Thinking about taking your Freelance career to the next level? Get your photography noticed!

Getting your photography career started is not just about being great at taking pictures and editing them to match a personal style. You’ve also got to make sure your work is placed in front of the right audiences so that your photography can get noticed and your career can really take off! Here are some tips to help you plan for success:

Start a Portfolio Online

Having your work available in one central location is essential to building a client base and credibility for your work. There are many ways to get your photography noticed around the world– you can host your work on a portfolio site or even create your own website that you can send out to your network and beyond. Pixpa offers the best of both worlds– you can create your own website and structure it the way you want with over 12 content items. From image galleries to videos, custom pages and forms, maps or calendars – Pixpa’s got you covered.

Build Your Social Network

Having your work in one central location is great, but growing your following is key to ensuring that your photography is accessible to a wider community. Posting your work on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram and teaching on Skillshare are great ways to get started, but think about engaging your audience in your work when you’re uploading your last glamour shot. Can you pose a question to your following that gets them thinking about the kind of photography they’d like to see from you? Also, remember quality over quantity is key– posting good pictures that tell a story is more important than posting many pictures a day or even a week.

Sharpen Your Skills

There are constantly new techniques and editing softwares that make it possible for you to keep building on your expertise, so its key that you’re always looking for new ways to learn what other photographers are doing to take their work to the next level. Enroll in classes, seek out mentors, network with other photographers, and look for in person workshops that can teach you techniques that will make you shine. This will help you expand your personal brand and grow your following.

Make a Plan

Be clear about what you’re hoping to gain from your photography. Is this something that you’re passionate about enough to make it your full time career? Not sure if you’re ready to take your work to a wider audience? Think about ways to set benchmarks and clear goals for yourself that will help you know the scope of your work. Tons of freelancers teach a class online as a first step to breaking out of their 9-5. There is no wrong or right answer, just what makes the most sense for you and your photography.

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