Anyone can learn hand sewing, but to begin you do need a few sewing supplies. An easy way to get started is to buy a ready-made sewing kit, which contains all the essentials for embroidery, applique, mending and repairing, making clothing, and more. To help you narrow down the options, here are seven of the best sewing kits out there.

What’s in a Basic Sewing Kit?

What’s included in a sewing kit depends on the type of sewing it’s intended for, whether it’s aimed at beginners or experts, and the price point. Here are some of the most common things you’ll find in ready-to-use sewing kits.

sewing supplies
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Some sewing supplies you may find in a typical sewing kit.


Sewing kits typically include several threads, though the number and color range depend on the price—more expensive kits will often include more or higher-quality threads. If you’re buying an embroidery sewing kit, it will include embroidery thread, which is usually thicker than that used for regular sewing.


Different types of sewing require needles of differing lengths, thickness, and sharpness, so sewing kits usually include a packet of needles in varying sizes. 


Not to be confused with needles, pins usually have a knob or bead at one end. Pins are intended as place markers for fabric, or to keep multiple layers of fabric together before they are sewn together.


Sewing requires two main types of scissors: large fabric scissors and small thread-cutting scissors. Most sewing kits will include a small pair of scissors or a thread cutter, while more luxurious (read: expensive) kits may include a full-size pair of fabric scissors. Note: never use these to cut ordinary household objects, like paper, as this will blunt them and make them all but useless for cutting fabric.


A useful if not always essential tool, a thimble is a plastic, metal, or ceramic cap for wearing over your finger. Pushing a needle through fabric repeatedly can become painful, especially if the fabric is tough, so thimbles protect your fingertip.


Many starter sewing kits will include some fabric, especially if the kit is intended to provide everything you need to complete a specific project.

Embroidery Hoop

These plastic or wooden hoops are an important tool for embroidery, as they keep the fabric stretched taut while you sew. 


Some sewing kits will include patterns and instructions, especially embroidery kits or kits for making a specific item, like a bag or a toy.

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The 7 Best Sewing Kits to Choose From

1. Best All-Around Kit: Premium Sewing Kit

sewing kit
Source: Amazon
The Premium Sewing Kit is an ideal travel sewing kit and comes in a sewing organizer pouch.


  • 38 colored threads
  • Scissors
  • Pins and safety pins
  • Sewing needles
  • Stitch markers
  • Measuring tape
  • Thimbles
  • Pin cushion
  • Buttons 
  • Stitch unpicker
  • Fabric pencil
  • Sewing organizer pouch
  • And more!

The Premium Sewing Kit is a handy starter kit or travel sewing kit as it’s all kept together in a zippable pouch. It includes everything you’ll need for basic sewing projects, like mending a hole or sewing on a button. At around $15, it’s a budget-friendly choice too.  

2. Best for Mending: Notanotherhat Deluxe Mending Kit

sewing kit
Source: Etsy
Notanotherhat Deluxe Mending Kit


  • 20 threads in rainbow shades
  • Modern Mending book by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald
  • Timber darning mushroom
  • 10-pack of darning needles
  • Pair of thread scissors
  • Hand-stitched needle book made from pre-loved vintage blankets.

One of the great things about learning to sew is having the ability to fix and upcycle pre-loved items. Notanotherhat’s Deluxe Mending Kit is an intermediate-level kit that will give you the resources you need to learn to mend items so you don’t need to throw them out. (Which makes the $150 price tag worth it!) 

3. Best for Leather: Leather Sewing Kit

sewing supplies
Source: Etsy
All of these items are included in the Leather Sewing Kit.


  • 4mm leathercraft prongs
  • 12 needles
  • 8 wax threads in different colors

Sewing leather is a different experience than sewing fabric and requires somewhat different tools. This $40 Leather Sewing Kit is suited to experienced leather workers who are familiar with sewing leather. 

4. Best for Embroidery: Modern Line Art Embroidery Kit

roses sewing
Source: Etsy
Embroider gorgeous designs with the help of a kit.


  • Cotton embroidery floss
  • 2 pieces of fabric: one printed and one plain
  • 2 embroidery needles
  • Bamboo embroidery hoop
  • Color and stitching guide
  • Circle of felt for closing back of hoop.

Intermediate and advanced embroiderers who want to try new stitches and intricate designs should check out this Modern Line Art Embroidery Kit. Once you’ve followed this pattern, you can include the stitches you’ve learned in future projects. It costs around $30.

5. Best for Kids: Rainbow Sewing Kit

rainbow kit
Source: Etsy
Sewing kits for kids don’t come much cuter than this.


  • 2 plastic canvas rainbows
  • 1 2-inch needle (not too sharp)
  • 4 balls of yarn

To teach young kids the art of hand sewing safely, sewing kits for kids are a better idea than adult sewing kits. This $11 Rainbow Sewing Kit is designed for preschoolers and comes with a thick needle that’s not too sharp (but still requires adult supervision). 

6. Best for Gifts: Hanging Heart Ornament Kits

heart ornament kit
Source: Etsy
Sew these hanging heart ornaments as gifts.


  • 1 large and 1 small circle pattern
  • 1 needle
  • 3 pieces of felt
  • 1 piece of ribbon
  • 1 skein of multicolored embroidery thread.

Hand-made gifts are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays, and these Hanging Heart Ornament Kits make gift-giving easy. They’re also great value as they come in sets of five (for about $35), meaning you can make gifts for all your loved ones.

7. Best Just for Fun: DIY Scrunchies Kit

scrunchie kit
Source: Etsy
Make your own hair accessories.


  • Fabric for 2 scrunchies
  • 2 pieces of elastic
  • Basic sewing kit with needle, thread, and pins
  • Instructional booklet.

Sewing by hand is a useful skill, and if you want to make something easy that you can use right away, this DIY Scrunchies Kit provides everything you need to make two hair accessories. It’s suitable for older kids, too, and costs about $16.

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