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10x Ultra Motivation - How To Get Motivated Fast!

teacher avatar Silviu Marisca, Fast Reader, LifeHacker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. How to Make this Course Work for You!


    • 2.

      2. How You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals


    • 3.

      3. How To Get Motivated To Study


    • 4.

      4. How To Get Motivated To Study - 2


    • 5.

      5. The Truth About Motivation


    • 6.

      6. Why You Shouldn't Rely On "Motivation" To Get Things Done


    • 7.

      7. What Is The Difference Between External And Internal Motivation


    • 8.

      8. The 3 Main Theories Of Motivation


    • 9.

      9. How To Overcome Sadness


    • 10.

      10. How To Overcome Fear Of Failure


    • 11.

      11. How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem


    • 12.

      12. How To Overcome Lack Of Interest


    • 13.

      13. How To Overcome Procrastination


    • 14.

      14. How To Overcome Stress


    • 15.

      15. How To Become Ultra Perseverant In Reaching Your Goals


    • 16.

      16. How To Reinvent Your Identity


    • 17.

      17. How To Make The Most Out Of Your Emotions


    • 18.

      18. Take Action Like A Pro / Apple Way!


    • 19.

      19. The Two Essential Questions To Filter The Noise Around You


    • 20.

      2o. Discover The First Step To Personal Discovery


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About This Class

Simple Strategies for UNSTOPPABLE Motivation Revealed!  

This Course is Designed For YOU! 10x Ultra Motivation will be your daily guide to redefine yourself, achieve more balance in your life and take massive action.  

This is a revolutionary Ultra Motivation Self-Study course. It has been created to inspire, encourage and most importantly, EQUIP you with all essential tools, tips and strategies. This will help you move from a place of potential to optimal performance in your personal, academic and professional life.

10x Ultra Motivation - Get the Results you need!

  • Achieve quicker the results that you want.
  • Be more productive and committed.
  • Move specific ideas/projects ahead quicker and easier.
  • Strengthen your focus.
  • Take focused action and achieve breakthrough results.
  • Get focused on what's most important to you.
  • Define your priorities and take action aligned with these.

Quick Overview of What You Will Learn

1. Ultimate Motivation Techniques: How to Motivate Yourself

  • 3 Secret Techniques To Increase Motivation 
  • What Is The First Thing To Do When You’ve Lost Your Motivation
  • The Positive Effect Of Gratification
  • The Simple Trick To Overcome Distractions
  • 7 Tips To Just Get Started With Studying
  • The Main Reasons Students Are Not Very Enthusiastic About Studying And What To Do About This
  • What Music Should You Listen To Immediately Energize Your Whole Body?
  • How To Beat Procrastination And Distraction

2. Find Out The Truth About Motivation 

  • Why Trying To "Get Motivated" Is A Wild Goose Chase
  • Why “Watching Motivational Videos” Or “Reading Inspirational Quotes” Will Not Help You Getting More Motivated
  • Why You Shouldn't Rely On "Motivation" To Get Things Done
  • What Are The 3 Components Of Motivation
  • What Is The Difference Between External And Internal Motivation
  • The Surprising Insight Researchers Have Discovered About The Psychology Of Human Motivation 

3. How To Overcome Negative Emotions

  • 4 Hacks To Overcome Fear Of Failure
  • 4 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Life
  • Why Subtle Stress Is Actually Good For Taking Action
  • 6 Tips To Reduce Stress
  • 5 Steps To Overcome Procrastination
  • 4 Strategies To Elevate Your Interest In Life
  • 6 Steps To A More Confident YOU

4. How to unleash your true potential

  • The Essential Questions To Ask If You Want To Understand Who You Are And What You Want To Become
  • What You Need To Do For Any Real Change To Take Place
  • 5 Steps To Master Your Emotions
  • How To Find Out If You Ask The Good Questions That Can Empower You
  • The Two Essential Questions To Filter The Noise Around You
  • One Of The Things That You Can Do To Accelerate The Pace Of Your Improvement
  • 3 tips To Create Your Own Path To Success
  • The First Step To Personal Discovery
  • Why Your Reality Is Shaped By The Meanings You Attach To It
  • One Of The Things That Can Set You Apart From Everyone Else

The knowledge you get from this course will improve your productivity, work efficiently and effectively in any job, profession and venture you choose to be. 

  • Learn more effectively

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Silviu Marisca

Fast Reader, LifeHacker


True success in life happens when you take action on a daily basis. In other words, it's your habits that help you achieve goals and live the life you've always wanted.

In his courses, Silviu provides a daily action step for every area of your life: entrepreneurship, health, work and personal relationships. Unlike other personal development programs, his content focuses on taking action. So instead of watching and reading over-hyped strategies that rarely work in the real-world, you'll get information that can be immediately implemented.

Silviu's quest is helping people make their journey in life by asking questions and searching for the answers. Words have the power to reshape our thinking and help us discover new talents or to break the resistance to success. This passio... See full profile

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1. 1. How to Make this Course Work for You!: do you want to really find your girls and get super excited for what is just about to happen? Do you want to get rid off limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action? Welcome to 10 X Ultra motivation. The ultimate blueprint to get more focused, confident and responsible for your life. So Vatican, a chief personal success the way you want as your instructor, I will share refute the bass skills and ideas to help you unleash our limited motivation and create an art in a vision for your life. This course is for you. If you want to really find your girls, they control off your time. Know what to do when you lose motivation and passion and achieve more balance in your life . This course conveys and difficult, proven and die ambassador methods to get rid of excuses, stay motivated and move forward so vertical achieve personal success the way you want. This course is ideal. If you're a student and you want to get super motivated to improve your grades and preparation for tests and college entrance exams, you are entrepreneur and you want to have the bath strategies to stick to your plan. Keep going and never give up. And to anyone who wants to make progress in all areas of life, not just one, then exporter motivation contains more than three hours off full training, but you can base it along your convenient timeline. You're learning advantage of begins immediately after taking this course, then requirements necessary, and you only need to watch, learn and April. 2. 2. How You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals: it can happen to everyone. Your happiest moment goes away and have little to no energy to work creatively and enthusiastically. You feel totally drained all your excitement about accomplishing your dreams. Working on a project, pursuing a new career, committing to a significant relationship. Achieving your financial goals is suddenly gone. You can't understand it or explain it, but there is one thing you are certain off. You feel desperate. You feel anxious and you want your into the US and back. When your motivation is not high, your commitment, determination and passion are tested. You become aware that you're worthwhile. Goal will remain jazz fat unless you get motivated and stay motivated to achieve it. Despite having lost motivation to work on your important goal, chances are you'll remain actively engaged in accomplishing over are related targets. However, this by the accomplishments you continue to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled because you're most were fuego remain untouched and entertain it. Motivation is the energy that drives you to accomplish goals, and it's necessary for all types of success. You need motivation in huge doses and United Daily parents have to stay motivated to raise their Children. Students have to stay motivated to graduate from school. Employees have to stay motivated to get promoted and to stay employed. Writers have to stay motivated to complete books and business owners. Master motivated to make profits often after the initial euphoria off achieving one goal has decreased. You need the motivation to begin working on the next goal. Motivation is power, even when you are totally sad. Your motivation can be affected by some factors, including disappointment novels, the loss off a loved one, hitting a plateau after a difficult accomplishment, becoming off well and failure to take rewards for your hard work. For more the condition offer personal surrounding sphere personally securities on healthy relationships, Current products and fatigue can drain valuable motivation. The first thing to do when you have lost your motivation is to face the situation confronted and Van corrected. When the motivation you rely on to accomplish a goal is gone, you master everything within your power. To rekindle the fire, you must remain focused on the desired result. Whoever is the you will avoid ward every word you will again. As a result of achieving your goal. It's both possible and necessary to regain lost motivation and it's easier, very think you can take simple staffs to stay enthusiastic and committed every step of the way until you achieve your worthwhile go. So here are three stabs to recapture the motivation. First, readjust your focus. Imagine this. A lot is going on in your mind. But despite that, you decide toward his great movie and become completely absorbed. As you're watching the movie, your anxieties about your job or business go away. Depending on the scenario, you find yourself laughing, crying, excited, inspired or even agitated. That which you are focusing on is influencing your mood. Your personal circumstances haven't changed, but your new direction is now determining your feelings. When you re adjust your focus, you can recapture your motivation. Ask yourself, What are you currently focusing on that is determining how you feel and affecting your motivation? How can you readjust your focus now? The second tip to re Kanye Motivation. Identify our greatest sources off inspiration and motivation. Take a pad and note bad and write down the names off free people in whose presence you come alive, whose words is far your faith and confidence. What was the last thing each of these people said to you that man so much. And how can votes words motivate you today? Getting Start with this free people this week. Call email or visited 1 11 Know that you appreciate family and the value they have brought to your life. Don't be afraid to ask for help, becoming motivated to achieve your goal and the last step to regain your motivation. Identify environments and activities, but unlock energy and creativity. Maybe you feel inspired while browsing the bookstore. Playing at the beach. Visited more or attending a concert, or perhaps an activity such as mandarin dancing, exercising, hiking or volunteering. Get excited when you are in an environment that awakens your enthusiasm. You feel motivated because off what you see and experience. Spend at least two hours this week in a motivating environment and or engaged in an exciting activity. Then use the energy to work on your worthwhile go. So those were the free stabs on how to regain your motivation. Readjust your focus, identify your greatest sources off inspiration and motivation, and identify the environments and activities, but unlock energy and creativity. Thank you very much for your Attash 3. 3. How To Get Motivated To Study: the ability to get motivated to study can have a very positive effect on the students, study levels and grades. A motivated student will find it easier to go the extra mile and do all the necessary tasks that need to be done to assure success. The right motivation will allow students to study a lot more focused and with more concentration. Motivating yourself to study is especially helpful when you feel a lack of motivation or face procrastination during your studies. The following tips on how to study effectively will teach you how to become motivated to study and to beat procrastination. So how to become motivated to study the first strategy? The motivational power off Having a goal A very powerful technique is to set yourself important goals and objectives. These girls could be either short term wants about an upcoming exam or long term goes about the achievement you want to reach during your studies in university. Objectives and goals are one of the best sources of motivation as they will keep you focused and enable you to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Father. More cleverly chosen objectives will inspire you to greater heights allowing it to reach your real potential. A very positive side effect of a great goal is that it will drastically increase your perseverance. Here are some important tips for go setting Rider Goes down. Avoid vagueness, negations and necessities. Split complex Goes into primary targets and Sago's State. How you intend to achieve your goal. Visualized the accomplishment off your objective and what it feels like. Reward yourself wants the goal is reached next. Ratification. Reward yourself personally. I don't consider the act of toward in Yourself wants a goaless accomplished but the motivational technique For students, However, the positive effect that a gratification can have on a motivation to study is to madness. So I have no other choice. Our van, including this aspect into this lesson. What you need to do. Set yourself a goal and determine on appropriate reward wants. The objective is accomplished. Is that simple and effective? By rewarding yourself whenever a goal is achieved, your brain sends positive emotions, leading to the realization that an effort results in a positive reward. You will consciously or subconsciously recognize that the high effort will result in an even more positive ratification. You start legging hard work with a gratification we for reward with surprise. You will associate upcoming challenges and necessary efforts to reach a goal as another task to get rewarded positive emotions. So you increase your motivation to study, which allows you to maintain your motivation at a high level until the objective is accomplished. Also, your willingness to make an effort such a study to achieve the goal accident rate will race . When having a reward in mind that you have desired for a long time, never stop learning. It's crucial that you do not reward yourself if you fail. If you are not able to reach upto active as determined, you would not get a reworked. Furthermore, the reward should be received. Wants. The goal is reached not any time before this. He has an important tips for rewarding yourselves to become motivated to start it, set a goal and determine an important reward for its accomplishment. Associate the effort to take with positively word ambitious challenges with wire off standing rewards. Basic objectives should only be reward slightly. Do not allow yourself to receive a reward if you fail and reward yourself subsequently after achieving the goal, just do it and start studying whenever you feel a lack of motivation to get started with starting dozens over activities that sound by far more interesting that starting Sometimes your driver watch TV, the new movie that came to cinema. Listen to music or hang out with your friends. The simple trick to overcome his dilemma is just get going, start studying, no matter what boost herself to began with starting regardless off. If you feel tired or even the teaching material isn't interesting at all, you might have to force yourself, but it is worth it. Forcing yourself will allow you to free your mind from all kinds of negative thoughts about being lazy or lacking the right motivation. Basically, instead of wasting significant time worrying about being on enthusiastic, lazy you take action is that you'll notice that once you are getting started just for a couple of minutes, time will fly by and you will get used to your tasks. Why should go into the habit of starting? It will feel just natural after a while to remain on your tasks for longer periods of time . Here's some tips to get started with Starting first force yourself to do 15 to 20 minutes of starting. For now, don't agonize yourself by picturing the alternatives to starting. Try not to procrastinate more. You focus on the task, the faster you are finished. Imagine the negative consequences off prolonging study. If you are tired, get up and jump on the spot, take a shower and finally prevent any distractions such as email, telephone, smartphone, TV, Internet, even France for a limited time. 4. 4. How To Get Motivated To Study - 2: before stepped. Motivate yourself towards learning. Take wants to put a time avoid prolonging. One of the main reasons students are not very enthusiastic about starting is that they are prolonging starting for too long. So they felt a breast this subsequent teaching and learning contents, which forces them to become self tutors that have teach themselves everything that was missed. In the end, that's a very time consuming method off starting and a direct result of prolonging. The alternative is to keep constantly up with your task in college or university on a daily basis. This doesn't suggest that you will have to study for hours each day. Instead, it means that you keep going one step at a time, which allows you to grasp following contents and to stay ahead off your tasks. If it takes you 10 minutes each day to organize and revise the contents you learned in the present day, that is fine. But wait. You will understand what is being discussed. Thereby You can avoid accumulation off gaps in knowledge at the beginning office. A master, you could ride down the specific goes you want to accomplish. Consider this to be your latter off motivation for the upcoming Seamaster. Whenever you feel a lack of motivation, where this interest in studying Davis letter and reassure yourself off the higher pressure off. While you're starting to realize that you have a once in a lifetime opportunity, you are young and entitled to review, so you might as well make the best off by working and starting hard. And by doing the bath you can to get accepted at the destination off your choice. Otherwise, you might regret it at a later point in time. The fifth step Music music is a wonderful way to stimulate your motivation and triggers positive emotions. If chosen wisely, a song can get to powerfully motivated to study. It can cause a spirit off optimism, which involves the Arabic feeling off, being able to do and think when compared with our techniques to get motivated to study, Listen to music is by far the safest way to become excited off. Starting as a rule farm, you shouldn't opt for ballots. Chill out lounge music Is that true? Songs beautify, motivating and inspiring songs that immediately energize your whole body and major smile from year to year so your headphones turn on your stereo equipment and listen to some great socks. In the resources sections of this lesson, you will find a list of songs. I highly recommend it to listen, which are very motivational. The sixth strategy to stimulate your motivation for learning. Ask herself, How bad do you want to succeed? Foundation off the motivation. Not only the motivation to study will make or break with one question. How bad do you want succeed? If you want something bad enough and you wanted to happen, you are motivated to the full. It is a simple as fact. You know it and I know it. The question is, do you really, really want to succeed in your graduation or study? And if not, why is back? Get to the bottom of this question and find out what you can do to make you want to succeed in school, college or university. Focus on the higher purpose off your education. Getting year old in your favorite college or university earning a door opening degree were being recruited by the top employer you ever dreamed off. If you want to succeed in life bad enough, some lack of motivation to study will not be a difficult obstacle to overcome, will it? There are some things to increase your desire to succeed. Find out the reason you are starting. What is your driving desire to succeed in School? College University? Where do you want to be after finishing your education? It always seems impossible until it is done. Next. We have a positive approach, your attitudes and mindsets about a reverse. Their college can have a huge impact on a motivation. Having a mindset like university is a place where I face daily anxieties and get mentally tortured by own my teachers is not helpful and will not help you get motivated. But if you have a positive attitude toward your studies, for example, you see reversed or college as a chance to gain valuable knowledge to develop yourself and to get ready to start a career, you'll be able to boost motivation just by having a positive attitude towards it. Next, negative feelings can kill your motivation. You'll become fronted with her studies every once in a while, with negative emotions such as an anger inside. You're disappointed this emotions can decrease your motivation drastically, which means you'll begin to lack drive with negative results for your studies. Mighty for you is not the way to a precious time and energy on negative feelings or emotions and attitude towards your teachers, your colleagues. Worse situations, United can change more control. A lot off teachers can be a real pay. The constant pressure to perform or the lack of social skills off some can be very frustrating. However, you are not able to change them so that Anna would be unnecessary and in a fusion reaction towards their behavior. Baver Negative behavior back with accent marks instead, anything else is a gas your productivity bay back added. It is also an interesting method for votes. Want to transform very negative emotions into even more motivation to study maxed. It have a genuine interest, another very useful motivation element that helps you get motivated to study. Is your interest in the subject really interest? If you can develop a general interest in watch, your starting, it will help you in becoming very motivated. If you know the difference between a task, it is like and on assignment. You enjoy. You will understand me. Here are some tips to become truly interested in starting get curious about a subject. Read Interesting books. Magazines were articles on the topic teamed up with farmers with are interested in the subject and elastic to increase your motivation for learning. Be procrastination and distraction. Procrastination were Any kinds of distraction can have a negative influence on your ability to get motivated to start in general. Therefore, it is important that you create a space to start where you do not get distracted by enemies just by sitting in a room where it cannot procrastinate or distract yourself will help you get started with your studies. Cut out any distraction. Deve. You rate your mobile phone, the Internet, telephone, etcetera that could interrupt. You are starting. Don't complain, just work harder. So in this lesson, you've learned some important tips on increasing your motivation for your studies. First. Motivational power off having a girl Next. Ratification. Reward yourself. Just do it and start starting. Take one step at a time and avoid postponing. Listen to motivational music. Ask yourself How bad do you want to succeed? Have a positive approach toward your starting. Remember that negative feelings can kill your motivation, have a genuine interest and finally read procrastination and distraction. Thank you very much for being with me and see in the next lesson 5. 5. The Truth About Motivation: motivation is the most popular and the most misunderstood concept. Feeling motivated is something very vag to most of us. This question. How can I get myself more motivated? Is a huge stumbling block for a lot of people, and it certainly was for me. However, once you understand how motivation actually works, things will become a lot easier and you will find out inside this course. Motivation is in a continuous change. It comes and goes, and various legal we can do about it in the way off. Applying mental processes to it. Trying to get motivated is, simply put a wild goose chase. The questions are VAT. How can we feel more motivated more often and for longer time periods wants That feeling comes over us. And second, what are we supposed to do during the times when we don't feel it? The solution is the temporal motivation theory. This stands out for an equation. The equation off motivation, expectancy, times value divided by impulsiveness, times delay. Basically, you want expectancy and value to be as large as possible, and you want impulsiveness and delay to be as reduced as possible. So what? Each of these terms represent expectancy. This is how likely you think you are to achieve a particular goal by adjusting the goal, making it easier to reach or by building your confidence, you can increase your expectancy and vast increase your motivation. Second value. This is how much the outcome means to you by reflecting on your girls and what they actually mean to you. What pleasure and meaning you will get out of reaching van and adjusting vamp to make them more valuable to you. Therefore, you can increase your motivation next impulsiveness. But this is how likely you are to get off track when being distracted by various shiny objects. By working on strengthening your willpower and by removing and reducing distractions, you can increase your motivation and the last concept delay. This is how far into the future the reward or outcome lies. Have you ever felt slightly more motivated? Why, for example, starting for an exam? But it's tomorrow, then, for one that is in want, for example, by designing goals with the short term in mind were by breaking down your long term goals into sequential short and goes and then shift your focus tothis. You can increase your motivation. Did you notice how things like watching motivational videos were reading? Inspirational quotes are not part of the equation, so that is a solution to the first question. Play around with the different factors off the motivation equation adapted to your particular goal and watch how your level of motivation gets affected as a result. Another point I want to discuss with you is that off establishing behaviors via Theron on autopilot so that desirable tasks and actions gets carried out Whoever we feel like doing them or not, while habits in itself is a big subject and a topic for another course, If you can shift your focus from trying to get yourself motivated to identifying the smallest specific habit that is required for you to reach your goals, you will already have come a long way. An example of how to do this would be to shift focus from getting motivated to go to the gym early in the morning to actually starting to do the first and smaller step off that process and set a goal to make that and you have it as an example. If this could be to take out your gym clothes the night before and put them next to your bat. That is much easier to do. And once you get into the habit of doing it, the next step off the process, such as getting dressed for the gym will be a lot easier as well, whether you actually get to the team or not right now, all right. Inside his lesson. You've learned that motivation is in a continuous change. It comes and goes and varies later. We can do about it in the way off a blind mental processes to it, over to questions to ask yourself, How can you feel more motivated more often and for longer time periods wants that feelings come over you. And second, what are you supposed to do during the times when you don't fill it? And for that, I've presented you the temporal motivation theory, telling that motivation represents expectancy. Times value divided by impulsiveness times. Delay. Your main CO. Is to push expectancy and value as large as possible and reduce in passiveness and delay as much as possible. And in the end, we've discussed the idea off habits. Why did it do is to shift your focus from trying to get yourself motivated to identifying the smallest specific habit that is required for you to reach your goals or your goals. All right. In the next lesson, I'm going to discuss with you how to get motivated to reach your girls. Thank you very much and see you there. 6. 6. Why You Shouldn't Rely On "Motivation" To Get Things Done: as human beings, we have only one goal that is to survive. Naturally, the survival purpose has evolved over the years. It has been reduced from something large into something much more subtle. What is our primary goal Nowadays? It is to live and to live well, to live better than ever. This goal requires innovation. It needs to expand the limits which surround our lives. Revote. Motivation. We would not leave our bets. We would drive to find better solutions. We vote motivation. We would have nothing. Motivation is the call to action. It is the thing that forces want to take the right attitude. My recommendation is to understand motivation and the general determinants preventing you from your total acceptance off your goals. No, the ways in which you could become the best version off yourself. Now what is motivation? Motivation is the process that starts, leads and supports goal oriented behaviors. Motivation is what prompts us to take action. Whoever is washing our face in the morning or start starting for an exam. Motivation includes the biological, emotional, social and cognitive powers restimulate behavior in our everyday life. Motivation is used to explain why someone does something you might assume that a student is so motivated to get an academic scholarship, but she spans four months preparing the application. There are free components off motivation activation. Four Sisters and intensity activation represent the determination to start. A person must take the decision at a conscious level. It is the root off all motivation. Actively searching for green nutrition information activates the motivation to start living . Ah, healthy life Next per sisters involves wants drive through barriers after the initial activation. For example, after one gathers all the important information in order to eat healthy for assistance must step in to feed motivation. Finally, intensity. It measures one's level off power after initially activating and persisting. If one continues to eat healthy, we vote a significant degree off concentration and effort. One is not truly motivated. For example, at university, you can activate your enrollment. You can attend every single plus, but if you are not fuel everyday with study and push yourself outside of class, you will probably not achieve maximum success. In the next lesson, I will explain what is the key difference between external and internal motivation and how these can help you in achieving your goals. So see you there 7. 7. What Is The Difference Between External And Internal Motivation: now it is the time to make the difference between external and internal motivation. Why do we perform the things we perform? What motivates our actions? Psychologists have suggested some various methods off starting motivation, including one approach that means watching at whether motivation stars from outside or inside the individual Xterra. Motivation happens when we are driven to perform an action or evolved in a pursuit to win a prize or avoid punishment. Here are some examples off actions that are the issue off external motivation starting because you want to take an exam cleaning your room to impress your girlfriend. Or maybe your parents participating in the competition event to prove yourself that you are in a great shape. In each of these examples, the action is driven by a wish to get a reward were avoid and negative consequence. Now, what is the endure? A motivation in terra motivation involves acting in a way that is personally rewarding during an activity for its own purpose. Rever Vanda hope for some external validation. Here are some examples off intrinsic motivation playing a computer game because you find it interesting competing in a physical activity because you like it playing brain games because off the challenge and fun involved in these examples, the person's response is triggered by a need or a desire to engage in an activity for its own good. Between this external and internal motivation, we do you think, is the best. The main distinction between the two types of motivation is that extra motivation originates from outside off the individual, while internal motivation rises from inside. Extra motivation can be useful in some circumstances, though externally, words can cause excitement and participation in something in which the person has no original interest. Externally, words can be used to drive people to gain new experiences or information. Once this early skills have been discovered, people may even shift to the internal motivation to pursue the action externally. Worse can also be origin off feedback, enabling people to understand whether they're performers has reached a standard worth e off support. Xterra motivators should be avoided when you see the activity intrinsically worthwhile, or when offering a reward might make a fun action. Seymour, like actual work, choosing between internal and external motivation can vary from situation to situation from person to person off course. In some cases people have no internal desire to join an activity. Excessively, words might be uncertain, but when used correctly, exterminated haters can be a helpful tool. For example, Xterra motivators can push people to finish the task at work in which they have no internal benefit. The conclusions are the following sudden story. Words do no decrease internal motivation. For example, let's say you accomplish yourselves targeted work because you enjoy working. Klein's and your manager decides to reward you with a gift card to your favorite hotel during your next holiday. In this case, your underlying motivation for getting more clients will not be affected because you genuinely love getting in contact with people on a daily basis. However, this needs to be done with attention because people will get used to expect such bonuses. Next recognition can help build into our motivation. Researchers have discovered that giving positive recognition and feedback when people do something greater in comparison toe hours can improve inter motivation. Inter motivation will fade, however, when externally words are given for accomplishing a particular task, or Onley doing minimal work. For example, if parents excessively praised their child every time she achieves a simple task she will become less internally motivated to do that task in the future. In the end, what happens if we lose our motivation? We vote motivation. One cannot move forward. Basically, your hometown becomes your only town. Your first job becomes your only job. Lack of motivation leads nowhere, but this lack off Bush does not result in lack of filling. Emotion is the vibration behind the loss off motivations. This sensations come in forms off fear of failure, stress, fear of the unknown and low self esteem. If you cannot work for his emotions, you cannot build a solid motivational soil and revolt this soil and accumulated goals. Failure goes in. You can feel a lack. As the past few years off, one's life went towards nothing. Remember this lost years don't come back, but the feelings of failure remain. Fortunately, this feelings off lack can be the main reason to drive your motivation. Good use off feelings is important work on the business activity you dreamt about, but you never took action. Ask yourself why you never fought to go to the gym, for example. I understand that there is a whole world out there waiting for you you need to claim it. All right, In this lesson, you learned that motivation is what prompts you to take action, whoever it is, washing your face in the morning or start starting. For an example, we're free components of motivation, activation, persistence and intensity. We can find our motivation inside or outside off ourselves. Extra motivation happens when you are driven to perform an action. Were involved in the pursuit to win a prize or avoid punishment. Inter motivation involves acting in a way that is personally rewarding, doing an activity for its own purpose. Rather, Vanda hope for some external validation. Choosing between internal and external motivation can vary from situation to situation from person to person. In some cases, people have no internal desire to join activity excessively. Words may be uncertain, but when used correctly exterminated haters can be are helpful tool and we vote motivation . You cannot move forward. Thank you very much for being with me and see you in the next lesson. 8. 8. The 3 Main Theories Of Motivation: in this lesson, we will discuss some captivating ideas, but researchers have discovered about the psychology off human motivation. Some might amaze you, and some might give you ideas how to drive yourself and hours. The first fury off motivation discussed in this lesson. Instinct theory. Psychologist William McDougall started the a stink theory about human motivation. His fundamental conclusions rooted in the basic theory as a way through life away that guaranteed continuity off life via natural selection. The behaviors he started were not limited to biological needs. He started Human instinct, which has many nuances. But what is on instinct, instinct means an inclination to behave in a particular way. Revote involving any fault. Everything is spontaneous, happening in a sort, off matter off course after an unusual occurrence when instincts include a serious off circumstances sourced in both psychological and physiological needs. Psychological motivations such as love, fear, happiness, appreciation, humor or interest physiological motivations such as first or hunger. By the 19 twenties, the instinct theory was replaced by Oliver Motivational Fury's. But contemporary evolutionary psychologists still started the impact of genetics and heredity on human behavior. The second theory, Dr Fury, This fury was popular in the 19 forties 19 fifties as a way to explain motivation, learning and behaviour. The creator is Clark Hall, and he was one of the first researchers off human motivation. According to him, the decrease off drives is the main force behind motivation. Build system around the notion off home no status, the concept that the body actively strives to maintain on internal balance or make liver. For example, Your body adjust is temperature to secure that will not become too cold or too hot. Whole fought. That behavior was one of the forms that an organist keeps this accurate. Clark, who also proposed that all motivation occurs as a consequence off these biological necessities. The term drive is used introduced the idea off tension or arousal created wipe, psychological or biological needs. Hunger or the need for warmth are examples of drives. A drive generates an unpleasant state stress that needs to be decreased. This dashing is reduced when humans search for ways to meet this biological needs. We eat something when we are hungry. We turn on the heat when we are cold, so he proposed. But humans will then replicate any action that diminishes thes drives who believed that human performers relies on the stimulus response mechanism. His fury has its origins in biology and doesn't take into consideration our internal drives . Our life goes, however, he provides a this knowledge off the source off motivation. The for theory discussed in this lesson, my slows hierarchy off needs. Think about this. What motivates us. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, human beings are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced man's mass. Low first introduced his concept off hierarchy off needs in his 1940 free paper, a theory off human motivation and his subsequent book, Motivation and Personality. This hurricane is represented as a pyramid. The lowest levels on the pyramid contained the most fundamental needs. While the complex needs are located at the top off, the permit needs at the base off permit our basic physical requirements, including the need for food, water, sleep and worth wants. This basic needs have been that people move on to the next level of needs, which are for safety and security. As people advanced up, the pyramid demands become increasingly psychological and social. Soon, the need for love of faction and friendship become significant while she moved up. The need for personal esteem and feelings off fulfillment become highly significant. Very some critics off nice, low hierarchy off needs. The main criticisms off this theory spin around the idea of adverts, little evidence for mass lows, ranking and even less proof. But this needs are in ah, hierarchal order. Despite these critics, massless hierarchy of needs represent a shift of psychology. Rather than concentrating on unusual behavior and development mess lows, humanistic psychology was focused on the development off healthy individuals. So in conclusion, no single psychological fury can explain all human motivators. Just by looking at this motivators, we can get for comprehension at the forces that motivate our actions and performance. In reality, many different forces interact to motivate behavior. All right, in this lesson, we've discussed three main fury in psychology on human motivation. The 1st 1 Instinct theory. Our instinct is away for life. A waiver guaranteed continuity off life via natural selection on instinct means an inclination to behave in a particular way. We vote involving any fault. The second theory discussed Dr Theory. The decrease of drives is the main force behind motivation because a drive generates an unpleasant state straps that needs to be decreased. This tension is reduced when we search for ways to meet his biological needs. We eat something. When we are hungry, we turn on the heat. When we are cold, we as human beings will replicate any action that diminishes these drives. And the fourth theory discussed is the Maslow's hierarchy off needs. According Toa Abraham. A slow. We are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to over more advanced demands. All right, thank you very much for being with me and see you in the next lesson. 9. 9. How To Overcome Sadness: fitting yourself with the motivation to succeed is not easy, especially with very really human weaknesses on the horizon. For example, when sadness appears ver might be times when you cannot eat even properly, think properly and work properly. If you get yourself telling too much, I can't where I don't have any energy. There are high chances you could suffer from sadness were a bigger stage off depression. The discussion is highly important. Sadness is an intern disorder that can take precious time from your life. Sadness and depression are one of the greatest contributors to lack of drive or motivation . In the next minutes, you will understand how grief occurs and some practical ways to replace it with action, happiness and joy. They Attash in that this lesson doesn't represent medical advice if you need one. Where if your personal situation has a long medical history, please consult. A specialist with this video lesson does not replace any medical care. All right, when we are sad or depressed, we feel physically depleted. Visiting is due to low certain levels in our brain. Serotonin is a general happiness brain neurotransmitter. Therefore, it is associated with brain cell communication. It feeds our brain with excitement, with energy to get up and take action. What this serotonin is lagging in our brain cells, our energy levels full and our desire to appreciate and enjoy our day dissipates. The idea here is that when we are sad weekend to nourish our personal relationships, develop or business or expand our comfort zone, rebuilding motivation after a down period can be hard. Usually we Dan to feel lost were incapable off even basic actions. Feeding our depression by staying in bed for several days leads to more bad days. Sadness leads to more sentence. Grief, depression. We've all the proper action tools. So here are some steps to take charge off your life after a dark period to regain motivation and energy. The first action said the alarm and make your bet. When you are in a dark period, you might be uncertain off time constraints. As you avoid everything in your life, your alarm alerts you off the schedule in place. It tells you when you should wake up and start your daily activities. Making her bad pushes you toward a visualization. Your life does not have to be massive. You can take control off your day. The second action to take charge of her life. Make a list of things you need to do were used to enjoy just by visualizing the things he used to do were need to do. Written out on paper, it can boost your brain. Scheduled the time to do this Things separate them to avoid being overwhelmed After these downtime, The first action Force yourself to do something good for yourself. You should force yourself to do something you do not want to do. Your brain makes you staying bad to maintain a low level off activity, so you need to go outside. Go for a walk. This will trigger a chance of changing our emotions, which will motivate yourself to expand little by little your actual comfort zone. The next action. Meet with France and family. They can give you a boost. They will be able tow Watch out for you to care for you better than you can care for herself. This will make you realize the importance off relationships on your mood. It will take you out of her initial environment, the environment in which maintain your sadness, your bedroom, your house in the end. Remember, this bring in a dark period will make you stay in that negative zone because it will seem like the easiest path. On the other hand, as human beings, one off our distant traits is responsibility. You have the power to work in herself and reclaim your motivation. Despite that down moments that we all have. But some point or a novel in our lives Remember your wishes, your dreams, your personal goals. You have the power to reach that. All right, so in this lesson, we've discussed about sadness and how to overcome it. And I give you four actions to take charge off your life. If you are invest, arc period. First, sad the alarm and make your bat second, make a list of things you need to do or used to enjoy. Fert Force yourself to do something good for yourself. And fourth, meet with your siblings, your family, your friends, thank you very much and see in the next lesson 10. 10. How To Overcome Fear Of Failure: fear of failure, East remanded. It implies a lack off Ford emotion. This fear of failure has Manny forms. You could subconsciously undermine yourself to miss out on larger, greater failures. This way you can assure yourself that failure was going to happen anyway. Vetiver was no over wear out. But believe me, this is not how you should live your life. Low self esteem is recognized by statements like I cannot do that. I'm not good enough she where he will not like me. For example, if you're a man and you feel that you are not at the level off, the woman with whom you like to talk to you will never try to approach her. This fear of failure in the form off low self esteem provides no motivation toe approach. That woman hesitation to incorporate new projects into your schedule is a sign off fear off failure as well. Onley Trying new things is a way to recognize new ghosts and assimilate into Radhi motivation. It is a way to recognize the beauty in our world. An example of this realize in simple, everyday decisions, for example, to go to have lunch toe a known location were to go to a different new restaurant for lunch . The place you already know has good food. You already know that on the other hand, the new restaurant, which is not a part off your world, it's food can be terrible. Work can be excellent, but the hesitation to try, however, shows an internal fear of failure. This fear of failure translates to all aspects of life and can modify your motivation to Bruce your boundaries to get out of your comfort zone. Perfectionist is a second. Face it off. Fear off failure. If you only want to try the activities you already know to be successful, you will not be fueled by fear or failure. Understanding that you can incorporate perfection into your everyday activities allows for No. Four demotion. No motivation. Learning new activities and gaining experiences allows for moving Ford, and this requires motivation. Another. Face it off. Fear of failure. Self sabotage. Self sabotage comes in many forms. For example, procrastination were. If you cannot plan a hat, work toward a specific goal, you are sabotaging yourself. This is a sign which you fear that working toward goals will lead to failure. If you don't work. You already understand the outcome off that gold. The idea about failure is this. One failure affect everyone. It is a part off our lives. However, if you see failure as the end of your life, you might even know to live your life at all. Failure is a partof our lives for one reason. The one to learn. You learn from failure as much or even more as you learn from your success. You need to understand the lessons you are managed to learn. Failure happens old time, but motivation to push through and overcome. It is victorious because it provides a take charge mentality. Some steps to overcome the fear of failure from a life 1st 1 set small goals for yourself. Complex girls are overwhelming, especially for people who suffer from fear off failure. Small goals should push your limits, but they shouldn't be too challenging. They should be just stepping stones to allow you. Confidence boosts the second stepped, overcome fear of failure, analyze and realize what the worst case scenario off your failure might be. Most of the times failure just leads to disappointment or a bit off embarrassment. It's no the end of your world off course. This is not a pleasant feeling, but this feeling can pass. Remember that. Have a B or C plan. Allow herself to have a backup plan in case you failed. That way, you will be able to breathe and to continue taking action. If your plan A fails, it will make you more confident and relaxed. And the fourth stacked toe overcome fear of failure. Analyze every outcome. Fear of failure is a result off fear off the unknown. If you ride your negative outcome on a piece of paper, you will have the ability to prepare. Revolve the fear of the unknown, which keeps you from logical, clear faults. So put your food Ford. Don't allow fear of failure. Toe influence your life. Personal, professional, social. Take action. Every day is a beginning we for different and energetic ending. In this lesson, we've discussed about fear off failure. This has many size. It can be self sabotage, perfectionists or hesitation, and I gave you four important steps to overcome it, such as sad small goals for yourself. Understand what the worst case an area off your failure will be? Have a Plan B or even a Plan C and analyze every single outcome because fear of failure is a result off fear off the unknown, thank you very much and Syrian the next lesson. 11. 11. How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem: self esteem is made up off the fort feelings and opinions we have about ourselves. Self esteem isn't fixed. It can change the banding on the way we think over time. Habits off negative. Thinking about ourselves can lower self esteem. Sometimes people don't even realize, but we are thinking so negatively about themselves. But once you are aware of this, fought off this thing and know that the way you think it's up to you, you can begin to change the way you think and changing the way you think about yourself changes the way you feel about yourself. Motivation allows goal seeking and live building, while Low Self First Thing forces you to remain in that place. Here are some important low self esteem signs. This symptoms explain important attitude adjustments on Lee. With correct self esteem, you can truly reach your goals and have a dynamic motivation. So here is the first sign cannot receive compliments. The low self esteem person cannot take a compliment. This individual will Jersey night and argue it with all the reasons he believes he does not add up. The praise could be anything but This person has enough reasons why he where she should not accept those compliments. More over that person things that maybe this compliment is a form off. Sarcastic, the next symptom. Hiding behind a mask, the low self esteem person fakes his real self. He pushes in front of him. A force person in his life is hoping that other people will not sense this unrest with his life and his own self. Therefore, this person is trying to act all the time and this constant performers, If we can say that, directs into anxiety, the next faces off low self esteem, indecisiveness. The low self esteem person is afraid off, making a poor choice and look stupid to his colleagues or France or family. This person assumes that votes around him would choose the March better option. He does not trust his own thinking. His own opinion. Next sign lack off assertion. The person who lacked assertiveness gives up very quickly. This person thinks that every decision he will make were result into failure. This person thinks that he is wrong by default. He doesn't argue his points were shows his opinions. Toe offers this person dance to give up after the first sign off. If it. Moreover, he tries to be a yes man on the surface, agreeing almost everyone and the last sign off a low self esteem person living in the past . A low self esteem person does not live in the present moment. He's thinking about Ivor, his future or his past. Altan is filled only with regrets for the future failures so he can build correct motivation, too great a better future for himself. He just continues to think that his eye were not good enough or he will continue searching for the mistakes made in the past. So this kind of thinking with a foot in the past and with the other food in the future, goes nowhere and allows no growth. Now, my advice to you, if you're low self esteem person, is to claim your motivation. To move forward, you need to forget the past or the future in order to motivate yourself to live in the present moment. Brassed moment is the only thing which you can control. Here are some tips how to increase your self esteem 1st 1 Stop comparing yourself to offers . You know, it might seems obvious, but everyone is unique, and this is a true statement. The things you are good at are no, the things other people are good at and vice verse off course. Stop comparing yourself to your surroundings because you'll never be happy. Understand yourself, Understand your strengths. Work on them because there will always be someone else to compare yourself to. This constant invalidation will ultimately defeat you. Second advice. Respect yourself. If you don't respect yourself first offers around you will not bother finding the time to know you better and respect you more. Respect yourself and respect offers respect, very difference. Respect for values, their strengths and their weaknesses. Understand what you're worth More of, any think you are. You are worth that promotion that a leading role. The next advice. Understand that you are in control. No one else can make you feel bad about yourself. For example, if someone wants to attack you, you'll react you would ever fight back. We're runaway. You wouldn't allow to be harmed on purpose. And yet you allow yourself every day to hurt yourself internally from the inside out. The next advice, right? Good things about yourself to yourself. Keep a gratitude. Journal it feel bad or like you are not worth your goals, right? If you think you know you like about yourself, concentrate on those things. Read those words out loud to allow your brain and your physical body. To understand that and the final advice. Surround yourself with positive people who think positively and have a healthy vision on life. Remember that so much off your motivational outlook reflects in your environment. If your environment is fueled with positivity and health of thinking, your perspective on your goals and yourself will be positive as well. So that was our lesson on low self esteem. We've learned that self esteem is made up of forts, feelings and opinions we have about ourselves. We also learned about the different faces off. Low self esteem, for example, cannot take a compliment. Lack of assertion, indecisiveness, hiding behind a mask and living in the past. I've also gave us some advice is how to increase your self esteem, such as Stop comparing yourself to other people were understand that no one else can make you feel bad about yourself. Respect yourself, right good things about yourself to yourself and surround yourself with positive people who think positively and have a healthy vision on life. Thank you very much for being with me in this lesson. 12. 12. How To Overcome Lack Of Interest: another element in understanding the lack of motivation is a lack off interest. And this comes in many forms. If you lack interest and enthusiasm in the great offerings off the world, such as social activities, traveling, trying new things, new projects starting a new career venue a lacked a proper motivation to do this things. This seems natural, however. There are several factors to the lack of interest, but lead toe a lack of motivation. So here are the May signs for a lack off interest depression. This comes in a decreased level off serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts energy and positivity. Revolts, rotten in positivity on any interest, is lacking. Depression is one off. The direct causes off the lack of motivation and also lack of interest. The next sign. Both dramatics tried disorder, lack of interest and depression can result from post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD results in a mistrust off Want surroundings. Often it comes in a form off a mask to protect yourself from the world. This mask results in a lack off interest. People who suffer from PTSD have a very fragile psyche, and they need toe work for several things with a specialist before taking small steps toward an initial goal toe. Ultimately retrieve wants lives, wants more. So, As I've said previously, if you suffer from this disorder, I strongly suggest you see a specialist the next sign off. Lack of interest, lack of believe in yourself. For example, your interest may only lie with fingers you know will be successful. Therefore, your life contains no actual Ford emotional action. Your life remains stagnant, and the last sign or a reason for lack off interest lack off incentives. UN. Incentive is essentially the think waiting at the end, often accomplishment such as the carrot dangling before a horse pushing the horse moving forward, continuing his weight. It is that thing you deserve after completing a great task. That promotion or that smaller side dress. If you're not fueled by a sense of accomplishment after completing something where if nothing is waiting at the end of the tunnel, you might lack the understanding off why you should do anything. Here are some steps to increase your interest. Reevaluate yourself and your activities when you do things. What are your reasons for doing that? What are your incentives for completing the dishes? For example, you clean the kitchen off course, your incentive is in this equation. And what are the reasons for exercising? Staying in shape may be losing weight. Impressing women were man. If you have a lack off interest in things, you know you have to do right down the list of incentives for these activities. If you don't want to do your work, for example, understand this. If you don't do your job, you will not get paid. If you do not get paid, you cannot define activities. They around its launch. Traveling The incentive for doing things might be a little shaded is great. However, if something is worth doing, there's always an incentive. For example, doing something creative might not result in an immediate reward. However, the feeling off grating could be your stimulus the next step to overcome the lack of interest. Understand what matters to you. Michael is tougher favorite things. This things could be anything, anything that makes your heart beat a little faster and your mind winds a little easier. Analyze how the things in your life that matter to you a factor. Goats understand Watch your actor goes, are about the things that matter to you. Look a d Harkey off needs are your personal biological needs being Matt, Do you have a proper home and a decent income? Are your friendships worthwhile? If none of these things are right, your lack of interest and lack of motivation is understandable. Build the motivation to fuel yourself with the right food, the right nutrition. Get enough sleep at night and call your loved ones. If you do this, you may begin to feel the enthusiasm for life rejuvenate and the last advice make private time for herself, right least off your favorite things. You want to do the things in life that made you feel well before this lack off interest will be the things that truly fuel you for the future. Build your motivation. Wants more. Picture yourself in the future as the person you like to be. There is no reason you can't reach out and become that person to sum up. Lack of interest can come in many forms, such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder. Lack of belief in yourself were lack off any incentives, and I gave you some practical steps to increase your interest levels, such as revaluate yourself and your activities. Look at the Cherokee off Needs Are your personal biological needs being met, Understand what matters to you and finally make private time for yourself. Thank you very much for being with me and see in the next lesson. 13. 13. How To Overcome Procrastination: you procrastinate when you put all things that you should be focusing on right now, usually in favour off doing something that is more enjoyable or that you are more comfortable doing the key to controlling this distractive habit is to recognize when you start procrastinating. I understand why it happens and take active steps to manage your time and outcomes better. If you catch yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you are not alone. Many people procrastinate to some degree, but some are so chronically affected by procrastination. But it stops van fulfilling there potential and disrupt their careers. There are some causes off procrastination, fatigue, which all those task at hand. One cannot do anything without proper arrest. Pushing through and finding the motivation toe work through an assignment requires clear neurotransmitter brain action. It requires sharp and quick cell to cell communication. That is, your murals massed fire correctly. When you don't sleep or don't get enough water, your brain cannot translate things as efficiently. Therefore, any task that requires concentration will be a no go when one is fatigued. Next course recent want you can feel the sense of resentment but leads to procrastination. Very sentiment is proved to bosses to family members. To France. You can feel the sandwich when, for example, your boss assigns too much work in a short amount of time, you could have complained. Outwardly, however, you can stew at a desk and admire the computer screen for a few hours. This will, in the end, result in nothing but finishing the assignments and moving on, Perhaps finding another job. However, the resentment that leads to procrastination does you no favours. Next. Helplessness. Jobs become complex. Homework comes in all shapes and symbols and stars and language, and you could feel helpless, and we followed the proper intelligence. To complete it. You can have comprehend resources you must have in order to push through. Therefore, the quick retreat from thinking about eight leads to greater and greater procrastination. A five minute break turns into a 20 minute break, and therefore your motivation simply slips away. And the last course off procrastination, fear of failure, fear of failure is the root off several life problems. Fear of failure can cause you to put off tasks. You are always looking for the right time to do something the right time, when fear of failure doesn't feel so high. However, fear of failure is always a gray area in your brain. It is always lurking. Therefore, this right time to do a task and thus complete a goal never appears. The fear of success is also a factor of procrastination. Success can be scary. It can modify the present situation. You must grow and change with it, and growth and change off course can be overwhelming. Putting off work and goals is incredible in that it allows you 15 20 minutes to just. However, both success and failure off your tasks lead to forward motion, at least for the life lived. While it's wonderful to stop and smell the flowers, you must brush past his procrastination in order to truly have strong motivation. Here are some practical steps to eliminate procrastination. First, break your task into smaller steps. Every task has essential components. These are small pieces off a greater whole, and you can work on them piece by piece instead of confronting facing the whole project at once. For example, if you're writing a report, think of it in sections. The introduction, the conclusion, the chapters structure and do research for each chapter as you go. Everything all at once is overwhelming the next strategy. Remember past successes? I'm pretty sure you've completed safing meaningful before it is. The only reason you've gotten this far is the only reason Ford Motion has brought you to the current task. Before you think positively understand that when you completed that task, you're completely focused. Other things did not affect you. Try to eliminate forts off the outside world and focused at the task at hand as you've done before for two point. Reward yourself along the way. If you complete to off your tasks, for example, you could take a 5 10 minutes break. Give yourself a specific schedule. If you're not work constructively during work time, not reward yourself. Think of it as a sort of a game. If you complete your entire task, give yourself a final incentive, A really great and treat if you finish a bigger sign with at work. For example, reward yourself if a nice dinner that evening remind yourself that good things come from hard work prior to completing the task. Think of the consequences if you don't complete a task. If this could be on incentive to finish next strategy To eliminate procrastination, find a way to make your work meaningful. This relates to the incentive plan. If your work does not mean anything to you, you may find it difficult to complete it. Analyze if your work is giving you life fulfilment. If you not have the motivation to complete your work, try to find motivation to find a different line off work. This could allow a better self actualization plan and the last step work for your mistakes . If procrastination kicks in due to a fear of failure, remind yourself that the only way to learn is by doing and when you do things for the first time. You will probably fail, however, remind yourself. But the only thing worse than failing is not trying. When you complete your assignment, you will have a better understanding for it. All right, In this lesson, we've discussed about procrastination and how to eliminate it. You learned that you procrastinate when you put off things that you should be focusing on right now in favor off doing something that is more enjoyable or that you're more comfortable to link also learned the causes of procrastination fear of failure. We sent want helplessness and fatigue. And you've learned five steps to eliminate procrastination from your life. Break your task down into steps. Remember, bar successes. Reward yourself along the way. Find a way to make a work meaningful, important and work through your mistakes. Thank you very much and see you in the next lesson. 14. 14. How To Overcome Stress: stress is your body's way off responding to any kind off demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences when people feel stressed by something going on around them. Ver bodies wracked by releasing chemicals into the blood. But these chemicals give people more energy as trance, which can be a good thing if their stress is caused by physical danger. But this can also be a bad thing ever. Stress is in response to something emotional, and there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength. The relationship between stress and motivation is complex. For example, when motivation to complete goes and push for that next big job promotion appears, you should feel a little bit off stress. It's natural. This dress should be supple, just enough to get once hard vetting and blood bombing more quickly to the brain. The survivor response is linked with better performance. On the other hand, too much dress can be incredibly unproductive. In terms of motivation. Chronic stress causes illnesses and disease. It leads to unhappy lives, and when you are unhappy and ill, you cannot proceed with yours. Forward motion fulfillment cannot be reached due to psychological concerns off course. What stresses one person might make another person energized regardless off its source. However, stress affect everyone on both emotional and physical levels. Here are some off the effects off stress pessimism. As a result, off, too much stress, pessimism and loss of positive interest can take charge. You can view the world in on Lee a dark, negative light. A pessimistic viewpoint does not lead to reach towards girls. It does not allow fulfillment. It simply leads toe a cast of cycle off disappointment. Increased substance abuse. Chronic stress can lead to increased substance abuse. I'm ready for a drink is the consistent after work centers anything together? Stress from one's mind, However, increased substance abuse leads to a decrease off inhibitions. Of course, there's always a time and a place. But if it becomes with responding to stress with softness, you lose. Track off your motivation. The bath of the gold is straight and narrow. Next effect. Easy agitation, quick frustration and agitation lurks in anyone who is fueled with chronic stress. This can affect everything from relationships to the ways in which you eat. For example, the quick frustration can damage a friendship. Want it was necessary for the first stage off the Harkey off needs more over. You could eat no nutritious foods due to an agitation with the rest of the world. Visits toe on improper balance in the psychological needs stage, you cannot vengeful. Fill your motivational goes while being upset with your friends and no treating your body correctly. Next. Effect off stressed on your life problems with your stomach and muscles. Consistent stress causes unfortunate body reactions. Stress causes the muscles to tense up without you. Knowing about this causes improper digestion and problems. We feel muscles. Remember this. Your body must be in working order. Otherwise, it is distracting. Now. Limited amounts of stress are important in order to push motivation and reach the goal. However, chronic stress is unhealthy. It ultimately retracts that for which you strive. Here are some techniques in order to calm yourself after a dramatic leap toward your goals . First step to reduce stress. Meditate. Sit in a chair with your back completely straight. Set your feet on the floor. Think something to yourself. It is ultimately positive I can do this or I love myself brief evenly. A few minutes on these each day can actually affect your neural pathways. It allows you to work for current and future stressors. Second, try a heat rob. Place it on your shoulder for about 10 minutes and relax your entire body. Close your eyes and remember to breathe deeply. Do this every day after your immediate stressors at work. What hope next? Aroma therapy look too sweet. Smells like lavender. Light a candle and fill your home with delightful, comforting smells. This mouse inequity your brain and allows your cortisol levels to decrease next step to reduce stress. Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine in the books. If you love off your stress, you'll soon find yourself easing out off the tenses. You've built Arpino stomach and in your muscles. Meet with her friend and kick back. It will do you a world of good next up exercise. Quite obviously, exercise endorphins actually beat back against dress. The work is good for your health. For your heart, your brain and your Bali. Have a membership to a gym and you will see wanders in six months off. Constant exercise and the final step to reduce dress eat oranges. Oranges have a wealth of vitamin C. But aides in reducing cortisol oranges are also delicious and full with water. You must, of course, they hydrated by enemies necessary. So that was the tracker on stress. You've learned that stress is your body's way off responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. You've learned that what stresses one person might make another person extremely motivated . Also, you've learned about the effects of stress such as pessimism, increased softness, abuse, easy agitation and problems with your stomach and muscles. And I gave you six practical steps to reduce stress. Meditate, try. But he dropped aromatherapy, laugh, exercise and eat oranges. Thank you very much for being with me and seeing the next module. 15. 15. How To Become Ultra Perseverant In Reaching Your Goals: motivation is the key to the ultimate success. At the end of the road, old girls are reached essentially the battle between the body and the mind ridges. A conclusion mind wins the mind stronger. It is sure off the broad rewards off Percival's Think off the ultimate rewards off motivation. The ultimate success is the promotion has finally landed the dress size final. If it's after all those hours at the gym, courted, graduation is completed, goals are attained everyday, and yet the motivation behind those goals is the real heartbeat. Working for all the various things can be incredibly tricky. People for behind lie stagnant and still on the road for their first goals. However, pushing through and achieving provides the ultimate reward. Success is off course provide accent bars between motivation pathways. The offer accident rewards. But the truth off the reward lies in the perseverance in the motivational bath. Success lies in the journey, not the destination. Actually, word of persevering and filling The motivation is assurance that your motivation is high. One can work with one self motivation. A life fulfillment to achieve further goals also realizes Sands that one has a purpose in life one has set a series of targets and achieved those goals. For example, Oman has always longed to be a dancer. She finds a real death off life in the music and the movements. She works every day for hours on her routine. She understands the actions, and she glides with music filling. It's every bit her ultimate success, perhaps, is her performance at the end of a long string off practice, however, a real success is that her purpose has been reached. She wanted to dance. She wanted to feel whole, and thus she did. However, when this fulfillment and sense of self Burrage is the successful hype, it's important to take a break. Everyone requires recharge. Everyone deserves a few days to only take the car to the levels down a notch in Wana stress heaven break This break is, in a sense, every work. This reward will exist next time around, when for severance toward a goal seems nearly impossible. Remember, reward strokes, positive outcomes and life is not all work. No play Ford Motion is continuing after the initial girls are later asked, You must persevere toward a greater higher field. Failure is a part of the road failure has happened before, and it will happen again. The stakes moved toward continued education and continued knowledge. However, because you have already been fueled by motivation and prove through the initial battle, you lead yourself with a sense off positivity. A sense would have done this old before. Therefore, this positivity pushes terrariums outside off your gold sector, your positivity effects offers as well over people currently striding down the path, positivity is a real fuel. It is a real fire that allows prosperity in the face off so much darkness. Because of his can do goal oriented attitude, you can eliminate a fear of failure. Your procrastination is but an old time low, and you can reach forward and work towards new, prosperous dreams all at the very top off the five stage permit off Harkey Self actualization. Thank you very much for being with me and see you in the next lesson. 16. 16. How To Reinvent Your Identity: your satisfaction in life depends on your level off important. It depends on your knowledge on how much of your life you can control, how much of it you believe you can take charge off. When a person starts thinking that there is nothing he can do to change his circumstance, he becomes a victim, said and Boris. He becomes stock in a downward. Abbas, unable to seek help, unable to move forward. No matter what the circumstance. You must learn to develop a sense of control. Remember that there are two types off environments. The outside and the inside environment. The outside environment is challenging to control, as there are many factors which ive was it you cannot control Whoever you cannot control time. You can't control other people. The outside environment is something which you need to learn to accept serving, which you need to learn to predict. The outside environment is sound as beautiful, but sometimes it can also be unkind. Whatever it brings to you, remember that you need to develop a sense of control. You develop this sense of control by understanding this track and in back off your inside environment. Your internal environment is something you can completely take. Charge off. Form off your attitudes and behaviours. Your internal environment is where you make your decisions and blue your personality. It determines who you are and why do decide to do the idea off. Taking charge is truly very simple. Making good decisions requires wisdom, and being in control requires composure, patience, optimism, confidence and self belief. Think about your identity. Who are you? How you describe yourself? If you lived in a world where people don't have a name and people look the same, how could you be identified? Your notion off self determines your destiny. You become what you think, so never underestimate the power off your faults. Pay attention to how you think, what to do, how you act and what matters to you. Think about the people who spend your time with the tasks that take up most of your efforts . This things give you an idea of who you are and what is drive to become. Think about the answers off these questions. Do you think you are a good or a bad person? Are you especially good at anything? Are you content with yourself? Were unsatisfied? Do you love what you do. Are you a leader or a follower? Are you a finger or a do? Er do you feel healthy or sick? Are you happy or sad? What is strongly believe in? What are you passionate about? Do you know who you want to be? What you want to become? What are the things you are certain you will never do or approve off? What are things you want to do? But you cannot. What are your regrets in life? What is the as us off life to you? Your answers to these questions should give you insights about your perception off who you are. Take a brief, honest moment to examine your faults and assess whether or not you are happy with yourself . Identity. If you say that you are happy, then you can stay where you are. But keep in mind. But there is always room for improvement. If you say that you are unhappy, do you know why one thing is certain? There are things you need to change if you say that you are unhappy and that includes your perspective. All right, so in this last we've talked about our identity. Taken honest look at yourself and ask this question. Who are you? How would you describe your identity if you live in a world where people don't have a name and people look the same? How could you be identified? Then take a closer look at yourself and ask Vos 15 questions. You will find them also in our resources section and at the end of this module. Thank you very much and see you in the next lesson. 17. 17. How To Make The Most Out Of Your Emotions: There is a never ending journey to self discovery, and part of a journey is a battle between being consistent and being different, their so called expectations, building labels and ideas about your identity. Would you have learned to believe and accept this labels? Maybe a result off her personal history, your own reflection? The people You are surrounded by, the experiences you consider important and, to some extent, your environment and circumstances. Luca. The answer. To have given to your questions resented into previous lesson. Can you come up with labels that come as a result off yourself? Assessment. Can you determine advance experiences or reasons as to how you have answered the way you did those questions? Identifying their, such as these will help you validate your ideas and enable you to understand how your way of thinking shapes your reality. Do you ever get the idea that you are smart or not? Just because someone said so, your identity is a thrust by the people you are surrounded with. You learn from the people you spend your time with and become like of them in some way. Walk as they do, use the same words they use water. The same shows that we watch while being a part of a group is important, do not lose your sense of self. This means that we for without your group, you should have a clear idea off who you are. Remember to surround yourself with positive people and individuals who hold you in high regard. Be with people who know and feel that you are important as your notion off identity is influenced by your circumstances and by all the other factors Machin here previously know very body fold. You will normally live up to expectations. What is said about this is that even when these expectations are negative, there is a Tennessee for you to live up to them because you are hardwired to think. But this is who you are, and vetiver is nothing you can do to change it. This is why people tend to be consistent, and when you are consistent, you become predictable, and most people are okay with that. This is because predictability cars with last dress and less conflict. It brings about the same old attitudes, routines, lifestyles and behaviours, which you and everyone appear to have learned to deal with. Overtime again. It feels OK, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And I agree. If you're okay with good than stay there. However, I think that if you are not satisfied with Onley doing okay, that is probably one of the reasons you are in this course. Now change can be OK, but only if you know what you want to change into review your self perception with the help off the questions presented in the previous lesson. Look at the labels placed upon yourself and find out which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to change. Have a clear specific idea off who you want to be and what you want to become. Once this is clear to you examine his mindset. I can change. I can be better. I am made to be a better individual. I can be great if I wanted to. For any real change to take place you must believe in yourself and watch akin to He wants me firm and certain when you feel that have no more room for change, the battle is added, you have given up and so you have already lost the judge or after does not happen automatically, and it does not happen quickly. There are different ways to change. Most people try to change one behavior at a time, and this is challenging. That is because the old labels still stick around, and after some time you'll find yourself reverting to your old habits. The secret to a successful shift is FIS. Change who you are not adjust certain aspects of herself to make a successful shift, you need to redefine your identity and become a new person. You don't have to change your name to make the shift work, but you need to be strongly convinced that you are who you want to be. You have to be so strong in what you believe and know about yourself that no matter what other people say and what happens around you, you are still sure about your identity. Your emotions ive with your behavior. Many off life decisions are made based on feelings wherever phonological analysis. Relationships are a perfect example. You didn't choose to be with the person who makes if you loved someone who makes you feel happy. Emotions, however, needs to be mastered the same emotions which bring about love, happiness and enthusiasm can turn into hate, loneliness and indifference. The person who wants decide to get married and be bound Someone for life can be the same individual who wishes to end the relationship of by getting a divorce. Knowing that your emotions have a significant role in your life means that you need to take the time to keep your emotions in check. What emotions do you often feel? How do you get to feel like so? Our feelings are based on how we interpret other people's actions towards us as well as other circumstances such as the events that happened to us and around us. Because we do not have direct control over our people and activities, we become overwhelmed with emotions when we perceive negative experiences. The key to mastering emotions is to use one's feelings. To do something great, you need to learn to use it to find meaning in life, you need to find a way to benefit from your positive or negative emotions. Here is how you can do it in five steps first. Know how you feel. Don't deny your fillets the knowledge that if they are there second, I understand why you feel that way. Sometimes it is very easy to explain why you feel the way you do about something or someone , but sometimes it can be very complicated. So use that opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you have acknowledged a certain emotional feeling. Learn to accept that you feel that way. Foot flying out. What was the things you can do with how you feel, no matter how bad the situation is? And how about your feelings are very good things you can do with your life. For example, people who have experienced violence and abuse can choose to stay angry and sad. They may even act negatively towards RVers due to this trust were due to the idea off revenge. On the other hand, people have experienced abuse may also choose to transform their feelings off anger to motivate actions that will have other people who may be vulnerable to the same situation or experience. Fourth, remember your past continually learned for no negative experiences and use your positive ones to establish strength and confidence and the last tape take action. Do safing with how you feel you can change the way feel by water thing, say or do look out for feelings were discomfort, fear, hurt frustration, disappointment, guilt, hopelessness and loneliness. This emotions are the catalyst for change, so make sure that the decisions you make to create the change are well fought and will contribute to creating a positive outcome. Refused to be a victim off her negative assumptions, and it's that be capable off choosing positive interpretations to the things that happen in your life. It will not always be easy, but it is a way for you to keep moving forward. It is the way by which you can accomplish a personal grapefruit. All right. In this lesson, you've learned that there is a never ending journey to self discovery, and part of a journey is a battle between being consistent and being different. Next, the change you want to do in your life doesn't happen automatically, and it does not happen quickly. Fat your emotions influence your behaviors and relationships are a perfect example. He also learned five strategies on how to use your positive or negative emotions to find more meaning in your life. First, I know how you feel. Second, I understand why you feel that way for Find out what caused you think you can do with how you feel. Next, remember your past and elastic. Take action. Thank you very much for being with me and see you in the next. 18. 18. Take Action Like A Pro / Apple Way!: you need to take action every time you see that an area off your life appears to be stacked in life. You have two choices. Either you move up or you move down. You cannot stay in one place for too long. That is why you need to keep going forward. The higher your standards are, the greater the demands of commitment to action will be necessary to reach your goals. To be committed to taking action means finding your passion. If you are passionate about something, you normally have a lot of things to say about it. Off course there might be highs and lows, but you are driven and motivated to work towards your goal because it gives you a sense of purpose, importance and in apartment. Your fault believes ideas and values all build the foundation off your actions and your habits, but goes lives and values. We vote a commitment to action are empty, vacant look and sound beautiful, but they are useless now. What is euros to success? You need a clear definition of success to take all of it. While success might be different things to different people, it involves continuous improvement in the quality off the live you live to continuously improve your life, you need to understand that growth must be consistent and that you do not define anymore. Went as the day or hour where your stocks driving to become more successful. As long as you live, you will search to become better, and you will find joy in doing fat sick improvement in all the areas of her life. Spiritually emotional, physical, social and Amanda. They note off a long term and short and goes for each of these areas and on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis taken time off to evaluate how you have improved and how you have closer towards achieving your goals. You're spiritually improvement will lead to add meaning to your life. It will encourage you and push you to know. But there is word alive are on yourself. You're spiritually improvement will keep Steve fast in your faith and your values. The previous chapter has talked about emotions and how they affect you here in mind, but it will be a constant challenge to keep your emotions under control. But when you learn to do this, you are valued it highly. You will learn to recognize your inner strength and big pride in it. Offers will no visit to, and they will admire you for it In your quest off a junior, girls never forget your physical house and improvement become better, become fitter and look better. This has been excellent effect. Own yourself esteem. Set specific and measurable goes for your physical fitness. For Amanda Health test your great it'll never stop. Write down your insights. Use your knowledge to improve the quality off your life. Share your ideas with harbors and as you learn about our people's ideas, continue to develop your own. The quality office was alive. Relationships that you have reversal matters to you will influence march off your actions. And since over people will change your identity, it is best to surround yourself with optimistic and successful individuals. You need to committed to continuous improvement. Digging actually can be a one time event, but if it's like that, there should be no expectation to see a significant improvement in your life. Janet Off lasting success is the ability proof consistently. In other words, what you need is to ask these questions on a daily bastes. What can I do better today. How can I be a better person today? What area of my life can I improve? What can I do differently right now? What significant contribution can I make it work in my family in my community? Learn to make each day count. Look at her past with thankfulness, but what it taught you and with pride at what success it gave you. Visualize your future with Elise What that watch can become. Enjoy a present, knowing that it is a result of her past and as a reward for your future success, you need to ask good questions for yourself, way old, engage in cell phone and ask questions for ourselves. Questions we ask dictate our focus and even our perspectives as well as our actions. Good questions are those that bar you fail to think out of the box. Lucas served. Gain different perspectives way, enable you to take a look at your resources, your abilities and the book. Daschle. In everything from you from arbors and your environ, they make you look at possibilities. They are the water leave questions, the same questions that the words innovators asked and which helped them create important things. You move it, you're asking the right questions. When you are challenged to answer Van, you come up with more ideas and you get food for what you can do is what can be done. Such questions will give you your zero comma ones and vote proof, lied learning and development. You know you're asking the wrong questions when the answers you get from Van lead you to blame. Self guilt, frustration, anger on depression When you start being negative and ask, Why can't I instead of what can I do to very need to pause, Re examine your faults and rephrase your question? Important words such as innovative state of art, brilliant, unique, are old arrived from the idea off, making a difference. It's up to you to make your life worthwhile as you move towards your goal. Remember to make a difference kind of difference not only in your life but also in other people's lives. You'll get a lot of insight by working for other people, and it will also get fulfillment first. No one else is exactly like you. There's only one you, so you are more than capable of being different. The impact off the contribution it plans on your passion, your action, your principles and your ability to ask good questions, Thank you very much and see in the next lesson. 19. 19. The Two Essential Questions To Filter The Noise Around You: the information you focus on will determine your destiny, so choose your information wisely. TV and Internet media reportage mostly focused on bad news, global warming, corruption crimes, new diseases, bad financial markets, immorality, etcetera. You need to understand that the media represent a mean in a violent world, and while you can gather some useful information from the media that can help you become a more informed person, pay attention to the pieces of information you focus on. Ask yourself every time. The following questions. What is the purpose of this information to me? What can I do with it? Only concentrate on getting information that you can use whatever it is that has no use for you will be a waste of time and a waste off your efforts. For instance, if showbiz gossips have no use for you van, don't spend an hour and 1/2 watching vote. Stack off TV shows unless you believe you can use them. Second point. Where has this information come from? Not everything that is printed or broadcast. Israel. What you read, watch or listen to may have several agendas. So who is behind it? And what is the purpose off publishing a specific article. What is the motivation? For example, a tobacco company may sponsor a news articles saying that cigarettes have no negative impact on your life. Watch out for information overload. How many of us spend more time online nowadays compared to the time spent on real people? Another thing to watch out for a strong emotional attachments to stories which can serve as an obstacle to your productivity. Sometimes a story is so compelling that it hits close to home, and you are unable to direct your emotions to something positive. The optimistic. Some people say that being optimistic is like being a dreamer, but this is not true. Being optimistic is the ability to visualize winning against all probabilities. And if you take a look at the most successful people, even the perfectionist, they are optimists because they believe in their abilities to achieve success, no matter how many times they have failed. And no matter how many individuals sad, they couldn't do it. So you have to be the optimist, the fasten ist and realist who should you be. You should be mostly an optimist, so you can easily access opportunities. You should be enough for a realist who understands risks and consequences. And you should be a little bit of person ist who finds out what isn't working and six ways on how things can be made better so 80 to 90% off the time you should be optimistic. Note that optimism is not an excuse for you to totally suspend your critical thinking Faculties. Keep asking good questions. You should have learned to take risks and get out of her comfort zone, believing that doing so will be worth it. This is the only way for you to succeed and make a difference. And this requires faith. Optimism focuses on what to have, what you can do, good things that have happened to you and the good things that can happen to you. Pessimism focuses on what you do not have, what you can do, your bad experiences and the bad consequences which can happen to you. Optimism boots faith in arbors, in trust, responsibility to oneself and hopes for the best person isn't Boots Doc on offers and expect the worst realism should ideally strike the balance between the two. But sometimes being realistic goes to the side of being pessimistic. optimistic people are not afraid to fail if it means getting closer to achieving their goal for perspective of failure is different. Each trial and error are part of a journey, and the journey in itself is a reward. If you're a perfectionist, things will be very, very difficult for you, so learn to accept that you are not perfect. In fact, nobody is. And just as you want perfect, don't expect other people to be on a daily basis. Strive to become a better person, go against crowd verse, a tendency for people to follow the majority because of our inherent need for being a part off. Something being different comes as a real challenge. People are prone to judge those who think differently as being weird or strange, as if something is just frantically wrong. With that, however, going against the crowd is a part off a journey to success and improvement. It cannot be avoided, and when you do receive contradiction and challenges, venue know that you must be doing something right in your quest to create a path to success and be different. Here are some tips which can help you first feed on positive information read self help. Inspirational, informative books Focus on good news. Keep yourself posted on your trans new technologies, new architecture, new methods and new names. People on the spotlight Second, made different people understand A geek. The Fresh wants the hard worker to reach the middle class. The politician, businesswoman, the educator, the writer to side is the artist, etcetera. There is always something to learn from H for work with posted people, people who are a bit more like you. You will find working with optimistic people to be a positive experience, and it helps to know that you are not the only one who is optimistic. Now I suggest you find a role model. One of the things that you can do to accelerate the path off your improvement and former help you persevere is to find a role model, restores off successful people, and you will see how they were unafraid to go against the flow. You will see the challenges they went through, and you will later, late van to your experiences. You can also take advantage off the lessons they have learned and avoid the mistakes they already made. All right, thank you very much And see you in the next lesson. 20. 2o. Discover The First Step To Personal Discovery: change is a question off. Motivation, not ability. Your personal break for will happen once you have mastered how to greet the necessary changes in your life. The first step to personal discovery is determined. The kind of change that you want wherever it is. A change in feelings such has become happier, more satisfied, fulfilled or behavior. Become more responsible. Commit to exercise and healthy diet. You have to know what you want. Determining watch want is the only way for you to make precise plans and changes. If you do not know what you want to change, entered on how you want to feel really venue changes of accomplishing personal breakthrough . We'll all be laughed to your outside environment, and in this case, it shouldn't even be called a person breakthrough. It's just luck. Watch. You have a clear idea off what you want, you must know. Identify what keeps you from getting it. You need to be precise. Is it the fear of failure that stops you from starting your own business? Is it the cost of farmer education that prevents you from getting your college degree? If you don't know what is stopping you from getting what you want when something is clearly holding you back. More often than not, it means that you have mixed emotions about what you want. It means you are unsure about the changes you want to make. It means that you are not convinced with your idea off personal breakthrough on change, and that will keep you from making any significant progress. The first step is to change your patterns by way off making interactions. Part of mastering change is being aware. Off batters you needle disrupt too great change. For instance, if the behavior you want to change a smoking, learn to identify the scenario which leads you to smoke. If going to the ground floor off your office serves as a trigger to smoking, then try going somewhere else. Go and have your large in a different building where smoking is not allowed or have lunch with a different set of co workers. For a change, this is a way to disrupt your pattern. The fourth step is to come up with alternative first, probably a reason for you to smoke. It makes you feel confident or makes you feel relaxed. It helps you socialize, so how can get the same kind of results. Revote. Posing a danger to your health? What activity or activities can take the place off smoking, yet help you achieve your desired effect off socialization, confidence and relaxation. You will be surprised at the many ideas you can get from drinking tea and chewing gum to go into the spot and reading a book. Your list can be endless, and you can have different alternatives for different base. Once you're done with the steps, remember to be consistent. Great. A new habit or pattern using the changes you have incorporated in your lifestyle. Finally, imagine and visualize your success. But implementing changes. Associate the changes you make with positive feelings. This is how you can assure that you will not go on a relapse. Take pleasure in the changes you have made in your lifestyle. So what are the four steps in creating the necessary changes in your life? The first step is to determine the kind of change that you want the next time you need to identify what keeps you from getting gate that result you need to be precise. Ford stop change your patterns by way off, making interruptions be aware of the batters you to disrupt, to create change and the last step come up with a new alternative. Alright, once we are clear with that, let's move forward. Let's continue our lesson. A significant concept of it needs to be learned by anyone who wants to achieve a personal breakthrough. Is a person's nature aversion to pain and a person's natural inclination for pleasure? So what does this mean? This means that you need to link all the things you want to do to pleasure and all the things you want to avoid to pay. Blatter can be links to the behaviors you want to adopt or change. Note that this shift to experience needs to go beyond Amanda or intellectual practice. You have to see, hear, smell, taste and feel the difference between pain and pleasure for yourself. You have to experience it so taken effort in making the experience off, adopting certain behaviors in case you want to keep them in your routine. This means that when you do your regular exercise, focus on all the nice things you experience while you are engaged in the activity. Now, if you live like there was a gun to your had every time you wanted to make progress in your life. When you will not be surprised to see how quickly you must have started that business adopted that exercise casual or took the family location you have been postponing for so long. The key about leverage is the ability to make the small things project. Big results. Make it your lavage to be able to associate pain or negative experiences. When you do not push through with positive changes you have planned for your life, you need to ask creative questions. If I don't know this now, what will happen? What will be missing? Will. I'll be sorry that I did not do it. And you bad visualized filling off being so terribly sorry is going to motivate you to accomplish the changes made ride away. You can also use competition as leverage. Make your old models a challenge to you. A problem is bound to make your journey to personal breakthrough old more exciting, and your goals will be more tangible. You have to be at least wants that for the way that where you were yesterday, keep on moving forward. One more thing to always remember, is your reason for doing something. Your reason should be strong. It should exhibit your passion when you know your purpose. The house, where's and when's will follow suit. Primary tasks for changing Arvis Determine your walk and your Why, thank you very much.