From Bugs Bunny to Peter Rabbit, from Buster Baxter to Thumper, and from Judy Hopps to Snowball, there’s no shortage of beloved bunny characters in books, movies, and TV shows.

While animators and character designers for Pixar, DreamWorks, and Looney Tunes draw bunnies for a living, you too can sketch these adorable floppy-eared friends for fun!

Whether you want to learn how to draw a bunny for Easter or ramp up your cute bunny drawing skills, read on to learn how to draw a bunny step by step.

How to Draw a Bunny: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to draw a bunny is best broken down into simple steps. Start by deciding what kind of bunny you want to create—a lifelike creature, an adorable animal, or a rabbit with human-like expressions—then sketch out the bunny’s outline using into simple shapes. Finally, go in and add detail and colors. 

Skillshare instructor Patricia Caldeira does an incredible job of breaking this process down and showing students how to draw a bunny step by step.

1. Find Inspiration

gray bunny
Skillshare student Samantha Liebig created this bunny drawing after taking Patricia Caldeira’s class. 

Whether you’re creating a realistic bunny or a cartoon bunny drawing, starting with a reference photo always helps. You can choose to look at a photo from a magazine, a screenshot from your favorite animated show, or a children’s book. Collect your inspiration and decide what overall look you’re going for.

2. Sketch the Shapes and Proportions

bunny outline
The starting place of any bunny is simple lines and shapes. 

Shapes and proportions are the foundation of your cute bunny drawing. Start by sketching the general structure of the bunny with simple shapes, such as ovals, circles, and rounded Cs.

3. Add Details and Coloring

gray bunny
Colors add depth and personality to your bunny drawing. 

Once you have the shape down, go in and add details, such as the feet, facial features, and whiskers. Now is the time to choose your colors as well. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this stage, especially if you’re drawing a cartoon character!

How to Draw Different Types of Bunnies

How to Make a Cute Bunny Drawing

yellow bunny
This bunny’s large head increases its cute factor.

The easiest way to make a cute bunny drawing is by emphasizing or exaggerating certain features. Think of some cute animated bunnies you already know, such as Thumper from Bambi and Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets. Both of those bunnies have proportions that aren’t anatomically correct—their oversized heads, with prominent eyes, ears, and pink noses, is what makes them adorable. 

How to Make a Cartoon Bunny Drawing

cartoon bunny
Skillshare instructor and illustrator Maria Avramova demonstrates how facial expressions can create funny or comedic bunny drawings.

Illustrator and Skillshare instructor Maria Avramova relies on facial expressions to draw funny bunny cartoons. She says you can take a general bunny face and “show expressions with the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.”

To learn how to draw a cartoon bunny, study the features and expressions of your favorite characters. Bugs Bunny, for instance, has a crooked smile, darting eyes, and a big grin on his face. His facial expressions are emotive and are what make him unique. 

How to Draw a Bunny Face

bunny from secret life of pets
Source: Giphy
Snowball, from The Secret Life of Pets, is a highly animated little guy, and his eyebrows are constantly moving around.

According to Avramova, learning how to draw a bunny face is really just mastering their eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. The bunny’s entire expression can be expressed through these three features. If you’re going for a more realistic bunny, you might skip the eyebrows, but for a cartoon bunny drawing, they can make the entire face. 

How to Make an Easter Bunny Drawing

bunny with tea
Skillshare student Meire Fortunato made this bunny drawing. With his proper posture and cup of tea, he might just be a creative rendering of an Easter bunny.  

If you’re wondering how to draw a bunny for Easter, follow the same general steps of drawing any other bunny: Choose your inspiration, sketch out the rough shapes, define them, and then add colors and details. Then, take it one step further to make it an Easter bunny drawing by adding seasonal touches. You could draw the bunny inside of a basket, give it eggs and spring chicks to hold, or sketch it in a beautiful, flower-filled garden. 

How to Make a Black Bunny Drawing

bunny sketch
Illustrator Nashwa Mahmoud shows one way to draw a black bunny.

Anyone who’s ever tried to draw a black animal knows that it can be difficult to add in details and dimension. One option is to draw the bunny’s features, then use a pencil to incorporate shading techniques all around those features. You’ll get the black, monochromatic look without having to add details on top of an all-black drawing.

How to Make a White Bunny Drawing

white bunny
Skillshare student Chris V. uses grey shading to add depth and dimension.

Again, using a single color makes it a little difficult to create depth and dimension, though white is an easier choice than black. Simply create the outline of your bunny, then add shading with grey or other tones to enhance the image. 

How to Make a Pink Bunny Drawing

watercolor pink bunny
Skillshare student Adrie Hoekstra made a pink bunny using watercolors.

By now, you have the tools to draw a bunny—so making it a pink bunny drawing is all about adding color! Fill in your bunny drawing with colored pencils, markers, or watercolor for a sweet, rose-hued masterpiece.

Bunny Drawings Made Easy

When you set out to create a bunny drawing, you can decide between a cute, doe-eyed, big-headed bunny, or a realistic drawing of a bunny you might find in your own yard. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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