Not so long ago, the word “design” was synonymous with aesthetics, but today technology has changed that idea. As the demand for digital products has grown, so too has the need for designers that go beyond the visual; people who are able to craft entire experiences that users can relate to. UX designers not only get the satisfaction of working “under the hood” of innovative new products; they also enjoy the second-best work/life balance of any career!

Although a graphic design background can help someone launch a UX career, there’s a lot of new skills to learn, too. That’s why Skillshare offers dozens of classes to help you on your journey, all taught by expert designers — many of whom have made the transition from graphic to UX design themselves.

Ready to get started? We’ve rounded up a few great classes to help you on your way.


In her class, Move from Graphic Design to UI/UX: Design a Mobile App from Scratch, Product Designer and Skillshare teacher Sabideh Sabour says that “life as a UX designer is satisfying because your role is to make people’s lives easier than ever before.” Her class offers an achievable roadmap for transitioning your career from graphic to UX design, and takes you through the process of designing your first mobile app from start to finish. It’s a great introduction for those looking to familiarize themselves with the UX design field in a more holistic way.


Color schemes are always important in graphic design, but in UI/UX design they aren’t just about defining a brand or creating a positive first impression — they can also affect the overall usability of a product. That’s why it’s so essential that UX designers understand the accessibility and purpose of the color palettes that they use. Enter Building Awesome Color Schemes for Web & UI Design Projects by Muhammad Ahsan. In his class, Ashan will introduce you to the role that color plays in digital designs, help you better understand accessibility concerns, and provide a useful resource guide for online tools to help you map out more effective color schemes in advance.


Want to learn to create functional mockups of digital products? In his class, User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design, Top Teacher Daniel Scott shares his unique process for creating websites and app wireframes in Adobe XD. He gives you comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, inviting you along as he creates a mockup for a real-world freelance client so that when the time comes, you’re prepared to create your own, too.


Design systems are the blocks with which companies build consistency. They can help create better products faster by reducing repetitive tasks and freeing up designers to focus on crafting what really matters: unforgettable user experiences. Skillshare teacher Brad Frost’s class,Digital Product Design: Build a Flexible Design System That Lasts, gives you an inside look into his uniquely straightforward “Atomic Design” approach to creating design systems that will work for you.


You’ve designed your first digital products — congratulations! Now you need to be able to share that work with the world. Not sure where to begin? Jasmine Friedl’s class,  Presenting Your Design Work: Designing Your Project Story From Start to Finish, teaches you a process that will help you create a better presentation. You’ll come away with the ability to better communicate your design work, convey its value, and land the next client or project of your dreams.

Need one more? Here’s a bonus tip: Skillshare has compiled all of our great UX/UI classes in one easy-to-browse place. Check out our Web Design Essentials: Exploring UX & UI list for every class you need to make your big career move successful. Happy designing!

Written by:

Andrea Farias