January is the perfect time of year to reset and re-orient yourself toward goals old and new. But what if your aim is to be more creative, and you aren’t sure where to start?

Enter the classes below. Whether you’re curious about writing, drawing, or finding a new way to express yourself, these teachers will help you identify your inner voice, channel your sense of play, and kickstart your creativity in 2019.

Creative Exercises: 6 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Next Project

jon burgerman

Jon Burgerman is an artist and illustrator whose work is spontaneous, improvised and colorful. He teaches a class with six fun exercises that are designed to get you to start doing and making without worrying about whether the final product will be good or bad. “Hopefully within each exercise there’ll be a little spark that you will take as inspiration that will lead you to something else” he says.

Drawing Dreams: Quick Illustrations to Find your Passion

drawing dreams

Dreams can be readily tapped for creative inspiration, even by those who feel blocked in their waking life. Artist, Designer and Author Elle Luna shows you how to get in touch with the dreams you experience so that you can create works of art around them. “Dreams are signs, signals, clues that get us closer to discovering, finding and following our must” or life’s meaning, she says.

Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge

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Author Emily Gould teaches a ten-day challenge designed to unlock your creativity by making you more aware of, and inspired by, the world around you. She shares easy exercises and tips and tricks to reconnect with your inner artist, even when you feel like you’ve run out of steam. “The most important thing is just that you get started” she says.

Just Make Stuff: Getting Creative with Side Projects

curiosity combo 1 - 5.jpeg

If you want to find your own voice, hone your lettering styles, or need new techniques to help you generate ideas for your own personal projects, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman teach the class that can help you do it. “What fuels our side projects is really determination and a will to want to talk to an audience,” Timothy says. “It’s all a means to communicate with people and to be less lonely in the world.”

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Written by:

Rachel Gorman