If you’re looking for an easy craft hobby, you might not immediately think of glass etching, the art of scratching or “burning” designs onto glass. But this art form is more straightforward than it sounds, as long as you have the right tools and materials, some stencils (or an eye for stencil design!), and a steady hand. 

Read on to learn how to etch glass at home, including how to etch glass with Cricut machines.

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What Is Glass Etching?

mug with etched bear on it
Source: instagram
It’s easy to learn how to etch glass at home.

What is etching glass? You’ve probably seen it all over on Etsy and in home stores without realizing that it’s incredibly easy to do yourself.

Glass etching is the art of creating designs on glass using chemicals that burn into, or scratch, its surface. Generally, etchers attach a stencil to the glass, then apply a chemical that does the actual etching, then wash it away to reveal a design. Etching can be done freehand, too.

Various acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances can be used to do the etching. Most DIY glass etchers use an etching cream that’s designed for at-home use rather than an acid, which is more commonly used in industrial settings.

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Glass Etching Tools and Supplies

Essential glass etching supplies.

A Glass Item

You can use a wine glass, a beer mug, a regular water glass, a mason jar, or even a mirror or window pane as canvases for your designs. Use what you already have at home or pick up a few secondhand items to avoid buying new glasses for your early etching experiments.

Etching Cream

Home crafters generally prefer to use glass etching cream rather than etching acid as it’s easier to use and less toxic (although it’s still a good idea to wear gloves and avoid contact with the skin). This cream, made from fluoride compounds, is what actually “scratches” or etches the glass. 


You’ll need a small handled sponge to apply the etching cream to the glass.


You can make stencils from scratch by using a Cricut machine (more on that below) or with sheets of stencil film, a cutting mat, and a craft knife. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made stencils in all kinds of designs from many craft stores. For the easiest application, make sure you buy adhesive stencils.

Rubbing Alcohol

Use this to clean the glass before attaching your stencil to it.

How to Etch Glass

The following steps are for at-home glass etching using glass etching cream.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Prepare all of the supplies listed above. Get some gloves ready before you handle the etching cream, and clean your glass surface well by wiping it with rubbing alcohol before you get started.

Step 2: Attach the Stencil

sticker on glass
Sticking the stencil to the glass.

Peel off the backing of the stencil and stick it in your preferred place on the glass surface. Make sure the edges are stuck firmly and there are no bubbles to prevent the etching solution from seeping beneath the contact sheet.

An alternative to attaching a stencil at this point is to block off areas with masking tape. This can be a nice way to create geometric patterns on glass without worrying about stencils.

Step 3: Apply Etching Solution to the Glass

etching solution on glass
Dab on the etching solution.

Squeeze some cream onto a handled sponge, then dab the cream onto the glass, covering the area exposed by the stencil. You’ll want to dab rather than wipe or paint, as it minimizes the risk that the etching cream will seep under the edges of the stencil. Apply a thick coat.

Step 4: Leave for 15 Minutes, Then Wash Off

wash glass
Rinse the etching cream off.

After you’ve finished applying the etching cream, leave it on for 15 minutes. Then, wash it all off with running water. Peel off the stencil, rinse it again, and then dry the glass with a cloth.

Voilá! Your etched glass is ready. The parts of the glass that were covered in etching cream will now appear cloudy.

rose all day glass
A finished etched glass.

Cricut Glass Etching

cricut machine
A Cricut machine cutting a stencil. 

Cricut machines are computer-controlled machines that can be used to cut paper, fabric, vinyl, thin plastic, leather, and other materials at home. They’re commonly used by crafters to make stencils, and you can do glass etching with Cricut machines, too. 

If you’re just experimenting and don’t already own a Cricut or similar electronic cutting machine, then it’s probably not worth the investment (they cost several hundred dollars) or learning curve just for this craft. However, if you already have a Cricut machine or know that you’ll get a lot of use out of it, it’s an ideal way to make stencils for glass etching.

Step 1: Design Your Stencil Image on Your Computer

The first step in creating a Cricut stencil is to design it on your computer, using the free Design Space software recommended for use with Cricut machines or other design software.

Step 2: Connect Your Computer with the Cricut Machine

Make sure your computer and Cricut machine are connected, either with cables or Bluetooth, depending on your model.

Step 4: Use the Vinyl Setting

Place contact paper face down on the Cricut mat and use the vinyl setting on your machine. 

Step 5: Use the Cricut Stencils to Etch Glass

Once your Cricut has cut your stencils, you can use them in exactly the same way as you would with other types of stencils. Follow the same steps as outlined in the How to Etch Glass section above.

Personalize Your Glassware

As you’ve seen, with just a small number of supplies, you can etch glass easily at home. You can do glass etching with Cricut machines, with hand-drawn stencils, or even with pre-made stencils to keep things simple. Once you’ve perfected personalizing and decorating your own glassware, why not give etched glass creations to your family and friends as gifts? 

Here are some more examples for inspiration, from easy ideas to more intricate. Happy etching!

etched spice bottles
Keep your kitchen tidy with etched bottles.
glass with etching "vieira"
Source: instagram
An easy glass etching idea via @sonyasstitchesnstuff.
etched tree on glass
Source: instagram
An etched pane of glass via @a.lau.de.rose.
etched mirror
Source: instagram
An etched mirror via @linzsmith17.
glass with sloth etched on it
Source: instagram
This one from @pramis_shop makes a great gift for kids.

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