actually talking allied. They always waited, they stayed. You always have, especially why append, there's always a kind of an ugly, panicky sage, gold. This is not going to work very well. A tool is we'll go pear shaped to just don't panic and just keep calm. Because it always NAND gate will come together. It's meant to do is this begins dry and added a little bit onto the nose. Just a little bit of shadowing up here as well. Just do quite what monkeys. It peaks up saying a coming together gunny. You get to this stage in your painted like, oh, I can see you can quite keeping up. Just being gentle and is probably not the most exciting to watch, but his VCs to process ready. Always about slapping on paint. You just have to observe. Again, I'm trying to keep in mind that this is going to be the slightly lighter side. Looking forward to seeing all that. We'll work and seeing how different colors you chosen. You don't have to release a bank, but he's, you can do any color panda events TV. Little bit more than just want to keep looking awesome. Fuzzy edges. So it looks like it's going to a bit of a shadow there. And you'll get to a tricky stage where it just begins to get tacky and that's when you want to put a stop playing to deal, then likely to leave while the nasty marks. So I think I'm going to heat. An advice. Attempting to keep playing and shifted a little bit of kosher Here is what? Lets pick up medical abortion and just stroking a little bit out, just flicks, I go too crazy. You can't do the ears but they have very fine haze on the a's on thing. I can take a little bit to Detroit a previous painting. Many trials. You need it to be silly. Why wouldn't I want to leave her here at this stage? Because I know if I fiddle Now, I will ruin it because it's just going tacky now if A1, if I was to try and take CO2 out, it would leave a lot of ugly mock. They're just opening up just like the excess moisture off before she joins a bit more evenly. Okay. So she needs to dry before we do the next layer, which is more chest hair. So Lakeshore, she'd have enjoyed giving it a blouse with a hair dryer and then like I wanna do the chest. 6. Second Layer Building up the Chest: Okay, so that's lovely and dry now. So I'm going to pick up my bigger brush and we're going to go underneath here. So it's almost the same as we did with the first layer. You got K we carefully or on the body again. And like we did with the head, just gently don't, don't try and press too hard because it was a lovely Marxian. I don't want to disturb those too much, so just keep everything light. Go outside. If you've got a little MT wave, command them out. Go outside your mountain area. Go right up to the edge here. Now I don't necessarily want to actually get paint into this far corner, but I need to wet it down to just an outward painter flow. Lovely, wet. Because if you've blossomed it with a head, you're on OK, I have. And your paper tends to Joy quite quickly because it's wound up the paper and work on over my lines here. But when we built this scope that out a little bit as nice and wet and pick up my like Schubert paint, saccades. I'm just giggling underneath the chin and allowing it to o to one. No, I haven't done giving rise to popping your little something. You've got to you paper. We're just back to dividend. And you can reshape if your chin and gone a little bit. Funny shape and that first layer, this is where you can kind of reshape it little bit. Come with lost her chin a little bit more point. Say bury mine is going to be my my slightly lighter side. Keep strong. Grew up in Russia. High enough up there. We big brush. Medieval. Just watching what you're seeing, where it goes. If you feel you need a little bit more, one is a bit down to the chester. Who the Watts lovely and what you can just apply, allow it to. And he just started seeing her appearing currently. Not deaf guy, navy, if it's not running for you, just load your Pasha and more water and you can just add more water. They'll be afraid. Leaving this and lovey, interesting Marxist by droppings more water in. Just a word of caution, if it's starting to go off yo this area starting to dry and wet? In wet. I wouldn't start dropping watering it all needs to be wet if you want to do that. So readily trick Mitchell the little bit going on over here. Chin flat anymore here, that's encouraging. Adding more underneath the chin. That's encouraging more here without actually having to apply here. That might intense doubling their hidden things and running. Now to fall this join is we want to create beautiful Bosch and flick up some hair again as if it was a big texture. And you don't want to do all the same movements or the same brush marks. It gets a little bit, say mean uniformed. I look at the event in nasa. Behavior Qin shows you appreciate having the heavy chain, but she's going to have water. Just working in Lima bushy little bit more on Esau I noticed just working up. Just pushing a little bit paint. Oh, let me be careful. This noise beginning to draw, I announced what we don't want to do too much more. I would like to get a little bit of honey and they're not very fluffy. And those who did obey coat, she's a longer code you founder. I just wanna get a little bit and try not to have rain regulated push milks. I don't think wants to do too much they because that's, I will not say to be the light of it. And all I can say, well, if I did a lot of water here, this is starting to pedal a little bit. So I came across an excess, wished all. I'm just going to very gently to suck up, little cool up, down, fairly gently. And say just, just look at your own pace and stand here. Going all about standing and sitting, but I do like to stand. It just makes it so looking over the get too close to it. I need a view painting and stand up, get away from it and have a look. I think she's, she's looking quite interesting. Isn't interesting. Coat mocks going on there. I think once that dries, it's going to be quite fun. I think. Actually, I think I'll go leave her tilted. So again, she needs to completely dry and then we will just work on some of these areas in here, but take a little bit of paint out at the OAIS inch strip from the nose and smart in it's just doing the, the last tweets now. So say white, make sure it's some, I love remarks here. No, if all the lost hair dryer now, they would lose all those who I have to be patient and let that dry a little bit more naturally, I think just as it because it goes tacky OK. And we see it over. So I show my fingers unfortunate for a minute. 7. Adding the Eyes and Mouth: Okay, this is lovely in drawing. This left me with him quite unusual, interesting mocks. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take my little paper white. So we're working flat again and we're going to get, and we'll do some ESA gravitate look fresh. Hopefully you should they stay in LacI. Schwab can actually see my eyes, but if you've been a little bit stronger events from knocks you out to save ELA said they just roughly in here. I'm just going to paint them in. Nothing. No, nothing too complicated. Just painting in the eyes. This is a little bit tacky, still. Careful. Didn't draw it. Very easy to do that when I was first dossier of always putting my hand into the into wet paint. It is just filling any IT just painting them in. They need to dry before we do anything else. I'm going to now shaping, lookup, look above it and see whether you think they'd aka a good shape, nicely symmetrical. I hoped if I'd built seam up into the lungs. That's okay. So what we're going to do, I'm going to get on with the nose now while there's always drawing so a little bush deal, and I'm going to wet all the nodes. It's all nice and wet. We give it the first time we did the nose. I'm just going to, just going to pop color, budget doubling colored and linear one. Just by doing this, you are, you allow a nice light area needed to take a much color out. Well, this is still wet. We can just get a line and I'm going to give them a funny little waved him her him, Ha ha. You find ways Green. I think we did with the folks. You can just just soften that fit that line looks a little bit hard. Just so funny. Just running water underneath that going, he's running into an ISO pipe. Now. Just as an idea is a little bit more than mouth as well. Think of Bush. Just wanted to listen to, I just want to just with that decline was a little bit of wet paper there. Just so funny that down. Just looking and taking its on and no panic in the stage. So to put it into a little bit more than, Let's say you always will look different. The mindset just did look at yours, observe your c. C, What do you think? Trust your instinct. It's quite cute and easy to get to you. Look at it go, that's it. Objects coated. 3d suite is still, still wet. So on the challenge day, Navy joy, I'm just going to use a hadron quickly and just as awesome drawing and we can do the little bits of white round that. 8. Finishing the Eyes: Kay, so they mustn't dry. So I've just picked a little bit of white little tiny Bush. Very carefully. You might want a, you have a very small number, one or two brush that might be quite handy this stage. But if you haven't, don't worry, I'm going to hold it in quite close, close to the base. Current is going to go underneath. Just do that. Just drawing and painting today. What underneath? Just like that. For many, it's a dry waiting for Statoil. And today now, I'm gonna take a little bit of color at the top of these always. So that's just came a Bosch clinging onto my veto kitchen armature. Sure. And we're going to push the L, just scrubbing Vicodin over little smuggler Bush and won't be better machines is because I deal with this. That's enough. Paolo down on it. Heavy carefully just go. It's just given an idea, a slot over top of the ionize. They suffer. Needed wanted it with white paint it make it too harsh. Or this is just a very subtle, actually you can say that sought to pay enough. One of the things you don't necessarily see happening entity knew she took away from it. You can go yeah. Has taken out. You can see as I start to get little bit character that she just just just adopt. What I want to do is come inside the eye. And what we did with the folks, we're going to take a little bit of color after the IPSec is same as we did over there. That just stroking. You'll slowly I wouldn't have it but the kitchenware with ACC's, you don't want it to always be that obvious. Just odometer abortion, no diving with a kitchen will just appear. So you just taking lays off on to the next one, do the same. And over there they spits weight to the moment and they always Joy's, it looks a little old to the alignment, but you don't have to do any all eyeballs in this and that makes him a bit easier. Just go little bit. Picked them. I don't paint again and it's gonna go up to much. Eleanor was doing a talk Bednar color back in this author. Lighting a bit more obvious. Okay, and then the watch, should I draw it again today? Let's go underneath very gently. Underneath measured way. If you're white lines a little bit thick, like mine is there, I can narrow it down a bit. I'm just going underneath painting in line underneath. I think she's looking quite catch every little bit. Washer. Or what about observing you and faces? We Chaka say everybody's and they'll try it for everybody. And that would be nice to see. See we opened it up on the project page and I can see them. Give me some advice. And if hustling you've got stuck on just enough Karla and just taking it all that out. And tiny little bit off the top of the nose. Thinkable, missed on enough. He knows that paint just sped up enough and left not white, but you can again, he was as good a little bit too dark, hidden, just just brush a little bit more light. Just about Don you went my choice. They always not some white fully putting. It'll catch lights. Just getting to things that we haven't quite finished yet. We'll show you in a minute, is we're gonna take some of these color out and that's what blends altogether and makes it a little bit softer. 9. Lost and Found Taking Colour Out: Okay, so again, to try to take some of these hard edges. So I've got my faithful through brush. Clean kitchen all preferably also has simply moved with a clean water will be preferable. And what we're gonna do is scroll up some of these. London can also about pencil marks, which would be nice. Just can take a little bit and see these sort of lines. The energy's being kicked in by swapping out, just releasing some of the energy. And Noyce seem to do the int. We completely lose at line. Because I had the mind have this as the lighter area. So I still want to talk a little bit in here as well. To tidy up pan, we went anymore anymore. You've made that have gone wrong. Sparsity isn't just about me. You could put this bath is on her up. I wasn't intending to put a SPECT is gonna try and get rid of those. But those out. So it's just going around tidying up there. Okay. And these are the hobbit, but chunky loss late. And to pick up my little white home, just, just gonna do a little bit so wiht him. Like it. Blend in a little bit more. So if you join has gone a little bit lucky for any reason, the MRC and just to say what Manitoba heavy gene lunar. They'll go to mad with these. It can make it suddenly, suddenly losing that nice looseness. It's quite good for the join here. Just help soften a little bit, a tiny bit carried away. She's just about done. Just very gently. Might have lost a little bit of light on top of this nodes here at some point to scope out just like a deeper, there can be the tiny things, but so we want to get 0s. This pencil mark off I'm about to show you is x. Looks nice and you get a little lost and found looked better until I can take that small countless doesn't have the same effect. So I will make sure withdraw it everything completely. And then I will scope out the law about pets locks, and we'll see what she looks like vertical amount around. 10. Finishing Off: Okay, so I want to party rather than to go. And what they need pencil marks out that belief may have still need to say, well that's key. Completely offset lie now, unless we give them a new sense of light, hitting the top of her head in a cheek just stops Vanessa. I think she'd worked out. Okay. Okay. You're going to see what she looks like with the mountain. Shizuoka IK isn't she's always nice book. I like putting him out man. We just finished the paintings often. Think she's, she's worked out okay. 11. Final Thoughts: Hope you enjoy painting the panda. She was beautiful and incorporated many of the techniques we covered in the last four classes. How do sectioning off parts of the painting go? It's a bit scary when you first start wetting that second layer and seeing over colleague put down in the first, start moving around again. Did you manage to be bold enough and put enough color on your brush to paint her chest area. It takes a little courage to begin with. We were able to lift out the color on top of her head and the cheek to get that lovely lost and found. Look. Sometimes it's a case of finding the right brush to do the job. How do painting me always go? The lovely thing about Penn, DO they have very adult practice, which makes it easier to add the y's and the white highlights just make them stand out though. So we look forward to seeing you in the next class.