Selling products online is a great way to add a new revenue stream to your freelance practice, develop a new creative outlet, or grow your personal brand. There’s a lot to think about when launching an online shop, though. Apart from crafting unique products, you also need to consider branding, merchandising, marketing, and more. To help untangle the confusion, we’ve rounded up some helpful classes so you can learn the ins and outs from  creatives who’ve found success launching their own ecommerce efforts.

1. Brand an Online Shop: Create a Cohesive Product Line with Big Cartel

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The first step to launching a successful online shop is to create a relatable brand and range of products. In Brand an Online Shop: Create a Cohesive Product Line, maker and designer Melanie Abrantes takes us through her process for creating a brand story, and cohesive product line that will grow over time. Whether you already have an idea of what you’d like to sell, or you’re still in the brainstorming stage, this class is a great start for anyone looking to create a long lasting online business that resonates with customers.

2. The Building Blocks of a Successful Website with Audrey Buchannan of Lets Bee Social

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Make sure your clients can find you online. No business today is complete without a fully functional website. Your website can be a great place not just to sell your products, but to build your online brand. Audrey Buchannan, founder of digital marketing agency Let’s Bee Social, helps get you started with your web content in The Building Blocks of a Successful Website. From buying your domain name to making sure your site is search engine friendly, this class is particularly relevant for those who have never made a website before and want to get a good grasp of the basics.

3. Product Styling for Higher Revenue with Marianne Krohn

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You’ve designed some great products, now it’s time to showcase them effectively to your customers.  In Product Styling for a Higher Revenue with visual merchandiser Marianne Krohn you’ll learn how  popular stores style products to communicate their brands and tell stories that excite customers so you can follow their lead.

4. Etsy Listings: Learn to Create Etsy Product listings that Get Seen & Sell with Jules Tillman

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As a leading marketplace for arts, crafts and independent labels, Etsy is a fantastic place to start selling your products, especially if you’re not ready to build your own website just yet. In her class on Etsy Listings, creative business coach and long-time Etsy seller Jules Tillman will show you her method for listing products effectively on Etsy.  Even if selling on Etsy is not for you, Jules shares lots of tips on boosting your profile and increasing your sales that can be applied to any platform, including  your own website.

5. Social Media Marketing with Cat Coquilette

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Reaching the right audience is key to the success of your online shop, so it’s important to make your digital marketing strategy a top priority. Artist and designer Cat Coquilette shares how to drive up your traffic and boost your product sales in Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral. She gives you key takeaways and a ton of tips to implement so you can reach new audiences, grow your following, and build a better business.

Want more ideas for building your ecommerce business once it’s launched? Dive into our list of Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing here.

Written by:

Andrea Farias