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For the second step in our Create with Purpose Toolkit, we asked Skillshare teachers to share their recommendations on what sounds and recordings add to our anti-racism education. Think of this as the soundtrack to the Learn step we just left. . Yasmine Cheyenne, a podcast creator and host in her own right, curates a podcast playlist to further your anti-racist education, and Temi Coker selects essential music to listen to in your artivist journey. At any time, head back to find all of our creative resources.

In their own words:

From Yasmine Cheyenne:

Skillshare teacher Yasmine Cheyenne curates a list of podcasts for your anti-racist education
Skillshare teacher Yasmine Cheyenne curates a list of podcasts for your anti-racist education

In the wake of so many movements for change and justice this summer, many of us are left asking the question “what more can I do?” One of the most important things you can do as an individual is to immerse yourself in anti-racism education. Understanding racism and bias is really the only way we can dismantle it. We’ve seen time and again that without education, there's no accountability.  It’s in the individual interactions we have within our communities that build accountability.

Thanks to podcasts, anti-racism education and tactics are more accessible than ever before. Due to a wide range of content, you can learn about everything from microaggressions and how COVID-19 is particularly affecting the BIPOC community, to how the LGBTQ+ community has also been left out of the community conversation around change.  

The more educated you are, the more you can create change. And as a creator, you can incorporate all that you learn into your art, your community, and your ability to educate others through your words and creativity. Because you’re a creator, you’ll often be charged by your community and the world to help us express some of our most joyful and painful moments through your art.  

When embarking on creative storytelling, people can always turn to art to find honesty and truth through the lens of the artist. Creators are known for describing moments of history through art. And to heal our world, bring change, and create an atmosphere of freedom for all, we have some storytelling to do. But before you can tell the stories, you have to know the truth.

Below is a curated list of podcast episodes to help you get started or continue your anti-racism education journey.  

Start with Me & Dad Radio, with special guest Brittany Packnett Cunningham here. Then press play on the following playlist.

From Temi Coker:

This playlist was inspired by our current climate. This year, especially, has been hard because it’s like us, African Americans, can’t catch a break. For centuries we’ve been judged by our skin color, ridiculed for our features, and killed for just being Black in America.

Artwork by Temi Coker, who curates a music playlist inspired by anti-racism.
Artwork by Temi Coker, who curates a music playlist inspired by anti-racism.

In 2020, we can't turn on the news without seeing that a Black person is shot and killed by the police every few days because of their skin color. I served with George Floyd in Houston. Our church brought events and concerts to the hood, and George Floyd would help us arrange chairs, help with baptism, etc. The news of his death really hit home for me. It’s sad to say this, but honestly, it’s like we aren’t safe in a country we built.

The playlist is a reflection of how I’ve been feeling and the things we Black people think about every day. We wake up knowing every day that our skin color alone can get us killed. 

Now take a moment to imagine being a Black woman. It’s worse for them, and that’s why we have to protect our sisters and love them. This playlist is for those who can’t put into words how they’ve been feeling and for those who want insight on how we feel in America.

My favorite song on the playlist is “I’m Dying of Thirst” by Robert Glasper. It brings me to tears every time. It was made in 2014, and it’s still relevant today, with countless more names added to the list.

I hope this playlist encourages those who aren’t Black to really fight against the injustice happening to African Americans in America. It’s not enough to just have a “Black friend”, are you fighting for them? Are you loving them? Are you educating yourself on how you can use your privilege to help them?

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Yasmine Cheyenne is a writer, speaker, and self-healing advocate, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She helps people create and strengthen their individual self-care practices by teaching them the tools that empower lasting positive changes in their lives. An Air Force Veteran, Yasmine now focuses on her self-healing workshops as well as her writing. She is a published author and often shares on her Instagram. Yasmine currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.

Temi Coker is widely known for his creative approach in photography and design. His goal is to help people tell and share their stories through different digital mediums. Being creative is more than just a hobby to him — it's his passion, and every day he gets the opportunity to show everyone the power of creativity and how it can change the world.

Written By

Yasmine Cheyenne and Temi Coker

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