Learning is meant to be social. That’s why we’ve been so focused on facilitating in-person classes; something magical happens when students and teachers are able to meet face-to-face, work through problems together, and share their passions and experiences with each other.
Over the past year, the stories we’ve heard from our community have been incredible – some students have found jobs through Skillshare classes, some teachers have quit their jobs to become full-time teachers, and others have attended hundreds of hours of classes because they keep getting drawn back by the people they meet.

At Skillshare, we believe in learning by collaborating with others.

We’ve also long known, though, that learning does not and should not stop with the end of class. Without any product features or nudging from us, our community has formed impromptu weekly study groups, requested extra materials from teachers for further learning, left feedback urging teachers to teach more advanced courses, and gone on to apply the class lessons in their daily lives and share the projects they’ve worked on long after class. It is this insatiable curiosity, shared by students and teachers alike, that inspires us at Skillshare.

Today, we are excited to share “The Classroom,” an online area available to every class where our students and teachers can ask questions, share helpful resources, or just share the exciting things they’ve been working on recently with everyone else.

The Classroom

The Classroom can now be found from any class details page. As you can see in the screenshot below, we’ve updated the right column to highlight the most recent discussions in the Classroom.

After jumping into The Classroom, you can start your own discussion or view the ones your classmates are already having. There are 4 main types of discussions we encourage students and teachers to start:

  • Note: Post a general comment or update to share with your classmates.
  • Project: We’re all about learning by doing. If you’ve been working on a project that applies class topics, share it and get feedback from other students and teachers.
  • Resource: Find an awesome blog post, video, or presentation? Share it with your fellow classmates, they’ll find it useful too!
  • Question: If you’re still confused by something from class, this is the perfect place to ask the teachers and other students for help.

We hope you make the most of The Classroom. Talk to each other! Have meaningful discussions, get honest feedback that’ll help you to level up, and share your progress and be proud of it. This openness is the future of learning, and you should stay tuned, because we’re not done yet.

Written by:

Eric Ma