Interior designers use Pinterest for everything from collecting images of beautiful homes they want to emulate to saving products they may use in a project. Whether you’re a professional interior designer looking for some fresh ideas or a novice hoping to do some DIY home decorating, look no further than these interior designers on Pinterest.

1. Ishka Designs

interior design moodboard
Source: Ishka Design’s Pinterest board of sleek, modern fireplaces.

Following Ishka Designs—founded by Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom—should be all the proof you need that simple designs can still be stunning. The stark, industrial inspiration you’ll see on their feed will leave you wanting to seriously streamline your next design.  

2. Kevin Francis O'Gara

interior design
Source: Interior designer Kevin Francis O'Gara’s living room inspiration Pinterest board.

In Kevin Francis O'Gara’s mind, the devil is in the details, and he’s unafraid to add plenty of unique design elements to turn a classic or contemporary room into something special. Follow him for plenty of ideas for ways you can make a room really pop. 

3. Angela Belt

interior design pinterest board
Source: Interior designer Angela Belt’s Pinterest board of ideas for her California home design.

If you’re looking for interior designers to follow on Pinterest who will give you more than just inspiration and help you find actual products to buy, look no further than Skillshare teacher Angela Belt. Her boards are packed with products she’s considering for her designs, so you can easily find cute items to add to your home. 

4. Caitlin Flemming

interior design pinterest board
Source: Interior designer Caitlin Flemming’s Pinterest board of stunning kitchens.

If you love a clean and cozy minimalist design, Caitlin Flemming is the perfect follow. Her inspiration is full of Scandanavian, contemporary, and farmhouse influences and will leave you wondering if you really need so much stuff to make your space look lovely.

5. Carmen René

Interior design pinterest board
Source: Interior designer Carmen René’s Pinterest board of playful home ideas

Is maximalism more your speed? Carmen René of Aquilo Interior Design Studio loves incorporating a quirky statement piece, a playful pattern, a bold color, or all of the above into her spaces, and giving her a follow could help you push the boundaries of what you can bring together into your designs. 

6. Emily Henderson

pinterest interior design emily henderson
Source: Interior designer Emily Henderson’s Pinterest board of living rooms she loves. 

Stylist and Skillshare teacher Emily Henderson believes interior design should be fun and that everybody can have a beautiful home that reflects their personality. Her Pinterest is full of ideas for bringing in unique elements while still keeping your design clean and cohesive. 

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7. Casey Finn

pinterest interior design
Source: Blogger and interior designer Casey Finn’s Pinterest board of living rooms she loves.

Looking to do some DIY interior design? Follow Casey Finn of The DIY Playbook on Pinterest for more design and renovation tutorials than you’ll know what to do with. Whether you’re looking for ideas on completely remodeling a room or just crafting a special accent piece, organizing your space, or adding a little more life, you’ll find it here.

8. Robert Brown

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Robert Brown’s Pinterest board of home inspiration.

Looking for a slightly more masculine edge in your designs? Robern Brown isn’t afraid to use dark colors, simple lines, and elements from multiple interior design styles to create understated yet unforgettable looks. 

9. Sarah Earl

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Sarah Earl’s Pinterest board of ideas for using the color pink around your home. 

Skillshare teacher Sarah Earl is one of the best designers to follow on Pinterest if you love bright colors and bold patterns in your space. Her blog is appropriately called Color Me Quirky, and you’ll find plenty of inspiration on her Pinterest if you want to create a home unlike anyone else’s. 

10. Justina Blakeney

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Justina Blakeney’s Pinterest board of lush, bohemian bedrooms.

Love bohemian design, with lots of rich colors, pattern mixing, and hand-crafted elements? Designer Justina Blakeney is one of the best designers to follow on Pinterest for a steady stream of that vibe. Better still, if you want to achieve her look, you can buy pieces she’s designed for her home brand, Jungalow.

11. Jennifer Tyler

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Jennifer Tyler’s Pinterest board of classic foyer inspiration.

Jennifer Tyler of The Striped House is a great follow if you prefer a more neo-traditional interior design style. Expect plenty of ideas for creating a timeless design using classic elements with a bit of modern flair, plus renovation tips based on Tyler’s experience updating her home.

12. Arlyn Hernandez

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Arlyn Hernandez’s Pinterest board of dining rooms that are inspiring her.

Arlyn Hernandez started off as an interior design writer before diving into the field herself, and her deep intel on the industry shows on her beautiful Pinterest boards. Bonus? Her Skillshare class will teach you all about how to take that inspiration you’re collecting on Pinterest and turn it into a design plan.

13. Kelly Wearstler

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s Pinterest board of a home she designed.

Each of Kelly Wearstler’s designs look like they belong in a museum, full of one-of-a-kind elements like sculptural furniture, artistic wall treatments, and picture-perfect compositions. Follow her for the kind of stunning inspiration that ends up in design magazines. 

14. Nicole Gibbons

pinterest interior design
Source: Interior designer Nicole Gibbons’ Pinterest board of dining room ideas.

Nicole Gibbons is all about one of the foundational elements of interior design—paint. As the founder of modern paint company Clare, her Pinterest is full of smart ways to use paint and color to spruce up any space. 

15. Albie Buabeng

pinterest moodboard
Source: Interior designer Albie Buabeng’s Pinterest board of the refined industrial design style.

Although interior designer and Skillshare teacher Albie Buabeng has worked with brands and clients all over the country to create extraordinary dreamscapes out of their spaces, one of her specialties is helping renters find ways to jazz up their homes too. Whether you own or rent, you’ll find plenty of beautiful design ideas and smart solutions when you follow her on Pinterest.

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