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Learn how to mint and sell your Non Fungible Token (NFT) for Beginners

teacher avatar Qambar Raza, Blockchain Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What is NFT ?

    • 3. How to setup metamask wallet

    • 4. How to create an NFT Collection ?

    • 5. How to find an image ?

    • 6. How to convert image into NFT ?

    • 7. How to pay gas fees ?

    • 8. How to list your NFT for sale in the market ?

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About This Class

This course is a tutorial step-by-step process on how you can create and publish your FIRST NFT !


Non-Fungible Token is also known as NFT is a digital asset or a digital certification of an asset. NFTs are unique tokens that are dissimilar from each other and hold a unique value for every token in the blockchain. A non-fungible token can be anything that has the ability to represent itself as a digital asset such as painting, coins, virtual lands, videos, etc. NFTs cannot be replicated or viewed as equal to another digital asset as they possess their own uniqueness and individuality. Non-Fungible Tokens are made up of code lines that are known as smart contracts which execute the agreements and transactions automatically.


Throughout the time, NFT has been used in several industries commonly known as Ethereum Tokens. Non-Fungible Tokens have distinct abilities that have made them popular.

  • Since the data in the NFT are stored securely in a blockchain, the risk of replicating, stealing or destroying is eradicated.
  • Scarcity is the primary reason behind the massive growth of NFT, the NFT developers cannot produce more NFTs since they are restricted to produce and thus it maintains the value of the tokens.
  • NFTs are completely indivisible, the Non-Fungible Token cannot be reduced or divided into a smaller fraction of denominations unlike in Bitcoin or other fungible tokens, they can be divided into smaller fractions of denominations.
  • Since all NFTs are unique and dissimilar, their ownership rights can be traced back to them easily and it eradicates the involvement of third-party verifications.

Meet Your Teacher

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Qambar Raza

Blockchain Developer


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1. Welcome: Hi there, my name is Qambar Raza, and this course is about NFT. Now, imagine a future where everything is being bought and sold using digital currency. Your house, an audiobook, your favorite music, or an antique, or some artwork. Everything in the future will be bought and sold using digital currencies. Now, when we talk about digital, the problem in the digital world is everything can be copy pasted. So how can we trace our track something or stop something from being copied? This is where NFTcomes in and makes things unique and secure digitally. And this course is about how NFT works and how you can create your first NFT. Yes, I will teach you how you can basically create an NFT by finding a royalty-free image and using that image, which will be modified by us using some certain technologies and tools. We will be uploading that image onto OpenSea.io. So I'll OpenSea, we will see how we can create that into an NFT. Add properties and levels. and statistics and that would be the end of the course. So come and join me if you like, and join the NFT evolution! Thank you. 2. What is NFT ?: Are you a dog person or a cat person? Let me ask this question again by zooming my camera. There you go. Are you a dog person or a cat person? You don't need to answer that. This video is about an NFTs. But when we talk about NFT, we have to talk about cats. We can't resist. They're very beautiful animals. Even in the history. In the Egypt, people use to worship cats. They have been a very loyal pets. Not like dogs. And that would be another debate, like what you should have. This course is about NFT again. And when we talk about NFT, we have to go back in 2017. In 2017, this happened, a company called dapper labs in Canada invented a game called crypto kitties. They knew that people like cats and they were very popular on the Internet. So why not create a game that people can collect, purchase, sell, and even breed crypto kitties. So this was a really popular game. It was so popular that in December 2017, it almost brought down the Ethereum blockchain network. And when we talk about Ethereum blockchain network, ethereum is a digital currency. It's similar but very different in algorithm to Bitcoin has a different algorithm for proof of concept. But if you move forward in 2021, we see another artist who collected his 5000 days of artwork and convert it into a digital format and sold it for 69 million. Now you should ask a question, why can't I anybody copy-paste this? It is digital. Anybody can do right-click Save As, and then shared with other person. In the digital world. We have now invented a way of ensuring things become unique. And when we talk about unique, we talk about collectible items. And NFT's sole purpose or main application that we have seen up until now is when the collectible items, because in the collectible items, they had been created by a creator in either limited format or just one item. And depending on the type of the item, that item has a particular value. But when we talk about NFT, NFT basically means non-fungible token. What is fungible? Fungible basically means something that is interchangeable, in value. If I give you one pound and you give me one pound back. Would there be a difference in value in our pocket? You will have one pound back. So if you had 20 pounds, you gave me one pound, and I gave you one pound, you still will have 20 pounds. Now, when we talk about digital world, if I give you one Bitcoin and you give me one Bitcoin, we will still have the same bitcoins. When we talk about non-fungible. This is where we talk about collectible items such as artwork, paintings, and others. Think of it like this. If Banksy creates an artwork and I create an artwork, both will have a completely different value. Similarly, if he creates two art pieces, they will have different values as well. But that's physical example. In the digital world, we can talk about crypto kitties can talk about tickets for the theater. So the tickets are limited for a movie. And they are also digital. So they have, they can be identified using NFT as well. Now when we talk about an NFT, we have understood what is fungible, what is non-fungible? So we have understood N and F which is non-fungible. What is T in NFT? T means token. A token is something like a digital certificate which identifies certain things with certain properties. What does that mean? So when you talk about NFT token and that token identifies who created this NFT. Like for example, in Beeple's when he created the artwork, Beeple was the creator of the artwork. But does Beeple own the artwork? No. No. Because he sold it for 69 million. So when he he sold the artwork for 69 million, the person who owns it is different. So that certificate will contain that information about who created it, who owns it and some other properties to ensure that how many of these items exists. So Beeple's artwork is unique. its not scarce, its unique. When we talk about limited items. They can be 4, 5, or 6, or max. I mean in the NFT world that's the normal range of it. And it's not divisible. Meaning you can't divide Beeple's work into two. You can't copy paste people's work because it wouldn't work. You need a valid token for it. And if you create a fake token, that token will not work. Because this is based on a blockchain technology. Even if you have one machine, then there will be multiple other machines which will verify that you have done a fraud or something. Because he can only change data in one machine, in the blockchain network is spread across the Internet. And that's the beauty of blockchain. This is why. When we talk about NFT, we talked about collectible items, the items that can be identified uniquely, and the security that NFT provides for those items, which is why people are willing to spend their money to protect or buy basically those items. And they, they trust that this security will work. So thank you so much for watching this video. We will continue this topic about how you can create your own NFT in the next video. Thank you. 3. How to setup metamask wallet: Hi there. This video is about creating your digital wallet. So think of it like this. If you're going to buy anything in the physical world, you need money and you need a place to keep that money. So in the digital world, it's the same concept. You have a wallet where you keep the money and that is where your money is taken from. Now, the concept of money isn't exactly the same in the digital world as they are tokens and numbers. As the real-world where you have got caught physical notes. But overall, the idea is same so let's get started with this. So the first thing that you need to do to sell you an NFT is have a wallet And to create a digital wallet, the easiest thing to do is go to MetaMask.io Make sure you're using the Chrome browser. When you open metamask.io it will ask you to download now. And then you can select Chrome and click on Install metamask for Chrome. Here you will see MetaMask, Chrome browser extension, and click on Add to Chrome and add extension. So now the extension has been installed, just click on Get Started. And because this is your first time, you will click on yes, let's get set up. This will create a new wallet and space for you. So I can click on that and I will agree. And I'll create our very secret password. After ticking that agreement Now, those of you who are new and they want to protect their wallet I would definitely recommend clicking on reveal secret and copying them in a secret place. For me, it's fine. So I'm not going to copy right now because this is being recorded. So I will click on remind me later. You don't need to worry about this, just close that. And you can see your account has been created and you have 0. ethereum and 0 USD. And if you go to the extension, will see the same details, 0, 0, and and account 1. Whatever the hashes here as it could be the same hash over here. It means that you have successfully installed the MetaMask Wallet. Thank you. 4. How to create an NFT Collection ?: In my last video, I showed you how you can create a MetaMask wallet. In this video, we will be looking at the connection plaster vault, and the connection is still there. So you can see over here in Chrome plugin and kinda metabolic website. Now, for the next step, we want to connect our MetaMask wallet with the open sea. To do this, just go to the open sea website. Click on My Profile, click on sign-in. Give it doesn't walk. Pick again. You could still doesn't know just to refresh your page. Once you refresh it, then click sign in, you will see a connect with metals pop-up on your right. And you can see your water will die. Just cut. Select a watered and click on Next. Make sure it's perfect. Then click on Connect. So this will take some time to connect and AQ to this screen where you can see your new username, which is unnamed. Okay, now click on the Settings gave and assign directly. Assign. This will take you to the general settings page. Here you will see if anything's use a name, bio, and email address. For the username, I'm going to just use a single arrow because I'm a big fan of p and enemies. And it has this correct term. This general, who likes to make tea and run a tea shop, and that's something that I really enjoy. So my username and then collateral bio, I'm just going to write something that represents that. So when somebody comes onto my page, they know what they are going to get in my collections. So gotta just fried something like p and animate. So let's think about honesty bless enemy, which is the PAGA plan profile. And they add on a piece how the email address. I'll choose my email address, which is e-mail and direct combat Rosa.com. So if you want to contact me by e-mail, you can use this as well. So by saying that username is already taken, so I can't use uncle IRA. But as I said, I'm a big fan of p and enemies. So I'm going to use t and then weight. That's it, and click on Save. So this will update my settings and send an email to my inbox. Okay, so click on the open sea level. It'll take you to the main page and then click on my profile. And you will see the changes that you have made available. So by using the enemy and my bio is t plus enemy and FTEs. And you can see wallet, hash as well in the middle. So we have done to personalize your argon. Next step is creating your own collection On Open see. Okay, is to create a collection we will be using the technique called lazy minting. Lazy minting means that the fees for the transaction is paid by the seller and not by you who's signed by the buyer, not, not by the seller. So you are the seller. It's paid by the buyer. So let's open the URL, open C dot io slash collections. This will take you to the my collections page. Yeah, you can create a new collection. Second law, beyond that, you don't want to end it right now. So as far as global, as I'm very inspired by the type corrector, uncle IRA. I will be using the logo as his image for now. Because it's talking about P and enemy, which resembled my very favorite topics. Okay, So let's pick this image. It's called on, I knew Save Image As I'm going to save it on a desktop that I can quickly access it. Click on the logo, go to desktop, select that image. That's a great image. There you go. So we have got the logo as uncle arrow. And what would we the name of my collection and telling me is already my username. So I'm just going to use something. One interesting. I'm Kali arrows, TTY shell. And the description. Just to tell people what they will find over here in this, well, in this collection, I'm deciding null will find all the p really did. And a mallard. That's it. 5. How to find an image ?: When we talk about NFP art, we are talking about images, some sort of digital log or some sort of painting that you can share or image or anything that you can basically upload to open sea and shared with other people so that they can purchase it. This training session is about creating an NFT art and uploading it on open sea. So there are two ways to do it. One way is you are like very professional artists and you can draw things in Illustrator or via Penn on Apple pen and just draw it on iPad and then upload it. Or you can just scan your previous artwork and upload it on your computer. And then from there you can convert it into NFT. Those are like really highly professional people who are, who have an art background. I don't have an art background. I come from communist science. What I can do is I can think of an idea and modify images. And that's the most easiest way to do things. So what I'm going to show you in this video is how the search for images that do not have a copyright means that you are using a legal image and how do you modify them? So let's start by searching. Normally. When you talk about surgery, go to Google, we just start typing whatever you want to search. So I have a passion for t. This is my thing. So everybody has their own thing. So somebody, somebody is a coin collector, somebody is stamp collector. My thing is, I'm passionate about D and enemies. So I will be searching for things like tea and enemy. When you talk about tea and NME and we go to images is fine. Tons of images. The Boolean. But I can't use any of these images. The reason is they are all copyright. So what you do is In the Google Search menu, in the images section, look at this Options settings, click on Settings, and click on advanced search. Here at the very bottom it says Usage Rights. So you need to ensure that you're legally using the images. So many click on all. It gives you two options, Creative Commons license and commercial and other licenses. So when you click on Creative Commons license, this means that you can potentially borrow the images and modify them, or you would have to still look into what's going on. So when you mean I said, Well, what's going on? It I basically mean that you need to further investigate it. You can still use it. Most probably you can use it. But as you can see, we don't get a lot of images after doing this. Even if I search for, for example, Pakistani chai and add the settings, I'm just gonna make sure the settings are creative, common license, advanced search. I don't get much. So the other option is we go to Flickr.com. Here. I will just search for the same thing, Pakistani GI. And here, as you can see, the same thing, you know, the the usage rights. It's over here on the left top. And then over here you can select commercial use and modes allowed. And as you can see now you can find images that you are able to use. So I personally like this image. I think that there is a enemy while 28 and it's talking about chai and Pakistani t and this substance, one of the cafeteria and Pakistan. So think of costs, but on a lower level. So you get that this is a Pakistani costs. I love it. So I'm going to use this image. So let's save this image on my desktop. I can't because this is Flickr. So what you do is you do an inspect element. And then you basically click on the network. You refresh the page. Sort by size. And when you sort by size, you can basically scroll to the right top, ensure that it had the maximum size and the top. And from here, I can look into the banks. So if you look at this JPEG, this is a way same image. So I'm going to just right-click open a new tab, right-click Save Image As. And that will be on desktop. There you go. That's how you basically find images either on Google Settings. And then you search for the license or in Flickr. You can do the same thing. You can do the same thing for any other image website. I'm just showing you some free image options. Some people basically directly go to Unsplash. Unsplash is a very good website. It, it also has like royalty-free images so you can search for any topic. So I can search for any of these images into the cartoon, tea or whatever you want to do with those images. So the next step, again, I've already mentioned a bit of it which is adding value. So when you have searched the image, how do you add value to it? Now, there are multiple websites out there which can help you categorize your image. So let's try foo to cartoon. Sure about this one. I've actually use the first one which is be funky. It has its limitations. So if you click on Start to you and you bring in the image that you want to use. So for example, I'm going to be using this image. You can select affects over here. So this is digital art. You can go and select other effects as well. If you are interested in any other ones. I'm going to use the digital art and catalyzer Diigo. So I've got this image in the cartoon format. I can potentially add some more texts to it or not, it's really up to me and this side has a trial so you can find any other website as well, but this is an option. So if, if it's not allowing you to dollar directly, you could just do a screenshot for now. And Diigo. So you have got a screenshot of the image that you wanted to use. So I've got my screenshot in my Documents folder. So this is the image. This is the final output. So again, you don't have to use the exact same resources. This is one of the options. So in this video, what we basically saw was, number one, how do you find images? Make sure that image is royalty free. It doesn't have a copyright. That's how you find it, either via Google, liquor or any other website. Second thing is add value to damage. By customizing it filters out the best way to do it. I use this website. You can start a free trial over here. Or you could find any other website which converts it into Tonight's format and add like a text on top, which would say like Pakistani Chai, tea love. And that is how you would add value to it. Once you have added value, you have made an original image. You're not an artist. You don't have an article on background. When you have the skills to complete a skill that you can use to still make your own OID on empty and you can sell. How can see IO? So thank you for watching this video. In the next video, we will be talking about how do you actually uploaded open CAN sell your images. Thank you. 6. How to convert image into NFT ?: Alright, so in the last video, you saw that we created an image, which was this image. How do you go from an image to actual NFT? Which is this thing. So as you can see, this is an NFT. It has certain properties, That's levels and it's a part of the collection. When I go to my collection on upmc dot io, uncle tea shop, I can see this here. So let me walk you through this first step. Because I've already used this image, I'm going to use a different image. So what the emitter half-baked is, this one. Again, I found this on Flickr, are converting this image into this, excuse me. And from this image, I mean, if you look at this image, this is a bit small. So the dimensions are 1200 by 1940, which is a small image. Imagine someone trying to hang this digital gallery. You're not giving them value. To give them value. What I did was I used an AI image and larger. And it has enlarge this image by four times. So I will be using this image instead. And this is the resolution for this one is 5000, which is brilliant. This is like a really big image now. Okay, so first things first, when you go to open C dot io, you will see this page. You're already logged in because you have to MetaMask wallet. Type forward slash collections. Here. Select the collection that we already created in the previous video. Click on, Add New Item. Drag and drop this image over here. So this image is like what do you want to call it? That's what it is asking. This is the required field, which is name. So I'm going to call this an Indian. And the description of what's going on over here. Having a cup of tea enjoying ago. And then the properties. So corrector is male. Religion. So just to give you a bit of idea, think of this as the properties of a character. So you are basically building a profile of your NMT. And an example would be like if you have played video games, in the video games you have like characters and character styles, character levels, character properties. So for example, CAN has a property that he's, he's a male, he can do, for example, karate or something so that those out like his properties. So It's a similar concept that we are going to be using as a properties. And here are some examples like character is male, religion, Hindu. And what else can we add? Origin? Origin, Indian. Let's just add these three characters, district and the level. So I'm just going to compare this fit. The one that I've already created for. The other one, open sea to the IO forward slash collections. And over here we have got Pakistani Java. So for example, the properties over here, age. I've added age as well. So let me add H and let's meet mean it's up to us what we want to call it. And it's going to say 45. And you have got credit for mills Muslim D making. So that was his specialty. So more specialty. I'm a good talker, are pure. So he can mean jokes. And that's especially now when we talk about level. Level is like in the game. So you have a character who's more offensive, defensive. It's a similar kind of things. So for example, I had the speed and T knowledge. Speed. Let's just say speed is slow because he's older. So speed is one. Knowledge is one out of 1000. And let's just go with those two sets. Let me see what I used in the previous ones, I used the hygiene reading. So this guy had the hydrogen Reading 2. And we will just use a similar kind of reading. Rating is one safe. You can just come up with random numbers over here. The idea is that you are creating a character. So by random numbers, it doesn't it? I mean, when I say random numbers, I'm just trying to look at the location, the type, the get up, and just building a character profile in my head. It's up to you what, what, what's your story basically you're telling a story over here. So what's your story? Another thing that is an option about supply. So by default it will be disabled and it would have one that is like a perimeter that he can use on the URL, which allows you to change this number. I'll put it in the description of this course so that you can use it from there. But for now we'll just go with this, these details where we have the image, the name, description, properties, level, stats, supply. One interesting thing to note is I'm only uploaded a JPEG or PNG file. You can upload a 3D model and you can upload a video. You can upload a vector graphics. A lot more like that. There's many, many options. Okay, so let's do a Create. So one thing to note is when you're doing it for the first time, you need to ensure that you have at least 37 dollars or 0.15 ethereum in your wallet to do a cell. So you can see the Indian tea Barbara has been created. If I click on cell, what happens is it takes me to this screen where I can do the setting of the site, prices and everything. But let me actually show you what happens so that you can understand it better. So I'm just going to convert 20 USD to Ethereum, which is 0, 79. So I'm just going to round up to 80. It's either an ascendant. Okay, for eyes, that surprise, I wanted to go with the highest bid is a one. So just, I mean, this is a great price. You can set any particular price over here. Expiration date, five days. Any instructions, bases, decentralize. So we nevertheless squire items. Okay. So now when I click on posts, your listing. Tries to list the item. It will open the wallet and it will say that you don't have enough money in a wallet. So for the first item, you need to ensure that you have gas fees. It can pay the gas phase. So this is the most important way. So my suggestion is go with the lower price item. So first of all, opened up Meta mass folate and reject this. Go to the low-price item. Because you have to pay the gas phase for the first time. And click on cell here, click on this into the same details. Let's just go with 0.72 and we can click on post. Your listing. Price is same. So previously showed me a lower price. So this keeps on changing based on the price of the yttrium. So previously it was twenty-seven dollars. Now it's asking me for $44, which is fine. So I'm going to just reject this and go to the MetaMask wallet. In a MetaMask wallet, I can go and click on Buy and continue to wire. So this is the initial gas fees. This is only one time. And from because you have created a collection from the next time, it will be the buyer who would pay the peas. But for the first time we have to create a token for your, for your profile. And this is why it's asking you for the gas phase. So if five by 40 word of Ethereum, I will get 0.020. And how I do I need, if I click on this, I basically need 0.0172. So let's call it 0.018. So I basically 0.018. And if I pay 40, I basically have to pay 40, 45, glide. So if I change this number to 37, that should be fine. 38. So I 26, 0.018. And that's what we needed over here, 0.018. So I'm just going to pay 36, which is equal to 41, 51 line. I authorize. And click on Next. And these are credit card details. So I'm going to fill this outside the screen. 7. How to pay gas fees ?: As you can see, the transaction was successful. So I'm just gonna go to my wallet again and see if I can see at Natalia, yes, I think my second project, and then you can see I have got 0.018 trillion in my wallet. Now, if I go back again and I'll try to list one of these items. So I'm just going to go with the one that you're talking about, the Indian bubble. So the price over here is It's 0. If I take on one and then everything is fine. Forced your listing. And it's asking me Can can expand this sum all for the gas fees? Yes. Sure. So it's doing the initialize your icon first, which is the first bit like and you're doing it the first time you have to initialize it. There you go. Sounds good. Details this side regarding this permission, full transaction details to automate translations for you? Yes. Is this okay? Waiting for block chain conformation? So I'm just going to go to the mega mouse followed and see why can't see the film button. Transaction. This is fine. Okay, so I had to select the transaction type, so I selected slope and I'm going to click on phone. So that's basically you'd say should now do the approving, approve the transaction. And now I'm just gonna make sure that there's no more notifications over here. Seeing this. So because it's selected slow, I think it's going to take some time to go to rate. Confirmation duration is greater than 10 hours and that's fine. It will happen when the miners basically walked to the transaction and verify that this is the election. Okay? So that's basically it. We will have to wait a few hours now for this transaction to go to and opens here to create a token for myself. So once I've token is created, I'll continue guarding the course video, where we basically publish both of the art books int, into the market in occupancy to sell it. Thank you for watching. 8. How to list your NFT for sale in the market ?: So other dialogue and we did the transaction to pay the pay for the gas fees. And that was a pop-up over here. So I basically refresh the page and the pop-up disappeared. So I'm just gonna do this thing again, 0.008. Both your listing as it is listing your item and it's asking me to sign, I'm going to click on Sign. And there you go. So it's now listed. I paid the fees. I didn't have to wait for ten hours that I was thinking initially. I was able to list it very quickly. But I think I've added an extra 0, so I'm just going to change the price. Non, That's something that I would need to learn how to do it, but that's fine. I thought somebody on the bottom where it says null. So let's just try to change the price from. So I don't know how to change the price. I will have to look into it, into the documentation. But I don't see any option directly visible at this point of time. But do you have, there you go. We have listed our force NFT, we have D. And this is the main idea of this course that can you list and create your first NFT. And we have done it. Congratulations. So it's now your turn to do the same thing, create your own, and actually enlisted. Thank you for watching.