Sometimes you have an idea for the perfect character for your next story or video project, but you can’t seem to visualize them exactly as you’d like. You have the bare bones of a description, and you know that seeing them come to life on your screen will really help to get your project moving forward. Well, the character creator app has entered the chat.

Here, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the best character creator apps out there—so you can see your creative vision come to life. 

8 Character Creator Apps

1. Avataaars

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Avataaars is free and easy to customize.

Avataaars is a free library of illustrations that’s based on the Sketch app and allows you to choose from thousands (yes, thousands!) of different options like hair, eyes, clothes, emotions, and accessories for your characters. 

If you’re more used to working in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use the Get Avataaars online generator to create your design and then download it into compatible formats for these programs.

Whether you’re working on a fictional story, a video game, or even trying to design mockups for advertising pitches, the style of these avatars is perfect for modern creatives looking for a quick and easy character creator app.

2. Humaaans

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Humaaans allows you to customize body shapes and positions for more realistic characters.

Made by the same illustrator as Avataaars, Humaaans gives you a more robust character builder for those of you looking for full-body mockups. 

This free program works in a similar way to Avataars—simply head over to the library and begin choosing from their seemingly endless options to create the character that you’re looking for. You can create any body position, which is perfect if you’re working on a video game and need a template to get you started, and the site offers plenty of diverse and inclusive character options.

3. Friendly Faces

friendly faces
Source: Friendly Faces
Friendly Faces is quick and simple to use to make basic character creations.

If you’re looking for the most basic of character creator apps, Friendly Faces is an excellent choice. It’s a free, single-page website that offers customizable options for a character face. Adjust the sliding scale bars for facial features, hair, attire, and decoration before downloading your new character to use as you work on your project.

4. The Sims Mobile

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Use the mobile app for the popular game The Sims to create your perfect characters.

Who didn’t play The Sims growing up (and is still playing it now, if we’re being honest)? The popular reality simulation game has some of the most advanced avatars in the gaming industry, but you don’t need to purchase the full game to create characters of your own. 

The Sims Mobile for both iOS and Android allows you to create and build any Sim before diving into the gameplay, customizing any part of their body and clothing as you’d like. You can even design a house for your character!

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5. Anime Avatar Creator

anime app
Source: google play
Anime characters are free and easy to create with Anime Avatar Creator.

If anime characters are more your style, this character creator app is the perfect choice. From face-only avatars to full-body creations, you can make your own anime character using the simple customization tools. You can even add a background for an extra layer of mood and dimension. 

This app is a great choice for budding storytellers or video game designers who are building out templates at the start of the creative process.

6. Bitmoji

bitmoji app
Source: App store
Bitmoji’s are selfie-based cartoons that you can send to your friends or use as inspiration for characters.

You’ve probably seen Bitmoji avatars all over the internet, even if you weren’t familiar with the phrase before—the app has racked up hundreds of millions of downloads. These characters are based on real-life people and are created from selfies or full-body photos of their subjects. The photos are then “illustrated” digitally to look like a cartoon version of the photo. 

You can still make any adjustments you’d like from there on the Bitmoji website, or you can leave the character exactly as it is. Bitmojis can be used anywhere, from character inspiration to social media stickers and profile pictures. You can even send them via text or instant message to your friends and encourage them to make their own Bitmoji too.

7. ePic Character Generator

Source: Google App Store
ePic Character Generator is the best tool for fantasy storytellers.

For Android users, the ePic Character Generator app is ideal for fantasy game designers or writers. If you love the character style of games like World of Warcraft, this is the one for you.

Like most character creator apps, the basic body shape, skin color, hair, and clothing are all changeable, but this app has the added option of background furniture or props and an animal companion for your character. 

8. Photoshop

You can turn your hand-drawn illustrations into real characters using the Photoshop desktop or mobile app.

Finally, there’s the master software beloved by illustrators and creative designers around the globe: Photoshop. Unlike many of the free tools we’ve taken a look at, Photoshop requires more of a learning process to be able to create characters. On the other hand, you have complete free rein over what your character looks like—the sky really is the limit here. 

If you’re an artist or budding illustrator, you’ll be able to transform your hand-drawn sketches into digitized characters. It’ll take some time to practice and master the techniques you’ll need to create realistic and usable characters, but it’s definitely an option worth exploring if you’re serious about illustration and design.

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Start Designing Your New Characters

No matter what style of character you’re looking to create, there’s an app out there just waiting for you to flex your creative muscles. 

Use your new character avatars as initial inspiration for your story, templates for later work, or even something that you can send to a fellow designer if you’re working on a more collaborative idea. However you choose to use character creator apps, there are plenty of ways to create unique and memorable beings for your next project.

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