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Design Simplified: Create a Media Kit for Your Blog, Business or Product

teacher avatar Chakowa "Coko" Donaldson, Graphic Designer, Coko Creates + Blogger Kit Co.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What is a Media Kit?


    • 3.

      Anatomy of a Media Kit


    • 4.

      Class Project


    • 5.

      Before You Get Started


    • 6.

      Quick Tips


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      Let's Start Creating...


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      Media Kit Design Tutorial - Page 1


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      Media Kit Design Tutorial - Page 2


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      Final Thoughts!


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About This Class



Welcome to the 1st course in my Design Simplified series, where I’ll be teaching you how to create a Media (Press) Kit for your blog or business.

Media kits, also known as PR Kits, EPKs, or simply Press Kits are an essential tool for anyone that is interested in capturing the attention of the media, sponsors, and potential clients. Whether you’re an Artist, Industry Leader, an Influencer, a Public Figure, Freelancer, a Company or an Entrepreneur, you know that media kits are a necessity when it comes to furthering your career.

In this course, we will not be using the typical industry standard design software when creating your media kit, we’ll be using Microsoft PowerPoint…

Yep, you read that correctly, PowerPoint!

While I love creating custom design works using a combination of Adobe Creative Suite programs, I know that it can be quite intimidating for some. So I’ve come to you with my Design Simplified series, with the purpose of simplifying the design process so that it is unintimidating and approachable for ALL.


  1. What is a Media Kit?
  2. Anatomy of a Media Kit + What to Include in Your Media Kit
  3. Tutorial on How-To Create Your Own Media Kit



Before You Get Started: Please Download

  • Workbook + Media Kit Download: Go to the 'Your Project' tab >  'Attached Files'
  • Personal Interest and Social Icons (Projects & Resources Section)


Create a Custom Color Palette: Adobe Kuler

Gather Your Analytics: Quantcast Measure

Headshot: DIY Headshot Tips

Tips for Creating a Mission Statement: Fluff-Free Mission Statement

Download PowerPoint 2016: FREE 30-Day Trial of Microsoft PowerPoint




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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chakowa "Coko" Donaldson

Graphic Designer, Coko Creates + Blogger Kit Co.


Hello there! My name is Chakowa, but you can call me Coko. :) I'm a Michigan-based graphic designer with a love of all things design and a knack for creating affordable and time-saving design material(s) for bloggers + creatives.

Graphic Template Design is my creative outlet of choice, and while I'm excited to be teaching, I'm even more excited to learn from the awesome creatives that have also decided to share their skills on this platform.

Netflix + Coffee + Design = See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, my name is Chicago, but you can call me Coco. Welcome to the first course of my design. Simplified Siri's where I'll be teaching you how to create immediate kid for your blogger business Media kits. Also, in honest PR kids epic Azour Press kids are an essential tool for anyone that is interested in capturing that into another media sponsors and potential clients. A media kit is basically a resume for your blogger business in an oversaturated industry. You want to make sure that your stand out and make a memorable lasting impression when being considered for brand collaborations and business deals. Having a polished and professional looking media kit will help to show them your value, level of influence and set you apart from the competition. Whether you're an artist, influencer, entrepreneur or company, media kids are necessity when it comes to further in your career in building your brain in the scores, we will not be using the typical industry. Standard design software on creating your media kit will be using Microsoft Power Point. Yet you heard me correctly Power Point while I love creating custom design works using a combination of Adobe Creative Suite programs. I know that it can be quite intimidating for some. So I've come to you with my design simplified syriza with the purpose of simplifying the design process so that it is unintimidating and approachable for all. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to create a two page meeting fit for your block business or product. We'll go over what immediate. It is the anatomy of a media kit, and then we'll move on to the final phase, which is your class project. Depending on the size of your blogger business, you may very well need more than two pages with the techniques that you learn throughout their scores will be able to apply them and create any salad media kit that you desire. So of anything that I mentioned piqued your interest. And if you want to learn more about my process for designing media kits and learn how to create your own along the way than enroll now and let's start creating 2. What is a Media Kit?: before we begin, I want to briefly go over what we will not be covering. This class will not show you how to actually craft the perfect pitch for reaching out to companies for this course. What I will be showing you are the techniques that I use to create media kits and the simplest way possible. I've chosen the narrow my focus on showing you how to pay media kids were you send digitally in pdf format to companies that you're interested in collaborating with. The design doesn't have to look exactly like mine. I would actually love to see your creativity at work. If possible. Make sure to incorporate your brand elements, such as your logo and color scheme, so that your media kit is reflective of your brand identity. What is the media kid? A media kid is a promotional tool that showcases in highlights a breakdown of the most important aspects of your business, such as the services you offer statistical data, your local bio and head shot. It is considered one of your most valuable resource is when it comes to working with brands informing business relationships. Think of it as a resume for your business potential sponsors and advertisers use information to determine if collaborating with your brand will create a mutually beneficial partnership. Media kits are necessary tools that help to convince them that you're blogger business is the right investment for their advertising dollars. 3. Anatomy of a Media Kit: Anatomy of a media. Kids think of your media kit as an aesthetically pleasing resume for your business. The most vital information should be display in a clear and concise way so that it garners the attention of potential sponsors. Whilst according your brain, this is by no means a definitive list. Use any combination of components that you feel is most beneficial to the promotion of your block business or product. Your media kit can be a multi page document or a one pager, depending on the amount of information that you choose to highlight and showcase. Many sponsors, publicists and media organizations prefer a PdF document of your media kid as it can be easily attached to an email correspondence or conveniently turn it out for in person meetings. Next, I'm going to go over the anatomy of a media kit, blessing the 12 basic components every blogger business should incorporate. Yes, we have your logo head shot bio mission statement, statistics, social following feedback services provided visuals, brand collaborations rates in contact and folk, including her local or block header in your media kit is essential. It is one of the most important visual elements of your blogger business as it helps so established brand identity. Who is the person behind the blogger business photo that you choose to use in your media kits should be no more than three years old. There's no need to fret if you cannot afford to have a professional headshot taken for tips on creating your own D. I Y headshot have included a link to a really great article in the resource Is section below. It's a great practice to have an updated long and short bio, but for the sake of space saving in your media kit, a clear and concise short synopsis his idea right, your bio with your intended audience in mind. And be sure to include personal anecdotes, accomplishments and goals that detail the essence of your business and the person behind it . Your mission statement helps the differentiate your block from other competitors in your niece. It keeps you on track with overall goals that you clearly defined for your blogger business , and it should also give your audience a better understanding of wire block exist and its intended purpose. Need hell writing a fluff remission statement. Visit the resource is section and you'll find links to really helpful articles for constructing your mission. Statement. Google analytics is the best tool to use when it comes to monitoring your website traffic. Prospective advertisers are interested in the numbers. You want to know the reach in size of your audience as it increases the likelihood of partnerships recommended stashed to include are your monthly unique visitors monthly page views, readership, Demographics? I suggest using cloud cast for this email, subscribers and any other stats that you deem appropriate. If you are pulling your remarkable numbers, an alternative would be to mention your business growth in terms of percentages again, just like your website statistics. Your social following is a key factor for brands when determining possible collaborations. By providing the stats of your combined social media platforms, brands are able to decide if your influence and power engagement outside of your blogging mutually beneficial. But others toot your horn for you. Sometimes self promotion can be a daunting task. So go ahead. Let your past sponsors and loyal readers speak to your greatness. Client testimonials, help to solidify your credibility and increases of potential brands. Eagerness to work with you. Which projects and campaigns do you enjoy working almost. If you like guest blogging, offering banner ads and give away post, then highlight those areas of interest in this section of your media. Showcase your most popular posts in any of your press features here as screenshots of your block so that potential sponsors can see where their ads will be. House List Your most relevant brand partnerships are any campaigns that you've been featured in, along with their logos and company info. Also, write a brief overview of the products and services that you most like to feature on your block. Align your sponsorship policies upfront. Be clear about surprising and the opportunities that are associated with them. This is also where you should let your ad sizes. If you plan on presenting your immediate kit on a public platform, displaying your rates publicly is optional. You can also provide custom rates on a case by case basis by attaching or sending them separately and last, we have contacted both. Make it easy for companies to reach out to include your full name, website, email, address, phone numbers, mailing address, links to social media accounts and any other pertinent information 4. Class Project: Here is your class project. After completing your workbook, create a one page or multiple pay to Media Kate document from start to finish using Microsoft Power Point. 5. Before You Get Started: before we get started with the design portion of this course, I've supplied you with the checklist MPD of workbook for you to fill out in advance. The workbook was designed with you in mind. I've created a syllable pdf form so that you can conveniently type out your answers on screen. Or you can print out your workbook and checklist and put pen to paper and write out your answers. 6. Quick Tips : Here are a few quick tips before we begin the design portion of this course tip number one Power point work strictly an RGB color mode. If you have plans to design your media kid for printing purposes, then I suggest using Adobe in design so that you can change your color space to seem like a otherwise. It is perfectly fine to Greater Media Kid and Power Point, since I'm showing you how to create this document for sending two brands you're interested in working with in the digital PDF format. Tip number two Hard you B vs C m y que The design rule of thumb Is anything intended for printing? Should be in C N y que. And anything dealing with the Web should always be an RGB. And since we're creating your media cave for Web viewing purposes, to display on the website as a J pit or in PDF format for sending via email working to go Tip number three. Choosing your color scheme option. A adobe color formerly known as adobe Cooler. It is a color scheme generator, so if you don't already have a color scheme for your brand, then this will be a great place to start. And since we'll be working strictly with RGB, you can easily convert your seemed like a or hex color code using adobe cooler Option B. The color picker Tool Power Point has a built in eyedropper tool. You can create your RGB designed color scheme within the program. 7. Let's Start Creating...: please complete the checklist and workbook that I've provided you with before we begin the design process, it will make it much easier to follow along after you've completed your workbook, an organized your design files. This next part will be a breeze as the file gathering is the most time consuming portion of this course. If you've already completed your workbook, then you should already have your color palette, fonts and images organized for Page one. You'll need a large, high resolution photo your email subscriber count monthly. Unique visitors Monthly page views in your social media following total her page to You'll need your headshot photo bio social media icons, social following count Ad rates block audience stats Services offered in the levels of the brands that you worked with. Check the resource is section down below for a link to a free download of 100 to personal interest in social media icons. Let's dive right in and start designing 8. Media Kit Design Tutorial - Page 1: Let's dive right in and start designing. Go to the design tab and in truce life size custom slice sized. Change the width to 11 for the height to 8.5. Select okay and then insure fit. Now you want to delete all the elements. When you're our board, bring in your color palette. Go to the insert tab so like shapes, and then choose right triangle to fill half of your arm or with the triangle. Go to rotate. Flip vertical. Now go to the eyedropper tool and select your first color. Remove the outline but a shape feel. Once again, go to the eyedropper tool and change the color just so you can see how you can manually input your numbers. For the RGB color mode, you can go ahead and delete the image of your color. Palette will no longer need it. Any color that you sample will be saved for this session. Bring in your main photo, make sure it's a really large, higher s photo, resize it to cover your art board. So, like the image and then send it to back. Position it exactly where you need it to be. Go to insert shapes once again and then choose rectangle. Draw a rectangle toward the center of your workspace. Go to shape feeling, then change the color toe white or whichever color that you desire. Double click the rectangle, and as soon as your double click, you can start typing selector text. Choose your phone size character spacing in the color option. I have chosen 60 point bold black think select your title area copy and pasted two times. Place one shape Adama Love the main title in the other below and change the size of the fonts there. The top shape will be for your blogger website. You are l address in the bottom area will be a great place for you to put your tag line, select the tag lying text and then change it to the light blue color from your color palette. So, like any other rectangular title shapes, copy and then paste it resize and reposition the shape with the box Still selected. Change the font of bell unti. Here is where you can input the stats for your blogger business. For the stat title, I have chosen to use eight point TW sent empty with the box still selected. Go to shape, feel, choose more feel colors and then change the transparency to 50%. Copy and paste your shape three times and then change all of the text to reflect your website steps. It's okay if the size of your text appears a bit small because you'll be sending this file digitally in pdf format, they simply means that you'll be able to zoom in and zoom out without loss of quality. As you can see here, some of the elements are positioned outside of the workspace, so what we need to do now is just change the character spacing from very loose to lose. That way, everything could be positioned on the or board proportionally. - Now we're moving on to page two. 9. Media Kit Design Tutorial - Page 2: Now we're moving on to page to select your current fly right click and choose duplicate slide. Delete all of the elements on the second page, except for the shape that contains your website euro and one of your block Statistics. Change the website euro to 18 point and from very loose to lose moving to the top of the page and now type in your name. Go to the second line and then type in your email address telephone number and then select all of influence the second line and change the font to Belem t 12 point metallic. Remove the bold selection and changed the characters facing to normal. Notice that as soon as you press the space bar after you enter your email address, it will automatically change tool Harper Lee. If you wish to remove it right, click it and it's like remove hyperlink. Now it's time to add your headshot, photo or company logo. If you're adding your company local, you can simply drag and drop it like you've done your other elements. But in order to insert your photo into a shape, go to insert shapes and then so, like teardrop, hold down the shift key while drawing to preserve the aspect ratio. Now it's time to add your photo to the shape. Go to Chez Feel, and then select picture, navigate to your desired photo and select insert while the shape is still selected. Go to shape, outline and then she was no outline copier, many bio and then select the text box tool Dr Phil on a space that you need. Change your phone to Calibri, body size 11 and Lingle to paragraph and change it to warn 1/2 lines where you're spacing. Next. You want to navigate to your social icons and then just drag and drop him on. Two year workspace in Power Point rearranged them according to your preference. I'll just create your social media stats similar to the way that we created your block Stats on page one. Think change the font toe bell unti 10 point all caps. - The same techniques that we use for Page one can be applied to Page two. Use those to finish designing your media kit for the remaining portion of this design tutorial. I'm going to stop the talk through, but you'll still see a visual will have to complete the block statistics and ad rates section. Since you're just be plugging in the information that you've already gathered in your workbook, I don't want to be redundant with the things that I'm showing. You think ? 10. Final Thoughts!: Thank you so much for joining me. I really appreciate that you've enrolled my course and hold that what you learn here has been helpful. I hope to see you on the next force of my design. Simplified Siri's. Make sure to post your final design to the project page so that I can see all of your amazing work. I can't wait to see what you've created.