Web designers are in high demand in today’s economy, so whether you’re just starting out as a freelance web designer, or are an established UI/UX expert at a startup, it’s important to take stock and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Here are some things that seasoned web designers have in common:

They have the right tools.

As a part of presenting your ideas and clearly articulating your design strategy, it’s important that you have the most up to date softwares and tools. Design softwares and technologies are constantly changing, so make sure you’ve got the right software to help you create interactive wireframes, conduct in depth usability testing, and run clear A/B tests. Survey monkey, UserTesting, Omnigraffle, and Silverback are some of the best tools + softwares used by UX/UI designers.

They teach online.

Web Designers are teaching online as a way to build their brand, gain new clients, and earn passive income. Teaching online allows your to introduce your style of designing, organization, and user testing to other freelancers and aspiring web designers. On platforms like Skillshare, UI/UX designers have uploaded 30 minutes to an hour of content to generate earnings (top teachers make up to $40k a year), and build their web design brand.

They are very organized.

A big part of your job as a web designer is to sketch out detail oriented plans and designs, while at the same time responding to feedback that users or clients have on your designs. The most successful web designers are highly organized, and able to manage both multiple projects and many aspects of a single project all at once. Make sure you have a system of organization for your files, graphics, pictures, and videos– it will ensure that you can finish a given project by the required deadline.

They are part of a community.

Web designers are constantly forming new designs and ideas, and the best place to go for feedback or ideas is through online or in person communities. Find local meetups of other UI/UX designers, or join communities like Dribbble, Skillshare, or Sitepoint to maximize your resources and interactions with like-minded web designers.

They are constantly learning.

The field of web design is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest software and design thought to help make you stand out as a web design expert. There are endless blogs and online courses through platforms like Skillshare that will help you sharpen your existing skills, and learn new ones that will take your web design career to the next level.

Want to learn more about teaching web design online? Launch your side project of teaching a web design class through our monthly teach challenge.

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