Curious about what it takes to tell a great story? It doesn’t matter if it’s for a creative writing project, a non-fiction essay or an internet blog, if you want to spend the new year writing new (and better) work, it’s time to tune into a few classes that will get you started on the right foot.

These six classes cover a wide range of writing and other forms of content creation. Together, they’ll teach you powerful storytelling techniques that will help you hone your characters, explore conflict, and keep your audiences engaged; vital skills for fiction, non-fiction and internet writers alike.

Powerful Storytelling Today: Strategies for Crafting Great Content

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Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien teaches you how to tell your best story yet with her class on how to craft authentic, effective content that connects with your audience and keeps them engaged. “My goal as a storyteller has always been, how do I bring people into something that they may not even think they care about and make them walk away going ‘oh my god, I’m so grateful that I got to learn this story” she says. Learn how she manages to do that in this short, dynamic class.

Storytelling Fundamentals: Character, Conflict, Context, Craft

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New York Times Bestselling Author Daniel Jose Older writes essays, books, and short stories so he’s perfectly suited to teach you a crash course on the fundamentals of storytelling: craft, character, conflict, and context. If you’re a writer (or just curious about what it takes to become one), Jose’s class is a great way to learn the techniques you need to know to take your work to the next level. “Look forward to the stories you’re going to write and start thinking in terms of how you’re going to make them alive, how you’re going to make them stand up and how you’re going to make them really speak on another level” he says.

Storytelling for Leaders: How to Craft Stories that Matter

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Stories aren’t just for creative writers. Business leaders can also harness the tools of good storytelling to express their corporate mission, background, and goals. “A big part of expressing your greatness is having other people understand you through your story” teacher Keith Yamashita says. “Stories are the currency of our lives….they are the things that connect us as human beings, the things that help you understand my mission in the world and how that compares to your mission in the world” he says.

Communicate Ideas through Story

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Need a quick refresh that will empower you to learn by doing and dive into storytelling right away? Skillshare’s own Alyssa Demirjian gives you the reasons why stories are the most effective way to present an idea, the seven elements of all great stories, and the three practical phases for crafting an unforgettable story – no matter what it’s about. “Storytelling is a skill that anyone can learn and is key to unlocking creativity and innovation,” Alyssa says. Her fifteen minute class will start your next story on the right foot.

Creative Writing for Impact  : Looking Inward and Outward in Personal Essays

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Ready to write something personal? New York Times Bestselling Author Roxane Gay shares her process for how to write essays that plumb meaningful personal moments to express wider truths and shift audience’s perceptions. “People connect with my writing because I’m very honest on the page and I’m willing to be vulnerable,” she says. Learn how to do the same with her one hour class on the subject.

Creating for the Viral Internet: Write, Film, and Make Content that People Share

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Social Media Influencer and Comedian Matt Bellassai knows a thing or two about how to create viral content. He teaches you how to write for the internet, to create shareable content that reflects your personal brand and to keep your audiences coming back for more. Interested to peek behind internet influence to see how it works? Matt’s class is the place to start.

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