Sunday, the never-long-enough precursor to Monday, often elicits a mix of emotions about the week ahead. Whether you’re spending the waning hours of the weekend worrying about what’s to come tomorrow morning or bursting with excitement about your M-F plans, how about dedicating your Sunday routine to caring for yourself?

We know: That’s not always easy. And we can thank the Covid-19 pandemic for revealing just how little time we, as a society, dedicate to self care. But as we all spend more and more time at home, diving further and further into work, parenting, and whatever else keeps us from giving ourselves the best possible care, self care Sunday has never been more prudent. As self care expert Chidera Eggerue says, “[self care] might not be immediately rewarding, but there’s something about trusting that later down the line, it will pay off.”

Make self care Sunday a part of your weekly routine.
Make self care Sunday a part of your weekly routine.

Why is Self Care Important?

When you constantly find yourself in the service of others, you’ll reach a point at which you have little left to give—to them or to yourself. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. And being exhausted, burnt out, and depleted isn’t good for our emotional or physical health. 

The goal of self care should be to nurture and replenish yourself in a positive and enriching way. Self care falls into four general categories—physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental—but it comes in many forms, and should be completely individualized to what each of us needs most. 

25 Self Care Sunday Ideas

Whether you have the full day to yourself or 30 minutes to spare, here are 25 ideas across all four self care categories to help you create a Sunday full of self love and renewal.

1. Take a Walk

Getting active is one of the best things that you can do to care for yourself. Even a short walk can improve your physical health and give your mind a chance to wander freely toward new ideas, epiphanies, or daydreams.

2. Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation is a great way to practice self care across all four categories. The deep breathing involved with meditation is helpful to the physical body and your mental health, and this practice also provides the stillness necessary for emotional and spiritual growth. 

3. Try Something That You’ve Always Wanted To Do

Your Sunday self care doesn’t have to rely on tried and true activities. Why not give yourself something to look forward to this Sunday and try something you’ve always wanted to do? The possibilities are endless—anything from taking a dance lesson to learning to drive a boat is fair game!

4. Start a Journal

Journaling and self-care truly go hand-in-hand. For a relaxing self care night, start a gratitude journal, an art journal, an idea journal, a quotes journal, or any other type of journal that will help you feel happy and cared for.

5. Plant Something

Self care sometimes means caring for others—plants included! Spend some time repotting a plant that has outgrown its container, or create a Mason Jar herb garden.

A little greenery will brighten up any self care Sunday!
A little greenery will brighten up any self care Sunday!

6. Declutter

Clean, organized spaces often help foster health and creativity and, as such, it may be worthwhile to spend your self care Sunday working on your own space. If you’re not up for decluttering your entire home, start with a focused area—your desk, your bathroom counter, your kitchen pantry. 

7. Make a List of Goals

Sometimes the best thing that you can do to practice self care is to remind yourself of what’s ahead. Listing your goals helps you to keep them in mind and also allows you to see them all in one place, which can be extremely motivating. 

8. Delegate a Dreaded Task

Do you hate folding your laundry, or editing your own blog posts? Rework your budget to allow for housekeeping services, or ask your network to recommend a great freelance editor to help you out with your writing. Whatever it is that irks you most, delegate it and feel the weight lift from your shoulders!

9. Eat Your Favorite Food

Whether you make it yourself or pick it up from your favorite restaurant, having a beloved food or meal is a fun way to practice self care. Though this may seem a little indulgent, one of the principles of self care is recognizing your own value—and sometimes that calls for a little splurge. 

Eat your favorite food this self care Sunday!
Eat your favorite food this self care Sunday!

10. Connect With Likeminded People

Finding common ground and understanding among others is an excellent choice for your self care routine. Whether you choose to connect in person or online, having meaningful conversations and working on friendships or professional connections—old or new—can be fulfilling on every level. 

11. Read a Book or Watch a Movie That Makes You Laugh

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and there’s actually a bit of science behind that theory. Laughing strengthens your immune system, it can boost your mood, and it protects against the effects of stress. Settle in with your favorite comedic book or movie for a fun self care night.

12. Write a Letter to Someone You Love

One of the most precious gifts you can give someone is to let them know how much they mean to you, but it’s also a cathartic and self-fulfilling gift to yourself to bask in the warmth of how your loved ones make you feel. This self care Sunday, spend some time writing a letter (or an email, if that’s more your style) to someone that you love and share your feelings however you feel comfortable. You might even try making a cute custom envelope!

This is the type of letter that we all need to receive!
This is the type of letter that we all need to receive!

13. Give Back 

Fulfillment sometimes comes in the form of giving and, as such, consider volunteering your time or talents as part of your self care routine. Whether you choose to make a donation or to teach a virtual class of some nature, making an impact in your community will make you feel good, which supports your self care goals.

14. Craft Something

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than spending a bit of time creating with your hands. Whether you choose to paint a planter or learn how to make a macrame wall hanging, crafting is sure to help you get into your self care space. 

15. Do a Recycling Round-Up

Self care can also mean taking care of our planet and the space around us. As part of your self care night, go around your home and “round up” anything unused that can be recycled. If you can keep these items for upcycling, go for it but, otherwise, ensure that they’re clean and get them ready to go to the curb (if your city has a recycling program) or to your local recycling center. 

16. Take a Nap

During the week, we’re more likely to lose out on sleep due to the pace and obligations of weekday work and family life, and that’s why Sundays are a great opportunity to take a nap. Whether you prefer a quick power nap or a full-on slumber, resting is one of the very best ways that we can practice self care. 

17. Print and Frame a Few Photos

Print a few of your favorite photos—of your loved ones, a beloved travel destination, or whatever else makes you happy—and frame them. When you’re happy with the result, take your time finding the perfect place for each photo within your space. 

18. Color

Before you scoff at this idea, consider the fact that Crayola has come a long way since kindergarten. Coloring is not only a lot of fun but it’s also been shown to improve sleep, focus, and motor skills. The repetitive nature of coloring also makes it an effective weapon against stress. 

An adult coloring page by Skillshare instructor Kristy Boisvert.
An adult coloring page by Skillshare instructor Kristy Boisvert.

19. Do a Crystal or Sage Cleanse

If you’re looking to deepen your spiritual self care routine, consider a crystal healing or sage smudging cleanse. Both crystals and sage are known for their detoxifying abilities and many say that they feel not only more creative and open, but also lighter and more free after working with crystals or sage. 

20. Stretch

This may seem basic, but stretching is important for physical health and it also requires focus, which is great for quieting your mind. Whether you choose to follow a guided stretching routine or just freestyle on your yoga mat, be sure to listen to your body and its limitations.

21. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Indulge in a favorite album or in a beloved band’s full anthology but, either way, consider this to be protected listening time wherein your only focus is true and full enjoyment. 

22. Go Analog All Day

Taking a break from our screens is beneficial not only to our physical bodies—our eyes and brains, in particular—but also to our emotional and spiritual well-being. Challenge yourself to go without your phone or other electronics for as much of the day as you can. You may be surprised to find how little you miss your screens!

23. Wander Down an Artistic Rabbit Hole

For your next self care night, consider exploring the work of your favorite artist—whether they’re an author, a cinema director, a painter, a dancer, a singer, or any other type of artist. Allow yourself to have a fully immersive experience with the art of your choosing, and see what sort of new ideas and motivations you end up with. 

24. Pretend That It’s Your Favorite Holiday

Is it a self care night or your birthday? How about a New Year’s Eve party next Sunday? The choice of holiday is completely yours but it can be so much fun to celebrate spontaneously and practicing happiness certainly counts as self care. Dress up, decorate, and go all out!

25. Take a Skillshare Course

Skillshare courses are perfect for self care Sunday! You can learn anything from how to make French macarons to how to paint animals with watercolor paint, and everything in between. Treat yourself to a little educational enrichment as part of your Sunday self care. 

A few bonus tips for self care Sunday from Miami University in Ohio.
A few bonus tips for self care Sunday from Miami University in Ohio.

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