When you think of knitting, you probably picture a pair of needles weaving in and out of each other, doing some kind of complicated magic that seems impossible to understand for the uninitiated. If you’ve ever wished you could knit but have been intimidated by the prospect of learning how to do it, loom knitting is a great alternative. It is widely considered to be easier than knitting with needles, and it allows you to create a range of projects that will make you feel like a real pro. 

Interested in learning how to knit with a loom? Curious about what to make with a knitting loom or what kinds of kits might be available to help you get started? This guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

What Is Loom Knitting?

Loom knitting is an approach that incorporates, well, a loom! Knitting looms are available at any craft store in different shapes, each of which produces a unique shape and thickness. Using a loom allows you to stabilize your yarn while you manipulate it using a hook. For this reason, it’s an especially great activity for kids, beginners, and anyone who struggles to hold their hands still for detailed crafting. 

How Does a Knitting Loom Work? 

knitting loom
This instument can be used to make scarves and other projects.

Here are the three most common types of knitting looms:

  • Circular knitting looms, which create a tube 
  • Single knitting looms, which produce a single panel of stitches 
  • Double knitting looms, which form an extra thick fabric

Each of the three varieties has its specificities, but generally speaking, a knitting loom works by securing a row of fixed yarn loops to a series of pegs, which you can then build on with additional layers of stitches. We’ll get into more detail shortly. 

Is Loom Knitting Easy? 

Loom knitting is generally easier because it doesn’t require you to juggle the needles themselves. The loom itself adds stability to the project and allows you to more easily step away when you need to. Many seasoned knitters will use this technique to pass their passion for the craft on to their youngsters in their lives, so it’s a great choice for beginners of all ages!

The only thing that’s a little more difficult about loom knitting relative to needle knitting is storage. As you can imagine, a knitting loom takes up a bit more space than a pair of needles. It’s also less portable, so if you want to be able to travel with your knitting project, it might not be the best option for you. 

Loom Knitting Patterns & Projects

knit circle
Have you ever seen a cuter coaster? 

Patterns for loom knitting projects come in most loom knitting kits that you purchase, and there are plenty of them available online too. These patterns will direct your choice of loom shape and will indicate how to create your stitches and how many layers of stitches to make. 

Many projects will be made of multiple knitted pieces, each of which will have its own pattern. A loom knit stuffed animal, for example, will have a body piece, a head piece, and maybe even some accessories. 

What to Make With a Knitting Loom

knit hedgehog
Add some stuffing and eyes to a basic pattern, and you’ve got yourself a stuffed hedgehog! 

You can make practically anything you would make with regular needles using a knitting loom. Scarves, pillows, cowls, beanies, shawls, blankets, headbands, dishcloths… it’s all possible! You can also use this method to make a variety of fun stuffed animals. 

Check out these projects:

Once you master the basics, you’ll feel inspired to come up with all kinds of projects of your own… and you might not even need a pattern to pull them off. 

Loom Knitting Kits 

If you’re new to the craft, a kit might be the best way to get started. Most kits will include looms of a few sizes and shapes, as well as a knitting hook, which you’ll need to manipulate the yarn on the loom. Many kits will also come equipped with an inventory of yarn to help get you started. And let’s be real: a little how-to manual (which you’ll find in most kits, too) won’t hurt for newbies! 

You should be able to find kits at any craft store or order them from major online retailers. It’s a lot easier than collecting all of the supplies individually, and you won’t have to wonder if you got the wrong items. 

Gnome Wild With Loom Knitting 

Make a Gnome for Any & Every Occasion! 

How to Loom Knit 

Want to know how to use a knitting loom? The steps will be a little different depending on the type of loom you’re working on and the project you’re creating, but here’s the basic process: 

Wrap the First Layer 

circle loom
Here, yarn has been wrapped around the pegs of the loom for the first time.

The process begins with wrapping the yarn around each of the loom’s pegs. That’s your first layer. 

Create a Second Layer 

knitting on loom
Time for another layer of loops! 

Next, wrap the yarn around those pegs a second time.

Lift the Bottom Layer of Loops Over the Top

knitting on loom
A knitting hook is the perfect tool for lifting the bottom layer of loops over the top. 

Use a knitting hook to lift the bottom loop of yarn up and over the peg so the top loop stays in place. That’s a stitch! Complete this process with the bottom loops on every peg of your loom. 


knitting on loom
With enough layers, this yarn is on its way to becoming a hat! 

Wrap the yarn around the pegs again to make a new row of stitches. Repeat until you’re happy with the result and you have the layers you need for your project. 

Get Started! 

There’s no need to be intimidated by the sight of a pair of knitting needles. You can achieve a similar effect using a knitting loom and yarn in your favorite color! With the help of the loom and a knitting hook, you’ll be ready to create the knitting projects of your dreams. From hats and scarves to stuffed animals and coasters, it’s time to let your crafty creativity fly. Your finished products will make great gifts for loved ones or additions to your own home. 

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Written by:

Alli Hoff Kosik