To be a successful graphic designer, you need to constantly be soaking up new inspiration to bring into your work. Many graphic designers use Pinterest to keep that steady stream of new ideas coming in, not to mention create moodboards for projects and collect designs they love and may want to emulate in the future. 

Looking for a jolt of inspiration for your next graphic design project? Read on for the best designers to follow on Pinterest to help keep your designs fresh.

1. Rosanne Chan

Rosanne Chan Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Rosanne Chan’s Pinterest board of packaging design inspiration.

Given that designer Rosanne Chan works for an agency specializing in branding and packaging design, it’s no surprise that her Pinterest boards showcase much of that type of work. Like many graphic designers on Pinterest, she also has boards that explore all corners of the design world: logos, typography and lettering, branding systems, poster design, editorial design, web design, and more. 

2. Sheila Buchanan

Sheil Buchanan Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Sheila Buchanan’s Pinterest board of branded restaurant coasters.

This is the Pinterest for designers who are interested in working in the food industry to follow: As a graphic designer specializing in work for restaurants, Sheila Buchanan shares everything from matchbox packaging to menu design, branded postcards to signage. Even if food isn’t your speciality, you’re sure to find some inspiration in how she approaches working for these creative businesses.

3. Ben Grandgenett

Ben Grandgenett Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Ben Grandgenett’s Pinterest board of magazine cover design.

As the art director at The New York Times Magazine, Ben Grandgenett has a thing or two to say about typography, cover design, and all things print media. Follow him for some pretty out-there inspiration that’s helped him push the boundaries of editorial design work.

4. Alicia Carvalho

Alicia Carvalho Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Alicia Carvalho’s Pinterest board of typography inspiration.

Alicia Carvalho has a special love for typography, layout, and editorial design, so you’ll see plenty of ideas to up your game in those areas on her Pinterest. As a bonus, Carvalho has thoughtfully organized her boards, so she’s one of the best designers to follow on Pinterest if you’re searching for something specific.

5. Temi Coker

Temi Coker Pinterest
Source: Pinterest A Pinterest board of multimedia art that informs Temi Coker’s graphic design.

Digital artist, graphic designer, and Skillshare teacher Temi Coker is perhaps best known for his vibrant and layered poster designs that look stunning and tell a story. Much of his work is inspired by his Nigerian heritage—including lots of bold colors, patterns, dimensions, and textures—so you’ll get that same vibe when you follow him on Pinterest. 

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6. Kristen Ashton

Kristen Ashton Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic Designer Kristen Ashton’s Pinterest board of bold brand styling.

This is the Pinterest for designers searching for style: Kristen Ashton has created boards for different brand styles you may be trying to achieve in your work (think: bold, organic, rustic, or minimal). Beyond that, you’ll get plenty of ideas within her speciality of digital and web design.

7. Shanti Sparrow

Shanti Sparrow Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Shanti Sparrow’s Pinterest board of her own graphic design work.

Shanti Sparrow is one of the best designers to follow on Pinterest if you love ultra-bright colors and bold designs. You’ll find pins across nearly every aspect of graphic design, with plenty of ideas to help you push your work further.

8. Angèle Kamp

Angele Kamp Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Artist and graphic designer Angèle Kamp’s Pinterest board of simple logos.

If you prefer more minimalist graphic design, look no further than Angèle Kamp. She loves designs with delicate lines, muted colors, and negative space that allows the work to breathe, and you’ll see plenty of that vibe when you follow her on Pinterest.

9. Cymone Wilder

Cymone Wilder Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Designer Cymone Wilder’s Pinterest board of general design inspiration.

Cymone Wilder is a letterer, designer, and half of the creative powerhouse behind Simon and Moose. On her Pinterest, you’ll see the variety of reference material that inspires her, from vintage suffrage posters to quirky roadside restaurant signs. 

10. Rich Armstrong

Rich Armstrong Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Designer Rich Armstrong’s Pinterest board of shapes that inspire his work.

Rich Armstrong of TapTapKaboom is a multi-passionate creative (and Skillshare teacher) who has a background in graphic and product design, but now “creates compulsively” across mediums. Following him on Pinterest, you’ll get plenty of fun design inspiration, as well as ideas for illustration, animation, ceramics, and more creative practices.

11. Amber Asay

Amber Asay Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Amber Asay’s branding Pinterest board.

As the owner of Nice People Design Studio—which specializes in “all possible touch points” with the customer—Amber Asay is constantly collecting reference for every type of design service on her Pinterest. Whether you’re looking for logos or layout, typefaces or textures, give her a follow for some new ideas on your feed.

12. Richard Baird

Richard Baird
Source: Pinterest A Pinterest board of Richard Baird’s unique logo designs.

As the founder of LogoArchive, Richard Baird is a must follow for any graphic designers on Pinterest looking for logo and monogram ideas. You’ll also find plenty of bold and geometric designs across print, packaging, and more. 

13. Shuji Fukuda

Shuji Fukuda Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Graphic designer Shuji Fukuda’s Pinterest board of Asian design inspiration.

As a designer, it’s always good to look for inspiration outside of your norm—and following Shuji Fukuda is a great way to do that if you’re a designer working in the Western world. This art director from Japan shares tons of ideas for cover design, web design, logos, and typography with an undeniably Asian flair. 

14. Kayla Phillips

Kayla Philips Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Designer Kayla Phillips’ Pinterest board of packaging design ideas.

Kayla Phillips combines illustration and graphic in much of her work, so you’ll see ideas for both filling up her feed. As a bonus, you’ll get regular tips and tricks for becoming a successful freelance graphic designer.  

15. Jennet Liaw

Jennet Liaw Pinterest
Source: Pinterest Designer Jennet Liaw’s Pinterest board of print and pattern inspiration.

While branding and apparel graphic designer and Skillshare teacher Jennet Liaw doesn’t pin as often as some other designers on this list, what she does share is pure creative gold. Get an insight into her way of seeing the world and the images that inform her unique style—which is coveted by brands ranging from Nike to The Rolling Stones. 

Written by:

Erin Greenawald