Take Your Photography Hobby to the Next Level

Thinking about taking your photography hobby to the next level? Maybe you already have a bunch of great shots, or have been contracted for an event or two — but did you know that you could earn money and a following from your favorite pastime? Get started today and turn your passion into a  lucrative side hustle.


Create a Portfolio

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to land buyers or clients for your work. Start with a simple online portfolio – think of it as a way to show people what you’re capable of. When building your profile, start by putting together a group of 100 shots that you can work with, and focus on getting your collection down to 20-30 shots that encompass your skillset. Keep your portfolio organized, creating different albums or sections for the varying kinds of work that you do so it’s not challenging to look through it all at once.

Build a Brand

A big part of your photography success lies in your brand– it helps to set you apart from other photographers and gives potential clients a sense for your style outside of your photographs. Your brand should be something personal and creative, but above all true to the kind of photographer you are! Work on developing a strong logo and aesthetic, but keep in mind that your brand will evolve over time.


Teach a Class

One of the absolute best ways to earn money off of your photography hobby is to teach a photography class online. On Skillshare, average teachers actually earn $1,400 in their first 6 months on the platform. Teaching a class online is also a great way to grow a clientbase and make a name for yourself in the field! You can build a following of students who are interested in learning things that you may be skilled in like portrait photography or photoshop editing.

Sell your Stock Photography

An easy way to earn money from your photography is to work with a site that sells stock photography. Sites like iStockphoto.com or Shutterstock.com make it easy for you to sell your photos, and once you’re approved as a contributor you can make around 15% on your photos that are purchased. This will help you earn quickly, and is a great way to get discovered to build your client base.

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