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Draw a Fierce Fire Breathing Dragon - Step By Step - Tutorial

teacher avatar Art with Mr. Noel, Keep on Creating!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Draw a Fire Breathing Dragon

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello art friends!  In this lesson you'll learn how to draw a Fierce Fire Breathing Dragon.

We'll go step-by-step and breakdown the drawings into easy to follow instructions. 

In addition, extra drawings have been included in the class description that you can reference to create a simple animated loop.

This is a fun and interesting class that is designed to help you create a beautiful drawing by the end of the lesson.

I'm excited to see what you can create!


Mr. Noel

Links to items used in tutorial:

LED Drawing Light Box

Grease Pencil (these are so fun to draw with)

HB Drawing Pencils

If you are interested, check out my other classes on Skillshare

Meet Your Teacher

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Art with Mr. Noel

Keep on Creating!


About the instructor:

Hello Art Friends!

My passion is animation and I love to draw! While I have pursued computer animation I am finding a renewed passion for drawing and other physical art.

Check out my drawing tutorials on YouTube : Draw with NONU

Connect through Instagram: https://instagram.com/mrnoelart/

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1. Introduction: Hello, friends. Welcome to art with Mr North. Let's take a look at what will be creating This'll Essen. I'll go step by step and show you how to draw fierce fire breathing dragon. We're going back to basics with pencil and paper to get our drawing Practicing. The goal is to learn how to effectively use basic shapes in order to construct appealing and complicated designs. This dragon is great practice for artists who are looking to get their drawing in for the day, and you have the added benefit of creating a handmade work of art. In addition, I've included extra drawings in the project description that you can use for reference and create a simple animated loop. If you're ready and excited to draw, gather up your materials and let's get started. 2. Draw a Fire Breathing Dragon: this lesson will be drawing a fire breathing dragon. I like to write the action and motivation somewhere on the page to remind me of my goal with the drawing for this drawing, I want the dragon to feel powerful and show force as it breathes fire. Let's create a reference point for where we want the flames to shoot. To accomplish this, the dragon will have a strong line of action that climbs up like a roller coaster and shoots down quickly after reaching the peak of its buildup. Police a circle for the head and refine the angle of the fire's path. Yeah, at the peak of the curve, build the torso with a large chest and a small waist. The belly of the dragon is pushed inward as it is breathing up fire. Connect the head to the torso by following along the line of action. The tail also follows the line of action, but I'll refine that later. For now, let's build the structure of the legs, feet and toes. With circles placed where the joints bend, the arm is raised up and back to show a build up of energy. The opposite arm is offset to create some visual interest with the fingers spread apart, the wings are found above the arms, but in order to fit them on the page, I need to bend them to help figure out how this might look. I cut out a wing that I can use for reference. To show the bend in the wing. You're going to have to overlap shapes. Keep things simple when forming the face. Begin with lines to indicate how far apart the mouth is open. Chin is a triangle, and the nose is large and ultimately diamond shaped. Start adding some volume to the mouth and job and at a downward frown at the edge of the mouth flat and at the top of the school and placed two lines where the main horns will project From Ultimately, the top of the skull is like a small box sitting on top of a larger box. Since this is a threatening creature, will use sharp angles and shapes that sell the menacing nature of the dragon. I use a triangle that sits within the box of the school. With this basic structure in place, we can begin adding more detail at some folds to the skin. As I browse angrily Ferral towards the eyes, pinch the eyes and show the lower eyelid, closing slightly. Clarify the shape of the mouth with skin between the frown, a tone and sharp teeth. Unlike a friendly dragon, add teeth to the top of the mouth. Show the audience the curvature of the snout, with a few curved lines at a few more horns along the jaw to balance out the face and to make it more menacing to begin building the underside of the dragon and show the change of volume as it reaches the belly, follow the path of the arms and taper the shapes down as they reached the hand. Notice how the nails follow the path of the fingers. The legs taper in towards the knees and wrap around the calves, heels and toes. When drawing the toes, keep in mind which ones are closest to the audience and overlap the rest. If something doesn't make sense in your construction lines, don't be afraid to make changes. Since this isn't my cleaned up drawing, I'm not too concerned about how the lines connect on the tail, but ultimately I wanted to look clean with flames coming from it to the wings were already pretty developed when I drew them. But make sure to show any changes in structure, such as where the bones bikes are exposed. To help sell the idea that this is a fire drag, I decided to make the spikes along the back and tail in tow. Actual flames or the fire from the mouth starts out thin, but then it spreads and expands as it hits its target to clean up. I used on inking marker and gave it a thick outline. - I'm always a little hesitant to continue adding to the drawing, because sometimes I can go too far and throw off the clarity which admittedly happened here . It's okay, though it's only a drawing, and it could be redone if I need to. The experience and the time spent drawing was worth it, and I can apply the lessons learned on to the next drawing. Nevertheless, we created a fierce fire breathing dragon using the strong line of action, simple shapes and some reference material 3. Conclusion: thank you for spending time drawing with me today. I hope you had fun and learned a skill or two. If you have a chance, make sure to show off your work and the student gallery so we can all support each other and learn together. When it comes to your drawing, remember to find the line of action and you simple shapes to build the structure of your piece. Keep in mind the story and mood that you're trying to communicate with the audience. If you're interested, make sure to check on my other tutorials, such as coloring with Photoshopped, from sketch to fully colored illustration. Photoshopped Caricatures How to draw Rose and Animation basics. Create a bouncing ball with character. Thank you once again for your time support and remember, keep on creating.