We’re thrilled to announce Skillshare For Teams is a strategic partner of LinkedIn Learning Hub, making cross-platform learning more accessible to organizations.

Our integration with LinkedIn Learning Hub allows customers to leverage both platforms’ content from a central location, discover skills insights and measure engagement across platforms, and customize the learner experience with tools like curated learning paths.

On LinkedIn Learning Hub, your team can discover more than 8,000 inspiring Skillshare classes that provide them with up-to-date creative content to efficiently upskill and develop.

With this partnership, you can give your team the best of both e-learning experiences and focus on what really matters – investing in your people through lifelong learning and development!

Why Learn with Skillshare via LinkedIn Learning Hub?

  • Centralized learning and reporting: Simplify your e-learning experience by accessing all LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare content in one place! Employees can explore classes, and admins can view reporting from a central hub.
  • Robust features: Achieve your learning and development goals with user-friendly features such as groups, personalized content, and detailed usage reporting (to name a few).
  • High-quality content for everyone: Bring together LinkedIn Learning’s 17,600 courses across business, creative and technical categories, and Skillshare’s catalog of high-quality creative content. There are tailored classes for everyone to build their skillset!

Head to your LinkedIn Learning Hub to turn on the integration and access all Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning content from one platform. For step-by-step instructions, check out our integration guide here.

Got Questions? We Have Answers

  • How do I enable Skillshare as a content partner on LinkedIn?
    • You can set up Skillshare using the integration guide, available here.
  • Do I have to purchase both LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare for my team to use this integration?
    • Yes, your team must have active subscriptions for both platforms in order to use Skillshare content on LinkedIn.
  • Do I have to have the same number of seats on Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning for my team to use both platforms?
    • No. You can enable Skillshare content for a portion of your team on LinkedIn by setting up a group. If you enable Skillshare content for your whole team, but only a portion of them have Skillshare memberships, those who do not have a Skillshare membership will not be able to watch the content.
  • Can I use Skillshare content and LinkedIn Learning content together in learning paths?
    • Yes! You can assign Skillshare classes and add them to learning paths the same way you would with LinkedIn classes.
  • How do I find Skillshare classes on LinkedIn?
    • Once you enable Skillshare as a content partner, you can filter for Skillshare classes by using the “Content By” filter.
  • How can I track the classes my team members are taking?
    • Within LinkedIn Learning, you’re able to see the classes your team members are taking across both platforms. When your team members take Skillshare classes through LinkedIn Learning Hub, they will have to mark the classes as complete in LinkedIn.

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