Notion has changed the way millions of people organize their personal and professional lives, and Notion templates are the fastest and simplest way to jump into Notion and see what it can do for you. 

Want an all-in-one dashboard to help you catalog your daily life? There’s a Notion template for that. Want to make sure you’re on track to earn your college degree on time? There’s a Notion template for that too. In fact, there’s a Notion template for just about everything—see for yourself. 

Notion Explained 

If you’re just getting started with Notion, it’s an all-in-one productivity software designed to make it easy for users to: 

  • take and store notes;
  • create interactive to-do lists;
  • arrange and manage projects and tasks;
  • sort goals and objectives; and
  • upload and share files.

It also doesn’t cost anything for individuals to use, and its free plan includes unlimited pages and blocks (i.e. pages and page elements), sharing with up to five guests, cross-device syncing and more.  

But what truly sets Notion apart from other apps of its kind is its nearly unlimited customizability. The colors of your labels, the images decorating your pages’ backgrounds, the font you type in—all can be changed to suit your style and mood.

Notion Templates: Customization, Simplified

For users who want to beautify their Notion experience but don’t want to spend a whole lot of time doing so, templates are an ideal solution. 

In short, Notion templates are simply public pages that can be viewed and duplicated by anyone: 

A to-do list template created in Notion. Each side of the template is decorated with photos with a green and white color scheme, while the center contains blocks titled ‘weekly goals,’ ‘Monday,’ ‘Tuesday’ and so on.
In the Skillshare class “Notion Tour 2021 + Templates,” teacher Anna Lenkovska demonstrates how to download a to-do list template in Notion. 

So by downloading a template, you can borrow any page that strikes your fancy, without the need to create a unique layout or devise a functional workflow. Instead, you can just click the “duplicate” button and use the page as your own. 

Want to know how to create Notion templates? Fortunately, building Notion templates is almost as simple as downloading them. Just create a page in Notion, customize it according to your vision and click the “share” button in the top right. Then, toggle the “share to web” and “allow duplicate as template” options on. 

To share your template, use the URL located underneath the “share to web” toggle. And if you make a particularly stellar template, you can even try submitting it to be featured in Notion’s template gallery. 

Notion Templates Types From A to Z

Explore the many different kinds of Notion templates you can start using today. 

Aesthetic Notion Templates 

As their name suggests, aesthetic Notion templates are all designed to look stunning while helping you keep your Notion pages organized. 

A daily planner template in Notion with a pink color scheme. The header image is a crescent moon in front of a pink sky, while the other graphics include pink-tinted clouds.
In the Skillshare class “Design an Aesthetic Daily Dashboard in Notion,” teacher Rebecca Wilson shows students how to create a pink-themed daily planner. 

Equal parts form and function, aesthetic templates are an ideal starting point for Notion users who aren’t sure exactly what type of template they’d like but do know they want it to look gorgeous.

Notion Budget Templates

Managing a budget isn’t typically a fun task, but with Notion budget templates it can be a little less stressful. 

With a Notion planning template, for instance, you can quickly tally up monthly expenses and compare them to a custom cap. And with Humphrey Yang’s financial tracker template you can compare your income to your expenses and view a handy yearly summary. 

Notion Calendar Templates

Sure, the calendar app on your phone is functional, but it’s got nothing on some of Notion’s calendar templates. 

This weekly agenda template by Marie Poulin, for instance, includes space not only for daily tasks but also for milestones, outstanding tasks, reflections and more: 

A Notion template titled ‘Weekly Agenda.’ It has a column for each day of the week, as well as a section titled ‘Milestones’ at the top.”
Marie Poulin’s weekly agenda template might just be the perfect calendar.

Similarly, Yujin Wang’s yearly planner allows you to easily break long-term goals into daily and weekly tasks.  

Notion Journal Templates 

The beauty of Notion is that it isn’t limited to being strictly for productivity. So even though you can use it to plan your activities and track your budget, you can also use it as a personal journal with the help of journal templates. 

Noteworthy examples include: 

Notion Dashboard Templates 

On Notion, your dashboard serves as your main hub of operations. That’s why a great dashboard template can make such a big difference in your Notion experience. 

And thanks to Notion’s community of template creators, there’s a dashboard template for everyone. Arvind Rajan’s pre-med dashboard, Notionium’s house hunting dashboard and Kirbie Pillette’s workout dashboard are all templates worth checking out. 

Notion Content Creation Templates 

Consistent and high-quality content creation takes a great deal of organization and planning, which is why content creation templates for Notion can be so invaluable to content creators. 

Notion’s own content calendar template, for instance, makes scheduling and assigning content a breeze: 

A Notion page titled ‘Content Calendar.’ A tab called ‘By Assignee’ is selected at the top, and a column for each person on the content team is displayed underneath it.
Stay on top of your deadlines with a well-organized content calendar.

And for creators who need a template tailored to their social media activity, Neel Kukreti’s content creator’s toolkit is a welcome solution. 

Notion Project Management Templates 

Want to use Notion to keep your projects on-schedule and under control? No problem. 

Some helpful Notion project management templates include: 

Notion Goals Templates

Setting goals is one thing, but organizing and tracking them in Notion could go a long way towards helping you achieve them.

Hope Watson’s goal planner template offers a comprehensive way to create and manage goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART): 

A Notion template with a section at the top titled ‘What are SMART goals?’ At the bottom, a board called ‘Current Goals’ organizes to-do and in-progress tasks.
A template made for tracking SMART goals can help you organize and reach your objectives.

Or for a more team-oriented template, check out Notion’s company goals

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

If you haven’t heard of habit trackers before, they’re essentially a long-term checklist. If you stick with a habit (like meditating) for four out of seven days in a week, for example, each of those four days would get marked in your habit tracker. 

You can start tracking your habits with some of Notion’s user-friendly templates, including: 

Notion Templates for College Students 

Between homework, class schedules, work, health and socializing, college students have a lot to juggle. But with the help of Notion templates, the chaos can be brought under control. 

For instance, KaZong Vue’s school life dashboard template comes with space to list and organize academics, personal interest, photos and more: 

A Notion dashboard with eight sections. Each section features a square cover photo and a title such as ‘homepage,’ ‘school,’ ‘reading directory,’ ‘gallery’ and so on.
The right Notion template can simplify the task of organizing your schoolwork, goals, interests, photos and more.

Looking for a more specific type of template? Juwon Studies’ college application dashboard template or Alison Yarp’s college degree course tracker template could be right up your alley.

Explore the Notion’s Capabilities With Templates

For those curious to see what Notion can do for them, Notion templates are an easy, approachable and often free way to find out. And for people who know they want to dive into Notion but aren’t sure where to start, templates are the perfect jumping-off point. 

So no matter which camp you fall into, Notion templates can meet your needs. And to start using them like a pro, all you have left to do is find one you love and click “duplicate.”

Written By
Carrie Buchholz

Carrie Buchholz

Carrie Buchholz is a freelance writer who lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and dog.

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