Meditation has a multitude of benefits, including helping our minds and bodies relax, unwind, and decompress. While some people use guided meditations or like to sit in silence, others prefer to meditate to music. Whether it’s music for sleep meditation, relaxation meditation, or otherwise, you may be wondering, how does meditation music work? What kind of music helps with meditation? And what is this kind of music, even? Let’s dive in! 

What Kind of Music is Good for Meditation?

The goal of meditation is to relax, unwind, and practice presence, so to keep in line with those goals, meditation music is often soothing and calm. That said, it’s also important to pick music that feels right for you in your body. The goal is to help you sink into a meditation practice, so only you will know what sounds or songs offer the right vibe. 

What is Meditative Music Called?

There are various categories of meditation music, including yoga meditation music, ambient music, nature music, and binaural beats that allow you to access different sound frequencies for relaxation. Even listening to classical or instrumental music during meditation can serve as a backdrop for your practice.

Is it Better to Meditate With Music?

It’s a personal preference! If meditation music helps you relax and sink deeper into your practice, then it may be better for you. If you find yourself distracted by the music and focusing on the melody or lyrics instead of the meditation practice, you might be better off using a guided meditation or just sitting in silence. If you’re not sure, experiment and see what works best for you.

Justin Michael Williams creates his own meditation music
Skillshare Original teacher Justin Michael Williams combines music and meditation as part of his own practice and in his class, “Modern Meditation, Discover Your Productivity, Power & Purpose.”

6 Best Places to Find Meditation Music

Luckily, the internet makes it quite easy to find free meditation music of all types. Here are some spots to look for relaxing meditation music:

1. YouTube

On YouTube, meditation music abounds. You can search by topic, such as “sleep meditation music,” or a style like “binaural beats.” One popular meditation is yellow brick cinema reiki zen meditation music 134, but there are countless more—so no matter what you’re looking for in your meditation music, YouTube is a go-to.

2. SoundCloud

If you search SoundCloud for meditation music, you’ll find plenty of options. If you’re looking for ambient meditation music for relaxation, try “Relaxing Calmness.”

3. Pandora

Another source of free meditation music is Pandora. Searching for meditation helps pull up a variety of stations and playlists, including “Sleep And Relax ASMR,” which may be exactly what you need to unwind at the end of the day.

4. Spotify

You may already have Spotify on your phone, so why not find some music for meditation there? If you’re seeking yoga meditation music, start with tracks from Healing Yoga Meditation Music, or check out a Binaural Beats playlist if you want to try something different. You can also see if your favorite meditation teacher has a Spotify account with public playlists.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation platform that offers a variety of guided meditations. The site also curates meditation music ranging from drumming to nature sounds, chanting, sound healing, and more. If you’re looking to try out a drumming musical backdrop for your meditation, try the Drums for Meditation: The Dance of Compassion track.

6. Learn How to Make Music for meditation

If you can’t find just the right music or want to create something optimal for your personal goals, consider making your own meditation music! Michael Baggström’s How to Compose Relaxing Music is a perfect place to start. 

Time to Make Your Own Meditation Music!

How to Compose Relaxing Music

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